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Galveston Daily Civilian (Newspaper) - August 28, 1857, Galveston, Texas Daily civilian. I my. Aaget Laa. Vaeua. Stead a a Natrop. Fc3c." a Guoru. Bruot. A Row. A Barleon Garnet. Caldwell. Comton. Of. Of Mem. Colli. Colerado. Hostel. O Ataa Ebe Denton. Us Dewitt. So Auu. Is a i put. 70 . M Panalon. Elk 747 a �4 14 171 us my 1w 141 a 39s at Flis lao 4ss min in a 844 is ss4 Iii in l Ion Payette.  band. Freestone Oal Mon. Gillespie. Tellad. Oon Salea. Grayson. Grimea. Oueda is. He no. Harrison. Hays. Hend son Hidalgo. Hi11t. Hopkins. Houston. Hast. Jack. Jackson. Jasper. Jest Sod. To bomb. Karaawi. Kaufman Kerr Kinney i m n7 41 him 965 i7s 341 438 844 us 914 47 11s h 1� m 3m 411 411 4is 30 518 383 340 ssi 3sb 41s 4s 438 037 ass set 108 130 37 810 888180 s7 104 17s 300 183 330 380 185 400 888 181 318 01 883 s83 80 103 807 203 187 113 s7 111 488 no 807 388 in 83 808 888 883 1154 118 118 803 810 84 374 153 400 333 sos 508 551 84 181 338 387 4s8 053 3 388 u it nov Aal of Orr a 3 x / 3 s a a i b 0 0 so of a a a a . m 473 477 77 s3 70 000 so 000 Odd two 131 47s 338 44 1 350 13 000 000 833 410 848 304 1 7 1s1 3s7 315 380 837 818 050 581 000 336 30 85 18 74 35 88 980 51 0 0 74 340 58 387 133 1 74 0 ii 0 0 13 8 8 8 188 888 355 331 m 1 78 138 101 133 03 i ibs 315 377 346 388 Iso 179 153 164 103 1 183 788 05 558 318 380 511 300 487 330 1 514 016 817 887 873 1 301 0 0 0 0 133 885 14. 171 343 88 313 37 310 48 11 0 0 0 0 38 0 0 0 0 146 116 133 Iso 845 509 404 508 488 1 138 �0 0 0 0 1 108 834 178 ibs 317 178 384 354 338 833 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 1 74 113 313 84 133 838 ss7 310 465 831 388 803 485 303 s16 138 0 1 0 0 144 383 338 333 103 314 451 180 400 363 35 0 0 0 0 13s 186 158 114 169 363 470 300 470 307 183 403 361 4 is 397 80s 38s 353 366 333 88 334 355 353 243 440 885 474 534 sos 01 556 503 s76 188 88 130 93 134 88 80s 14s 360 188 818 4 130 08 131 us 179 118 186 337 513 330 510 318 178 433 313 434 803 138 800 164 387 178 0 0 0 0 88 74 11 j 138 56 00 816 161 0  .0 40 160 07 40 186 78 140 303 138 188 us 181 143 103 131 83 850 101 351 117 0 37 30 s3 s3 0 0 0 0 33s 888 330 610 331 81 117 139 137 104 118 336 818 378 381 837 363 3s5 353 360 103 8s0 176 347 187 110 347 173 343 173 10 68 64 68 86 83 70 33 74 14 0 0 0 0 Soi 0 . 0 0 0 135 74 158 r 8 131 43 148 13 47 133 0 0 0 0 3d 136 46 131 44 108 000 00 000 00 183 161 300 169 874 183 441 503 434 631 310 313 378 330 431 88 130 128 133 138 347 130 138 190 60 55 110 48 134 0 0 0 0 130 0 0 0 0 30 139 387 344 349 71 361 110 346 118 i. 0 0 0 0 335 0 0 0 0 37 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 608 1000 737 1017 718 80 60 106 38 880 73 155 185 150 1930 0 0 0 31 37 30 40 36 77 303 370 309 370 370 830 510 473 17 358 75 357 74 03 317 335 316 361 357 513 435 493 899 467 458 408 481 519 100 333 170 313 188 33 3114 141 86b 170 353 303 345 573 380 33 35 33 s3 33 Iff 0 tee 0 Ina 0 ,8 343 356 300 378 376 481 843 348 667 536 380 7 340 153 11 0 0 0 0 40 130 18 30 340 880 303 381 894 134 370 184 335 313 11 44 so 39 35 a to National Premlata Hare been painted throughout and fitted with new and fashionable furniture. In abort no expense _ ______#____________.,. Bad been spared in providing for the Comfort of Ita monday in 8eptombcr and Liing on tie i hard Friday guests and it will be opened on the 10th int. A Octh dts b. Mcdonnell proprietor. A Eland City Hoase. Adjoining Ike court House Square Taj Tilin Sidney Sherman Para Iamba a a i vat Tiliti a i in y in h 11 i \ s a n 1 \ o ii n r. Mrs " j k. I Hon no a si., .pamir.i. Tha next Arraion of Ihla Insil Sutlon will commence on monday ti1k uth of 8kptembkr next 1 he Scholastic year will be dlr Ted into Twenty Weeka each commencing on the second Ida Julns in june. A in Dent number of teachers will be obtained by the commencement. No teachers will be employed but auth a Are experienced and perfectly competent. It la the intention of the principal to make Thea a permanent institution offering to Tho Civi Lenhof thin place and those who May and Belr Aona from a distance or May hereafter locate Here for the purpose of educating their children advantages which cannot be anywhere excelled. La the branches of a English scientific and classical education will be taught. Tuition Rosa session. Invariably half in Advance. Primary English branches$30 advanced do do with the languages. 40 no student received for less time than one session. Students entering during the first month of a session will be charged for a whole session no deduction made for absence except in Case of protracted sickness. Up for further information address the principal. Galveston aug. 5, 1857. 1j _ Galveston female Seminary Tauc Boa a Gal Vitok. . M. . F Phi seventh term of this institution will com x Mence sept. 14th, 1857, in the new and com Nodl out Seminary building now in proce Raof erection. Each department will be supplied with efficient teachers Superior advantages in vocal and Inatsu mental music. Ample arrangement have been made for Slu Jenta As Boarder. Circulars containing course of study terms die furnished by addressing the principals. Julyl4 57tf hotels tvs Pala Elle he use tre Amaal Street Palmetto House,. I the above House has been thoroughly overhauled and renovated during the past summer. All necessary repairs have been effected. The lamp aes. A Lavaca. Leon. Liberty. La atone. Live Oak.  Llano. A Walloon a m Lennan Madison. Maytag a. Maverick. A Medina. Milam. Month y. Narog i. Navarro. Newton. Necea. Orange. A Pinto. Panola. Parker. Polk. Presidio. A. River. Robertson Kuik. Sabine. 8. Aug be. 8. Paclo. San Saba. Shelby. Smith. Surr. Tarrant. Titus. Travis. Trinity. Tyler. Upshur. Uvalde. Vanzandt Vlot Oria. Walker. Wash ton Webb. Wise. Wharton. Will Aon. Wood. Young. Total. 38338 17968 334601588539988 31630 35069 3 3408 Majol. 8,388 10,573 my a senator elected. Orro action. Or j n fall Nazeg Dolbea. Demo Obaob. Mark m. Potter Galveston. Hiram o. Runnels Harris. Fletcher 8. Stockdale Calhoun. Chauncey b. Shepard Washington. Jeorge b Erath Mclennan Willim Naun Eto. George Quinan Kraz Ria Matagorda Eto. Laa Ali a Paschal Bexar. Louia t we Gall hurrian. M d Graham Rusk. Robert h Guinn Cherokee. Claiborne o Herbert Colorado Fadutto Eto. Forbes Britton nieces Webb Refugio Etc. Cd win b Scarborough Cameron and Hidalgo. Or Jain i w Throckmorton Collin Grayson Etc. A o Walker Dallas Ellis Eto. Archibald c Hyde Elpaso and Presidio. Represent Atlee elected. Orro Aitio. Kho Lee Aud s h Kirk . R Waterloo use 8an Augua tide. William c Dalrymple Wii Armaou and Burnet. B. J. Chance Burleson and Brazos. Eli Chandler. Milam and Robertson. Hardin Hart Hunt. Democrat. John Henry brow and Thoa. M. Joaeph Galveston. James w. Henderson and we. Edwarda Harris. A. A. M. Upshaw and a. G. Haynes Washington. William Smith Jeff Iron and Orange. Oroella 8. Mansen native texan Brazoria. Constantino w. Buckley Austin and fort Bend. John h. Cleaveland Polk and Trinity. Prank Hardin. Liberty. Isaac n. Dennis Matagorda and Wharton. K. J Clow Gen. Blk Putns Jackson and Calhoun. Or. W. Talt Colorado. J c hug Gina Bastrop. Mike Powell by 8 Over Lewis k a Montgomery. H. W. Fisher by 16 Over Carothers k. A Walker. John h Burnett Houston. R t Rainey and r k Daaton Anderson. William j Howerton Lavaca Ami de Witt. Albert n Milla Oon Ialea. Wialiam v Harris Guadalupe. Joseph 11 Gurnard Independent Goliad Elo. Thomas p Yonok Falls. Line atone Etc. Thomas f Muk Nuey Lyle prudent Travix. Thomas m Hardeman Caldwell and Hays. John Crawford Angel Navarro and Bexar. Or plea t w Kittrell Madron Walker grime. Thomas h m Rogers Grimea. Joseph Lee Fayette Bastrop and Travis. Or m b Posey Fayette. J o Collier Tyler. Henry c Hicks r c doom Jaipur and Newton. Spearman Holland a Bothy Etc. We b Taylor. Thos j Jennings Thoa j John sob Ca Arokae. Joseph Everett Cherokee Aud Angelina. George w Chilton Jonathan Lewter Smith. W Baldwin p Murrah Eli Craig Harrison William d Wood Leon. J b Henderson Cass and Titus. R h Ward Cass. W m Ross Jesse Walling d k Lacy e Lloyd Husk. Andrew Jackson Witt Dallas. A o Cooley Comal and Gillespie. Andrew Jackson Evans Mclennan Lyell Etc. Jacob Waelder Bexar Kerr Gillespie Etc. Hamilton p Bee Webb. Soman Kinney nieces Retugio live Oak Etc. Francis w Latham Cameron. By Merriman Hidalgo and Cameron. J l Haynes. Starr. M p Locke upshur. George r Reeves Grayson Johnt Harris Titus. W r Shannon. Tarrant kill. A a. Thomas p Scott Collin. A Bishop Wise Cook Etc. Carroll Navarro and Hill. E d to Kinney Hopkins. William r Poag Panola. Howel w Runnels Bowie. John h Crook Aad b j Shelton Lamar. Emery Raines Wood and Vanzandt. Joseph h Burks bad River. W Cham Jones red River Hopkins and Pannu. J u Tarot Shelby ate Raon Bau by Rago Aad Presidio. J u Harrison headmen and Kaufman. T. To. to Ishii Mak Rikl s1ueet, . Would respectfully inform his irl ends and the pub Lia generally that Bis Stock of Gooda is now Lull and Complete and will receive of every arrival from sew Vork Uno Rialon additional supplies of fresh goods flu is prepared to offer inducements to Cash buyer and punctual customers. Orders ram a country carefully and promptly executed. His assortment Honsl sting in part of selected family _i.01d Java Mooha Kio and Lam. Ami whiteloaf.crush-, a 1 rown go to. Molly Ilce Salt spices pickles Jelly and jams preserves fruit in juice and Brandy Ketchup sauces Mustard Olive Oil Pepper Fine Cayenne Pepper White wine vinegar White and Brown soap Castile soap sperm and Star candles lamp Oil lamp Wick Cream of tartar soda yeast powders sardines Goshen better. Cheese White Beans dried peaches dried a Apple Gooya highly by fresh currants raisins almonds Citron figs , arrowroot soda and water crackers French Spanish and Sweet chocolate Home Nathland Bakers Premium chocolate buckwheat Macaroni Vermicelli matches old port Madura and Sherry wine Cognac Brandy Porter ale and cider. Kutr Rine Oreen and Black teas of the Moat Treab by every arrival from the North. Exactly the name kind of lint Strong and Rougk i Vordt Black teat that used in the old country Aud priced so . Old Teann Kurt. At retail in chests Aud Bis. Boxes tobacco cts Rara a pc. \ Large lot of Superior Virginia chewing Tabacco the very ice of hand an assortment of umbrellas from the ,?,wd8wl\a�.,"  under Armenti hoary a pc oust ready made shirts red Aud Blue flannel shirts Cheok heavy striped and Calico shirts Al ully under shirts and drawers. Ladles silk and me of Mill Ino under jackets ladles misses and Ohil lash Imus Hosery. Collars cravats ties gloves stocks suspenders and silk and Linen pocket handkerchief crockery Uhlna and ulava Varv. Sofia Complete assortment of Pearl White Grau Itu 0br Iron Stone and China Ware. Dinner sets. Tea Jef sets and toilet sets Complete. French China. Plan White and Gold based fancy Tea sets and table Ware in sets and separate. Rio gift China motto co fee cups and saucers mugs and ornaments toy China sets fire proof Ware bed pans sick Spittoon. Solar lamps globes and lamp chimneys. Ilass Ware out and pressed tumblers goblets wine glasses decanters preserve dishes cakes suds i Astor cruets salts lamps Garder lantern. Ommon Stone Wara Juga jars pans butter jars churns water coolers dec. Home ail and Maple dry Wooda. Bleached and Brown 10-4 Linen and Cotton sheeting Fine and heavy White and unit u it. I l.ot3�asse. A Enji. 331c with plenty of 10 to i960 acres of land in Gui pit water and Good Limber. 640 acres in Liberty county an excellent location has on the land plenty of Oak Ash and Cypress Timber. One half of a league of land on Green s Bayou Harris county 10u acres or clean land the balance in heavy Timber. A House and lot Block 674, lot no. 3. For Partick Centre Street. Re 1 h k South oat i Uarl r of out lot no. Tor a Al a two Ami half acres. Lot no in ii 13, 13 and 14 in Block athe South half or out lot no. 00, five area. Also that Fine Kesl Dence a the West part of the City Tho House i two Story has seven rooms servant House and stable has a Large Brick Els Tern is under a Good Fence and Laid out with be Altrui shrubbery amount of land 3k acres Niay Sai c. L. To Cakov re a i estate broken. 1 of notice i Trimont Street House formerly occupied As Post office the proprietor of the above establishment respectfully informs the Public that he intends to keep a House equal to the Best in Texas for cleanliness abundance and delicacies of the table and that he will spare no pains or expense to Merit the patronage of the Citi Aena of Galveston and of the travelling Community. The Cook of the House is excellent and meals will be served up and prepared according to the taste of All from 8 in the morning until 11 at night. Wines of All kinds will also be furnished at Low rates. Regular boarders taken at reasonable rates. The advantages offered to these Are great because they May eat when they please. Private parties either at the House or out of it will be attended to on Short notice. 1 Leahe Call and examine the House and you will be Satis fled. The Houne is superintended by _ Edmond to gals. Elf All kinds of pastry and fancy dishes made to or. Maylo my chats and shippers prk8sk8 Tariff of cd asks. Vessels charges Coastwise delivered to vessel. Por compress Long reel gets at ,c33 cents Over. 3b xxx a a xr/ac48 & lc55 vessels charges foreign fee tred to vessel for coi pressing from Ghat at cd. 48 cents Over 4rxo. 58 Jar a consignees s charges drayage per Load. Weighing do sampling per Bale. Sampling Only 75 00 .35 weighing Only marking weights on Bales cents.  18 4x 8 3 storage per month to Date from time Reed labor on turning out on delivery. 3 labor for housing and piling. 3 for each Bale of Cotton rejected out of a out for selection that May be necessary to restore or Depile an additional charge of. 5 shippers s charges. Storage per month per Bale to Date from time of Purchase.12 a labor for housing and piling. 3 labor arranging for classing a per Bale. 3 ship marking and numbering original or class a a 3 weighing.".8 sampling per Bale. I All Cotton delivered uncompressed not paying storage will be charged per bale5 Lief airs. Hopesoach14 patches each30 head .40 sides 50 edges. Damaged Bales examined and picked per bale75 Bales covered and roped in press$3 00 broken Bales when dry regaled. 3 50 partly wet assorted and regaled. 4 00 damaged aulos when wet Orple Kings dried & by d 6 00 these presses Are of Tyler s largest steam Power presses nearly new Are in first rate order with every late improvement attached ure not surpassed by any in Tho United states in strength Power and convenience for doing work have greatly increased warehouse room and enlarged and improved Yards sufficient we think to meet the requirements of the coming season s business. Obliged to the Public for past favors we Hope to receive u continuance of the same. N. precaution taken to prevent fire arising strict watch kept neg hound Duy novel Tyr merchants press agents Allen Lewis sniping press agent. A. P. Lufkin a. Leviaicco., strand wholesale and retail dealers in ship chandlery and Kovi Sions. Keep on hand Manilla Aud tarred Cordage Bohr is to 8 in. Marline and spun yarn 3 and 3 yarns. Hou Allne Ham Broline Duck and twine. Chain cables 4 to k inches. to 15,00 lbs. Oakum sheathing paper Rosin pitch tar and turpentine. Snow White and no 1 French Zinc 35 to 100 lbs kegs. Amerton Zinc 35 to 50 pc kegs. Pure White Lead 35 to 100 a kegs. Black Lead 13 to 30 to kegs and cans i to h lbs. Spanish Brown venetian red. Lamp Black yellow ochre. Bright Black Copal and Damar varnish. Paints of various colors dry and ground in Oil in 1 to 4 it cans Patent Bush shelves 3 j to 10 in. English raw and boiled linseed Oil. Lard Oil Polar Bea Oil neat s feet of 1. Paint and White Wash brushes. Marking scrubbing and shoe brushes. Sugar cured hams Bacon sides. Lard butter molasses and vinegar. Superfine flour extra flour in bbl and Hlf bbl. Potatoes onions and codfish. . Pilot bread Beans Rice and Mustard. Mess beef and pork in bbl and Hlf bbl. Corn Oats and bran Hickory Aud Corn brooms. A trons currants dried apples and peaches. Peppers spices and sauces various kinds. Sardines whole half and Quarter boxes. Crushed powdered loaf and Brown sugar. Rio and Java Coffee. Gordon s Raspberry syrup and bitters pure Lemon syrup Catsup. Pickles gallon and half gallon jars. Sperm adamantine and Star candles. Soaps of various kinds. Pearl starch Macaroni and Vermicelli tobacco Best and various qualities. Imperial Young Hyson and sex Fine Block Solo no and gun powder Tea. Painted and Cedar tubs. Brass bound Cedar and 3 and 3 hoop paint d nails Oak deck and draw buckets. A pans. Covered buckets and Ball boxes. Market and cloths baskets. Saab boards. Stone jugs and jars various sizes. An assortment of crockery Ware. Hardware and cutlery suitable for ships. A lumps and lanterns. Nails,3 to50d Cut spikes 4 to 7 inches. Wrought boat spikes 3 to 0 inches oars blocks Mast hoops jibs Hacks. Anchor ,Hooks and thimbles thimbles brass and Iron with a great variety of other articles in their line too numerous to mention All or which Are for Sale at prices guaranteed to arive Satis action Tome and see. Nov 37 Lwood investments. Try to Lota Well enclosed and Small improvement on x them beautifully situated on South East Corner of Block on hath Avenue. I a heat Little cottage and 1 lot Corner near judge Wheeler s residence Ull new Price la4 8800 also mull cottage Aud 1 lot on Block a nil 1 71 3 or 3 rooms gallery Etc. Price $800. A handsome two 8lory House Brick Cistern outhouses Etc., Complete situated Between Gen. Nichols s and Geo. Ball s residences. Also x out let 115, x of a it lot 35. Several 10 a 30 acre lots Between town and Kagle prove just outside the City league. Also ten or 14 Lota in two compact bodies 8 Miles from town making a Fine site for two farms will be sold Low or exchanged for town property. Tit there Are some bargains in the above Jil apply to j. Ati. M. Trueh Kat Mayso agents family heal Dence Tor Sale. Ryphe following very desirable residence is now a a offered for Sale on reasonable terms the a Iii House is Large Aud airy and a situated in a Beau jul Alful healthy and improving part of the City. The premises consisting of 3 or 6 Good lots the purchaser pleases All Well enclosed the Garden is handsomely played out and planted with Choice shrubbery. This a one of the Best built and substantial dwelling houses in the City. There is a Large Brick Cistern on the premises holding 16,000 Gallons together with All the necessary out buildings Oil. Also Lor Sale a Small dwelling House with four rooms Kitchen and servant s room and a Good Brick Cistern holding 0,000 Gallons. The above property will be sold for one third Cash the balance in 1,3 and 3 Yeara with interest apply to ap3s Darragh a. Sims. Cor Kent. Astore and dwelling House one door East of or. Una Enburg a store on old Market Street. Also for Kent a new dwelling House Wilh Lour Good rooms Kitchen and servant s room and a Large Urlock Cistern one Block West of the Tremont House. Apply to_ap33_uakkagh a. Sims. For Sale Afine kes1dnce, about 40 Miles from Gal Veston 100 acres of land 15 acres under Cul Liv Atlon 10 acres in Corn. 14 acres of this tract is la heavy Timber log cottage Brick Chimney a never falling Well of water do out houses 100 Peech Trees bearing and other Fine shrubbery do 50 head cattle 18 Milch cows 3 Bead horses with farming improvements do one Yoke of oxen and cart Bald property is situated on Cedar Bayou. All the above will be sold at 81500 with a Good title. C. L. Mccarty Apo _ agent. For Sale. Pilat Fine cottage opposite the residence a of or. Sorley containing 7 rooms 3 Serven Tjun. Rooms Kitchen Wood shed and stable Large Urica Chatren Laplac. L. Mccarty agent. For Sale. Island property situated in Section no. A lot 397, also inspection no. 3., lot343. The above lots will be sold at a sacrifice. Each lot has ten acres and 1 will take $150 for each ten acre lot. Call at the Agency of c. L. Mccarty. Sept 35 sign of the red Flag. V valuable property. I Hukee quarters of the ten acre lot no. Co adjoin a Long or. Robert Mills s residence have been Cut up into blocks and lots the size of town lots and will be sold to suit purchasers. Apply to pall j. & h. M. Trueheart. For Sale. A. No. 1. Horse Day and Hak Ness enquire of c. L. Mccarty. Ap5 _ general gum. A. Sundries. 1 of \ boxes Vermicelli Macaroni and tul Arini. Luo sacks Rio Coffee 100 bugs soap of various qualities 30 bbl Beans Rice flour corks codfish shoulders Western and Goshen butter 30 bbl cider vinegar 4.c. For Sak by in o. H. 1ll1es 6c co. All the notes issued by the Northern Backof Mississippi Are redeemable at Par in Coin at our Tolice and at the counter of messes. Mcdowell Mills at co., 08 Gravie Street new Orleans. Jan85-tf_r. A d. G. Mills. Luke Ajnar lest Irons i aant. Lake Cusk less la again discharging her cargo of 45,000 feet of yellow Pine and Cypress lumber and the sub r. William from pms cola will soon land another cargo of about 130,000ft. Dressed and rough Pine 100,000ft. Plastering laths and a lot off s an and doors a Jap Send in your order is All kinds and Quality furnished Lor building and repairing and particular attention paid to shipping lumber shingles Etc., or pall b. S. Parsons. Havana cigars. Agency for the Best Brand of Havana cigars imported in the United states. La Millar Prensa Dos Cuadrado Ca adores Londres med Lana regalia Britannica regalia imperials from 830 to �100 per Mill. Also other very Good and Well known brands Dos Hermanos Conzuelo la Nueva Agulla Dos leones Etc. Etc., from 135 to 880 per Mill. H. De St. Cyr ap39_corner of strand and Bath Avenue. Just received by express from new York a very Fine assortment of new style of jewelry consisting in part of the following Cameo setts new styles Coral do do lava do do Gold Stone do do florentine mosaic setts do do. Diamond pins Diamond rings card cases Gold lockets Gold and Silver watches Etc. Chronometers Gold Fob and Vest chains a variety of gent s studs and sleeve buttons Gold pencils and pens bracelets Finger Kings of every description mosaic key stones Book charms together with jewelry of every description for Sale very Low by j. M. Jones m3 strand. Genuine new and fragrant teas afresh Supply of the finest Quality in Small Metalic packages selected especially for my retail Trade and warranted to give entire satisfaction in Quality and Price. _ also a breakfast Tea which will on trial be found Superior in Quality and flavor to any Black Tea in this Market. For Sale by janl6 a. C. Crawford. Febl7 cigars trios Sale by 200 000 of to Riou brand8 1� Fine order and Jno. H. Illies & co. Liberty tows property Aud land Tor Sale. Im1e lot Aud Kesl Dence lately occupied by Cut 1 Cobb situated Uear the court House in the town of Liberty. A mall farm lying about five Miles North of the town of Liberty lately known a the Cobb place-3x 50 Acrea cleared Aud 105 acres of Timber land adjoining. Also 301 acres lying about Miles North of Trie town of Liberty adjoining or. Boon s Plantation. Apr the above will be sold very Low apply to july 3 a. F. James handsome new cottage in Western part of cml the town for Saleby a Iii july31 j. 1. Sydnor. I in Snoten cod liver Oil. 0 a boxes now receiving for Sale Low to the Trade 01 by May n. D. Labad1e. Kerosene Oil. This Oil is manufactured from bituminous Coal by a process lately discovered and from the numerous certificates of machinists engineers ship masters and others who have used it it is confidently offered As the Best Loeri Catino Oil in use being entirely free from All gumming substance and while fully equal to the Best sperm Oil in other respects is Superior in durability. One gallon of kerosene Oil will last along As one Ana half Gallons of the Best sperm and two Gallons of the Best lard Oil. Asa Scrino on. It is also found Superior it can be used in any lamp adapted to use of sperm Oil is not explosive does not gum or crust the Wick and tubes and for binnacle and signal lamps especially. Is super Lei to All other oils. The Price is very Little More than for the Best lard Oil and about 75c per gallon cheaper than sperm Oil i Doos not congeal except at a temperature of 40 degrees. For Sale at Brown & Kirkland s store at $1 75 per gallon. The Trade will be supplied on Liberal terms by novel James Sorley. Tobacco liquors and cigars. boxes tobacco following brands Crampton Juu & Payne s Gold twist rough and ready i Rampton so aces Jenney Lloid twist Allen a Miller a. P. Wright Texas Star . Worth Kiu Niu Dale Excelsior and Pine Apple. Goodwins & hypo s smoking Knirr Garnetts i Goodwin cigars Havana German and american. Whist old Monongahela Kye. Virginia ave old Bourbon Dexter and common Bradeis various brands and qualities. Wines Cherry Madeira. Port Malaga Aud Claret Porter ale cider Wolfe s Schiedam schnapps Aale l v lnov31 j. 4 a. B. Block strand Fairbanks platform and counter Scales. These celebrated weighing machines Havethe Best reputation for correctness and durability of any Scales in America. A celled and orders promptly filled at n. York prices forever kind of Fairbanks Scales. Sepals by e. S. Wood sole agent for Texas. Carpeting and Oil cloth. Tapestry velvet Brussels 3 ply ingrain and venetian carpeting. Oil cloth from 3 to 24 feet wide All or the newest patterns and for Sale As Low As the lowest at the oot38 House furnishing Wakehouse. Hair hair hair. I Al Al bushels plastering hair just received and i us Sale by d�c35 j. M. Borwig a co syrup and molasses. K l bbl just Reo Elved Aad for Sale by f�b7_jno.h. Illius a co. Onions. A bbls., very Choice just received Vlf Julish e. L. Ufford. Guano guano. Phosphate of lime.73,30 Carbonate " "9,40 organic matter. 5,70 in soluble " a. 00 water. 9,50 Amonia sulphate. 1,60 1,00 parts. This article is offered for Sale in lots to suit purchasers at moderate prices by deo33 Sam. Maas. Magnolia Cotton Gin company. Bridgewater Mabb. Two of the Cotton gins of a new construction manufactured by the Buovo company can be seen in our office. Planters who wish to buy May take one on trial for to o weeks and if it does not answer their purpose ret urn it. Wherever these gins have been in use they have Given great satisfaction and the company wishes to introduce them into Texas. Novl8 e. B. Nichols or co. Glass Ware. 1 o casks Glass Ware just received and of id comprising. Bar. Ship and Cut Glass Tumbler wine and Goblet preserve dishes lamps lamp glasses globes guarded lanterns pc. For Sale by Jantti a. C. Crawford Cream of tartar for Sale by nil Al j. H Ann a v. 9ft balks India uagg1ng for Sale by of saa6 Lynn cd Willi amb he Galveston bk1dg� is now the order the Duy but at the same time keep your a jct Eye on bargains of property for Sale. Look it Tbs North Hal Fol Block no.6011, lots 3, 4, 5, ii Ulm 7 also ten lots at the head of Tremont St. For Sale by mayl5 c. estate a Rokke. Kesl Dence for Sale. Avery convenient two Ston dwelling with two lots of a round Pleu subtly to rated on Church Street in excellent re Ulm l. A having All necessary . July a. K. James. British commercial or Al a Eck company. Capital $6,000,000. Us declared 14 per cent. It ii Joun Bon. Aleut office in front or Tho Morlan flail. ,i a a Miner. I a Ion Vla Liae Zintl fire Ina ranch a office  Ornero strand and 33d Street i a 1. V k s i i n. Jan i 4 ii ital d 1 i h r r n h s som my for Kent. The line Brick store lately occupied by mosses r. If i. Waro enquire or ma5 j. C. Kuhn do co. For Sale. The splendid property on Market Street known As the residence of j. C. Kuhn enquire at the office of ma6 j. C. Kuhn & co. Several stores and warehouses for rent and lots to lease inquire of _ h. De St. Cyr ap30 Corner of strand and Bath Avenue. Residence for Sale. R1 he Eastern half of the 10 acre lot no. 63 on j the Street South of we. Bellinger s new residence and formerly owned by colonel Waters. There is a Good House and All the requisite out buildings Lor a Large family upon this lot and it will be sold on very terms May 13 _ a. F. James. For Sale lots 11, 12, 13 and 14, in Block 138 with in prove ments consisting of a Large two Story dwelling House in perfect repair containing every1 necessary requisite for a Largo family. Also various other houses lots and lands suitable Lor the accommodation and circumstances or every description of purchasers. Apply to John de Young ap33_city Surveyor and real estate broker. For Kent. Desirable family residence half Block from Tremont House at present occupied i by b. R. Gilbert esq., Possession Given on to 1st of sept., for particulars enquire of _ Jnnett Jno. E. Keough. Cheap for can. Comfortable House with four rooms and gallery Good Kitchen and Chas. Stewart and gallery Good Kitchen and two lots ate South West Corner of Block 367, apply to Jjo do feb6--------. Broadway improved property for Sale on a credit. Lots nos. 1, 3, 3 and 4, in Block no. 141 it the a a two Story dwelling plastered and with new Kitchen attached Large Brick Cistern Aldavia lots enclosed under new Fence the above property has undergone repairs to the amount of $9s0, and is considered a very desirable Aud comfortable residence being situated on Central Broadway convenient to the Baptist Church and has been renting for three Hundred dollars per year. I will sell the above property for $3,-500, one third Cash the balance on one and two years secured by deed of Trust bearing interest apply to jans7 c. L. Mccarty. For Sale lot no. 2 in Block 033 right on the business part of the strand also a new Frame House with 10 acres of land All Well enclosed about 5 Miles from town one half Cash the balance on time with interest apply to a 10. A Althaus & s1 in. Out Lota. Six or eight unimproved ten acre lots and several fractions of lots for Sale situated on the City league and Between Mckinney s Bayou and Galveston Lily. The Only ten acre lots of this description now in Market at reasonable rules. J. & h. M. True heart Malow a general agents. Land scrip for Sale. A few sections of Tho Harrisburg Railroad land Scop a for Sale. This scrip can be located on any vacant land in the state. Apply to april 31. Darragh & Sims. For rent the dwelling on Market Street a joining the Akif Telegraph Saloon. Sims decl3 e. L. Ufford store for Kent. The store Between Southwick is. Son s Anda. ,,i. Bittar repaired and in Fine order will be leased Low Xii to a Good tenant apply to oct24j a. F. James. Store House to rent on the strand just vacated by or. D. Wakelee one of the Best locations in the City Lor a Large business. Apply to _? b. S. Parsons. For rent or Sale that Long building 100 by 35 feet on the Brick wharf formerly occupied by messes. Lewis a awards suitable for it offices or families Well finished with galleries ate., Complete. Nov31l i. S. Palis01\s for Sale and situated in the West part of the City & Small House and one lot. If you want something cheap now is your Tomoto come Lang. Bargains always to be had by calling on c. L. Mccarty aug5 at the general Agency Market Street. N. Tho red Flag. For Kent. The store at present occupied by Ball Hutch legs a co., will be rented Low to a Good Tennant from the 1st of january. Enquire of dec5 George Ball family residences for Sale. The following desirable residences offered for. A Sale on reasonable terms the one fourth of fam the Purchase Money to be Cash the balance to be Jasa. Paid in 1,3,and 3 years with Legal interest. An Wand convenient dwelling House containing 13 rooms with front and Back galleries Andall the necessary out buildings and Brick Cistern holding 1600 Gallons with 6 Good lots Well enclosed. Also a Large dwelling with All the necessary out buildings and slots Well enclosed. Also two or three Small buildings forsake for ap8_ Darragh & Sims. To builders. Iron fronts for buildings manufactured by san son a Farrand. Also Iron railings for verandas ,4c,die., manufactured by Robert Wood Philadelphia. , sepals _ sole agent for Texas just received Large assortment of Fine Gold and Silver watches of every description also fun Elret new styles Silver Ware castors Sylvei cups Etc., Etc., forsake by j. M. Jones ma37 strand stoats. Another lot by ship j. W. Fannin of Superior build and finish. Ma6 l. M. & f. Hitchcock. White and decorated French China. Large invoice of White Gilt band and Rich decorated Tea dinner and toilet Ware vases in stands jewelry boxes &.c, a. Selected in Paris and to arrive shortly. For Sale at the oct31 House furnishing warehouse House furl Snong goods. Avery Large and fashionable assortment of Mahogony Rose Wood and Walnut furniture for Parlours libraries Halls dining and bed rooms Are now arriving per Everyl ficket from the Eastern manufactories and will Besold of at the 00t28 House furnishing warehouse. Lumber labs Etc., Landing from sch r. Major Bache 30,000 feet a. Is de flooring and Selling 33,003 assorted Pine lumber and 25,000 plastering laths for Sale As Low As the lowest by_ap30_safford & Lidstone. 155,000 feet dressed lumber. Landing from sch r. Joseph e Smith and to arrive i per sch r. William from Pensacola 155.000 feet dressed flooring ceiling and weather boarding and 50,000 feet undressed lumber to suit the Market for Sale Low on the wharf of mal7 b. S. Parsons a i a bbl extra flour 16 do superfine do 1u 10 do Fine do 50 ski White Corn 30 kegs and Firkins Goshen butter Bacon Bacon hams Etc., received per steamers Webster and Atlantic. 1apl7j e. L. Ufford. For Ani Biotype use. Concentrated sulphuric Ether pure nitric acid Catric acid Bromine Bromide of pot Tassa at Wood s alcohol 95 per cent Corys. Nitrate of Silver Cyan ret of pot Tassa iodide of pot Tassa Etc. A 15 a. Hannay. Anew Supply of bibles Testa Metw ments and prayer books at French German Spanish and English comprising a variety of styles finish and bindings. Catholic almanacs. Also Flora s dictionary Price from b6to 16. This work is beautifully gotten up containing a Large variety of Flowers painted to nature. Belr poetry or languages might profitably be studied by All. For a lady s Book it a not a Superior. For Sale by. Feels n. D. Labad1e. 11. A St. Cute Geo Bob Hitler l. M. Hitchcock Isaoore die Geo Rob w. Grover Law Knob fran. A Bali Preal deut j. Dean vice Preal deut. 1 Ball n Aukim a k. H. Nichols Jon ii an. Jno. M. Jones Ruo. I .Al.l., John Miller Jon. S. Beers Secretary this company is prepared to take Marine Inland navigation and fire Kliks at the usual rates or pre Mun an rely on having their business punctual and advantageously done at this Filce and losses promptly adjusted and paid. Decl in a. P. Hunt. For Sale. Five no. men Field hands a House servants. Fine Likely woman Bouse servant and held hand. One seamstress warranted. One woman and two children House servants. _ Oil woman and Ber child seamstress and House Servent at c. L. Mccarty a broker a Orrice. A4 opposite the Washington hotel for Sale Anesko woman 33 years old is a Good Cook Washer and Kroner and is a tolerable Good Field hand. Also her j children a girl five years old and a boy two years id. These negroes will be sold Low Lor Cash or City acceptance payable next january. Apply to. "p33_________darragh & Sims. For Sale or Trade. Likely Black girl Good Washer Kroner and Cook will be exchanged for City property unimproved. C. L. Mccarty a _apl5 agent. For Sale. Young Likely negress who understands All a Domestic occupations and is trained to Gen eral work. Enquire of ap71 Sam Maas 4 ent. For Sale. Anesko woman 23 years old. Good Cook Washer and Kroner and her two children a girl 6 1 years old and a boy 2 yearn old. These negroes4 a ill be Nold Low for car or City acceptance. Also 4_ Tun other pfc Grozea Vio Tuen and men for Sale Low for Cash apply to Lulu. Darragh & Sims. For Sale. Aman Cook he is also a Good Washer and Kroner aged about 38, of Good character warranted sound on the question of cooking. Washing and ironing. C. L. Mccarty. May3u Keal estate broker durable Lola for Sale. Lots nos. H.7,108,16 and 189 in Section no. S. For terms apply to the undersigned. Julyl4d4l _ _ John s. Re. Wooden and Willow Ware. Anew Stock of wooden and Willow Ware just received from new York. Cedar and painted tubs barrel covers Punten buckets a rapping twine Seine do milk Piggs Cedar i hums flour fails Carpenter und Lish lilies und carpenters pencils nests measures Lump Wick assorted faucets wooden Lusti Gund shoe brushes wooden spoons and ladles brass und wire sieves Whitewash und scrub brushes horse do carpet tacks and blacking Clark s matches Bud cords clothes lines faint brushes Willow wagons and chairs knife boxes Kuttan Filce und rocking chairs lanterns clothes und i fret baskets rocking horses Empire Caps propellers cd Aud other article too numerous to mention. Forslu by a. Balb1ngek, building and float lumber. Laugk Quantity of Best yellow i Hie and Cypress a. Rough und Urc Saed lumber of the most desirable kind for City and country kept constantly for Nieou Tho wharf and in the Yard of b. S. Parsons. Tiv orders promptly tilled for any und All quantities of lumber shingles Etc. Alcohol wine and liquors 1r. To packages Cognac brandies old Bourbon jul whisky Anisette. Abs Nib Curacao Madeira we lug Lluu saute rides Lirt and rhenus wines Fot Huleby febl7 Jno. H. Illies & co. Be printers. Iam at present receiving a Large lot of printing paper and Book paper of every size u de in Texas also news and Book Ink Blank i. Ards Satin enamelled cards Blank paper of every disc Ripton and size that i will sell at a very Small Udvance on new York wholesale prices. Printers will do Well by calling and looking Over my Stock before purchasing elsewhere or by sending in their orders. 1 will Send specimens of paper and Price by mail on application. I have made arrangements in the North to be supplied with uniform articles of printing paper and those who favor me with their orders can rely upon recent ing Tho same. Terms Cash or City acceptance May 12 j. M. Jones Staatd fir eat bargains in Good Landsel i touted in Robinson Leon and Limestone counties in both sides of the Nav Soto and within 5 Miles of the line of the Houston Railroad. Iam authorized by Geo. Butler esq., to whom these lands have been transferred by former owners for the Benefit of creditors to offer these at reduced prices fur below their value for Cash or on Short credit. The titles to these lands have been confirmed by a decree Tho United states court. They Are among the Bei timbered tracts in Texas water and soil Good to be sold in lots of 040 acres or in one half or one fourth sections to suit purchasers. Capitalists who wish to make Good investments will find it to their interest to examine these lands. Fet persons wishing to Purchase by calling at my office at maj. Mcdanlel a in Leon county on the Houston Road to Springfield will be shown these lands. Address f. H. Ayres agent plea Souville t. O., elms store co. I have also several improved farms forsake at great bargains. Nov 7 saw to he Al Bel rth 800 cooking. Office
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