Galveston Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1945, Page 14

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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - January 8, 1945, Galveston, Texas Merchandise 72. Wanted to buy wanted to by rooms 91. Unfurnished apartments downtown apartments a Thom a. A. Rpm with Gin rung. Furn Abed us the Good a pin of no Button Uit pm pm including utilities Tim in a to for wiping purpose. Brin to Greet Tanta and not a War worker. News thl blink office tuesday. J i i. Wednesday or thursday. So round m r room a it i a mimed Zivart Maut for Rou pm pith infant child All Mavani Anele 471# Broadway real estate por Sale 105. Improved City property Foh Sale t<4 lot no Corner with four unit Hack apartment and two other dwell let. Desirable Lov Eatow of. For All part Rolar. Rail radio n. Cham. 7397 we chant at la. Kellner phone i i b anti do one hitch or farm i free room a r 4 it i m to. Imao to Bell i feet diameter rail 2 429, Galva-1145 to. Tartu Dana All it Lett. A Ranae area Oai aaa. Ton. Tea furnished tenant need not he War work Are a a i Era. South Quot eat Corner at 23d and a Mio fat Prker. Paid por a Mem i Hanna. Henri be a Purdy of us furn Pur and Howe Ehold Good a. Phone 2-111� Model furniture co., three room a part mint Willi a Sot knee Hera i rag. Tight bloc it. From town. Four Block. A i hmm Beach reference required Rox 153 Lori unit of store. Isi new. Tribune , Hue. And he. An kind. Of a re a re if neighbourhood two and apart Manta ass 50 to i and on including ail a lilt in. Ten need no he War work i erg Hanna Henri be a print for Sale hold furniture including radio a Ewing machine. In Boa. For Quick Yerele. Eau Mot wanted to i in Rath tire. Raim Ink Breslin the 521 Kin phone 22 poultry eggs pts Stock 74. Pets ror a a i re i a. Ari i Cdr i Nourr to Quot Hen 2 mar t i Erat Sio Bro wac i Bone 422 oni Iii wait Docker enamel phone am after a p in Imi 4th two i Dpi rms mid a apartment All mod ref Eon vengence. A Only 1102 4lt to Aap q. Two Ano tur i apartment from sin Ort to in on. A eluding Alt utilities oat Range tenant need not be War worker. Hanna Henries. It mar. Real estate por rent 92. Unfurnished dwellings an Orr Orti nit to own a Nice Home 4-room cottage newly Pron two Dpi hellcat roof Good repair. Annul heart Orner s41h ave. Ii. Initial payment #500 00, Hula nip Ilka rent All our office for appointment and full particular. J. L. Boddeker amp co. Sii Rind Avreet Hooe 2-444 77a livestock for rent a Beautiful and a bedroom Complete with de. J electric refrigerator Ani a Range _ _ Ven tent to achoo a Renea and hopping Der Mua h Tow ror Rair hear. Concrete tree. Beautifully landscaped in North a Ngan Tega. City height. Snug Harbor. Tega City. Phone i17n dipl to centrally located luge Fri urn Peery Baa con a. Ated Uvalde and Rine m. At Aroi la in. Rac f a to Rubier Breeding aril at a eur late hrs i Elo ride priced and Lima. Move funnelled a Aly by appointment phone 2-41t4 Bern uni gel elegy ten out. I Noel of apartment of t room Hall nod hath each and garage Ideal at tsi air h i an u King from teen a. �?wo�?., uni wet is ast a ii Quot porn and Kitchen exec rec beg a d go medial a a , Ante i water two Bath hot and near at re a hid financial phone 93. Furnished dwellings Cuk rent la sai.lnt.11 Rimmer Anh Winter Loti att foe tour Tat and via Fofo on the Beach Hawkin Tot r it Camp 14ta and seawall Boulevard i-1 to j mediate my a Lon. Priced right for Calrk ale and ran be handled on term. A. C. Laron guaranty bldg. Phone 4tt Piar room hoi re. Aith electric refrigerator Ida to per month. Call Tex. City Uto my personal Loans $5.00 75. Business opportunities ror rent a on on birr a ener. In Austin Tea a tar building 2393 Irr and new Tao torte on int 23xln a Block a nicely furnished Deer. Roebuck and Thorn or Ann tote Tan Ranee Etc Immetta # Pola Aaion a o Perri or it realtor 207 n aah building tag por rent Pia f room it a firmed Houa for two Mont i modern 2i 15 a the phone 54 by a turd a noon for rent a two room pm Rel mall j Bouw no children apply till o 104. Wanted to rent Arma Orriff and wifi dear p 4 or 5coom modern turn bed apartment a it a Perm a Nan phone 2 Hurst w anted a Turpi room pm rn19nep spa Rome to by quiet couple no children or Pete rail week Dei. 2 11 on or of for for i by two pm gloved Middle egad ladle four or by room House or apart mean convenient to wet end by. No pet j or rat Dren apply Box 12 wanted to rent of i i a mod pm three bedroom House Fnu per in Anent remnant e Ain Holliday. I phone �5 real estate for Sale 105. Improved City property for Sale two Ator a Frame ssi a. Of Well Belll Tan a i nay 4 bedroom form a battled. A be int roof. I heat lore Hue do not dint re tenants Fletcher Harris dial i Dull and in a signature Only a co fit ent1 Ai Jio Alto Loans Fulton company ale american Natl bldg. Quot on the Aik floor Quot Loans $5 and up Yoch Hon Attie Only Rmer now a gig pm Rel?�tan0ard loan co. Idi c. A no i. Bank bldg. Phone #471 booms?�4. Dials hot i. Savoy a rooms by the Davar area has Marsel. I Ohland Quot inn Motel or Orf Kab a Aerial Winter rat with or it hot it Bath a Iii Mai add Roe Sha Rosenberg hit. Hut and old Hin Peg Aglee the Hudson hotel. 4ih to Fth a the Galveston news Pace 7-Jans, 194s _ engineers of army solve Many problems at front by Kenneth i Dixon Pony had helped hold the town of on the Brelan front Jan. 5 trois Pons for five Days until re d1, up Quot the Engineer he ular info nary troops Sriv a. The frosty tin and they Don t fool engineers had not Given ground around with either that in shout 11 that is prints he Quot we or using every kind of non of la new version of that Sno Leni skid stuff we Cen get our hands hailed of the army shuttling Bridge said sgt. William s Cundiff builder whose trifles in this firs of Durant. Of a Wear using Home army offensive consist chiefly of cinders and some gravel. We Call Enow Lea fog and Aero weather Ithia stuff Chat hut it really la Tina of course they have had a few crushed incidental trifles in the form of in helping on the Job was pee. Wll my mine Shell and bullets hut Ham Casala Fairfield. Conn., who Tho Are Standard occupational used to he a construction Engineer Hazard for combat engineers Quot this is strictly a 24-hour-a-Day Only by working Day and night Job right now a said pee. Ira e to through blizzard and cruel cutting Tus Bristow of Quot everybody in cold have the engineers been Able our company is working i head to keep the roads comparatively off Quot Clear in this offensive they have farther Forward Engineer War improvised Freak Snow lows working with the Moat advanced Breakers and nonskid materials combat elements Clearing the Road they have gone without sleep with of both Man made and natural bag nut food often and kept every Arris. Available piece of equipment in of bom paces in front of the Bull Erat Lon. Dover engineers went afoot Arld and often when they did get a log through heavy drifts and Little regt. It was Only doubled up sweeping the roads with Banjo like in the Corner of some Windy Barr mine detectors to prevent the heavy or War shattered Shell of a building equipment from blowing itto a t Attar Day a baby blizzard a in hidden mine nose n the River and its wrecked it it several Points on the South full blast on this sector of the when the plague first struck of the bulge front. Now drifted across the this sector accidents were a dime Veteran army correspondent in intermittent Snow and under roads. Jamming traffic a dozen the engineers at first were affected by the sight of the Leaden skies that again denied the every available Bulldozer was in were unable to locate anything to martyrdom of once Gay and Beau allies clo air support the g2d action and others were improvised give some sort of tread to the Tifful Budapest. The stately tree air borne division gained up to Juat he of Blade on the deadly curves which lined the City s Boulevard three Miles Southwest of hta Velot front of e truck and called it a Quot then one compare grabbed a have been Cut Down by the enemy in the swiftest push yet made by Sno plow Quot said pvt Earl fro Power shovel and took off into the to make barricades they elated la Den Courtney h Hodge Force gals. A a Quot the ordnance boys Hills found some Rocky sectors Aud judge Thomas m Kennedy will Streetcar were overturned and on the North Fleck rigged up a Winch to raise and started scooping them said open the january term of the shoved into tangle of wreckage to to the Northeast of the a2d the a a Quot and vow Ork of re Quot Cap Robert k William Mobile United mate. District court Here Block russian Tanka and guns Bavy the infantry division forced Aero nft7�&Quot&Quot, �?.� Quot Quot i Lilii t \ a. This morning at la o clock judge it a oct a treat named for the Hun the ambled a River Southwest . Armethi to a in e a a its Kennerly will i panel the grand Rattan Patriot who revolted against hta Velot. Where the germans were i Horn the Cefi Thi. a it to. La w. I and Petit in Rte and handle other Teuton domination 2 by years ago due in and Nafeie i Sanaa in a my a i. _ Karu by k 5 two a in a rarer Home to s 15�?th# skip diet 8 .10-Sunrlm serenade. 40�? anti try fart. 4iv�? new. T not Sun Rte a Tchede. 7 15�?barly Birde to. 7 45�?hew a ooh reveille Roundup. N. -Arvey Light 20 Sun Ria serenade. A.30�?radio Spenia s 38�? behind the new. I Lite Law Whit a 40�?rhythm rally to to nth tora Lawton h. Ira Newa of Tho world h so Flea Aura Paroda Kila and Enro Rea. of lira. N. 10 15�?roetmary. N. To 30�?Star playhouse a to 45�?david Martim n. It Obj helpful Homer 11 15�?behoot of the air to 11 30�? 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I i on Kawa 7 05�?muetcei clock. 7 30 a Newt 7 45�?musical Allock j e not world new c. 15 Oft la record 8 45�? Quot i at a polka i 9 00�?housewives program j # 3o strange Romance c a 45�?melody a How 2 15�?ma Parkin n. 2 30�?pepper you k. 2 45�?r-ght to Hap Peoa. H. 2 ooh Ber Keinge wife n. 2 15�?biali# Dallas. N 3 30�?taranto Jon h 3 45 Widder Brown n 4 of a girl mar Lea of 4 15�? Portia ear. If a 4 30�?just Plain Blit n. 4.45�? front Page Parr Aii h. I to 30�? Bright Hortona c. I 10 45�?aunt Jenny c 11 00�?kola Smith speak. C .11 15�? big bitter c 111.30�?heian Trent c. 11 45�?our Gal sunday c. Of of noon rant rider. H 1s p in. A Hen. Of 30�?mu Ca i Quia i 12 45�?mew# highlight. I i ooh Joyce Jordan c. 1 15�?two on a Clew j. I 30 to be announced i .45�?new# 2 00�?mary Maritn it 1 15�? Irene Beattey v. 2 30 be Hoot of the air c. 3.00 service time c 3 30 be lure store c a Ira Milt Herth Trio c. 4 00�?to b announced c. 4 15 Bing along c. 4 30�?mu la Ute 4 45�? w lid Crne a Road c. 5 ooh Quincy Howe new c. 3 15�?four got health c i no Bally Moore. Bona. C. 6 45�? world at Large new 5.00�?th# world today c. 8 Ion Joseph c Araeh. C. 8 Lff Roundup Boye 8.30�?tune in Tampa. 8 45�?newtcaet. 7 00�?voa pop c 7 w Burn god Allah c. 7.55�?bill Henry Newt o. 4 ooh radio theater c. A ooh Braan Onidi pig yer. C 9 30�?thank# to the tank. C to of Kirkwood show. C. 10 15�?hedda Hopper c to 30�?the world at arge Ici 45 Jerry Wald Orch c. Ii bbl hew11.05�?mualc from Bent c t130�?Lea Brown Orch. C. 12 of Midnight time k\y7�?z 1.720 k 6 on a in a popular maw 5 15�?organatre 5 30�?beaconlighi, 6 45�?popular my air 8 15�?Market rape rat. \20�?popular mimic a so new 8 45�?popular Moalc 7 00�?daily War journal 7 is cheerful Quarter hour. 7 Sny new t 45�?meet the band 7 55�? new oddities a of. Breakfast nub n. 9 ooh my True Story. N. I 9 25 aunt Jemima show n. I 9-30�? popular Moalc 9 45�?woman a opinion n i in not breakfast at Bardl a n in no ii Martyn new n. To 45�?jack Beret n i la 00�?glamour Manor h. It 30�? Hemmer nning 11 43-Star it Porter 12 00 noon do you know 12 15 p m Chuck Wagon 12 30�?th# coff grinder 12 45�?hackharry hotel 12 so Bon of the Plo Naera i on Newt 1.15�?hymn# a i a. I 30�?popular Huaie 1 45�?new# co Roar n i 2 of to a announced. N 2 18�?tnday�?Ta top Tun j a to new 2 45�?popular Huaie. I 3 ooh View the Mew n 3 15�.edie be Bertao n. 3 45�?popular Huaie. 4 ooh the mall Bab # pop new 4 43�?hap Harris a n 3 no Tarry and Pirai Nis die Trier n. A g so Jack Armstrong n 5 45�?fadfclo Midnight n. A non a sports review 8 111�?popular music 8 25�?new summary 8 30�? the on Banger n 7 ooh Tad Malone Oversea n j 7 15�?lu in and Ahner n. 7.30-Blind Date m. Good counterspy. N g 70�?bool Light band n. 8 5ft�?snort Story m 9 ooh Ray Gram swing a 9 is Boh and Liana m. 9 30�? Horae Heldt Tim n. In not new in 15�?comedy and variety n in in new in 45�?saludo Amigo n. Ill not i arid a Orch. N. ,11 30�?club Orch ill bsh Newt report n. January term of w Federal court ill open today lower it and it worked As soon a the mow a a cleared Ala Quot it is pretty big stuff�?2 to i Quot a a Quot Quot Quot Awe wow. A i. F 5 a a a a a a Lwiza by i Bur a for Sale .. In lit it u by me Ami ii Rel my Pel t Jue and handle other Tenter 2m vee., Arr Jennii a a Pfriem Ltd to make b Dani Leroug to inv Ovorn Tingi no a Heel a lure hard nod Flom tile hath matter incident. To Tho opening a Quot it running through the heart of a a Row a a it and. D3t t jobs ind of Fri Quot so Quot p y in til Annii i. No. A a a a Vry of co. J a Sells set a a Quot a a it a a Litz of he lick. F an to Aren from i m p in to 2o clock this afternoon h. Will in a Divi on a up of the were Billy truckload of. N a a a s? a a it Quot Quot Quot it it Prnich to s. Of Usu Rock Una a in Nirvah a a a a i i inn Pra Eliee trial of criminal Cage. Will be Long i he fighting will continue in Mit Hwat of in zot they were up posed to be on. \ r slated at ports 5115 ave. I 2 started by judge a in Ray at i 20 Budapest. Hut All have agreed that Ither of pair by finding is prs or of clock tomorrow morning. Early in Taion of a arts de n a a Lier. In cur real a a ale see w f a a Pend on the outcome of the Batt a m on r Quot is Poe Tiona Over Lorenzt Kim realtor hk.5 Market. Dig in the cloy and a Thih i a few looking the Helm Between. Pm Fth continued from one Westward. Balm and Salt chateau pm a i nine Mileg South of stave lot. And2b Gung it claimed thafor a a pc Fco tinned from at he a Bireme Western end total of la German tank deaf Royed Ninh a ii a enemy a penetration German Rasia Tance was Strong but Leas 106. Unimproved City property or disabled saturday. M were?��?�?, c a Foo fighters Telot a yen hate counterpart a a it n Mao danger zones�5, furnished rooms dip non Nonini Roe Gunti Man with a a a la or fit a act part Vii family Art vat to Frsnco a Privet oath 132 Market in att at t15 t. Munks no Elv rib?�<h8 to kit Frothi bedroom site Cintina Batik 2918 a n Langr Birri y it rom ii bad Mem for rest 2 Sag after so bit Ai it pm pm Man a i in Hilt Roo a is Gattra Eltro hem with sons Oyog Iso Ion Rrt a Msty Reaa Smugi Oyal Tau s a or a a # lit i co by in Cai a Flor g of j Ai an hoi a a a a Nitt Misi it nit Kim Ararat Cor Largo do nil Man. hat. Only s200 Down a can arring to accept a Little a too Down on a few of the new Cha Home in Short View addition. Thebe Hoofer Are Oten Foh inspection Hope View addition la located Between 87th and so the streets and Avn. J and ave. O paved Syreeta the rot shout Galveston Home developers. Inc. Dial 7saa p. W. Neumann in charge for Sale bind Rutial lot eel i air. Q very desirable la for a mall rot i a a a Aret a Porf in tit. To feet by its feet 979# of rash or terms. Tagged in the area Northwest of wl1 a a in than yesterday Ujj in Olsch Fletcher Harris dial 7 911 artillery firing practice will be held from both fort san Jacinto end fort Travie today tomorrow and wednesday. Accords nor to information from the commanding officer of fort Crockett. Firing at fort san Jacinto will _ _ he Between the hours of 2 a. In Ward from the Southern Quot flank a the Mya Terlouw end 12 noon and i to 5 p. In the by Howard w Overy Blakeslee 113. Real estate wanted Budapest in pm orr8b with entrenched jape paralleling reports of the first the push across the Hron put the Quot Force three Miles of army s adv inc on the Northern army within Little More than a a ,0 Miles Northwest of Man Fjanice it a a Pigh Runy officer de Quot Rab mile of Bratislava considered part Sioui reports placed one cur it the pr0fr<>�?z of u in associated press science editor a the a Streav to Vienna and 5 Miles British spearhead Only v5 Miles i Ptg g Patton s third army up s a or1, Tan 7 Germany a East of Vienna itself for Ftp a he fabled City Wsul from the Bouth in Funk new the mysterious i thus while drawing Hack on then Northern Burma chinese a a a get factory Quot hut this was alb Wing Halls that appear danger gone will include a1 the South Bank of Danube they were troops poised manwing Iro Milos in enlarged upon american planes Over Gar area Between two lines which org t heavy enemy counterattack my no end accompany the flyers Nate at the intersection of the and a shifting of armoured Power for to Quot a distance have a counter Galveston seawall and the South on the South showed that von part a recently discovered action jetty the first line extends West of East Ergo but on the a drome and rail and flt St Supply fun Dot it hoped to hold the South of microscopic particle of re Herr Virde m8wtrl at a True North pushing Forward on it North Hank Northeast of mandalas on of the town the Ruee Iana re Allied flyers attacked widely i ported capturing. Karve. La la Miles throughout Burma hitting air 54 amid to big of rent Row posit Side of the River while the it Quot a _ Hubert tsp a Nee a Etc n<1 a tier Small object Muth of 28 degree and the ascend a. The Foo f i of Cee Quot Ain Vaa ten by get 985 4-Roon House to City. P o 114. Mainland property country Home at la Marque five room and hath Home located on one acre t i it Ken k Mill deep Welt Fig West tip of the russian Hron in Southeast China a Hunan and Tromp Quot the Foo fighters Quot appear in three in extend the same distance at Bridgehead. Madar. Is Only five Kwan Gal province the chinese 1 log a on pm formation a fire huh near the tip nor a azimuth of 88 degrees. Mile North of the Danube. Claimed they repelled an enemy at. Reported no a wlng?T a Quot Cham of Quot Halls a Riding i the time of firing at fort Travia German commentator declared tack at one Point while at another a p alone duet in front of the nun will he from i to p. In. The the Battle of Budapest a a Quot a they reported the japanese auf lr.0rm Bastogne its Ruhh and a group of a dozen at a Dis do Nurer on include the area be pro aching its Clima?� but dwelt feed Quot heavy when hit a Vlf on his deeper into Northern appearance of h tween two lines which originals at More on hint of Large acal action by a Mobile column Isje Emburg and pushed within a 1 in appearance or a that Bour of thoum the Rit in Poland american and chinese flyer of a ro1 and half of Quot let a Cornar run n no in a i. I a a in extends Seaward 8<w1 wards at Rel it there has been a sudden and single fighter group in China of the Strong Hoa positions 1 leu North azimuth of Roda marked flare up of soviet Shock chalked up their heat week of theve a Rundstedt hag built up East p?�tt.r-,1 rc8 and the other line extends , in troop it a j Patrel a Tiv to in la by a War to japanese plane destroyed of Bastogne an Mea patterns a of do stance at a True North Catha balance ulan Vistula Bridgehead weal of thay bagged � at the Hankow air the Advance on Wuu a from blvd Luo. 840.00 monthly Dee the new Micro Cople aim tub of to degrees. On both firing areas Mariner Walker it a Large beater garage i ate bom a pm Rene 3 33m must be sold real Lata in a insurance phone 4aa to Baa c ity#7 #041144 51 a i 9bi.f wee to Art ate Nom for a area it 4 eel re Phan tsi or�im4m a a Geiri Jiaan. Mrk aet eat 4w of i #118 a we i 881 b Mim fee. A Etie Ieese it it still reset pm a Gay in til i own Home league at c it Itta m v la i at 0im�44 a of no by to go pm Lins Komi i Facht Mhz a Tulia Ebizer a i fete Rob gentleman referent okrbna�4 Budr Tim Rob Ija Oiin Beth Felt 291$ n her a Ell Boll Noee m i m m rear boo i High role end Ben a tars Bel breakfast my >4 Hind Bath plot Keew of $ to Rte room an balk a unto Puel end Pepo Wilt _ tvs Mitt r a fated on Corner lot 1. Soo 18 it. A. C. Clason Goa Root avidin re anew and about if1 mile South Drom the Southeast where the Aoth Over a Quot orb they ii Deec riled in in _ of Warsaw col. Ernst von Ham a a a a a a a ran the Village of Dahl dub trial end engineering chem my refer to us and o. Chart no Mer. German military commentator. The German tried Only one i by. In an Bitte Hyp Fra net f Josl a Aid Ift a broadcast from Berlin ten oat it. From counterattack veet Arday in g a i n a to Lucas of the Bell Telephone lab a a a Thia sector of the russian line _ pay i _ to third and this was beaten oratories. Inc. New York City in Poland approximately 88 Miles inside it Are attacking Rohr wider. Hack with the to of at least Aix the particles appear in pair Northeast of Krakow is one of the Only Aix Miles from Hagenau. Enemy Tanka near Parlange. At 5? to it Rry up they Are in 804 i Lull pm Hill Niu the of int him a 4olnlng Bath emptied lady phone 2 a a lag with Kins re i 11 twin ibid or in i on up drcmi4i Bede to Prevete Horn pm pm pm a preferred 1124 by lift run i Iii his Ani Quot in at he Sroc i on bite her Hong die Fener to i won or bean reman re phone Iii 111# it Mihi m Mimi to i i Afif i bedroom. Pit. It Bath la quiet adult Beni Elan Coom to there Beth gentlemen or Empim-1 Ai no of Kiu Ihm i lit. Of fins to Lee. Or gent men Ceil evening or Eoy a to Suo Dep. Ai Quot Gers 3 771, 87. Room and boar Bungalow by owner kit Mem and breakfast room j hard Tekl flier. A. Steam r Artta tor full int reasonable. 2911 evil is a 4 la can. Hath a a a it a. A or Ald Lafr Lori Ihm m pm of la to. Run Era a �mfiw likeliest Spring boards for the win Nineteen Miles South of Traa the Bottom of the Box seven mile Ter drive which Moscow has prom Bourg the germans brought 15 out heat of Wilt. Iced will surpass anything yet seen tank across the Rhine and Recap a a. A a bin arge Aik room and hath Home in on the Eastern front tured Neunkirch. A correspondent Berlin asserts the soviet command Back from the front said French Beautiful tree and he rub Chick a concentrated three infantry and civilians a Ere Clearing out of 8traa Rhone Man Bouse garage Wash House three tank armies in the Branom Bourg a City of 200.000. _ Price la Kami of Cash #1500.00, bal Bridgehead and has another Infan-1 the germans threw in four new Slier 8v1.iw per month. Dee Walker heal estate a insurance phone 4aa Tiaa City for Sale i a 4 arum f. Of in a k. Mom i Sam Numi 4i a it 4 in hum. With Lurn teed ears . Ruth turn. He a a Bra try army in Reserve. The germans attack North of Strasbourg the predict that the russians will at strongest of which wag by at least otters Eddie Lambert Otter. Rapid motion due apparently to electrical Force inherent in the liquid in which they Are photographed the weather data by c s. Weather Burna. A a. I Talt a at 720 p in. Cwt in All Ceca on larger particle gun 7. 1943 whoa bulk might he likened to an air plane dominates one or Morel smaller particles both attraction precipitation temperature last 2 i Kow and German Silesia. East of Huna Pach. Five Miles South Herman Otter Alta Loma died within a close distance dispatches from Moscow sail if the French Frontier City of i at 8 20 o clock yesterday morning touch the big particle mated that 40 per cent of Budapest a Ornburg at the John Sealy Hospital. He was was in the hands of the army far to the North in Eastern hoi Horn aug 4. 1843. In Texas City. Glow. They do posses electrical after ten Dave of fighting inside land the germans crossed the mans Beaida his parents he is eur charge which conceivably under the City. The combined forces of in company strength and Stab Rived by two sister Bettyjo Hill the right conditions could cause marshals Feodor Tolu Hutn and itched a hid Gehbad which 44 As and Dolor Otter of Jota Loma. Them to alow with the kind of Rodion y St by As fast in i 1 a us Wii Pton do in run iu�i.4 Quot Tot at in by a i a tured More than 1700 Block of German communique located the Robinson of Alva. Tex. A pm jct dealt Den Atod lie. b us a building in the flaming capital. Of him and Board Foh a few tit Loo mock from Todd 4v a All a ing ton Hoth. 2211 c rfhl4 and in Aki Taikina d Tianren at Peon i-�2 apply 44 i f i i it at f e town and heart 1113 i 88. Housekeeping rooms Mill mom a r Marr. Tar a re. Terr sad Ikhi #7500 Osmi be a Trio i Iii Par 4 or Oran tir pm and hath it full Rev rat re 54loo a v re a Irrma on All Tiara 44 n Zinn in hour Nett bad 9091 for Sale Nortoft St f or Var Edth i Ai r. F Tao full Tot Aith Ina ii room Nam a 4 roam two a a and id Rona Hon. Redial Par a it ath. 111 too rut Lane. By is % pm uni she d raping a skua in Man Light hot at. £318 Alt la pm in it a Fletcher Harr 18 dial toe 11 8ellinc out 9 of monthly and i p f fit Notri Kumi of a la Lino i in Mari in. Vol Unwala. I mix his hit hark. Ilig Hwa. Isio Iii heart. Highway 110 310. Horti Erk. Kiwi Road 854929 Mil Hrtko. Nill Road to Arr. Mytr Wrork mag Hay frat is acpt. Ilttre Hrnek. Hot Host fool. a of a other Small tract la ii. 41 14 hot Thi 4 Lani pm. 2-5871 Tol Buskin appeared to stalled the German hungarian re Iho a Lief expedition which lunged from the Northwest Leat week on a in Bridgehead it Wane urn 26 Miles funeral services will be held at have 91 of the Allied base at kind 2 o clock this afternoon at the Alta n German patrol stabbed Aggro p sively into Canadian positions to w quote in approximately 28 Mileg from but nor a along the Aal River Dabeet attempts of the trapped _ a front dispatch declared that nazi Garrison to break out of the German resistance in the belgian Iron ring around Budapest Alto have been frustrated bulge had taken characteristic a the Moscow reports told of Rug yield von run Dat it struggled Alan Confidence that the German 0 put �rc8 Wib a a command would fail to save it a in �.Ute Back to the re sch Cut in estimated nine division inside by Quot b Ace. Tery. Alvin. 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Change room wednesday after # microscopic Latex particles in the scientific reports available before the War. But in Uch a Field the Static electricity on a moving balloon and a on a moving plane might account both for the Bright glow and the queer attraction which brings the Foo fighters Quot close to a plane. Texas stations m1 Low hours Abilene 33 99 Amarillo 148 31 Soh Austin a it 44 sos Brownsville 7ft #4 i 9 Coran Christi to aft 9 9 Elpaso 80 33 a a a fort Worth is 41 a a # Calverton 82 a i 9 9 a ban Antonio 8# 44 a a a a 9 9 Othar rest tons Albuquerqu a 53 St a 9 9 Atlanta 54 43 to Chicago 28 Denver aft 31 1 a Dodge City 34 33 9 a do Moines 38 t Helena 50 33 by Huron 3ft 9 o # Kansas City is 38 9 it now York 38 30 t North plan 48 a j Oklahoma City 53 33 j Salt Lake City 47 34 in seat la 44 f Sheridan 47 % t Williston 9 fur the 24 hour ending Ai t to p an c4vtl Jan 7, 1945 temperature highest 82. Lowest is average. Is Sun Moon and tide. Jan. It. A Bunn 9 14 re Moony i. 2 58 a m t,� High i2 12 Low. 7 24 a t aft it. 8 38 p. M Moon. 2.31 #. Re i in sad i a p. And 8143 a it of i. P. J. Bellew Raport or condition of 44. L. 9iikid4 a ii4ipanv, Han hers i at the clo of Bustard a. 30, 1944. Ansten Tim Loon demand loan. United stat government Bond Schlankey amp White Rene mutter or. Tim ave n phone ? Psi immediate Possession no. 2817 q Ano rear engr sunni raid milage balk. f Moi Lino la rear damaged fryre�4nooo. Ooh. And 40 in in r room la Vii r.4 Oil Goon con a a a Quot Quot ten Aux and Devan Tave. Change room wednesday . La India Mien. 11-?��?� Don i arc foundation. Dairy born Bank of the Danube and since Fri capture of la Roche would make noon at 3 o clock according to1 forc Ftp loped is tremendous Wmk a and com Abed other , the a nation there apparently untenable the position of German Ste o h brow i on Jan 15 of a a a apparent Vano a if ample and 0,. Deep in afr Ivyll. Furniture. he been stalemated. Forces still bitterly resisting the Fleer and director for the eau account for an attraction furniture and fixture. Chicken no. A in�br, rur a la. Urn in. My t a Quot Chi it imm no. Hon for 531,. Pest Eastern half of the City bit its of the belgian bulge too along at High Speed As a captive Bank r Witt Iem iter. Combat f0rc#d the Natl in the Bou he the Una cd wan 18 meeting of an a a plane. Siuw a Ofili. Of own a. U. It i i Ider enl Garrison to give ground Stead third army punched out one mile the Galveston wants club will the late particles have the Hitchcock. By Malinovsky in armmand in Gam along a strongly defended meet tomorrow at 12 15 of clock at consistency of Jelly Beans. Yet 220 Slat he dial mss this sector has hacked deep wedge three mile front from three to Aix the Jean Lafitte hotel when John the orc a of attraction Are great i i.oc.594 83 3 450.450.59 pm Tate. Guar anti hide. Inal ram i. Chum Atai rim male a Nike new Nve Boom b met re in a Leeping porch. Til Bath a of Drain with Chin a prewar fixture a to Modem rom ,Enre we kept Yard and beet fully Glen Interior mull tee to appreciate $400000 Down balance Ebay Terma. Call to for appointment total ebon i-1 is i eur rent modern it a nicked be Emge a Iudin Tao income property at do Kinson Ronith nution to Miriam court and Rani five room and Bath up fair. Four room at i hath downstairs with furniture Lynu attn Highway North of dec Ken Emir Arxty . Furnished a madmen Winter rate Hon 3 1132. Rom Rale six room two store r a Roth lat. 70j bout a re a Bolh 13�3 ave m $3750 1750asb Oldie nation Liv i no bedroom 00 Mon a my by a a ,42k 0 k irl4ntt Hufh Nom Large r Inlet Noti Fallt naii�?t440 ntiiii4 11 4411 Iii. A paid Mil View court to de be a. And Tih . A a or Tapir tent located on Caton and weat of Bastogne a another p Kaiser county probation officer Nouh ,0 that when a no of them 24 hour passed without a major 4vtu be the speaker. Or. Kaiser Toucha another the big one suck a real estate for Sale Ermar. Attack against the Ameri will speak on juvenile delinquent Little on inside its own body. A. Run positions in Thia sector. By Quot Joe Hood will be program this actual Contact and Coalescence 114. Mainland property doughboy advances on the North chairman. Gug a Amundsen or. Occurs 0i.v occasionally. G e i flee try pm rim nth Elery dlr Refl Gergor a Highway 75, end or. Located 3127 a by renin Ere threatening von Rund c h a i r in a n of the committee to ,.l,rh.,0hk.hvh"y?z, two Nav a a pc i la we ils fun court no Highway Tea a a a a a a., a Erk to by Tel City Jun Ripon phone pro 1, to in 5 my furnished . Thia place a -1 Ruh Aion o not la turn tenant App y Ftfi a _. A _ n. Wood r Henry Barni. o ov8�?~ 8800.00 or month. Price three room apart of St in Phi u1t1. 17000.00, earns term. Xii Horn new r Horn tid phone ill Nyk huh ii it w after 7 in. R in big a 2 no and top a a Quot a a him Uura income a a per sunday. J month ground apply 232 ave o Rilk kale by 111 Nib if i Nill. Tar Corner lot wed end with four i room High a in de cottage with modern convenience 2 11 4td do not la turn j tenant Ellen 2 7 34 Akca Iua a heal his a 3ft Rea urge modern four room Hon and two porch Good barn with co Aemi door. A water. ctr atty completely fur to few a sets of min to in 441 git a. S Mas a in i Ahad Iii 8.124 Ann. Five cottage fully furn thed. A #11 i a a Hoffa of i a Mon a $7,500 in c t a a a a i one furnished duplex. Completely i Ettra. A a us a which the enemy front re and Junior High school essay con in collision Toi Riat i Arina a Light. As. Water fun routed 17 week working couple gentleman trailer Pace Bower laundry room $3 weekly Chon 2 1363 Dee Walker heal-.mutc a insurance phone she Taxa City with terms. Teste the winners their parents fall and judge of the contest will be liabilities demand do posit of individual. Partner Alp and corporation. Tim Deposit of individual partners help and Corpora a Hon. Depoliti of Bank. Public fund of Tat coun the. School do tract or other or Muntel palette. Other Deposit certified and a a a Mer Check Etc. Other ugh Loltie. Reserve. A net with of firm. It 783 840 37?� 1 914 43 45.35ft of 9 471 581 54 2.411 34 not .�9s 1 til 813,711 82 $ 8,883 10 i 3 $83 334 it 2 481.127 52 i 73 89 28 so 409 24 50.54 2 83 23 873 92 9.880.484 57 a total of 1270 damage wast caused last night to automobiles driven by j. Murello and Paul Niel j a j Forb. Cd her of the Abov son when the two vehicles were in no a Bauk. Do Omniya i air that the total. $24,813,711 83 stat of Tex county of Gale Toa. q4% a 4inf r Kim 4 ut4 r non on half Block Beach and new pier Abow a. Linen Tull Ltd Fumu hed. Children kid. $8 00 and $10.00 weekly Vai ant. Rur a . I Koi hat 44 Ell built to air lad House Xix room Bath fares lot 3$xtm apply 5823 k phone Nat left Ideal daily it up $4500 to at ass i Tractive term. Call 3501 la Marque two Mem Mhz apartment. Foh Aai Iii. At Muni. Pho Pekov. I if tar Tari i the it i f Roum apart mint. Tit tilt Low turn abcs private Bath and Entrance phone 8-8148, a a. ,. Huml Beai tipi la five Tooma of t a Corner of 37th and ave o. 2 full Houe. Arr. Investment Riva room 2 &Quot"j�?~8 pro Mann a a j1corn r land three room rent on Jav it with Largo two Story building in the Cor ill other bargain plot of ground. I nil containing arg modern apartment Fjor Tom a modern tile Bath and Abow on of 61 read enl Corner Quot a Apa and living Quarter it Are acre four room Light Ria and 7875 Foueti House old hut att Battilla at Quot. other buildings aul City Waler two array Large five room read for immediate occupancy Abl or various Type of Busine Thia h Uniac Large Tot. Centi ill located the handled for a Little a $709 89 1 Hole place a of properly or right Arall Modem Homcha with built la Aan a a a Barty now in he Alnease Ion or or real i urea priced id soil a pm term a a oat rom 5 yer. La Marque. A vol pcs i already he was forced to five room fully Fumia hed mod Back on secondary roads for lat i lest of the club a in House Well lolled. Miso with aral movement As the americans % a it Good terms immediate pow Simlon ripped up his positions along his family welfare on Baul. Main East West route on the North. A meeting of the Board of direct Iii. Oxx a a it above Tat int to True Quot to the seat of Earl a Wyatt Fro�nv. Tor of the family welfare bureaus id p my a a a ill Rirs Saghia. A a to pm Roche first was slashed will be held tomorrow at 10 30 according to the police report sworn to and Auba Erblad Brafor a the Tel. 160. Or How in a daring Blois yesterday by of of clock it Veax announced by mrs the it Ca driven by Murello was pro. 8th Day of ill Texas City m7 Texas ave. Sam Hogan a famed task Force George colder executive seer retd lip emt on f when it collided notary Public in of for Olav to. Of the third armoured division Ary. With the Ca. Driven 80uth Alon some eight Miles North of Houff. A a Ltd a 24th by Neilton county. Tex in Privet Home Tull Ilca and Linen furnished walking a Latonea of town near 6u line Call 479# i at v at ated i one and three room a part Manta Kris Dalte All Bills up sir. Lure Apa and living Quarter Ihrcke Arras Btl Ahi id ran Wilcom Appie a a gift 24th Down Atair a. Two two room a is him gift in iroc in Box private Bath Ute Lutler fur malted apply Hio k or phone 2 4329 five room House on Choice Corner 8 9 9 Aliss Hub of von Rundstedt a whole Hess club m to the Murello ear a the Galveston chess club will a a a a a car is a. Estimated at $185 and that to the moving hold Ita meekly meeting tonight a by. Belgian position. Other forces possibly e , Poesy Oil moving i it a on Auto $85. It was said by is by Odiegene Gokh gee is Hall. Atad at police officer. W. Cunningham any ran he dire Miles West Cut across the a lat and re a by do and John Stumpf jr., who Investi-i9 Down torm Road West of where it joins with k h Frieden All adult chess a at m we we Nln Verc Inion Bia inv Lynh Lent it i and Bua Lnae Hen Lee a Purdy. In by wed Hanna. For a 191 44 f smi.4 in it no Hauae. Four bador ont. Large Hack Yard Well arranged for either Home a Rooming House two Rar is i be with apply i re he. And two room garage spa Romant. J Cam rally locale quiet neighbourhood on i,.,. Of f,l8er. Well constructed horns Large by it ill o a Omri nation immediate Popae Eann Small Down Pax h Crit. And breakfast Nook cloth ment and balance of de Call not Mai t a a a Prupis p804r u old i manna hen81 i a i flick in a turn i room ii it s i Mil i la apartment feel Pel tie Bath Ert Eldair it Allilea fur called Fin no a month. 3724 Iyih Pat airs. Ill room Hoine acre of Gro and fenced Aero from school apply 314 North Logan Tex City height. Nil hoo41 hoi of claimed in m n Porctia. There acre land located on Alvin Highway y mile oui of Hitchcock coins rant la Annor non in phone or a clix Dickinson Tex. _ joins with i on leading up North from Houff Pla get it a interested Are invited. We have Iola of inquiries a Home. And a luf a third his Hwan crosser a u i cat till. A Varan a i your. Quickly of the prior la right. N i it Gnu a vvh1>kv making i was forced St in undefined Point 57 i to hoi land London Jan. 7. Up whisky Dis in the seme ares Washington. Jan. 7. In limited stilling hts been resumed in North-1 these heavy blows left Only one mail service to a portion of the Eri Ireland on the basis of one main East West Highway open for Netherlands will begin Jan 15, third of prewar output. Three Crank German Divi Alons fight postmaster Genera Frank c. Walk -----------0 a ii new i n ii. Id i 1 a Meta or in British in the a Vettern Sec or announced today although the Yak s shoulder High rend in acre on had Urf be Road tor and this was menaced by the a often measure More than six feet member Federal Deposit i surant 1 tqutre7paul Loest Iob uric aaa a t few tithe us Ltd states third army fighting weapons win Battle a War Bonds from the ground its head almost corporation Plum 33m aits Lorn. A no More than two a a a Sway from buy weapons. A we 4w Jureal estate Stafford ill 8th phone 4 texan 1 in n a Hufi on he a a i a no of buy War Bonds and War Stamps today the first National Bank of Alvoston 22nd and Avenir b Galveston Texas touches the dirt

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