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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Galveston, Texas Hills cafe 15th a Beach phone 5-5323 Louisiana of Terri on half so fwd Aea Fondse a c. At aka and Chicken dinner Archie a Row. Trop. Sit Lilg established 1842 All Throe Wirt of. Of. In Texas oldest newspaper in its one Hundred end ninth year of Public service Galveston. Texas. Friday. June 23, 1950 w. L. Moody amp co. Vin ii urn a to. Ii Bankers eat a no a a imm fto4ena melt in , wimm Quot of Mali Kurt int to roam online in my no l 4 m no mail Thrift to on Satin of Marti of Imit my a a a to i i hit i Ooi on i mint r�mt�hoi1 it Mornant vol. It no. 74 Galveston freeway takes Shafe Senate passes draft Extension superhighway nears final phase work finished european steel huk on footings competing with la. S. Top Jaycee at this end traffic expected to move on separation in Donn to by fall by Freda Stolper footing for the seven Structure making up the three Grade a Para Hon at the Southern terminus of the Galveston Houston freeway were unwrapped thursday. Essentially the Asme in design As before Mainland chamber of Commerce officials protested in a series of conferences with Jim Doug Las. Houston District Engineer for the Texas Highway department the under and overpasses of the new superhighway will embody safety features not in the original plans. Rugg Bottoms help Douglas because of the Chambers suggestions and interest. Was helped materially in hit Effort to have the safety features inc Orpo Raigna that Western Europe is once More competing with american Industry were Evet Dent Here thursday following arrival of a steel shipment from Antwerp. Belgium. The shipment consisted of 70 kegs of nails and 11.711 Rolls of steel wire rods brought Here by the Atella of Bros. Steamship co. And unloaded at Der 14. The steel weighing approximately Gfa tons was consigned to a Galveston firm the Dickson weatherproof Nail co. Alimenta of steel from Belgium co the Dickson co. Began Early this year with several thousand tons already hating been delivered. Bro has handled five such shipments through Galveston in recent months and two or three More Are scheduled for this summer officials of the firm said. Lykes ships have already unloaded about Sam tons of the european Metal Here with ?0m tons slated for delivery in the near future. The import Long of european steel has begun on a much larger scale on the Eastern Hen Boa re. A local manufacturer reported Here thursday. Corporation hikes hit House gels excise tax Cut measure i j. A. Pranc1ato take office to Jaycees will hear rated into the designs. J. J. Estill. % in nay a a Dickinson resident Engineer on the Washington june 22 Upit j which fells to balance off the i Lnu i fit i flit Galveston county end of the pro the House ways and Means com excise sales tax cuts with revs a i wilful not ancient Bornean ruins but the scientifically designed framework of Grade separation structures for the Galveston it ohs ton freeway. Modern superhighway to expedite traffic to the Gulf coast s Moat inciting resort City. Are shown in the photograph above. Taken thursday by Bill Johnson news staff photographer the picture Abote shows the footings of the Bridge to be built for Galveston Alt in traffic to the right and Texas cloy Alvon traffic to the left. County end of the project. Said thursday. Mitt re sent its ti.010.000.000 sex nue gains in other Fields. With the footings or steel rein lax Cut Bill to the floor to the committee s Bill does Auh-1 assets i item new Texas City. June 22 Patata both houses previously of Stop Gap Bill conference panel be to Settle different Vernon of Caw i Warmington. June 22 up a i the Senate voted today to extend i the draft a for three years with i the proviso that pres Truman can i order inductions Only of an enter i Gencva arises while Congress is not in session the Compromise Hill was passed by voice vote after both the Senate and the hous rushed through a Stopgap Resolution to keep the present selective service act Silva for is More Days. It is scheduled to expire at Midnight tomorrow hoi of Votra pre viol Aly the House previously voted to maintain draft machinery for two year on a stand by Baals which would have Given Congress Sot authority to order actual inductions. Both Hills require registration and classification of men is through is. A Senate House conference committee must Iron out the differ Enre Between the two Hills within the left Day Grace period provided proper ites evidence secret data Given Jal in by service turn to pall see one school Hoard la Ould lose four streets Tho school Hoard trustees asked permission to close several streets adjacent to the Sites of i die new High school buildings from the City commission thursday. Or. W. L. Glenn president addressed a letter to the commission asking that the following streets he rinsed to permit construction of the White and negro High school buildings Avenue try Between 41st and 43rd streets a a arty second Street from Avenue o to Avenue i thirtieth Street from Avenue la to i thirty first Street from Avenue h to i. The request was referred to Avreet commissioner i Barie ii. Oehler police commissioner Walter i Johnston and waterworks commissioner Marshall Mcneel or. A w Armington. June i up 41-year-old Bervie will a Republican investigator said to continue behind closed doors tonight the Senate communist Mari Morrow a decision protested by Ligating commute has evidence i Bervie who said he would prefer that state department career off to continue giving hts Story in cer John a Bervie a transmitted Public. Secret military information Quot to i Morris did not specify the nature Philip j Jeff key figure la the j of the alleged evidence concern Amera aia Case. Lag transmission of Quot secret Milt the investigator. Robert Morris tory did not say whet the Ltd or he said Only that the committee Cam from but chairman Millard had testimony that service gave it k tiding Imd a indicated it to Jaffa creditor of the now de was involved in an Fri report to fund Merasla Magazine Jaffe the committee on the five year old now new York greeting card stolen secret Case. Manufacturer was one of two per w Anta whole. Report Aono penalised in the Case. Tydings flatly refused to let i hearing ended Morris an appointee of top com despite Morita protests tyding Mitt member confront service then celled off the hearing until publicly with the evidence he tomorrow morning when the que said a did t wan the Fri report j to com out Quot piecemeal Quot Quot i want to put it the Fri Alate-1 Blent t out All together to the pubs lie can get All the Facia at the1 Aam Tim Quot tyding said Ben. Joseph r. Mccarthy r j yet so who made pro communist charges against service told re porters afterwards that the commit to was informed by the Khi it i had obtained evidence service had Given secret military information to Jaffe. Jaffe fined wha wry o a Oiin re full a Hwy a Quot to Russia for a third world War Merasla was fined $2-Vmi fora. Possessing stolen documents Rcv now for our it a ear Quot of it in was arrested hut not indicted tit a a conflict and five years of Berlin East German communists in the Case cod a headline tour of world and soviet occupation forces hailed Mccarthy said Louis h Nichols up Tola shows Stalin a Quot the Best Friend of the and d. M Ladd of the Fhi told i Moscow pravda said Russia iceman people Quot and called the wealth committee in secret testimony whipped Germany single handed in Powers Quot the new that the Fri had planted a Micro phone in a Statler hotel room oc-1 copied by Jaffe in ims j a Cern c the Fri testimony Mccarthy a poll soil nays said. Will reveal that Bervie not a Only passed military information in i in join i Jaffe. But Quot was aware of the fart i Clec a that it was secret Quot hah no Plana Bervie acknowledged he Dis i cussed military matters with Jaffe. I but said it was impossible to Dis a cuss the far Eastern situation at forced Concrete pillars All in place Day with High Hopes of Quick Stan tally that. By the Mcmoor sri and almost ready for Steelwork to passage Over top objection to the measure would Alash Federal land commissioner Bascom Galea begin for the floors of the Petruc corporation tax hike features sales taxes on furs. Luggage jewel will he guest speaker at p in a or Truman has asked for a Tures. The Highway department the give Here and take ther Rev by. Cosmetic movie and sports Friday at the annual installation alright free Vear renew Al of the schedules Call for traffic to he Enue measure nearly five months tickets Telephone Billa night club and ladies night dinner meeting present Law with no strings on i moving Over and under them by in the drafting a approved 17 to Check travel ticket and Mimer of a he Junior chamber of him a Ord Quot a induct Iona a plea Lata october or Early november. 3 soon after it was formally in Ous other items the Cut would Mere the affair Wilt he held at was strongly hacked by top steel i expected to arrive about produced by chairman Robert l. He effective on the first Day of the american legion Harn t n a a by it cad Era july i Estill said. Of it does he Boughten in. A. First month which begins More new officers of the Jaycees and Compromise made a confident thursday the pour All 15 democrats on the commit than ten Day after the Law takes the Jaycee ettes will he installed a Quot a Senate Bill originally coning of the Concrete will be under tee and two republicans voted for effect a Pas ably about sept. L it meeting formed to the president s wish Way about aug i. The Bill eight Republican were action trumped j Jelly a Mari. President th0 to Meromia provision to bring safety changes made against it a democratic la adar Bcott w elect of the Jaycee announced m mor n line with the House Vermont changes have been made debate aet Lucas Hill has promised Senate thursday reservation tickets for a on. Was sponsored by kens in the original plane to provide floor debate in scheduled to he action on the Bill. Even though it a he affair have been Selling at a lev ram Balton Atah it r mass and greater safety Quot the resident engl Gin next tuesday and democratic May delay summer adjournment of a clip a alter f. George d-ga.1. Neer said. Quot we had planned a i leaders ars confident of passage Well into August. He has predicted Frank Heiling Active jays and their amendment wan adopted mingle Roadway underneath the by thursday night. Approval of the measure including prominent civic worker will serve by voice vote after chairman Carl Bridges we now have two Road pre. Truman told Hie new con the proposal to make up about a master of ceremonies Etna on id Gay of the House armed Ference meantime that he can not half the Revenue Loea by raising Giles will speak on the tidelands services committee announced a say whether the Hill will be a corporation taxes from 3 to 41 Eltus atom. Septable until Congress completes per cent. _ ways there separated by curves or elevated Section to provide a greater element of the three Grade separations include those on the in Marque Camp Wallace Road. Also known a Texas Highway 343 on the Tai action. He will veto any measure deficiency Bill or d Warmington. June s2 up As Texas Highway 343 on the Tai a i a a re a a a a a Quot Lark a and Lex celebrate 2nd anniversary As pm farm to Market 519. And St the Quot a a eight mile North of Galveston under the revised plans Texas City bound traffic coming out of Galveston will use none of the new overpasses Alvin bound traffic coming out of Galveston will Cross the first overpass go under the the Hill will come before the House under s strict Rule barring any attempt to rewrite it on the floor but Vail in the Senate and attempt. May he mad there to revise the by Quot corporation tax feature. Would father see the draft Law die than accept a straight three year Extension. Vinson said he would Quot Ina lat Quot that the House stand fast on its own no Aitch Nile will Ore the a to Xot approved a boo version even of it killed All Chance pre w1000 a Fly Lar of Laria Ting of this session. Designed to bring in an additional Agenda 1433.000.000 a year. The schedule drafted by the committee would Grant actual tax Relief to smaller a a up. Boy. Up Quot said Henry Bow arms with the Burden of the in overpass to the left of it. And he. Tar and a crowd of youngsters crease falling on corporations on Texas Highway 8. I Marque laughed and applauded As Tex earning More than 1187.000 a year bound traffic will Cross two Over stood on his flippers to reach the. A a a passes almost directly North of Rish. Each other. The occasion a a birthday eel Pom Rollor Ted Killil in for Oil unit Tai the both Mourer Paar until june so most of the Money Senate majority Leader Bcott w. _. ,. I will be used to pay salaries and Lucas id ill introduced the tem. .�.? Yapor qua to the running expense of Federal Horary Extension. It was approved unanimously by both Chambers. Lucas warned that the draft a 9 years a re history since nazi hit reds turn to Page la. Bee two London june years ago today Bonn the West German govern a we have approximately seven Ebrat Lon for Gal and Tex. The sea Miles of four Lane Concrete built on lion couple. Thursday afternoon on in i Rill of Silva i isl lid this end of the is the pleasure pier. The guests were till said thursday. Quot the latter part All the children who could come Bedford a. June 22 up a of july i think both contractors out for free punch and cookies a four engined plane caught fire in Gulf bit Hull co. Of Houston. 1 they came 600 Strong midair near Here tonight and which holds the contract from la strictly children s Day crashed. Carrying four or five Pax i j it was strictly children s Day sengers to their deaths witnesses a far As Gal and Tex were Eon reported. Corned. And Little Karen sue the log of the ship said its last Breckenridge whose parents. Or atop was the a Tuxen naval base. Re my state police said. Witnesses the indicated several of those who per a i or show Quot the Lurt to 1x0 nto a Quot Hwy War Navy personnel. I to in Voit i f t i in Ion up a with caretaker Redford police said the scene of Ade fix if Henry Foster of 3807 n Street and the crash was an open Field about it i ii a he for to to Tom birthday flab to eight mile South of Here time of it of la i Fie i of i zip he couple. The crash a set at 7 30 p. In by lift Tiro Miffan Utu 4.yaar_oid Martin Carey <c8t>. St Louis. Mo., june 22. Up a who father also is with Ted Weems band followed right behind her. Without a flinch the youngster tossed the pier favorite of Quot v j a Quot a awl a v a Cli i it tag . A a Iii a j Quot a Oil 22 Ltd nine and charged Quot imperialist Harmon s co it Olla Kii a Quot to cd a to Breckenridge a Hitler nazis Ger Are hatching insane plan Quot i to it i Weems band broke to Ivet la Lite a twirler muffs Iii Rookie right hander Rob reran struck out ii mailers to get a new Gulf a a Leagur strikeout record a he pitched the Gaies Len m hit Cap to in 4-t derision Over Jackson Tlle in in game plated thursday night in Cap Park. In setting the new record reran a touched for just one hit the Kut fue old strikeout record a Ift it was set earlier in the season by Ramon Roger. Another in Teston right hander. See the Story on the sports pages. Tem would be thrown into Quot Chao Quot and that millions of youths might have to he re registered of the Law were allowed to lapse before the final vote on the Threa Vear Extension the Senate shouted Down an attempt by Ben. Hubert ii Humphrey a Mann it to add in Quot civil rights amendment Quot making it a Federal Crim to commit any aet of violence against a Man in uniform because of his race. Religion or color. It also Defeated. 45 to 37. A second attempt by Ben. Richard b. Russell id a it to writ a voluntary segregation policies into the Bill. The test came on a modified version of the Rua Seil amendment Defeated 42 to 29 wednesday night that would have authorised draftees to demand service in units of their own race. Lucas at first proposed a 3a-Day Extension but modified it when Ben James p. Kern or to threatened Strong opposition. With russians Cambridge. Mass june 22 Jim Sec. Of Blate Dean acheron could cramp any the time without doing to he said today Hopes of reaching an said he had no information re gilding detailed military Plant and conveyed no auth information to Jaffe. Tyding said questioning of the Roy f. Sutherlin has Learned How ment and press welcomed a French,0 Cook with his Auto proposal that France Britain and Sutherlin a boy scout Field sex the United states declare the state Ccu Tive in Missouri Cooks i own j couple several Good sized Morse la. Of War ended with Western Ger in Al on i automobile engine a Grunt from Tex was hit thanks Many since a peace treaty now is while covering his territory 1 Ryan Dong in the crowd was an impossible. Quot it s he said. Quot wrap1<1 Friend of Tex and Gal. In fact Paris six european nations in a hot Dot a a a or Hamburg i in was the person responsible for eluding sex enemy Italy and Western in ten fail and place it on their names. Mrs. R Anderson. Germany went ahead with the toe motor Block after awhile you 3211 is Street won the naming Schuman plan to merge their Coal have the meat Well done rare or contest last year with her Quot Gal and cd Rodeo med Alyou , Tao. I. Mph Niece the mileage part is not so Sim Quot i just had to come Back and pie. It took Sutherlin months to see How my adopted children Are big Hay for seals a Anh children future German War aspirations. London Britain s understanding with Russia rested confess Quot of f Fie la Herbert of a Ompre toe heat of his engine and getting mrs. Anderson said on soviet leaders first adopting y Bullock told a Union meeting has in cooking time for a half Inch a i could t bring my Little Daugh Quot live and let live philosophy. I meeting make the whole few showers forces for gab Estrin Aud Vicinity partly Cloudy Friday with m few showers and fresh southeasterly winds. Y a on Moon Anh tit is for june j3 us Sunrise s to Sultan. 7 Ujj Moon rim. U St p in. Moons u u Matut us it i Hist hot. To la a Ai Tats i u s in Sud a >4 i it in end erect to anon reported heal other ablation for lie 24-hour period end i ii St Ala p is Quot wants to until then he said Quot no approach world a prison.1 from the free world however talks continue imagine Steve and no Trojan Dove Tokyo Gen. Macarthur Contin from the communist movement used i Pacific defense talks with Steak. Could write Hook her she in Dallas so i brought j now he could write an Automo my Niece Rose Frances Vento. Bike Engin Cook Hook. In his Ford 1217 strand a. A a Jv-8, for instance it takes shout 100 water splashed Over the crowd j will resolve our Mutual problems Quot Bee. Of state Acheson s Republican a a Del Van to Lak a pair made rapid turn hot dogs Are ready at 50 Miles about their private swimming non i a to or Ury. Of Quot a Quot Jansel. Quot Quot r r r to a but if you like them Crisp you have1 Gal refused to come up on he the United h ate. In ready to Alt to Pandac peace treaty without bus to cover 300 mile. A i around the Quot International Confer la it a under discussion. Platform preferring to have her. A a. I Sutherlin got the idea indirectly fish thrown to her. I enc table anytime. A j i from the boy scout he guide. In Tex however came out better acheron told the Harvard Alum intr ii his group they use the tin foil on the Deal. He not Only came tip association that despite the co a a. Y cooking method Over hot embers on the platform to beg for fish in my obstacle posed by soviet leaders ,1t satellites Ofp-1 they Don to <1 to us a Onk a a but Dolfl off and go h of of Hilt Portu ism Eta. I Ara Ai at Kina Aku a Tramar Alo Austin Beau Iionia brow a v Ilia Carpi a Chris Lisl Laa Al pase sort Worth Gai Vinio Mourato t san Antonio Alhus Marqua Atlanta Koaton a Rebou Macl lot so i in v Art it a mom la City Huron h d Katrana City to Arna a Man Phi a 0/ 11 lot v. Magi in it sum a i is m i so is at cow to sati Tats 7a t5 Tats in that War a not inevitable. Acheron said the United states rain and its allies were Quot on the thresh-1 old of a new period in their quest hvj8,inn i for peace. N a relations Kwh rus Fry info pan on Elk a a. The Secretary said Quot an a Prece i dented rate of economic recovery mate share also. Did t Cark for cake ,._ a a. The caretaker then helped 9 of and some huns i went to the Park year old Wren Patterson. 161 38th Long lot to get my car and wrapped Street into the pen us a. ,. A a one Day Quot hut her tin said Quot the f Yuk slav government idea truck i by cum it a a a a teak Laid army men in Belgrade As giving an optimistic report on no snnteary0 11 Quot a me the european recovery program s radio reported deportation noted Rome exile lithuanians standing on the platform she tossed fish after fish to the sleek exhibitionists. And Lins now brought the productivity sadly observed the ninth i Ai 74 .0 other Matuu i Bow Hiitt Low tit is Miami att 74 to 71 Mettina Polta att to to 57 a York to Alt i a to 34 North Piratla a 70 his tool Ham City he to h4 in plot Alburgh is All is in aka City at is by to s Francisco no to i. 7 to Mea it to �?�0 40 at 70 wha r Titan. By 7 As t 74 of waa Hanston at Akao to Williston no a a. Ivha Bureau j report it of Western Europe for Tho most part above pre War Levels. A Ary of mass deportations of their compatriots to Siberia by soviet we Are building our strength in motorized divisions that swallowed to j order that we May eliminate the up the Baltic states. The Vatican s a a conditions which would give Rise Osse Vatore Romano said 40.000 tto War and we Are on the threshold lithuanians were taken to Siberia a a of a new period in the successful in june. 1941. Forward movement of this Effort. Lake Success the United states Quot we face Thia new period with made a new proposal to the United a spark plug or Confidence but we must be very nations Arm commission to control Short Alama Hood he said he Felt like a Man hiding Jit was she who tried to present the body when he fastened the the birthday cake to the happiest Here meat on the engine Block and couple in Galveston. But they pro slammed the Hood. He was glad no erred the fish. One saw him. He tried his Steak Foster is an old Friend of the after about 75 Miles. It was a bit 2-year-old sea Lions. He s been their rare but Good. Experiments taught Trainer and caretaker Aine they him that too Miles was perfect for arrived in Galveston a year ago i a half Inch thick Steak in his car. And it was he who first had the Sutherlin cautioned motorists Dell of thl birthday party who might like to try his idea to the caretaker who enters the keep the meat package Sway from za lion Pool Dally said he has it will cause a i never been bothered by them. I Clear in our minds about our Pur non atomic weapons. Russia is boycotting the in. That might ruin a Good Steak or perhaps a Good car. Turn to Page la see three old Tex who is Kio per cent extrovert sits up and grunts for the fish that keeper Harry Foster offers him at the birthday party Given for Tex and Taal at the pleasure pier thursday. But the big fellow did t even sniff at the birthday cake presented by nine year old Wren Patterson Center of 1616 33th Street. Pier manager Jack Mankey beams Al his favorite charge at left. Gal slightly on the introvert Side kept to the water and would have no part of the goings on in the pen. Abe had her fish thrown to her

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