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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - December 2, 1944, Galveston, Texas Hill s cafe 1502 blvd. Phone 5323 specialising in seafood steaks and Chicken dinners a if Dalue turn. Fail of fit u. S. Acts to protect base of its b-29s japanese attacks on Saipan countered by american planes by Aster ated pres Galveston Texas saturday december 2, 1944 Texas oldest newspaper w. L. Moody amp co. Unincorporated Bankers established met responsibility Over $t,9o4l.0m. Nervon w easterner for years Contin Ilni War policy of Enron Raglan Thrift -2to raring seen tint of individuals lev Lei la Galveston comity. Established 1842 Pearl Harbor disaster reconversion inquiry boards oppose slowed up by any court martial drastic order americans capture sector in Valley drive into Roer River Saar line Washington dec. J. Ii army and Nesses not available now because Navy boards of inquiry found thai they Are engaged in combat and errors of judgment in both Ash when All the evidence was in in ton and Hawaii had had a part would review the present tentative in the i Earl Harbor disaster but decisions against disciplinary ac-1 discovered no grounds for any Tion court martial proceedings it was an. Bounced tonight. With a please of the statements i there were immediate demands in government acts to eliminate lag in u. S. War production Washington dec. I. Up the gov germans quit greater part Protection of America s super fort m _ there were immediate demands in Washington dec. I. A the gov Ann a base on a inn in a ? and Navy pc Congress chiefly from republicans Ern ment in a drastic new order. I of kills q Ritac f n. Saipan against increasing Forrestal issued statements Simul for a congressional investigation tonight slowed up the program la ill so japanese Aerial attacks stood out to Neoushy summing in conclusions a. A. To i for not tiny of i i Ruzcki i issues Siai Eroen Simul for a congressional investigation tonight slowed up the program japanese Aerial attacks stood out to Neoushy summing up conclusions of Why the japanese achieved com for putting segments of Industry today among developments on the of the two boards but said the re p Ete Surprise with their dec. 7, Back into civilian production. Pacific fronts. Ports themselves could not Fot 1941 attack on the hawaiian naval a in a measure designed to bolster Trice raided in 24 hours the sat reasons of military Security be re base and Sank or disabled eight lagging War production the army run base from which the b 29s leased until after the War. Battleships. Many democrats said Navy War production Board and have begun to bomb Tokyo got each said too that he intended however that the statements from Efu manpower commission i some support from army and a to continue a personal i Vestiga Stimson and Forrestal should end Fine bombers which blasted Japa Tion gathering the stories of wit the matter Lese airstrips on iwo Jima Island a. 1, i in to it Putti to it i Loui Lejb liar a guv statement said the Secretary in Tion shall be authorized under the the German radio announced last his findings upon the evidence Beju spot reconversion plan for a be the evacuation of the greater fore the court of inquiry and All i of of 90 Days. Part of Budapest on the East Bank i the other proceedings in the mat that Only in localities where War the Danube As russian troops Miles to the North. Adm. Ches Ter w Nimitz announced. Two Jima and other islands from Quot Hick Japan might harass the Ark Tokyo bombing operations have been raided and shelled frequently in the last three weeks. The Nippon Cabinet leaders of the diet and a a Liaison Council to Cope with air raid disaster Quot met to press Freedom move attacked by Briti Sli Magazine nazis indicate that they plan to go West of Danube on the Point of fault the Navy a shortage no new civilian product London dec. 2. Saturday in a 11�? it the German radio announced last rented that in areas of acute labor Lings in the mat mat omy in localities were War Uzups Ter to Date has found that there production is on schedule where outflanked the besieged hungarian were errors of judgment on the labor is adequate to meet military capital on the Southwest by Cross part of certain officers in the a needs or where labor not Quail the Ikon foot Mechek Moun Val service both at Pearl Harbor led for War work is available a can gains and reaching the Edge of a a i and Tan nest for Plain Only 90 Miles from the Ana and at any request for civilian product Ain Only Miles from the aus Stimson said Quot the army Pearl Hong under the spot program be Trian Frontier. Approved the Berlin announcement in Lander the a a spot plan regional amazed an eventual nazi troop re a t in i o f a a Tho la net in m in of t la c Rad m a to aryan up a recent b-29. London dec i. A the press Harbor Board although it recon Dafana. A in �?�>0fl by a Al Freedom Campaign conducted by mended no disciplinary or other under the a a spot plan regional tufted an eventual nazi i on i t t i a or Kent Cooper executive director of action concluded that there were hoards had been empowered to treat to the West Bank 7th Nfn r win United states the associated Piess was attacked several officers in Field and permit civilian production in areas Danube at Budapest As Well As a Anes repulsed Jap today by n British weekly Maga in the War department who did not where manpower and facilities Chian evacuation of the 60-Square. P Cha get South of or sine. The economist with a Sug perform their duties with the Nee were deemed available for such mde Section of pest and its sur-2h a 8 in my part. The Gest Ion that his program might a1 assay skill or exercise the judg purposes. Rounding left Bank suburbs. On th.1 i z i Mon Low american new agencies a to ment which was required under tonight a action came upon the Danube Bridges were clogged to Armor of therl a Little dominate the the circumstances on the re heels of recent reports from Gen w a both a military and civilian Quot ii. The Politico economic Public corded evidence i agree with some Eisenhower that a shortage of vehicle Berlin said and Axis a san King or Tion established in i m3, included but not a11 of the Hoard Conlu some Cate Gones of ammunition. Di0 commentators stressed that the. Damaging off a More foj0wjnfir Quot american am a russians of marshal i Tel to a a Ion to hot a uti a to . Gen c. Short. Turn to p.,. I so. Rock Force of a i or a g c1 on the United states he army commander at Pearl Harth in Ouglas Macarthur a emr. Kent Cooper general Man Stimson said a i am of the bed or a 0f a a a lated press and opinion that his errors of Judger. H�i.,. Quot a. Author of barriers is Lead ment War of Uch Natur a to demand his Relief from a com two battleships three cruisers ten Fri a. Transports and have damaged five Quot. Rry a a de Al a to corporate Atisa a a. Charter of Freedom for Newa and str charter of Freedom far Ann Mand status noting that this was in recen Davs War hip Thorf a a communications in the peace set done Oon after in Japan Pap at. Osaji elements tack. Stimson said that was i cements a in a article in life he demands Freedom of Access to new Freedom for agencies to compete or to Exchange new and an end to preferential rate of transmission. I. Or like Moat big business serious result Quot for an at qty offi cer of excellent service record and in his opinion was a sufficient a ind met ions appeared that the japanese were winding up for a supreme Effort to Knock the free China government out of the War. A ponderous Force gathered along the Kwanwai Keichow Border Soo in Miles from c Hiang Kai Shek s War executives axe genres Kimmel the Navy Corr time capital chunking this in ,. A per genres a Peculiar Harbor but said to Al of fifth in f or finer that his uni i a Aridor oui Saiu Clayton said due for High Post in state department Feodor i. Tol Bukhina a third Ukraine army which had crossed the Danube South of Budapest now were within 77 Miles of the City. Presumably German rear guards will be left on the East Bank to delay the russians until the bulk of Axis troops reach the West Bank and go into prepared fortifications on the High Buda Bluffs. Food stocks in pest shops have been sold and hungarians Are being pressed into digging trenches and Days developments on Western front by associated press Canadian first army last reported inside Reich opposite Nijm Egen. British second army continued pressure near Venlo Iii Holland. I United states ninth army battered at Roer River Strong Points barriers to Rhineland on 15 to 20-mile front. United states first army tightened net around Buren bastion guarding approaches to Cologne in bitter fighting. United states third army forged solid front along the Saar River near Merzig. United states seventh army advanced along the alsatian Plain in drive toward German Border reached Hagenau. French first army made new advances in Vosges Mountain passes. Drove North in Forest bordering Rhine. A a a United states divisions tenth armoured third army reached Saar River near Merzig in Germany. 00th infantry third army reached Saar River in Merzig sector. 95th infantry third army neared Saar River above Saar lantern. Rep. Luce denies imposition of any gag on judge disagrees till sex students on Rainey Issue germans get town Back in another area enemy attempt to Jet Bridgehead West of Rhine is stopped supreme Headquarters Allied expeditionary Force Paris dec. I. In United states armies fighting inside Germany seized a nine Mila sector of the Industrial Saar Valley today and drove two new wedges into the enemy Roer River line in a furious Battle before the Cologne Plain. As Gen. Eisenhower increased the pressure of Allied armies battering at the Roer River Barrier the germans struck Back by land and air and pushed the americans from two towns Between Linnich and Julich. Far to the Southwest the allies smashed an attempt by the germans to Plant a new Bridgehead on the West Bank of the Rhine near Strasbourg behind a smokescreen 1000 Yards Long. No details were available Here of this unexplained operation. The United states third army fought up to the Saar in a storm of fire from the Siegfried line around Merzig German City guard ing the Moselle and Nahe Valley invasion routes to the inner Reich As the germans blew the Merzig Bridge. Allied planes dumped 250 tons of explosives on enemy Forti Houston tex., dec. I. In Vav. L. Pressed into digging trenches and Paris dec. I. In rep. Clare Boothe hous on. Tex., dec. I. In Federal fictions Forrestal made no direct refer Clayton internationally known fortifications on the southwestern r a r judge. C. Hutcheson today re United states first army ence to rear adm. Husband e Houston Cotton merchant who re Sid of the capital Berlin Dis uce a in 8ays pm leased a Fetter addressed to the broadened the scope of its assault Kimmel the Navy commander at gently resigned As Federal surplus closed. Being gagged by the army on the before Duren with new attacks a surplus _ _ _ a executive Secretary of the univer that moved american lines Forward the Evi War property disposal admin Tilstra significance of the Ger congressional tour of the Western u,1 p Secretary of the i nicer that moved american lines Forward an evacuation order was apparent front is a 1 r mistake y Texa sex students a Socia 400 Yards to within 1000 Yards of. A Tion in which he declared a we Gey and Brandenberg the latter Lins capita. Chunking this in Neloia a _ of Din of hmm a Pearl Harbor but said a the Evi War property disposal admin Tilstra the full significance of the Ger congressional tour of distant1 of Kwe a Anil Al Quot Frik of of Freedom coincide with his com Dot it nip nov Avail blk fops War t01 is to he named assistant see Man evacuation order was apparent front a a 1 r mistake distance of Kwiej it Ang first a lot Avant. No a h rant and will not support the trial rotary of state in Charas of All a abort time later when Moscow Burma a in a it Quot bunk non then try there is no suggestion that by a one Al court martial of any foreign economic affairs the hous noun Cpd that marshal Kolbuk a an it a Road a a v. I Demon or Nelsons in the naval serv ton chronic s u Hin in it a. Hin s troops had overrun 60 More me from talking she in humming. Clyde a fans Liberty there is no suggestion that what All barriers Are Worth associated press correspond a. Ltd source. Of the. Ant. Citing japanese propaganda us a a by a Nabit claims the. Invaders would he in. A the world. His chunking by Christ id red a a so re to pm event another not prohibited Stion that tar t a , menu a _ a i have come out for the University a Down the person or persons in the naval serv ton chronicle s Washington Corr Hin 8 troops had overrun 60 More me from talking she said tonight. ,. Fth ice Sponden in a special dispatch to Loca tie West of the Danube South a my fellow committee members the r. ,. A in new York rep. Maas of min his Dimer said a Hod and Southwest of Budapest As the it a to a St of f Giorl t a or a Artsma # Ca rvs. It up because a the University is bigger is chunking by Christ a said the16, Prev int possibility could not a ruled out from pm Onyn the that the. Nip ponese were planning to smash free China before new i United state Aid can be Given. A chunking Sou ret close to the Olin. Leader said reports that turn to Page 2, see six Sponden in a special dispatch log the in new Yolk rep. Mass of min hut paper said he had Learned to a Quot a Quot Outt West of by Dapp tax the have not tried to keep me from gents a Nayota senior Republican on the dry a from sources of unquestioned third Ukraine army veered to Laiking a nor has Therp been and Hutcheson councilman at Tare House naval affairs committee reliability Quot Ward the capital and toward Lake lalrin8 n or it pre. Been any at Neson councilman at Large said in a statement rho chronicle s correspondent Kalat on strategic hungarian Lake tempt to gag me. Ass it Chat a 8aid it Bat Quot the applauded but . Is Whf from the aired that a Clayton in his new Yin of. Carom the approaches to v i. _ beginning both that Kimmel and not a unit a a. Austria. Making the whole world Safe Voi 8hort Woad Nev a brought to so Ftp Edward Stettinius on All St Keg across the Mecseki Moun be our spokesman. That is Why tit addrs8�,d to Dohn Al the a it trial and hat that report self Matt Fri rela Ihor to the nation s gains la mile8 North of Pees the there was no reason for me to be a it nuts Clyo exer live Secretary of them in the act of firing on Macri in this. A in other Natwar would he a up Pray cd 1 to it no a a 8 fou Trade policies but a Quot Luke poured ,j2 at our press conference there top University sex students Assoc Jean lines. Ii Complete vindication of adm. 0v a Manv a the Recti Viii now a Southwest of Budapest and mrs. Luce expressed the opinion. Suggested the association the German air Force swarmed in to a a to it it. In rut under the direction of fore in Fen a a a a Mim fr0m Balaton that the cig Aret situation is the ask a Quot impartial position to the attack in Daylight and in nomic administrator Leo c Crow to hip i to hold most pressing of i problems. A a me russians in the natural Deg Quot &Quot.,i a a a a a Quot a i i. Tenses of the mountains but Tol Clayton appointment Wax re Bukhina a men reached the Haber Mem Tolusso girded As certain by the staff canal Village two Miles Southeast to Tinius i arcs cruet who said that a Clayton will of Dombovari Junction and were either he appointed by the pres new going downhill into the Foto Pic Ltd ident to one of the two new is Plains Southwest of Budapest. Olcus i Osu 1011 instant Secretary ships soon to be said Magyar Hertelendy and xviii be a we agreed in London that rep. ?, had later and declined Matthew Merritt in y i a null to re Luest to give it to the press. Little More than a mile from the Roer seven Miles Southwest of Duren. It. Courtney h. Hodges troops fought House to House to drive he last enemy from Inden six Miles Northwest of Duren As fighter bombers swept Low Over the front in the heavy weather attacking seven killed in rash of plane los Angeles Cal dec i. Of a cruising Low for a Landing in a thick fog a transcontinental and Wetter airlines passenger plane territorial Reg hot for. Say Tore through several High tension turn to Par 2 see three lines and crashed Early today kill a a log seven and injuring 18. Twenty three a i aboard the w a san of Muciaro los Angeles plane h Cli i iritis Sibili or Man suffered Only from Shock., Only airline Miles hmm Lex k ii. U heed air terminal in Burbank the 111 Lack la och Flag liner was Loring Altitude when is issues such a civil aviation commercial practices Are habitually confused with such big words As Liberty and the. Right of Man one Coopers happier suggestions is that new correspondents abroad should enjoy diplomatic immunity without any of its Capon abilities. This would turn the see eight or or coop.,happier j0 Ollil old measure passed fourth estate into a King that can a it mry amps soon to or said Magyar Hertelendy and do no wrong the comment of Washington a. I in one of the created by Congress or to a vacant Manga villages also were swept up marshal Stalin and the general biggest flood control authorizations a it which will be created shortly on the Mountain Road Between a a w Ukiwe or Ulion Mir i Saim u on the proposition that the on record passed the Senate today. By 8 reshuffling of the state de a be Stettinius jr., 44-year-old in appointed it is not fair to the uni hark intr the War i being waged to secure extra projected As a Job creating pro part ment by Stettinius i to Page to. See nine. A ? Una bark into the outskirts of both la iu.1 pm Streak. Gram. It authorizes postwar con Clayton went to Washington instruction to Cost i. Too too. Too 1940, volunteering his service to i Rex a spread Over most of the country a Sec. Of Commerce Jesse h. Jones japanese i tanned great River basins. Actual approx also a houstonian to had planned i to to print Ion a. Yet to come. To leave Washington after resign i Fyk no the Bill now goes Back to the ing his War property disposal Post jul flu Alliese i of h House then probably to a Confer but was a requested by the Presl i a ence committee to reconcile differ Dent to remain and take Over is Vav Cav a my unit lift it in the controversy Over the Dis Force for the first time in tvo charge of or. Homer Rainey. Months and the enemy loosed a Tan onh reiterate As i have barrage of flying bombs on rear sad from he beginning that my areas in Belgium and Holland that concern is for the University and represented an increase of almost Only for the University a Hutcheson too per cent in 24 hours a front wrote a and that if the Council dispatch said. Commences to throw its weight the United states ninth army i around As a part of the pro Rainey was pushed from its Roer footholds Washington dec. I in Edward movement a is not fair at Rordorf and Flossdorf North Tutini. C a i Tbs regents appointed or to be West of Julich but was fighting. Stettinius jr., 44-year-old in appointed it is not fair to the uni Hack into the outskirts of both Austria list and Diplomat was sworn verify it is not fair to the state towns in an Effort to regain its porn As Secretary of state today amid and in my judgment result sit ions. Potentially revolutionary Dex Elop a Quot did troit sex student Firre fighting continued in destroying their effectiveness nearby Beeck but the Doue Uhova merits in american foreign Pokey. The executive Council of the sex were firmly across the highways to he faces As his first great task students association went on rec Lindern and Linnich to the East. As successor to Cordell Hull com la yesterday As believing Battle front dispatches said the Cletion of the Dumbarton Oak sit re Quot Eye Cwm right a"d4th United states seventh army along clan for world a cd .t��?T11 Quot a. , 1 a a Rhyn. Broke through la in suddenly nosed Down it slowed through a Block and half of Orange Fig and Walnut Trees coming to fences Between the versions a what probably will he one of the new Delhi India dec. I. Up one plan for world Security and a would be to the Hest interest of enemy defences and fought into the proved by the two branches. Most important tasks in the and h0�?ond Are hemmed in Range ments for a United nations the University that or. Rainey be Western edges of Hague Nus St in immediately upon passage of the ministration during the immediate by.,,"me forces surrounding the conference which officials Hope reinstated As its a a i _ a a a a a _ _ i Little Burma town of re a to a. R London. De. Up propaganda a pin or int ministration during the imm Diana nope mister Paul Joseph Goebbels to a a ?-v5,r a two p"ri0d.�?~ Ditapat it a said Wai Sere 100��?T a be held in this country Quot i Hin nigh1 ordered he pm e in a n be o n u week of ted d8ba,�. The Senate Quot tentative plans already have a Stop on the Iron in front of a a scum Ion of the urn a a nth con i for action of a 1500, been Laid for an International for a a w # cottage in the Van no us District War Stu. On a 1 00 000 Riveri and harb�r8 Means Pic Quot a it Ade conference immediately circled the town More than a investigating officials said the a Nua Uon ayin to to it an wa8 ure. a to corneal from the sen. Overton , floor a t a. Three months to put the plan into american trained chinese effect. The Brief ceremony took place manager of san Diego mayor Ley Knox of the same City was seriously Hurt. Mayor Knox said he knew something was going to happen before the crash and grabbed a Pillow by a a Mph it a drive a we and put it to his face a i Felt the dual by for doomed to failure Telic Supply Center 15 Miles North of Strasbourg after overrunning several towns. The enemy a positions West of the Rhine were narrowed sharply by Allied troops who swept out of the within two Miles Southwest of Strasbourg. The seventh los Angeles Cal dec. I. In an was within 30 Miles of completing Man Home radio stations. min one 01 me Onesi inc it it on drafting 0f an agree Quot Kern a Ieada Why associate Justice Robert h tonic Icaza sleek haired Pana a Junction with the French first a la. Porn . Re hmm a Zed the a or 7i.�?z�?�m n Quot we quoth h is if Chr .j?,p3 Quot Quot Quot or and did Quot it a a a of the War to behoves the Ger Cen of the hues aum. Win he we or d or it of a run re Quot tha Corr Nese held area of two by thro u a lately air Ward Stettinius a Quot of what a Quot Nightcap Quot was but the German Agency dub mean Man people to present a United for Abr us gum Sponden commented. Mim a covered by artillery for. It 5f.n/.?en� he testified that he thought Pratti while issued a High command a eign Trade conference immediate a the Brief ceremony took place hell i i nth adv Rhine were narrowed g after the War is Over designed to pm in the 8apretar.v s office at the state War 0 Allied troops who swept n put International Trad on a firm a a a a v by it h the department. The oath to Quot support in u 11 in Lillin vo8kes mountains to w pm basis in the future a re dispatch Fol Quot a Are a rain 80 that Van a Quot a the Constitution of the m old Chi Mil Ujj of Selusta 25 my v Maama it i. A the Chance of escape by Ama boats to a Al it. A a 8 and passage of the flood control Bill every attempt to drive a wedge Ramg abruptly when sen Murray a jew by for doomed to failure a Mont agreed to sidetrack the plane starting Down too steeply. L0, do a on or the wet proposal to place administration is said a certainly brought about de of Miti million Dolla r program i Cienciera and bottlenecks. But we for the Missouri Basin under a he said Quot then we hit the Shock was to Unity Tuduri Imam great that i done to recall that there Quot haib of b8t, equipped to Missouri Valley authority a much noise. The dead and in-1 a Romfo a th8"�?~ a by it a comings the democratic and Republican Lead germans making Retreat in Italy Miles i covered by artillery f re l t coherence at Wimch be Usu idea mat be thought Pratti Wyntle issued a High command while that beleaguered Force is i Quot sue a Sarment a daring cake everybody but Icaza we As statement saying Germany was patently was a renaming to do 1 we a my utm�8t to c Larry out drunk at bandleader Tommy Dor considering disassociating itself other japanese were i Quot treating in u u i p,nnciple8 for which or sey s apartment Early on aug. 5 from the rules of International Burma on such a scale a to in ? a Quot always stood a the con when it he asserted he saw Dorsey warfare. It was made in the course 1 crease Suani hons . That th of our foreign policy sock screen actor Jon Hall he of a declaration threatening re Mav have decided to amt Burma b old from th6 havoc of this tween the eyes with a bottle. Primal on French War prisoners if entirely dcc1 to quit Burma w a a ppm up that will endure a he shortly before Hall had left the German hostages Are executed in after holding in the Faith added a talk far beyond the witness stand after admitting that Alsace. Rome dec. I. In the germans division at Pink the strength and Wisdom of any one he like to be convicted on maj. Gen. Jacques Leclerc who speared to be pulling Back today 8uddpnlv evacuated that Tow n and Man a the group of men it win re testimony such As he had Given had issued a proclamation at. Suddenly evacuated that town and quire the Active participation and against Dorsey. The bandleader Strasbourg calling for reprisals Lee w Quot it a Foci toward Mandalay and Rangoon up pot t of a ii the Amel Jean people his wife Pat Dane and their against civilian hostages for snip r a against the threat of a British farther West on the f a other peace Loving neighbor Allen Smiley Are on trial ing at French troops moved on eighth army breakthrough from River another jrdanesehomtn8 of in charges of ionian assault out of the City and it appeared his f another dap�np8p holding subsequently Stettinius released upon Hall. Order which a to have gone into a a a a a it ii i lie need Ann in Quot a a Niemo Eralic Ann Republican Lead a a Arter Noi Aing up the British 36th Stren Jared were strewn in the wreck per a conceal them from the Era dissuaded the persistent Murray Rome r dec. 1. The germans division at Pine the japanese Man age the mayor 41, suffered Job Fiji 4 from pressing for a vote on the appear pm t0 by pulling Back today suddenly evacuated that town and quire Bible fracture of the Chest Cut bit rpa8on alone Quot he As Eva proposal which Overton said Rno fintain toward High feed southward along the Railroad Sudec and Ahra Zaions. J sorted a it is forbidden to discuss would imperil the flood control leg Quot As Between Bologna and f sen toward Mandalay and Rangoon and dead Are a Uch thing., in Public. Every Bel a against the threat of a British farther West on the Chin Dwin Neon a Apt. P. Snowden Pilot North a prot these Day live behind the leaders assured Murray of eighth army Bieak through Lorn River another japanese holding sub Hollywood Gal Iron Butte co opera Ion in getting action on the it Ltd Tabt Force abruptly abandoned a iette7he"hah tent h u,16880, first officer t l. Bamberger a the people must respect their the Eva plan in a separate Bill in. Allied Headquarters said British japanese communications Are de is recuperating at the ill Hosni wit a a a a itt pm fined a a Fife to tomorrow would die a a Copilot. Alameda �?Ta1 leaders a wrote Goebbels who a the new Congress troop of the fifth army entered scribed As so bad however the t Tai Nearh Elfr the naval Hospi what a Nightcap was in bib Ulous Tural death. Waite w. Cooper City manager. A do Quot of to recurrent report in the Murray who previously had in ,anplic8 a Iipp 80dthwe8t pvn if the enemy has decided to and Geier Rexha suon Ente Fri a Quot to dark comp Exi Onod. 11 had been pm ted out Here that san Diego. British and Neutral pie,., is now dictated that he would talk Indef of Mola which 18 on i Hway 9 quit Burma it will take him three hone for Hill mustachioed said execution of hostages in rep Ira u. John v. Frankenthal urn a it on with Gestapo chief Heinrich brately lathe than give in. Per bet pub bold a Quot a and fapn8a Aad or four months to do so. Allied Stettinius a id he was look for a it 81 dorseys Flipi Quot a cd uld be done Quot a ithe no address Minier in control of German of muted a Quick voice vote after found it had been evacuated i planes prevent Large ships from Warto theime when Lido a p8rty Bush f by us is of the Geneva Conven Conrad Brinkman 21, Welling f"�8 use of the secluded and propounding his reasons for adv ii uth Quot a of an using Rangoon a Wafel Aoth on a a be a when it xviii be added that the other guests did. Tion As Long As the hostages were Long silent Adolf Hitler Cating an Eva division ran into Only Light resist pm Rapp rout is by rail to Bane Knic he no a a re mrs and mrs Dorsey in not War prisoners. I it a a Iyll Quot t4--Fkoklbe? 0f. Your Wise adv of a asked prosecutor de the concerted drive at the North. Howard Scammon ton. To Billy Jack Ken. Harold Muller 5953 Forest Iwine Indianapolis ind. Suffering from Shock Only was Arthur w Carroll 21, merchant Seaman Seattle Wash germans threaten to Stop observing rules of War transport attacked London. Dec. I in a German whether Germany. Should still Nonann d. I a n v w jul a command statement Dis consider he Relf hound to the Hague brn a .,1 to Quot re or Quot a Quot a cd by a a a a a Quot i �.���?�. And oth re a a a Quot a British planes attacked a Laden news Agency Caid tonight that which have been violated by our German troop transport off the Germany was considering Dipasso coast of Norway monday during a relating itself from the rules of in the snows orm and aet it ablaze Lenv Tern Adonal warfare As contained in do pinot so quoth re surf t ing a Large number of nazi soldiers the Geneva and Hague conventions. 0ld?&Quot of nah Marln i a in third Vnti in Trench mrs. Gen the statement was made in the Leclerc in Dairace end threatened. A a a Ujj apr i Uuie 13 by i an 1 Nanky Anre in Clearing the enemy from in a a Jne thaia f in bombp5_ a number of important Heights. To protect the withdrawal the germans Laid Down an extremely heavy artillery barrage on Amerl-1 cans dug in along an arc nine Miles South of Bologna and engaged eighth army units Northeast of Fenza in fierce fighting win Myers. Ern end of the front has yet to Pio a yes. They were intoxicated i Duce a hint of a break in the line.-. Think Quot Icaza answered. Hut the germans now Aie digging Myers enumerated other guests into Mobile reserves which might Smiley Hall. Singer Jane Church mean that they would be unable to m. Actor Eddi Nom. Bernard turn to Baga to. See Keven Lykes Bros. $1,000,000 Bond Purchase announced Purchase of $1,00��� in War Galveston county War finance they wemxkiied.8 beb Ved Boubouli Falls to lie German still dug in on High ,>ond8 by the Lykos Bros St a comm supp. Cd h. W. Darst. Re Icaza said he saw the Start of he <113 111 Rand behind the Lemon River ship co. To apply on Galveston a Lon ii Manafo a of the East South Dorsey Hall encounter in which i a hich runs through the Eastern county a quota in the sixth War Quot of 1�&Quot of the Atay of 1 i Hall contends the end of his nose pfc Clec Rig of Faenza. In a jail a 1 Nance organization which includes was almost severed. Loan drive was announced ate ves Fin a patrol probing the approaches 36 other counties the weather a met n i. A pouted in Alsace tor franc Mireur 3ult of such a step Kip i inc id ing fun Vlf it on fun Orriola of a m mostly Cloudy occasional rain Bun. Statement As quoted by dub Day and in South and West portion ugh com land Riata rent. As 9ad saturday. Slightly warmer in no the Quot Harf bad by West portion saturday my in North?8 associated , Che god that portion sunday. Moderate to or-1 is s1 is Quot Caslon Al Freeh winds on the coast in a ing and added other United states weather a under there Cirl Bureau data on Page 7. Ves gation is in Progress As to1 turn to Page 2. See five i a i Quot both Dorsey and Hall have on James g. Tompkins were Well pleased Over or. Tomp glasses a said least in broken eng Romp dec r Premier Ivance the Galveston office. K a announce then by Sloop Lish. A Dorsey take his glasses off Bonom still was trying vainly to twi in 4k� i 4 i too Bond Purchase by the Lykes and then strike Hall in Tho Laft form a new italian government to re e of Faenza. It loan drive was announced late yes Galveston and the Aerial offensive against the waives Ron Ana Brenner pass line has resulted in y Susn h g. 7\tul rep bad Quot a Purchase by the Lykes a Rny War in Germany if germans were Germany would he taken a a re Nan Todt organization to build. Individual Bond Purchase to be Jaw with i Fiat. Then Dorsey hit , after Baving been told by in i fills and by Pas is to keep sup announced in the Campaign to Date boxing show will be one of Hall Between the eyes with a Bot planes or fhe communist socialist pile moving to the front. Or. Tompkins said the company a number of events arranged by top i done to know where he got the and action St parties that they Ai int Diligence said it was Rea would receive a Block of ticket he special events committee of bottle there were lots of bottles Quot oud not participate in his Cable snebly sure no train had been to the War Bond boxing show which the county War finance committee in the apartment a net Ehler to run through pas.-, is to be staged in the City Audi of Welch Johnny brow ing is the trial was adjourned late Toto Verona in Northern Italy since thorium on dec. 15, and that these chairman this 8how wil1 be Spon Day until next monday w a a a sorted by the county War finance still on the witness stand. Visibly wilted when he adore re pop timely of the United. M .21 a t a a 4 i Vav u in to stand after hours s crop examination Dur according to an ame Iran Mer Nna Stuj Umea late to lining the Day Bonoll discussed Day until next monday with Icaza a situation both with Alexander no 4um a a Kirk and sir Noel Charles Ambas turn to Page 2. See one turn to Page 2. See two states and great Britain. Kirk refuted to comment while sir Noel Caid he merely a wanted to see How the situation was

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