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Galveston Daily Civilian (Newspaper) - April 5, 1860, Galveston, Texas Daily civilian. Do a Ratic state on Venison the Flo win its Cir in . A a i to Esdar april Ith  4xe-l, the the Unn Socrati. Pina. Tate of Texas re affirm and concur in the principles contain in the platform of tic a hid he demo Ealta Congo .1 Chi Ocina it in june leg True expression 01 Tutu political Failma opinion and herewith re assert and mtg Hattba principle therein contained As embracing the Only doctrines which can preserve the integrity of the Union and the equal rights of the states and most unequivocally deny the squatter sovereignty doctrine Ven to that platform. 2d. In order to Rire greater emphasis to these principles As applicable to present political issues and exigencies we further and specially declare 1st, that Texas As an Independent and Sovereign nation joined the confederacy of the United to states thereby entering into a compact with each and All the states the terms and conditions whereof Are embraced in the Constitution of the United states one of them being in effect that the state of Texas Belag a member of the confederacy should exercise through the government of the United states certain Powers which belong Toyber As a sovereignty and which the had exercised through her own government. That in becoming a member of the confederacy Texas parted with so portion of her sovereignty but merely changed the agent through whom Aba should exorcise some of the Powers appertaining to it. That should those Powers be used it any time to her injury or wrong or should the government fail to exercise the Powers Whin Are delegated in Good Faith for the Makuta finance of her rights and the rights of her people or should the compact shed entered into with the other states through the bad Faith of an Janof them fail to accomplish the objects for who fuck was formed in any of these cases of which she Alona 0&a judge for herself the state of Texas possessor the full right As a Sovereign state to annul the con. Pact to revoke the Powers she has delegated to the government of the United states to withdraw from the confederacy and resume her former place among the Powers of the Earth As a Sovereign Independent nation. Be sold 3d, that it is the right of every citizen to take his property of every kind including stares into he common territory belonging equally to All the states of the confederacy and to Hare it protected there under the Federal Constitution. Neither Congress nor a territorial legislature nor any human Power has any authority either directly or indirectly to impair those sacred rights and they having been affirmed by the supreme court of the u. States in the ored Scott ease. We declare that it a the duty of the Federal government the common agent of All the states to establish Suehy of Ternent and enact such Laws for the territories and to change the same from Tim. To time As May be necessary to ensure the Protection and preservation of those rights and to present every infringement of the same. The affirmation of this principle of Congress to simply protect the rights of property is in no Wise in conflict with the heretofore established and still recon noted principles of the democratic party does not possess the Power to legislate slavery into the territories or exclude it therefrom. Resolved 4tb. That while we declare our unabated attachment to the Constitution and Union of these states our own self respect demands of us As a body to affirm that this Union Ean Only be held sacred so Long As it secures Domestic Tranquility and All the guarantees of the Constitution Are preserved inviolate. That we regard with great aversion the unnatural efforts of a sectional party at the North to carry on an irrepressible conflict against the institution of slavery and whenever that party shall succeed in electing a president upon their platform we deem it to be the duty of the people of the state of Texas to hold themselves in readiness to cooperate with our sister state of the South in convention to take into consideration such measures As May be necessary for our Protection or to secure out of the confederacy that Protection of their rights which they can no longer Hope for in it. Ite Ilvea St. That this government was founded for the Benefit of the Whito race that political Power was placed exclusively in the hands of men of circassian origin that experience has taught these self evident truths that the enforced Equality of the african and european tends not to the Elevation of the negro but the degradation of Tho White no a and that the or Mai Rou Iiona of tha Blacks and White in the South constitutes Tho Only natural and harmonious relationship which the otherwise antagonistic races can live together and Achiva their natural happiness and destiny that we View with undisguised aversion and with a determined Resolution to resist the design openly proclaimed by the leaders of sectional ism North to abolish these distinctions of races peaceably if we can forcibly if we we regard any Effort by the Black Republican party to disturb the happily existing subordinate condition of the negro race in the South As violative of the organic act guaranteeing the supremacy of the White race and we regard any political action which proposes to invest negroes with a qual social and political Equality with the White race As not Only violative of the fundamental theory of our government but As an infraction of those Wise and wholesome distinctions of nature which All experience teaches were established to ensure the Prosperity and happiness of each race. The following resolutions on Frontier Protection were also adopted As a part of the platform Stu led 1. That the democratic party of Texas looking to the actual Indian War on our Fronti a to the ruthless murder of men women and to Dren and the enormous destruction and robbery of property stand pledged to sustain the most efficient and Active warfare against the Sarage enemy that they approve of the appropriation of Orer four Hundred thousand dollars by the late legislature for Frontier Protection and demand of the governor of the state that it shall be expended in an Active efficient offensive War with the indians and not frittered away in Tempo izing expedients or in buying treaties by Means of presents annuities or any other Mode of consummating a treaty with treacherous Savages. Result to 2. That term " Friendly " loses All its meaning when applied to indians within the territory of Texas and that any Force raised for the Protection of our Frontier should be directed to pursue All indians to their destruction within our territory and if their depredations Are persisted pursue and chastise them even be Vond our limits wherever found. Jut olved 3. That it is the duty of the Federal government by solemn stipulation to a Fibre efficient Protection to the lives and property of the citizens of this state but that in the absence of efficient Protection by the general government the citizens of this state stand fully justified by the emergency of existing danger in adopting such Means As will procure their Belf preservation. Revolved 4. That the Pomy of contracting the settlement of our Fror for is contrary to the spirit of to american people the history of our country and injurious to the Best interests of Texas. Wednesday april i Distio. The following delegates to the Hole Stop convention were Obj we  Fob tax East Ken . It. Bunnell of Bowie county f. F. Foscue Cherokee e. Greer Harrison h b. Hubbard Smith. Alter at . T. J. Chambers chamber county Thomas p. Ochiltree Harrison Cory Cass , Anderson. Fox rat westerm m. Bryan Galveston county f. K. Lubbock Harris Josiah of Crosby Elpaso f. S. Stockdale Calhoun. Alternate . H. I , Mclennan county Fred Tait Fayette no. 1 sell Richard Ward Tarrant. The following candidates for state Oil cers were then nominated for attorney general i. A. L Loii inv. Of Travis county. Comptroller a. R. John. ,. Hays i the present incumbent  Xsiff-0 3 a a a Dolph of Houston co., i . Orlin . Flood Ordinary l in middling. U a. To  a a 11 in . a a afr 1.  t i Mandl a ir.,1 to tar a Tahti whir1 .1. I a rhe. Sab i , Iucon-10, a. For ribbed sub Clar shoulder at 7ylac. Lord Unis Lexc p a a comic-13@13c. F la win ski 21c.,t gallon. Ileal in q station i to nun Clear Bills. Paris. New York co Day. New York bight. Kirl 2 a or. -9 tra i n. I 1j t ii i = in eur my Trute at our .73 �8 i act Prem a sl17 ti9sf.ib y Dol act Dos Parve pc totem 1 1 7 s . Beninger 4k co., 3 in Boa boat. New hoax. K St Ahl shed 1778 he Moat Complete Slock in the state imports for i i groceries and pique wines and bran d in s 1iysicians it dbt7cgists can if in in hip parity and excellence or All goods bearing our Brand. Pivk is itch Biol both to Saab Are our agents and will Supply lha Trade. Il7 " the House of a. M. Benin Eek 4c co. Has sustained a reputation that Well May be envied for a period of eighty years and their name is a guarantee of the exact and literal tru h of whatever Hev . It com. Advert str. Marslow of Spring goods i Spring goods 11 Jitsai received and daily arriving at Tui new store new store Donovan & Rodgers Tremont St., Gal Vostok. Barege Langlais Robes three and fire Volant seven and eight  a nine and twelve Plain and Satin striped Barege Langlais every color Ohl Nti Barege Langlais Robe. Chants Maria anti Lett Barege Anglia Robes. Coloured and Black Crape mantles. Toil do word Barege. Plain Barege Crary Leolor and Price. Veil Grenadine and Ponge. 8 4 coloured and Black Barege Langlais. Plain and printed French Jacon Netts French Muslli Gingham printed off Yard French printed Organ die Rote soil Ai i. Roume Maria Anu one Organ die Robes nine Volant.". Renaissance do do do do. Millanese do do do do. Rich Organ die Robes double Jupe and five Volant. Lace trimmed flounced Robes. Barege Langlais mantles and shawls. Black and coloured lace Points and mantles. Jtj we Call particular attention to our Well selected and Beautiful Stock of White goods embroideries and laces. 4 4 Irish Linen medium family end Golden flax. Linen sheeting and Pillow Linen. Shoes of every description. Ladles Creole cloth kid and Morocco. Gents and boys new style bats. All of which we Are Selling at unusually Small profits. Give a a y it a it is ii \ l i k n w holds 4m Kkt ii i nok. Station Al \ a to Imp Stork newspapers am periodi4 a Mark it i 1 Rte t i ,.i Ilir Kiml of to l it i Llis . 1.m.veston, Rpike Fiauu Cribar Baving added to x astr Teot the Batter Stock Book a or Jones Boot it co., late j. M. Jones is now prepared to fill All orders pert Alining Leeiii mutely o the Book and stationery bassinets. Vis books embracing a Largo line and Well selected stick Standard and popular works classical scientific mechanical school historical Law medical theological agricultural poetical biographical miscellaneous fiction Romance masonic spiritual Shiv null tical Domestic Economy voyages travels Etc. Ne1 Public callous by every Steamer. School books to school stationer. if All who value their sight. Up Sci Acles Yff accurately Fittano to the condition of the Eye by 0. B. Newman optician or of the newly invented and improved spectacles. Having selected this City for my future residence i will constantly keep a Large assortment of brazilian Pebble spectacles cased in Fine Gold Silver and steel frames. Goggles for Cross and squint eyes. Concave and concave convex glasses for near and far sighted persons. Marine opera and spy glasses readers mini Myers Etc. Having had several years experience in the profession i flatter myself in saying that i can fit and prepare glasses As Well As the most celebrated and confidently solicit the favors of All who value their Light assuring All my patrons that no exertion shall be wanting on my part to Merit their Confidence and apr Abaslon n. and glasses Cut and fitted to All forms of frames next door to the House furnishing a try i Ivoti Tat _ i Marimla rag i rag Raj sol rag Salt pal Elk cuttings of All Descry Pons i old grass rope old Copper and Metal of Etc and hemp rigging every description hide cutting for glue Stock cattle Horn Cut Glass and Glass bottles of All sizes bought for Cash. Jim i will also make Liberal advances on All the above merchandise from All parts of the state shipped Tero Uga me to my agents in new York or will pay c Salt for All such goods delivered to to at my store on Tremont Street. Mor2dwtf 8.osb0rn. Aubade store strand East of Tea Ier h Vilarr. 1 a fill Kiks Best Dairy Goshen butter 1u Lio English Dairy cheese. 22 to 24 lbs. Each two casks Otard Dupey Brandy , two a casks a. Be Ignette two i casks a Romieux to a casks Pinett Castillon two it. Two casks Burgundy port Mali two i casks Sherry Harmony. Four a casks Madeira wine " Ingham two i casks London Dock port. Two a casts v. G. Malaga. 3 pipes Meder Swan Gin. 4 Buhls common Gin. 4 bids Monongahela whisky ten 10 gallon kegs pure St. Croix rum r scotch whisky " " Jamaica rum. 10 half mils pure wild Cherry Brand v. 20 cases Superior Claret 20 cases old Sachem bitters 10 cases Catawba bitters also on hand an invoice of German wines 20 boxes Hockheimer Berg 10 boxes Lieb Frauen Milch 10 taxes Row i. I. 10 boxes retd Ethelmer 5 hns Kata Sellers water and just received from new York per Schooner George Mangham 300 extra sugar cured hams 25 bbl Irish potatoes 10 bbl onions i bbl no 1 Mackerel 10 Kitts no 1 Mackerel. 5 bbl White Beans 10 Boxe Lemon 10 boxes Sayer raisins 10 i a axes Sayer raisins 10 a boxes do do also an invoice assorted spices._feb2�, 1360. Classical and language latin greek Spanish French and German. Blank books half and , of All styles sizes Ami varieties. Superior styles of memorandums. Tucks elastics bands pass Pencil Index Bill note draft receipt Etc., Etc. Paper the celebrated Windsor and Clifton Mills Premium Papora comprising a series of Caps letters Baths notes Oom Mercoal packet Legal blotting and Bill which i or nest new of design axe Allavey of finish in Wrinsie value and Low Price Are truly unequalled by any in Texas. Also a full assortment of Fanay Cream Laid mourning coloured tissue drawing Gold Silver Post Ofhie wrapping and Cotton sampling paper Etc., Etc. Envelopes Buff White and Canary for business men and lawyers. Also Linen Parchment Post office coloured Ball emblematic mourning embossed wedding and fancy and card of every size and Quality for the ladies and some so opaque As to baffle the scrutinizing gaze of cupid cards visiting also with cases wedding enamelled. Bristol Board mourning tinned embossed and illuminated with new and Beautiful designs. Also military firemen and civic Ball cards with appropriate emblematic devices. Pocket diaries for the year 1680. Forty four different kind. With several new styles for the counting House. Stereoscope and views foreign and Domestic both paper and Glass. Music and music books a Large assortment of the Standard music of the Day Gold pens in Silver cases and desk holders. Warranted in every particular. Try before you buy. Steel pens Gillot a amalgam Salbata Washington Medallon commercial pig nary French Barnard s Patent Jerou nmn . 3ta�a� Ivory know . Boxwood and Bone travel ing from $2 to 925 a sett. A grim i Terv of Cli backgammon and Chequer boards. Albums different sizes and styles of binding manufactured of superfine paper assorted colors and illustrated with Fine steel engravings. Standard poets pocket 12mo and Royal Octavo edition. Elesa isly printed and handsomely bound. Bibles All size3 and in All styles of band lug. Prayer books a Large variety of episcopal and Catholic together with denominational hymn books generally. Juvenile and toy books. For the Little ones at of All varieties sies styles and colors. Also printed on Linen Yoakum s history of Texas from the first settlement in 1685, to annexation in 1846, with portraits maps and plans. Also an extended appendix. 2 vol. 8vo., 1,050 pages strongly hound in sheep sent by mail postage free for 85. A general variety of Stock comprising among other the Folio Wint Lealiu. In tides Alman Aei Bills of lading blotting l user pads Anil Sand composition and copy Diu Hulk crayons Cash boxes. Card cases dominoes dream books Dice expeditious calculators engravings expense books envelop boxes hasp boxes. Inks. A. Blue. Red. Ulm Blue Black. Ink stands Ami rubber and Bones indelible Ink and Pencil Ivory folders. India Ink Ivory tablets Lead pencils of All colors letter boxes mucilage pen holders prints portfolios fort monies pocket books purses pictures perforated boards pen and pocket knives Pencil learn quills Quill pens rulers red tape. Ready reckoner reference files sealing Wax song books snap books slates and slate pencils Sand boxes time books transparent slates toothpicks thermometers Valentines in their season wafers writing books wallets writing desks Etc., Etc., with thousands of things too numerous to mention. Cheap it a plications. The most extensive and varied Stock of Light item Ture to be found in the state. The subscriber would respectfully invite country dealers stud strangers generally to examine his Stock Beni. Re proceeding to new Orleans As he is confident he pm undersell that Market easily. Books sent by Muir All orders promptly attended to and books forwarded by mail free of postage on reception of advertised prices. Mag marines and newspapers. Subscriptions received or single copies for Sale the leading magazines and literary newspapers of the Day. Francis d. Allen. Galveston Texas january i860._janbdwti. S Tow ill. Maritilla a and Ulm tally lace a and Sella Ufa shawl Kip Ranii series Vali trim Clort i a Era. In id a l i Maui till in re to Uriel it embroideries yokes edging. R 1 Louett and Swiss sctt. Ply or and Cambric sett a new Glove a i. Kilet Mitt awl eau Tuleta for ladle to of Mien. 11 Inni and mitts a splendid Assorto it. Ribbons trimmings. Silk fringes. Chenille head ,-1t and a very gnat variety of newest styles Anil novel of All Ili snip Ion a of goods in the Staple Ami Fani a dry Good department. Local i at once and make Early selections Xiuru in Mil Howard it bub Hardt Ami Sale Din Stock of 11e8ii grocer flew we Are now in ceiling and offer for Sale at the very lowest prices the largest and most extra Sive Stock of k Irth Ernd we Stera groceries eve i offered in the state. A a have the finest selection of Virginia chewing and smoking Tobac Havana and do Mesic Segars l Rench brandies port Madeira scupper Nong and Allee n valve wines Bourbon Rye and wheat whisky a Large Stock or and All other articles in our line. To e invite All purchasers to Call and examine our Stock. No Block War co. I a thefts i oink but. Yeti Felt. I-11 i i  tit will Corniaa in Tatj Taij. O m nut or avatar l no. In to. In the Mon n.�. Strand liaises to rut of shirt. In Nung ,.1 i i air Lisa Law in Iii i. Mill Toni in Donma try Pra Asmar Lulaa Tatad by not a theorist Bat by 4 mrs on a Job Haf Ohio re lir at i.  t i a v i i. L r. T to Rue Maziar l Parkat woo Foid Moses jew or experiences of pfc Deasarta Ladoo. Liverpool ao4 Bow Tork. He Una Tiona a a Jinlong to All Ai Ademov Haihsi tha Nana Mataala Rufini a Trana Antiona. Ici that pupils win have to go through All thee Pantloni of lius Inesa matters As if they atnally were in a nor chant s Oldee theae Are a Saturni which no Tisor lat r n attempt and none but a Buai Acsa Man can teach. 117/" books which May become it ranged will be adj a acid for the merchants of the Clu errors found out and coi ii in a Ian aah a re cd a wac it Watato books Rio cd to a Point. Nias prof. A pul4k Castle. Broadway property for Sale near the Railroad depot i. O of 214 with imps 0 Soofi to. Inquire on the premises. V we. Evans. Agent for Wheeler it Wix soit s sewing machines Market St., opposite news Iron building solves ton. \t7"hef.ler a Wilson s Are w now admitted to be Superior to All then Ever invented. As evidence of this fact they Tot the first Premium in Tho fall of 1858, at every state fair Liflie United states without one sex option wherever contended Over singers g Rover & Bakers and Nib the is Viz in the states or new York. Mahylan1. Virginia. Missour Pennsylvania k in Toky air cloak mis8i8ippi, Wisconsin. Ca Ivornia Illinois inn Fusee new Jersey Indiana the imn sting " old time shuttle Machles of Singer t co., contended at most of the above fas and were signally and badly beaten in every instance. Although Wheeler pc Wilson s a Siginu Caine out some four years after Singer it co set so steadily and rapidly live they superseded steer it cos and nil others that their sales for us last twelve months have been More Tolian 30,000 Heing double Singer at cos and Mere than Singer and g Rover it Baker s combined. It c Cassel. Agent for the Sal of these Machi nes in Galveston Texas where they Jam had a wholesale and retail for Cash or approved City acceptance on As Good terms As they can be Vonured in new Orleans or the North. Machines repaired and put in ruin big order at the shortest notice. Sill and thread All colossi suited lit the machines extra make. Up sowing of every kind done it Short notice us at the cry lowest rates. Feb7dwly Terra Japanica-1 500 pounds in Mats ners please take notice janl8 Tun for Sale by n. D. Labadini 0nw co partnership notice. The first of february i860, or. E. F. Barstow Chickering to son s celeb stated h8 prize medal pianos. By a. E. Brunstedt agent o x  above celebrated firm having is by Vii Tahl shed u repository for pianos in \ 9 Iii messes. Armstrong it Bro s store on Siml Street a vacs ton Texas begs to invite the attention of the citizens a Tho state to Tho sixteen differed styles of instruments sep on hand varying in pre from s200 to $1,100 including cover and stand. Tit orders for Waum i a i blk he latin go v o r at 5 r. A. 13th, at 5 a at. A the St s f. M. Lata at 5 r. Atta at 5 r. Uth at 1 r. 30th, at s . I lath at 5 r. U. B. Angast 31st, sir. Last., leaving the depot in Pisotti Days tuesdays wednesdays at 0 a St., Andora iras Srisav Honston Aua Tato Bettj for Tho 4th fear nary Lait Lav the Gas works on Moe i ii Days Sod Musj Days at thai Days so 19 m. Return Long will leave Houston Evary Eva tag arrival of the cars of taxes Centra Lead. I sign to Houston 9 00 r a Faulmi to to Houston and Back 93. . Wataru Sajt feb Ltd Paperin Tangent ont july 1st, Tisish say my to c. Railroad a mses try toss Staga Stai Osl Amboni. Sanaa or fair up sad Austin will lasts a o Alook St., on or 1 to Days. Of a Dagg " _ a train flu . St., Sonsana tent with stages Fer Zolnaski Oona aass Isa 1----- m Ai Jasaa tuna limit Lub Days at 8 o Pelosk r. _ with for Oal sanm. i rec t import autos Ixo Arn Tot a a a la to att of it Pat. J a Baas of ups Flor log lab a Bousd us sad Paruas at co St Sevim 900 casks 3. Aussems a ions India pals Matt the and pints incl Assad Stone All in Ina dior order and Aura Otom Quality. 3,000 sacks coarse and one gait Widen articles is big Toaffar to the Trade at us lowest wlm Waasie Proa a and on urns. Is Woald Rassai that Brno Forth we shall import regularly those Moslah Saxl brands of Porter and ale in trait in. Mar Tow Adams Jordan it 00, idl Reet from Bio. Per Brig Bare a salted a cargo c 3,000 sacks Coffee of saps id Quality watch a Orleans Adams Jordan a 00. Eva Ute offer to the Trade at new Orie Aai who Side Mart a we upi0t by Nett Spring Inieze direct and la new yorker Masser 100 baskets Hal Sleck a Tito tug vastness which has been carried on by us for Over Twenty two years will be continued at the same stand on a More extensive scale under the name and style of Labadie & bar3tow. Feblow n. D. Labadini. Drugs medicines Etc. Just received another Large Supply of pure and Vresh drug medicines Patent medicines paints Oil i spirits turpentine alcohol varnish Etc., making my Stock full and Complete. I shall continue to receive new supplies at Short intervals so that my assortment will always be full and of fresh articles guaranteed pure. For Sale wholesale and retail on As favourable terms As at any establishment in this City or state. , a to ii Louisa Eaton from new York tins Pittston Coal for steamers and grate use. 30 As Java Coffee 20 Buhls and half bbl powdered sugar. 10bo years. Also tour daughters Ages respectively 0, 7, r and 2 year to lie sold for no fault. ., no. 1 girl House servant. Ake. 10 year. To. 1 woman. .27 Ateima Nat negroes no. 1. A aped woman House servant at the Low flute of Ujj Lwi -1 and a Man at the Low figure of $400 Call and i c. L Mccarty. Ntaris i aug ions i administrator s notice. The undersigned having been appointed Intrator of the estate of Maria Brock deceased i y the county court of Galveston county state of Texas at the january term 1860, of said court hereby gives notice to All persons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment. And All creditors of said estate will present their claims to the undersigned for us Lawance within the time required by Law. Fells l. Fr0s1i. An i n. Notice. Any one having claims against Mary Hill or Jhon v. Carr her owner will present them at my office before 1st february. Ian j. C. Klein. Fire Brick-2j,00 i Low by nov Tut it Oil v1triol Ianth �10 carboys to fire i p 1 l a received per hark Coval it Iii for Burrini 50 bbl Lov. I Blu / 1l0cks a Ronze ii. Dust. Cyr. Veil and Lor Sale Wood it co Euler by d. Labadie. 150 bbl common tear Rosin for Sale Lewis & co. From the Best manuf stories Cucui prising office and Marine clocks of every variety i. S. Folling it co. Cream of tartar cooking soda starch Arrow Root Sage allspice Ginger cloves cinnamon Nutmeg Mace. For Sale by jan4 j. Hannay. Negro boy for Sale. Avery Likely negro Man. Aged about 30 years. A Good Brick maker saw Mill or Geld hand. ,jan24 title and soundness guaranteed. E. L. Ufford. A Alveston City lots a in Eim Roth Ian ,3/�kio� to tots i and 7, Block 011 lot a in Block 434, and lot 0 Block f.07 and improvements. Ian20 e. L. Ufford. 1 by the Brig j. Mclntyre from new Orleans. I expect daily 500 bbl superfine fh.ui200 bbl extra flour Choice i in a. 500 bbl mess pork 100 casks ribbed and Clear sides. 30 pierces Choice super cured hani.-. 50 i this Choice sugar 30 half half Mulas-i-1,500 bags Corn 50 1 bags Oats 2110 lugs bran. All of which i offer with my very extensive to l of Mercl Tandle on hand for Sale at lowest Cash prices. My Stock comprises the very Best assortment of liquors whisky French and american Brandie wines of every description Coulee molasses syrup lard in kits. Half Buhls it bbl soap starch Pickler candies Faney assorted and mixed chocolate genuine French Maccaroni and Vermicelli crushed pow dered and granulated sugars Curacao Sweet Oil in boxes and baskets pts and tits cheese Rice to Siacco sardines Citron nails eti., Etc. Any one would do Well Treall on me before buying j elsewhere. .1. A Kuhn. Galveston March 3, Miu. Mail Fth. J. A. Apply to it .1. It. Sydnor. A arrive. 13lilt bark Star Rroin-un.,1 5,500 Gallons linseed Oil 1.000 sacks coarse Salt 1,000 sacks Fine Salt. 200 casks Al sops Pale ale in pints and quarts 500 casks la Riley it Perkin s London Forter 103 tons Liest Oral Coal. For Sale by iau3l Adams Jordan it co. Old Bourbon whisky. Bbl i no a i Yeazil u1l�trtiii�a�x-0�w�n� Miller. Our House restaurant and Coffee House James Robertson Street Houston Texas. Propri Tfir i Congress \ ap20-tf wide boards narrow fencing Small scantling and other desirable lumber land ing to Narlo b. B. Parsons. Ice notice. The te&m4 is company s ice House on Market Zitren opposite the theater is now open for the anon Modman 0f the Public. Orders from the Interior Are Repec Thuiy solicited and will have the pro pest attention. Adams Jordan & co., Marlo agents Texas ice company. Canvass Duck and twine. 1 la of \ Yards canvass from Nob. 1 to 10 in juju 15,000 Yards Raven Duck Light and heavy 000 lbs Cotton sail twine from 6 to is fold 50 Iba hemp sail twine. F. Hitchcock it co. Souk ii & dressed lumber a Tatlis Etc., Etc. 7fi of \ ret dressed flooring and cell no f a Usu 30,000 feet weather boards and 2x4 in scantling. 25,000 laths. Now lauding from sch r Columbia for Sale by jau30 Safford it Beirman. 10,000 founds Kagov wanted. "1lu an Cotton and Linen hag White and coloured no Woolen in Small and Lar i quantities wanted at a fair Price in Exchange for j jul Nautie candles dete. Sive soaps fancy and Perlum 1 soaps Poma tums i Erl Umery Etc. And All Ether articles for Sale at the aunt River s commission Market St., App invite the news Iron Blu Iii lie tween the i Soltice and Tremont Street. Top Tor open from 7 a. M. To 9 o clock at night. Edtl Kli Adams a ont. For Sale on Consig Nunt. 1q a White Lead 134 kegs Zinc White. In i 5 1 kegs Chrome Green. I ,2kei8 Black paint All of aug Rii v Quality a Hsii Mal a iiij0?1b Saunders. Medical Saddle Liaos to Sale by fetal dwt .1. Hannah. For Sale in the Chmoni House. One Quarter pipe Martel k co Roll la Randy one pipe Brandy 1b4ii. Eleven eighths la earlier old it nine. Two Quarter do do do two Quarter pipes it Ochelle a Road. Two half do do do. I on pipes Holland Gin. In store 50 boxes Sillery grand m us a chum pnfrn., wine ints and quarts. I amkr1 Byrne. Iitl30 Rit Ranit . Fruit s Rees unit shrubbery. To s i received a Lurje apply of fruit Trees. And thru Tiery. A bit to. Tremont i Lent depot my in More on to Monosti Al Feli div j. Royal. Up rusks shoulder Brace. ,-jrriiike.-, shrill Retora i. And cupping . I.atieei-, i Oriel Case and. Ii Ial is Ortii Ieiri of or Rieal instrument for Sale i. Jalil .1. Ii Annay. Consignment offered at new Orleans Ulm new York Cost 40 a and casks Malcria Sherry Malaga and port wines. 35 packages imported French it Ochelle anal Cognac Brandy from 2 50 to Foj per in the custom House. 50 Buhls old Bourbon Bye and Monongahela whisky 200 boxes pints and quarts of lists. 100 boxes pints and quarts White wine. 50 Brandy Brandy cherries and French preserved fruits. 10 boxes Abayneh 50 boxes French pickles olives and Capers. 10 Bales Claret and Porter corks. 100,000 Havana cigars 20 bbl lard Oil. Ieb8 it. Do or. Cyr St Kaku. Notice. Have this Day sold to messes. Oppermann it co., univ entire Stock of merchandise and goods with my business.  l. Frosini. Galveston jan. 12th. 1800. Notice Trinity Mclver Freng by. We the under signed captains and owe roof boats intending to ply upon above River give notice that All Bills of Lalong signed by them will hold the shippers of merchandise from this City responsible for the freight thereon. For Steamer Swan. Lucy to Awaa a Fca \ ass to a a a Rutt tuft i to at is s o a a9alataafjs4stsbk West is Days , a foes a miss Tharsa ays at it o e a we Ollil f a sri Jii Sandy or Metser. By Mathal ant Vaitafa e e a. At Ater Tak Sassy Lam. Amri Naoaki Izais Fomund am agent a maw tort was Tam will be i enters on tool White to that pert. Fulli Liinar pkg Millns song fair in Horti forms read with ears at so Al Sass at the to Watland . Iron the 1st Staffu fess Isvet mors Sabur order jul be Oarr led on any Tassel powder. Line. This Una of its sols Are c fort hit no m attention is guaranteed far i fhe saw Robets will Mak Liberal Astana saints on Tass Ddis Sof _ jq1framahsbr we All shipments of Rusaas new York messes. mar27 regular Linb by new Vbk. And Oai ism syst d. C0ld1n mtg Ebay 89 South Brig North Caw. A " South. " j i Mast. " Wist. Ii Bill ilow1b bark Olynwood. Anna shippers by this Una nay rely in i the lowest current rates of freight. Goods sent to the agent stat Wye re free of charge. _ t. H. Mcmaham a q11mm, Fabii ump hmm. Galveston Houston it bal Road. Off us of the Lahe Eton. To Upton 6 Henderaon rails Oao Tommny. The directors of the above company desirous to afford to the travelling Community As economical a Mode of conveyance is a proper regard to the inter Esta of the company flu permit have determined to reduce the rate of passage Between gel Cestou Houston to two dollars and for the trip both ways on the tame Day three dollars. 1 in answer to numerous inquiries regarding the transportation of height the directors can Only say that for the present they Are not prepared to do a go eral business but will give such accommodation As the meant at the disposal of the company warrants. Within two weeks however they hop to be Folly prepared of which due notice will be Given when an agent will be stationed at Houston and at her Olsburg to receive and Forward freight free of charge except or Synge. A. F jamb8, heft pro Fern. Tai following vassals will ran Between Oal Pstton and Mew Tork i bark Milton. M0 . " Houston 6bo tons. " Alamo to tonsil " Texas. M0 tons. " Goldie Al s90 Teal. " rabins,400 bobs coliioma.960 , " boat. Mills. S00 tons. Parr wet Maun. Wak Imam dim0md 007, . Tuohi Jow Mayo i Galveston St mtg he Galveston feb. 10,1800. Atoms Ria and dressed lumber 25,000 a at a go a a Cei in her now Landing from sch r Columbia St sl7 Cyr wharf and for Sale by Safford it by human for hire Fps. Sep a negro woman a Good Cook Washer and Kroner and general House servant. Apply to j. O. As h. M. Trueheart Pierce bpm onto Isom Ruusu 1 new bark Bam Jacint Oost. W. D. Fut i Island out. Ams wram thu Flat. " i us. Noa oif. " d. Okod1my. Of Imam Brig Vista. " a a a a a Tor first Chat or postage having one apply to Hohols St co., aatto Octilo _ is Restori Bubbus lin1 of now York and Gay Ostton this us Wol is los Zulaine. 1000 a Uncini care p no. Apply in j. De Young esq., on the Preuit is. Or to .1 s. To j. B. Sydnor. Febo Castor Oil six bbl bait India and american for Sale by Labadie k Babbtown. London Job tar the custom House for Sal by thess Only. Decs 1. S. Pc 3. B. By Nob. A Krysik Pue bark "3. W. Waw Fol Ngsi Al ans maw of boars wi3%t Das pats Wra above Nort. Lee Fram Lawair so part t. Matamu Bilby 00 j. 9�m. I l for loss Sosa the bark to Lassk Nastor win Gai have imms dust Das Pateh As Bors. Forstka tatar sh0us,00b�nutf. For Sale a no. 1 negro woman a Good Washer and Kroner ail Bouasa servant at a. S. Rutbv8n, Galveston. Ply to Marlof just received.-100 pieces drawer Linin warranted pure-32 Yards to the piece for my at 8 my per piece. J. 8. T a b. Sydnor Ootton seed Petit Gulf and Boyd proline e. B. Nichols a few bags left. Feb soft co. Wanted a boy 14 to 10 years old one who Speaks English Anil German preferred. _ apply situated i lot 4, Block 2.v�, net Cost Justa finished is $3,000 precisely very commo fire Western lot for male. If applied for immediately lots 2,3, 4, 7 and a in Block no. 30, Willie sold for from 320 to 400 a act. Buy arc Lugt a Ltd lot thu in m lilt tvs omit on 11. De St. Cyl. A j. I. Aah Radii. Fib of at Hednig Mart def store of i. Nichols Tremont Street. Soo Reward. The alive Reward will 1h paid for the arrest and convict Ion of the person or persons who placed obstructions of the track of the Galveston Houston and Henderson Railroad near Virginia Point try which the train from Houston was thrown from the track on the evening of sunday the 2�llh in.t., and in fluence will lie used with Tho governor to obtain the Pardon of any accessory who shall turn states evidence by which the conviction of the principal or Pron opals May be secured. By order of tic directors a. 1. James Fedj Tif Kec v pro Tern. Soda sic a juju. For tale by a crib Java Mica is Hama. D. Labadie from this ass its satyrs and Sal a atom tit lasts at my wharf or Lay Over in i Thair own Lafity or they is held for otherwise. " nov Ator new Tarrika the bils. West u1 have imms dust Dii Patch for the above port for height tit Gavel Soo Bales Rolton Aperio. F to him Aux at flu armb Rebil ror min a tub Sletmo Nerlon m wharf where she Canto is 24 tons Burthen and has n Ough repair for further " Marll def Fauao. All persons that the subs Crabtr 1� thee sly person Lanauy to ree Oread Fromm Tomsko Oal Vaswan. Uth Nerim. The annual meeting of t and Colorado aul Broad Lobai seng est tas flirt the once of the company Watee Day or apr Kajj Jyh
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