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Galveston Examiner (Newspaper) - December 2, 1939, Galveston, Texas A for the people of the pm and by the people 7000 copies distributed City edition Price 5 Cejnts-4 vol. 2�?no. 1galveston, Texas saturday dec. 2, 1939 Price 5 cent federa court orders quo Edward pier hunted by Beaumont police found in Galveston attempting to escape four detectives who were on his Trail after recognizing him on the streets Edward pier a Twenty year old fugitive from Beaumont was shot in the tight leg monday afternoon on 27th Street Between Avenue f arid g. Fier who was shot by officer Lee Singleton waa. Wanted by Beaumont police. According to information the detectives Quot had been warned that Piet was armed and that when he reached for his right pocket officer Singleton tired which took effect in the right Ley Between the knee and Quot the hip. Police said his condition was not serious. About 12 35 p. My a officer Mcmanus received information that Kwa id Kiel was jiving at 2917 i. Police went to this address but pier had left. The officers cruised around in the Vicinity of 27th arid 28th, and Avenue f and g. The Beaumont detectives recognized pier on 27th on Avenue f and a on the East site of the Street. Pier immediately took flight when he a the , he was chased by detectives Willie Burns and Singleton and the two Beaumont officers. A a after tunning pier around a Circle of about two blocks to. Cut through a Yard Between 27th and 28th, on Church. Officer Burns was about 20 feet behind him when he hit the Alley. Officer Singleton was coming Down the Alley from 27th, Ond As pier started up the Alley he Edward pier reached for his right hip and received n shattered leg from the effects of a shot from the officers gun. Officers Burns and Singleton walked up to pier where he. Had fallen with pistols drawn. The officers had been advised by the Beaumont police department that pier carried a .38 Caliper pistol. This pistol was recovered at a Pawn shop after the shooting. Or. Go l. Prince pastor of the at Enue l a Baptist Church and president of the National Baptist convention of America will speak at the City auditorium sunday afternoon at 3 00 of clock at a City wide mass. Meeting conducted by the Galveston examiner in recognition of the papers first anniversary. _. Or. Prince who is a keen thinker and an eloquent speaker won National recognition As one of the principal speakers of the Baptist world Alliance held at Atlanta. Georgia in August Post. A in astound White South by demanding Legal rights for negroes Greenville s. an p a negro waiters and Southern advocates of a White supremacy were Given a decided Jolt Here lust week when the social service commission of the 119th annual Baptist convention White submitted a. Report recommending the granting to negroes of almost every social economic and political Dallas pythian enjoin receiver application of the local k. Of p. Lodges District judge Sarah to Hughes issued a temporary restraining order against the receiver of the k. Of tuesday afternoon about 4 90 . The local lodges claimed the site on which the Temple is built. Belonged to them and now that the order has collapsed the whole Porper a should revert to them. Tie Natter will be heard saturday december 2. Diazs at View and a miss Homecoming miss Jimmie car Rettieroe of Houston crowned a miss Prairie of right they have been fighting for since reconstruction Days. The commission urged the Baptist leaders to a a Eek to Accord the negro his just and Legal rights As fast As he is Able to assume them a and this recommendation coupled with others equally Strong and revolutionary precipitated a controversy that waged on the fi36r.&Quot of the convention and in committee rooms during the entire three Day session but when the a fireworks had cleared and 1 the Quot conservative element Quot again held Sway the delegates voted to strike out the Quot coh traversal Section Quot us being a More political than religious Quot the immediate cause of the controversy was the Section saying a everyone agree that wholesome saturday restrictions should tap a Lavieri about a View Quot at the state fair classic in Dallas and miss Vera Hogan Brenham elected Homecoming a Quot miss reigned Over the colourful Homecoming activities in Panther Vius my. At auditorium sunday afternoon a a City wide mass meeting will be. Sponsored by the Galveston examiner sunday at -3 or a m / a Iai to b so a Sceia w the City auditorium. Prof. A. W. Jackson noted educator and or. G. L. Prince. Pastor of the Avenue l Baptist Church will be the principal speakers. The meeting has attracted wide City and state attention and it is expected that Many hundreds of persons will Avail themselves of the Opportunity to witness one of the most Gigantic affairs Ever. Conducted by the negro group in the City. Other speakers Are mayor Brant by Harris and Rev w. J. Clark pastor of the progressive Baptist Church. Or. T. W. Patrick will be master of ceremonies. Special Matisic has been arranged for the occasion. Several choirs of the City including the Luke Baptist Church choir of which Rev. P. Preacher is pastor will i appear on the program. Grand badge. Officers a re to i to the drat enters by. The it Emfs no Lodie i vat lib Ito baht ii p the eventual up s the local lodges in 1911, wherein j Heavel in any Commonwealth in the grand Lodge officials agreed i which a minority group qom Pic big agrees p Inai Wojes Omta a it Ai Xouy. Should a it a. Fit Eye re a Citize a who is i 7 the attractive a Queens a see Dallas Pago 2. 45% of its population is denied the 1 ballot simply because of its of give thanks unto the lord the traditional thanksgiving Day of 1939 is marked with a desperate struggle of Many who struggle for existence during the present european conflict and yet those who Iiene. From the bloody e n e s of air raids and Ivhon so from one smashed building of another can truthfully give thanks to. The almighty for a paring their lives in multiplied a moments. Many Are they who struggle in the fumes of poisoned Gas and who crawl through the trenches of a Battlefield facing the charges of gun Are men women and children who Are crushed beneath the soil in their a last moment of livelihood Tan no doubt be thankful that a Van though the body is destroyed the soul is jever harmed. It is a quiver a Rig moment of sadness to persons who live in a a citral country free from the Demon of their sympathy of the living soul is demonstrated for the disastrous Date of others. The conscience of Man everywhere is Aline to the advocacy of War or even the memories of War vet when a National territory is invaded by dominant foes the patriotism of Manly citizens is weaved ii Ito the sincerity of heroism and certainly it he defense of such a nation and its Flag is in order. It is of no ill muted is six a that any Man should be prompts it a a move toward a a Uthil. 32-year-old woman a heroic Effort to prevent a Hijacker from taking her belongings went for naught last saturday night and resulted in the heroine being wounded in the thigh by a pistol Bullet. Mrs. Corrine Williams 2701 Gray is the heroine and is in Jefferson Dayis Hospital suffering with gunshot wounds. Her companion miss Laru Bennett ran when they were accosted and As a result she escaped uninjured. According to a version Given to the police by mrs. Williams she and miss Bennett were in the 1400 Block or. Hutchins Street it when they gence of the company. The petition sets Forth that a Edward jr., and his Mother were walking on Stevens Street after the rainstorm that occurred on october were stopped by a Man who flashed a gun and demanded the Money from the two women. Whiles the Hijacker stood with his gun drawn mrs. See heroine Page 2. I a licit of a or the Bovo photo shortly after the crowning of a pm 1 s s t Homecoming Quot Satur Jay. A a photo Darter charming done to you think a miss Marie Louise Smith Young and at Tractive daughter of the late prof. W. T. Smith Well known Texas educator. Miss Smith is Active in Church and. Society circles of the a Alam City and is the Wiley College extent Imp. Teacher of Palestine. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. Seeks to bar race labor on housing unit a. F. Of al. Bucks stipulation spite of the specifications which contemplate at least 5 per cent of the payroll should go to negro skilled workers the building and trades Council of Houston a. F. Of l. Crafts of skilled workers seeks to bar negro skilled workers from the Cuney project in the third Ward the Cuney project is to House negroes. The Basic Law also provides against discrimination but the building and trades Council says negro skilled workers can t work on the project. Tithe negro advisory committee has been unable to get the housing authority of Houston to enforce the specification requiring that negro skilled workers be used. The Ball construction company contractor for the Job seems to cooperate in this intent of the building and trades Council. See Jobu Nib shells % Boses Page 8 two special representatives have been sent in from the regional office in connect Iori with the problem a. Maceo Smith came first to investigate John Sorensson came Down announcing that he was to conciliate the problem. Although he said when he first came that the labor Uncil would have to find some a for negro skilled labourers to work before he lift he had lost his Ali m \ to voice. ,. A submits Brief the. Negro advisory committee submitted a Brief to the local housing authority pointing out the right of negro skilled workers under the a Edural Law and und a the specifications and asking the housing aur Hority to protect those rights by enforcing the specifications and the Law. But none of them dares to offend labor so none of the will speak up in favor of compliance with the specification and the Law. Sickening affair its a sickening affair when negro skilled workers Are deprived of the right to work on a government supported project which must ultimately be. Paid for by the rents of negro tenants who will occupy the project. It is heart breaking to find in America protagonist of democracy such Hitler like intolerance in a labor organization against other labourers because of their Coop the Sec stir seek Page 2., . Langhans files suit against Floyd Goodrich b. Langham a prominent Churchman of the City filed a $5,-000 damage suit in the 50th list dict. Court tuesday Iga Insi former a a chief of police Floyd Goodrich and his two Hori Sinen Sam t. Zinn. And Robert a. Lyons or. His attorney Thomas h. Dent filed the suit. In the petition the plaintiff alleges that Goodrich who of chief of police recommended the appointment of Charles Gardner As a supernumerary on june 15 and that Gardner was who fit incompetent and disqualified for the position Langham alleges that he was outside of the Gulf View Pavillion on last. August 25l when in was sect in the Back by Gardner who was arresting Frank James for a disturbance that took place u few moments before. In the petition Bufi Giaui charges that former chief of police Goodrich was negligent in recommend ing Gardner As a supernumerary appointee to the Board of City commissioners As being competent capable and qualified to serve in the police department., a the petition also charges that Goodrich was Negilena foe not restraining Gardner thus allowing him to discharge a pistol in a crowd of people at Hie Gulf View Pavilion. When the shooting incident occurred it attracted much attention and Quot brought about protests from Many of the1 As Well of the leading negro citizens of Galveston. A a Langham who was rushed to the John Sealy Hospital after the shooting Luigi rest there for several weeks a opinion balt i More negro teachers in Ann a tui Del county md., must be paid the same salaries As White teachers doing the same work it was ruled Here november 22 by judge a Calvin / Chanut of the Uri ipod states District court. Judge Chanut so greed an injunction restraining the Anno a Uridel county Board of education from paying 16wer salaries to coloured teachers than to Whites. A the decision represented a Vii tory for Walter Mills 31, principal of a live teacher school at Camp parole Aid plaintiff in a the a so who sought to have the county Board of education restrained in paying him n salary less than we late. Principals of the same exp Hick and a doing the a tame work solely Olfe the item Duna bit color. Ill lbs i salary a la $1,080 per. Year while Wilto Pron it i culpa la doing similar work a we Prev Yearin a Telegram sent to to Kullig Stati a�boi54tioft i Day a uni Ltd Quot 1 executive Bei rotary of ,6 a. A. A. C. P. Said Quot what Hae been done in Maryland is tin example of what can be done in. Every Southern arid a Border state where these inequalities Quot 7, the decision of judge Ches Niit was hailed by the n. A a. C. P. Is a Victory Offar Ren Chang sign Lyl Cance in that it provides a Start Date ?.0sweraent_.fflt ment and directs that salary Spates May not be based upon race and color. Jul dare Chesnut b Opinio Pector to affect not Only the state a of Maryland but to have air im4 Porta it Carins upon the who Lei system of Ramlal salary Tialin now in Force throughout table Southern states having separate in scuffle Lio Oiston 1 two Meir a John Snow age 42, and Charlie Burns ugh 23, of 2211 Hadley were shot in a disturbance that occurred in the White Swan tavern no. .2, 3405 Dowling Street last saturday night. Snow a special officer Wai a employed to keep order and Quot Vas a attempting to Stop a disturbance when the shooting occurred. Burn was a customer in the place and was not a participant in that a a Light his shooting was termed �3 accidental. A a a Large number of Peoples Quot was in the place when the disturbance v6c it curved and a number of them beat a Hasty Retreat when the shoo Finuff started. Snow was shot Fly Edward Murray alias a Barney Google a aae 10, of 2411 Rosalie. According to information Given homicide officers Edward Murray Clarence Murray and Charles White face two shot Page 2. A colourful Homecoming must have Cli Jpn. There Van plenty at p. Homecoming Clarish with Langston saturday As is evidenced by the Lovely fans above. Are a Eft. Miss jewel Cleveland and miss Mabel Peterson of a eau Moffit. Staff photo by Carter. Again Jan. 8 a new Gavagan fish anti Lynching Bilush. R.-801which is on the top of the Congress Calendar. Will be called up in the House of representatives monday january 8, 1040 according to an announcement made Here today by officials of the National association for the advancement of coloured people. the announcement followed a conference held Here in representatives Joseph Gavagan i office tuesday Novotn Ber 21, those present at the conference included rep Gavagan a of. By who quoted the measure. Through several congressional a Battles rep. Ham be anti Lynch a be 2.j

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