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Galveston Flakes Evening Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jul 9 1867, Page 2

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Galveston Flakes Evening Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 9, 1867, Galveston, Texas Table 03f postage to foreign countries is the Zaterick indicates that in Casos where it is pro fixed unless Tho Otter postage to registered prepayment a optional in All other of incs prepayment is required. J on letters. Poa Tago on printed mat r. Countries. Acapulco. A a a a. Adna Nople French mail. Africa Vest i Ridisk Algeria French mail. Arabia British mail via Southampton. Argentine Republic via England. Ascension via England. Aspinwall. Australia British mail via Southampton. Do do via Marseilles. and its states prussian closed mail. Do do do do when prepaid. Do do by Bre Neu or Hamburg mail. Do do except prow in Italy. Fieney mail. Azores Island British mail via Portugal. Do do French mail. Baden Prussia closed mail if prepaid 2sc.do Bremen or Hamburg mail. Do French mail. Bahamas by direct Steamer from now York. , British mail via Southampton. A. Belgium French mail. Do. Elo cd m t a via England. Bey out prussian mail ii prepaid 3sc.jjo Ota new Granada. Bolivia. Borneo British mail via Southai Pum. Do do via French mail. Bourbon mail via so Una . Do do via do French mail. , via England. Do american packet. Buenos Ayres via England. Canada. Canary islands via England. of Good Lope British mail via . Cape de verde islands via England. Central America Pacific slope,. Ceylon open mail via Loudon by american packets. Chili. China British mail via Southampton. Constantinople prussian closed mail it prepaid 3secorsica. British jail by american packet. Costa Rica. Cuba.�?�. Cura Eoa via Denmark prussian closed mail Ike paid 31ct Doii by american packet. By British packet. By Bremer i d us Hamburg mail via Trieste. East indies open mail via Londo Jodii by British l do Ecuador. Egypt except Alexandria Cairo and Suez British mail via southampton1 Francot Ltd. F an Cort French mail. Do prussian closed mail. Fraud Loupe via England. Guatemala. A a. A German states prussian closed mail if prepaid 28cdo French mail. Do Bremen mail. Gibraltar French mail. Great Britain and Ireland. Greece French mail. I Lisbon by Hamburg mail. . England. Holland French mail ii Tig Kong British mail via Marseilles. archipelago. French mail. A Java British mail via Southampton. A Yatfa prussian closed mail.-. Japan. British mail via Southampton. Do French mail via Yokohama. Jerusalem French mail. Liberia British mail. Lombardy prussian closed i ail if prepaid 40c.do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Madeira. Island of via Majorca British mail. Malta Island of open mail via Loudon by american packet. List do a Retith mail. Martinique via England. Mauritius British mail via Southampton Mexico. Modena prussian closed mail if prepaid 40c.montevideo via England. Nailes kingdom of prussian closed mail. Do do French mail. Nassau new Providence by direct Steamer from new York. Netherlands the French mail. New Granada except Aspinwall and Panama. New South Wales British mail via Southampton., new zealand British mail via Southampton. Nicaragua Pacific slope . Do. Gulf coast of. Norway prussian closed mail if prepaid 3se.do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Do French mail. Panama. Paraguay British mail via England. Parma paws him clo cd mail if prepaid 40c Peru. Poland prussian closed mail if prepaid 35c.do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Pondicherry French mail Porto Rico British mail via Havana. Portugal British mail via England. Do by Bremer a Hamburg mail. Do by French mail. Roman or papal states prussian closed mail. Do do French mail. Do do Bremen or Hamburg mail. Russia prussian closed mail if prepaid 35&.do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Sandwich islands by mail to san Francisco. Sardinian states prussian closed mail if prepaid 40c. Schleswig prussian closed mail. Singapore British mail via Southampton. Spain French mail. Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. St. Thomas by United states packet to Kingston Jamaica. Do via Havana. Sumatra British mail via Southampton. Sweden prussian closed mail if prepaid 34c.St. Helena via England Smyrna prussian closed mail if prepaid 38c.switzerland prussian of posed mail if prepaid 33c.do French mail. Syria British mail Viu Marseilles by French packet. mail. Trebizond open mail via London by american packet1 Tunis French mail Tuscany prussian closed mail if prepaid 40c.do French do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Turkey in Ihu Opo cities of by French mail via Austria. Tiu h Island. Tiu, Island. Uruguay via France by French mail from Bourdeaux. Van pieman1� land British mail via Southampton. Venezuela mail via Victoria port Phillip British mail via Southampton. West ladies British. Do not British except Cuba Briti .I.I.mail via Havana so a z t 3 a Ltd e a c v u a c a o c s5 to a c a i e a c. A c <�?�0 a k p s p. Up Ltd Ltd a a a j pamphlets j 1 per ounce. Cts. Cts. Cts. Cts. 10 2 t 30 60 33 30 Quot i. �?o15 2 33 645 445 a 410 2 a 33 6a a 45 a 8 30 6 28 15 air Quot a a i �42 29 1 37 Quot a a 1a 27 154 2 i 130 g i. �-�?~15 a 1 1 �21 42a. I 5 2 t 1 45 4 j-21 �42. 27 a a a a "5 1 40 g1 18 g a i ,1 34 g 4. 45 8 i 53 10a a to 00 a 33 a 45 amp j 30 go 45 . 10 o a 45 4 i. ,10 2 33 45 6 45 8 29 37 4 v 10 2. ,4. 21 g34 6 4 45 g 40 g 21 2 10 2 t 10 2 t it 45 4 33 921 g5 g 5534 a a 4,. 33 g j Quot to 15 30 2 �?�21 i�?~42 a 3o>c 29 -4 a a 10 2 t i 30 .0 2�o >42 15 2l�?T a 42 i24 2 or 30 a j0 i10 i 1 29 421 42 0 53 8 a to 00 a 45 g38 1 45 Quot 0 30�?T i of 30 a fio Quot 1 33 "4�?T 42 11 2420�?T 37 433 g 21 4 30 c0 29 4 33 i10 2 f 42 11 45 4 a 28 g21 a 42 2 5 2 1 2�o 42 2 t 18 g 33 6 33, 6 a m 10 2 a 34 g 42 13 20 Quot a 33 go 1 10 2 45 4 42 11 %. A 22 g 4 37 g 29 3 v 30&Quot 60. 18 4 33�?T 45 8 25 27 54 a a a Quot to 44 12 27 54 2 \ x 24 37 "320. 1. 3 2 -12 in 30 g 2�o .45 42 g a 25 a a a 18 g 34 45 g g a a a 38 45 40 10 4 6 a. 35 9�?�21 42 2 33 45 g 30 g0 2130 60 42 2 11�?~2�o 42 24 2 a ii 4210 >2 a a 00 33 a a a a 45 33 4 6 10 2 a a. 18 4 pamphlets and periodicals two cents each i. If hot a weighing . Ounces and. Four. a of uric v of traction of an our to if they exceed two ounces to to collected in All cases in the United states. T pamphlets magazines and other printed matter 2 cents per 4 ounces or fraction thereof. Flit about i Uumo in i Nave been examined and adopted by via Post office department Amre to .iwf>�?�., Tho thurs it.I.I. a lose Bates of Aba image it on All wharf excepting that of the Houston amp Galve Atou wharf amp in Resa company. _ i wharfage on All goods landed or cab Allied by Yea rela inward and outward will be eol looted Froid Tho 0hhi Bai iela dry.3�? wot.----------, i la ale Ropo per Coil. 5 la Ucko Flauta in Alla per Doz s butter and lard per Kog. It Lii Ooms Eicr. 5 boxes liquors Cheoah candles and All such i boxes. 4 bassing per Roll. I buies boxes casks Cratcha Etc., Over 5 feet Morfoot. T brie por 11 73 build us Stout Par ton5 per agreement Cott Oij. Por Baltov �?�2 Cole Saiid spices per bag. 3 Corn Oats and bran 5 castings to Howato Oto per 1u0lbs. 10 solid Iron s Cable and coid Ajie 5 Coal per ton. To Carrla aos wagons Etc on wheels oath. 75carts and gigs. �?��?T5u cattle grown each. 50 yearlings 20 a calves. .10 Demijohn empty. 2 1 null. Kuilder and Hay per Bale. 10 grind and Mius Tours por 101 . 5 hides each. 2 in b Iles per 100 .i�?. 5 hardware it i 100 . 5 Tupi and sheep Yaeli. 5 Hains and lard per Tierce. 10 and sides per cask25 Iio 3es, Onich. 30 hoop poles per a a. 75 in a in bar per Ico ,.5 ice As per invoice Leas j0 4? cent for wastage Pel ton. 50 a ,.pierji----------------------.�?� a 20 lumber pei"si_________-----.1 of nails and spikes pair Keg. 4 oranges a a ill Lemons por Box. 5 1�?Tlowb. Each. 5 Rost a fencing each. 2 powder per Tiore. 25 kegs halves and quarters each. 5 Lla Isina. Per bos halves and quarters each 3 Hice per . 15 shot and Lead per 1ui .4. 5 Salt per sack .1. 5 shingles Noril. 20 Staves Libl. Per a. 75a ids. .1.00 sugar per .I.I..c.j.,.v.t.r v30 tobacco tier Box. 5 half and Quarter boxes each. 4 Wood per Cord. 50 wine per 5 White Lead in Anta Etc per 100 . 5 Wool per sack. 10 heavy machinery locomotives cars engines boilers Etas per agreement All Gooda in transit prayed from a ship or vessel discharging at Tho merchants Brick Central Williams Palmetto or Lufkins Labadie or St. Cyrus wharves to another of the same will to charged Only one Chariago. Galveston nov. 22, it .I.I.Takiff of , Lite aok2ed a Pon and adopted by the Gai Feston Uhal Liee of , a. At the annual my girl Inge held of the Lith of Nove Zidek 18o0. Amended August 21,1sis3. Cosi illusion of sales. Cotton and Wool.2 1-2 por cent. Leo ii Stic Nanut Setures All l Orblon liver Chandise and produce not otherwise Einman rated a a a a ,Cord Wood Hay Brick 5 a a a a.I.I.Arances Oil time sales2 1-2�?o Selling vessels or steamboats2 1-2 a a a a put chasing do do do2 1-2&Quot a a procuring .frelgliti,5-------�?o Quot outfits and ,2 1-2�?o a a 1�?~urcliaso and shipment of Cotton sugar or molasses. 1-2 a a 11 Purchase and shipment of outlier Pru Duce and ,.2 1-2�?o delivery and collecting freights.3 1 a a a Kusec thug insurance in or out of Galveston. 1-2 a a a a a adjusting or eol Locking insurance and i other claims without litigation. .2 1-2 a a a a a with litigation in addition Toat tor Nevis foes. ,.5 a a in Racli in Ling and remitting drafts or receiving and paying Money on which no other commission Lias Boon. A charged .1 a a Quot guarantee on remittances.11-2�?o jills Notoya and other claims received for collection and returned without payment.1 a Landing custody and to shipping merchandise or produce fro n Vesa ols in distress212 n Bullion or a a adjusting general average a por contract. Consignees con Mission for collecting general averaget_.2 1-2 1 1 consignees commission for disbursing general average. .5 Tousig Dinauta. Of withdrawn or re shipped per order of the amount of advances and responsibility full on surplus amount of invoices of such consignments deducting advances a liabilities half commissions. Drawing endorsing or negotiating for f sign Bills of exchange11-2 a a a a a a Julian too of Domestic Bills of of / change.1 1-4 a a a a Letec Olving entering and to slip .I.I. merchandise to foreign ports on amount of invoieo.1 a a a you amour it of and Valcoi charges and liabilities on sarue21-3 a a a a in or drawing accepting negotiating or endorsing notes of drafts without funds produce or Bills of lading in hand.2 1.2 a a a a for Cash and Vanees in All cases except aug with produce in hand with or a Dor to realize without limit12 3�?o a a Forette Rigand to Uditta Toner Chandise for the Interior of amount of duties freight and other charges bos idea i the regular charges for forwarding 2 1-2 a a a a for Cash a Vanens of freights and othorcharges2 1-2 a a a a Agency of steamboats per trip As agreed of. I Orass Stanco in entering Aud Clearing vessels from foreign Porta s15 to 530 Oach. Commissions on sales to be paid i Tho currency for which sale3 were Lade. The foregoing rates to to exclusive of brokerage Aud charges actually incurred. 1 Hales of merchandise at auction. Sums Iuler $300 10 por cent. A a Over 1300 Aud Tudor 83.0u0. 5 a a a a a a a Over s3,000pcrcontract judicial sales. Werli liis of Grain pc. Per Bushel. K. Corn06 . Oats.32 a a a a wheat and a a 11 a pecans42 a a a a a a in a a a a a a Tare. Sugar in Hogsheads Oak or Elm,12 por cent in a a cypress.10 a a a a a in , 20 bbl. A a in other barrels.15 a a a a lard. Act Quot in Tare lib Tes or birding goods exclusive of Clia Koes actually inc Ukkerd. Sugar Aud Molas Aea por Hogshead. 1 m classes por bbl. Cotton por Baio. 1 Wool under 300 1�om. A a Over a a a a. Hides each. Bacon. I it or Hull. Kice Glass &c., Tierce. Croaker a amp cd a rate. Kail Road and pig Iron ton. Liar Iron and castings ton. Hollow Ware ton. Cotton Gius each. Carriages Zovoli. 14 00 35 00 50 50 00 10 50 25 00 00 50 50 of Quot. A Zagona Winnoa Quot each. Tinea and Hogsheads liquids each. Half pipes and pierces liquids each. Quarter casks and barrels Oach. Wet barrels each. Dry barrels each.-. Salt. Jiea8uremeut goods por Cubio foot. Gunpowder por Kog. Transient freight from 1 to 10 packages. Kates of storage. Cotton por Bale per Mouth. Of All other produce wares and merchandise storage will to Thosam As of Harnago. 2 5 4 1 1 00 50 23 35 10 -3 3 50 5 50 53 Tho u. Duties of imports. Coff key when imported direct in american or Vossell from Tho Pinco Pofitu North or production also the growth of countries this Sido of Tho Capo of Good Hope when imported indirectly in american or nationalized vessels 5 cents per la All other 10 per cent and Valtz rom in addition. Candles tallow in Sperman Oviand Wax 8, steam. Ino and adamantine 5 Conta per la. A it Cru its Knislis currant8, figs plums and in bios 5, shelled Alny ads 10, almonds 0. Other nuts dates 2, pea nuts 1, Sho Loddo. 1, filberts and walnuts 3 conts por lb., sardines 50, preserved Ginger 50, Green fruits 25 per cent and Valorme molasses a conts por Gailon Kicey cleaned cents per lb., Paddy 1 Conta nah uncleaned 2 conts per la. Spices Ila co 40 Cento Ntim figs 50, Cassia and cloves 20, Popper and pimiento 15, Aud Ginger Boot 5 cents per la. A a Brantly for first proof per gallon Gin Tum and whisky fyr first proof 2 .I.I.cents pc gallon. Stag Abs on raw or Brown sugar not above no 12 dutch Standard 3, on White or Clave above no. 12 and not above no. 15 dutch Standard not refined 3j, above 15 and not Over 20, 4 on lie lined 5, Aud on Selado 2-t cents per la. A Sylett Psi on syrup 2 cents per la. Teas�?25 cents por la. Wines value not Over 50 conts per gallon 20 Cen por gallon and 25 per cent and Valorme Over 50 and not Over 100,-50 cents per gallon and 25 nor cent and Valorme Over super Porgal and 25 per cent. And Valorme. Cotton�?5 cents per la. Feathers-30 per Valorme. Flour�?30 per cont. And Valorme. Product of Tho British North american provinces free. Gra in wheat 20 cents Corn and Oats 12 cents por Bushel Beans and peas 10 per cent and Valorme Bye and Barley 15 cents per Bushel. Growth of Tho British North american provinces free. Hemp russian $40, Manilla sj5, jute ?5. Italian >40, Suna and sisal?il5 per Toa and Tampico 1 a Cut. Per la. Salt sacks 24 cents per 100 bulk 18 cedi Toner to . Provisions Chreso and butter 4 cents beef and pork 1 cent hams Bacon Aud lard 2 conts Perla. Produce of Tho British North american provinces alcohol 40 cents per gallon aloes 0 conts per lb., Alum co cents per 10u Algol 6 cents per lb., arsenic and Assaf Sedita 20, Antimony Crudo and Romulus 10, arrowroot30 percent and Valorme Balsam Colavi 20, Balsam Toltsi 30 Bill Peru 50 cents per lb., Calisay Baik 20 Iier cont and Valorme by carb. Seda a by chromate Potash 3, chlorate Potash co. Per lb., bleach in Quot la of Der 30 cents per 100 ., to lived Borax 1 cents per Pound., Crudo brims Tono pc Roll rim a. Roue Ilo per ton la for Subj thur $20 por Tou and 15 per cent ail Val orom Crudo camphor 300 refined camphor 40 conts per lb., garb. Ammonia 20 per Cut. And Valorme cardamom Aud Canth Arides 50 conts per lb., Castor Oil is por gallon caustic soda i citric acid 10. Copperas Cream tartar 10, Cuba Oslo centsperlb., Cutch 10, chamomile ilowers20per cont. And Valorme Kos Oil salts 1 per cent u>., extract logwood Flowers Beu Zoi and Pambogo 10 per cent., Ginseng i gum arabic 20per cent and Valorme gum Benzoin gum gum Damar 10 cents per lb., Guni myrrh gum sen Nugai gum Gedda Aud gum Tragacanth 20 Pex cont. And Vai Orem had. Potash and iodine 75, and Jalapa 50,lie. Paset 10, Marina 25, Oil Aniis Oil Tomou 5o, of Dolivo not Sallad 25 cuts per gallon salad gallon Palm 10 per cent 011, Orange 50 cents Oil Cassia and Oil Bergamot is tier lb., Oil Peppermint 50 per cent and Valorme opium >25j, oxalic acid 4 Cinta per lb., phosphorus 20 por cent. Adva Lorimo Pruss. Potash yellow 5, Rod do. 10, rhubarb 5 cents per la. Quicksilver 15 per cent and Valorme Sai Erans 11 cents per lb., Sapai Illa Ima Senna 20 per Centra i Val orom Shell Lac 10, Ash sugar Lead 20 cents per lb., sulph. Quini o 45 per cent and Valorme sul Jyh. Morphine �2 50por o tartaric Acil 20, Verdigris a conts per la. Sal am Moniz a 20, Blue vitriol 25 per Cut. And a Loreu preparations and extracts 51 per lb., Sal soda a per la. Furs skins�?10 pet cent and Valorme. Produce 1 Tho British North american provinces free. A paints on White Lead red Lead and lit Harge dry or ground in Oil a events per lb., Paris White and Whiting-1 Cut per Pound. Dry ochre 50 cents per Iota ., oxide of Zinc u Conta per la. Ochre ground in Oil 31 5t per a 00 hjb., top aug brow 25 per cent and Valorme China Clay $5 p ton Venetia a Rod and Vermillion 25per cont. And Valorme White Chalk s10 per Tou. Petroleum a Crudo 20 Couta refined 30 cents per gallon tuupentlsk�?30 cents . Wool costing 12 cents or loss per la. 3 cents per lb., Over la and not More than 24, c cents Ove 21 and not Over 32,10 and 10 per Valorme Over 32, 12 conts per la. And 10 por cent and vaio. Rem in the skin 20 por cent. Adv Lorom. Pra Duco of the British ii Orth american provinces Freo. 1 Iron bars 1 to h Conta per lb., Railroad 70 conts per 100 ., boiler and Plato 1 cents per lb., Sheet band hoop and scroll 1 to 1 Conta por it by a per Tott a Oll she Btl a ilex it 2 in a nos por la. Cob per pig bar and ingot 2 a old Copper 2 cents per lb., manufactured 35 Par cent and Valorme sheeting Copper and yellow Metal in sheets 43 inches Long ail 14 inches wide weighing 18 to 34 Square foot 3j cents per la. Lead duty pig s2 por 100 ., old Lead 14 cents per la spelt .I.I.duty in pigs bars and Plato a it 50 por 100 . Tiny duty pig liars and Block 13 por cont. And Val orom plate and sheets a my Tern plates 23 per cont. And Valorme. Zinc duty pigs or Bloke is 50 per 100.I.I.., shoot 21 / cent Dupor la. Stuj sell bars and ingots valued at 7 cents to b or under 2i cents Over 7 cents and not above 1 3 cent per lb., Over 11 Couta 3 outs per la. Aud 10 por Cut. And Yal orom. I. Tobacco duty loaf 35 Conta per lb., and manufactured501 a cents per la. Excise tax chewing tobacco -4� cents per la. Stm1u1w smoke Xor tax 35 cents per la Lont silo King Tai 35 couts Pat la. I Stem smoking tax 15 conts per la. A snuffs excise tax 40 cents per la. It toliacco�?tax-40 Ceuta Ier la. I Oaks tax $10 por 100q. Duty �o3.0c pot la. And 50 per cent and Valorme. / a postal Slegl Latsons. Condensed from .I.I.Cial publications. Lbw six ape is and not Tepni at Tho mailing Otico cannot be delivered until Trio postage has been paid at least one Quarter in Advance. For transient matter two cents each the standards eight being four ounce let and two cents for each Uddin Rioual four ounces. Rates to regular subscribers payable quarterly.I.I.it Lavanco Lor weekly papers 12 cuts Uail 35 conts. The rate of letters is uniform throughout Tho United states three cents each Aud three cuts for each additional half ounce or fraction to to prepaid if not double rates will to required at the place of Dolvory. Tho Pacific rate of teu cuts is abolished. All local or drop letters Aro chargeable with two cuts .I.I.fijo to to prepaid by stump in All eases no fee carriers for delivery. Krois Taueu letters Are chargeable with a Feo o Twenty cuts in lieu of Alvo cents As formerly. newspapers hav it or is a pro pail with Stamps two cents each. Three circulars a will in Ono Itu Salod envelope to our address pass at Tho same rate two cents six circulars for four cents Etc. Seed engravings and other miscellaneous matter chargeable at Tho Rato of two cuts for each four Oiin cos or Seui to Diin address boots Aro Quot charged four cents for each four of urea in weight prepaid with Stamps. steam navigation. The following rates of postage upon a otters have been Aureod upon Between this government Anil the German states Prussia a ote., by Bremen steamers a Bremen let cuts Oldenburg. 13 austrian Empire. Lim luding Hungary Galicia Lombard a and Venice , in Suswick Hamburg. Hanover. Mecklenburg sew Orui and strelet/., of Piu Isia kingdom of Saxony Aud Saxo alter org 15 All other German states cities and towns 22 cts. Switzerland and Tho Netherlands 25 Denmark Ano Schleswig 23 Poland and Russia con Greece and Sweden 33 Norway to 111 Alexandri a a coir la 33 conts Island of Malta Wallachia 30 Italy exo opt upper Mont required. Newspapers and circulars 3 cents each to to pro Psid. Maim to the for d single Jotter not Osco Edlung half an ounce in weight to Chagros �0 cts. To Panama 30 cts. To Cali Morula and Oregon 3 Eta Pra payment required Havana line is Stab Lahod Between Charleston Aud Havana and Between new York and Panana Tho postage boing lotto. On a single Lotter not exceed tag halt an ounce in weight with an additional 10 cents for Oach additional half Junco or fractional excess of half an ounce pro paid. Post ago on each newspaper or circular to Havana 2 cts. Also to Bopre paid. Diutsh postal . Of Lotters to British North Amotio 10 ots., if not Over 3000 Miles if Over that distance 15 Cia. A single rate pro payed or not at Tho option of the Condor. Letters posted or charged in Tho United stat09 will be rated at a half ounce to to Maingi Plattor Over a half and not exceeding an ounce As a double letter and so on thua two rates when Over i but not exceeding 1 ounce four rata when Over 1 but met exceeding 2 ounces six rates Vuen Over 2 but not exceeding 3 ounces. Tho single rates to be cd argon on each letter pouted in the United states addressed to any place in great Britain or Ireland is 21 cts.,Tho double Rato a is cts Over an ounce and not exceeding 2 ounces a a quadruple Lottor and so on each ounce Oon Stith Thig two on letters going to any part of Groat Brit Aln or Ireland May Bopre paid if tie Wlizlo amount is tendered at Tho oui co m the United states where mailed at Tho option of the sender. New spares May to mailed at any of Lico in the United states to any place in the United kingdom on the pre payment of 2 cts and May on receipt Lorn anyplace i great Britain Aud Ireland to delivered at any office in the United Statos on prepayment of 2 cts. govern nout is to charge 2 cts. Of cach newspaper. These Are to be sent in bands or covers open at the sides or cuts Aud to a Ontaiy no manuscript whatever. postal a its. A postal arrangement having been ent Rod into Between the United states and France letters for France or , maybe sent in Tho open mail to France direct or through England by either Tho u. S., British of French packets the postage on to pm Samo being 15 cts. For each 4 oz., or fractional Par thereof. Pre payment optional. Persons mailing letters to foreign Cou Trioa with which the United states have not entered into Post a no reminded that it is necessary for them to pre pay Tho proper postage or the letters cannot to forwarded a of a Bew we a a Ovd 3ieasifles. Reduced to a he Stan based of the United states. Quot the following is a Tabio of foreign weight i Aud measures which has been carefully compiled from various authentic sources and we believe May be relied on As Correct Aham. In amsterdam.41 Gallons allude in Portugal he Gallory allude in Madeira. W .4.68 Gallons Alquire in la pecks Al Niere in portugal1 to nearly i pec it Laquiere tool Ayala. .1 Baslie Elquiero Libushe a e i nip Janeiro and Pepi Laquiere ii a Janeiro Ami Penia Buco 1 to i Bush Anns of Rice i ceyloo.i.-2g0 2-5 16s arroba in Portugal. 321bs 12 o7, arroba in spain25 la arroba in Spain Largo 4.246 Gallons arroba in Snail. Small ____ij.4 Gallons arroba in Malaga of wine about____4i Gallons Arshen in Russia.28 inches Bahar in bataviai3 to 4j Pacult Bale of inn Amon in Coylon not 10431bs Barilo in about 11 Gallons Barilo in leghorn of wine12.04 Gallons Cantar in Levant contains 4-1 okes118.80 Cantar in leghorn of oils Cantar in Malta. 174hbs Cantar in naples108 to a scabs. Cantar in Sicily,.y175 tou93i Carro in Naples of grain524bushels Carro in Naples wine264 Gallons. Catty in China of tea1j Mayang in batavia3,581 Cli Etwert in Russia.�5.95huahala i , in Spain overt Bushel fact litre in franco2.84 bushels Franco and Netherlands. 2.21.11 3 last in Amsterdam a it of Grain. .85i bushels last in Bremen of grain80 bushels last in Cadiz of salt70 4-5 bushels last i Dantzic of 0.? bushels last in Al naming of giain92 Anahola last in Hamburg of grain____89.64 bushels last in lube of of 91 bushels lust a Portugal of Salt. .70 bushels last in Rotterdam of grain85.136 bushels last in Sweden,.75busl Ola last in utrecht of Gra Novor 59 bushels Lia Pound in hamburg161bs3 of Lis Pound in Holland-18 4 of hark in Hollan do Maud in Calcutta,.75 to 84 Mino in Genoa of-grain3.43 bushels Mou it in Francoi ton Moy in Lisbon. 24 bushels Moy in oporto.30bushel Moyo in Portugal contains Over 23bushel� Moo in smyrna.23 Oma in Trieste of who14,91 Gallons Orns of oil17 Gallons Malmo in Naples is a Little Over to inches Lecul in Batavia and madras.�1331 reel in China and japan____133llbs pipe in Spain of wine____j.1g0 to 104 Gallons Pood equal to nearly38 2 of Quarter in England of Grain.8 bushels quintal in portugal83.05i to it.I.I.Inui in cmy�ua____�?�?i29.43lbs quintal in spain06 Iba quintal in 3 of Bottoli in Poi-tugal.-.i.i.,.13, 4 of Zottoli in geno324. Of i Zottoli in leghorn.3 of Salma in Sicily of grain9.77 bushels Sulma in Malta of Gra n.-. ,.8.22 Bush Eta us Heinal in 14 to nearly 3 big idols set impound in Hamburg and Denmark 321 of ship Pound in Holland-----1.363 4oz Staro in triestei.2j bus Liels tale in China/.14 o Vara in Luo Jane nearly i Yard v it a in Spain,.i----Llio Are equal to 920 Yards Wert Russia j.350j do exports ii of country a bodice fou the wets. Julic Goth 1867. -. I Takon from the manifests at the Juno 28, Steamer Harlan . Orleans 57 Hiloa Cotton. 3 Villa Wool and 44�?Thidos. July 1. Ati Eauer Hewes to new Orleans 2g Bales Cotton 78 Bales Wool and 85 hides 1 july 1 by Steamer Matagorda to new Orleans 151 head cattle. July 3�?by Steamer Matagorda to new Orleans 183 Heid cattle a a a Quot a july 1�?by Schooner Frod Fsmith to now York 471 hues Cotton and 14 Bales w0�1. V a july 2�?by steamship euterpe to new York 1p06 Bales Cotton and 20 Bales Wool. July 2�?by steamship Tyhee to now York 818 Bales Cotton 259 Bales Wool and 161 hides. July 4�?by steamship Wilmington to new York 766 Bales Cotton and 121 Bales Wool. ,. Total.�?3266 Bales Cotton j 493 Bales Wool 700 hides and 339 head cattle. Port charges. Pilotage in and out,$4 00 Morfoot wharfage pm. By freight a for berths to vessels no charge. Harbor dues vessels of 15 and less than 20 tons. -7 21 25 30 40 50. 10 1 �?151&Quot 201 25. Quot.I.I.a .�.15 j -�?~-43 i 501 553 6 a �3d. .I.I.750-, of Al 000 �d5�o 25 3t/ 40 50 10 1d0 2l i 250 300 350 400 45ll to g00. C5 700a i a j i s it s5u -. A 9ut .1 -. A and tor each Aud every ton Over cents per on .80 6000 7� .,.�?~00 90 a 1 2t1 503 00 -4-5u a a. O to. 7 509 0�10.5012 00 a a a 50 .15 co .16 5018 00 .19 5121 1 032 51 .24 u025 50 .27 1 029 5030 01 1,090 Tous three
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