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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - January 8, 1945, Galveston, Texas Merchandise rooms 72. Wanted to buy 91. Unfurnished apartments wanted to buy downtown apartments a thru Sinh loan a. A a a Quot i a 8a Angl a furnished its in Good clean Raga no Button suit an 1 j51 0, including utilities. 42m 2it a Bio for wining purposes. Bring to Street. Tenants need not he War workers. News Tribune office tuesday Hanna he Folk Purdy wednesday or thursday. I five room i Dpi him sized apart re Pound real estate for Sale 105. Improved City property i ment for couple with infant child. Conveniences. 4719 Broadway. Ail for Sale 2 a lots on Corner with for Nult Brick apartment and two other dwellings. Desirable investment. For All particulars to a it eds on e Chi sch or farm three room apartments. $411. I to �?~f1 Bell 3 feet diameter. Call 2-9429, calves j45 50, including All utilities. Gas Range Choice lot on paved Avenue $1,500. Ton Tex i furnished. Tenants need not he War work i Atrit Tryr a a Era. Southwest Corner at 23d and ave Chas. La. Kellner highest Price paid for All kinds p.2 Hanna. Henslee a Purdy. used furniture and household goods. _2307 Mechanic St phone 1-722 phone 2.131s. Model furniture co. Trek room apartment with a z 303 Rosenberg. I rage eight blocks from town. Four blocks re Irr. 1 from Beach references required. Box 153 Balliet furniture store Isis news Tribune. Market Tiye and Sells All kinds House i hold furniture. Including radios sewing machines ice boxes. For Quick Serries Call 6403 for Sale wanted to Btl Bath tips. A Eina. Sinks Brest Lin the plumber. 521 24th phone 6922 poultry eggs pet Stock 74. Pets 1678 ave. A private residence neighbourhood two and three room apart an Opportunity to own a a 132.50 to $50 00, including for Salby Canary Birds. Singers $10, hens $2 mrs t. J Seay $301 Broadway. I hone 6422. One year old registered Cocker Spaniel phone 8060 after i p. In ment $32.50 to $50.00, including All utilities. Tenants need not be War worker. Hanna. Henslee a Purdy. Huh 40ttsf two unfurnished apartment All modern conveniences. Apply 1902 41 at. 7702 a v a. Two Imi three room apartments from $36 to $61.00. Including All utilities. Gas Range furnished. Tenant need not be War worker. Hanna Hein Slee a Purdy. Real estate for rent 92. Unfurnished dwellings me Home 4-room cottages newly painted new Asbestos roofs Good repair. Southeast Corner s4th ave. In initial payment $500.00, balance like rent. Call our office for appointment and full particulars. J. L. Boddeker amp co. Us ?2nd Street phone 2-4442 77-a livestock duplex centrally located Fok rent a Beautiful 2 and a bedroom houses Complete with de luxe to property has been completely Ren i electric refrigerator and Gas Range. Con inside and out. Constants 2 oni Mimm my Pom Saif 4 ii in lenient to school churches and shopping apartment 4 rooms Hall and Bath a a t on rets Siree beautifully landscaped each and garage. Mealie located at 2318 a Werth Jogan Texas City Heights. J Gnu Harbor. Texas City phone Uto. J ave. K. Easy walking distance from rown. Ruth apartments now vacant self you want to occupy one them you get in five 2�?~,-year old filly Hai e k bedrooms. dimm a lock subject registered Breeding sell at room and Kitchen electric ice Box and Guy m,3 a i inf a a Kkt Rifle broke to ride priced and shown stove furnished to hath hot and cold ski. R $0, radio Kotec 950 k 6 a . Home to 6 16�?th sky Pilot. 6 .30�?sunrise serenade. 6 40�?poultry farm. 6 45�?news. 7 00�?sunrise 84renad. 7 16�? Early Birds to. 7 45�?news s ooh reveille Roundup n. 8 15�?arvey Light 8 20�?sunrise serenade 830�? radio specials 8 35�?behind the news. 8.40�?lew White. 8 45�?rhythm rally to. 9 00�?ixira Lawton n. 9 15�?new the world n. 9 30�?pleasure Parade. 9 45�?hit and encores. 10 00�?Road life n. 10 15�?rosemary n. Iodine Star playhouse n. 10 45�? David Harum n. I ooh helpful Homer 11 15�?school the air to. Ll30�?rum Morgen Orch. I14.�?T>�?serves program. To. 12 noon new 12 15 p. Judy and Jan. 12 30�?news to 12 45�?red Hawks to. I ooh Newt i 15�?today s children. I 30�? woman in White n. I 45�?judy Ana Jane 2.00�? woman America n. 2 15�?ma Perkins n. 2 30�?pepper Young n. 2 45�? right to Hep Meea ii. 3 00�?backstage wife n. 3 15�?relit Dallas n. 3 30�?lnrento Jones n 3 45�?widder Brown n 4 00 a girl marries n. 4 15�?portia faces life n. 4 30�?just Plain Bill n. 4.45�?front Peg Farrell n. N 5 00�?the Goi Sherg n 5.15�?the guiding Light n. 5 30�?life can be Beautiful. 5 45�? newscast. 6 f0�?supper club n. 6 15�?news the world n. I 30�?col Landers to 6 45�?headliners to. 7 00�?cavalcade am. N. 7 30�?concert music n. G00�?telephone hour n. 8 30�? information. Pleas v 00�?contended hour n. 9 30�? or. I. Q. N. In ooh news. 10 15�?sports the Day. 10 30�?her Knees Wash n 10.45�?10-2 4 time 11 00�?h v. Kattenborn n 11 15�?St. Louts serenade n. 11 30�?three 8una Trio n. 11 45�?lee Sims n. 11.55�?news n. 12 00 Midnight time. Teh. 720 k 6 00 a . 6 05�?livestock reports. 6 10�?musical clock. 6 30�?tennessee hoedown. 6 45�?m Osteal clock i room news. 7 05�?musical clock. 7 30�? news 7 45�?musical clock t ooh world new c. 9 1-5�?off the record. 8 45�?"let�?Te polka 9 00�?housewives program. 9 "0�?strange Romance c 9 45�?melody showcase. 10 00 news highlights 10 30�?bright horizons c. 10 45�?aunt Jenny c. 11.00�?kate Smith Speaks c 11 15�?big sister c. 11 30�?helen Trent c. 11 45�?-our Gal sunday c. 12 00 noon Range riders. 12 15 p. In a news 12 20�?mud eel Quia. 12 45�?new highlights. 1 00�?joyce Jordan c. Only by appointment phone 2-41t4 financial water near airbase. Phone 2-6351. 93. Furnished dwellings Sale and ran be handled on terms. E. C. Lason guaranty bldg. Phone 4223 1 15�? two on a Clew c. 1 30�? to be announced. 1.46�?news 2 00�?mary Milln c. 2 15�?irene Beasley c. 2 30�?school the air c. Look service time c 3 30�?feature Story c. 3 4�? Milt berth Trio c. 4 00�?to b announced c. 4 15�? sing along. C. 4 31�?music macs. 4 45�?wilderness Road c. 5 00�?quincy Howe news c. 5 15�? your Good health c. 5 30�?sally Moore. Songs c. 6 45�? world at Large news. 6 00�?the world today c. 6 10�?joseph c h Arach c. Smay Roundup boy 6 30�?tunes in Tempo. 6 45�?newscast. 7 00�? Vox pop c 7 30�?burn and Allen c. 7.55�?Bill Henry news ii 4 00�?radio theater c. 9.00�?screen Guild players c 9 30�?thanks to the Tanka c 10 00�?kirkwood show c. 10 15�?hedda Hopper c. 10 30�?th world at Large. 10 45�?jerry Wald s Orch c. 11 on news c 11.05�?music from West c. 11 30�?le Brown Orch. C. 12 00 Midnight time Kava 1320 k 6 s in. A popular Muath. 5 15�?organises. 5 30�?beaconllght. 5 45�? popular music. 6 15�?Market reports. 6 20�?popular music. .130�? news 6 45�?popular music. 7 00�?daily War journal 7 15�?cheerful Quarter hour. 7 7 45�? meet the band. 7-55�?news oddities 8 00�? breakfast club n. 9 00�?my True Story n 9 25�?aunt Jemima show n. 9 30�? popular music. 9 45�? woman a opinion n. 10 00�?breakfaat at Sardis n 10 30�?011 Martyn news n. 10.45�?jack berth n. La 00�?glamour Manor n. La .30�?homaaptnninga. 11 45�?star reporter 12 00 noon do you know 12 15 p m a Chuck Wagon. 12 30�? the Coffee Grinders. 12 48�?hackberry hotel. 12 50--son the pioneers. I. Ion new. 1 15�?hymns we love. I 30�?popular music. 1 45�? news Corner n 2 ooh to be announced n. 2 15�?today�?Ts top tunes. 2 30�?news. 2 45�?popular music s ooh views the news n 3 15�?ladles, be seated n. 3 45�?popular music. 4.00�? the mall Bah. 4 30 a news 4 48�?hop Harrygan n. 8 00�?terry and pirate n 5 15�? Dick Tracy a 5 30�?jack Armstrong n 5 45�?ca rain Midnight n. 6 00�?new sports review. 6 18�?popular music. 6 23�?news summary. 6 30�?th Lone Ranger n 7 00�?ted Malone oversees n 7 15�? and Abner. N. 7 30-Blind Date n. 8 00�?counterspy a 8.30�?spotlight bands n. 8 55�?short Story n 9 00�? Ray. Gram swing n. 9 15�?bob and Hen n 9 30�?horace Heldt time n. To ooh news 10 15�?comedy and variety n 10 30�?news. 10.45�?8aludo Amigos n. La ooh cleric a Orch. N. La 30�?club Orch. 11 65�?new report n. The Galveston news Pace 7-Jan. 8, 194s fur Kent i. Tymish Hiki Amer and Winter cottages for tourist and in Nunez 78. Business opportunities visitor on the oaten. Hawkins tour St Camp 14th end seawall Boulevard a time 2-1722 for Sale two Story Frame 2816 ave. Cry for rent a on i Ong Renk Avenue. In Austin Tex rime building 23x95 Brand new five room House. A a a a. Two Stone on lot 23x160. Earn Block As nicely furnished with electric refrigerator?1 a Quot ?�?�17�?T 4 bedroom storm rear Roebuck and them Ann stores a Range Etc $66 or per in nth Cai Asbe toe roof. Excellent Loea Lime let Possession a o. Ferris mrs. Crolley Texas City. 1170. T,0�?o�?T realtor 207 Nash building Austin Tex a a a for rent five room furnished House for two mocha modern. Mis 18th. Phone 5888 by saturday noon. 80a personal Loans $5.00 and to a signature Only a confidential Auto Loans Fulton company who american Natl bldg. Quot on the 9th floor Quot eur Kent a two room furnished Hon no children. Apply 4913 0. 104. Wanted to rent do Noy Kab tenants Fletcher Harris dial 2 6811 january term Federal court ill open today wanted to rent or a Kasey Monett three bedroom House four adults permanent resident. E Aid Holliday phone 6795 Loans $5 Ano up your signature Only under new Matt Cement Standard loan co. 70s 7. A. a Bank Bldr. Phone 9471 rooms 84. Hotels Horn. A a by a rooms by the Day or week 2016 m Merkel. Highland inn hotel a Wolf off or Pha Homes in shorts View add Enecia Winter rat a with or without Beth a in a re or. 2-148 add 211$ Bamberg. On Bridges Veteran red army correspondent in intermittent Snow and under a were affected by the sight the Leaden skies that again denied the martyrdom once Gay and Beau allies close air support the 82d Tifful Budapest. The stately Tress air borne division gained up to which lined the City a boulevards three Miles Southwest stave lot a have been Cut Down by the enemy in the swiftest push yet made by to make barricades they elated it. Gen. Courtney h. Hodge a forces judge Thomas m Kennerly will streetcars were overturned and on the North Flaynik. Open the january term the 8hoved into tangles wreckage to to the Northeast the 82d the United states District court Here Block run Ian tanks and guns. Re 30th infantry division forced across this morning at la clock. Judge Koczy Street named for the Hun the Amblee River Southwest Kennerly will i panel the grander Rian Patriot who revolted against stave lot where the germans were army officer and Wirt Dek i . 4 modern bark Home and lurid a Quot a Petit juries and handle other Teuton domination 200 years ago dug in and expected to make a or modern furnished apartment or turf Hardwood floor tile Bath matters incidental to the opening and running through the heart Strong stand. Nous Perm Aren phone 2 a the new term court. P5. Was lined with the roofless nth a a re a at 2 clock this afternoon he will skeletons blackened buildings. be 3d Are re Call the cases on his civil docket none the russian comment ?2d up z. A t for setting. Tors has ventured to predict How do a re a a Jed to trial criminal cases will be Long the fighting will continue in gout let Miles started by judge Kennerly at 9 30 Budapest but All have agreed that 0 a engineers army solve Many problems at front blk Kenneth l. Dixon Pany had helped hold the town on the belgian front Jan. 6 trois Pons for five Days until Reg delayed up a the engineers have ular infantry troops arrived. The frosty ears and they done to fool engineers had not Given ground around with either. That is about All that is printable a we Are using every kind non the new version that ancient skid stuff we can get our hands Ballad the army a buttling Bridge a on a a said sgt. William Cundiff i builders whose trifles in this first Durant . A we Are using some army offensive consist chiefly cinders and some gravel. We Call Snow ice. Fog and Zero weather. This stuff a Chat a but it really is Fine course they have had a few crushed incidental trifles in the form en-1 helping on the Job was pfc. We Emy mines shells and bullets but Ham Casala. Fairfield Conn. Wha those Are Standard occupational used to he a construction Engineer hazards for combat engineers. A this is strictly a 24-hour-a-Day Only by working Day and night Job right now a said pfc. Ira e. To through blizzards and cruel cutting Tus Bristow . Quot everybody in cold have the engineers been Able our company in working his head to keep the roads comparatively i off a Clear in this offensive. They have farther Forward Engineer were improvised Freak Snow lows ice working with the most advanced Breakers and nonskid materials combat elements Clearing the roads they have gone without sleep with both Man made and natural bailout food often and kept every Ards. Available piece equipment in some paces in front the Bull a ratio. Dozers engineers went afoot Arld and often when they did get a ing through heavy drifts and Little rest it Only doubled up sweeping the roads with Banjo like in the Corner some Windy barn mine Detector to prevent the heavy a 4 or War shattered Shell a building equipment from blowing i to a in. ,. Yesterday a baby blizzard was in hidden mine. L or and 1 s Quot backed it at several Points on the South full blast on this sector the when the ice plague first struck the bulge. Front. Snow drifted across Tho this sector accidents were a dime for Sale roads jamming traffic. A dozen. The engineers at first every available Bulldozer was in were unable to locate anything to action and others were improvised give some sort tread to the a we just Hung a Blade on the front a truck and called it a Sno plow a said pvt. Earl Frost Galax a. A the ordnance boys rigged up a Winch to raise and lower it and it worked deadly curves. A then one company grabbed a Power shovel and took off into the Hills found some Rocky sector and started scooping them out a said copt. Robert k. Williams. Mobile _ _ room tile Kitchen and w anted a three room Al i Niche a apartment by quiet coup no children or can be seen from 3 30 p pet ran week Day. 2 813 on before for i by two pm a played Middle egad ladle four or five cede Awe Aii 5115 ate a a it mom Houe unfurnished hone or Arar it Iune s., n to Tvr a a Piyu Box t 226 a we heave by finding buyers clock tomorrow morning. In Early invasion Austria de the a Quot in advances put the 82d Etier for your real or at w a a a pends on the outcome the Battlo and 3d on Ridge positions Over Lobenb teen , 1905 Market. Dial in City fun Ltd go a few looking the Salm Between veil 2 1745 real estate for Sale 105. Improved City property Only s200 Down we can arrange to accept As Little As at Down on a few the new 106. Unimproved City property for Sale residential lot 4811 Aik. La eight continued from mile. Westward. Page i my 28 guns. It claimed that again total 116 German tanks destroyed a Vine i or disabled saturday $8 were Salm and Sal chateau five to nine Miles South stave lot. Continued from t a Treme Western and Pap the enemy s penetration German resistance was Strong but less agas soon As the Snow was cleared Ala. A it is pretty big stuff�?2 to 4 off these perilous Mountain inches in diameter but it work roads something had to be done and some it can be crushed to about the ice for there Are Sharp do a better Job. We Haven to had dangerous turns overhanging sheer any accidents in a couple Days drops thousands feet. Frost and four his Side kicks were Busy scattering truckloads gravel on the Glassy Corners and curves. They were supposed to be an no t? r�?T10�?�&Quot for their rom. Slated at r Orts firing practice tagged in the area Northwest Bree fronts. Severe battling was Gressis than yesterday. Budapest. In Pingree with entrenched Japa paralleling report the fir to the push across the Hron put the be forces three Miles East army a Advance on the Northern red army within Little More than a a Jim leg Northwest Man Franj a High army officer de Troi �?�7ee.�e rash a term. Hue rooms a hot and Colb run or eur the Hudson hotel 416 s8th it 85. Furnished rooms Tuerk Homes Are open for inspection Shore View addition in located Between 87th and 89th streets and Fletcher Harris dial 2-811 113. Real estate wanted East Vienna itself. Rubes George Patton a third army upward from the Southern flank was a Foo fighters have counterpart in u. S. Discovery danger zones from the fabled City thus we Hile drawing Back on the to Northern Burma very satisfactory a but this was flowing balls that appear along South Bank Danube they were troop seized manwing. 160 Milos not enlarge upon Side american planes Over Ger pushing Forward or its North Hank Northeast Mandalay. Heavy enem v counterattacks Many. And accompany the flyers one the towns the russians re and a shifting armoured Power for distances have a counter ported capturing. Karva is la Miles throughout Burma hitting air West Esztergomi but on the domes and rail and River Supply Manteo 30 Btl or from Poulte Side the River while the ii"8 ? is w k a a rr9�42 to 4rv,m h0um to by p a West the russian Hron in Southeast China Hunan and one from St. Hubert. 15 Miles East Bridgehead. Mad a. Is Only five Kwang. Provinces the chinese Ard to Bastogne As Long As pos claimed they repelled an enemy at 81 artillery firing practice will be held from both fort san Jacinto and fort Travis today tomorrow and wednesday according to information from the commanding officer fort at fort san Jacinto will new York. Jan 7. Germany s he Between the hours 8 a. In new a Loo fighters a the mysterious and 12 noon and i to 5 p. In. The by Howard w. Blakeslee associated Presa science editor on bedroom eur gentleman with ave and ave o a men unset private family in and am private Bath. 1j2� i at a Nora Marks in attractive Home i Ely Al h e but a Beath front had Rstom adjoining both 2618 a n. Lari a it for rant Priori 2 a a i in a 6.30 Miel v it r Nish to Sot the bad room in attract or him with Sholoye Way. Manor Partag maitre Cou ple or a re t Ere r to Ull a Der 8 0 i in Andre a 2 1670 n i ave nil i 4ront Nide from. And Jai it a Bart a i a a Rair Cir Arr rss larg Heater a re a private Horn. a it Mph a Phan in 1971 Bro a la w Al a Large de Vik room in Privet Ham for a it Tieman a re cell Dee Reb urn 7226 paved streets throughout Galveston Home developers inc. Dial 7388 e. W. Neumann in charge 114m�inland country Home la Marque Miles North the Danube. German commentators declared tack at one Point while at another Fri r p 0 r d to the Battle Budapest was a map they reported the japanese auf pro Kress a found Bastogne its 80th preaching its Climax a but dwelt fared a heavy casualties when hit by deeper into Northern More on hints Large scale action by a Mobile column. Luxembourg and pushed within a in Poland. American and chinese flyers a mile and a half Wuu Corner there has been a sudden and single fighter group in China be Strong Box positions i marked flare up soviet Shock chalked up their Best week the von Rundstedt has built up East a Ian a 11 a. Troop and patrol activity in the big war�?80 japanese planes destroyed. Bastogne. Sawn aft Aii Umlas Rush Halar. Re Alan Vistula Bridgehead Weet they bagged 49 at the Hankow air the Advance on Wilt was from a Branow and about 120 Miles South drome. J the Southeast where the 80th Over Warsaw col. Ernst von Ham a it a the Village Dahl Mer German military commentator _ the germans tried Only one said in a broadcast from Berlin. Ten i Contd. From counterattack yesterday against this sector the russian lilt i _a4 the third and this was beaten five room and hath Home located on one acre. Chicken House Windmill deep Well Fig Trees. $4501.00, $1500.00 $40.00 monthly. Dee Walker May refer to us and g. Chart no. 11282. I a Koi Al Mim with two a i prefer rat Hingle Murt be sold or i a pm rapt 806 a. 0>%, Tun in 11 Hall he a an it la 50 12 1�?T. La rear Sauk is High Ruit and is 5 Large Ream Bath. Hros Klaot Nook and real a insurance phone 488 Texas City Home league at City Gas i ast Iii i blah Zeroni Hou 6 Lar it run. Sad reasons huh a Quot Quot a riot Sud Rwy will pal Large six room and hath Home to on the Eastern front Ikimis toed a Hap Frt Ord for quirk sir mar by in to in egr an is in an Cli Titi re it a son 1413 one Al pm Chi d or it him for Light a bus a Pink adjoining Hulk a Sims Drin. Sri is family 2915 n It v Ili it knit mid imm the bedroom adjoining Bath Ann played lady. Phan 2 �?�34of i 9kimhi with thin is in pit at i it in ring Caup # fir a a u Chon s mme. St astr 46600 term e. C. Clason gets Runty Fusil Dong in Poland approximately 65 Miles inside it Are attacking Rohrmiller tack with the loss at least six Northeast Krakow is one the Only six Miles from a amp Gudenau. Enemy tanks near Parlange at likeliest springboards for the win Nineteen Miles South Stras the Bottom the Box seven Miles Tai Driva which Moscow a prom Bourg the germane brought 15 Southwest Wiltz. Ised will surpass anything yet seen tanks across the Rhine and Recap a a it a tured Neunkirch. A correspondent Berlin assert the soviet command Beck from the front Aid French ebon 4223 so no 9 it Nic Exi to it mount Imp him Ami sin in twi roam on by Lri a in to. Dis it Orff Tai for fir Bra he Tefer Eri a i us Bungalow by owner mix room and Hrca fast room Hardwood floors a steam Radiator full lot reasonable. 2911 nv2 on Corner lot Siao 200x125 it Beautiful tree and shrubs Chick has concentrated three infantry and civilians were Clearing out Strasen House it rage Wash House three tank armies in the Baranow Bourg a City 200.000 bal Bridgehead and has another infant the germans threw in four new try army in Reserve. The germans attacks North Strasbourg the predict that the Rua Aiana will at strongest which was by at least the weather data by u. S. Weather burst Ftfe deaths Price 0000.00, Cash $1500.00, Anet $50.00 per month. Dee Walker real estate a insurance plume 4h8 Texas City 1622 cd ti., Iii a mint. Balk newly Khan Den no a Martori $375 00. A i Nim Rufi re a Kilmr Tinl for Sale i a ave. My my and investment otters Eddie Lambert Otter tack from this sector toward Kra a battalion supported by nine tanks 17-month-old son or. And mrs. Kow and German Silesia. East Huna Pach five Miles South Herman l. Otter Alta Loma died dispatches from Moscow Estl Ai the French Frontier City wis at 5 30 o clock yesterday morning mated that 40 per cent Budapest sem Bourg. At the John Sealy Hospital. He was was in the hand the red army far to the North in Eastern hoi Bor i aug 4 1943, in Texas City after ten Days fighting inside land the germans crossed the Maas besides his parents he is sur the City. The combined Force n company strength and Zeetah a a Cpd two Sisters. Bettyjo Hill marshals Feodor Tol Buskin and lashed a Bridgehead which was and Dolores Otter Alta Loma y Malinovsky have Cap under British counterattack. The and a grandmother or. Myrtle lits Umi hot m Nill finn Ihm ii i ,�?T,.&Quot "1-500 h<1 so in i in is balk to Uit so i. Ii bom also room to bar by a my or or Imp Ley #4 Roppi 87 a a 8<��4 in i. Larg Bokr most. Piv Nam "wttl88�im to Quot it by i tured More than 1700 Block Herman communique located the Robinson Alva Tex. I Nour room Ink will i raft Ned. Is statism i an Svon no or Sun no Undy Al. Gars 2 7791 87. Room and Board room and bold Eon a he night a or kor two mock from Wash hot 211 c room Ami soard i i Al i la Ati a walking dust sir ,.f to Fri god is Rhea ass-s672 apply j212 i 88. Housekeeping rooms nicety Al uni shed tight hoi up re roots la town 23th a ii 90. Furnished apartments for rent two 3-room furnished apartments. 4101 ave 8, $40.00 each. Near dark Lnita newly Irr Arnod stirs i it room in a or a tars Horn. It Quot end a nth 8501 . 307 i Quot to nov 4 Lull l he it Nair for it Amer loan. Fly room and Bath or run tax $4200.00, yrs or a a term am All plate. W. N /.inn, phone my and Tot pm re i it in Fletcher harri8 dial 2-6811 funeral services will be held at Selling out $6.00 monthly and i p Idi Notri Hom uni try i ism or la Marque Mil Lowlan. I Ixko m11 Throe a ill Elinav. I i v sail Mali Wrork. Holch Tony 120 x310. Hlor Wrork shrill kid 66 320 Idi Keork. Shall Road to Kerr. Hiir Wrork Highway front is Arr it Tolu in a. Hight a front Al it a a it a it Lorr email to nil _. _ bargains while they laut Schlankey amp White Reno Muller or. No i very Devi Rahr hot with furn hed a Rodion rag Apar Manl. Balk Hon a to roof sit Naiad on Las 84 fart i _ Leal Many Beautiful ire buildings in the flaming capital. Bridgehead at wan sum 26 Miles Tol Buskin appeared to h a v e emt the Allied base at Eind 2 clock this afternoon at the Alta stalled the Grinan hungarian re Bov a Loma Baptist Church with Rev. B. Lief expedition which lunged from German patrols stabbed Daggres Millard officiating. Interment the North Clit last week on a lines vey Canadian Poa Tiona to in Confederate Ceme approximately 25 Miles from but North along the Waal River. Tery it Alvin. A a a for Sale Northwest Orner Soth ave. I two full int with two morn Lions a in 4-room Hon and Ati i room Bons or Neal 8122.00 per month. 811,000. Easy term. Ave. B phone 2-5951 no. 2817 q Ano rear immediate Possession ten Dap eat. Attempts the trapped a front dispatch declared that Milum funeral rate a for Alfred nazi Garrison to break out the Lee in Man resistance in the belgian p Metier former employee the ivs i in had taken on Iparco Rurh to Nhou Lon breweries who died in to Jiron ring around Budapest Alk in Rea a Uard pie Tex Friday Moraine were held there have been frustrated As Field Marsha yesterday afternoon. He a a 55. I the Moscow reports told Rua eld von Rundstedt struggled a Sian Confidence that the German 0 p ack Bia forces with h command would fail to save it in ,0.ute Back to the Reich Cut in �o-n., in. R estimated nine division inside by i a. Hripto pm. 2-5871 Doest just is it at Stalin a Tebei american forces a few is / ump la or let Miles West where the Highway Ever a ,ct�lhhttbpttoh0x a Haf Milas the High the annual meeting the Gal close t0 a i Vav up \ it from Ruh. Thea Way enter la Roche after gains Veston Cotton Exchange and Board. A a reported re or i Tion Quot he Anitllo the West near a 8 mlle Quot hich in us fed Trad be held in thex it i 1 a con 11 n 0 be capital on the wee Render a and . A. 7, in he microscopic Latex Nar a Cut drove to within three and Cotton Exchange aures High and four mom re us in Flag Bali. Str to Drutar a land. All fenced. Four $4806 0. Only Siatt rash pit room 11 a a Story on Good con ,i0n or the capita1 on the West Render a and Devan Tave. A i change r 00m a Vedner Dav after Lin he microscopic Latex particles . Ini lading l Ira Don err a foundation. Good Dairy barn Bank the Danube and since Fri capture la Roche would make noon at 3 clock according to ithe Force eloped is tremendous. Danger zone will include All the area Between two line which originate at the intersection the Galveston seawall and the South part in recently discovered action i jetty. The first line extends 10,000 microscopic particles rubber Yards Seaward at a True North Al Latex and other Small objects. Muth 25 degrees and the second the a Foo fighters appear in three line extends the same distance at formations a fireball near the a try North i Quot auth 55 degrees. a Wing a Chain Ball Riding the time firns it fori travi8 along just in front the plane a from i to 4 30 p. M. The and a group a dozen at a Dis Dan or Kon includes the area balance. With an appearance a line which originate at Christmas tree tha Bol Var llfhth�ur8. The first no commonly known elect Cal inf stands Seaward 5000 Yard. At phenomenon explains this diver a tru lu., 11 a. Grees and the other line extends sol i Quot p in or be same distance at a True North shown in the new microscopic a2imuth 1w degrees work they Are described in in in both Firin area it Midrib re Dua trial and engineering chemistry in an article by Francis. Lucas the Bell Telephone laboratories inc., new York City. The particles appear in pairs Chaine and groups. They Are in rapid motion due apparently to electrical Force inherent in the liquid in which they Are photographed in All Case one larger Par whose bulk might be likened to an air plane dominate one or More smaller particles. Both Tatrai within a close distance never touch the big particle. A these Little Quot Foo parties est do not glow. They do possess electrical them to glow with the kind Light described for the �?ofoo-fight-Era the germans have found a Way to produce electrical forces Over a Large area corresponding to those which exist naturally in the Latex solutions then it is conceivable that their a Foo fighter a Are Small balloons. How such a huge electrical Field could be produced is not described in the scientific reports available before the War. But in such a Field the Static electricity on a moving balloon and on a moving plane might account both for the Bright glow and the queer attraction which brings the a Foo fighters Quot close to a plane Ever sunday Jan 7. 1945 precipitation temperature Lait 34 Tex stations h51h Low Bour Abilene 33 a. I Amarillo 56 31 a. A i a actin 65 44 a i Brown Ville 75 54 a a a corp Christi to 55. A i Elpaso 60 33 a a a i fort Worth 51 41 a a a i Galveston 62 61 1 san Antonio 68 44 a a a 0 0 0 other station a Albuquerque 53 27 a. Atlanta 54 41. A a Chicago is. T. Denver ii 31 a Baa Dodge City 84 32 t. Des Moines 26 Helene 50 83 .01 Huron 28 Kana City 31 26. New York 28 so t North Platte 48 a Oktan Oma City 83 33 Salt Lake City 47 34 in Seattle 46 Sheridan 47 w Williston 9 t for the 24 hours ending Al 7.30 p. An cwt Jan. 7, 1946 temperature highest 62 lowest 61 average 56. Sun Moon and tides Jan 1845 Sunrise 8 14 a. A Sunset. 6 38 p. By Moon Nae 2 58 a. Moonset 2 31 p by tide High i2 12 a. A. And 3 82 p. A Low. 7 24 a. In. And 8 43 p. An report condition turns it. In. L. Moody a company Bankers u Zincor Parard at the Clos business dec. 30, 1944. Assets time Loans i,0c9,584.63 demand Loans. United states government Bond 2 450.450.58 5,763.840 37. L. Boddeker amp co realtor 811 22nd i. P. J. Bellew Keal estate insurance guaranty he do phone. It a for Sale a Niue Ney live room Horn screwed left ing porch tile Bath and or in with shining prewar fixtures .j,., a Modem convenience Well kept Yard i Ion a 1441 in i beautifully clean Interior my Sec to appreciate $4"0ii.oo Down balance por rent a Maix furnished a pm Quot. Run 98711 pm. Jfflny.1,�?T it Hon for Sale a Aix room Typo Story Klue Fonner courts 702 Boulevard. End Bih 1302 a m $3750 750 it aah. $36 00 month see or Black is,914 43 46,365.01 for $3150. B. Wittjen Hitchcock. 220 21st St. Fied to account for an attraction furniture and fixtures that would drag a Small balloon a. ,. Cash in Sault and due from along at High Speed As a captive Hanks. 6 47$,861.54 other assets. 3,411.34 individual asset owner 9.072,593 1 i Omri nation Livi n g bedroom k itch it to. Hath Nom Large closet Uttel Fok Naier to Orth a lit Mirn do paid Levi new Courta 57 Bud iwo Btu i Frame Hipbone 1-1321 a a Urf raw no other . I there untenable the positions German see. G. H Brown. On. A Elf a a a Eph a buy enough it mall. a Aren valor we. Furniture Miha brn forces it Ull bitterly rebating the finer and director for i a a. A la a a a a Quot Pix Rel half the Ltd by Quot z t Quot i Ter Street combat forced the fanatic on the South the United states his Anis meeting an air plane Cal Gat inn to give e ground Stead a third army punched out one mile the Galveston kiwanis club will these Latex particles have the Fly. Malinovsky in command in gains along a strongly defended meet tomorrow at 12 15 o clock at conf so nay Jelly Beans. Yeti dial 5423 this sector has hacked deep wedges three mile front from three to six the Jean Lafitte hotel when John the tor attraction Are great a West Bastogne As another p. Kaiser county probation officer 24 hours passed without a major will he the speaker. Or Kaiser real estate for Sale Garman attack against the Ameri will speak on Quot juvenile delinquent can position in this sector. Joe Hood will be program total $24,813,711 s3 at Pix income property Dickinson combination tourist court and Rea in room and hath up fair tyrant located on Galveston and 114. Mainland property doughboy advances on the North chairman. Qua a. Amundsen jr., also were threatening von Rund-1 c h a i r in a n the committee to a fun Mahto. To Infin Tan n r. A Quot i extra Larse Nide in Home new Trpo by Outh Highway to a keep America will an in Risu invt it re i a a on vhf a it Quot Quot it for muted. . A his Hwy a 1-w.l i v on Manth a , one furnished duplex. Completely h a it room hah Down ulry. Vith furniture Houston Highway North Dickin ounce the winners the senior Wilbon courts on Hight a on. A or month In a go Obj it one furnished duplex fimple . A .vk., around which the enemy front re an i Junior Bish school essay con a furnished taunt. This place a the the Quot vol. Feats he Winner a their Parent liabilities rough that when on. in cartouches another the big one sucks corporations. A $ 6,662,no 3$ la. Uttel. On Imp. Own body Quot skis fils Quot i fuss this actual Contact and Coalescence Tom. Occurs Only occasionally. 9471, . Net Over $500,00 per month. Price no not a flit Urb tenant a _. J p. Henry a Barnes. A Imeln Rita tor the Reb room apartment in Phi $7000 00 Terma vat. Bom newly 6<>or&4 Phon 2-27m Bour non Mph 14 apart ? we Quot rav a pm Quot to Ltd 7 p in Between 2 00 and 6 Blent All furniture Noom $300 or sunday month ground apply 2321 a o Toi Riat c Arina a lights Gan Rok s a own Ehy it Dutiful. Water furnish re $7 week working Ali urn car a or we for i 8atlmn Triller up a Shower we a in Lickl Cottas with modern Sun dry room $3 weekly. Phone 2 1363 conv no be a 2411 42d. Do not la turn z. Tenant. Phone 2-7484. Dee Walker real estate a insurance Rhone 488 Texas City 7416 i a one room apartment. An half Hlozek by he and new pier How a noon., will Atria furl ahead children St i we 8 00 and i to. weekly i Yao room Al Rnic Iii la apartment in firsht Hairne it Llytle and Linen Fiji in bed walking do atone town near by line Call 4798 i at a a ated a one and three Roem Angl Davie All Bill old children Anniv joi5 241 h. To Trie Keal i i 35 Aurea a % i it or Wale in. He. In it a four Root Houa and two Hui. by be he barn with floor. Re a Tot sexes k pm Quot i ctr Telly completely fur garage lot .8x68 apply 5623 k. Ilion n at a. Ideal Dally get up 4500 00, at tract to term Call 3501 la Marque s.7v Ira 3? a Ltd h0mk 81 it ii i Al i l it Ooms in t int. Null i Leitl houae., ten h. Ier. Klee room with Uree two Tot a till no n hear Quot 1 three room noose rent one in in be rnju.l��?�,2lbui in. I other Brg a a larg plot ground. Room.illv fungi whoa mini a Quot forced to for Quot and judges the contest will be Pic room full furnished mod Back on secondary Road for lat Cue to the club pm House. We in located. $3150, a Ith eral movement a the americans a b Good Terma immediate Poa Easlon ripped up his positions along his family welfare on main East West route on the North. A meeting the Board direct Ari a Wyatt to it it i Hway running from Viel tor the family welfare Bureau bbl 8, ht8i i Alm to la Roche first was slashed will be held tomorrow at 10 30 Tel. 160, or 270w in a daring blow yesterday by it o clock it was announced by mrs. Texas City 517 Texas ave. Hogan s famed task Force George Coltzer executive Secre -. A. J the third armoured division tary. A some eight Miles North Houff _ o 0 0 Alife Hub von Rundstedt a whole Hess club belgian position. The Galveston chess club will other forces possibly moving hold a its weekly meeting tonight at five room House on Choice Corner uoataii0 i/8 i Fly Modem die Bath and Howe one beat Comer in Tex City Down from newly captured Dieane the a org Evans Hall located at a a by Pra three n be Emu roam., lights a. Aud 7s.78 feet i Hon scold. But a a a atrial my the Quot ajl req a ingae and r a a Onno Ungcad by drug a a a re a Large five room Mea far immediate crop nov can be Are Milea West cat across the a in sly an Ltd announced by or we Quot Xvi or a c la Down Auer also two flier building ult qty water two o two room a a Kami Nta Elf i u t Vrle a l1f Quot Baines i boil Large int in Turlij located. The handled for a Little a 8700 a a Down term Road West where it joins with a Frieden. All adult it i i a a it a our nor Romh Ufa chess Nih a apply into k or phone 2-4329 i Omeo table Torii room apart private Hanna a. Oft Termate la Marque int will Atria furnished and anti Anre ebon 2 in a Lent 11 and Buat Cuie combined Henslee it Purdy. Bath a. Five room hoi a Ai re ground for Hale a 1912 Aye. No a hey in completely Fem cd acid from school. fco7 a nude four bed Roma. I re Back apply 2j4 North la tar it Texas Olty the it i i room m it Mhz i d apart i it it a 1 a far either Home a height mini Privet Bath. Eri flair Tull Ltd fur a Xor i by him two re Gereg. In Haj. In Lill a $40.00 a month 3724 n Vij apply or Tom. And i a room garage apartment Ell a it Oom Housh Ola Nhei in san up Teir a trally Toce tuft quiet neighbor Hoot on pffrl1, for Nee land Loc cd an Alvin a to a Tho older Wen const meted Bam Highway. 4 mile out Hitchcock coins bedroom c combination rimmed a i Small Dawn a. A and Rhone we has chit in Ulrie. For Home end Alii can aril Jour quickly hic Price la right it a i Ltd i be on Hmai Dawn Quot pm Quot Nahki Ait non it and Are Nook Cirth int end Bei Anee mud ugly do red Fin Nill Naif in a a a a a a a in my in. 8, Ehnen i 04. I fur in a third Highway crossing was forced at an undefined Point Hail to hoi land in the same area. Washington. Jan. 7. Up limited i these heavy blows left Only one mail service to a portion the main Aast wet Highway open for Netherlands will begin Jan. 15. Three Crook German divisions fight postmaster general Frank c. Walk-17 Ai Iii s on Siah air be British in the Western Sec or announced today. High i�nd73<i or on hard wry Cao a tor and this was menaced by the -----4---�? or Jan Imirie a Quot Baul to Cabot Price Mil. Sirj Itaf Quot a Tel Ltd stat a third Arm it a rating weapons win Battles War Bonds Lobit Dickinson Tex phone 3351 i Ain Lorn to More than two Miles away from buy weapons. Real estate Stafford 817 St i. Phone 4 Texas Tri do its Bank Public fund late counties school districts or other Aube Luiona or municipalities. Other deposits certified and cashier Check. A to. Other liabilities. Reserves net Worth firm. Total 3.883 334 37 2 4$$, Iff 53.973.949 28 two ars damaged in collision a total $270 damage was caused last night to automobiles t 1tal$24,8u,7ii.m driven by i Murillo Anri Paul Biol 8tate county Galveston. Amen by Mieno Ana Maui a Nisi Ira l a orbit a Mhz a the above son when the two vehicles were in named Bank do solemnly Wear that the collision at 04th and null re Abov statement la True to the Haat collision Ai /4in Ana a Ponce re knowl Dan 1 ports said. Ira l. Forbes. Rhi a. According to the police report sworn to and subscribed before in thai the car driven by Murello was pro 5t Gaia a Nuara 19stjepcevich feeding East on when it collided with the car driven South along 24th by Neilson. Damage to the Murello car was estimated at $185 and that to the Nielson Auto $85, it was said by Folice officers w. L. Cunningham and John Stumpf jr., who investigated. Notary Public in and for Galveston county Texas. Whisky making London Jan. 7. Up whisky disabling has been resumed in Northern Ireland on the Hasia one third prewar output. Although the Yak s shoulders often measure More than six feet from the ground its head almost touches the dirt. Buy War Bonds and War Stamps today the first National Bank Galveston 22nd and Avenue b Galveston Texas member Federal Deposit insurance corporation \

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