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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Galveston, Texas The Galveston news editorial deadly a adder . Us it looks to Pegler Jun. 23, 1950�?rag 4 worthwhile criticism the people of Galveston and of All Texas for that matter would do Well to Ponder a bit of criticism directed at the state by a visitor from Mexico. It is not serious criticism in the sense that it berates the people of Texas for some Gross Blunder lather it pointed out a few s to it mings which should be remedied. Hie speaker is Ismael Falcon a former congressman and senator representing Chihuahua who has been in the state for the past three months As a Goodwill Delegate of pres Aleman. His principal purpose As he pointed out during his visit to this City is to win greater Friendship of texan for the a it eople of Mexico. Senor Falcon pointed out some facts which a great Many people of this state have lost sight of that Alruna half of the martyrs who died in the Alamo were men of mexican blood and that there were Raav mexicans in Gen. Sam Houston s army at san Jacinto. Also he said Santa Anna is detested As much by mexicans As by texans. He said he had found during his tour of the state some discrimination against mexicans on a racial basis but he hastily added it is Only minor and praised the Texas Good neighbor commission for the Fine work it is doing in cementing relations Between Anglo americans and latin americans. Senor Falcon pointed out a major truth that our National Security depends As much on a Strong Friendly relationship with the it in american people As it does in bolstering the defences and Economy of Western Europe. Too Manv have lost sight of the importance of having a stanch ally South of our Long unprotected Horder. So for our own Benefit it behoves us to take the Load in promoting a closer relationship Between the ignited states and m Exico. Last he has found it impossible to carry on his profession is a dental surgeon. In agreeing to the settlement the Texas cite industries involved recognized the fact that the whole course of the claimant s life had been altered. Previous settlement of claims growing out of the same Accident total some. F600,0� a and were made on the Sam basis. There is one lesson to he drawn from the manner in which these cases were settled. It is this those industries like All major industries Realise they share the responsibility for the safety and Well being of the people of the Community and in shouldering the responsibility for an unfortunate and tragic occurrence they have enhanced their position in the Community. And what is even More important to the Community Thev undoubtedly have taken Steps to make sure that such a tragedy will not occur again. Sharing responsibility the size of an award this week for damages to a victim of the Freak Texas City Roadside Gas blast in october 1948, is not is important although it sets a new record for the state a is the manner in which it was determined. There was no court fight Over the claim. There was Only sensible negotiation at the conference Tahle the recipient of the award which a made through an agreed settlement approved in 55th District court Here is a Texas City dentist so badly burned in the Homen workers in the past ten years the number of american wives who have forsaken exclusively housekeeping jobs to take their places in factories and offices has increased 9ft per cent. During that period the Rise in the employment of women has been at three times the rate As the increase in jobs for men. Some women must work of course hut by far the greater incentive behind this upsurge is the desire for in improved family income to increase the Standard of living. With two checks coming to a family the purchasing Power of that family is a great Deal More of the family it frugal it can save a great Deal More for old age. On the employer aide business is favourable to women where adaptable because their wages average less than men and married women will work for Leas than single ones. And since fewer women have longer service records than men the retirement pay problem for business is less some women say Thev work because people Are living longer. Many women support aged parents. Since children go to school longer than formerly women work to give their children a better education. Rut the Stark fact remains that women Are getting jobs and holding them better than men that has a heavy Impact non and Economy. It is being Felt in America today As an increasing number of men especially those 4ft years old or older Are in difficulties finding jobs. Denis Back i on amp a talk Dewey muffed Dis biggest Chance by boxing instead of bludgeoning by Westbrook Pegler dispatch new York gov Dewey s with would have Al cd upon that revolt by David Lawrence Washington the Republican j proves the country of one of the party Hee missed the hugest Teeuw Elaw truly honest politicians t><1 of the year the desire of the Arnee lean people to avoid a third world War. Drawl from politic which May ins spectacle of besotted old Swine be a permanent retirement de claiming to represent Wal lowing in their own filth and brawling with Young naval Oft Cera who Represa their disgust. Too rut Dewey would use Noth Fine executive he la also one of a vary few political leaders who maintained in a the democrats on the other Tim of political degeneracy and ing that tended to impeach Root hand have bungled the Aam que personal Dishonour the standards of Veltz a moral character even though lion and gotten themselves into a decency which should rigid position the logic of which he the minimum. Taft la another. Points to inevitable War the other Day Republican spokesmen said they have four main issues in mind for the coming Campaign opposition to the Brannan plan of farm subsidies opposition to deficits and excessive spending by a he Federal government. Removal of Bur Deeoma excise taxes and a program to get rid of com t Monistic influence inside the gov eminent. These by themselves will affect j Dewey was too fastidious for his own Success and his party s during his two pre sift e n 11 a i campaigns. To. In the summing up Tom Dewey must he accused of had judgment in refusing i to us against Roosevelt in i>44 and Truman that impeachment easily to he is Sage Tahl shed by the Strong Legal presentation that he often had employed in the criminal court would have shocked the conscience of the nation. The service to the people that Tom Dewey could have rendered by such an attack is beyond calculation possibly his reluctance confirmed our doom a a free Republic. For the consequences of the ensuing i>4 years of Roosevelt and Truman can a i Wren of sea a wow Usu Iii turn Iii Der in of Rod Nevil Ana a it legitimate information impugning not yet he fully measured their moral fitness for the office. Dewey in a great courtroom Law Dewey knew that Roosevelt had yer his Youthful and rather Small been spectacularly stingy with the lab appearance end his manner the hired help on his hereditary barony opposite of Only a few Miles from the farm Manv a one Pugna City deceived different regions of the country in , Tom Job a How quoth his own but on the offensive he had won various wave and none of these in in no a and borrowings of a roof Kerful courage and command of i Considine a on the line political seer is at it a gain Ile says of a is due in fall re Bob Considine �?T52 sued la i Kiev to Cut Aero the a a a that a in affidavit form whole voting population As would a Quot a Haim Campaign but never a. The Issue of War and peace j. I of itself this a had the recur Lio ans by their enough but in the circumstances denunciation of communist. In the Twa the Morf exem Tible be government have won some votes Caum or we ukr but they also have placed them patronising the common Man in selves in the position of being in politic hut grinding him Down to different to Way and my Ana of than a a d in to attaining International peace Case. If he had gone right to the poo. Pie within 4 hours after that feast of the most up pulling segregation of Union Rosr keeters Ever seem held he could have ribbed the holy Roosevelt s nose in this vile pro fun Salon of a Peoples Trust and sacrifice. A a a there were of course Manv the. La a we r other scandals that were legitimate a Jim and 1 we �?�n<1 fro a mud political ammunition. Beginning to sense the importance Snow and slush new York better Start Duck member i did no to say this and her were Field hands stand but or. Dewey not Only instated of the Issue end the official line no Ltd fiend which All speakers have just been in vat actual a mavnu"rit"ovv7 tree on a Campaign on a High ing. Here a that Man Kenneth de denials to or. A Courcy Quot in ordered to take is to emphasis the from the government All himself while free and hts Courey again Tell genre digest a whose new York word Quot peace Quot a much As to eel me title Dewey knew a Alf Landon smearing and insinuating hate this however. Is transparently had known it in he first artificial. The truth is the admin titration has been telling the amen offices Are in the in addition to being the Sweet Singer of sad things to comr has building presumably the editor of Britain # Quot intelligence target. I a private form Sheet a a it which a gained worldwide Mircu i lat Lon Aine de Courcy announced Russia a testing of its some weeks before Empire the but the republicans were always determined to keep their punches in the Only kind of Campaign they know. He would t let Nevone Clee Tell in the publishing business Thun a. Not Worth the or they rat drowned Mikl i a it. A bomb Macmillan co. Has made Umlah ing history by surrendering to Are written on i Urt week rec. Of state Dean doubled it right to the Book at Dallas said that when that a bean the no. I heat Aeller the leaders of Russia were events Ronet done do. A Roo people now for several months up and yen raised the foul line to the truth about a gang of thieves a. K.,. ? or that any agreements with the Krem had Mapple while the demo racketeers tax dodgers blackmail to to the Kneecap Ere rioters and chasers that mad in a few out of Grant s administration seem Prim Tom s own character a Fin hut he was spotted wrong Asta Tim and place. He found himself in an emotional whirlwind appealing to several million voters incapable of sane pry Utica judgment because they actually believed Roosevelt incapable of wrong because Bia divinity sanctified whatever he did in a rut la Effort to win away and chunked hounds even so i Dewey use per a i to go Stoa fold for a month Kajjy impressed by our armament tonal Campaign material. And economic program there could be a meaningful negotiations by imm Antt a worlds in collision Al Velikovsky. If you Haven t read it if a real or. Truman did. New de Courcy forecast i Cloudy. Amplifying that. Briefly he goes on to explain that Russia will a ready to Start world War Iii in thru of 1932 How deep in the fall he does not aay. Consequently a led of bet in the Spring on the outcome of 0, High Cox Phenomena to the no k1 a i Elliott s hot Oil party a notorious escapade in which the old Man let this clearly indicates negotiation himself he delivered to a Barbecue thriller All about the Earth being some Day with the same group in in the Tex Gulf for obvious Pur sideswiped by a hit and run Comet the Kremlin which stopped our dreary rotation Tong enough for the red sea. Or too if the soviet government on the dead sea. To open and permit the Ethar Bot a wild Moses and Hie people to walk Cross Velikov to a scribes a lot a in a talk of a negotiation bumpkin on Broadway Fame comes to him at cocktail vegetable gets his name of the big league Pennant race wipe pose never we mentioned from the Republican stump Dewey said nothing about the loan that Rona Avalt of the fanatical vol a a i rostering cub the whip saw by which the old swindler personal the la. Of a sent a Collat Era i to the second course la wait the military Man in of Elliott s discarded wive to Settle barbs shaking a Hest Aeller Loose from a Washington privately believe and Alimony liabilities left Dewey coid time Zebine so a Maher roughly approximates the have been saying for some time. True by this time. Rona Evelt him by Earl w Fuson new York Fame at lost i the Duchess of Windsor have had a cock toll named for me when to Loam Send Over for some. At a health shop patronized by Artichoke stick non starchy and vegetarians about nine calorie to a stick and Gram Garbo. Georg Barnard eats them instead of bread a car Cooper and the Duck some Folk carry it pretty far Aas of Windsor mad h. Too. Elisabeth Arden for example i no entities How did they get feeds her racing stable and Riding com to think of it. Welt bet eve never counted off a a Adam the names of the men so could have married. Wonder of the Day will Ever come when there la be some Money in the pay end lop instead of tax deduct slips and snot tier thing climbing the ladder of Success depends largely on knowing when to put your foot Down. Year. Or spend the time searching j for cheap pocket tied Geiger counters leave Loose of persuading a bulldog to the Kremlin in building up is self was Gens. But it was True also de Courcy Hae a i Ute. Eta Chawk to of of a hulls sch Nixsola or armament and in the last few Davs that the cheap county comm Teal on Way hat Check sir to Xiv new figure on russian expand a who had Besa sent to Tho Annat it trophic opinion on three Points i. The iwo budget of the i bar seems that in this Case an Manv Lay More emphasis than Ever a educators Etc. Wrote in to protest for on military economic Power to Macmillan which published 2. The recent report that the lot of textbooks and need it United state embassy in Moscow Happy association with educators Senate Turea for arms have been published a the personal ambassador of the that indicate that the armament dirtiest Crook in the country was race to on in Earnest where in the administration going of it Isnit really interested in the took to imitating Roosevelt s in american prom and conduct with the mental reservation that once elected he could poet Nna. Modify and contrive situations which would Tusk it impost i for him to redeem pledge he we slav a few promises behind Roosevelt and Truman. A a a Perham it want in the stuck with the Mantle and myth cards for him to lick Roosevelt and the tradition immortal splendor of Roo is. I a hut the Public response to a Aveta mater aggressive prosecution of the Rhault a that Roosevelt a Petty hark of the pen gave Quot collisions to Dou Kremlin would be and Truman mad Dewey seem mob of Grafter and Alem go late. And if it Speaks of Nego politically Aff Minato a a one of the 1 nation in the dim and blatant fun Gove mors at th.1 glee Only a a Gerture for tical re Ltd an a it we Quot Moa r of those fallow . It i. that the. Re. A quoth Mfd that i. Towel so the Garbo cocktail la of celery Carrot chives and Cucumber. And Gary Cooper cocktail la Futty As tasty eos to ing of Ascare la. Ear i rot. Celery and water Stalin says the russian language is Good enough tor the communists. Proving again it a just double talk has confirmed soviet development that of a new and More powerful Type Bleday. Of a both s. The statement reported last a hat Quot rus. Jul A this was an insult to Fly a Pride. They named a cottage cheese and Hanuka Raisin Sandwich for the Duchess and Earl Wilson cocktail in made of delicious banana milk and delirious dandelion. A aaa Only one sex Elave showed up at a reunion in Dallas of come there a More divorced men than that. Pc. W. A. Horses raw Brown sugar Ligutan Gish s dog in As much a vegetarian As George Bernard Shaw it thrives on wheat germ and skim milk. Be Manger has a certain Pat which make a hit with customers one woman a vegetarian for years said it was the heat vegetarian food she d Ever stated and asked for the recipe of Quot i hardly had the heart to Tell this vegetarian it was liver Quot i he said Schlanger weight about 220 or something Uke 20 pounds More and so to better explain that a. A hound he cd a to Utha rum. Health shop new Jetja to a acting York a East 87th by hangout a >0� the Many celebrated Folk who Are l a. A a vegetarian Aamli vegetarian or at i of we Why a least deeply interested to diet. Took d us Rno a drop.&Quot wha to hot with Frank Nen to Arr. Pre aident or the local around Thor for Soma Yea re look Erick a it it a nut it the i Rev z v t j a Ina foe news or i n out of y Lareey. Cooks and waiters Union stated at Annin a new bar a Kumh nut nut id. After listen tag to Doan ache watchful Drifting Quot he to hrs Nhsn four times during in a secret Shealon for two hours this is on of the to danger this was an insult n a no 2, a he to. A a or Quot i of la Micum. It. It . T. Konor a tour by. M. The a. My. , , r-j.1�. M mum to a lit off vhf. Top if h. Did. d. Commanders stationed throughout Courcy wrong Hon thieves would have been Over. Hie im4 whelming. Must a Towel swinger in 1>4s told him to stay up on i toes Box the hum fancy keep him commander stationed throughout Courcy the a octet Union were called to the Kremlin during this month to to interested has the gtd Herriman Bolth the up Whit a ii so a 50 years ago. 1st train Load of wheat Here. Is Galveston Rong 4 4. The Only Chance the other min ration in in recant months talk things Over with marshal Broadway columnists have of top in Selling Congress on the idea of Nikolai Alexia Drotch Bulgarin pin Walter Winch remarkable More Atma spending that it has not in Quot Quot Quot Quot Stalin a left hand Man a Quot a Marsha a. M Vasai Levsky mini Cit Lien off balance end win on Points moral and that is alway a Lake when you social level Ottha White Hon your bum through tha and Ila yet Ariosa. A attired out skylight Why take a on a i a a is a a Ai i to in ? cockeyed de Talon a anyway or Dewey retire with tar of the soviet armed Force ing in judge Crater achievement of leak 4ared to play up the. Quot Pearey Angia who Wra Hou to the. Colin Buchalter and Mother Mart is or the Quot negotiation Mea for fear m.nr1,r to ref and or it a House Man waited until it could Honor and self reelect and we owe do no harm to report publicly and him much his wife never grafted that on of the tuck under any pretext nor in and guts you can frisk la stat payrolls sat in on the hearings rays de Courcy Tbs i Don t remember another Case Moi to secret wherein rival new York papers with Cor message to the directors of the Ever broke Down a readily and and appropriation fully approved main soviet Industrial plants or gave deserved salutes to a reporter now re it a wore talk at a prepared for a a in the Case of winched recent i. Of Emmr. By the fall of feat. But that where the Republican Tell. ,. _ have been asleep they could have the. Times end Herald Tribune than do that congressmen would not vol. Ltd of bin 1m my worthier indigent. Der them to War emergency 18a2�?� too note to letter writers Elsah no glasses with a with Congress about to adorn i had Dewey not been a inhibited. Iby a respect Ford genteel bums of hts morally a pendent Kinnery he gave us years of his Hast Tim for tha Offles that at Low pay and he leaves our a Roosevelt had no respect for he ploy just about broke re nil 04 co it and Cleveland have ached it night that there was a strike tiled gambling crack Downs. Hot a neither l. I gambling is summer. A Hven men were a lir. Hat u. Ping the government is checking dough moved St the restaurant three of to Urt the Corr to a or. In. 17 Orr soon tinn wide . A Aurlin a a Are o. Mim loners refuted to replace the of a. A Del mat in m Quot a a totter Bridge aero., the. Navajo to or Gas Ana on Eia Tiona. Was ordered he said. Because of a a to. I Whit a trying to work an Dia agreement with the Nunn Rister a up of Ltd a a Culat a r rerun Des with pro f it. Among the Cit Lens to request the to do the work of three court t6 t wooden it Edge a on at Henry a restaurant on mar Saratoga will Keti Between 21et and 22nd streets. Ing for news on time recently the Michael r Schlanger said. About a drink Quot he brought me drink of celery Carrot and Apple behind juice mixed and had a foaming Chain one with me of be Naiwi a Yin to w.,r an dial Reemer Jussi is. We Rrt r Quot Quot sure i a. Hittle Wared of hot a up fear a 11 to it tha Helm a j j finance a new show by Selling hat. Never liked the sound of the them exclusive to and record june to. Leo Ben Baehr president of the local at loud a a ter editorially. ,. But perhaps the finest tribute by express and is destined for the ram it frown th<1 d a by work a it Galveston Island it went Forward gave the fest front Page Plav. The a Rev Ruid new and poet congratulated Wal orly they could m a a have attacked the Overeem Phat which has been placed by the so m interpreting the news state Navasota yesterday evening the. Intelligence was received Here from Anderson where the commissioners refrained from calling the whole thing a fascist plat. Haer facts by % in i hit by afr Here a problem in applied Mua Matles that has a lot of citizens As up sled As a Monkey with a Mirror. Ministration on arms in Riding and the under emphasis which a been placed on the negotiation ides or peace planning a a a the Republican however have become so interested in developing an anti communist crusade that they have overlooked the biggest b axe re of All the Way an legislator Arm authority for Europe Council men in Blan for parliament or four men by j. Of. Roberts France proposal for an inter authority to production problem National parliament to a a. The v in tit of the Rhuman that activities necessary for Crew Arm race leads to War and the plan has aroused Specula Torf that ton of a free and single european failure of the administration to what it Hlf doing in add Market Ere involved. It a Cost of s1000. If ifs Legal to a Slat it it a a it at my font in it a a a a Gatlon. Working for an Industrial of its Legal to plaster a bet at to How without an actual War. Of Monnet too Trebbe. As has word too but i remembered Ralva tor Dali s having of every night. A a the St Regia Maisonette lust a for in heart behind him in n. Y. Before bedtime. Quot Hen he returned to his Job As a solid train Load of new Texas p.,.ln�?zr, ,. The hit Parade and vie wheat arrived yesterday morning it rho a the. of the. Dem Efa de to come to term. And is now All in the. Texas Star a a i. Ted Riekin left a Trail of flour Mill elevator ready for shipment. To How without an actual War. ,.vethe . My a Quot a a a the Sec tracks Why is it now it ran re a , of of the to Lulu Schuman. Thai the real goal of the town a upheld by a majority of 19 consider Sale interest was Tak men in the election which Wax he the train was made up of 30 cars feb on. Of a kind mar the compos gimmicks to Wager away from the circular Man traps h Thea was my very first taste of �1 09 camera co in much hearing etre Amera Anontine town it Nicori rat Ion in 1871 this cultured milk which with the mfg b Klyn political big no that the wheat a loaded att ties Eugene f Bannigan and Jara what Everight. Tex. And consigned dilemma it has gotten into the republicans could he a in a nyx us a w mryt my ii a a a. A Cut off of All Parl eying Jhaj to Britain would take _ to appreciate your fool Ament inf ,7 a ,7 favourable View of Industrial con do you have to it by ovum have urged. Lemead. The Tro a who Fth or do you have to a your Boas of Europe some real authority the proposal la also believed to have been produced in the Hope More strawberries was Dett Towa. Although a hit too Sweet for my spartan fast Quot the attitude toward people like re a us has certainly changed Schlanger said i they used to sneer St us Ann a july Call us a Rabbit eat Era now the four Hundred comes Here Mph b. Bloom Are tossing dinner for Jacob m Kory. A year with by Klyn too general v4 Abington Many delegates have been dropping off at the Cape to Charles f Orth Welna a Bons at Galveston m in addition the car locomotive Tai since the close of the Republican amour tic he. Jan Wither and Choo were profusely Dee National convention at Philadelphia or. Hink Bof have twins or fwd with above of wheat and and in Manv cases new men Are a Ellis bought out gri>0,n bran a. Watching the nags mix your Money with their Atta we re slapping quit a big bet on the koreans. A any koreans lately formulation of a program that Wou a of would Appeal to the. Rui iian Pool control which so that the latter would in due time a. The Wisdom of repudiating their leaders. The French outlined originally proposal is political Unity through establishment of a Community of interest. A the participants a Atli hop. Ing that Britain will eventually com in. But labor government has just or Cid re to fiend or Felt on its decision to remain aloof from the Paris Nagot tat Iona. Although not i partners in the Howard John a on Emerson John Reymer Hoffer or. Of the on the table in frot.1 of a was -0 Nan it enterprises by Texas Star flour Mills yesterday to becoming child a drat griddle girl received a cablegram from the com making surveys of the patronage which in to be distributed. The Hest Way to atop betting i to Motorist the cavalry then Hank the turns and let the cops Chase an electric Bookie. They tem Deec Robed to the barring cooperation once it the satellite countries a. Fertile . Re in Renc. . M. Net knows the exact form the new or ground for such appeals. Too rut nobody neither the a Frances economic Quot idea and coauthor of the plan Man Quot Gani Patlon will take London la Basra keeping representative in Perla some resemblance to the american maintain Contact with tha conference a bowl of raw Brown sugar supposedly nonfood idea has til fld amp of fan Lilly twi Esta Mattied Imi Pony s attorney in London Advt Earl Pearl a couple of inf him of thy final decision in a Broadway were taking about of a a who re of to it tax Vage Aai fattening Tath Healtha surely spread in the Leat few an actor and one a id. He a hot la lapping and exporting Trade years the idea persists that not a offstage he never it to far a the court of Only win you feel be b i you la a the he a a be Slimmer. A a a said Weingar ton Arden a a a a a. Quot and even onstage you d know he had too by Zzz a French gossip weekly has this Rule for reporters Quot if you Arentt certain of your facts be vague London and Ava Gardner too Are looking Forward Evsi Iveea Tim me Quot a Tae Iouine of Tess is Quot no a a tis. England Are concerned the respond in Lity of an exporter in Eelsing no a goods for Quot clearance Quot by a Given time in contradistinction with Selling for Quot sailing the Case involved a shipment of >0 too bushels of wheat mad in in t evil my i to i turn a mss # Santa Sacra a a fit in to is at Sejor Isaiaa at Ai i Mea. New i nut a us a a a vets my a a air sri i Vista Quot is is anu�4 Eta a sits Sapru i tat a in id ii t m a a a am Tam. Arnot lbs or of he to $ is a water Tellew rat try rams i sat but to it a bsh it nits stat i i Root item or Matt furs to i i Sao Gal tis a to Titi Muse a at Cire is Usa the first solid car of cantaloupes to Frank Sinatra a firer singing ant out of Texas this season was Date at the palladium now deft shipped from Galveston on wed nicely announced for july to read by it was the fire Carload Frankie gets to London about july of cantaloupes Ever shipped from i where hell find Ava and her Sis a a a a i in Loyal ter Beatrice living in a Flat while a a a a a a. A he Ron True picture making. F my it the Joth a today s daily double socialite to my a a be 20th Jack Adler and Margot Morris wish i d Baid that Dewey is Usa Aiah in cd w Hurley f it Page bag. To it i a tax tin quo Adix in celebrating a quit politics because of a shoulder it oat is int e in a sos ens i in in is re suet of via to it set is in of. Aas lbs Nab is a a a to a run Aal sue part of copy a Iii so As-n.�?��?��?��. Irl i to Rue of to Aper St Anil any a4�srtlulfl a vex aftos i Auk is Piney or Tbs Pem at Tho Poi Al opa Rife us ads Etas tar. Acara rays tied stoic us a. Farih a Ftp dreary Thea week colonial airlines new 8s fare tos probably Bermuda is to popular they re sold 194. Out for the fourth of july a a a us huh agrees Tony Webster a the cold one he got in too on Barry Gra y u Chandler # today k Kest laugh Reb Abow. Jackie Miles accused of Daniel and Ben Lyon in London stealing Phil Foster s material said. With 20th on fury Fox celebrated Quot if they convict in of that. I la a stir wedding anniversary asked surrender to Walter Winchell publicans nor the Democrat has it Van a there would he an Kun Rory Forth with a program hat to Ai Torry to do the work in a a could realty Appeal to Turuseta or 1.m it to its la til ii to ii at la is people or to the Peoples of the add it in a an court. I Lairo a Ellis countries Whon the lest fat we re in in sri could Appeal Mhz us Mariles Anat Sla will decide whether want to fight another War. Smallpox rages rang Rangoon of Small pox and which an hit Onn epidemic Rangoon but the French tilt cling to the Idee of a democratic operation. In which National Industrial controls would he subordinated to intern a tonal need no vain to provided except during an initial period of adjustment for nations like Britain which Are unwilling to leave the final say in International hands i a a a the proposed parliament Fin t ii Wom be composed of delegates a a a 1 pointed from National parliament last november took live within five month according Ert Day Quot than from among to the health department of the their own member. This is the Rangoon municipal corporation a1�?�# setup a that for the advisory department statement said the Dis Council of Europe now established is is still raging in epidemic form in the heart of the City. It stated that teams of municipal vaccine actors sent into stricken area were hampered in their work by people who barred entry to their Home fearing the vaccine actors were at hire Bourg and to it i next logical step would Asem to be to incorporate the proposed steel and Coal control in that group # Power. Germany to already t member of this Stoup and might like an idea which would lit to in i in Robbi ii i make it necessary to admit Hei a Camp Lejeune n c Ltd when Marine pfc. Lawrence r. La in Bertl of new York City Tell of fighting Nasia and fascist at the Ripe old Agnf 14 Many of hts Marine Buddle Are a Little sceptical bul his la no Idle boast. Born and raised in Italy pvt. Lambert participated in Many partisan sabotage activities including Bridge blowing sniping and Small scale warfare when the germans occupied that country. Even though he was a native italian and did t enter tha United states until Ima i ambe Hiie a fully naturalised citizen under United late Law because Hie father Cam to this country in 1989 and became an american citizen before Hie Eon had reached bus i in birthday. Chicago. Up a robber who bandits in disguise nearly 10.0ft an equal partner rather than an likes to dress As Well a work in people had to a vaccinated Ford quiet fashion collected $150 in near North aide men s clothing off the record a a boy talk about a heavy associate the Monnet exposition Pednea i tha statement added that pres Day has served to quiet Specula store he tarried Long enough to entry $00,000 of Rangoon s 750,000 lion caused by recent statements snatch two Garish ties from a rack i vaccinated by foreign minister Schumen him population have been by the health department fling them into a waste Basket self which seemed to limit the Pool and comment Quot junk. F

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