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Galveston Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 27 1889, Page 4

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Galveston Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - March 27, 1889, Galveston, Texas Firming la it Friday evening. Mac ii 1880. 9 Cossor to evening record and daily print. Uttered Flat Vostok. As second Catiti matter. At 08 and 00 Market Street. Of Ficili journal it of it oily of valve ton. Odifolkma Sqq Julior Wallat 6m0 Artsit. W.00 Bates of b��b0obiption copy one25 loopy one onto. Quot ood7�1 Toa comic nutation Quot"ns�o��o�r�o2��os?m3 Anst Behye re wry ainu my add Esau not necessarily tor implication. Goodadd All lottery and communications to by Bino Tiu one div Marta. Till. Notice to Thonh my. Everard if Aby 1� connected with the and Venward per Niri of Kvamm. To Kibin. He to authorised to Inake contract tor adverting and the ame will beat thin of Floe bur80k. Notice to Aliverti Sybes advertisers Aro hereby notified that evening Guibone has the exclusive privilege of printing and circulating the official program my on the ground during the Encampment. Tho City is full of persons soliciting advertisements for an official programme. It member there is to be but one official programme and that will be issued by Eyb Nino Tribune or. E. It. Baby is soliciting advertise ments for this the Only official programme that will be published. The news Lias done it again. How is the mayoralty Combine coming on tim citizens ticket is Juning along splendidly. It May to repeated and with emphasis that sanitation is absolutely necessary. 3qw making Row reminiscent. Wick to Iii uni vet1&Quot of actin who Early oui Ltd it bios ill waa Ever bit by bk0,,c Fred Wren the Veteran con�1�1�?o-b not reporter Ehat Teil together other Quot look he and Here Mark All Over my body Al rpm Nevor Gotthem hav to big holes to my got them by interfering in two bloodhounds. One made other Gocr had caught to. I is made at canes Nib qu2? yes Quot he replied la of have quit the How Buston. I to make Brick.�?�. Or. Wren sat in his ofl�1�?����?o Hite Boud tog. Boma if bract Thurm at Lancaster and finding Olav Bod Lay beneath top died company and the it make is much Money 1� a do in his Long theatrical career How did you Eta map to because wanted \ 0 Home waa any use to Ion it. Hurdly Ever Home. But All Orv Al on gang. The All cd nor one of the Bright spots 1� t Joo Jefferson with All his Wco for Ute jul Home finds it Homo to % Thoro but rarely. What Aro and All Thod ,. ? Riofaco to wu.11 Tomoko Brick in be Rife Alco children Nice it and Gong to enjoy iu-yc8, Gamo in Quot scarce but Lii Sioea not prevent Charlie hitter from having tha very Best to Myket affords. O slebp2� hig0ts, make miserably by that terrible cough. Ski Long euro in Uthe remedy for you. For Sale by Fig re. 8�?~bott. A the old and popular Statty Texas Maulfa Ciurca by Colon in holds its own As he Best Cigar for the Money it the Market. I Catarrh cored health and wet Bresth secured by Philo he Catarrh Edy. Price co cents. Nasal free. Al by Schott. A mar lift Quot tar. A sir ss5t.ss5s st Gal Vostok in doing right smart of business with the Mouth of Tho Brazos. Done to forgot that Tho souvenir edition of the eve Xinu to blk Kab willbe 11 Inni to. Tii Cre in Sottili about getting Satia factory Railroad rates for the Semi Cen Tennial. Subscriber to those ii cent Danial fund Sli Ouid not he titrate to pay their subscriptions on Cali. Wubke it comes to ranking town right and break Trio news Cau by counted with absolute Curt into. The Stock Hook of us Aive sum Xiii by Tiu Jyh Uci Atilin is Jirm ted and Tock Wili lit ii adv for Delici. <jt.<�. Or for Pudup Alltz Yov jul st new on seventh Street Jato Donys Imp thru Obj play and to wards took zil� toll you to played to Cju. A. In went on fur. A or cheap. That Wen on Wio Winter of 65 an ,. Played in Tho Winter of to idea of Toohig us 00 to nod. Toodles Loon of ,. Lav middy ashore Jenny to tinker and tailor?��>�?~.�?~0�. A comedies 01 to Zuj t1 it us Cai Admond Midi jan.0, Quot Khz and started again that co Home Tho Wren Juven my Foro Ata Ood amp of to ibo Gutter of cd Hanan Hia us run at Cau to or. Wren talked. About his theatrical told of appearance that waa buried suied of Tho Long in made Tea eat with mid Ummer it la it it hts in we re As puck. Ltd Amaru. Of four Otfred Lone then know to thu to told of his onlisun��1 to on his two feb birthday new York of Bow be Ern 11.11 .1 it at of \ or. ver he Pital mid Ltd of or it nov it 111,1 her war&Quot Quot Julali eat ji�1s., Llull 11 l1 Oil Miloj ii Quot iu1 Niv in Quot inv it into the. 1.1 Orleans to 1�?T7 people it Ali eat hit in Tif by tar Hoytt of the Otto oots Nix injector when person tells you they never Tad such cd cd in their life take their word for it and advise him to use Chamberlain Coutch remedy and cure it. For doughs colds and hoarseness it hag equal. Sold by Scott. 0 Shii Iohp Taubr in what you need for constipation loss , Diziki Mem and All gym tool of dyspepsia Price 10 and 35 cents per bottle. For Sale by. J. Schott. 0 piano and Organ repairing we have the Only Complete workshop in the South. Our Stock of materials and tool Tab once everything Neci Esary to do first Clas work. To do not use old hate chs Moia skins and tailors scraps Lor repairing juju of. If you int y0ur piano tuned by workmen and not ruined leave Tours Taos Gootas amp bno., Corner Market and 82d streets. It Holty of Galveston to time to bondholders. Sottou 1�hereby Given ton of Ortiz Irineu Stybor Liing of thirty veal limited do to876 Galveston approved boat Enid. 1 direction of Tho to Tomcio to of Galveston the Aad nip de. Rear wife of Gai Veaton will redeem do Quot ith interest acrid at to Al re to in thy City of Oal Ovelon on the under tha following numbered Bonds in and Kall ordinance to Ltd re and ambers 888,854. 867, 3� jj3 up it it of the mount of100 can. Red apr. Number 10o1, look. In of it 1008, 1009. 1010, 10�. 101. A loi1�1�, 1017 1018. 1010, 1880. 10. In in ill itl.&Quot/. 106� of amount of 60<i, Fly ill my Ali of the above nominal by Noi Etc for redemption upon the iatc���?o�zw-wu1 can of to Bear internat from and after Jub Noe tre Aanner of the City of it la to Teri. Get Leoton ten february5 in or. C. J. Smith travelling Salesman for Belford Clark amp co., Chicago had the misfortune to sprain Bis wrist most seriously suffering great pain be says and my wrist badly swollen few api Lic Lions of chamberlains pain Balm relieved the in cd reduced the swelling in one night and to consequence try. Work and business wag not interrupted for which Fery grateful. I can recommend Chambe Hiing Spain Balm from personal bold by. J. Schott. O Tom Ull. Igloo kit of statement. Of the. Revenues and Labur Klemente Saeta and liability Lea of Tho Olty of Galveston for the municipal year end Hir Obuary 28 168� a it. Rev Bontjes from taxes year lb87and prior. Tale year 1888capitation taxes. Occupation taxes. Street improvement taxes. Interest on taxes. Cost advert Nung tax Galea. Market rents. Rand Recta. M Jordan for fines and costs. Yeh Iole License. Galveston wharf co. Dividends. Sale of lot, Block 501. Olty tax time. Office or to ass Izor Alt persons Tarj ssh rubies Olsn v�sg9 thu office within two most Btu we in ,0n of this notice and Asp Dot Ltd and Complete list of such property 01<5l<>r con Troi Iod by him her or them. Of the rat Doy or january 188�. Tie to tsp told we Wei Tina of aforesaid property will expire.t the with Arlu. A Saor not�1 of Floe of per Basiak eat Al Teton dec,.m. Ber 1�. Isia to Baudion on my in my in not Iofi. The ctr Council of the City of Gal Veston Here by gives notice of it intention to apply tothe legislature of to etate.d0w in at to Amend the charter of to Gal Veaton so As to create Hospital Boerl with authority to manage and Oon Troi the Hosi Tala of the City of Galveston. Legislative notice. Notice hereby Given of the intention of the Board of water of Tho City of gr1. Peton to apply to Elti Anre now in Besson at Austin to Amend econ one and Rock find teen of the charter the City of Alveeta to to increase the Ett Trency of the waterworks of Aad City. A 40th Street cemetery lot sales. A sundry sources sales old material Etc. Inter stand discount. A Bills payable. A Sale of 40-year. W. 8.1. Amp co. H. Bonds total. 01,052 52. 220.iw6 80 my 00 15,031 38 10.cvj 03,341 in. Ico 15. 4, 79 in of 00 in of,288 40 2�u�?T2l 50 -. G.0ck �o�T7 91 971 78 2t>,1 17�3,000 005iw, Kim 00908,084 87 disbursements. Paid salaries. Commissioners of waterworks. Board of aldermen. Polke department. Markot Kweeder. 25,180 00 500 to,440 00-i.lbo-10 00 of pungent of City hall2,a0l 21�wat�5r Hunly and expenses13,470 24 fire Dir Pii Trent. .45,587 04 Glt nuff Public buildings and streets1,018 57 Street and alleys34,403 28 squares and esplanades.20g Hospital and health Quot 25,207 35 Public property2,323 62 printing. 1,315 88 Library. 1,540 00 Board of appraisers. 860 00 unforeseen contingencies. A& interest and discount. A. W7 18 construction of Clov Hall. 48,782 78 construction of waterworks. 21t>634 go permanent Street improvement 6t4w fio expenses of waterworks,610 8q ------------899 85,119 40 12 00 018 80,-oq is 700 00 153 75 Fortieth Street cemetery improvement. Of Omnus Loffon on collection of taxes. Jury Cert floated. Expense placing commissions on Pale of Bonds Cost of printing Bonds expense paying interest in new York Lea ill Louir,084 refunded la Iligir Asse Shinette. Construe Tiou Flash and vegetable Market. Smallpox cases.2,841 smallpox Hospital.3,851 97 lot la Block�17, for engine House . 0.600 00 Ball Square improvement. 1,066 95. Heramis judgment2,716 42 american loan and Trust co25 80-Jear limited debt Bonds redeemed. A 61,701 00 Bills payablet80,iw0 00 Bonds purchased tor sinking in Wax. 83,900 00�?�? total. $722,807 77 liabilities of the City of Galveston on february 28,1880. Conf ted debt. Bate of int. Fire department Bonds. 10percent$ 6,000 00a. 4,300 00-$ 85,000 00 115,-00 00�? fire Dei it arts it Bonds it erection of engine houses10"percent. Bonds for Purchase of Block 821 per cent. Thirty year limited debt bonds8 per cent. Forty tear limited de it Bonds percent. Forty tear water works Street Imp ment and City Hall Bonds.>8 per cent. 10,200 06 250,000 00,240,400 00 600.000 00-749.400 00 Lee. Iron works. B. Us amp Pron Taroiu of manufacturers of at kinds of want winery steam engines and brass and Iron. Repairing done on Short Sot log. 32d amp Idylle its. G11ybst0h. Kun arantes it will Alvo drug fiesta under to Altuve from Tho manufacturers that 0v satisfaction in every Case or Money will to refunded. This guarantee printed on the Bottlo Wrai Sperg and faithful by Eair Iod for Many years. $1.w per Plottle or tax vj.00. A Ulii want to to it in it to ill Sui. K. I Iii Bottko for 0l>yri�?, 18�s, by Would&Gti or. Pierces Illets. A Ilo harmless As Uver Psi. It ii ski ii it to take. Quot. Dose. Curo Iii Ink he Salt to Constina Milf ugh Ait Ueka and All do tif.iimifh and Bowel. I my by Diute Iritta. For. Medal Brand prepared fire proof roofing�-�?�.25 per Square Complete. For Flat or Steep roof. Champion Lawn Mower warranted. Cuts High rms. Ewy Runnild Foj-26> Geo. H. Henchman importer Cement fire Brick Etc. Joseph. Wilson. Attorney at Law and United slates co in ssh of Opal Cut . A us cry bib built. Olav Baton. Texas. Lico., which goes lady Rier it till 11 it Ulm stir Cincil Lin in of Coutv Kihs 11 111.-i in in it Fri it. 1,11 in ecu it in that there Bas Row tub nil Over bin great country Auli an ii Prici Cut it Uin und for Anri ii in ii conf Leauco in that most popular Livit lilo ocl and snug ctn cd known an it. I Vrcon Olden medical disco Vcra to to ii tier Medicine Lias Ever Bolouc met with. H is sold by under positive Ianco from the manufacturers that it will either cd cult or Enro in Ivory can of for which it is or . Urn try paid for it will to promptly.-ioi�?zi,.,i. It Jug menu unc Guiod by Tho Oia Sunsary medical ass Elution lift . Y Well known my ii nun fully Noull Zubi Nesh Corpora Ilion. No., a Ltd it Onslo manufacturers of Medigouich uiv0 put their rum Odies to such nut to ius8 t0 Irr Atit ilium to give , r0 fund thu Money paid Lor them. On medical discovery Quot cure Livor or Hili Nusino Naif mid dyspepsia nil Samors or blood mint kill discont is Soros and iui.1 Tuniors and pulmonary Conan tiption which is Only scr Fula of thu it Tukan in Tiina tid Livim of nor Toul. Cli Rouit can Urhin Trio bund Bron Cliitis and thro Tib disgusts Aho Curell by this most wonderful blood purifier and invigorating Tomo. L on Lamo Lytic la Hidu or Liesl us Shiloh porous plaster. Price �o5 conts for Tittle by. .1. To Huntt. O win. Ton Sti Khu with dyspepsia and liver complain. Shiloh Viii liar is to Etire you. For mile1. J. Sciott. I. A it it it la Tho Ltd it night in Goliat. To it Juthe life. Imago or the01110 other big it1 Ana or comes to it it. Lew we Sale feed stable Church Street to to Whf ii tri nutlt1 6i�oe<�oeofl�w�r to cd he up Aud away to,111<irl Quot juin Vittli Nash. Six Hundred Priver to Omaha 000 in Lars again to Kazimu Rush it. going to Goin to Anauo fun us Wor Jav Brick alter Tjw Academy Stock company Law Ltd the to .<0n Timo Aud,1 ,1 of it truck us croat Suot Oad stuck to it for Ilavu yes. To 1� Wal. Lion la to Mil Tel Quot aed to shoot it boy Takii \ in in Currert la for Torp Llo is. 1 it oof Iclal so to which wwt�?0 ran,0 put to to its bultes total bonded debt. Interest accrued and unpaid on same. Floating debt Warrad outstanding.807 06 Fay bolls and claims for be Hilary. 84,616 70 total floating de Tiv. Total debt Gross. A ess Cash in hands of treasurer. Bonds in sinking funds. Cah to hands of american loan and Trust company of new York. Total debt net february 28,1889., a. $1,934,210 49 80,158 78295,188 40 so Fiona to,670 in�550,40? 40,419,030?T assets of the Olty of Galveston on february 28,1880. Taxes Duk and us paid. A Bala Ceol Asae Yasment Rolls 1888. 7fl,146 s8 balance of Resemi Niit Rolls 1887 17,945 99 Beano of Ude Sament Rolls 188s. 14,829 66. Balance of assessment Roll 1b85 Anil prior. 88,593 4t Asa Estment Street improvement. 10,844 7� cwt Tatton. S48.00�? #188,808#r shares of Stock owned by the City. Share of Galveston wow co. Stock at 6s.50 826,665 00 6113 shares of Galveston Olty bal read took at 10.006,930 00�? 883,685.00 total. $492, 08 Putcho property of the Olty of Galveston. Winter piave�?�.- a Block . 810. 81,000 00 8�. "40.000 00 821, North Balf. 20,000 00 89. 00 810. .10,000 00 880. A a�., ,. Burnings and Orono Dsa flirt Ward Market Bonae lots la Block 611 third Ward Market Bonne and Olty Hall building joint lots blocks 860,000 00�? $15,000 00 10,000 00 by 6�seven lots in Block 868 City Hospital and Block 663. Fire enemy past to. 1 and lot. 3 amp 80,000 00 14.000 00?T.ooo 00.ooo.oa.000 00,8�.�.-unknown�? Pelican Island and Flau. Fire department electric fire alarm apparatus. .v.1.000 00 five Buttam fire engines. 20,000 00 one Hook and ladder truck.8.000 00 blxboaecart�8,800 00 7000 Teet of Hose. 6.000 00 Twenty Boree?000 00 sundry apparatus3,000 00�? total. Ito,600 00 46,800 00 list of property owned by the Public free schools of ithe pity of Galveston. A estimated Valuo lots 1� 4,5, in Block 90. Corneal and 81st Street and school House. 25,600 00 East hair of Block 911 nth Street Between and 11 and school House Rosenberg school. 79,000 00 Lota,2, 8, in Block 79 Corner amp and 20tb Street nil by col House. 85,000 00 re Nib Naif of Block 881 Avenue bet set and str jets and build inv Bali Hieb school 90,00� 00 Lota and 12, to Block 189 Shle . To to. Lull and 12th Sta and shool Bouse. 7,500 00 part of. E. I of on tit . 11 and Kobori Hausa. At it Roet bet Are pues Mai and. 4,000 co lots,8. 8.4,5, in Block 187 vacants. E. Torn rth thru stand Broadway. 8100 00 Hoholl furniture and Fojt tarps. 28,<w total.$269,10� 00. A. E. Vlinch iwo re of has Betyo toi Wuu Derlong away marriages. Buggies anon Saddle horses for hire. horses tor . A a1�z Rev Leta from her ihuquot�?o1"1 Quot Ulk and Ena Psitik Cood immorally Al it la of Oulu,�., Brini Tito Dei Quot Quot Usta and Ber Viilo Liy throwing a to in Tab it Quot my Quot Uuna not knowing Chunco it urli11�?o Nis Vijh Cir to his my berms iof protect Lott. Ue>1 it Quot Vii into Submlsslvo-vj for to rit it us Occure to to of Torrny Llis ought to Iju aviill�1quot1"�?~ a Quot Jiuu Sci Essof it it Cor to till Law luir.--. I ill la Lim Ltd it Luin Shio Burnite would fish cow. Go koohy.s. W. Or Broky. On Gregory �s1 of the Calveston City Transfer line undertakers and funeral directors. Tomt the of duo Volt Bis Vii film it.vl co air my fastened Iti Liht. It in Piti. 11 bin to Quot it Emu mid ii to Ile Rihl Moro Tun Jou Rivltt Quot in part in Quot of. Quot lit Uili in mph crib us la it Verj coloured Uco. Of on rpm Liao Ulm Tantod we nth of United st its is they publish 8�0 it Horn editors mid business Nitti Tioy poring Tho Faolua. Trem0n1 Strutt in by Quot Irr Asi it bet ii rot of Fly mind Church Ati Lomini to Mont Vilote. Gaveston Texas flip Britt Galveston Texas feb. 28. La Riany. To. In ski key City Ole tit. Set Kirk auditor. Remove air. Rom Ovais. H. Stoner and funeral director is now located at Corner of of Huron and Tremont streets. All business entrusted to him will receive Hia prompt and careful attention. Orders left with care ciry st Bon receive or thou. Prompt Atten car leg full line it Metalic Folfier burial cases amp caskets.1 remember to. H. Stoner Corner Church and Tremont Stoner tale phone. No. 455. In Gregory Tolo Bono. No. U Sto Young men wanting positions copying Tony business College. Offers you the education you need for business life you can not obtain situation if you Are not prepared to fill it. Take course in # books Leoina penmanship. Short hand or toe writing Isth Dent May begin at any ume. Regular fall session begins september. All kind of Bun graphic Type wry ing and Vior done at the Voung Call or it business civil bulb. Come Imti towns Houtby Tornor pots slice and Tremont streets the Iboo
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