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Galveston Flakes Evening Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jul 29 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Evening Bulleting (Newspaper) - July 29, 1867, Galveston, Texas Vol , monday evening july 29 1867. No. 234 of beat exp it i sent la eat closing out s al e it can it it it dry <3-o oils m e y is it it amp it Kahn cd Rorr. Post once and 22d streets id to Der to make room for an extensive fall Stock Llave acc dude to dispose of their Large Sumrack a Stoel Tat a a e a v o r k p h 1, 0 e s a a at tie following Price let will convince Tori body of the truth of the above statement a clips so armed Muslin tier tires at $2 5�?~. Puii . Per dress. At so 50. A a Frt sch printed Jaco nets fast Colore per Trees Pat. a $3. Solid coloured scotch lawns at 3cc. Per Yard. I Achi Barege at s5c. Per Yard. Grenadine barges at s5e. Per said. Fou Laiu and striped Grenadine Barege at $3 50 per Ruiess Putera ruin Gray Bireme at Ltd. Per Yard. Laditi Aud blesses embroidered Switz and Taconet Walt at is 50. assortment of Maui Tbs under at p port donate Low prices. Line towels at s2 53 per Doz Mitt a it me. Per pair. Silk Parasole at �z1 25. Belt it at 57c. Dotted silk Bobi Sti it ii s5c. Only. Kid Giove at j A lint my it a mitts a it a trimmed until snied hate at vice i it of i hat Tuc. Quot a. Men a Straw hats at 5c-e. Outs a us Tmur clothing sold at Lowry faces. Mem Bert it in place 1 Iye a a fall and you will find real bargain in kai1n in co Iuey in Eaton Isicc and a a id streets. Ialenti or Block a co., dealers in fan c y a cd Staple x i a goods a it 0.0 t h axe mho e by clothing a n r e e n options e to i in end a s building Strani it Alec it ton. If a Lily j. bungee to. Ka�ff3ia� a co., commission importers of wines i liquors nud grocer in. Liberal Cash advances made on consignments to our a in kids in new pc rec Liverpool Havre Bremen. Exchange bought and sold on new Orleans new York Loiou. Paris b Cen Berlin Frankfort . Oc2bw&, e Koi Perl Cotton Factor and. General commission Aler Chaisit strand Galveston. Exchange on new. Orleans. Newyork. London Liberal advances made on it it to Iuliu tyls of cot ten. Wool and other ipod Nati strict attention paid to Tiller i a Ideia for Scordi. Jat 7.dni<rei we v i. Hank. hash amp Ges Fitek. �?�,sccc.r-6s0ls to Hass Cen Cikk amp cd w holes a be grocers and a c amp in is i s 8 on kelp Chat is. Job. Nichols build Irti a a strand Street Gale Mon. A Teiaar no Jed yiroc25ely a 2 s Stoddart amp Bukk. Foreign and. Domestic Liquore. Sorley a building strand. Dec the Ampol telegraphic Stoddart amp Burk. Brandy whisky Gin bum int a lib amp a Stoddart amp Burk. Champagne Herl in Madeira por Bariel Sand cases. Claret Icv i Lym amp a 700 Doz. To a a cents ale. Stoddart amp Burk cd Lydia it my and Cut a Yxta a a a in a a to a3�okxve, Val dk1tish ship Indiah me Tchant a. Cargo of India bagging eur Droege amp co. Apace amp Multi t \ Chat. Ally a. . I it. Waiuli amp Cotton factors. And. General commission merchants hoi in hot now building Cornei s i hand Centre St meets Galveston Texas Peak a. Iii Traic Pic tical amp steam fitter at co. new store Comer of Fremont ail Mechanic Street Galveston and sly Eam fitting. Keep a a constantly on hand Gas fixtures and Globe Lead Iron and terracotta in pc brass cock for Gas water Aud storm and Force la tii Pii Hydraulic in Aith Klinect Load 9 51- Leable Aud cart Litt steam gauges and steam whistles dwellings Tittel up we the tit and cold water for Bath tubs Kvanli basins water closets ice. In ipes Cut and tit to order. All orders from the country pro i Nelly attended of . It. Ii iii Bali. . I Hohorst. Ii. Oil of or amp co., commission merchants Jed grocers strand Ial Teston. Liberal Cash advances made on Conuis Uincent of Cotton Quot Wool Fabj a amp Ely hides Etc. Jisi a1�ziuved Foj it Friom Mode Janeiro Bank Patry not Waif a. Cargo cry. C h i c e c of f be for use amp nit. Ali leg a amp it 0 g., h. ¿1 it. 1?. E. N e w a r it a n e m e it �?�5to to Ltd effect fonday ulay is 1sc7. Two daily passenger Skains to and a a i oui til Veston and Urmston. Trains leave Galveston daily sundays excepted at s-.45 a. Artie at Clouston it 11 15. Leave gah Eston at 3 15 r. Arrives at Houston at 6 10 v. Trains leave Houston daily sundays Csc cited at t 10 a Arrive at Galveston at 11 10 a. wit i Tho Morgan Liao of steamers for now Orleans and All Northern cities. Leaves Houston at l.r& i. Al. Arrives at Galveston . I l. A Tho pc 4.r a. Train front Galveston connects with Central i Railroad for m4hi- . Jorr Vinji same ovo Ninfer. B 10 a. Is. Train from Houston will Start Fiona Allen station. Cheeked through. The 8 45 a. 31. Train from Galveston connects w Ith 1. 1., ii. Amp It. It for Alley ton on mondays wednesday and a Ila image checked through. I invt to d. Of. Allen. Supt. Stoi Ialie at wham Bates. Storage Livoni at Tho Concrete build in on Mechanic Street two blocks West of Tho Palmetto House. Enquire of a Elf a amp Etc a a 3jangek i co. Pou Hale to arrive direct from utta East India a a per bark to cup. Tales India bagging. Also a Edom live tool p c it a Barb Zillah 108 bundles 150 tons of tec Eca owned Ali flow ties. Jnelc-m3ai Kan gee amp co. Sll Ivd Ait even a dispatches associated in Resa Disi latches. Surratte a to enl. A iii Tom july 27.the Points of live submitted by Carrington to Day to the court and argued by him were first if the jury believed from the whole evidence that Lincoln received a wot ind from a pistol fired by John Wilkes Booth in the City of Washington on or about the time named in the indictment which resulted in his death in pursuance of a to murder or to assassinate said Lincoln of which conspiracy the prisoner was a member and that the prisoner was at the place and performed the part assigned him towards the execution of a con Mon design they should find him guilty As indicated no matter what distance May have separated the conspirators or How far apart they May have been at the time the wound was inflicted As aforesaid. I second ii the jury believe that to amp a object of said conspiracy was to abduct said Lincoln the president of the United states of America with a general Resolution on part of the conspirators to resist ail who might oppose them in their common design arid that while engaged in said unlawful conspiracy one of the conspirators without the knowledge and contrary to the wishes of the conspirators and the informal plan and purpose of said conspiracy killed the president As aforesaid the jury should find the prisoner guilty As indicted. Third if the jury believe from the evidence that at the time president Lincoln was killed As Quot aforesaid the prisoner was either actively or constructively present encouraging aiding abetting and maintaining the principal murderer they should find him guilty As indicted although he was neither an ear or an Eye witness to the transaction leading it open for the court to explain the constructive presence for we contend that he was constructively present no matter How far off he was at the place and keeping the Post assigned to him where and in the manner the conspirators supposed he would be most effective. Fourth if the jury believe from the evidence Quot that president Lincoln was killed As aforesaid in pursuance of said conspiracy of which the prisoner was a member being either actually or constructively present at the time it is a Legal presumption that such presence was with a View to Render Aid and it lies in the prisoner to rebut such presumption by showing that he was there for the purpose unconnected with conspiracy. Fifth that defence of the. Alibi being an affirmative defence the Burden of proof rests upon the defendant to establish it to the satisfaction of the jury by preponderance of evidence. Questions of fact for the jury to decide to be argued on monday Are first does it appear from evidence that the assault charged in the indictment was Mado in Tho manner and about the time 6tated, and with. the jurisdiction of the honorable court ? second does it appear from evidence that the wound which the deceased received As charged in the indictment caused his death ? third does it appear from evidence that the assault and death were the result of a conspiracy of which the prisoner at the bar was a member fourth what was the original character plan and purpose of the conspiracy fifth if it be True that the prisoner was a member of this conspiracy what part did he perform in the general plan ? sixth where was the prisoner in Point of fact at the time of the assault of charged in the indictment was made was he in a foreign Commonwealth or was he in Washington d. C.?�? seventh has not the �51-Isoner at the bar0 confessed his guilt expressly and by implication ? a a Max can matter. Washington july 27.dota who is reported an officer in the White House a telegraphs the following to the Baltimore Sun or. Plumb Secretary of legation to Mexico is now in the United states and it is deemed by the Secretary of state absolutely essential that the government a hould be at once represented at the Juarez government. Or. Otteri Burg being in Mexico and our Milfs ter under commission which expired on Tho last Day of the last session of Congress it is deemed advisable to designate him As the representative United states by order this action of the state department is approved by the president and Cabinet. General Sheridan. As yet the president has not designated the officer to take command of the fifth District in place of general Sheridan is understood thereby to be relieved from his present Aud assigned to another. About a half a dozen names have been suggested and the probability is that general Hancock May be assigned to the is Good authority for saying that it was not nor is it intended to relieve All District commanders and the president never entertained any idea of relieving any of them save general Sheridan. If he latter be assigned to any other duty it is understood that such action will not be based on the letter of general Sheridan to general Grant in which the attorney generate opinion is charts shied a open ii a. A Broad macadamia de Road to perjury but up a on the opinion of the president that a less Pav Izau and Intro temperate and Liberal officer than Sheridan should leave command of the states of Louisiana and Texas and that Cun execute reconstruction to better and yet not Rucoi juice the Behest of party or faction. It is fair to my that or. Seward is absent and the. Ubai c May Bane re spelt Dation gathered from Host talk it the it iii House. We believe that the italicised words have been misplaced and that they refer to and Are part of the dispatch relating to our representative in Mexico.editor flakes bulletin a Romcro. A Washington july 27.senor Romero mexican minister departs on leave of absence a next month for Home. has been on duty Here eight years. T base Ball. Chicago july 27.a base Ball match was played yesterday Between Tho nationals and. Excelsior of Chicago. The former won by 49 to 4, whitewashing the Excelsior six times. Washington. Washington july 28.Tho Treasury holds securities for National Bank circulation to the amount of three Hundred and forty millions for deposits of Public monies thirty eight millions National Bank circulation two Hundred and Twenty eight millions eight Hundred nud six thousand internal Revenue receipts for the week four millions six Hundred and seventy eight thousand. Philadelphia. July 28.arrived, Steamer Star of the Union from new Orleans. West coast of Max co. San Francisco july 27.�? the bulletins Colona letter of july 12, says general Gomez Defeated the troops under general Alvarez and has fairly driven them out of Tho state. Co Lona has fared better than any other part of the state. Communication with the Interior has opened. Specie remittances formerly via Tampico Aud Vera Cruz Aro now made by Way of Colona. The last Steamer took two millions from Mozella to Panama. The present Steamer takes out three Hundred and fifty thousand dollars the largest portion being remittances belonging to citizens of Mexico. By the Cable. A a London july 27.consols steady at93g. Bonds 72�. , july 27.bonds 76j. London july 27.japan advices via Hong Kong report that the american ship Anna Kimball was seized and heavily labelled by the Commodoro of the american Squadron for violation of the treaty stipulation Between the United states and China in bringing a cargo of Rice from a port not open to Trade Chen Ouita july 27.the Empress Eugenie visited yesterday Tho United states Steamer Colorado now lying at this port and was re a Cei Ved with full honors. Salutes were fired Yards manned and the vessel gaily decked with colors from Stem to Stern. American vessels French men of War and other shipping were profusely decorated. Tho Empress was received by the Captain of the american Steamer Colorado and was conducted through various parts of the ship. At the conclusion of the visit the Empress expressed herself a highly pleased with the appearance of the Tilp. And gratified with her warm Yee Eption. The Empress left for Shore amid enthusiastic cheers from the sailors who manned Yards and a parting Salute from Tho great Guna of the Colorado. Pabis july 27.admiral Farragut was received at a state dinner with the emperor Napoleon. Dinner Given by emperor especially in Farragut a Honor. The French minister of Marine and other members of the Imperial Cabinet and general Dix were among the invited guests. Pauls july 28.the to Niter positively denies the truth of the statement that the emperor sent a note to Prussia urging the surrender of the Northern districts of Schleswig to Denmark. Berlin july 28.notwithstanding Mone Tours official denial of Napoleons note to the King of Prussia in regard to North Schleswig the Semi official journals of Berlin continue to urge King William to repel the intrusion of the French emperor in the political affairs of Germany. St. Petersburg july 28.Tho emperor issued a Mukase uniting the territory recently captured in Central Asia under one government commander general Kaufman. Frankfort july 28.bonds Strong at 77i. London july 28.bat Little rain throughout England for the past week. Weather dry and heat excessive. Sign dec Janus. New torn Yolk july 29.gold opened at 1-Loc. Cotton Market quiet a but firm. Quotations nominally unchanged. Middling Uplands 27�27. Orleans 28i. Sterling Exchange h0j@lip5new York july 29th, 12 m.gold-140. Cottoni unchanged Somme trial amp financial. Bulletin of the i monday noon july 29, 1667. Cottons the m a let is very quiet there Heing hut a very Small amount offering on factory tables. Hold Ore Arov try firm in their pretensions for extreme figures. We continue our quotations of about Ico for Low middling no sales thus far. Gold.there has been Little or no activity this morning and though to Days new York. Advices. I report an Advance of e Over saturdays closing Fig Uro we tan notice no Advance Here in fact the 1 Market is weaker than on saturday 1381 being the highest Price paid to Day though Tinero have been offers of 138with transactions at 1.16. Counter rates 138. A the run jobs of Sheridan a removal.the impression that Sheridan will be removed is gaining ground. Hancock is not seriously thought of for Tho position by Tho president. Visitors at the White House believe that general h. Thomas will be. Sent to new Orleans to relieve Sheridan immediately after the Tennessee election Early in August. That Sheridan will soon be removed at any rate is firmly asserted by those who see the president but the republicans do not believe that general Grant will allow Sheridan to be relieved from his present command.tp<?. Quot Cor. Of the Veip Orleans Republican july 27. A Milf request.the special washing ton correspondent of the Baltimore Sun in his dispatch dated the 23d, says some weeks ago a special agent of the Post office department r up Ort de t of he postmaster Gene ral Thiu lie had detected frauds perpetrated by the postmaster at Greensburg ind., and that the postmaster had admitted that his Book entries had been changed Etc. Upon this showing the postmaster was suspended. When Congress Mot Tho facts were certified to the Senate and a new postmaster Nomina ted. The Senate rejected the nomination and under the tenure of office Law the old postmaster is reinstated in office. The postmaster general to Day notified the reinstated office Ripe the action of the Senate and added a a you ate respectfully requested As a favor to the department to use As Little Money of Tho government and make As Fow false entries As possible a. A Sitka has a fog three Hundred Days in the year which is Only another example of the great twist Ery which envelopes our russian a a Nicl lii Jacif. A a health of the City.there was on sunday and is to Day we believe some Little excitement and fear of the yellow fever becoming epidemic. Reports of fifteen and even thirty deaths on sunday were common. These were of coarse fabulous. The following Are the interments for saturday and sunday saturday. Julius Reisner yellow fever. Henry s. Balwin whooping cough. Levei Wood congestive chill. James St. John congestive billions Wagner dysentery sunday. Frederick Kress yellow fever. Joseph Ley i congestive brain. Henry Franklin Billious fever Jaso saner cholera Moribus. Francis Lang yellow fever. A. Kobbe suicide. Suicide.mr. A. Kobbe a Germana of some months residence in Galveston was found dead in his bed at a private boarding House on sunday morning. The Corners jury had no postmortem examination but returned a verdict of suicide by Poison. The following letter gives some indication of the cause my dear Carrie. By the time you receive these few lines i am dead and gone i did not know what to do with myself could not see How to get out of it and so i came to the conclusion to take some Poison. Forgive me for what i have done and i shall not blame you for leaving me As you did. Take please Good care of my album of which i Mako you a present and keep it in love of your dead Quot Gus be. The following was written in the German language my dear the annexed Leetter i beg you to deliver to miss c., after you have found out where she is Here or in new Orleans. Please do every thing to find her and have a talk with her m regard to my. I Coull Tejo keep up any longer it had to cab Leto an end pc Ith me. It is hard. For me to Conj so san As which certainly is no Honor to my a amp is Leto for me. That i could not see you a is amp Ore before and probably it would have Beon Feior ont. Farewell and give my respects to aft my acquaintance. Yours a. Kobbe. Miss Carrie washes Mitre so a woman we believe of new Orleans who has for some years been gradually descending the Road that harlots travel from affluence to poverty. First she was the a a pet of a wealthy citizen new Orleans then the protein be of a general latterly she hoped to become the wife of or. Kobbe but recently left him and is now under the Protection of another. 0a precocious youth.among the guests at the recorders office this morning was a precocious youth who was accused of abusing his Mother and breaking the dishes. was fined five dollars which we suppose his poor Mother will have to pay about Twenty five a Well Laid on with an of Gad would have done the Young Man better service. Attempted robbery.at noon on sunday when returning from dinner or. Thomas Goggan found that thief John Clark by name had entered the music store with a false Koy and was engaged rifling the Money. Or Goggan arrested the Rascal who was committed to answer at the criminal court. Yellow fever.Tho physicians report some cases of yellow fever and the City see tones report shows a few deaths from the same disease but there is no evidence that it is yet Here in an epidemic form. Policemen dead.two policemen John Wagner and Henry Franklin died on sunday from Tho yellow fever. A fell Down a hatchway.a Porter in the store of b. R. Davis amp co on sunday inight. Fell through the Hatchway from the third Story to the basement. _ his Skull was fractured. When taken to the Hospital he was not expected to live. A. Range of there Rometer a from Meridian july the 28th, to Meridian july 29th, 1867. Noted for flakes bulletin by or. Geo. A storm. July 28�?12 ,8& Deg. 2-.p.,m.89deg. A p.,ii., 86 Deg. G Ii., 86 Deg. 8 r. H., 85 Degnitz M., 84 Deg. July 29�?6 a. M., 8g Deg. 8 a. Si., 88 Deg. 10 a. M., 89 Deg. 12 m., 90 leg. Variable breezes with passing Clouds. -�ow.-�?. Notel auu1vals. Washington hotel col c Mathews my a col j j Drummond Houston a l Moody Cir tvs j a Brown Van a w Hays n yet e Whitney do pc c s t i be Riu a pm it .vstorm,-.-c Iyo it. Austins a j Cassou Weatherford a t Cyrus Bryau la Urdy Millican a a Brenn Van or Kan Borg City a b Wooth do or Gideon j Gooch Palestine to w Scott Navasota a Palmetto House to c Noher Harris co l a Laurraine and wife Millican a Lingo Hou ion it l m Richardson do a f Akerman Milam co a j Tyau Liberty co up Horrigan Dee b Thomas a hoi Akell a Alves Foft Island Jas Mcgarvey n a David v Whiting City a j Mil liken Vicksburg miss it p Williams newer ugh tou Kyd capt Joo ninety lady and servant Jean combat. Lake combat do Sam Brown St Louls Jean Whitfield no. Crawford House a h Boll Springville Lavaca co John j Helm Sweet Homo. City hotel a Douglas City a e . Washington p cd w Gran Tux ii amp by Chas Jaek Bon Boliver Point Lieut Eod Gato u a my a e Levy Wax Hatchier Lobert Levy Uoo a Appleman do in Smith do a w tue Mer do a b Marshall Tox a Basse do Phil Stockton no a or scoping Hammer Skidmore co Ohio a w my Garity n 0�?mrs Price or Price Aud miss Price. Metropolitan hotel Bernard Battell City a it Zattoli do a a d Bradford do John Barkley n Yoc Ferguson n of Robt Daly City Thomas Shan Well Hempstead. Saint i by.the Steamer Saint Mary Captain Talbot Milia Purser takes the place of the Harlan withdrawn for repairs. A
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