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Galveston Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - November 12, 1888, Galveston, Texas I will occupy set cell 3nto. 4 in the hew on and after Noyo Berst or. A Wendl the meat dealer. Benina tritone a a Tostige. I no nov occupying stall no. 4,Central Market and take Pride in supplying my Patron unit tic Panerai Public with the beat meat to to Imi. One Trini and you will to eos Iviricu d j h. Wendl Iho Moat dealer. Volume jux Texas monday november 12, 1888. Number t taint opera House. Three nights and special matinee tue nifty wednesday and their door nov. 13,14, 18. P the distinguished actbbh3 miss Kate Claxton or. Chas. A. Stevenson a Liy or. Arthur ii. Forrest in it la Bop a Irwin Quot tip to iii of a Nerret Ihmie kit it London and new York Poi a a a a a run in tic Story Myret re Shnir in it narrative Mut Intro in Ita of or Lii f Atid to Niantic illustrate i than Imp Ever do fore let Ltd in of tired Ami american Public. Thursday evening by Carneal de Ira the two orphans. The seven til District. There a no longer any Well grounded doubt that Hon. We. Ii. Crainia re elected to Congress from this District. While a vory Small proportion of the official vote Lias been received enough is known to place his majority at. A much larger figure than was previously hoped for. In Tho returns a Given saturday the vote in Zapata county stood for Crain 229, for Brewster 38. A Dii atch in Tho Houston Post corrects this and Tho correction appears below. Counties marked Are official those marked Aro sem official others arc merely estimates the Semi Centennial. Espre Sioni bet Rardin Tho programme by he Prev ent Totive 01tl�en� a pay in investment for Bulanon men. \ p. dancing Academy artillery Hall. 1 Ranfis i ult i i . Ii Morcum it omit i la flu i us Tel i Kneital i fort . Fri i jul rested. Golia Hidalgo jul Kwili. I la hallo i Matagorda. I Maveric k. I Mcmullen Necen jul Puklo i Sun i Atreco Hunt. Victoria. I Webb. Wharton i Zapata i Zavalla Uvalde. 148 41k a 1,54� 1-tt 1.<w8 a a a a Baa maj. C. Ftp i m 474 m pm 55 7h 2ft3 of 8&�z 780 7h� j�o78 65 8 in 81 r 737 maj. I. 115 335 1,074 57 �o5 74 274 1.007 8�o 1 a a a 425 51 at the Tremont. Lilly olay and her Beant Lead Kata lax ton of Molnr. Tue next House. All a Nasht Vinable dances taught. For fur-1 tier information please Call at my residents i a in the Forenoon or before three of clock 111 j tie afternoon. I mat Northwest Corner 22d and Broadway. I the victorious republicans Are claim ing and democrats Aro about a willing to i concede the Neit Congress to that party. The Senate has been and no doubt will remain Republican. The new York Sun has made a careful estimate and the Fol lowing a the result democrats 161, the a a a a. Publicans 164, Republican majority 8. In. 0. D., merchant tailor th�?~1�?~0�cisl count May change these Large Stock of i figures but Tho change will in All Proba Woolin a owl and gent i furnishing i ability increase the Republican majority. Roodt Alie Uyi on hand. Finest goods. Latest style. C. Ewes 111 Poa Toffle Street. Clan Sunj and repairing be atty done. Low hk1ck3. Perfect fit. Just received. Fresh consignment of at Hanna Waters amp co. Comb Honey o Comino and going. 400 600 400 300 no. 6 look 7 8 o Storob. $ 5 to 0 60 to of 12 of 600 assorted heating stoves suitable for of Floe parlor and bed room for $3 and up. To i have n full and Complete Stock of hard Wenri in it Sirj writers nil Rint re Tiu and min Lipini a. A Ltd a for the charter Oak Ault a huck1� Krill a it la i dts of texan to stove. 1 keep my store Oigt in until to p. For the Bene t of those who cannot Purchase during Trio any. M. P. Hennessy 62 and Frt Market Street Coal j. P. Tucker is Here from Overton. C. E. Tribble is Here from Navasota. John b. Vinao is hero for film Austin. L. B. Lamb in Here from new York. B. V. Boyce of Houston came Down . U. N. Whitaker came in from Tyler Lay. O. A. Bailey is Down from Houston . T. G. Mastirson a a late arrival at the it cont. Q. Al. Martin is n Lato arrival from new York. The Lily Clay gaiety company arrived i at noon . F. Iti Churchon took u spin up to Ilou Hion . Colonel w. Ii. Sinclair went up t Llou Hlun yesterday. All kinds of hard and soft goal always on hand. I t live re he any when tiny City or on care. Our a a Gillach Anthracite Coal a the us pm Neil chop in it Hal Niht mar not. It Emu Iiah More Chi rom and uts Anh and it ill it Hur 1mn Aby Oiher Coalt and in Idith Ilutta by Hiu Ohie a. Imeta do a Vitus a in Tho City for 7.Rio a a Erton or Wjk a a Milf ton. L. .1 Leith amp co., 10th Stroot and wharf. Tii Omah Meh baby Carpenter Ami builder Fri Huik i rom try a Ltd Ali in to Ami i in Tini mitc Furtis uhf a Lippi Lor o nne to 44lli new. Light and Power to my t a trip my a Pri Puri d to Hup Triy arc and incandescent lighting i Power fur iriv Nii nil i Ltd h it m inline Fry Hiu ii a in Ventim Iny fun. A it i y Kuva torn Ano rent from on Nii to Timity Xvi la atm la nor. A h. A ii to ilium let Lorn it. Imal i no Wjk a i iii Uin p. W. C. Winkler was rust Cating at Hou Tou yesterday. T. W. Perkins and Dong the Are in the City from Outing tex. T. I. Wood a prominent Stockman of Victoria is Here . I. B. Naylor of the Alamo City is registered at the Washington. B f. In Yea of Moscow tel., is a late arrival at the Washington. The streets of new York company departed for Brenham yesterday. W. P. Beaumont of Kansan City is autographed it the Tremont . C. W. Wilson and his Sihler Mips Lula will ii arrived from Holland tex., today. O. E. Stafford a nines Tincaro and it. K Stafford Aro late arrivals from Columbus Texas. Phil. P. Pearson one of the lending leg a lights of like Tuond is in the Metropolis . Mrs. H. It. Plummer Ami daughters left yesterday afternoon for Sabine pah Lii Eli place they will make their future Homo. . Tarrant a id family will leave via wednesday s Steamer for new York where they will probably make their Home. C. Orliam formerly of Galveston but now a resident of Austin is hand slinking with his friends Hiie . To c. Imp re presents a Large Rizir Eitnie House Vang Clit Yatman left via the 2 10 train for Washin on i. He resides in to n. J., Ami la Peets t Leach Home in time for the Christmas Turkey. The us Volta our. Tie in utta clip won by he yacht \ i l i it the orpik Christi Reid ii la with Liv Ouellet my new Vovk by cup Toul a a Voge a veral week ago but was Mil Plant on exhibition to Dikiy. It is u be int a mid a mini hic. It i an tie seen in i i How window of Thompson h jewelry Toru. Speaking of Galveston s proposed Semi Centennial next May or. L. Harris said a a i am in favor of making Tho event worthy of Tho chief City of Texas. Tho big Drill of two yearn ago was a paying investment for the City. It left a great Deal of Money Here a nil business wits Good for months afterwards. I had Stock in it and considered it Money Well invested. By All Means let us have o big Drill next May and let it to supplemented by a varied and interesting programme something that will attract visitors and pict get them. Such things do a City great Good if properly managed. There was some complaint among Vii tors to the Drill of two year ago of extortionate charges. Doubtless Many of those complaints wore just but the practice of charging visitors exorbitant rates was confined to a few second class hotels. At Austin during the military Encampment the hotels both great and Small raised rates to a figure that was nothing Short of robbery. The result web that Austin wag really injured by her big Drill for people went away convinced that Austin was a Den of robbers. Should the proposed Galveston Semi Centennial materialize care should be taken to Seo that visitors Are not made the prey of harpies who care nothing for Tho Good name and future Prosperity of the Louis Schlesinger thought that a grand military Encampment and Drill would attract a larger concourse of people and give More general satisfaction than anything else that could be devised. There is an attraction about military fetes that displays of other kinds do not possess. The big Drill of two years ago was a May aug investment for Galveston. It improved business and the effects were noticeable for Many months. He thought that retailers should be willing to contribute liberally. Horse racing might be made a feature of the programme but the military display should be the leading card. Or. Frank Harrar came out Strong for grand horse fair. Purses should be offered of sufficient Bize to attract the beet Stock in the country. Races brought a class of Money spending people. Besides if the races were to be held in May much of the Stock would be brought Here to Winter. He bad considered the matter from every Point of View and declared unequivocally for races and would contribute $50 toward securing a grand Spring meet in Galveston. Alderman c. M. Mison he not Keven the matter much thought but Topsil to see a Good programme arranged. He doubted the advisability of making racing a feature of the programme a he thought it would be difficult to prevail upon horsemen to bring their Stock to Texas for a single racing meet. He favored a big Drill. Alderman Mcdowd was in for any. Thing that would give the world at Large an Opportunity to visit the City. G. A. Meyer thought something necessary beside a military tis Pluy. Thought that races Miff it be profitably added to the Pio Gumine. Lie said that if the place for holding the Sciug Urfest could be changed from Austin to Galveston it should be done As the sing Ernest would be a very attractive feature of Tho programme and would attract Many music Loving visitors. To night the Bald Heads will take their innit a. Tho Lilly Clay gaiety company is billed to appear for one night Only. It is said the be an especially Good show of its kind and it is a Catchy kind. The Cincinnati inquirer says filly a clays colossal gaiety com Paar Drew two crowded houses at the Paar let a theatre yesterday. The attraction was a Robinson Crusoe a a which com Nui feed with a now first part of Tho spectacular order supporting a turkish harem a where Tho student of Anatomy would be in his glory laying aside the pleasing vocal renditions of Tho parisian Rouget Soiree in which an array of Talent worthy of great Praise is heard. Passing the varied excellent specially features of the second portion one can but refer in terms of highest Praise to a Robinson it is the brightest and most sparkling production of burlesque Given in this City for a Long Timo. There is much in the play worthy of the highest commendation much that is sure to gratify Tho Eye and ear. It is made up of pretty figures pretty dances pretty made and bewitching by pretty to i Osiow night the general favorite Katf Claxton supported by Chari a. Ste non and Arthur h. Forrest will beg the a three nights and wednesday Maumee engagement presenting for the drat three performances a the world against her a and for a closing perform Anoe a a the two Kate Clax Tda is too Well known to Galveston theafcer-�,oei3 to need any introduction. She is a pleasing actress and popular Little lady. Tlle Toronto Globe says a a last night miss Kate Claxton opened at the grand open House with her new play a the old against the play is a Oue liberally Flavoured with that the medical College medical school now open informal 3e-ception�?the fault a Stro. Peculiar martyrdom a of injured misery which affords scope for miss Claxton a characteristic Talent. As Madge Carlton the Loyal wife and Mother who has Fai Lon under the Shadow of an uncommitted Sioa he appealed with a combined Force and ttndernes8 that appealed successfully to tip audience. Her support was very a Ood. Or. Chas. A. Stevenson As the husband showing More than the usual British phlegm under injustice and oppression. A pretty face and figure and decided Talent secured miss Esther Lyon Well earned applause As Jennie Clegg. An Elk Lent vein of comedy was Well developed by Bob and Sally Millet represented by or. E. E. Egleton and miss Alief Leigh. The villain of the play it Attert Blair at the bands of or. A. H. Raj go received icum a faithful rendering As to earn the unconcealed ill will of the gallery. Tho other characters were Well cast and very Well music boxes. Our first lot of music buies for til Holiday Trade Lias arrived. Prices from $12 to $150 each. Trios. Gogolan amp bito., Corner Market and 22d streets Seal estate than bbb. The following Are Tho real estate trans Feis made during the past week c. Dart it als. To win. W. Matt bows and Margaret Matthews 20 acres of land Silveston county for $500. Kutu Galway to George Kuhland West three Quarter of lot 12 and East Quarter of lot i and improvements Block 166, for $1575 Louis Schneider to politus Halvorson lot 1 and improvements Block 556, for $2801. Of Imit a ill Yotsen to cast Berg und others trustees scandinavian Church lot 1, Block 55 1,. For $2800. Ii. A. Arnold and wife to Louisa Meyer Palms lot 2 Aud improvements Block 072, for $1200. Nemi i ii the Best medium local advertising Oli wat Nee a i. Country butter at Llanna o a when you grow dissatisfied with your grocer and desire to change give Paul Lii inn n trial. You will find his Stock fresh and pure Liis prices Low and delivery prompt. O Fine Stock. Ii. Pearson of round Rock Texas non cd from on the steamship i Hurrington iii Gieg with him four Hue in vol i i jul Loiis Mill six line rams for Breeding purpose. They will in convened to his extensive ranch near round Rock. A Paul Hardin is the Peoples popular grocer and feed dealer. All orders promptly filled. O the Texas medical Collego and Hospital Hus been formally opened and in commemoration of the event an informal reception was held it the collage building saturday afternoon attended by nearly All the physicians in Tho City and a number of Lay citizens. Refreshments were served and members of Tho faculty interested themselves in making it goner ally pleasant and agreeable to All visitors showing them through Tho premises and explaining the uses of the various paraphernalia in the laboratories and Tho specimens in the anatomical museum. The faculty of Tho College is As follows b. E. Ilandra m. D., professor of general and clinical surgery. Hamilton a. West m. D., professor of theory and practice of Medicine and clinical surgery. F. Y. Paine m. D., professor of obstetrics Aud diseases of women and children. A. W. Fly m. D., professor of Anatomy and clinical surgery. H. P. Cooke m. I professor of physiology. . Randall jr., m. D., professor of Materia Medica therapeutics and clinical Medicine. H. Wysong m. Professor of chemistry and toxicology. George Dock m. D., professor of pathology and bacteriology. George p. Hall m. D., lecturer upon diseases of the Eye ear and Throat. George h. Lee m. D., demonstrator of Anatomy. A Large room in the lower floor of the main building has been fitted up As a chemical Laboratory and is supplied with a Complete chemical outfit. Adjoining the chemical Laboratory is the pathological and histological Laboratory supplied with a number of very Fine microscopes and pathological specimens. The museum also adjoins the chemical Laboratory. This museum contains some very Fine specimens of Anatomy. The second Story of the building will be used for lecture rooms and for accommodating the surplus from the seamy Hospital in the event such an emergency should occur or for the establishment d special wards. A special building has been set apart As a general lecture and dissecting room. This College has been organized As a nucleus for the medical Branch of the state University and will be turned Over to and made a part of that institution As soon As it is put in operation. The curriculum of the school is already established on a plane equal to the Best medical schools in the country. The College has started with a limited number of pupils Bat with the Prospect of Liberal patronage. Don t you forget it. That is that the Gong at Henry a rings three minutes before the curtain goes up Between acts to night. Powder absolutely pure. Thi powder no ver varies a Marvel of parity Tran gun and . More co Nomica fran lit Ordinary kinds andean not be sold in com la f Ilion with the multitude of Low test Short weight or phosphate powder. 8od Only in cd a no to daring pow Debco. 100 Wall st. N. Y. We have just received the following goods from the Mann factored hat and coat Hooks ceiling looke Bird Cage Hooke Oao bin. \ . Shelf bracket picture wire steel min Era Truk , Glaston Batcher saw dint of Brick trowel be page1� Glne Tinner in leu hand watch cat jail locks pickled pocket oilers Broca bound rules 24 and 26 in. Henry dle Atou Suwe pocket arc Chen. Block plan match. Elegant spading Fork. 6 Hook hat Hacks. . Cla80e8. The evening educational classes of the your i men s Christian association will be organized in their rooms this week. I he class in arithmetic taught by or h. W. South will meet on tuesday night at 7 30 of clock the class in Book Ping professor h. U. Conyngton teacher wednesday night at 7 30 . The class in penmanship professor m. S. Beard teacher wednesday night at 8 30 the class in German taught by or. Jacob Picklor on Friday night at 7 8cf o clock. After this week All classes excepting bookkeeping and penmanship which will continue to meet at the hour named above will meet at 8 of clock. A tickets for the next drawing of the Louisiana state and the original Little Louisiana lotteries can be secured of Louis Marx. O a season of Maayeh. The Twenty third annual season of prayer for Young men and Young Monys Chri amp thin associations throughout the began yesterday and will continue one week. This season will be observe i by the Young men s Christian association of tins City commencing to night. Services for Young men will be held in their Hall every night excepting suture Day. These services will i get conducted by members of the association und Pas tors of the City. They will continue one hours for 8 30 to 9 30 of clock p. M. The time will be used in Good singing Short prayers and Earnest Taka. A Hearty invitation is extended to All Young men to be present. Mallet All Ziaee. Mallets hard gum. Hindu to to i Stone. R Garden trowels. Garden Rake Large. Oards a bad it Dot 10 80 i 25 10 10 u so �0 50 1 00 Garden Bovela. Garden hoes. Oyster scoops Large. Saw Bucks. Patented. A the new Wood saws. X w Beautiful Ico piece dinner set.12 50 toilet bet Ali. _ j pm Brown Woodstock chamber set. 6 00 Kose in Indore. 40 Argand burners shades . Crescent lamps Mola Iees can. New Gooda on 10c. Counter Aro All sizes Bakers dishes two sizes puppies fruit stands yellow bowls Colo cd Coke Oral Trp wire Basket and All sort of Node. A Etc on Oor opening a Jive will Che away to oar customers Silver nut pick Glove but toners earthen plaques for a amp inting dishes awl other things too numerous to mention. Labadie. Just received a full Aesir Tacut of s. A Hidreth s Garden i rip lab bitter Oak life and radish seed. Also slew Creole Ohio which we Are offering Low to the and consumer. We also have a full ii of Cordage blocks and chandlery Call and examine Jerore Paroli it in elsewhere Schneider amp Cross successors to a. Al Ali a co a grocers ship Chandlers Seel dealers and commission merchants 58 Aud go Market Sti get. Olav Stoi ladies use Vinkers toilet Cream for complexion. Leaves skin White smooth. 30bubb�?Ts doubt. I him y la ill n Lor Oki a i nos a i. Old 11> it in. I it 1111h. Vrr Noti l i you Imi i t r m Ini i m a ii or nil. Who mull Lucia to. I a 11 i in 11 Price for m a in Uhi i a in u in put Lull v i 1 Uit Ini Ali Fri c ill Price. I m new a it it Ltd it i a n it Lullu. Rend thi iii no Fri ii and pure. A lint acc civil by Dolo in if Bro. No a i Vino of Tnp irked cigars Frolli tie Cele i Ruscil cumin fur tory in Willm. Cokkeote0 Rel buns. La tie Lumblo of election re Lurtis pub Lisle in Sui Iril in a Vicino Thuiy Unic Tifuh. Lui in cry wit i Klutt Votos in Ilio Ishii Wurtin mate jul of b j. Lioy Liing to in ii Lily with -10u hit Elul 183, its Piibe Lilii ii Misiun Lily. Sachet in of Wikiera for the Holiday in Hui in i pm Keven it Collar Ulm curl , photo Rupli Chueh Etc. Colgate amp tile in it City cases. F. C. Marx drunk and unable 5 or five Days. We. Burns drunk and unable f5 or five Days. Mike Herron drunk and disorderly continued to november 13. Sol Levy assaulting and striking $5 or five Days. State casks. Frank la Tyler vagrancy dismissed. Bob Lee theft Misdemeanour dismissed. Martha Ili Irris vagrancy fined $20. Nellie Woodbury in Grunt a continued to november 18. A come and Seo me Between the acts. All drinks mixed to the Queens taste. Jok Cooley o proprietor Bank Exchange. Marriage licenses the following Are the marriage licenses issued by county clerk in Cleo during the past week Robert Wiggins and Louisa Powell. William Oliver and m. C. Wells. A. C. Stcin Hamilt and c. Ii. A. Jills Worth. Glt Orgo a. Poleman and Trunie Lulu Voli in. William c. Boddeker and c. Drouett. 1 d. 1. Bufurd and Maria ii. Hansen. O. Pics blog mud Carrie whay. 1a. T. Pink and Mary Korney. Ibb Wooi. Market. The a Wool receipts in Galveston for the Twenty four hours ending at 6 of clock this morning were 28,067 the receipts for the season 3,474,249 sales none shipments 325,184 Stock 2,020,602. Market firm at the following figures twelve months clip Fine 16�?18j medium 174�?191 six to eight months Quot clip Fine 144�?15j medium 154�? 10j. Mexican improved nominal. Mexican carpet none offering. Wool put up in regular sacks will be sold by Gross weight in irregular sacks by actual Tare Don t Huy cheap piano cheap shoddy new pianos Aro dear at any Price they have neither the Mui Icil tulle touch elasticity of action Dura Mility nor any requisite be Ebsary to Nul in imparting 11 musical education. Let ter buy no piano than one of this class. You will save Money by buying an Emerson or Weber piano from tub. Gounah amp Buo. Mab1ne mention. The Rio Grande arrived from new York yesterday. Tho Revenue Cutter Dix is undergoing repairs at the Marine ways. The British steamship Nymphia Cumo in from Philadelphia yester tiny. The Morgan steamship Algiers steamed away for new York yesterday. The steamship clan Daboye Lias finished lightening and is berthed at new wharf. The Mallory steamship san Marcos steamed away for new York yesterday. h n finished lightening and come inside. She is berthed at Brick we of. Tho steamship Baron ill live has arrived from Rio Jane iii be v Orleans. She comes in ballast Censie Iroil to Wal thew amp sons. The schooners de Nora Gray butt Church George Tulane jr., and j. B. Penrose took advantage of the favor Ablo tide to come inside yesterday. The Steini lip Homan Prince arrived from Bahai be a Day Aud was clapped goods that Hill sell season of the year. To have in store Fin l constantly receiving Viz 2600 boxes new London jul a and Loose Muscatel raising ibo Boxe Dari ii50boxes new California in Amft 150 boxes new evaporated Peachee apples and blackberries. 500 packages Milf c und Apple butter 1500 packages of Jollu Ami prom Xvi a in Al Stuht. 250 packages Cream Sai it 8ao, Limburger m bum it chem. 1000 Kega Holland and huns an sardines. 1500 package Filby it a Anion do walnuts brazils and Iva it also new currants Citron figh Farina new Harley Lye Lominy fancy cracking. Fancy Candle a prize boxes ��4 fire Gnu Kara. U. So co. W. Byrnes Asphalt refiner and Coal tar distiller manufacturer of and paving pitch one two and three in by hooting and building Felt a a Holt varnish and roofing gum it creosote Hen Zole. Ete. Shell and gravel too Flag in nod and Asphalt paving for streets and Siil Walus sanitary flooring Corpre Ventili a dampness and preserving Wood from decay agent Fok Walters patented Meta lie galvanized and painted Iron tor for Boring Lii tiros tin also Lontrao into quarantine Slu comes in ballast i to Walker amp Fowler. Vil ivc you something Good Como mid examine our meat everything fresh and first class. All pork sausage a so i Alt. A. 8. Newbon stall no. 3, coutral Market. Artesia Wells on Galveston Island. Foll Cen til Avenue h. V. U. Box 103. Tory ave. 11, bet Loti und a the a fax qauvk8ton, tax a a John Remonte to i Lor repairing dyeing scouring Aud neatly done. 22dst., Nuar Preston s drug Torr
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