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Galveston Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - August 19, 1885, Galveston, Texas B. O. . Lynch Albe a a and Doralei Grain Corn Oats bran f nos. Ao7 and log strand it Galveston. In w a a a Man the Model Market. Fresh and refrigerated meats. Center bet. Market and Mechanic Sta. Telephone connection. Orders delivered. A. S. Newson. By j. W. Burson. Galveston wednesday August 19, 1885. Volume v number 197 for Bale a gotta sandlot Apfl a half in one of the Best neighbourhoods in the City a a at a Low Price and very easy payments. Ill a by nce to secure a Good lome on id Luithly paymeht8. Apply promptly to v j. 8. Montgomery. The bottle 07 a convict bounded up by death. Free to All. After steers should remember that letter directed to Init Ala Only Are not delivered through the j onto Floe. If initials Are owed they should of directed to the Oare of gome person firm or poet of Fth b u or mar be left at Tom Tribuhl office until called for. Walled a Tel Ellale. V Slouf imry a a no Man by Tami to of 22 and 90, to make himself to neurally he a retail grocery store. Apply by Rahlff in Tobt lobs Caleb. Ï""7rlkn boy 15 years old. U has a a a quot a Sun de of Tuc to Cert business. And Docsh w. J., a a tire tia office. By a boy a3 Kkt Wandok Cash Hoy Well a its inuit with tily Aud bus luvs houses. Address k. O. Tins office. Augull flt 31 an of 300d King Lush education a Poelt Lon in no Rue of lace Best of re Forence Cox be furnished. And draws a. Tui of lace. Yanski a by a Young want Kun by an by pkg Kunc Eddru clerk. Good reference can by German and English. Address d. C., this office situation e by a country. German a Kun clerk in tile a. V. Schneider. Titi Center Street. Wanted i females situation by a Youn Ogill a8 Nulf love Roew or Rewiug. Will make herself. Areas office out 0? bondage. Oat of the Beach of the Laws Venee Anco. Or. Homburg tiles his transcript before the great High court of appeals. It w1do Ltd of a omit and us i Tuow i Al y would like to take f child run or do any kind of housework fit Dnn set a and big a Good sewing machine la Ood a reference. And Dir a m. I this office. 4 a Lysol position a8 House keep he you w1d-Uwer or gentlemen by a Young lady of Erjie re uce. Addre a housekeeper this of Lee. By a wi1kav lady As House Kekuku for gent Nunn or to we in fat Liy has sewing machine co Cut und fit ladies and cmdr us Drew gets or would take care of infant or Hoard Ono or nil or it children incr own Home. Address k. To is More c once. Augu of cheap column. classified under this head will be inserted a follows space i 1 time 1 week 8 weeks 4 weeks 8 mos Sunee Ift Cut 1 $1.00 f i 1 \ j 4m i i too Clines i 50cu 1.00 for Reni. F u Kent Houim tymm cottage North Side aug i Between 8ith Aud seventh. Apply on tin mute. Aug Llma to pvt a Kent two 8toiiy House South West Corner of in of Stoffle and 18th streets. W. S. Andkkw8, of Market Street. For male by Patent 1>hy a1h Iti Frog Trutor s of font no. 100 Post office t., a In la to ii .1 la a Hunot Augull tit Calcan and suitable Iok we Pfuno y papers old newspapers at Kab him Tribune office. �5 menu per Leo or $1 for 600, a pm o. Íark18hkn, besides giving Ivi Plano lessons desires to form a Claason Sale Eye or Jinx Luff at aunt. Terms $9. Maru of not cd sad hard Ward. Rpike celeb hated Nacous stove now it Leboit la twi Narkey tarsal Low by off Man bro., tin. Sheet Iron and l Oivier workers Post office Street Between tremor and pm Ltd. Mat1iubhek piano dome8nio and new Home sewing it Mau Elnoa. Full sue Short Mulc 10 cents a copy. Hend Foro Atalo rues. E. Dulitz 156 Posto Floe ht., near is a neatly kuknib1ied Toom on ave it nue 1, Between and �4uistreets, no. 02, hrs. N. Buble. Mar9-u whim. Gluck to owls Bhai e4 a London too n Inonu. On4in? lax Iuan Usu. T 8vv plaster lag fowls tag braces Tokle a a �?~5, Tipo Keshave 2a to 60c, steel squares 10 Jackie news in �5. Auger Blu by a it is. Flora tron planes cheaper than the be Apsit at Cuas. Be Kullke amp c0.81q Market Street. A3 to it a m0e. Toll ? ii 85, 1uk> ten s cum Rerigh but Cash Pulce paid foe old i Goul and Silver and Nutil Laton Oulu. W. Liuato Markiet streets. Flag Heht Cash i a a a i. Shaw Corner to Mont and to Miki. A. Pm lilt Ujj Hubn Wilh notary hbal0. N thou brands Kubber stamp Etc no. 114 Trumont Street Galveston. I Us link l nut a Latr Cut Liilo Lois Trlla notary pubic. Ltd Joni Rii Piini r Nili Lhito Kurtli Viil Corner i amp Maui my Lui la him i Lyko by Book Kab Pond. A a til i touch Pook it Gnu a and to will for a moderate Feu ail i Iii Baum to or Ulm get Yate from Al nolo 1� ilium a Miry. Beulal Amui Homenu nuke do for Kot Ipin i Lxi it Kwof by Alomi out to Arlitt res ular look Kivine. Lloyt re of a re i be. Androu by part quot cure of it Loisb Ona Vilato. 6 f Loki null htovb8n0.7, or Kiln to Ftp to 06 00, water a few of Otovea from 91 upward a. Do Tuaua from u0 to 50oi m. A on a Jaia Shraim Kol Lloa uni Kiwi i min 4. Our a Laius it u to 01 0. Wutti r Ulaula Iob Luta a to a aut Kulvin and Korka too Aud up Vanla win a Rollin in 111a Jollota War at coat. Crook Ery Ula Daaud to Luttru warranted Turat Olovaa no of Wooldri Nii Aai at i 11am, Gnu Klub x cou1u Market Truet. I we. Homburg a prisoner in the county jail convicted on two charges of cattle theft was this morning found dead in his cell under circumstances warranting the grave suspicion that Hia tragic ending was not strictly the result of natural causes Tho the by of suicide Tupito to Strong presumptive evidence Btu Fridg in that direction is Fco Wever met by the statement that Homburg was not of a nature to seek in death the Panacea for his ills and furthermore if such had been his desire the rigid enforcement of prison Rales would Nave effectually prevented the execution of his intent. A history of the Cue As revealed it the inquest held by judge James g. Spann cd offi Cio Coroner dates several Days ago with Tho illness Ofui Wiburg or. Mck. Johnson the county physician we in attendance and finding that Homb Furg was suffering from con Tipa Tion subjected him to the usual treat ment. Homburg was not considered dangerously ill and moved about to jail As usual. During the Day yesterday Homburg was still troubled with Bis bowels and requested or. John Bailey the Day jailor to give him a dose of co Durago bitters a Patent Medicine which or. Bailey had been taking i meet of with beneficial results. Or. Bailey gave him the Subi dose from Hia bottle about two Tablespoon soul. Going off watch that evening when Locking Tho prisoners in their respective cells or. Bailey asked Homburg Bow he Felt a never Felt better in my life quot a Aid Lomburg As to entered his cell. About 8 of clock Homburg was taken with vomiting and in compliance with Bis wish Arto convicted of murder in the second degree who occupied an adjoining cell to Home it org cai1od night Jailer Henry Muller requesting him to Send for i. Johnson As Homburg was Quito sick. After verifying the fact or. Johnson As summoned arriving about 9 o clock. The doctor questioned Homburg and ascertained that the Only Medicine to bad taken was the bitters Given him by or. Bailey which allowing for the interval of time could not have prod of such results. Homburg begged for some opiate morphine. He wanted sleep and As tech treatment was to his Case or. Johnson took from his hyper dermis Cuso two carefully weighed one Grain packages of morphine. Those be car fully divided into four papers making the Dicso Ono fourth Grain each. These packages Tho Docter Gife to the jailor with instructions to give them every two hours until vomiting ceased. Tho entire Quantity Given to a Man of Homburg s pcs it Cal organism would not have produced death. In Tho proportions of onto fourth Grain each at two hours intr Vamp is the drug was harmless. Jailor Robert Webber at 9 10 p. M., gave Homburg the first dose which appeared to do him Good. Webber in consideration of the prisoners illness left a lamp in to cell giving a full View of thu Interior thus enabling the sailors to see him fully. Shortly hereafter jailor Muller in making his rounds was accosted by Homburg who begged him for another dose alleging that be had thrown up the fir Evious dose. Arto who had been Lapening informed Muller to the contrary. Homburg had not vomited after taking the morphine. A Killgore a convict for theft occupying a cell in the same Row corroborated Artois statement. Or. Muller thereupon declined giving Homburg any More Medicine until the Elmo indicated by the doctor. Homburg then asked for some whisky to rub his stomach. Arto had a Little in a flask and he gave it to or. Miller who handed it to Homburg from that time to 11 -.30 p. M., Hom Berg rested comparatively easy. At 11 110 Miller gave him the second one Quarter Grain of morphine. After this Homburg was quiet. Between 13 Aud 1 of clock Arto Hoard quot Homburg breathing vory Quick and fast. The breathing did not Colind Laboured to him. It was very rapid and Strong. He world hear distinctly the front and rear of the cells being open Iron work and Tho dividing partition of Iron. Artois bed is against to partition and so was Hamburg s. Arto thought it was Tho morphine. When he went to sleep to could still hear Homburg a rapid breathing though it was fainter. It is hero in order to state that the action of morphine 1 not productive of such effects As described by Arto. Morphine acts just the opposite. Strychnine from its intensely bitter taste causing thirst makes the breath come Quick and fast. Artois diagnosis was Stry Chinino Poison lug not morphine. At l0 a. In this morning two hours after or. Muller Aguilu visited join Burgos cell if necessary to administer the third dose of How Buri 1.0mt. A1.kimjku. Zhav cd and Ash cock a with about thu Only but Mit la front in be Dell Fern in word will be finder Lily cd in of at mlk�?~1�?T loan offle.�, with und Market. A Hill ohm a cough Aud consumption curo is sold by us on a i Manteo. It cures consumption. Sold by j. Schott amp co. R i no More after that. He was in an easy position. At five minutes after seven of clock to Day jail or Bailey went to a Lomburg a cell with breakfast. He opened the door and told Homburg to get up and get something to oat but Lomburg made no response. His face was turned Tow amp to Tho partition. To was lying on Bis right Side with his right hand partly beneath his head while his left hand was raised before Hie face As if to shut out the Horried sight of death. Approaching the bed b�0ey discovered that Homburg was dead. He was stiff. In fact so rigid that efforts to restore the body to a natural position for burial were Only partly successful. Or j. Mck. Johnston was the a St witness. His testimony As Tho attendant physician and medical expert 1� Given As follows in full As having important bearing on the Case a i was called to the jail last night about 9 1 it of clock to see we. Homburg a prisoner. When 1 saw him he was complaining of nausea and to fitting. He informed to that he had vomited several times before my arrival. I prescribed four powders of on Quarter Grain each of morphine Ono powder to be Given by the jailor every two hours until vomiting ceased. The patient was perfectly conscious and answered All questions rationally. I asked him if he had taken any Medicine of any kind. He replied that or. Bailey had Given him a dose of con Durango bitter which mrva Airoy had been taking himself. That was All the Medicine be had taken. I saw the deceased no More until this morning at the inquest. I do not know the cause of death but believe from the position of the body and from the amount of rigor mortis and Tho foregoing testimony Aud evidence that deceased came to his death from an overdose of strychnine How or by whom administered i cannot nay. Would advise a chemical analysis of the stomach and contents to be thus ends fell that at present can be Learned by Legal or reports rial investigation and in View of the absence 9/ evidence which can Only be developed by chemical analysis of Homburg a stomach in support of or. Johnston a belief Tho jury consisting of messes. F. D. Hahn Brown John Bailey l. Heller Chas. Menzell and c. Spann returned Tho. Following verdict a we the jury find that the deceased we. Homburg a none to Bis death from causes to the jury unknown but at the same time would recommend that the stomach and bowels be acting on the opinion so pointedly expressed by or Johnston judge Spann Rev Quested professor Voelker a chemist of this City to make the end Inatio Nof Homburg s stomach who Chen View of the failure of the county to for such expert services was doubt a the professor however in the Interj of the general Good has consented and the stomach taken out by or. John ton was Given him. Homburg a surviving relatives an aged Mother and brother were notified of his Fate through or. Julius Behrens. To Mother who is an invalid sent Back the touching message that All her property had been Bep ulessly involved much of it in the defense of her son and she had not the wherewith to Bury him Homburg s brother it is understood will save Bis body from a paupers funeral. We. Bombu1u was a a Ivo of Tho Island aged Twenty four yours. His occupation varied Between driving cattle and slaughtering them. I recently the mysterious disappearance of Stock Down the Island in the Vicinity of Homburg a Domicil led to investigation resulting in his arrest on february 9ib, 1883, on three separate charges of theft of cattle which he laugh tired and sold As beef. Case no. 0716 charged him with the theft of one head of Cuttle joint property of John Goodman a. Driscoll and John bring. A True Bill was found against him March St and on july 22d he was convicted As charged Frank Thompson Foreman of the jury and sentence to two years in the Penitentiary. Cato no. 0717, charge1 him with Simi Arolene his accusers being Nono other than his Uncle John Homburg and his aunt by marriage Johns wife car Lotte Homburg. The grand jury took to e Saue action in indicting him and on tri .1 by jury july 22, j. 8. Togers form amp a a verdict of guilty was also Renee de and his punishment of assessed at two years imprisonment. Cose no. C718 was based on the com Llo found it rpm Niue. F lying on his cot. Mailer born asleep and did not disturb him to Alvo him Tho dose. At g of clock he passed again Homburg was still Asloeg and so on throughout Themo Ruig or. Miuor did not give Homburg any More morphine and closed his testimony by returning to two unused packages Ono fourth Grain each to the Coroner. At half past live o clock this morning or. Webber a looted Homburg Scull to get Tho lain. Lie was still lying on to cot Ilo Mimre was alive. He saw him concluded from third Page Ahkung curls that so superbly crowned her a Witny Laoel a what prevented me going at that moment i do not know. I to i was temporarily insane. I leaped to feet. I glared into the doctors mildly ing face. 1 dashed my fist upon his Taue so violently Bis books sprang a foot into the air. I seized him by Bis Cravat and hissed into his ear a where is pin chef i a to gasped vacantly struggling Tox a a Coll Bill on Bis stand. I thrust Bock. Fes psyche Tell me instantly 1 sex ply fri this diabolical mystery what you Votti amp Rable villain Are you doing with her a to a in doctor grasped his locks with both evidently believing that i meditated a taking them out by the roots and stared e in help loss terror. 1�?Tt look at me that Way quot i cried half myself and snatching the fatal Pho Mph from my pocket. A a done to Rii Nulato ice a and done to toll to that this Young is not a member of your school a wandering eyes of Tho doctor fell the picture his countenance underwent be. His eyes closed to prot Udo his n Mouth relaxed into a smile he a muted again and waved me blandly Back to of chair. Dear or. North a he said a where l procure this photograph a i my i she did not Tell a told me nothing a i interrupted a except that the lady was a Mem Ier Chom Stry class and a sort on you Nlle a she spoke the truth although Only misleading which does not i a reflect credit upon miss North i what 13 known As a composite Hatly i shrieked. Polite portrait. Result of Francis >xperiment3 in photography. Quite fill invention and great psychology ttys hence the name psyche it its the entire chemistry class and instructor my emf. They make see by faintly photographing the of one Over the other on the nog be most salient feature of every Lyou observe predominate and Tho composite Ideal talked on hut i heard no a sat like one in a dream and when to my cat and circulated the it i had visited the institution influence of liquor it was a matter of in since to me. And lost my psyche found he$/dliifhsr8d Amo tag the Shem-1�rs at a Young ladles Seminary and lost her Stroogh the impossibility of marrying Theta All or reconciling myself to the Distad any particular Ere lovers parted so distressing and Gen Dolly and i never mention the a abject Between us for i am True to psych Limage and my heart is broken. Both Harper Sansur. Lat Aysk ind., aug. 12. A revolvers Star loan office. A Sargent wants your storage no a 990. A if you want to grow fut and be cheerful buy your groceries of c. D. Holmes amp co. Of the superiority of Tho family groceries supplied by Johnson amp Gwin Market Street. If pm. Strickland amp co., printers stationers binders and lithographers. Blank books of ail kinds made to Ord let. A a few nonpareil Patent dry air refrigerators at Cost. No. 1gc Post office Street Between 21st and 32d Strots j. Lee Burton. Augl7-lw a received by last Steamer a fresh assortment of Larrabee a biscuits and crackers at Peter gang ices. Telephone no. 177. 1 or tonne. I500 Yards of Beautiful figured Creyonne for cur Ains and upholstery purposes forl2jcand 15c a Yard Havo been sold heretofore at 20 and 25c. Call Early and get your Choice expect to sell every Yard of it in thirty Days at Cross. A or. P. R. Holt Eufaula Dearbin i have been entirely cured of indigestion by the use of your quot dyspeptic i suffered several years and Only took three Small bottles of elixir before i was entirely Well. Yours truely comfy Iiller gone bal Stote of a. For Sale by j. Y. Schott amp co. R 1 a in a . I Oal Vest of s popular pleasure at picnic Road is now open to the Public for the season of 1885. Time schedule week Days. Leave oth and Market .8 a. Ip., 1 00 . leave lafitt Ogrod Vith a.m.,8 30p m. Sundays. Leave oth and Market.9a. 1 and330p.m. Ret Uanino Incavo lafittogrovo�?11 a. M., 2 50,6 and 8 . Fare for bound trip 2ft cants. Children Over ten years. 16 sent so under ten Teara free if accompanied by parents. List of stopping Points. Oth and Market oth and Broadway 15th 21st 27th 80th Hoth und will connect with to Gulf City Street railway at a oth and Avenue of and 37th� treet. Will a top it All Way stations to take on Aud let off a amp Ien amp Erh. Jas. assistant Sunzeri Al it. Fill. i. Lovenberg a Tahr i i it to and agent for t1ik Niagara i ire to Trunce co., a a new Yoke City of London fire ins. Co., of London Crescent incur anew company of new Orleans hard time prices Dulce family Thour per sack. La. In Crete per bucket. Lard 8 la. Inc amp Ete per bucket. A is milk per can. To vegetables assorted three cans for. 25 California of ruler two Munfor nuts eur a peaches per can. Honey in the comb two lbs. For. 25 10 26 picnic goods sardines Large cans per can. Oyelere per can. Codfish Freeh per Cau. Tongue Currii and Lam per can. 10 .5@>1010�0 Clam chowder per can. Ocean Trout three cans for. Veal cutlets and Tomato Sance two cans for try our famous fifty cent Tea. A Harris amp co., Tho cheap grocers Market St. Between 24th and 25th Sta a knt Tea that accompanied a com few Shier. Never were a humming Birds courage. Veat who has written an interesting herds says to observe the habits of Birds it is necessary to gain their cons Dpi Caad accustom them to your presence is their haunts and mrs. Treat tells us that the first step is gained in this direction when Yoa have led them to believe that they can inspire you with fear. The most timid Bird will a Oao grow bold if he sees that Tho in Man intruder regards him with apprehension and flees before Bis attacks. A a nothing quot she says a will so quickly make a Bird it Miltor As to How him that he can drive us and following this up with parents and care he will soon Foo Nolde in us and learn our voice and Manifest Delight on meeting in a Grove adjoining mrs. Treats Bouse dwelt a humming Bird into whose neat the naturalist would sometimes Peep during the parents absence. But the male if be caught the interloper there would she says a ruffle up his tidy feathers a and seem nearly to ice As Large and dash almost into my face making a squeaking noise scolding and threatening until be had driven me quite a distance. He soon Learned that i was very much afraid of him so he turned tyrant and often drove me from my seat in the Grove when i had not been near his plaint of George Petit also charging him with cattle stealing. Though docketed last in the True Bill returned by the grand Ury March it was tried first at the play term of court resulting in a verdict of not guilty. W. Griffin was the i Remau of this jury. The other two costs Wero continued from May to the july term As appears above. In to trials the defense was represented by colonel j. 11. Lurns colonel w. D. Deuson and or. A 11. Stubbs. To state was represented by District attorney Spener. Through Bis counsel Lomburg took an Appeal Aud at the time of Bis death maj. Illston clerk of the criminal court was at work on Homburg a transcript. A jewelry Star loan of inc. That depends. A a web Philadelphia Call frivolous Young lady to guide a How deep is this Hole a guide a never been measured frivolous y. i should fall Down there where do you suppose i would go of a that depends Misa. Entirely up9n How you Hava lived in this housekeeper attention. Reopening of the a a Gold store a s. A Cor. 28t& Ami Market its. / Corn Oats bran and Hay. Be a groceries for least Money. Honest weight and Good Quality. A fresh and Well assorted Stock of Staple and fancy groceries constantly on hand at lowest prices not sible. Free and prompt delivery. 1 /9l2me of it the leading grocer Southeast Comer Twenty eighth and Market streets. Aug. E. Garth dealer in ladies misses and children a boots shoes and slippers a of All descriptions styles and qualities and at prices to suit the times no. 213 Between 20th and list streets. Market Street. Next to Ideal Tea 8tor a our a june less Julius Shochat amp co., Are doing a general Pawn broking Busi Ness at the old Louse. Id Placo opposite Tho opera a Becker amp Drews have in route to Galveston three Schof incr loads quot Morgan City Brand shingles and an assortment of House blocks Fence posts Aud other la Kibir. A bettor than he who wipes away tear is he who prevents it from starting which any husband can do by supplying his household with fresh groceries from Johnson St g wings Market Street. According to the telegraphic reports the order issued by the knights of labor for a general strike on Tho Wabash system was not obeyed but these reports Shoi ild to taken with several grains of Salt. Tim diff Loulies which a brought about Tho suspension of Tho fort Worth Gazette have not been settled and it now looks As if the Plant would to sold on saturday under the deed of Trust held by the City National Memphis the Street car Drivers struck because wages was Rodu cd from twelve and a halt conts to ten cents per hour. This is a Little worse than Galveston a 1 60 per Day. A that hacking cough Cau be to quickly cured by Shiloh a cure. To guarantee it. Bold by j. Schott amp co. R Lac tartar. _. For baking purposes. Mads Ruou lactic Acu it amp in to Bonn milk. Absolutely pure and healthful. The first and Only powder poses song the digestive and wholesome properties of milk. Showing a Large Economy Over baking powders. Satisfaction guarantee sold by All grocers. Avery lactate co., Boston mass. Anl4-4m Arnett Wemple amp Ellerson Danville va., of the celebrated brands of a ii 5s amp a solid we Brit it 6-�z. Twist mad of a in try count Leaf quot cased kith quot imported Licorie quot Whitt Honey and crushed sugar. G. Seeligson amp co. Ayento cok tip Raj a
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