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Galveston Flakes Evening Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 24, 1867, Galveston, Texas Yol i. Galveston saturday evening August a 1867. To. 255 a great excitement great closing out Sale old Eil p a iry goods irate y e r amp Kahn Cornea Post office and 22d streets in Eldir to make room for an extensive fall Steck have car cd no de to Dit pose their Large summer Stock a f e to Quot York prices. A Piatti Ite ice lowing Jim inc ust will convince Tatj body the unto the above statement crossbar rep Muslin Juci dress at $8 5&Quot. Jacott. Jiter til at 52 50, p it printed Taconet last Colo a per dress , s3. F Vij a Celema scotch lawns at so. Per Yard. Vat . Pui 25c. Per Yard. A a a. T. In Nadine barges it a pc. Per y Aid. and cart a a a i 50 is pattern. J,.d- Ray ban be at l a. A a y Aid. L.1.i a and eni it Trodt if in i its and Taconet $1 a a. A a a i Tuedt Foj ladies i Rcd a a it f t Voi lion ate Low Pilici a. Xci i s at i per Dor. S 1�?T. M its pair. It la in i l i to. C. I Quot i a s us by it a a a 1. Y. It i it ,.1. Vit f a Hal i fits t 1-iat s i j a Ltd \ ,.i r. I to i 4 a a but 2.-r<r. 7 c. Y i ill. T rec. In ii a summer clothing will . At Vil a 1.0\vj�?T�ik is. Item Effiner tire i lace it pc u a �s1j ubi yen will find Rea bargain. Meyer amp earn in a a a a i., re Titi it Tel Ece Ani a Iti Strettar her Lii Brock. A co., . A in x r i c y and Staple 115 y goods t a n but m ii e s a a i h in a \ t. N r i a Quot a Etc. A Luik a i build ii mratin it Alec it it ton. A i i a it 1 Rii a to u . Ltd an c. . I n7. Walk kit Kent fit . Cotton fac Torsani Olkey a Al commission merchants a new building. A. Of Nei St Ian and Centre streets tul Yil Macc by Gaj Mcston Texas Frank d. Jarrar i Jia tical plu3iber, Gas amp steam fitted a t tco. I it. Davie e new store Erncr Trimont a Umi Mechanic streets a i Deslou . Cd a steam kitting. Keep s constantly Liand Gas i i Luns and to Loice let and Iron a Al vaulted and terracotta pipes ii raps Cocks for Orta water and no him lilt unit fore pumps ill Dianto Ilanie Sheet Lead Mai Leab Luciand cast l Tuii a team gauges and team whistles dwellings listed up with hot and cold water for Atli tubs Wasli Basina water closets amp a. Pipen Cut and tit to order. All 01 the. Ders from Trio country promptly attended Apoll if Ecol. It. In llcr.fct.11, final eneu a. A. To hoist. U. No Norst amp co commission merchants 1jvd gi10ceilsstofel Tod. Libanti a nil ? Nisi in a a Oil Iki to Ltd it Cotton Wool in butt amp try hid Ich to. J. . He Decker is. amp co., a commission merchants importers wince and groceries Liberal Cash advances made consignments to friends in new York Liverpool ii Avarei and Bremen. 1. Exchange bout lit and sold new Orleans new York London Paris a Ioen Berlin Frankfort Ham Boreli. Oct few amp a amp pm. Kop Peetz Cotton Facto k., d general Coix Mission it Ier ii let strand Galveston new Orleans Exchange new Tore. London Liberal advances made consignments cot in Kvool and other productions. Strict attention paid to tilling orders for Cooil. An7-ilm4 0&wlv i. Hand. Llali. Be Gleb be a in 8 amp Gein Gler re Hans. it cd Quot a h s a 1 e g v it i c e r a a a to coif a ver Ebaniz e. B. Nichols but ii Ian a r. A Strani it ii Etc i. Rat a Stob at l ii re. P foreign Ancl Dorf a a tic Lio ors. s g. . It Lut to Icv. Sto Dietart amp , $ Hei by. Gin a a a a a a jul a i. A Ait a a Iridine a i Agne m3erky. Maleika poet la anti humid . Clavet. Ity a Loki a to eos. To la in a men a. Ate. Stoddart amp Buek avl2jvbii.e o., ii. It pc h. R. R. N e w arrangement to take effect Tso Uday May 13, 1867. Two daily passenger trains to and h pm Galveston and Houston. Trains leave a Silveston daily sundays excepted at pc a. Ii. Arrive at. Houston at 11 45. Leave Gale Cotou at 3 45 r. N. Arrives at Houston at c i5 f. M. Trains leave Houston daily. Sundays excepted at t 10 a m. Arrive at Galveston at 12 i5 a.m., connecting with to lie Morgan line steamers for new Mileant and All Northern cities. Leaves Houston at to 1 ii i. H. Arrives at Galveston at 5 15 y. M. The a a. M. Train from Galveston connects with Central Railroad for Hempstead and Milli Arriving Samo even Iii. 10 a. 5. Train from Houston will Start fro Iii alien station. _. I Hisk Tiniuc cheeked through. The pc a. M. Train from Galveston connects with a b., Amp c. A r. For Alleyton mondays wed no Days and fridays. A a Grace cheeked through. A Ike to i. O. , Siu t. Sjo Raue at wharf rates. A a tor ice Roo Iii at the Concrete building a feet two bless West the Palmetto Hinis a enquire ,.nlrtm&ctf. Ranger a �?~co.-. P in Sale to arrive direct from Cal tia East a Edia a is per bark a wooo a a a alb India bagging. Also a it. From Liverpool per Baili Zillah u00 bundles 130 tons inc renowned Arrow ties. Nelc Rasin Ranger amp co. A urses wanted All persons willing and Able to serve As nurse3 Are requested to apply n int Schmidt a drug store opposite the Market. Orcs hours from 12 m. To 1 i. M. Iv3i-m&ctf Ernest Brake doctor. To Iise office a july 11, 1867. J . Mayors Alveston bathing in the Gulf at All hours in a nude state is allowed East from 18th Street to the Point the Island. West from 18th Street will to open for carriages and persons using bathing dresses. Trio space Tho Beach being ample Lor both Riding and bathing it is hoped there will be no Canto tor complaint. Every person found bathing in a state nudity West 16th Street with ii the corporate limits will b arrested and fined. Tho police Oro instructed to Ete that this Hovdet it it properly observed. Isaac g. Williams Jyi Ltd relic ? dispatches. I associated press dispatches. I Chicago convention. Chicago aug. 23.�?national labor question Tali a up and after some discussion was recommitted. Report that the government should sell Public land Only to actual settlers adopted. Report forming legislative regulations governing relations Between master and apprentice adopted. By the Cable. Live fool aug. 23.�?Cotton. Sales for the week 59,000 Bales whereof Export 20,000, speculation 1,000. Stock band 767,000, whereof 323,000 is american. Market quiet middling Upland 10d Orleans lid sales 8,000 Bales. Breads Tufis quiet Oats 3s cd provisions steady produce unchanged lard 52s. Londos aug. 23, 94jbonds 73i. S eam6nips Baltic and China arrived. It is rumoured to Day that n formal treaty was concluded at Salzburg for the formation a Southern German confederation. It proved a signal failure. Batavia is said to have responded and positively Rei ased to rejoin the band. Madrid aug. 23.�?state siege declared in All the provinces in consequence an anticipated insurrection. Paris August 23.�?napoleon returning from Salzburg departed for Biarritz. Or. Petee Seireg aug. 23.�?ft is reported that the Czar is quite sick in Crimea. Farragut and officers had a grand ovation at Ronstadt the grand Duke Constantine and other dignitaries were present.\00.\ . New Yore markets. New . August 24. A Stock Strong. Money firm. Gold 140. Sterling unchanged. �,2 coupons 23. The Monterey arrived from new Orleans with austrian troops who leave for Europe to-�?~.1i�?T.y. Washington. Washing Tojo aug. 24.�?general Thomas movements Are interrupted by liver complaint. The president wiil use his Powers to exhaustion in support the dignity and authority the supreme court. Washington aug. 24.�?the Indian commissioner Taylor is Here private business and will rejoin the commission in a few Days. He furnishes no new information. By the Cable. Livturooi., 24.�? ship Czar Greenock recently abandoned at a Fca a been towed into Queenstown. London aug. 24.�?noon�?consols u4j Bonds 73j. Liverpool aug. 24.�?noon�?Cotton Dull sales10,000 Bales. Middling Uplands Lod Orleans lid. A , aug. 24.�?frankfort Bonds 77j.�nr . Special Spon Dunco Flake s bulletin. J London july 29, 1e67. Loid Giovis opposition to Tho government Reform Bill in the House Peers ended in Aei snal failure. Having found that his amendment met with Little no support ii was compelled to withdraw his motion. The discussion the question however afforded a fitting Opportunity to the Earl Shaftesbury and a Lew other tory lords giving expression to their Strong feelings the matter and for indulging their cynical and., vindictive feelings. Lora Halifax late sir Charles Wood has Given notice an amendment for to night which has caused Home anxiety in political circles and win in question sly occasion serious debate. The amendment is to the effect that Tho scheme re distribution contained in the pending measure is Inadi Quat and Taat the representation Lareo towns ought to be increased. Some journals think that this is but a trick to throw out the Bill Liilo others free lord Halifax from being actuated by such a dishonourable a motive and even contend that an Extension seats would not at Aubo disapproved by the commons. On this subject Tho Dally Telegraph saturday remarks alter stating that a a the proposition demands respectful notice in account both its intrinsic merits and the eminent character Tho statesman by whom it is propounded a Quot the thorough honesty and Candor his pm it Public life Are guarantees that he will be guilty a no ingenious Many ouvre. We have during thou Reform agitation become so familiar with the Astuto performances politicians that the people Are Apt to suspect a tricking every party motion. A Resolution which appears perfectly simple and straight for a Ward May. Contain a deadly snare acts which seem Mere matters course May be the result profound strategy. It is Ono the effects carrying government Upton tortuous principles that a spirit Universal distrust is produced and the idea that any statesman can be High minded and unselfish is almost entirely abandoned As unsuited to the times. For a a person to Admire political honesty is almost equiv sent to vowing himself a simpleton., visionaries and Cihua Siats May rate about the beauties Public Virtues but practice men ridicule Tho idea that it exists. Undoubtedly the transactions tie session have tended to confirm the superficial in a foolish belief that Tho tricks Lurk under Plain proposals even when they Are Raa Doby men tried a amp nor but statesmanship which Evora legerdemain tires in Tho Long run and we feel Omo Relief in turning from the adroit parliamentary feats Tho last few months to the More sober and Elm. A a Ler performances a Etc Ady going old fashioned Iberal Liko lord Halifax. The amendment which is to be discussed in monday Means precisely what it says and no More. In examining it to May abandon All suspicion that it has a double undeniably the Reform Bill if it passed a the lords a As i have no doubt it will must inevitably produce great political changes in this country. Quot i in not so sure that its advantages will to quite so conspicuous As some persons maintain. Great stride s Are always attended with danger and for a country like England to a throw immense political Power into Tho hands the passes is not unattended with perilous risk to Tho Constitution and Tho state. We Are now about to enfranchise Tho lower layers society who Aro scarcely fitted to enjoy 6�Tch a privilege who cannot comprehend its response ability a appreciate the dignity it confers t it would be All right enough in the hands the educated and Tho Mode rate minded but dangerous imminently dangerous when possessed by Tho unenlightened in regious and anarchic ally disposed Dregs the population. I cannot restrain any intent Ivo fears that Tho passing the Reform act will imitate the downfall England that it win to to employ a figure speech the bursting Tho constitutional flood Gates Tho first Rush Tho mighty Waters the revolution which Are to overwhelm the nation a i pm glad to find however that some journalists take a More hopeful view1 Tho proposed change in it it system popular re Presentati n. A thu tory party observes the Imperial review a True to its ancient Traditi Onnel loyalty to Church and Queen Strong National sympathies Aid tender reverence for Tho Wisdom those who have Mado England great has resolved to show the country that the men we described them As obstinate and in reason ing bigot were foul lib lure. If the tory party Boli oved that lord Derby a Reform Bill would imperil the Constitution which they hold so dear they would have repudiated it and their Lea Ders with it. It is because they believe that in a crisis brought about not by their action but by that their opponents this affords the beat Prospect maintaining those institutions that they support it. The whig lords Are More outspoken in their fear the people than the whig commoners but even they do not venture overt resistance to Tho the saturday review does not eulogize in Bitch a manner the contrary it ii tre chantly satirical and takes like Yoni correspondent rather a gloomy View the results the measure. It remarks a that lord Derby has bowed to Tho will the nation. That is at once Tho accusation against him and his defence. Those who think with lord Carnar von think that it is not Tho business the conservative party to Bow to Tho will the nation Quot when Tho will the nation bids them do exactly that against which they have been Moat earnestly protesting. Those who excuse lord Derby grounds reason and not in the f Salon the furious Young conservatives the Carlton who would swear. Lord Derby was right if he publicly sold himself to the Devil at Noonday must excuse him the ground that he was avoiding a greater danger by viewing and that at heart men feel and know that conservatism is out Date. But what lord Carnarvon Oaid in reply is quite True. This is the beginning a revolution the Issue which no one can foresee. The old parties have evidently lost heart and a use and the will the nation has taught them what to do. But How vague and Uncertain and shadowy a thing is the will a nation i How do we know what it is Hoex Pressor it what is its strength t 1 the Spectator too makes Yery biting Anil incisive comments. It says referring to the late debate a that Tho total effect Tho. Debate lord Derby a cynicism and Shaftesbury a apprehensions lord Ca Movane a dignified invective and the Duke Argyle a scathing commentary will be we believe to deepen the general conviction the necessity Reform to increase Tho general distrust in the working the Bill and to weaken still further the Public belief in the sincerity and Tho disinterestedness Public men. Lord Derby As he himself almost admitted resolved a revolution a in order to dish Tho whigs a lord Cairns acknowledges that to declaimed against democracy Whilo deeming that Power would steady instead inflaming Tho people and the House lords passes a Bill to reconstruct Tho Constitution in which not a single peer will avow that he cordially believes. If ultimately we gather grapes from Elioso thorns extract sweetness from those St enches the Creed Tho Optimist who believes that England can survive any loss Evon the loss Public principle will receive a new the Bill to abolish Church rates has been read a third time in the House commons and passed by. Majority thirty in a House constituted but 228 members. With a full House Tho result in All probability would have been different. I for one am rejoiced that the measure is passed through one Branch Tho legislature and Trust it May meet with a favourable reception into upper chamber not perhaps that i Alto Gothorp approve Trio project. Tho subject Church rates has been for years a Bone contortion Between parties. Tho discussion the question and the better controversy it invariably elicited engendered much lasting ilme cling Between churchmen and dissenters and caused Eaph to regard the persons and dogmas the other with feelings not at All consonant with the mind the great teacher Whoso injunction to Quot love one another is so imperfectly practice. The times does not approve Tho Bill in its present form. It has Tho frankness to admit and this frankness is commendable in a Liberal Organ that it would to a an inexcusable Blunder both sides if it became Law. A churchmen it remarks a would surrender More than thy asked to surrender. Dissenters would take far More than by own confession they require and would thus incur Tho risk creating a sense injury for no purpose whatever. Few disputes which have proved so difficult to Settle present such substantial grounds for agreement. The sole grievance Tho dissenters consists in the fact that they May become liable to Legal process for non payment Church rates. It a not that Church rates Are levied to that they have no practical objection. All they ask is that they shall not be liable to a distress for refusing to pay their share. Now it is Tho remarkable feature the present controversy that churchmen Are perfectly ready to concede this demand. Surely it would be a matter for regret if without the slightest necessity Tho whole machinery collecting Church rates should be at onco abolished throughout Tho country. The rate is still collected in a. Majority parishes and it forms the time honoured method by which the chief expenses Church services Are defrayed. It As every whore voluntary for it con Only be imposed by a majority and when imposed can very tartly be exacted against an obstinate resistance. In a word it is in pro Chico at onco harmless and useful. What constitute its obnoxious element is More theory. Tho disc enters Wlllie contented if the theoretical Power is Givogri no and the rat might remain liar Lessard useful still Church men have practically to choose Between this Olter native Anil a total subversion the present system. Cannot the Wisdom the House lords interpose to procurer the acceptance Tho Moro moderate alternative ? a very simple alteration in . Hard cab tie s Bill would effect this object and the proposal would it is evident be accepted by a majority Tho Hougo . Commons. In Short the House lords has not the Power to Correct a Mere legislative Blip the part the lower House and if it would thus Forward the settlement a Long arid troublesome controversy it would earn the thanks the the morning Herald is naturally indignant and asks with what Grace could Tho Presont House commons venture to pronounce authoritatively Tho Church rate question f it considers that this step should have been left to the discretion anew parliament elected a broader basis representation. Tho now parliament it thinks will narrowly inspect old institutions in order to discover whether they harmonize with Modem developments. It remarks that a among Tho first questions that will arise will be that Church rates which indeed never acquired any prominence before Tho act 3832 was passed. But a question which Lias been agitated Eer since Tho year 1833 is not Likely to slumber after the great changes 18c7. With respect to the division yesterday it May to count eco As a nothing the Only significance to be attached to it when we regard either the numbers present the course procedure the occasion. For it will be observed that there was no discussion what Over but merely n Bare conformity with Tho absolute regulation Tho House such an the Bill to abolish meetings in the Royal Parks after a Long and angry debate in which the Rii Ember for Darmuth was called to order has passed its second Reading. It was carried by 181 to c4. The leagues Are outrageous in consequence and Are quite at their wits ends to know what course to i Irene. A they proposed holding a monster demonstration in Hyde Park but As discretion is the Best part valor they abandoned that idea for the present. Then Tho Council up sume members a it addressed a circular to lord Derby requesting that a deputation from Tho league might to received to Confer with his lordship. A to this an answer was returned that the Premier was Laid tip ill he could pro Flao no Timo to meet Tho proposed de a a station. So the Council pissed Tho following Resolution in Friday evening a eth to the discussion Tho question relative to Tho proposed meeting in Hyde Park to protest against the Royal Parks Bill should to deferred to give the executive time to carry out other Plana to cause Tho withdrawal the Hul and failing Success in carrying out such plans they should organize a meeting in Hyde Park monday week at the Tapio tiny i it was hoped that those Orienda Reform who had intimated their intention to hold a demonstration sunday would suspend their action until other modes eliciting Public feeling had been i _ a s. Phillips dangerous counterfeit five the Nalt to Natl currency has appeared at d Detroit. It is said that in the uttermost Parte the Earth the population is largely Indian commissioners have decided to Call two Gradd councils at forts Laramie and lamed. It is quite the Liin Hion Lor families to Camp out the Flea tide this Nenson among the Maine islands especially. A Virginia paper assures us that foundling Are a plentiful in Richmond As watermelons. Ofe Ici All officially published in the paper Hardig the largest circulation. Letters remaining Tynca Ampey for in the Post office it Galveston the ��3th Day augustitis. To obtain any those letters Tho applicant must Call for advertised letters. Ladies list. I Baldwin mrs Lettlow a Bryant mrs Ary Ann Bowman miss Delia Browin mrs h a Bassett mrs Jane Boa Zloy miss Lucy Baumgarton Nira Busick mrs Nancy Brown miss Mary a Burke mrs a Bonnitt mrs Burtus miss Anna Bufford Messy Cloyces. Chores Madame Clen Choro mrs Craddock Are Betsey Ann. Days mrs Rose Dallam miss Annie a Daedy mrs Mizar Dunn miss Maria. I Romi cod mrs Mun act. Gartland miss Anny Graves Louise Graham Tara we. A Howo mrs Narzissa Hobbs mrs Rebeca Hampton mrs Mary j a Hon bal mrs Sousla Hardin Mibb a Hannaly miss. Margarot Hart Are a Hunter miss Annio m. A a Enol by mrs Mina Johnson mrs Martha. Dolly mrs col Kerr mrs Sarah 2 Itelson miss Sallie a Kemp mra Thos Kyle miss Lucio. Luke mrs Julia a Loomis miss Lou. Marsh mrs g a Mulvoy Ann Mann miss Joe Mcco boo mrs fran Ops. A Newton miss Nettie c. Porter mrs Mary a Patterson Matilda. Quail maybe s. Robinson Jane Raboy miss m a Rains mra Marla Rollings miss Joo. Seaman Madam Ciarlo Sciolda mra Martha Steifeld mrs Katherine St Johns mrs southward mra e a Sandora miss frankly sello miss Lena Sullivan miss Mary Seymour mra Mary Bmith mra d a Smith mrs Elizabeth Smith mrs Louise. A Tukilis mrs 1� e Thompson mrs a a Thompson mrs Joseph Turner miss Ellen. Wilson mrs Chaney Dornert miss alb Ortor 2 Westor Pold Carsa 2 Wilson miss Mary Ann Waldriff mr3 a Webster mrs Rosetta Williams miss Cecelia. Gentlemen a list a Allon Mahera John Arthur s w amp co an Tomro Honry Allen amp Heitman Andrews amp Flemming Allura Atlin James we lox Dro thadeous a wet alien James Wann 8tb�rown, John Brown h a Brown jamo3 a _ Brown Bros amp Barton 2 Brown Jeremiah bar Littsky John Bourton Charly Blo Pya fend am Brooks ail Bolten Suen Birch b Binkly h Clay Blanchini amp Bradly oct Egbert a Batos anti few Ballow a Blako Edward Bates. Col a Barnet Thomas Brandy x amp lady Ballon David a a filard Hypolite by rns amp Frank Barny James Beazley Hamilton Behler Ernst Beckman b Brol Schneider William Bee hard Israel Burbank Nelson Burlaska John Butler James m3 Buron Charles Burns Dou Milnick Byron to Manor Bryon Robt d a Borkow Bouay Sam commager general As 3 Crawford Geo a cases Thomas Crawford be Carson Charles Campbell Donald Chapman John Cavanagh Captain Thouas 2 Coleman William 2 Coop . Charles Cooper i p Compton j a. Covell Andrew Crowley Thos Toulgoat Lewis Connar Corgo Coy John Collins Peter Cummings Jaines a. Davis i a Daulson j a Day James David son Justus Dally Elly Day Jannie a Dalton James daily James a l Ubo p Dunn Corgo Dozier Thomas a Dolan Patrick Dobbs Patrick Dietzel William Mccart a do Morello z. Edwards Thomas Herrington James Efron Samuel a Stisher Wolf. Ford a fling Antoine Fitzgerald Pat French Robt Ford Ouss a Farris Franklin m11 Flanigan Thad. Goldthwaite a Josoph g 2 coins Ellwood Gould James Gordon h a Gilbrand h Ico Gardiner c a Gahan wj3 Gallagher John Gardner a. Gravos Lowis j unto John hobos a he Skoll Jamos Mcd Hal cup John Howell Al Senor coronal Holzer. Win Holboll William Holl Higgins Cyrus Hul amp. Hill Hill Walker amp co Hoir Schiold Arthur Hel birr Frederick heart James Hester Charlesj Heck amp Holwick Henchman George h Hammond Eddy Hamilton Jake Hait Trodt Herman Hay ant j a in Solman s a Harrison j j. Innes Willie a lines dry Jones h a Jones m a Jones t a Jonos Jbf enry Jones j a Jones n Jonos Robt Misatis j Henry 2.1. _ a 1 a ii . A a. Lang Frantz Lausen Blok Johanes Lang a Langley we Leachman Rud Mclean ice. Capt a a Mckenzie r s Mcmanus Thomas Mcgee s a Mclain Alex Mcclory a Mcmichael Edmundo Mccarthy. Denis Mccomb we a Mackenzie Mike my Lutos John. Mulford climb a Muller Louis Muller e to messenger John. A Nordhop Henry Newton Evva Navaro m,3 Norton Lavier Newell James Norris Milton. Powers Michael Pollard t a Puig Juan ii pills Zaat h s amp co Perry h m amp co Perry Raymond a Perkins John a Perkins Jos prut Geo Patterson j a Peterson a a Paine m. Ryan Arthur Ryan master Rogers j Cren Dall g a j w a Otago Guisa Oppe i Rush Mann Wscott Jno to Stockton i it 11 Stone Lafayette Snyder a Simpson Honry m 11 Simona to clip str Eteller i a Swimford Eberle Sayers w b capt Saml Doy wms Sams. Lowish share de Bagary. A Slat Torg James Sawyer j a stanly Thomas Spangberg am strains Seales e a Seattle e a stauf Fallier Sci Mcarter a Sweeney Charles Sweetman Patirck so Damore de Schreiber Hern a h Shank Jacob Smith g a Smythes a s Schmidt f a Smith a Smith Geo Smith Frest a Smith avid g. George a Tilsen William Toulgoat Louis Taylor w b amp cd Trau Elery. John Trausti Van Charles Tukilis Thomas a Tirrill James Thurlow Wylie Robt a Waller Edward Waltera get Welsh wow Weatherby w to Welton m a Walsh Josoph Weil Simon Raimoth amp Rooney Wrigfht. Tuhn t Wal Linda a will Arr. Wol Kaatz Jules Vinyl no a Voorhees Johnl Zaintz Giovanni. Delano . V. W. Grahn p. The water at the foot mount a Siuao in Maine is 1,200 fee in Aro 54,000,000 acres Laud in Minnesota. A Uncle Samis Rich enough to give us All a Tho City St. Paul had a population a 1849 four hundreds its present population is seventeen thousand i a Nicholson gains a judgment against Chicago $30,000 for the unauthorized Uso Hia pavement. Go the Hartford Superior court granted Twenty two divorces at its last session. The last legislature decline to alter the Law in Connecticut. 1. The grape crop in Ohio looks Cincinnati j wine growers announces that the yield grapes this Bossous will a unprecedented by any year since 1852. Such 19 the report All Over the co anti. La most localities the the fruit hangs a Essiy perfect clusters. \
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