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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - December 26, 1989, Galveston, Texas Tuesday morning december 26 1989 the Galveston daily news 9a executed continued from 1a Day uprising that toppled Ceausescu or during his entire tenure of what wonderful news an unidentified announcer said on the radio which is controlled by the provisional government the National salvation committee the Antichrist died on Christmas Day the announcer said Ceausescu became the first Eastern european Leader executed since Imre Nagy the Leader of Hungary revolt against soviet Rule who has hanged in june 1958 the radio interrupted patriotic music to make the announcement that the couple had been executed after being convicted by a military tribunal of particularly grave including subversion of the state theft of Public assets destruction of the National Economy and an attempt to escape today we removed the most hideous tyrant who soiled with blood the history of an unidentified radio announcer said lets be Happy in the new the couple built a cult of personality unequalled in Eastern Europe since the Days of Josef Stalin just one month ago the communist party gave Ceausescu an other five year term in a lavish show of support for his rejection of reforms sweeping Eastern Europe the National salvation commit tee had announced Over the week end that it would put the causes Cus on trial and impose severe punishment it was not immediately Clear Why the committee pledging to restore democracy in Roma Nia chose to put the Ceausescu on trial in secret and execute them immediately the decision could have stemmed from an attempt to Stop the fierce fighting in Bucharest and other cities Between the pro Ceausescu Security forces and the army which is supporting the pop ular revolt we regret the trial did not take place in an open and Public Fash White House spokesman Sean Walsh said in Washington we urge an end to All violence and bloodshed in Ceausescu came to Power in 1965 and built an autocratic stalinist regime but was once courted by the West for his refusal to slavishly follow the soviet line in re cent years his regime became Iso lated and was criticized for the forced destruction of ethnic Vil Lages and the draconian measures imposed to pay off the nations for eign debt Ceausescu and his 72yearold wife fled the presidential Palace by helicopter Friday their last Public appearance was at a government orchestrated rally thursday in Bucharest at which thousands of angry people jeered them and demanded their ouster Ceausescu appeared startled and halted his speech his troops later fired on the crowd the Ceausescu son Nicu and daughter Zoia Elena were paraded before to viewers after their arrests on Friday and Sun Day on monday Ceausescu die hard Security agents continued to Battle army patrols and snipers much continued from 1a we rent did not whats the difference bad debts Are potentially retrievable efforts at much to col Lect on bad debts have been accelerated according to Redden the Hospital wont hesitate to take its unpaid statements to a collection Agency in addition a new Assis Tant county attorney will devote More time to monitoring bad debt patients he said before we get Tough and we May be faulted for this do everything reasonably possible to work with an said Edward Smith Hospital president and chief executive officer if a family or somebody who owes the hos Pital Money makes a reasonable Effort that there sincere and want to work with us then we Bend Over backwards to try to accommodate their we still have a Long Way to Redden admitted actual budget figures in 1988 for Charity or indigent care suggests an increase of 88 percent for 1989 projected at years end to reach but the 1990 budget estimates a jump of 175 percent and a total loss of million due to indigent care costs admittedly a portion of that Money represents a reclassification of bad debt to the indigent care column but Hospital administrators say eve increasing num Bers of indigent patients Are Cost ing much a substantial amount of Money compounding the frustrations of much administrators is a contractual arrangement with Galveston John Sealy Hospital that Hast Al ways worked Galveston county pays to have indigent patients cared for at John Sealy a teaching facility at the University of Texas medical Branch but during the past year much has had increasing difficulty executing the Transfer of some of the patients at first the Transfer rejections angered physicians Board Mem Bers and administrators alike Why they wondered were these patients being rejected when a Hal million dollars was being paid from their own hospitals budget and another million from the county or Alvin Leblanc Umb vice president of Hospital affairs explained to physicians in november that the crisis the Mainland Hospi Tal faces is no different than that on Galveston Island in fact Umb is faced with losing some state financing if it Doest do a better Job of promoting and attracting More private pay patients the reality is you can deliver indigent care to the extent you Jive the nurses facilities and Doc tors to do it with and you cant cos shift so we have no less problems than you Leblanc told much physicians recently Leblanc attributed the rejections to a shortage of Beds especially in the area of critical care other types of health care cannot be universally transferred into other areas of the Hospital he told doctors in 1988 25 patient transfers from much were rejected by Umb that number which translates to in write offs was sur passed in september this past year As a result of other Transfer rejections some patients who Are not indigent and actually paying customers end up in Harris county hospitals and never return their business to much or Umb in addition Leblanc makes no Bones about the Breaks Umb gives Galveston county which pays about million a year and receives million in health care services it Doest sit Well he says with other counties that pay million and million to have their indigent patients treated at John Sealy but Leblanc is also diplomatic enough to Point out that Galveston county does not assess Umb properties for taxing purposes and admits it serves As a pretty even Trade off Hospital administrators cite the loss of revenues due to medicare bad debts and an increasing Indi gent population As the main Rea sons the Hospital Industry is suffer ing if we didst lose million and up on medicare and million in unpaid Bills we would be in tremendous financial said county judge Ray Holbrook earlier this year chs red Ink impelled the Board of trustees ear Lier this year to ask county com missioners to make payments on the bonded indebtedness the Hospi Tal has accumulated Over the years most recently with an million expansion project the request has drawn fire from some members of the Community who see the Hospital Industry As an eve increasing financial Albatross draped around the necks of Gal Veston county taxpayers Hospital supporters Are hoping that a combination of budget cuts better collection results and the controversial construction pro Gram will guide them to a return to a positive Bottom line passing continued from 1a Happy anniversary and Mir Iam Mccaslyn married 46 years air Force airman Frederick j Armendariz has arrived fir duty at Kirtland air Force base he is the son of Joshua p and Mary Ann Armendariz of Hitchcock the airman is a 1984 graduate of hitch cock High school newly prompted sgt Luis Rodriguez has been awarded the expert infantryman badge the badge is the army highest non combat proficiency award for infantryman Rodriguez is the son of Mary and Ray Smith of Alvin the sergeant is a 1984 graduate of Al Vin High school submit information concerning friends relatives or outstanding people in the Community to passing Parade Galveston daily news Box 628 Galveston 77553 items must be typed or legibly printed water continued from 1a port leaks to 7662115 Stone said Stone said the City is responsible for leaks up to the water meter but leaks Between the meter and the residence Are the homeowners responsibility however the City will assist residents who need help turning their water off to repair broken pipes he said Bulpitt could not estimate when water service might be fully re stored but he said the Galveston fire department has been helping the utilities department locate and shut off leaking pipes he said pipes will be repaired and water will be turned Back on As soon As the pressure is High enough and the City has built up acceptable re serves system water pressure is so Low now in not sure we have water enough for the fire depart ment to fight a he said a Galveston fire department spokesman however said that Al though the pressure has been Low it Hast prevented Crews from fighting fires were just trying to keep it from dropping any he said we Haven had any major prob lems but were just working with real Low pressure and in some of the outlying areas we might have have a Many Houston residents were also without water Over the week end and Houston City Crews had their own problems with leaks and Low pressure Galveston gets its surface water from Houston and Houston had to Cut Back on some of the water sup plied to Galveston which contributed to the islands Low pressure problems Bulpitt said Many Galveston residents who still had water Over the Holiday weekend were on Well water he Panama said Many Texas City residents were also without water Over the week end but a utilities Plant operator there said he thought most Texas City customers had had their water restored by monday we have had quite a few water main lines to said Plant operator Albert Joseph said he said Texas City utilities Crews have been putting in 18hour Days since Friday and and were working through Christmas to repair leaks and restore service a Texas City fire department spokesman said the water pres sure in Texas City dropped dangerously Low Early in the weekend but had risen by monday and fire Crews there had enough pressure to adequately fight fires reporter Joel Kirkpatrick contributed to this report jail continued from 1a continued from 1a Mitchell explained but they do make Small Christmas they Are very ingenuous and do decorate their cells to a cer Tain he added a few radios played Christmas songs and occasionally some in mates joined for the singing of Christmas carols he said the jail is like a Small Community where you can find the same things you find out on the he said Christmas is a time Mitchell said when everyone is Calm quiet and pleasant making life easier for those who work the jail and those who reside there countries hoping that one will agree to accept Noriega the officials didst mention names but countries that have surfaced As possible refuges include Spain Cuba and the dominican Republic he has no place to go the official said nobody wants the official said most of the discussions have been carried out be tween the state department and Church officials at the Vatican Riff car Wash Holiday 2712 61 St Street Galveston Island let your car Shine thru the Holida is with therit carwash luxury super Wosh and vacuum polish Wax sealer Wax value total Wash and vacuum polish Wax sealer Wax air freshener wheel Brite undercarriage rust inhibitor Holiday special Price value total b5f v Price 1 works Wash and vacuum polish Wax sealer Wax air freshener wheel Brile undercarriage rust inhibitor Complete armoral value total Holiday special Price offer expires dec 30 1989 no Coupon necessary boutique 2313 the strand 4097624979 after Christmas pre inventory Sale Sale ends 12131189 fired at civilians venturing onto Bucharest streets the fighting Fol Lowed some of the fiercest fighting in Europe since world War ii heavy explosions boomed near the hotel intercontinental and vol Leys of sniper fire were answered immediately with staccato bursts of automatic weapons there were widely conflicting reports on the number of casual ties claimed by the revolution hungarian radio named unspecified authoritative sources As saying that Between and people had died then it cited Victor Ciobanu health minis Ter under Ceausescu and now in opposition to him As denying that such a Large number of people had died while unable to provide Overall casualty figures he told reporters 500 people had died in Bucharest alone Over the past four Days and were wounded that was on the Low end of Sev eral estimates offered by officials and appeared to contradict figures Given by doctors operating on the wounded there was no Way to in Dependently verify the casualty figures at Bucharest emergency hos Pital doctors who had not slept in three Days said they had treated civilians since thursday siding carports covers solar screens room additions enclosures rooms storm doors Santa be building products 92s1ot6 3374763 12200 Hwy 6 Santa hours Monfri 96 sat95 elect Mem washed iu5h dense Plush Saxony nosh adding kick 1k1ck beautifully Texi Rcd pipe carpeting Democrat Usan Baker Olsen judge 306th family District court pm pol adv by Box 3238 diverts due to the new years Holiday on monday january 1 1990 the advertising departments at Cuje e5ah0ton will be closed this Day As a result the following publication deadline changes Are in effect for the week of december 25 1989 publication Day and deadline sunday december 31 monday january 1 tuesday january 2 wednesday january 3 thursday december 28 i pm thursday december 28 3 pm Friday december 29 noon Friday december 29 3 pm 6aluebt0n notice of conservators in of first National indemnity company pursuant to article of he Texas insurance code the commissioner of insurance issued an official order no 891921 effective december 19 1989 placing first National indemnity company Dallas Texas in a state of this company is n Domestic insurance company authorized to sell property am casually insurance in Texas including homeowners and Auto insurance the commissioner of insurance finds that pursuant to article Section 5 Texas insurance code Hie company Lias Rei Piesley and consented to the appointment of a conservator supervision is inadequate to accomplish rehabilitation of he company under the commissioners order of conservator ship the conservator will assume control and operation of the company and will take All Steps and Legal measures necessary to preserve protect and recover the assets and property of the company i efforts will be made to rehabilitate the company for the Protection of its policyholders and Hie Public if Yon Are a policyholder of this company your insurance coverage continues in effect for As Long As you pay your premiums f the company is rehabilitated your coverage will continue As though nothing had happened if the company is not rehabilitated it May be placed into receivership or its business reinsured and you will lie so notified in either event contractual claim obligations will be paid by the company by the reinsured or by lie guaranty fund subject to the limitations provided in Law the guaranty fund provides Protection for covered claims up to the amounts specified in article Texas insurance code courses of action available to policyholders include continuation or cancellation of their policies policy Eihlers who wish to continue their coverage need do nothing More so Long As their premiums Are Hviid if premiums Are due policyholders should continue to pay them in the same amount and manner As in the past in order to keep their coverage in Force to avoid possible loss of coverage policyholders must continue to pay premiums unless and until similar insurance can be obtained from another company policy provisions with respect to tiling claims remain in Force and must lie observed claims will continue to be handled in lie Standard process As specified in the insurance contracts issued by the company will lie notified if there is any change in claims processing or handling rights arc governed by the Texas insurance code state Board of insurance rules and by individual contracts of insurance with specific questions regarding policy provisions should seek Independent Legal advice no action is required by policyholders under commissioners order no 891921 if any action should be required in the future policyholders will be notified this notice is published pursuant to article Section 5a Texas insurance code acts 1989 71st legislature cd 1082 Sec off september 1 Texas state Board of insurance 18002523439 Market conduct division 0165 Box 149091 Austin Texas 787149091

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