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Galveston Flakes Evening Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jul 29 1867, Page 2

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Galveston Flakes Evening Bulleting (Newspaper) - July 29, 1867, Galveston, Texas Table ojp1 postage to foreign Gount Kies Tho not Oriel indicates that in Casos Olio to it �3 prefixed unless Tho Otter postage to registered is optional in All other cases prepayment in required. On Lettera. Postal of printed mat r. Court luvs Acapulco. Adn Nople French mail. Africa West car so British mail. Algeria French mail. Arabia British mail via Southampton. Argentine Republic via England. Ascension via England. Australia British mail via Southampton. A do do via a Austria and its states Prussia unclosed . Do do do do when prepaid. Do do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Do. Do except prov. In Italy French mail. Azores Island British mail via Portugal. Do do French mail. Baden prussian closed mail if prepaid 28c.do Bremen or Hamburg mail. Do. French mail. Bali uni us by direct Steamer from new York. , British mail via Southampton. A Belgium French mail. Do closed mail via England. A Beyrouth prussian closed mail if prepaid 3-a Bogota new ,gf�na<1a.�., a or a Bolivia. Borneo British mail via Southampton. Do do via Marseilles. Do French mail. Bourbon British mail via Southampton. Do Quot do via Mui of. Lies. Do French mail. Brazils via Engla div do american packet.1. Buenos Ayres via England. Canada. Canary islands via England. Capo of Good Hope British mail Viu Southampton. Capo do verde islands via England. Central America Pacific slope via Panama. Ceylon open mail via London by american packets. China British mail via Southampton. Constantinople prussian closed mail ii prepaid 3t>ecorsica British mail by America packet Cost lii a. Cuba. Curacao via England. .10. Ail. A Luc. A l Tiu no 1�?t-----, East indies open mail via Loudon by american packet do do a by British packet. A do by Bremen and Hamburg mail via Trieste. Ecuador a. Egypt except Alexandria Cairo and Suez British mail a France,.frankfort French mail. Do prussian closed mail. Gaii Dalope via England. 7 .7guatemala. states prussian closed mail if prepaid. A a a so. Do French mail. Do Bremen mail. Gibraltar. French at Britain mid Ireland.�?�. Viecco French mail. Hamburg by Hamburg mail. A Lati via England. Holland French Quail. Hong Kong British mail via Ilav it Ili it its. V. Indian archipelago Viruch mail. Java British mad via Southampton.,. A. Jalla prussian closed mail. ,. Japan British mail via Southampton. Do French mail via Yokohama. in Frei i mail. Liberia British mail. Lombardy prussian closed mail if prepaid do by Bremen or Lamb i Madeira Island of via England. Majorca British mail. Malta Island of open mail via London by Anit a. An packet. Ilia do French mail. Martinique via England. Mauritius British mail via Southampton Mexico. Modena prussian closed mail if prepaid Monte video via Higland. Naples kingdom of prussian closed mail. Do do French mail. Nassau new Providence by i feet Steamer from new Yot Netherlands the French mail. Now Granada except anti mall and Panama. Now South Wales British mail via Southampton. New zealand British mail via Southampton. Nicaragua Pacific slope via Panama. Do Gulf coast of. Norway prussian closed mail if prepaid 38c.t do by Bremen or Hamburg . Do French mail. Panama. Paraguay British mail via England. Parma prussian closed mail if pronai., 40c. Peru a Poland prussian closed mail if prepaid 35�. Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. A. Pondicherry French mail. Porto Rico British mail via Havana. Portugal British mail via England. A. Do by Bremer Hamburg mail. Do by French Homan or pupal states prussian closet mail. Do do French mail do. Do Bremen or Hamburg Maii. Russia prussian closed mall if propane�5c.do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Sandwich islands by mail to Sau Francisco. Sardinian Stateh prussian dosed mail if prepaid 10c. Schleswig prussian closed mail. Singapore British Nutil via Southampton. A pain French mail. .&Quot.7 _ by Bremen or Hamburg Mai fat. Thomas Rby United states packet to Kington Jii Maii do via 7 Sumatra British mail via. Southampton. Sweden prussian dosed mail if prepaid 31c.St. Helena via England. Smyrna prussian closed mail if prepaid. 3ii\switzerland prussian cloned , if prepaid 33c.do French mail. Syria British mail Gifu Marseilles by French packet Tangiers French mail. Trobis cond. Open mail via Londo Tunis French mail. 77. Tuscany prussian closed mail if prepaid do French mail. Ilo by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Turkey in Europe cities of by French mail via Austria. Turks Island. Uruguay via France by French mail from to Birdeaux Quot Van Diemann a land British mail via Southampton. , Brit a i mail via Southampton. Victoria port Phillip British mail via Southampton wait it Dies British. Do -not.British,. Except Cuba British Nail via f pamphlets and periodical two cents each if not weighing Over two ounces and four cent an ounce or traction of an ounce if they exceed two ounces to be collected in in the unite i states. T pamphlet magazines and other printed matter <2 cents per 4 ounces or fraction above pm stale talks have been examined and adapted Byth i fool aware to supersede Alio hers new . E. U , to by american packet.  10c. 1 to o 9 g a 3 cd o y h a a amp not exceeding half ounce. A 1 i s o c3 �1 or a cts. Cts. Cts. Its. 10 2 a a a a 30�?T 60 33 "4 15 30 2 t 33 �6 45 4 r.-rr.1 a. 45 41 10 j 2 i a. 33 6 a 39 45 8 i 30 6 28 1 i 15 j Quot Foj a 42 t. 29 37 i Quot a i 27 54 a 2 f r 30 a 615 i r r. 21 12 5 0 t �.45 4 i. In �12 i 27 5 a �?T5�?T �40 1 o a Quot. 18 0 4 34 6 a 4 45 8 a to a of a 10 30 t 10 33 Quot of 39 �?�15 0 30 go. 45 a a a 4 i 10 2 4. 1 a 45 4 1 10 2 i 33 45 6 1 45 8 a 1 29 37 4j 10 2 1 21 .6 34 g 1 4 i 45 g 40 6 21 2 10 2 t 10. 0 a 45 4 33 9 a a. 21 g 5 g 55 34 6 a in Southampton 33 6 is 30 2 a Quot a a �?~21 42 t 30 0 29 0 10 2 a a. T 30 g 2f �?�42 �?�15 2�o 42 a. 24 o a. T r 30. A tit. -10 20 4 �?T21 �12 0 53 a 30 00 g 45 g 3s 45 g Tkv cd �?�30 co. 33 "4 42 11 24�?o Quot 2a of of i v 33 0. V. Iut �?�21 4 .130 00 29 Quot i a. 33 6 a t10 0 42 11 4 23 6 21 4.2 2 ii 5 2 t �?~21 42 0 t 1�t g33 g 33 g10 0 a 34 6 42 13 251 33 06 1. 10 45 42 it 11 22. .6. I 37 0 29 �?�30 00- 18 al. 33 �15 8 25 _. �?�27�?T til y 44 12 �?~�?�27 54 a a a i 0 4-, 37 3 20 3 Quot of 4 12 11. F 30 g -15 g a ii 42 a a i. H 25 .18 6 34 g 45 .0. ��?~38 145 4 40 35 g 9 �?�2 i Quot 42 2 Quot to 33 45 g a ill a co a a 21�?�30 00 2 Quot a. 42 h �?�21 ��?�12 2 �?~2-1 a a ii 42 a a 10 2 Quot a Quot 30 go. Quot Quot 33 a 45 33 4 g10 2 a Quot Lavinua. 18 t 4 Kates of wharfage i on All wharf excepting that of Tho Houston so Galve Atoa wharf amp Presa company. Wharfage on All goods Laa Dod or embarked by ve3-si n inward and outward will to collected from Tho ship. I. Barrels dry a wet. 7 Bale Lope per 5 buckets Aud Paula per Doz. 5 hat tor and lard per Keg. 4. Llroy Siua per Doz. 5 lion est liquors Clinese candles and All such boxes. 4 , por Roll. A Bales boxes casks crates Etc., Over a feet per foot. Brick porm. To building Stone per ton. 5u i ballast.a3 per agreement Cotton per Bale.1 10 Corteo and spices per bag. 5 Coin Oats and bran. 5 castings Ilo Howaro Etc per1w . 10. A v solid Iron 5 Cable and Cordage. Coal per ton. , wagons Etc on wheels each. Carts Aud gigs. Cattle grown each. Eaulin iia. Calves. Dorni Johns . Fodder and Hay parb.de.-. A Rind and millstones per Vaju . Rules each. In ivies per 100 . La adware por 100 . To Quot a and sheep Cali. and lard por Fiorre. Aud sides per cask. Houses e . Hoop poles per m,.i Quot Gnu bar per 1u0 . Ice As per invoice Leas m amp cent for wastage per ton. Laths per a. Lumber per my i nails Aud spikes or co. A oranges and Lemons por Box. Plows oach1. Posts fencing each. Porder per to oct. Kegs halves and quarters each. La raisins per Box. Halvos Aud quarters Eich pice per Tierce. Lead per id . Sali per sack1. Shingles peril. Staves Lidil per a. Hhd. 1 sugar p r lilid1�?� tobacco per Box. Half and Quarter boxes each. Wood per Cord. Wine per Basket. Whito Lead paints Etc por 100 Wool per sack. Heavy machinery locomotives Cara engines boilers otea3 per agro3ment �11 goods in transit prayed from a ship or vessel ditch aging at Tuo merchants Brick Central Williams a Palmetto or Lufkins Labadie or St. Cyr�?T3 wharves to another of Tho same. We l a charged Only one wharfage. Galveston nov. 32, Limo 10 Tajo a i of �,jum3, Ett. Vdov and ? by the Galveston ii amuse of cos Imece at the annual a est not it Keld on the 11th of november Anu Iril August 25. W53. Coir Lisbon on sales. And a or cent inc iii sic , ail to orc in i5jaudi.se. And produce not other a a a Ltd i Munei ated. I Quot a Quot Lucuil it of in shingles word , Brick 0 it i a ratites on time Saless 1-2 a a pm of 01 steamboats.2 1-v Quot i Uit thasing d j a i do2 1-2&Quot procuring freights,5 acid disbursements,.--------l-i Quot Purchase and shipment of Cottons Gnu Gar or a lashes. 1-2 Quot Purchase and shipment of other produce Anil merchandise. 2,1-2 Quot delivery and collecting freights.5 a Lelec Tibig insurance in or out,.of Galveston. 1- adjusting or collecting insurance Aud. Other i maims without litigation.2 1-2 a a a a with litigation in addition to actor fees. 5 Quot a a purchasing and remitting drafts or receiving and paying Money of which a no other commission has Boon charged. 1 a a guarantee of remittance1 j-2 Quot a a Bills notes and other claims received for collect Ioa and returned without i Landing custody and re ship Pingor a. Chau Ilise or produce fro n vessels in distress___1.t-,.2 1 2 n Bullion or a had i listing general average As por Cou 1 consignee s commission for collecting a Genera average. Consignee s commission for disbursing general a a Ensig ments of merchandise with a drawn or re shipped per order on the amount of advances and responsibility-full1 commission. On surplus amount of invoices of such it consignment deducting advances commissions l>r.iwin�, endorsing or negotiating for Meigu pills of Excil adige. .1 1-3 a a a Crua Rantee on Domestic Bills of of. Change. 11- a a a receiving Guterm g and re shipping Lue Chandise to foreign poits of amount of invoico.11 a a on amount of advanced Hargea Aud liabilities on same.2 1-2 a a i or drawing accepting negotiating or endorsing notes or drafts without funds produce or Bills of lading in hand.2 1-2 a a for Cash advances iii All cases excepting with produce in hand with order to realize without limit.12 2 a a a for entering and boil aug Mere Handso tor the Interior Oil amount of duties freight Aud other charges besides the regular charges for forwarding 2 1-2&Quot a foi Cash advances on freights Tinl. Other charges. T2 1-2 Quot a a Agency of steamboats per trip As agreed on. Lor assistance in entering and clearings vessels from foreign ports sir. To each. Commissions on sales to be paid i the currency for i 1-2 % which sales were made. The foregoing rates to to exclusive of brokerage and charges actually incurred Quot sales of merchandise at auction. Sums Impler 10 per cent. A a Over a in and Pudei s i built. O a a Quot a Over Erco tract Todie Ial sales. It debts of Grain ac., per Bushel. Cora. Oats. Wheat and Uvel a. In. Bears. It a per Bushel. .32 a a a a. 1 0 a a a a a a. 42 Quot a a Ijo Tare. Sugar a Hogsheads talc or Ulai. In Quot -.cypie.i3. In tour 1 Arren 20 Bill. 1 a other barrels. Lard. .12 pc Emit 10 a a �o1� a a. Act it al Tare Kates of lick. Iving and forwarding Lwoods Kilt of actually i Cubuk. Sugar and molasses per Hogshead. Molasses per bbl. Coit Ouper Bale. Moss. A. Wool under ii . Over a a. Hides Yaeli it. Bacon por a and. . Glass ic., Tierce. Crockery �c., crato. Railroad and pig Iron ton. Bar Iron and castings ton. Kollor Ware ton. Cotton gins each. Carriages och. 1 00 35 1 00 511 50 1 00 10 50 25 1 00 1 00 1 50 2 50 i 00 2 .11 Wagon each. A Anos Oach. I ipos and Hogsheads liquids each. Half pipes and Tierce a liquids each. Quarter casks and barrels each. Wet barrels Oach. Dry barrels a. measurement goods per cubic foot. Gunpowder por Keg. Transient freight irom 1 to 10 packages. Safe of 81orae. Cotton por Bale per month. On All other produce wares and merchandise storage will be the same As wharfage. 2 5 4 0 j 00 50 35 10 s a o a 2 go 50 the if. In tie5 imports. Cox Feist when imported direct in american or nationalised vessels from its growth or production also Tho growth of countries thi3 Sido of Tho Cape of Good Hope when imported indirectly in american or nationalized vessels 5 a cents per la All other 10 per cent. 3d Valorme in tallow 21, sperm Aceti and Wax 3, Stear Ino and adamantine 5 cents per la. Fly Ultsh liaisons currants figs plum3 and prunes -5, shelled almonds in almond3 6. Other nuts 2 dates 2, pea nuts 1, shelled do. La filberts and walnut3 a cents per lb., sardine3.50, preserved Ginger 50, Green fruits 25 per cent and Valorme. Molasses�?9 cents per gallon. Lille a cleaned 2i cents per lb., Paddy 1 cents and uncleaned 2 cents per la. Spices Mace 40 cents Nutmeg. 50, Cassia and cloves 20, Pepper and Pimento 15, and Ginger ii oot 5 cents per la. Spin uts Brand by. For first proof i per Gillon Gin Tum and whisky for first proot 2 50 cents per gallon. A a sugars on raw or Brown sugar not above no. 12 dutch Standard 3, on White or played above no. 12 and cot above no. 15 dutch Standard not refined 3r, above 15 and not Over 20, 4. Of refined 5, and on Melado a i cents per la. Syatt Psi ii syrup 2i cents per la it. Teas�?25 cents per in. Wines value not Over 50 cents per gallon 20 Cen por gallon and 25 per cent and Valorme Over 50 and not Over 100, 50 cents per gallon and 25 per cent red Valorme Over is per gallon. Is per gallon and 25 per cent and Valorme. Cotton�?5 cents per in. Feathers�?30 per Valorme. Of Louizio per cent and Valorme. Product of the British Virth american provinces free. Tia in wheat 20 cents Corn and Oata l2cont3per Bushel Beans and peas 10 per cent add ? Valorme Rye and Bailey 15 cents per Bushel. Growth of the British North american provinces Joe. Hemp russian $10, Manilla 525, jute $15. Italian $40, Suna Aud sisal ?15 per ton and Tampico 1 cent per la. Salt Sadis 24 cents per 100 ., bulk 13 cents per a 1u0 . Provisions cheese and butter 4 cents. Beef and pork 1 cent hams Bacon and lard 2 cent3 per a la. Produce of the British North american provinces free. Drugs alcohol 40 cents por gallon aloes g cents per la. Alum go cents per 1u0 ., Argolis 6 ccnt3 por lb., arsenic and Assa Aedita 20, Antimony Condo and regulus 10. Arrowroot 30 per cent cd Valorme Balsam Colavi 20, Balsam Tola 30, bal Peru 50 cents per la. Calisay bark 20 per cent and Valorme by carb. Soda ii by chromate Potash 3, chlorate Potash go. Pcr.lb., bleaching powder 30 cents per 100 ., refined Borax. I cents per Pound., crude Brimstone a. Roll Brimstone ?10 per Tun Flor Sulphur 520 per ton and 15 per cent and Valorme crude camphor 300 refined camphor 4 j cents Pel lb., Cash. Ammonia 20 Ner cent and Valorme cardamom and cantharide3 5li cents per lb., Castor Oil $1 per gallon caustic soda la. Citric acid 10, Copperas Cream tartar 10, cube Slu centspcrlb., Cutch 10, chamomile Flowers 20 per cent and Valorme. Epsom salts 1 per cent lb., extract logwood Flowers Beu Zoi Aud Gamboge 10 per cent., Ginseng 20, gum arabic 20 per cent and Valorme. Gum Benzoin gum Tim Damar 10 cents per la. Gum myrrh gum Senegal gum Gedda and gum Tragacanth 20 per cent and Valorme . Potash and ie3umblimed iodine 75 ipecac Aud Jalapa 50,lie. Paset la Jianna 25, Oil Anis Oil Lemon f>�,and01�ve not Sallad. 25 cents per gallon salad 51 per gallon Palm 10 per cent Oil Orange 50 cents Oil Cassia and ii Bergamot is Ier 11 Oil Peppermint 5� percent and Valorme 0.um $250, oxalic acid 4 cents Ner lb., phosphorus 20 per cent. Adv Loremo press. Potash yellow 5, red a 10, ii Hubarth 5 cents per lb., quicksilver 15 per cent and Valorme Sal Eratus la cents per la. Sarsaparilla Ana Senna 20 percent. And Valorme Shell Lac 10, soda Ash i. Sugar Lead 20 cents per lb., sulph. Quini e 45 per cent and Valorme sulph. Ixo Rupino �2 50per o tartaric acid 20. Verdigris g rents per ib., Sal ammoniac 20, Blue vitriol 25 per cent and Valorme preparations and extracts is per la. Sal soda to per in furs skins�?10 per cent and Valorme. Produce f the British North american provinces free. Paints on White Lead a red Lead Andri Shargo dry or ground in Oil j cents per lb., Paris White and Whiting i cent per Pound dry 0chre3 50 cents per 100 ., oxide of Zinc if cents per la. Ochre ground in Oil �1 Soper 00 ., Spani Brown 25 per cent and Valorme China Clay 55 Pton venite a Jedi and pm Ilion cd . A it i Valorme White Chalk �10 per ton. Petcock us a crude 20 cents refined 30 cents per gallon. Or burrs to �?30 cents per gallon. Wool costing 12 cents or less per la. 3 cent3 be. Lb., Over 12 and not More than 24, 6 cents eve 24 and not Over 32,10 and 10 per cent and Valorme Over 32, 12 cents per la. And 10 per cent and Val rela of the skin 20 per cent adv lorem. Produce of the British 2\orth american provinces free. Iron bars 1 to h cents per la. Railroad 70 cents per 100 ., boiler and plate ii cents per ib., Sheet band hoop and scroll if to ii Centa per la pig s j per ton polished Sheet 3 cents per la. Coppers pig bar and ingot 2old Copper 2 cents a a por a manufactured 35 por cent adv lorem sheeting Copper and yellow Metal in she ets 43 inches Long Aud 14 inches wide. Weighing 18 to 34 of per Square foot 31 Quot cents per la. J Lead duty pig 62 be 100 ., i a Lead i cents per la. in pigs bars and plate3 ��150 per-100 . . Pig bars and Block t5 per cent and Valorme plate a and sheets it Anil Tern plates 25 per cent and Valorme. Zinc duty pigs or Block is 50 per 100 ., Sheet 25 conts per la. Steel bars and ingots valued at 7 cents be b or under 21 cents Over 7 cents and not above 1 a 3 cents per lb., Over 11 cents 31 cents per la. And 10 Par cent and Valorme. A a Quot a a. T of. Co. Duty loaf 35 cents per lb., and manufactured 50 cents per la. Excise. Tax a chewing tobacco 40 cents per la. Stemmed smoke not tax 35 cents per la , a a cents per 1b. Stem smoke Xor tax 15 cents per excise tax 40 cents per la i i Pix ii Toi Iacco tax 40 cents per in. C10au3�?tax $10 per 1000. Duty $3.0-. Per in. And 50 per cent. And Valorme. A. Ltr7 Lieou Atlois. Condensed from Oili Cial . News paves and Macau does not prepaid at the mailing office cannot be Doug it re in Natl the postage has been paid at least one Quarter in Advance. Of transient matter two cents each the being four ounces and two cents for each additional four ounces rates to regular subscribers payable quarterly in Advance for weekly papers 12 cents daily 35 cents. The rate of letters is uniform throughout the United states three cents each and three cents for each additional half on or fraction to be prepaid if not double rates Quot will be to quire at the place of delivery. The Pacific rate of ten cents is abolished. All local or drop letters Are chargeable with two cents postage to to prepaid by stamp in All cases no fee required by carriers for delivery. lkttek3 Are chargeable with a fee o Twenty cents in lieu of live cents As formerly lib cd kulaks and Traus out newspapers Havo to be prepaid with Stamps two cents each. Three circulars will in one unsealed envelope to Ono i undress pass at the a Amo rate two cents six circulars for four cents Etc. Seed engravings and other miscellaneous matter chargeable at the rate of two i cuts for each four ounces or fractions of it sent to one address. Books Aro charged four cent3 for each four ounces in weight prepaid with 3tamps. Ocean Stream following rates of postage upon letters Havo been agreed upon Between this government and Tbs German states Prussia Etc., by Bremen steamers Bromon 10 cents Oldenburg 13 austrian Empire including Hungary Galicia Lombardy and Venice Bavaria Brunswick Hamburg Hanover Mecklenburg Seh Werini Aud , kingdom of Prussia kingdom of Saxony Aud Saxe Altenburg 15 All Othor Gorman Staten cities and towns 22 Eta. Switzerland and Tho Netherlands 25 Eta. Denmark Ano Sohle Awig 25 Poland and Russia 29 constantinople Greece and Sweden 33 Norway 38�? p�?Tatoxsv&�?o33 cents Island of Malta Wallachia 30 Italy except upper Menic required. Newspapers and circulars 3 conts each to to pro paid. Mails to the for a single Lotter not exceeding half an ounce in weight to chagres 28 cts. To Panama 30 cts. To California and Oregon 3 a cts pre payment required Havana Lino is established Between Charleston and Havana and Between new York and Panana the Poa Tago boing loot. On a single letter not exceeding halt an ounce in Woight with an additional 10 cents for each additional half on Noe or fractional excess of half an Unoo pro paid. Post age on Cash newspaper or circular to Havana 2 Eta also to be pre paid. British postal Arbano events. On letters to British North America 10 cts., if not Over 3000 Miles if Over that distance 15 ets. A single rate pre payed or not at Tho option of Tho Sonder. Letteris posted or charged m Tho United stator will be rated at a half Oneco to to single Lotter Over. A half and not exceeding an ounce As a double letter and so on thus two rates Whon Over a but not exceeding 1 ounce four Ratos when Over 1 hut not exceeding 2 ounces six rates when Over 2 but not exceeding 3 ounces. Tho single rates to to charged on Oach letter posted in Tho United states addressed to any place in great Britain or Ireland �3 21 cts., Tho double rate 48 cts Over an ounce and not exceeding 2 ounces a a quadruple letter and so on each ounce constituting two Ratos. Postage on letters going to any part of great Brit Ain or Ireland May to pro paid if the whole amount is tendered at Tho office a the United states where mailed at Tho option of Trio sender. New Sparns May be mailed at any office in Tho United states to any place in Tho United kingdom of Tho pre payment of 2ots, and May on recount from any Placo in great Britain and Treland be delivered at any office in Tho United . Prepayment of 2 cts. government is to Chargo 2 cts. On each newspaper. These Aro to be sent in bands or covers open at the sides or ends and to contain no manuscript Flint Ever. For ecu in stat Abitan cements. France direct or through England by either Tho u. S., British or in run of packets Tho postage on Tny a a Amo boing 15 cts. For eachioz., or fractional Par thereof. Pre payment optional. Persons mailing letters to foreign countries with which the not entered into po3ta arrangements Are reminded that it is necessary for them to pre pay Tho proper postage or Tho letters c Annot be forwarded Foke irs and Fli Easl res. Reduced to the Standard of the United states. The following is a table of foreign weight acid measures which has been carefully compiled from Vari Ofia authentic sources and we believe May be relied on As Correct a a a Aham in amsterdam.4 Gallons al mud in allude in Madeira. .4.68 gallon Alq Tipiere in Madeira Over h peaks. Laquiere in Portugal if to nearly 14 pecks Laquiere in Bahia. 1 Busha a a Quioro inf Granhan la Honshe Alquire in and a Zambuco 1 to i Bush Anna otrie8rm"s5wanm.m �?Tgfl02-5 arroba in ,. .,32lbs 12 of arroba in Spain.�?~sgftssg��,-.?� .25 la arroba in Spain Largo ----4.24g Gallons arroba in Spain Small Gallons Wiroba in Malaga of wine about .4i Gallons Artheon in Russia. .28 Inchon , in Batavia.3 to up souls Bale of cinnamon in Coylon net104 jibs Baric in Naples equals about ii Gallons Barile in leghorn of wine. 12.04 Gallons Cautard in Levant contains 44okcsll8.8b Cantar in leghorn of Oil.,80lbs Cantar in malta174 Cantar in Lobi Cantar in sicily175 to 192lb3 .52 but Shell -----.264 Gallons .14 la 3.581 . .5.95 hns Hola Over 4-Bushel .2.84 bushels Barro in Naples of Grain. Fearron in Naples wine. A Kitty in China of Tea. Caving. In Batavia. Chet Werf in Russia. I iii Ega in Spain. Feet Oli Tro in Francouz Snemis Kul Grammo in Franco and netherlands____2.21 last in Amsterdam of grain854 bushels last in Bremen of gram80 bushels a last in Cadiz of salt76 4-5 bushels last in Dantzic of 9 bushels last in i Lushing of grain924 Bushela last in Hamburg of grain89.64 bushels last in Lubec of Grain.over91 bushels last in Portugal of salt70 bushels la St in Rotterdam of grain85.136 bushels last in Sweden-.75 bushels last in utrecht of Grain Over 59 bushels Lis Pound in Hamburg"16lbs5 02 Lis Pound in Holland a. .18 4 of Mark in holland9o Maud in Calcutta. 1 .75 to 84 Mius in Gene of Sta Ian. .3.43 a Sheds jul but in jerance1 ton Moy in lisbon24 bushels a Moy in Oporto,.30huahela Aloyo in Portugal contains Over 23 bushels Mke in smyrna.23 Iha Orna in Trieste of wmo14.94 Gallons a Orna of Oil-.17 Gallons Malmo in Naples .�3 a Little Over 10. Inches Quot Piecul in a Avia and madras1334 in ecu in China and Japan. 1334 pipe in Spain of wino tep to 164 Gallons Pood in Russia is equal to nearly36 2 of Quarter in England hns Hola quintal in Portugal. A. .89.05 los quintal in smyrna____�-._________"129.481bs a quintal in spam.v.96 quintal in Turkey. .167 3 of Zottoli in Portugal.�?�.12 4 of Zottoli in genoaw1. .24 02 Zottoli in ,.3 of Salma in Sicily of grain9.77 bushels Salina in Malta ofgrain.,8.23 bushels a Cliffel in a Germany varies 14 to nearly. 3 bushels Shi a Pound in Ham Burg and denmark321 of she ppm Grid in Holland -.-368 4oz Staro in Trieste to Yueda tale in China. A .-.14 o Vin a in Rio Janeiro nearly 14yard , in spain100 Are equal to 120 Yards worst Russia i .3503 do. of c0uxtry produce a for the week ending july 26, 1867. A july id by Railroad from Hoti Subu 208 halos Cotton acid 37 Bales Wool. Biily2�?by Railroad from Houston 187 Bales cot. Ton and 46 Bales Wool. @july�4�?by Railroad from Houston 84 Bales Ltd t ton and 48 Bales Wool. July 19�?by Schooner Emma Thornton from Calcasieu 4 Hales Wool Aud 40 hides july.2 a by Steamer surf lower from Quot Houston 6 Bales Wool. July 21�?by Steamer Whitelaw Quot from Houston 2 Bales Wool and 2 j hides a tuly 22�?by Steamer Sunflower from Houston 200 hides. July 21j-bj Steamer Whit Law from Houston 18 b Iles Cotton 16 Hales Wool and 13 hides. July 24�?by Steamer Ruthven from Liberty 75bales Cotton 4 Bales Wool and"32 hides. July 25�?by Steamer Sunflower from Houston 26 Bales Cotton. Total�?593 Bales Cotton 103 Bales Wool and 305 hides. Vessels of 1 Harbor does it and less than 20 tons. A 20 25. 30. 30 40 4d 50 50 100 to 150 150 200 200 250 a 250 300 300 350 35 j 400 ,-4�T0 a --------450 431 500 500 50 550 Eoo or a you 050 Oso 700 7 to 750 750 800 600 850. 850 900 900 950 950 1000 and Quot for each and every to i of cents per ton �0 60 00 76 00 90 1 201 50 3 0�T 4 50 6 00 7 50�?~ 9 00 10 50. V 1200 13 50 15 0ft 16 50. 18 00. 19 5021 00 22 5024 00. 25 50. 27 00 29 50 30 u0 tons three
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