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Galveston Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - June 26, 1885, Galveston, Texas Paul Gruetzmacher amp Bro. A Job printers strand. Galveston am. Terry pfc co a Stanill if prompt it cation and Low it Ricks. . No. Is. I w. But a son Galveston Friday june 26, 1ss5. Pleasure resorts concert petites Beacie hotel band Chas it. Or. Colin Etso Loist. Plays every night except Vuk Doksi Gay in front of the Becali hotel. Lidny. A inn at o 1. .11. Rud Tillamae part i. Lit 0 1� u1 oui Eitam 1 m Ircia a a i if tip you 2. Uit cite Row in of lib Jar. Us it be inuit or by professer Larry Urr. 3. Verfurth 4. ire. Farmer la Ault n z. Overt we diam. Herman c. 1 Rii it a a i of let a. M Stilli t. My u Ili i t orc iai t c i Asiuv-1 Ian it a a. I male a Ivr i i and display i Ewo bes thursday evening. Lafitte Grove n m in Ophir 1u it it in the Inland quot a it out a upon Loire list of i Ite. Of com Ray. A full brass band a Lii sum Iro attention. Aver it a i it in shirt Obj the Cuson. Arc hivtto<l._jri3 the ,m0i Al Market. Fresh and refrigerated Mats. Levun r 1>, f. . And Mot i into its. Telephone it quot inn it Lite. Orders la i wet. A. S. Lwson. Volume a Nilufer 1-51. Ted loud testimony. Another Day in the Jennett Owens contested election. Twenty or More electors swear positively they voted for Jennett though their ballots were not counted for him by the jury returns. Son scratched him ticket at Home son scratched ticket to suit himself voted for Jennett had ticket in Vest pocket when he went to vote had Blit that one ticket did not care Lor any other candidate a xes it for Sheguit. Ticket no. Him. T. Graney voted in sixth Ward fixed his own ticket did t think he would know his ticket remembered Only some of the candidate voted for voted be publican ticket for president called his ticket. Oit without seeing voted for Jennett his mime was not scratched when ii went into the ballot Box was not sure about Wuting Crain s name the writing on the ticket must have been done since if went into the Box Only thing made him doubt the ticket shown him was the Wuting on a was sure he never scratched Jan Nett a name Oit. T Ciket no. 73. J Peine voted in third Ward made out his ticket it Home went direct to the poll and voted voted for Jennett remembered some other candidates voted for Cauca his ticket through without looking at it could identify ticket left Jennetty a name on bilt ids Texas mexican r. R. Ual it stops popular pleasure and picnic Road is s�?~6w open to tilt in null la for the season of 1885. Time m la Elixe i in Days leave 9th Market. 0 a. Rn., h i>0 . Jimmi. Live to re a a Ltd. U it i a. 6 t m it a v s i a. M. 1. And i p. M. K a i n �4 a ave i a title Grove it i. C an i . Fare for round trn 25 Cut children Tea a a aia. 15 a a tsp in apr ten earn free if Ascom Laaied by parents. m in or Sroi a in i Points 1 it o Lejwa. Imp pm �1-. T with the cml of if a a to an l a a Venni it ail Way Static in to i i i a a a. It t quot it a is. K. Erin. Sun it nth a if ent. Moonlight excursions will cd Muenck on Tendayi yesterday a a afternoon session. Toe aftem it on session be an with a recount of ill a ballot in the e events Ward which resulted As follows a a quot a court. Diet Uris Otry air. H 7�?~i 1-11 a a Llvy Lutr Lilii a. 10 in addition there were found three ballots containing two or Mou names one National ticket and oae past id none of Wheeli were counted. M. Hunter be ii sworn said i in filled tickets in i lie twelfth Ward for a out three quarters of an hour at the request 1 h Vore positively he voted for of the presiding Ohio or. 1 called tin Jennett a shown ticket did not scratch names honestly As i Road them on the i i Ketas it is now so Raichel knew that tickets there were four or live per Ous a it not Ratch pc Uneit called utter looking Over my shoulder Alt the Ulith. J a quot Ahe Dill rence in tic scratch tiny. Conte tee Here rested h s Case. C Iii Tel j i Pieket no 1 of. For Eoanu it tut then for the Boxi a t see Widl voted in the third of the third and seventh wards und j w in 1 mid quot get remember All candidates announced thit c Miles ant propose to it voted Lor cil cd his ticket without see show that the i Era cd tickets Weie a remember hot our of voting not in that condition when de quot a de out his ticket voted next after Noah cd. The matter was i cussed i Wlliam Simpson Diotti ticket was of both a ides hut the court suspend d r Nellh Iii Cra Teliin Over Jennett s is it Leci it in until the time slum come was not his voted for Jennett for the testimony to be Olter a. The \ Vul to the poll and voted Box of the seventh Ward was Hue in j Kikin his ticket. Ticket no. Tro Lucid. J or. Walker w As sworn said he voted j p. 15. Me ives voted in the third for Jenrett but could t say whether he i wind made out his own ticket it the cd a Woodd know his ticket ticket <1 i Mahles remembered it was remarked that every witness Plucci upon the stand and whose ticket Hod Jennetty a name scratched off was a Wnm supporter of Jennett. Allow the i festive Roach could have sic naked the particular ones out is n questions unless j Tibet hut More interest entered in the Sherif Falty Content Thon in any other Tice. J the following Telegram has just been s received from Lampasas 1 Lampasas june 20.�?put tier nun Galveston cheese non of the Galveston Light guard won the individual for Best drilled Man. Contest is Between do you hear ? a a on to Galveston a at the old stand 13 the . A prophetic voice from North Texas Cotton cattle and Grain want to Como to Galveston a More Railroad facilities wanted. 1 scaly Hiles and Galveston Light guard a quot mud is not yet decided. M. J. Tow than. The inference from this dispatch is that the contest for the Best drilled company is Between the two companies named in which Galveston will Cury Oil the honors it in any event. Condensed news. J a there Are forty indictments for horse i and cattle stealing pending in j county and live 1 reached. Pending convictions Bexar have been handed him says the handwriting of names of candidate on ticket is mine it not so Riley name the names of other candidates for sheriff which Wen to watched by me were not done by tame As was Jennett a name. Or. G Dlay hot r Swor said he voted in the seventh Ward l i t november. He is shown and says Hedidia quot to scratch Jeunette it is my ticket with that exception. My tart sworn said lie voted in the seventh Ward voted for Jennett for sheriff knows he did not match j i Nett Lor heft Ltd More in him than Uny other pm dilate. Stafford Smith says he made out farts ticket Tuul this is the ticket a Eek it a the scratching of Jan Rietti a name says scratching of Jennett a mine is done by 6ome one cist1 kudu it Beau Ltd this lying on a Fence picket who i in. One or two candidates voted for remembered Jenrett Iid Spencer h Ive lived in this country twelve or Kilteen years c Ime to Galves of a in�?~0�?~ voted an hour or half an hour after made up ticket did not succeed Atli in c doing his ticket was no writing j on his ticket at Loquest of contested j wrote names of cml dates fount written on ticket for purposes of computing Liand a it Iii the two were not the same in ind shown ticket was not his ticket did not write on his ticket Aid not think it wis ticket lie v ted. Ticket no k. Schwerdtfeger voted in third War i made out his ticket voted for be Aull balled his ticket without Selt ing j it marked id ticket with Mack Pencil was certain to voted for Jeu Oett show ticket scratch on a name was entirely different from the other scratching did no to know when name wus scratched might have been Dooe in he us be know he depo to a bal hit to while croakers arc croaking quot and the news is trying to convince North Texas and other sections of the state that Galveston is not doing business at the old stand. North Texas anal other St actions re Fust to believe that Galveston has lost any of her advantages As a Scap Oit. Outside of the Home croaker and the int ii r croaker it is believed that Galveston is the Best seaport on the Texas coast. It 19 believed and Ca curated that with More water on the bar Galveston would be a very much better sen pm to but the present port facilities have made Galveston what she is the largest Wealthie it tand most Beautiful City in the state a and she is doing business at the old stand and done to you forget it. To convince our people that North Texas still has some Faith in Galveston we reprint the following from one if the Best and most conservative papers published in one of the Best por totos of the state a the Gainesville Register on to valves Tox. Such would be the cry of thu Cotton a a hoppers of the cattle shippers and the Grain ship cars of North Texas and the Indian the Nitora if those sections had a 1 Rah any to carry Aluir produce. The great object of every planter and every j Stockman is to reach the Seaboard and i markets at the least possible Cost. The j present facilities for a Large Section of North Texas and the territory Are limited to Oue Railroad reaching on a to the East and North Over a Long Inland route. It is Well known that water transportation can be carried on at a much lower rate than Railroad transportation. What we need then is an outlet Tole sea at the nearest available Point. Tit to Point in the present instance is my Aston. A Road Ruu Aing through the in territory and Texas to the Gulf 0 command More business than any \ of Aud at the a the Bones of occupy the crypt of the finest ecclesiastic Ediee in America the Grant Cathedral at Lima which he built in 1540. A in the investigation of the poisoning of Alfred Owens at sin Antonio the jury found a verdict that he came to his death by arsenic administered by step daughter Sarah at the instigation desire and consent of her Mother wife of deceased. A a freight train on the Santa pc Road went Down a Twenty foot embankment four Miles South of fort Worth and landed upside Down bruising but not seriously injuring a number of passengers who were in the caboose. A broken wheel caused the damage. A g Mard nor trait of Hin it w in publishing if if co., june a a a. A lilo i la to for you nerf. Iting i i 1 the court House Imlej. H t a As caught by one leg a his wife is the Primi witness. Book with a Porte i such from the Houghton Mifflin 1 at Texarkana to scape from it window but a i hauled Back prosecuting a sleepless nil that ten Iole Coli remedy for you. Amp co. Hts made a a. Sigil sold by mutable by a he it ure is the l a Scoott r a Call at Johnson amp Gwins for pure malt extract and while there you will doubtless see a thousand Shiuli need. You a the Rush to sour like for the summer is becoming epidemic. Those who Haven t gone w ill go the bc-3t Boer. Tony a i u s t a world will i5r< it hers Sah ion Tremont streets one come purest of give you h i or tin Best in the a of or draft at the two Corni r of Market an from this Date. Come do. Of. Motto is to have the everything in our line and Ier attention to Mir patrons. Two Huo Wiikus. . Of Star loan Sluco advances Money on All articles of value. 0 . A. _ a will you jul i r with dyspepsia and complain.? Silulu Vila Izer is to co r on the 4th Day of july our grand free drawing no. 3 Star it Noan iat. Taes place. No v one Chance free with Veky i sugar 13, 15 and 18 pounds. Coffee of 0 and 10 Pou tuls. Sugar cured Liams pm Pound. California fruits in heavy 83 rup a a cans for. Assorted p 0 fruit per dozen. Peaches 3 Pound cans. Tea cur famous fragrant. Ziouer family. Flour full in Ateon. Kte3ve5n to i Lea of our i at. Tis in a ext Arxty Quantity and Woutis of goods. In do 1 on 1 a we no. 8 m fail Arris amp co the cheap grocers 1 m. M 7 Vitu i i i i to it a. I v ii it i. By a a i in a to s of m Vance to in a an in. Phi or. Is 1 tax. Ltd r. A Woie. So a. a Fol. J in a ii i. A us ii. Toi t of Tfi�-1 Sty r a if of Ltd a i r 4�f i. An it h. Cuy j Iii. Ii t. I . A 1,1 i i a ilk. A quot sri Orrin i m a a a. Roluti a Ain not of x f tilt Ity i that a it r a a to a f it. I. I 1 it. O i. A ? i t i a to i Lia it f us r a it a Lar in Ftp Ltd a Ink cd Utt Veblen done on a smooth surface. F. A. Farrar sworn says vote in seventh Ward at november election voted for Jennett names of other Ean dilate App a to h Vilt b -. To scratch r l with uus a her potted i ticket. I Hoina g a Gran sworn save voted in in Hinl Ward idea to i a i ticket Ashi 1 swear 1 did t scratch a Cimex s name. Leon St Marie sworn save voted ii third Ward voted for Jennett am to i a Tiv did no to u Rati h h s name. J w. sworn a or Coteil in the third Ward voted for Jennet did no off in Ham i ticket i it 18 think their h a Ditota in Iii the Way Jenny us a and the o her u one arc scratched. At Thi it Point an App wan had t it 10 a to. To Day. It will be Pete ave 1 that the j try count gave a Phu Autv a it of t went a evil vote a to Owen tin1 Billot a is rat ii �1 tot being taken u to it the count. Nine Watnes is to whom theve b do gets were credited of wore that the he Matching had been do one Aglet ten a had left that to hand Ili tid stutling a he it a n Ott i is pair i v to i is. The testimony will be Loti Nilca on that Hue to Day. To to it in a Ruoy i m Iommi ski pm in. The Ennott own cont a ted a Lection Eim was ally d in 1 he 1 r it court act a a tiling to and j an a tin of the Hutto Luction of it Nal the Tim Niy i to in Genii ii so a if the on Wlinich till scr us Lud and a t t a w As cant Inducil by tit a l it hrs put on i. Tov. M to or i it a. I a a i i k <1 ates Fot Whei Iff w to v t he cd tor a it Cuit it a o i s. 1 lie. Lie it and w a it j s. Stafford Waul would k the a Al d out the w bom be vote a a a ted in the seventh a w to lie vol e. I f n atm it a it can Bdate to. 1 w i h it i my t ice it prop als for to Tho City has id Sholl or ballast. I a a in i i in if a r. I nth a 1�?T f. A a i re or it f f Eil. E .-1 a a i -. A i i 1 j a a t tur a Iju m 111 a i a it 11 gtd a. F i. F. F it a Fli of i a it. A a. A. It i a f .1 11 it a a to is Ltd a f. Pc a. 5. T a nil to quot re a. A 1. It v a f a i it a if 1 i i t a i. Tvs f a Salt of s a \ a. A. A City tax notice. Voted for Boneu de i the i Gulf i v pro k new a my i Jonm a it name w eel win n lie vote d it mad t a a a t m ule our 11�� to let is i at Ehlt d t n i i icky 11 san of m a it r Chat Chi �1 a 1� in a r on t it v ask stat a \ Iziha a 1 a Rati �11� it it j-1� it Oil i a it it a Ity a a first Day of Jamiar 1885, tin a a let of o. A i a a. I a a a a i a i us a i t i it i ii a m to i cult v in i a i t a a it quot of i Ltd a it i ,11 a it a the .1 to t t r i til t i i in it a i v i Ohi t a i it a 11 t eur t a Uit to he Vii cd Lor. A quot to m i at h a out i own Liefer a link will Pelo Ile a Iliner a i Inal i Nitu ant i y that Vicki t it is Neky t a one was not a in 1 i a his it m in i k Hui Touvi n Une 101 d Mordou 11 ice #2. A a e to .1 h a journal at jul 20, a it. He a cited Eveett Jennett Fer it he d if. Tit la1 no j n. W i i on quot o a i in Sventy Ward t a Allenl his tii act Withof. Locking at it would Imo i w in 11 g sgt ind j out a Lemon Tat in a to. und i quot la the i Wool a a Republican m u i the top Ltd a ticket to cd Len a it we in a live 1 name on tick t Babii la a i at i ind All except tenth it a Lidny i icon Zuher to quot have w Ritten i y1 Hing he wed a i Epi i i it in my on t leu cd Din w n i i Ckel was h i it t n u r1 k hew it by the a d it no a on i Lea do not Wiite a a a ekes n one on ticket lha his ticket Lippi Cut was 11 a 11 he Ratchet a off who n a voted know ticket by Way h was scratched d d not Scia Teli a Iun it s t no a. .1 a a Ihm Cut Dorei a t. D in in twelfth j w m �1 Ltd y i Ciao and ter to a a Oil dates Loi j who a he voted it. I Jennett and a la i Ink Mcmahan a a i Lead or die t n in cd t o in d maa who Sei it lib �1 his ticket Locke no. Lid. V. By Lnor Caus to read or Wale his vcd�?�1rf�?T,3? \ Ward a made ticket out at borne i wife was present nobody could have changed ticket voted As soon As he got to the poll voted for Jennett Jan Natl s name j was not scratched on Tho ticket the voted did not remember whether it was democratic or Republican was Are he voted for Jennett and Wren a Hown ticket j noticed that the scratch Onjo Duett s name was different from the i a dance quot of the ticket it was his ticket a but in did not scratch Jennett s name. I a a. L no. -,vi2. \ 15 i a Muir Yok d in sixth Nril Piv Patch his ticket could identify his ticket voted pro a he it Ilion ticket Votel Bine voted for Jennett. Scent hed to act with Small programme Pencil j l Eki t had a Small piece torn out showed other tykets similarly torn brought them in to show the jury and to it silent Ify his ticket saw his name in the evening paps i As one of the voters whose ticket w a set at Hectl As to Slu Rill shown tiek c. Then. Was a difference in the scratch i ing on Jennetty a name and the balance lid not scratch Honnett s n nne As it is now Sera a in a scratching on a name i it l Inger and made with a different la Cicil from the one he used. Ticket no it. I Lihi. \ Merrick a voted in sixth Ward vot��1 democratic ticket dial not re tin tuber All candidates voted for voted for Jennett was More interested in his a i action than any one Ebe no Clynce to have i ticket changed in foie it was put in the to wished to vote for Jennett and age in to Owens no one lumped to 1 make out i ticket was As posit it lie i d Lor Wien As he was that Hevy it ted t a .1 e ii not t Lnu in tick Al did no to think i he r it Uhl i it Olifay his tic Joel did Hgt i scratch Jacii Netly a name was particular about to i no for Lennett ticket no. He. In at la a \ voted in sixt i Wavd re ii mum to it 1 pretty Well who he voted Lor j Cadet i his ticket w it bout seeing it never told any one that he to cd fair Owens i Serah Hectl a a a i Shody for sheriff except a a n net t or. Of with was out id ins he use i last night a ked him w to he vote <1 for j f a san null told him he voted Felt a Jen a Nett o vein did not Tell him that he did not want him at Couit Down ticket i i was Liis ticket keep he a lib a not Seia Teh Jeunette i name Jinn pm s name was i scratched with a different Pencil. Ticket no 2�?~ji. A. Lorhee Yotes a in sixth Ward made a but his own ticket nobody else no he met tor his ticket to have been Chanie Ltd voted for Jennett did not so rate a a Jan Nett s mime Samv his to kit go into the Box Bow ii till it did not s i at he Jetine to s name As it no Pemco i at �hi1� i on t ticket then Hail a Teri miiiu1 to Ali by i if w i t h 1 he t Iel Ltd a a t he i Oahe t my t have done it ticket a Ioctl like his except the Monkey a ranching could not have u to Ched Ici Inett was to to much i11 fit i c"11d in 11is a Lection not to know i Hathe did no Seia Teh him. Tip a a a t no. 1 to. Oar i e pot i chides at 1 1 o p. Til. I p to that to me Ettac above i pics is had been a \ t Iii cd it Seims to lie tin id the contestant to continue the evidence might Long As wituchue.1 Uro available. Webba not mad we a i it eak a study or. Dis inn vast resources and Ltd Utility. As an Liliu a to Fotion a to can safely Gay that in the country immediately tributary to Guines Ville alone 100,000 acres of Cotton is being cultivated the present year besides thousands of acres of Grain. No or is this nil. Tho country is not yet fully developed. Many acres of valuable land Are yet covered with the native grass and Only await a plow to yield an abundant Harvest. Sea cling beyond this into the Indian territory we Lind a country what a Fertility cannot be excelled in Tho would. It is True that much of this land is still in a wild state but one very Strong reason for this is the absence of a Market. The increase in the acreage of Euphi voted land in the territory in the past few years is truly surprising. Fat is that would do Honor to old states have been developed and have been put in an excellent state of cultivation. The country is not As supposed by Many inhabited by non Labouring indians but by mixed bloods and whiles who understand farming and the Stock business As Well As any people on the Globe. The Only bar to a still greater development is the absence of Railroad facilities. The course of the Gulf Colorado and Santa Feas now projected would pass through the Best Section of Texas and the lie Host of the Indian territory. The result of the budding of this Road would be to develop this county fully j and to turn its products toward Galves ton and contribute to its Phoi Liing. Galveston is the Only natural shipping j Point in the state and her interests Are i the infer its of the w Hole of Texas. The j people of this Pait of Texas want the Tiuli Colorado and Santa be and if the a people of Galveston consult their own j inti costs they will join hands with us in trying to secure a Railroad that will bring the products of Texas and the territory to her wharves. We Are not experienced in Railroad matters but if capital can find a better Field than such Enterprise we fail to Bee it. The leading grocer 173 Post office St., bet. 21st and 22d. 173 if dry a be if re a a Zuj re Jet a with every dollars Worth of goods oxi5 in tiie Gold prizes prize to. I 8 to. From Piir be i axe i to. Ol<1 a. A Roxe to. 3 of a. 4iii>ul�iece. The Dowins takes first of july. Sugar curd harm ppr found loj a Casio family Al our per soc $1.4 f o h Kansas Siut Ltd per Pound 2 Larj , ? pounds $1,0. A trial order is fri in Liv re. Fri solicited. It delivery o z o co o -4 a Ltd or it i co a it o o 3 q Cor a cd a it 0 w big endorsed by a mists As Mes timime better am cheaper Tim m stq1ie. A Only Utju Union malt kit rust. Amp Owin so pure Over Coo Beautiful Doc Leno. Sond for Price list a a circular. 0 1 i quot i c<3 t3 a s it g it o a m w co a a match game will be played at the i Inch Park next sunday afternoon Between a picked nine and the opera Glass base Ball club. A nervous debilitated men you Are allowed n pm for of it it a thirty Day of the use of or. Eyes celebrated Voltaic delt with electric suspensory appliances for Tho speedy Relief and per nervous debility loss of vitality and m Lii Hood and All Kim red troubles. Also for Many other discards. Complete restoration of health vigor and and m i Hood guaranteed. No risk is inclined. Illustrated pamphlet with full information terms etc., in died free by Neil in sing Voltaic licit co., mar Hall Mich. By aug. E. Garth ladies in misses and children s a childrens Cross. uvula it boots shoes anti slippers of All descriptions styles and qualities an let at prices to surr Tiik times no. 213 Market Street. J to two a Aoa in a it Lulu to by Root. R next to i june Tua tor t
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