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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - December 17, 1916, Galveston, Texas U th1 Valv Moth daily news sunday 17, we. Novel football Marks produced by 1916 of outstanding football at aught for the goal posts behind Wiloh the the second run of this Clasi achieved in precisely Tho lame manner we 101 yams in length and was Mads by Wil Liam h. Stephens of muh Lunburg Agal Nat Pennsylvania. Military College. 100-Yanl dash. Of All the runs in football none com pares in rarity. Difficulty and brilliance with the run Back of a Kickoff through nil opponents to a touchdown. When one reflects that the defensive eleven has by Jakk h. Davis. Walt Wonfor the new Fork Horald and the Aal Niton news America this autumn has keenly enjoyed the peaceful Rel Mac Battles of its four full army corps of football players sold Luis of the Gridiron sturdy Stalwart chivalrous and courageous. In their fierce but Friendly rivalry they have Wared upon the school and College Fields of the country s2.000 games and More than spectators have leisurely deployed Prev Ieuv to the cheered enthused Ami relm bleed the spirit specifically to prevent such a play and of youth at the sight of the players stir Iff Nile have taken the Points Union Rani feats and astonishing exploits in which according to strategic tale bowl these throngs culminated in science and experience command the run numbers when approximately per an wonders How such a run can occur Loni assembled to enjoy Harvard s Battle Neverth bims about fifteen of with Taja these Are stupendous figures. Football each autumn. Although they do not a Raj the attend have a the Lead inf run of Anoe at some Brilliant 4aih of 100 Yard ales Clouds May gather Sines majority of the spectators stand they surpass Nerer Teleis All rec for seated assemblies excepting those in the circus Max Muc at Rome. Contentious Antiquaries will ask if we have not overlooked the storied color Many Happy returns of the Day he s thirty tomorrow Tab in half old Cobb. Ca Alfred c. Brooka of Brown in Law Eity achieved against Trinity. Aral the Chron Cleg of football fortunate in Bavins a personal of Yehli run Fay the who made it. It the or. Upon my own Coal in to teen Yean of Anniston adj Omta Detroit 1908 Detroit Detroit Detroit 1s09 Detroit Detroit Detroit 1112 Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit thirteen year . .1.703 major us Praphith Strum a Latium of Itom Aai. But authority Huel up the of the Telu that of our 40-Yard an opponent col01 Muto a maximum seating leaped for me mined the tackle but capacity of Only no tilth Force that i we Landing the minion of writer of the thrown to regained my feet fourth Century that the colosseum heated however and a i did to the entire trin we will admit that our by eleven met me. I am unable to most football crowd can not be com Plain in detail How i pierced the of pared with the aaa Emillea in the Clr Cua p Ayera the action waa 10 Quick. I have tax Lumua. For the latter hippodrome in a confused memory of at Atrit dip stably accommodated so much for the spec. Teams and players that invite our Atton ton. To enjoy football from a novel the 350 coaches of the country per arming right and left and of an so much for the spectators. It is unusual Effort to keep on my feet. Sud 1 Denly i burst into it Clefira Field behind the mass of players save for one Man whom i adored. I thereupon ran to j Trinity t foal line for the touchdown. Have filed with a detailed reports of but. Really the play waa Only an inc the of their teams and Dent the Rood interference of my in each department of play. With teammates a the real feature of the these reports Analysed classified and compared we May ascertain what teams 18, it the thirtieth birthday of the Georgia wonder. At an Are when most business and and what players have excelled All oth in the entire National football terrain not according to the opinions of experts but measured by the figures of actual fact College seem. Surprise smites us at the Start for the eleven which has far and away excelled All others in the accumulation of touch from touchdowns and Points has escaped the observation of the experts and until now has remained undiscovered. This team is the eleven of Kendall College in Oklahoma which fighting its Way through a schedule of comparative severity Hue closed us Campaign without a defeat with every game decisively won and with the stupendous total of 566 Points representing numeric ally 80 touchdowns 71 goals from touch Downs and 5 foals from the Field. The total of touchdowns in themselves Are records and the 6 goals like Wise furnish a tie for first place in goals from placement. Who we would like to know can be the players whose prowess this Par Venu Western team overrides the Veteran and formidable elevens of the Middle West the South and Tho East the answer is not but player for one marvelous player like Lochinvar Cornea out. Of Tho West and All unknown rides away with five football honors of the nation. The player s name is Ivan h. Grone. He it is who achieves first distinction in football in America for total number of touchdowns scored 20, for total number of goals kicked after touchdown 71. Total number of Points for his Tram. 181 who ties with Elmer q. Oliphant of West Point for the largest number of a nals from the Field by placement 45, kicked during the season and who also ties with Fritz t. Shiv Orink of Cornell for the largest number of Field goals scored in one game. 3. Rather a fair performance for a modest Young oklahoman when paralleled in action with a other Back Field men. Report in Gondi hut this Brilliant baud of okla Horiana shall not wholly strip the East of All team honors. The army hug saved to us the record for the largest number of goals from the Field Duran a the reason Eugene vial having kicked four by drop kicks and Elmer of Plant. A above stated having added five from place ment thereby making1 nine the team record. Of the 35f football Tennis of America classified As collegiate none in Lac finished the gruelling once with no scores against Thorn the first instance thereof in the annals of the american nor Diron. Squally reflecting the fierce non of the bottles Only four elevens out of the whole number engaged can Point to a continuous record of victories. These five West Point Kendall Ohio state and Pittsburg. Would you like to know what teams have been scored upon the least thy nip War within our data. Morning Sido and Tennessee Lead with Only pointy by the Way Trinity experienced an other run of this class 96 Yards in length this fall. This second run waa reeled off by Elmer q. Oliphant of the army can Fht them ova. Many May think that the Lunback punt to a touchdown is similar to the Lunback of a Kickoff. On the Kickoff however Only two return plays Are pos sible a Lunback and a return kick. Against the punt formation the defense must prepare for a run. A punt and a for Ward pass. On the other hand the of sense which at the instant of the kick becomes the defense possesses a slight advantage Over the corresponding Side on the Kickoff since the men going Down the Field under a punt May Start with the Ball and Advance usually about ten Yards ahead of the punt. More than fifty runs with caught punts this autumn has terminated in touchdowns three of which won the games a they occurred and one of which in Tho Ohio state wis contain Battle actually won the Champion a hip of the Middle West. The longest dash in this class was by Alfred p. Jenkins of Iowa in the tatter s game with Purdue. In was ninety five Yards. Iowa and Pur due had struggled throughout the first period without scoring. So impregnable had each eleven found the other s line that the running attack had Aub Elded on each Side and the Battle had become a Duel Between the punting batteries. It a Long sailing punt from Purdue that in the second half settled snugly in the arms of Jenkins who stood on his own line. Springing who his first stride through the arms of Muse find Van Aken Purdue s ends Jenkins. Swerved abruptly to the right and slicing to t Ween the Pur duo forwards like a knife in a blinding burst of Speed he rounded the Purdue flank and dashed Down the Field. Hake Purdue s safety Back ranged into Posl commander of a salary solely by Hla own efforts which the dreams of 99 per cent to year Olds in every walk of life Tycobb what Cobb standi for b Miracle of professional Cobb a probably the highest salaried player that Ever stepped on a Ball Field. The sensational figures credited As the contract Price of Tris speaker have in the Rush of development proved to be overestimated. So is the or overran Cobb Little doubt that the Tuthi t0 that Fie is and card who repaid the Detroit club Many Tolmei what it May " 1? in in the twelve i k been contract to the club. As a Gate attraction he i rivalled Only in modern baseball by Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson and As each of these is a Pitcher. Cobb Rii is their drawing value since he appears every Day and the Othen but once in every three outside. Cutting baseball salaries. When Frank Navlen to the pruning knife in asserting the de troit contracts for 1917 it is a Safe we be no off the bimonthly pay Cheek of t. Arnond Cobb b in the melting pot by William b Rug to to to Cobb. Dec. Tsi All the the the have r car Ammasi a the. _ , or they to leaped car. With the Rose of Hoar Glamour no Hue Aad rear. The their flew me a Cianela Meir Enel a. Wee Keeler Lance. Mathew my i a thrill hearts As la review infield the cabs it Fraak to tramp the Roll Ola age eternal Delvene to a Najj Orl s. Bat t in try cd on to Tow yell aare to admit on.7 of y pay Cee of t. Eav the georgian la in the pm a Salvage Gey would meant Many times the amount if Erica league Star decided to is copyright Underwood fun Derwood. Just holdout. For every which Detroit played without him Navlen could figure on lost dollars at the Gate. Cobb at 30, like the Well known whisky still joins Strong. Although Tor j s rat time in ten years in 1916 be failed to Lead the american league his of .371 is a better Mark than he made in four of the nine seasons in which he showed the Way to Johnson Ian clout ers. May there be Many More birthdays to and May you still be up at the top to Greet them Angle to make sure of intercept Wotton and crouched to tackle the swiftly Merica s approx Chang Jowan. Jenkins a lightly changing his Pace ran straight at Hake. As the latter leaped for the tackle Jen Kins leaped away to the Side and in an other instant has swept across Purdue s p Oal Lino for the Tow Down that crowned the longest run of the year with a caught punt. Catches 80 one of the optical illusions in football that is the source of pleasant but mis leading dreams and reveries is the Pic Ture of a player receiving a Forward puss hurled from behind or near his own goal line and running with it the full length of the Field. Many elevens try it but Dili less statistics prove that none this fall have gotten away Wlton the Man Euver. Out of a Hundred and More successful Forward passes which wer6 carried to a touchdown Only four can be found which Are linked with a run of fifty or More Yards in length. The longest of these runs from a completed Forward pass occurred in a game Between the University of St. Louis and the College of William and a Phil. In this struggle Charles Forner of the latter institution caught a i Vuici Val eos run from scrimmage of the year. Ron from kick. One Oates Ory of Long run still remains no has made the longest run to a touchdown with a Ball captured on a blocked kick a. G. Ramsay of North says the South is first with forty three Yarda against Vir polytechnic and the South to. Will take in him with the Thart. Two Yard run of j. H. Preas of of org in the tame with correctly claimed gentlemen of the South. Be tween North and South we will Sav some scraps and shreds of the honors o the autumn from mighty West. Having ascertained which players hav made the longest runs in the various methods of the running attack let u see who have made the most runs t touchdowns in each department of run Nizik play. This quest Brines us face i face with one of the most astounding features of football in 191c, for All o these excellencies except one conc id in one Man John h. Gilroy of George town it is Gilroy who has made the most touchdowns nine on Long from scrimmage forty Yards being the on the debit Side of their football led nas5 of sixteen Yards which was hurled . And Princeton is third with an a own 4-Yard line. He thereupon Rul loped eighty Yards for a touchdown while n rub Cund Halo formed in the sky above the town of Aledo. 111., indicative verse 1c. What is that you say toil would also like to know what College has been beaten the worst Well two teams tie for the distinction. Both Are from Pennsylvania but As the writer too is a Pennsyl Vanton hit will not divulge their besides in our Rood old Pennsylvania German Tongue was a yachts among Tho team records of Tho season Cornos the largest score Ever amassed in an intercollegiate knee. Defeated Cumberland by 222 to 0, thereby supplanting the previous rec Ord of Minnesota 146, Grinnell 0. Which has disfigured the record since when you consider that 222 Points rep resents thirty two touchdowns Assum ing All goals to have been kicked there to All institutions of learning that Wil Liam and Vashti too was a football Power. But what about the other link in these k spectacular Forward puss itself Northwestern of Naples Oliie. Ill possessed this fall a dazzling Forward pass Hattery manned by Fred b. Kluck Hohn at the passing end and by Oliver mender at the receiving end. Theae two players fairly grooved the air with grenades until in the game with Knox they broke All previous records by throw ing and catching a Forward pass at fifty five Yards measured from the line of scrimmage and seventy Yards measured from. It that be Orfila scored a. From the Point from which thrown. Do touchdown every ninety seconds through know that the spartans Twenty out the fizzle. Surely no one would rail Fly e Hundred years ago played a game of the affair a game. Football in which the principal feature was the Forward pass in fact the most frequent query to confront Tho Foo Thul sin mistician is can it be possible that among the thousands of runs achieved upon the country s thou Sands of football Fields this there can be one run surpassing All others in length if there is Mir a run where did it occur How loner was it Ond to made our quickly and Ensley yield the answer but puzzles us by presenting figures that i a Geod Tho length of the Field. To our and Demerit there not Only is of run of this character hut there is another. Both the result of captured fumbles both Over 100 Yards in but nne Shorter than Tui other. But Are still for among our treasures is it photograph of Tho Premier run of the year marvellously caught by n haphazard student snap shooter at the very instant the play attained its critical Point. Run of reason. The longest run of tin year occurred upon mul Tomah Field at Portland ore., pass in fact their game was named after this feature. The same greek Root is preserved in our word a weapon hurled Forward. Therefore to to Kluckhohn and Stenger of Northwest Ern goes the record for the longest har 1" the history of american longest run of year. Tiit011, flu ote these payers from Illinois Are coming in a file to carry away these natlona1 football honors Well Here is another. He too comes from a team University known As Northwestern. everyone know and As the different Ellinb of the name also indicates from Northwestern University which is located at Evanston this player 13. P. Williams leans into one of these frames reserved for the greatest performers in All football by having made the longest run of the. Year from an intercepted Forward Nasa 102 Gest from an intercepted Forward pass Yards which also is the second Lon in the intense rational game Between the run Ottlie year achieved in any manner University of Nebraska and Oregon a says wll agricultural College from of Railis. The hero at the play is George famous As a sprinter in the track sports of Tho Pacific Northwest. At the moment this great run occurred was about to score u second touchdown against Oregon. A tandem had formed and carry of Nebraska but let us Honvo to description of the play the Pon or tin modest Man who made it. Oregon s Little Quarter Back. George i was playing defensive it Sartor that afternoon and was closer in than Kiim it was Nebraska s last Down. The Sig nals sounded and instantly in off tackle plunge developed on our loft tackle r o Pla Liams describing the ruh7 defence of my own goal line. The pass whizzed by me slightly to one Side forc ing to to Toke a str do backward in order to catch it. Which i did and then got away for a run that scored a touch Down. But where you new Aie asking docs the aristocratic old come in these individual feats of football a hero comes our Champion in the person of w e. Swope of Dickinson College you May Jeat because he a member of a minor eleven but the exploit by which he saves the East from oblivion in King runs of the autumn this Youngf minimum run differentiating Long from Short runs. It is Gilroy who has score More touchdowns four by running Back punts and it is Gilroy who has made More touchdowns four by intercepting Forward passes. Incidentally Kilroy is the second Hig Henf scorer in the United states. But who has wrested from Gilroy the remaining Honor of having scored the most touch Downs by completing Forward passe Why Thornas Whalen fellow Back of Gilroy on the Georgetown eleven. Whalen has made eight touchdowns this fall by his ski ii in of atoning Forward passed and running them through to his opponents goal Lino. Thus Georgetown oddly Takos All four team honors in the run Ning attack. Kicking Long Field goals. Now kickers it is your turn to a marshalled and to have your feats com pared one with another and with your great predecessors upon the Gridiron not less than five of you have kicked Field goals this from the fifty Yard line and beyond. This is double the corps that has so distinguished any pre Valoua year in the history of american football. One of your number has come within a single Yard of equating Tho the world s drop kicking record. We must separate these Gigantic personalities into two classes for one of Tho leading drop kickers of the year is Only a freshman playing upon his freshman team. Of Tho varsity players cd Aranco Parker of Dubuque College in Iowa take the drop kicking honors with a Field goal fifty two full Yards from Tho Cross bar. Separated from Parker by a single Yard is Eugene Vidal of the army who similarly scored from the 51 Yard line. Parker s goal was kicked against upper Iowa University while Vidal accomplished his feat against Maine. Dividing the Honor of second place with Vidal is Irving Wenig of morning Side College who also is cred ibid with a 61-Yard successful drop kick upon the next rung of Tho Field goal lad Der we meet the Premier place picker of the year David w. West of Colgate who shot a 50-Yard goal from placement across Syracuse Cross bar. Be foil you exhaust the pleasure of amazement do not forget our Lone fresh Man. Thin promising Young player before us with a Field goal scored from a. Drop kick against Western Normal of Iowa. He is George Gipp Captain of Tho freshman eleven of notre Dame and the length of his kick is the astounding Dis Tance of sixty two Yards. Only two Field in a surpassed this Brilliant performance. J. T. Haxall of Princeton in 1882, kicked a goal from placement against talc from the 66-Yard line and Mark Payne of Dakota Wes last fall shot a drop kick Over Northern Normal s bar from the 63-Yard line. Ony goal ties glop s performance. In 189 p. J. O Dea of Wisconsin kicked a goal from the Field against Northwest Ern from the 62-Yard line. Tie for most two players tie for the distinction of having kicked the most goals from the Field during the season. They Are John h. Meehan of Syracuse and j. Elwood Davis of Iowa. Their number of goals is Jeren and All were drop kicks. If Iowa takes Many More of these Federal foot Ball honors next year to preserve a National Competition we will have to bar out these Lowans. The place kickers already stated arc represented by Elmer q. Oliphant of the army and Ivan h. Grone of Kendall each with five Field goals the season a record in. Of the Art from the standpoint i m number of goals from the Field kicked in one game we find a Happy tie Between the East and West and be tween the drop and Tho place pickers for Fritz t. Shiverick of Cornell kicked three goals by drop kicks against Michi Gan and Ivan h. Grono this same irrepressible Grone of Kendall kicked three from placement against the Haskell indians. Boals from Placo kicks this autumn must be classed Tho multiple newly invented method of scoring goals from he Field emanating from the ingenious intellect of George p. Sanford coach at Rutgers. These Are kicked while the Ball is held by two players the Boll not touching the ground they Are possible through 5i definition of a goal from the Field. This definition has been in exist ence for More than forty years without to tiny loophole being discovered. Tho sole multiple kicker of the country is Homer Hazel of Rutgers and he has scored by this method five goals from the Field varying in length from Twenty five to forty five Yards. Among the ranters. Seven punters of the year loom Large upon the View far out classing their Fel of fullbacks of the year. Let us enjoy wealth of punting treasures like a miser by overlooking our Hoard All at nce. Here it is player. I Nulk. Ave. Max versus Adolph Hatcher Tennessee 80 57 12 v. K. Rose Richmond. 71 55 7 w. And. Carl . Vermont 8s 55 i Norwich Vank a Roll. Birmingham More 2i05 Trotters made their appearance this season in Amy other. Special to the news. Detroit mich., Doc. Trot Ting records were established during the season of 1916, and one of the most important of these is the fact that eight Trotters entered the list exceeding the total of any other year by two. In View of the great Speed shown on Many occasions one might ask himself wore not there More than but when one considers what or better Means the Quantity must stand out As an achieve those that entered this list during the year Are Lucile Spier Mabel Trask and St. Frisco with each to erect the real lady vol Mary . And Peter Scott having been in the year before Lee Axworthy the stallion Champion does not get into the 1916 list. Invasion of the two minute list is enough glory for him. The eight that Are in do not represent the list of All that could have trotted in for instance Donna Clay was Sec Ond in and Wilkes Brewer showed when she trotted a half mile track in that silo la eligible. Galveston soccer club to play 8. 8. Ept Alfos the Galveston soccer club has a same today with a team from the Steamer ept Alfos now in port. The sailors arc reported to have a first class team having won games in Severa other ports. Galveston will be represented b a Choice from Trio following Tate Hamilton Currly. A Holton Dolstrom Jone Cleator. Brown. Pot son. Harrlson Paul Dol Ron. Kickoff at 3 p. N on Tho Twenty seventh stroll and Avenue grounds. W. May will referee. Dim of la Ferrec. The Brooklyn Eagle prints in a Black face Border a a eclat from provinces under Date of dec. 11 in which a professional football game la reviewed. Tho Story makes the direct charge that a number of Eastern athletes played under assumed Namei and without ing an lots of proof baldly assert that in opinion of the spectators la Gore and Black of tale Carey and of Harvard Nourse and Driggs of Princeton Andeson and West of col Gate and Berry of Penn were seen in action. In addition the achievement of Blond guard Are stated so lucidly that Only Schlachter of Syracuse could be meant. The author of Thia Story went far in mining his with the dirt at in Ference in the present strict Lenae of interpretation of Rray have done an irreparable injury to the fair reputation of an athlete. In the Case of be Gore for instance it i inconceivable that the Rale Star can have taken part in it professional game coming so quickly on the heels of his reinstatement after a year s suspension from new Haven athletics because of summer Ball. Would it not have been fairer and More demonstrative of a spirit of fair play had the writer of the Story called the attention of the various colleges to spectators suspicions rather than to blemish by inference the athletic Hon esty of the men in question Squire ebbetts of Brooklyn bought fizz water for the National league in Cele briting the official award of the pen Nant. But then Brooklyn cops a Flag Only once in a. Blue Moon anyway. High code of Vino Fote. The bleacher bleacher seat that boyhood Learned to love upon whole hard hard boar Rik the hoi pol lol Ihori where Eoa Feu Meating hard oiled ego in Home team Irona re gallery of the Mae oath wit the my Ftfe of voice whence the Load of Joy when the foe u turned to rout or thumbs Down of none pm Teheta woe the Roar of take him where language free of tax Laws and Mannera five of Galle unite Atea alte the teed Gold make the game Worth while t Inere port lored for Lar Oradom s Sake and players when where every Horelle Mutt and the int pure h Job s a Lonj Rou be reared to keep no Lac the Freedom of the mass but now alas to speak the Worda the two bit neat Muat Paul the word la out the edict glory a vat fade with the Days when Connie Black was teat and the Macklan ranks arrayed the greedy magnate hikes your Price to Alt Wei Flash to a cot Rcd stand that the Deal be not too raw they be raised the Price of egg and cheese and and shoes and now crowning woe of Llrena Cost the Price of a bleacher seat Manship fired by the flames of ancient. There could be but one Cobb vie Are Erer As to Tom h be w Torr the store Princeton has dropped Rutgers Frem us schedule. It seems to be Foster san Ford s Fate to make a Little team just enough to Force the heavyweight around a wide course in october sched Ules. The Lawt billiard Champion takes on old mortality this week. Moore been challenged by de pro and the match on at Doyle s monday night. Speaking of youth. De pop con Over that lineup if you will. In three of the most interesting of sports they defy every Advance of ambitious youth. De Oro Winner of More championships in pocket billiards and Threa cushions than any living Man is still to be feared at the Cue game and by wednesday nor it May have recovered Crown. The cuban u close to 50 years of age. Pop Geers who is Stilt one of the greatest Drivers on har Neils circuits. Is fast nearing Man s allotted Span of threescore and ten. Wagner play info a game admitted to belong to youth and Early manhood is 43 years youth must be served indeed but who Calls de Oro. Geers find Honus old but in name of years or. Anna Shaw says that Mother the first new even the Moat Rabid anti would concede that eve was newest woman in the Vicinity of the original Apple tree. Or Man than Langford carried he aching Bones into a ring the other night and trimmed battling Jim Johnaon. Some research re claim to have identified Tham with the original Ham in Ark. He was flattening aspiring heavies. Particularly coloured ones when Hans Wagner was that Young shortstop from m. Randolph Macon 60 a filter Hess Indiana c6 t. . Cornell 7r, 51 Marlon d y Purdue 7 much inn so much space has Boon Given by the Ress recently the scoring Powers of Umer q. Oliphant of the army and Ohn h. Gilroy of Georgetown that Manv be interested in seeing the figures f these Eastern players paralleled with Rone Kendall. Us not forget that Kilroy is the Only genuine easterner e comes from Haverhill. Oliphant Reg anally is from the Middle West and Revloc ugly played at Purdue. The de ailed scoring figures of the three ing Point makers of the year Are As Fol lows ads. . . S. Pit Ivan h. Grone Kendall 20 61 6 0 .7. H. Kilroy Georgetown 18 37 .0 0 e. Q. Oliphant. Army m 53 5 0 a final classification of football feats that interested Many in previous years was the presentation of the player who had won the largest number of games a an individual performance. This Oliero is no Ucli player but in his place Are six men each of whom has won two games and one of whom by winning also has won a sectional championship. These men Are w. A Daley holy Cross. J foul sen of Hastings Charles w. Of Ohio state. William Rafter of Syra Csc w. M. Kosenkran2 of Union Anc Lloyd Mccreight of Washington and Jef Ferson. The player whose prowess Woi the championship of an entire Section of the United Middle West was c. W. Harley of Ohio right 191c, by new York Herald. All rights reserved principal football records of 1916 the Field two play for me hut i these by Panf to the left. I then a nerf town Tho left Side line to mid Flold. So Ink that i had panfely outdistanced my pursuers i thereupon left Tho Side Lino and ran Jar or foot. Wope Loop s Clinnly through or up train rat up in inight tip Tho Center of flail. Johnaon Swirth a feta Man runs obliquely the Field copyright 1516, by the new York Herald company All rights re served elevens victorious Over All opponents army. Kendall Ohla state . Eleven scoring most touchdowns Kendall 80 touchdowns. Eleven scoring most coals follow Ink touchdown Kendall i goals following touchdowns. Eleven coring most goals from the Field army 9 goals from Field eleven scoring ire Teot number of Points Kendall 566 Points. Elevens scored against the least morning Side Tennessee 13 Points. Player scoring most touchdowns Ivan h. Grone Kendall so touch Downs. Player scoring most goals follow ing touchdown Ivan h. Grone. Ken la is do the goals following touchdown. Syro scor Field j. Playso scoring goals from Elwood Davis Iowa a John f. Meohan Syracuse 7 from the Field. Goals player acor Lnor Nunter of Points Ivan if. I one Kendall igl pol non. Most Viunna by in Folly winning _ div dual Puy w. H. Duly. Crows j. Poi Ilhan Hunting Chariei w. Hurley Ohio gute Rafter Syret Cuba w. M. Homo Skranz Union w. L. Mccrel fret. Wolfl Hington nil Jofferson each 1 compiled by Parke ii. Davis. Player making longest run to touchdown George Conn Oregon agricultural College 103 Yards. Player making longest run with caught Kickoff to touchdown Alfred c. Brooks. Brown 100 words. Player making longest run to a touchdown a e. Swope Dickin son 92 Yards. Player making longest run with caught punt to touchdown Alfred p. Jenkins Lown 95 Yards player making longest run from Complete Forward pass to touch of Harles Forner will Lanranda Vashti 80 Yards. Player making longest run from an intercepted Forward pass to touchdown s. P. Williams North Western 102 Yard. Player making longest run from recovered futile to touchdown Conn. Oregon agricultural College Jos Yaj Vijh. Player making longest run from recovered blocked kick to touch Down j. G. Ramsay North Carolina 42 Yards. executing longest Forward pass in a touchdown Fred n. Klut Holm Punser Oliver Songor receiver Northwestern e5 player making most runs mini mum 40 Yard from scrimmage to touchdown John h. Llroy. Be butt town 9 runs player making most runs from caught punts to touchdown John ii. Gilroy Georgetown 4 runs. Player Mak Liik most runs from intercepted to touchdown John h. Gilroy genre Eton 4 runs. Player making Mont runs from Complete pass to touchdown Thomas Whalen Georgetown 8 runo. Player making longest punt Adolph Hatcher. Tennessee 80 Yards. Player making highest punting in one game Adolph Hatcher Tennessee 6j Yards. Player scoring longest goal from the Field George Opp notre Dame 62 Yards. Player scoring longest Field goal by drop kick George Glup notre . 1920, 62 Yards. Player scoring longest Field goal from placement Dnald b West Colgate 50 Yards. Plu Yors scoring most Field goals in game f. T. Shiverick Cor Nell Ivan h. Grono Ken Dall 3 Field goals players scoring most Field goals by drop kicks Benson ,1. Elwood a Nils Iowa John v. Meehan. Syra Cuse 7 Field goals. Players scoring most Field goals from placement season o Oli Phant army Ivan h. Grone Ken Dall Homer Rutgers Field coals. Just to i after thirteen Yeara of Tycobb in the game consider this. Were it Given you to choose whether in your own particular line of Endeavor you should Excel Mathewson has in baseball or Johnson or Wanner or Anson or Cobb what would be your reply whose Success and the manner of its attainment would you choose to emulate if the Opportunity were yours to express a preference for ourselves the answer is easy. There Are things in the Success of each any Man would be glad to the quiet Calm and ineffable superiority of Mathewson the astounding leap to Fame of Johnson the years of honest record behind the terrible Teuton and the Frank affection the game will Al ways entertain for Anson. But for All round Energy Success and withal clean Cut and forcible sports the National commission it finding prospective ally for Fultz where least expected in the Calm refusal of the International to accept a ruling of the commission. This was the award to Ibbetts against Newark and through Newark to the International league. The International is one of the fastest two class a leagues in the coun try. Its test of the jurisdiction of the supreme court of baseball will be Worth noticing. Post Mort Ems. After John begin Eft a Hundred from now old pal we Khali not mind at it will not matter Ojie i Rhet who copped the game. Of Ball we shall not rare who won for Yale Why col Kate made Brown i efforts fall nor Why Pitt the Pule nor talk of fall. A Hundred from now old pal we shall not know nor rare if d Arcy proves to be a farce or tic Frenchman is a be i the managerial overtone that we Hearken with groan will mean no More than Means the on Ivsich of stows hair. A Hundred yearn from now old pal our Caret will All he on whether talk is beat or to or shall not worry More but when my time has come to die. Whether i Strum a Harp or Fry the Dayn will Drift Bitsi by without the old Box Ouimet s Amateur standing May be restored by . Special to tic news new York dec. United states Golf association at its annual meeting next month be attacked from All sides with demands that the Amateur status be restored to Francis Ouimet former Holder of both National Golf titles. A a Dirge number of delegates according to present indications will pre sent requests to the National governing body that the suspension be lifted from the Young Boston 0tar. Thy movement a t the meeting will simply be the re Flection of sentiment that has been Gen eral i Kol fans circles since Jat Winter that Ouimet waa unfairly dealt with. The Woodland club. Outlet s club will Load the fight for the former Cham Pion s reinstatement. The lining up of the Ouimet supporters is reaching such formidable dime talons that it is reason ably sure to expect that Ouimet will to competing in the 1917 As an Amateur. I to annual meeting of the u. S. G. A. Arc generally pretty affairs. Rou Tine business is quickly Dos Postl of. Courses awarded for the three National championships for the coming year and Hen the delegates Tell each other stories r the nineteenth Holo variety. The of the National As of elation will to different. Most of Tho excl tement and battling will Center about Dulcet. At the present time the u. S. I g. A. Ii deep in one of the most per taxing bunkers the Royal and ancient Ever knew. U Luat do one of two lint is tactfully lift the suspension of Luin iat or turn a cold Nho Ukler to a pop Lar movement to have the ufos Cal Young Flurr restored a an Amateur , which in the opinion of Hun reds of players he never a cared to be. Ter disposing of Ouimet s Case the association will find it necessary to formulate a new Rull defining what con at utes an Amateur or better Mill what specific acts change an Amateur into a professional. Phlp in u question both Tho Golf and Tennis have re a twi Day in the Post with a Cunt. Many delegates in the Golf meet Tiff will introduce for a new a Mattur Rule. They priming i will be brought. Nearly All the dissatisfaction Over the existing Amateur Rule i converges on the clause directly or in directly connected with a sporting of food House. What is wanted is a clearer interpretation of the meaning of in directly connected with a Spon Hig goods House a condition that could sep Arate any golfer from his Amateur stand ing it was this clause that brought Ouimet s Sun pens Ion. Ouimet for two years after his memorable Victory Ofir Vardon Ray at Brook line in 1815, worked for Dotson in Boston. Surely this was a very direct connect fun with a snorting Gouda House but u. S. G. A. Belloc a Ouimet an Amateur. But a your ago the Young former Cham Pion decided to venture in the sporting business for himself and the u. S. A. Came Down on him like a ton of Brick. In the association s opinion wan an unpardonable breach of Amateur ism and Ouimet was disqualified from competing in Rima eur tournaments. The of Jority of golfers have failed to understand the Justice of that association ? action in regard to Ouimet and the forthcoming meeting of the govern ing body wll determine How matters stand. Ruth Law goes after 1t1w world s record new York. . Ruth i few who eela blushed n new american Noimon Fly luring recant flight from Chicago to in rat win try try break world s re Coral Early year of left non Moed of left to any. Kin Unkn Tia flight in it specially hint is nov Lio Ink built for it. The machine Vin in pc Mora than n Iii Lon an hour and will entry Fiatt Supply Cha mid. Coast a Tillery to plat olympic Roccee club Tho remit arh Larrv and taif olympic i will play thin morning at Kort Crockett. Dlr off will at it so u. M. Will to pro Iii tort Liy the Lon Flat m. Hir Alnon hot fun orc. A. Will

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