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Galveston Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - March 27, 1889, Galveston, Texas A Challenge. 1 have the Best Corn fed beep the Market and i Challenge any Man to show belter. Call and examine it at stall to. 4, Central Market. J. H. Windl. Done to reap this unless you want to know where to find Choice Corn fed Boef Spring Yalj ii Titton pork find All Hinds of palatable meat at prices that will enable you Toller this place a stall no. 4, Central Market. J h. Wendl. Proprietor. Volume a Alv grou Texas wednesday mab�h27, Issod number 113. Tremont opera House. Oho sen fri�108 Quot to to fro a arrangements made tot Ebrat Lon of protesting bmplo"7�0, Santa the order of chosen important meeting of the set let a a workmen at to it a a it Sii Osa. Emploj1 Friday Aud saturday april 6, 6. The favorite comedienne be order 01 Uno Seua aug or a a Feitha decided to c�?o18 of the Gulf Colorado and Slanta mtr annual Manifest at wools 8 1 Lyba Ounh. To. �?o7. Have been appointed a successful Celebration jr.,�. If 01�m a a hdm Harden committee�?11 Ellevera chairman h. Shoelen a Bmith amusement commits k Henry laudanum the cause. 1�oaw i f to m Bbown kids a is my a with a Doss of Poison Gross Marwitz. A ski Quant wedding at the Oerr Nan lutheran Ohnich Thia morn Lair. Ink. Kidder a comedy saturday april 6. Benefit of Geo. Walker. Tremont opera How Friday and saturday saturday matinee april s and 0 4th Ann Ual Tou r 4th a of the charming and comely child of comedy jul i chairman Thos. J. I Bailey. Printing committee be. Chairman c. Hour b. A old decoration saw Quot Berg chairman mrs. T0 reel the committee a Psi Quot Morse of by Preins councilor Al. By fide of our York iras follows no 3 �1 no. 8, p. Hoens go a f �7 0. O. By h. Barry Oleander Noa Frederic i Rell Germania d. Web ? a no. -88, Chas. Wolf Guy a 47, mra it d. A. A with Rainbow a a a. A. Murphy. _ a Sheet music 10c per c0m�?T -2. Dulitz. The that the 8a�talt��p, Are search of Justice company held last night for Tbs pose of preparing resolutions Opp j the pro Pond railway Bill sow Befar a biter the election of a 0. A Quot a a chains a a a and m. Burton a by a Reju is sirs. Nicholson Farrell t0�1 a a Kelliey were App cd acorns a a to Sterious death which t skill of two eminent phys to Lan Quot to votive assigned for the Buh deed a he said that be would do it. About 1 80 of of William Brown of clock ycsterd�7 Ter a screw a met _ to. �?0. Draft resolutions seating Forth Tbs j death by taking overdose of Laud of the meeting. They eubseqo�01 Uby anum Voth suicidal intent the facts Mit Edthe following which or i coined at his former Boardinghouse warded to Austin immediately j he Corner of Twenty seventh of the Gulf 5�.t Ork i chanic streets Are the pm posed to the Leuigi tettion looking not obtain work. Suction freight rate and 1 Otten intimated the Prev oct of of cl�104.1100� now engaging a 1 org. Thompson his Landlady that Tion of the leg stature. A he we tired of living but nothing was from our own experience 1 Road Busine. We Are enabled to w and follows and Santa be Hailway Cumpy i or gome time past Brown has assembled a hot be use he the Long looked for wedding of John Charles Gaea und Mies Ida m. Marwitz took place this morning at 10 of clock at the Seimon lutheran Church the Rev. A. Ruhm officiating. The Church was Cro a be j to ith utmost capacity yith the friends of the Happy couple. The Bride presented a picture of loveliness As be stood at the altar with Ibe Manly and dignified Groom. She was gracefully attired amp Cream White faille silk handsomely seeded with Pearl form. She wore the regulation bridal veil and a Coronet of Myrtle and White crypt rose3. Instead of the usual bouquet she carried a Pearl inlaid prayer Book her delicately gloved hand. The wedding outfit was made by one of now Torkos most Fash �nabl6 Modister. The a a a bridesmaids were missus Lizzie 1 Pake Bertha Pitt Edna Kleineck and absolute la pure a the were suitably and powder never yarn. A Marvel of per let a it Quot bid Mitre. Be rail-1 a a a was tired of living out no a a Quot 1 sweetly dressed Lifite silk mull with and whole Moneis. Mora a Conolet from fun own experience w e thought of these threats As they Etna Garn Turea of grosgrain ribbons. To the Ordinary kinds ted pm re had ba8�?~�?�t Pahff t 1�?o5blfl. Tide by the to a made a jesting manner. The groomsmen were messes Short sold y . The pr�8e. Of charges to Tion j last monday evening bro0 , Valter 8. Beadles Rudolph i Romju Wasima pow dih co. Ioc Wail st. Roads of the state for the try pm a a a a Hertha usual and at 9 of clock men Schneider and albeit Seh Neddef. Tion was attracted to his room by 0�?o� i0n As a compliment to the Bride or a tei Granoe. entering the up re meet Chestra was added to the customary he was found suffering from tb��0�1&Quot j Organ recital of the wedding March . I that their mass my Etc dlr Leticai re cited by Good order and p % ment Roaas us we a or to Jet a i pm i of freight and passengers does a 3. J ti0n waa attracted to his room by a fair we reasonable intent Money invested. J it is Well known that most,�?o01�?o1� of the ads the state were by the exp Chat a a that population. A up Idle their building a we a a Bem profitable which expect��00 has when pointed to a a. i them if a a a we Wain eff a that their petition to Tbs g of ctr a the not no a me been realised. Will carry some weight i we common with the 0 ,1�. Sre being Forn. I the roads have been living Quot that beater parties _ a a of More prosperous times we that the liquor ten asked to step up to Tbs Ace and Settle Cut coating internal pains ked to explain the cause a Ottle the floor. Further investigation proved a tue bottle had contained laudanum a a that the unfortunate Man was a dy�8 condition. Or. Cooke was imm Diaw a �?��1in&Quot a toned and did All Bis Power to Al eve a get sufferer. The assistance of of Fishtrap also called into requisition hit to no which Lent additional effect to the imposing scene. After the cd re monies had concluded at the Church us the newly married pair together with their attendants and a few invited guests adjourned to the Gir i heavy cups and saucers set. Trdin hotel where a tempting bridal breakfast was spread. The Good Beer j and happiness of the. Beautiful Bride and the future companion for life was supported by a Ora at new York company of comedians e. E. Kiml Kkt a Hap let work three Acta entitled 3i@ 01 us r up Iyub Jujj be a amp do a rnai this expectation. Cut Ivy Low Reyom Tiv 1 Tui re Usu Pamon ii me of the i kept life was prolonged until yester-1 pie it age id Many a bubbling bumper. »3 0 # could be i when death relieved the by amp Iciano i 1.80 o clock that bridal party it a a Mon Rbt to a. 1 a a a a �?orrf1�?T"�?o&Quot&Quot Ris?5ass& that More arrest re �p0 a us i Tett. a druids. He was a native of Fin a a cd and friends Inte amp a i Tien of t Wae a to the state i out 41 pears of age. The that the chosen Frt a the a a to View a a of family to come to a a wife last december after a Brief Marrold i i Nat me Job us tar i celebrate the 1st of jew i custom to gig it i and their Homes Here. If to town that he will Victory patronized by his a elite a j by it again next undo Yih busiest i we this is not that manager Leti it a go swim reducing uie put a e4rni.n8 i 8 c.8u,e suicide brimful of sparkling vivacity and vivid Roll Eklof . Grand Ellb valve Stoa carry a to ther Railroad building and a we sensation paid to a to the number of persons employ a no had the state a know has yet paid a diw�#4 new i1 a to a the dead Man spa a. Bol to imply Imenia tenders to be flt try Lasner i. Walker which Occa Alou Hiss Myra Goodwin a tin defied 00 the and her competent company have Iii Lilly Volonte enl Thorner View a a it appear a Sisi 55 ,r#5 i that Commodore Gnu deck that his ind omit a e doctors that that whistle Ubillu Nony ? that the waterworks to or Dull it assuming a shape. Who Law up Hir mayor Fulton last of Edn the following letter dst�11 arc from the roads into receivership a a a have g one it has been Intoc amp Foj a other things to the Tabor Rall roid work less than like Simitar occupations have sea Are receiving other states and to employ Only such a Soult of lab of a a mutely necessary and indisped8d�?o to keep the roads going. The condition of things a i pc buy marked st the present tit no a your shops Are being run with a reduce a Force and those upon Short time. To number of persons a tsp a Joa those the highest terms of his Manly Quale Tow and i can not understand his Mode taking the poisonous drug. The funeral took place Thili morning at a of clock and was attended by a a a Tori sold Les to which he formerly be if the weather Pievac Toong and i st. Claire will Send their balloon up from Gulf City Park to Morrow evening and st. Claire will take his great Lej a Rry a Altitude of 3000 feet. Alls Coral j ally invited to attend. A. At the Tiu Mont driven to the Union depot where or and mrs. Gross entered the Pullman car bound for new Orleans. After spending a couple of Days the Crescent City they win proceed to brie pa., where a visit will be paid to the parents of the Groom. After a tour of the Eastern cities they will return to Galveston and establish themselves their new Home Avenue i and thirty third Street. Ladies we have just received it full line of new goods very handsome and cheap. Tin toet8tl 78 10 piece chamber set White. 3 00 10 a a a a decorated.3 50 44 a a Tea set decorated.3 00 44 a a a a Fine Gold band6 00801�25 2� a kinds Ware at. 10 Ewers and basins.-1 01 Market baskets50o to 1 00 cd Oto ies a a .,75c to 1 00 hangers$2 60 up to 8 75 full Auer tent stoves and tinware All kinds of Goblet imported wines. Cheapest place to fit out. Plates dinner set. Plates each Large % a full Nna Well selected Stock of and Hay always band at Hanna ters amp goes. a tests. Professor win. Wind to a a 1otur Tana Are walk or s u7blop it the Box of tick and get a ticket a Georges Benefit. John , no. I201 wet prison i Railroad service the state is�?T,ut1�> a i a a so information cow a no k he a a a jgbl�zevsgove�znment�?T1 quote u of a brother a a. A. A Amo .�?z,.4 to Jiin a a nor Bornes and u co Ninaud a to Timof let la a i it Bono no. 141. . Byrnes an1> of Asphaltum -an1 goal tar distiller a win any about a i a from i a via Usu of Godfrey 8�. Ong Quot by of a ,r.1� have been Galveston. To. D 1882 was a Shoemaker by would pled of the right footer h Blige i me greatly by stating Quot dead or Alire and if not a 1 a y?0 a. A you cant Tell me wl�0 Elvin. A a would Confer k great favor by Glt a a thi Jour prompt Rich food Anil during the Winter month a a a Stein to become torpid was a a it a a impure. A dote or two of by. Will cleanse and iivigor16 i. A purify the blood and do �0,e p Dol a Bottlo of blood pm url ier by j. J. Schott. O Kool lne o Ray of and it Vang Itoh two and three Lily Koo Simk and Lull Liik 1-Vlt a a lilt Vorn Lynli and Ito fing it it Loo ote Wjk Etc. Heidl and gravel ii a. Wood Ami Asphalt a Altig for brei us it sidewalks Hanbury Al Oorlog for or venting a Rawie a and Kirin bring Wood from la v agent Foll Walters let a Tenut a Otallo bldg Lcy tin and 1 ainu a Iron. A nov ,i and a a a a a by cd a Lieut hint Ami Judd Iii 1 night i. Concha Tolt Koh hint i Artesian ills after Thoj itt Poa a. At the instance of to Ity attorney Fin Lay officer Martin a a a a a a re of a Asiona Call upon the various a a 000 and go copy keepers this morning a a a . A a a ted to them the necessity of it junk a i. Us the i1 i i tons to so it liquors those Wal their License were a 1.j?0 a it a Ltd once As the City deter mined to carry out a no what the outcome of Ltd a will be remains to opposing factions always the Lead our expert piano la Quot Rived and we no new Limm to my. titled to Protection their Bomes and livelihood. If we believed that the pfc pm a lak1-lation would add to the Prosperity of the state we would be silent but we earnestly feel that if it succeeds it i Quot necessitate the breaking upon Many bomb a he migration of Many Fame Kiel to other Ste Are equally interested with All others getting the articles of a re cheaply and if the legislation proposed would effect this object a no a a a a a it no persons property or living we would Avor it but it is Farrest Bingo detrimental to the Many and beneficial to now. Yii therefore press upon our representatives the legislature Tho propriety and urgency of opposing the Peak measures and any measures that will impair the conservative policy of to slate to it relations with our calling. Coup Wuo Piho Cocovi Andi bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh a curo. For Salo by j. J. Schott. O Babb Ball. List or Oft Oara of the Horn to my the a Points. Quot i Lur just Onico he it Avenue ii. A a o. Tory Avo. A Tiet. La tii m j h tit hts i Exah , s4v�8�f�k 1� we a a mrs us to i professor we. Windsor was greeted by another crowded House it night and his lecture How to choose a profession or Trade was listened to with wrap attention. His expos nation of the signal failures some had mid of m compared with the decided Success others had achieved trying to make Money was both amusing and Correct. The illustrations he cited were very instructive and proved that Tho lecturer knew whereof to spake. His Public examinations were eminently satisfactory. This evening professor Windsor will take for his subject a Matrimony or Bow to select a husband or wife. A Small admission fee will be charged the gentlemen Whilo thu ladies will be admitted ire. Yesterday afternoon at 8 80 of clock a special Palace car brought to the City a number of distinguished tourists who had made. Bib City the objective Point for a Little pleasure Jaunt. The party consisted of messes. Bonner and Eddy receivers of the International and great Northern Railroad company president Fordyce of the Cotton Belt Road general Moore of Alabama and or. Sheppard manager of the United states express company. As the proposed visit of these gentlemen had been made known to several prominent business men this City a banquet was prepared at the Beach hotel which was participated last night by As merry a group As Ever listened to the musical tinkle of the wine Glass. Among the Galveston ans represented were Leon Blum r. B. Hawley Julius Runi get w. F. Ladd j. E. Wallis col. A. M. Shannon col. W. H. Sinclair and w. L. Moody. The visitors took their departure Early this morning. California wines for Spring Trade. Our Success the past twelve months As Selling agents for Lachman amp jacobins California wines has been almost phenomenal oar i sales have been met he larger than we had anticipated and to amp a duplicate orders we Are getting for these goods is a convincing proof of the Merit we have route from their ban Francisco Wise cellars the following via or. I Ireland Zinfandel. Ook Rad bleating. A Hatef Lal Tokay and a edits. Sherry port and Angelica. As we sell the amp a goods a commission basis we Are prepared to make such prices to the Trade that must secure orders. Go see son amp co. Edmonson House Post office bet 24th amp 25th its. This House has been newly furnished is centrally located and afford accommodations unexcelled by any botel the City. It is under the management or Geo. B. Withrow the Washington hotel 1 Board by the week or month. A \ 0terms As reasonable As any first class Home. Or Lake for polishing 1h&Quot a Quot y piano who Ltd to Tihoi of Lbw cleaned j isl Cut this i to Omby a a a a a a. 8cn Lin your a Durs it one a �.as�?~k co. 107 nil 10u la must Burcet. Telephone no. 400 still Kox. A hit Annj Houters 4m a a a a. A Liu Atin Cun. I1 i Quot 1 a a nil Gaul a a a a a it a Woike no pasta of one i a room a a his oilily a a a a a a of u,�?T0 our Ftp a. Ili or i . A Milf a to a a a 1 Wil Quot a a the watch a a Quot by Uva i m to tip nil Bown to Oisin Ihorn Jour Hnton. Attr a mop i . The a. A i. A. , a Quot a a a a Quot Quot a a a a. who will to i Quot a a ,.n 1,. .�?z,.1. , he Adille a a mumps re parti Aad mule. Jet co., Uva a i b a count Codorn Tymn been Conli cd to Iii attack of puck Imp Quot a entirely Feci Ivi Quot we a among Ilia in�11 Quot Lii Ali air oof Quot 11 Quot Deru miss Tomt pm a Quot Yeura yet us lie i1&Quot&Quot its terrible form i 11 1 every Enco Miti 1 l flu ill i. a Ulm Olio has a i i u 80vito a t a Onemo a liar of a Hli nil the following is a list of the officers and directors of the Galveston nine Charles Levis manager Jose Ali Seinsheimer i president Jules Girardon Vico rebid Cut a. 8. New Sim a rotary tics Piror. Conrd of director George h. Dermody de de Normandy a. A. No Sou Joseph hein9lifii or it of Rardin j. U. At Abibon it Clord k. Leo. All Garaca will be called at 8 80 p. To Price of and Mission tickets to boy8 under 12 years of age will be a Quot conts. Beason tickets a Quot Leo issued for Touty Ono gain Obat to i Tell Ferrabee and Good for any one Gat no a wanted. Hoo Ordyk so it but a Citi casks. Disorderly conduct usury Noi motor tickets which can be exchanged for reserved seats at the coming Benefit of treasurer George Walker a re being rapidly disposed of by that popular gentleman. Several theater parties have been made up composed of the elite of the City who intend to present themselves full dress. To use the familiar expression of the urbane gentleman done to forget walkers Benefit april 6. Friday evening next Hewitt a Mammoth minstrels with their Drill baud and orchestra will open engagement at Harmony theater for two nights and a saturday matinee. Popular prices As usual no extra charge for reserved seats. This organization has Beon making a tour of Texas Wandha Givon if we judge by Tho tone of Tho state pros most excellent performances. This is not a one Star show but numbers Buoen artists the minstrel Busi Noas while the band is exception Able tine. This show will All probability Ciobot the dramatic season at Harmony theater and manager Hawley should receive a Largo patronage As evidence of approval of his Effort to bring attractive amusements at popular prices. 1. Of. Sawyer. Will Supply you with tickets for the mexican lottery. Drawing april Price of Lckes wholes 2 halves Al quarters 50c. A help it Alona. Or. Dodds is still canvassing for subscriptions to the Stock of the Galveston gymnasium and All citizens when called upon should lend a helping hand by subscribing for at least Ono share of Stock. The list is already Large but there is still room for More and this is undertaking i that should be encouraged by All classes j of people. A Job printing Al its branches done promptly neat and cheap by Paul Gruetz Macher 171 strand near Corner Center Street. Telephone 84, o i a. For tickets Lin my a a Quot 1 apply�?~.0 j. 1. He a a r 125 Treu out Billet. Kit u e r y a Al lit. 123 and continued. A a cough Kim oily j8 Forth prompt and Otic Tuul cures of coughs Aud colds. Thu Moat severe cold limbo loosened ntl�?~1 vein by it few Ili sus of this valuable a a indy. Let or Wilo let a j. J. Schott. Subscribe for eve minho Thieu no. A Henry s electric Bell Rin a three minutes before Tho Curti rises. Tuke a lunch no possible Chance of missing Tho performance. A daily weather by Post Galveston,tex., march27, 8 p. My moderately Cool a Cater followed by Light local Morrow. Rain a a promised for to Fon lame inc or Aldo or Chest ure Shiloh a porous pastor. La Rico 25 cuts. For Sale by j. J. Schott. O appropriateness or clerks. Much has been said and written about the inappropriateness of certain clerks certain places a gentleman at a Glove counter for instance or a lady behind Tho Cigar Case of a riot Aurant. Now lot to toll you that those things regulator themselves better than is generally supposed. The Ono thing that a Dork wants to accomplish is to create a reputation Point of Large sales. Sox helps this to appreciable extent. Ono Box prefers to to waited upon by Tho Othor and As a Rulo you will Flud obliging gon Tomun behind Tho Glove or Tho silk counter of a store More valuable this employ or than a first class lady clerk. Tho same Way Many of Tho incongruities of clerking Are readily explained. Our his us Oro Moro level than Somo Puoplo would suppose to Soo us our surroundings. What is Moro storekeepers Oro just a Well Waro a of kids natural or sexual fitness of salespeople to Sjo Cial a Laoc ask Faro. It would to Well for those who Are not to Post themselves Tho subject. Tho Boxt thing from our Point of View to a Pluto Thoro is lots of work and let to trouble is a place where by some element of natural la guess to con Inako Tho Auno Yonco Buba Ervo personal Success Tho matter of 1-Iews. New millinery store. Sofa stylish Spring Bonnet or hat go to mrs. Rex bord Post office Street Between 22d Aud Tremont. Large Stock latest styles Aud lowest prices. John Remonte Taii Jor. Dyeing scouring and repairing \ Quot neatly Doue. 22dst., near Preston s drug store so. R tag liar. 14uitm1n Fin lat Finlay or. Finlay attorneys at Law office Cotton co�?T3 building. Mecham to direct. Between 21st and 22<1 streets Oyster roasts Wooll mrs Lake is the Best place the Island for roasted and steamed oysters no bad roads Street oars every 1� minutes Good dance Hall shelter Case of rain. Boasts gotten up at any time Tho Day or evening. Charge Low. Telephone conned ton. Phone s40._____-�? flags Shields festoon Ings Etc. For decorating for the coming Semi Centennial at wholesale and retail. We have hand a Larea assortment to be from which we Oner it 1 factory a a Rice a after March is Ltd it. Call and get our prices before ordering elsewhere. A Marwitz amp co., Corner 22d Aud Mechanic ska
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