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Galveston Examiner Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1939, Page 10

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Galveston Examiner (Newspaper) - December 2, 1939, Galveston, Texas Page eight Gale Eston examiner saturday dec. 2, 1939 porn Rwy Bombshell and roses i. Continued from Page 1 War a just cause of defense. But above All it is of a a of i-6 6nce is the first Law of nature and o a if of men to their nation is fundamentally honorable in in a be of their duty and obligation to a country Worth living and and a a people Worth dying for. Be who 0te americans give thanks to god for out neutrality during the present world crisis notwithstanding that As individual citizens regardless of race or Creed we should and will hold Ever High the our rec White and Blue during the times of peace or the times of War. The blessings bestowed upon All americans Are so great in abundance that there should be no divided Alliance Between righteousness Anc Goodwill toward men. The blessings Are so great that there should be m a room for the demons of satan like hatred and malice. America cat a maintained As Safe for democracy Quot at the will of its Jovien with a soul men with a conscience men with a a vision Are those who cemented the True foundation of the american Republic. Ii is Tow eve cry american that All efforts should and will be put Forth to Vert any possibilities of War. And yet above All. L is the will of al a americans that America should and will stand. In considerable attention the High ideals of americanism is worthy a a a out thanksgiving to god. A. Thanksgiving has its rightful place in the heart of every Many i. S Ich or poor White or Black. We Are All thankful for our individual fcc0mi Lisments. We All Are thankful for our Freedom. We Are thankful rior life itself. The first year anniversary of the examiner curing., the latter part of 1938, after making a statistical study of the. Conditions and crises that definitely confronted Galveston , �?�1 savr the immediate necessity of a negro weekly newspaper a new a not for sold nor sounding brass a a not for Silver a a nor. Glittering tinsel a but for the Sake of our people and general tons unborn. And it was until August 1939 that i was Able to organize a newspaper staff. This Stait is now with me and represented on Page 4. Overcoming political so roundels shortly a circe the City election like others i invested my Trust and in Tidence in the Galveston City party and its candidates a yet a Here were unworthy political scoundrels and thugs who set out to halt my Active support of the party through undercurrent procedures of which 1 am very much aware. These characters that i now ,f were men who were desperate in selfishness and who Are traitors in their site of leadership. These men had fear that they would be exposed along with their Rasca Lity. To me at this time while they were spreading their propaganda and discord along my pathway they looked like the shadows of Gray rats. A Gray rat is the lowest rat in the world. He is Swift and everything to. Him looks like a cat. He believes in the darkness he believes in filth he believes in the a snatch Nad run Quot method. Ripcse Are some of the lasting traits of a Gray mouse. But i was confidences upon the principles of the Bible that righteousness shall prevail. I was fair i was honest i was sincere. And today and now i have no colons to deny. I have to Crown that i am ashamed of. I have my same Banner with the words Quot it is just As easy to do the right thing As it is to do a wrong and still More because of my eagerness to it come these notorious political scoundrels i was successful in rendering my faithful and Humble service in the interest of our people. Although i campaigned for the present municipal administration shortly after the election of last May 9th. A Blunder of mistakes unwillingly and unfortunately were made during the promotion of the., general welfare of our people in this our Metropolis. And at this Tims the notorious political demons who resemble the Shadow of a Gra Ray did not show up on the scene a the altar of. The Freedom of the with the same faithfulness that 1 maintained esteem in my heart and Oul during the general City election i challenged the irresistible foes of unwarranted mistakes that brought pressure to Bear upon the Galveston citizens. It was an unpleasant duty to yet the crises that pressed Louici Chi use to go into aim cts Anci preach me Gosf and a whosoever will let him come Quot More men be Sav d in preference of advice that the Andje restitute should be slammed in jail or slayed Topper with a principle a newspaper to speak for the interest of tit than unpleasant. This situation necessitated vital Vav Oann non Ltd .1___, i____1 i it _ i. It of nil t Roll Tel in \a7ik i n a Ori int to a people above selfishness a newspaper that should build with night november 26th, newspaper the should be influential through righteousness. And of quaint you with my column eco Ember 193� i published the first edition of Jour newspaper threw them in Galveston Quot i will a a a Alveston examiner. In the beginning of my journalistic career he inv in on some fact your see. I Ivy utmost sincerity was to serve the greatest interest of the people found reporter was on the impartially and without fear. The greatest spark of courage was that Oft and saw miss Annie b. A no ambition to build a paper free from mud filth and yellow data no on of Houston former 38 newspaper that every Home could be proud of a newspaper that Everytte Paul inn collage and member of the family could enjoy Reading. Again 1 should say. My great Jurden and a Friend or. Z. Objective As Well As my duty was to prove myself worthy of the Fine by also of Houston out on support that i have enjoyed and my citizenship. Each doing their number. Past failures of Many other Galveston negro papers inclusive a course Viniss Arnell a. Dotson it to electable leadership and traitorous character stood out Foremost As Ciccon on the Beach with some a faulty pathway Over which i had to travel. Propagandists of the cuts. They say he politicians men with two faces men with Iron hearts were Bungag d Ink ours truly and i saw them their desperate regime to Handicap my venture to faithfully serve Ouva re be j02 and his Friend or. Citizenship. The Confidence or the people Here had been usurped Andl on the cuts for an evening had quivered beneath the foe of persons who deliberately thrived upon a the Kijoo Wilfo our people and at their grave disadvantage for no other reason other than that of individual selfishness o trait1 that juried them beneath the haunted Billows of a i shall Nev a these Are the Pitfalls that stared me in the face during my first venture into the journalistic in Galveston. Apparently i was the Only a Man who it a lived in the principle that Quot false judgement , not be Van a f a cd upon an individual because of the traitorous deeds of others with a general interest of my people and generations unborn that captured my heart and so it fire to my soul when through the Power of god i visualized a people without a vision who perished. It is Only through sacrificial services that any Man or race can insure through honesty and0 fairness the future possibilities of Mankind. A i Samue Bangs because of his skillful ability achieved the distinction of bringing thwart of printing to Texas. Through difficult Cir up stances As a master of the Type he Laid a lasting foundation of the printing Industry in this great character in mind and with modern facilities i challenged a publishers career with obstacles created by vicious men of wickedness who would halt the use of modern facilities respectively if ambition should weaken but i met with the opposition on even grounds and printed the Galveston examiner without Volunteer or paid help. One Man with Faith and Hope i gathered up news and advertising and then went into a Small inconvenient Plant and manhandled the compositor work of an eight Page paper locked the chases and operated the press. With not even a boy to fold the papers i carried on. To the end handled circulation and prepared for the next edition. This is possibly the first time that one Man has Ever published arid printed an eight Page paper without any help and no encouragement from others. This is a matter of history a not for Praise a Stopp it Dion. This attack was in Good Faith wed Ltd people. I did not enjoy writing the the flt of that i did not enjoy seeing the and g the realization of this unfavourable favor the necessary corrections in a fair a correction we All Are grateful and we miss Rod of time that i now mention i of heti factory condition in the history of ideals of Galveston were propounded Friend it they visualized the possibilities of of. Xii Csc possibilities. Pioneers like the Day us the Moodys the Kelso the a Wilc. M. W levys and Many others who have Hennei Island to Cement the existence of or. Progressiveness Are to be remembered and sier relation and to maintain greater Las a it citizenship. The condition a a Gilves iting been studied by our pioneers. Their few me present Day pictured omitting the condition. Their sacred vision no doubt revealed Galveston As the greatest port in the Southwest outstanding for its Quick dispatching. Yet Wuhan the scope of those visions i am sure they realized that Mutual advantages should be maintained Foremost Here in order for Galveston to survive. Unlike the desperate characters of today who live behind their Desi rotis Iron masks As men with two faces who advocate righteousness and fairness and yet Flash their like of despair the pioneers of Galveston were honest in their efforts to safeguard the existence of human integrity. Men today in Galveston seek to usurp the righteous motives of our pioneers with capital and shrewd traits. Some will destroy these sacred fundamentals for selfish political Power. Some will tear Down the Mutual understanding for the propound Ance of revenge ulness. I Ltd a men who style themselves As honest leaders have used the Grace of religion to reciprocate their malicious plans. They would tear apart the shores of Galveston to satisfy their immediate ideals regardless of the principles involved. Men have dragged churches and religious groups into desperate political circles. They have Laid aside the importance of practising As Well As teaching the principles of god and True religion. They have Laid aside their interest in the poor a the widows and orphans the Blind the cripple and Lairie in Exchange for Fra Vilous political Force. I say to the group of a one tract minded political saints that no Man has Ever been converted by Force of political Powei. It is Only through honest convictions of living sous that men Are saved from the Boun Tance of hell. A Christ said a whosoever will Lei him come but these political bound religious leaders of this modern Day say a a whosoever sins must be if this Good time should be spent in teaching and living the True principles of god. I should think that Justice of righteousness would be served to a Butler end and More a our a would be saved. If these religious political ambitious leaders would choose to go into districts and a preach the gospel on the Comer s and More women e people gamblers of a prostitutes should be slammed in jail or slayed because of their attempts to flee for their Freedom. Believe that a Gambur or prostitute can be saved if they Are taught the Ray to Clorist rather than forced into the Way of Christ. According to the history of the Book of books since the beginning of the world Thuiy. Have be ii gamblers prostitutes and other sinful people and i dalt not say that these conditions will exist until the end of the would. Bbl i maintain and contend that these conditions can be remedied More abundantly if religion is Given its rightful place in the world. I believe in saving men at will not molesting men by Force of religion Law a omd . Let the righteous be the righteous let the sinner be the sin t or but above All let the righteous be stronger than the sinner. Here n Galveston for instance our sunny seaport town if the will of religious political leaders should be granted if the people in the districts should be driven from their vicinities religion will smear a stain upon its masked pole. Ships Are routed through Galveston from different countries. Men sailors who Are thrown in our Community by virtue of conditions and resource. Will be left free to wander and prowl into recent neighbourhoods no doubt where prostitutes from the District will have gone. From this picture we get a corrupt environment brought about by Force of religious political ambitious characters. 1 in my soul i object to these sinful methods of making life possible. In my soul i object to gambling but with All sincerity i oppose the ruthless me thefts of eliminating sin. Men who Are vicious in their leadership because of the Power of capital and because of conditions that they a a Mcnally disapprove set out to spread discord among the people of Galveston and in the meantime have sure add unfavourable publicity throughout the country which will Handicap the major portion of our tourist have Given people throughout the country to believe that Galveston is the worst Island on the map. But i say that no City is any better than its people and i certainly a think that the citizens of Galveston a re rated among the Best in America. If these people who Are in their state of being would go to the altar of god and Lake the hot Chip of Fate from their shoulders and reciprocate of righteousness and fairness and Justice toward Mankind they too would Wilt fifty the Here and the greatness in our a people. would choose to maintain the Justice of our existence above selfishness. God bless those whose hearts Are pure. God save those whose souls Are lost. Tour duty to perform thousands of our citizens have assured me of their appreciation of the principles that we advocate and the Good that has been done. For this i am grateful and yet Humble to the extent of my sincerity. This is a credit and Honor that i choose to share with the Good citizens of our City. There is much that can a done n a Way of sustaining the examiner and that is your undivided attention and cooperation. Through experience and intelligence we assure you that there is no Cost attached to your cooperation with his paper or another. Why because your daily Jacii ice. Toil and labor is indeed for your present and future happiness and Comfort of livelihood. To reciprocate the True values of life which you a entitled to you spend your daily earnings for necessities and get Only the commodities or supplies in return for such pay. Since you know that your purchases arc necessary you will agree that your by patronizing the firms who willingly advertise in your own newspaper will not Cost one cent More. This is what it realty takes to keep this paper alive to serve As your tru and pubic voice. If you buy anything at All buy from firms who advertise in your newspaper and you buy from a proven Friend who makes known his sincere appreciation for your patronage. We arc problems and fighting Many Battles not Only for this editor but for you. Your children and generations unborn in d fearless manned. Is this Worth your sacrifice and cooperation is this worthy of your consideration if not then we May As Wei hang our colors by the Wayside and perish As Many others have done who received Little encouragement and support. Our White friends have praised our efforts and state that a negro. Newspaper is necessary not Only praised but they have offered arid promised their cooperation. Should they do More for your race than you should they show a greater interest in your future possibilities we would really like to know Hov you a land on this question. You can see our sincerity and efforts. In our crusade for Success and to serve Galveston citizens we find Many firms who deliberately refuse to advertise in a negro newspaper and yet thousands of dollars with other papers. They omit the negro paper from their budget because you fail to make your paper important and useful. We have no objection to the business done with other newspapers. We Are not antagonistic. But we do feel that if negro business is desired and appreciated at least one tenth of the advertising should be placed with a negro Enterprise. However you Are the Bosa this will surely continue if you permit it. To. You Are at Liberty to 4o As you please spend your Money where you want to and with what Ever firm you May choose. But we do maintain and contend that you should be Wise enough to. Seek a reprieve. Many of these firms Are a fetid York concerns yet you Trade with them As they laugh your future Toff and Drain your City of its True re distribution of. Wealth by sending the bulk of the. Money to. Other states. We make a sincere Appeal to every Church labor Union civic or social club fraternity or Agency. Advise your members it and and friends to Trade with firns who advertise in your local newspaper. Kill the Quot clerk of merchant that you sat his advertisement in the Examinee they Wilt appreciate this inform mation and your Purchase will not Cost., anymore. Tell store owners and clerks who fail to advertise in your paper How convenient it will be if they will list their sales in your coloured newspaper along with your news about your race. This is your least contribution toward the Success of this paper. Will you pay this costless pried la Porte. Rev e. L. Herd a preach act wednesday evening at Ziti hj11 Baptist Church. His Sermon was very logical and spiritual. Services at the Church of god were Fine during the mid week. Or. And mrs. R. L. Felder and mrs. Rosie Manson of Goose Creek were the guests of mrs it m. L. Gross sunday afternoon. B. J. Tyler. I9 spending the weekend in Houston. Rms. And mrs. Otis Mason motored to Navasota sunday. Chester Mason left tuesday for san Saba for an indefinite stay. Mrs. Mary Grey has been suffering with a mild form of . L. Gross reporter. Oakland the Oakland High school is having wonderful Success in raising Money for the indebtedness it of the piano. The school carnival was a Success Clearing a total of $23.32. Under the supervision of mrs. Jossie Lee and mrs. Leola Johns the High school girls have started their Home economics work. The girls Are makings Beautiful rugs Caps sweaters Pillow cases luncheon sets and scarfs. J2she primary children Are doing nicely in their studies. Victor Ward is the Leader in the second Grade and is working hard to maintain his place. Willis sunday school was Well attended at Antioch Baptist Church. The less son was Well discussed. Bible band of Antioch Baptist Church met last wednesday at Quot the Home of mrs. Ella Garrett mrs. Lydia White president. The lesson was Well discussed and a menu of cake and cock was served. Of the -24-night a program it was it rendered at the Willis High school also a contest. The contest a amp a be tween the rooms. Room no. 1, Dora Lee Upson. $7.35 no. 2, Lillian Chatman $12.42 no. 3,. Lorett Chantley $7.40 no. 4, Thelma Scott $23.00 no. 5, Rosa Lee Washington $35.60 each Penny was counted As a vote the number of votes cast was 8,577. The amount raised was $85.77. Miss Rosa Lee Washington was crowned As miss Willis High by miss Bessie Mae Early. Mrs. J. C. Hester the ancient Grant Matron of the heroines of Jezic Hpe a a Roade her annual visit sat nov 25. An interesting lecture was Given to the subject a pow a John Woodson of Elmira died of an Accident from a car wreck and was brought Here sunday. Rev. J. W. Warren preached the funeral. His remains were Laid to rest in the Campbell cemetery by the Don Nely undertaker i a or. Hattie Smith of Huntsville the District Deputy grand Matron of the heroines of Jericho also visited with mrs. Hester mrs. Quot Sleetie Philpot celebrated her birthday sunday with a party at the Home and several guests ,wer6 present jprof., and mrs. Holland mrs. C. Philpot mrs. R. Harris mrs. Alzadia Scott or. And mrs Jack Davis mrs. R. Harris. Tittle Fearl Early returned Home after spending several weeks in Galveston where he went for Meiji ical . E. Jones reporter. The Beaumont District group meeting of the methodist Church la met in Conroe Texas nov. 23, with tie metropolitan Church. Rev. J. E. Pace pastor Rev. L. A. Thigpen District supt. Opening song. Prayer was offered by Rev. W. L. Me Donald song. The opening message was delivered by our most worthy Richmond Dave Fields spent the weekend it Kerrville. Circle no. 1 of the mtr Carmel Baptist missionary society met at the Home of Sis Gertrude Hill thursday night. 1 members were present. Alter the business refreshments were served. Mesdames Mable Fields and Hallie a Davis spent thursday in Houston Ulysee Wallace Andrew Edwards mesdames j. M. Sanford l. J. Lee Rachel Robinson and Viola Watson motored to Houston monday night to witness the mock convention of the american Woodmen which was held at the emancipation Park. All citizens of Richmond owning a plot in the. Thomas cemetery meet at the it. Vernon m. E. Church sunday afternoon and organised. Mrs. S. B. Swinson president mrs. H. Swinson Secretary mrs. Mary Martin treasurer. They plan to clean the cemetery and Fence it. The president is asking the cooperation of All owners to act a. W. Winfrey this year give a a Meir a Ceda r Chest Lane group of Beautiful tables select your Lane Cedar guest now Adget friits air Stoi 1 you can get this smart modern 36-Mch French Bou Doit doll clothed Iii colourful Silks absolutely free it you select you l one Cedar Chest now Quy Only guaranteed Moth Protection Don t tie satisfied with anything less than a Lane the Cedar Chest that gives guaranteed Moth Pratt a. 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