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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 26, 1842, Galveston, Texas To country merchants school teachers and families ibis subscribers having just received their fail and Winter Supply of books and stationery respectfully solicit the attention of their and the Public generally to their House believing hat the care and attention bestowed in the Selec a Tion of their Stock of school books an also in the manufacture of their Blank books $ stationery generally enables them to offer great inducer s o any and All who May wish to Purchase a a cles 1n Ribeir line. They think they can say with safety a Ere Neva a has been in the Southern country a"lh2ctjon of school books equal to their presen 0-comprises books in All the department of an2j�g-Lish, French Spanish and Ion. Their Supply of the school class1 latin and greek is also very full. Their Blank books manuf act by to Bemsel s in put Ladelphia is All fresh stoc an warranted to be of the Best material and rkman8htp, and for Sale St Philadelphia prices a getter with every article in their line that is United to the of the merchant the office of the lawyer physician and or Regent Eman bunks Public offices colleges schools and families will be supplied with a Aric est a Tii sir line of business upon the mop adorable terms. Among their Stock of found Law medic1 theological and miscellaneous books together with All the Aew books and to i a literature of the Dav. Among their school books will be found the following. Anion s Serif of classics Bol Raar s a Nob belts French books Cubi s and Osse s French grammar Piney a sol i s & Mitchells geography feat Las Woodbridge & williard1 Smiley a. To Burret geography and Atlas of the heavens Smith and Kirkham s grammar do do do do Muray a grammar and abridgement Courtock Vones swifts Olmsted s philosophy a to Wjk / Enersen s 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th class readers Enerson s 1st, 2d and 3d part arithmetic Smiths Davies smileys Pike s arithmetic Lardner s and Robins outlines of history 5 Tyler s abridgement of history Russell s history of the United states England France Greece and Rome Weem s life of Marion and Washington Cobb s readers nos. 1, 2 and 3 Cobbs websters towns Emerson s Curr Ming s spelling books Ainesworth s Large dictionary & abridgement Walker s and Webster s school dictionary Webster s Large dictionary Young s and Davie s series of mathematics Blank books and stationery. Bound Quarto account books Day full bound Rye a a grand ledgers. Account sales Bookish books. Invoice Reboks books and record books. A ledgers. Letter Superior Black. Red Black Cony in Ana fluid Ink. A wafers and wafer cups in stands of every i. Piety Sand Sand boxes every variety quills of every number from 10 to 100, steel pens of every kind Stamps motto seals scaling Wax. French letter paper very Superior do super Blue s Butler s and Platner & Smith s Superior american letter paper Cap paper of All prices Folio Post ruled for account currents Demy and medium writing paper Royal and sniper a rival do. Hog an Thompson co new Orleans Jsn. 25-lm. 49 Camp St. English a classical school near Montgomery a 11. Re the Rev. P. 11. Fullenwider from Miosis a a Sippi a graduate of Princeton n. A theological Seminary and a minister of the pres Terian Church has made a permanent lock on i Landrum s neighbourhood Montgomery county with a View of establishing a liter institution. He has Long been engaged in a a business of teaching and intends devoting his life to that interesting and awful employment. A school is already in operation under his auspices near we. Landrum a 3 Miles West of the court House. A comfortable school House has been erected and the school is daily increasing. Should the number of scholars require it assistant teachers will be employed. The neighbourhood has been settled for 12 years and has proved during All that time remarkably healthy. The state of society is Good. There is regular preaching at the school House every Sabbath by baptists methodists and presbyterians alternately. Board can be procured in respectable families in the Vicinity upon moderate terms. Their is no grog shop in the neighbourhood. 1 he citizens Are remarkable for their Industry frugality and Temperance. Parents and guardians in the lower country de airing to secure the advantages of school instructions in a neighbourhood combining health Good society and moderate charges which latter is an important item especially in these hard times will be Able to accomplish their object by sending their children to this school. Information in regard to the character of the teacher May be had by applying to b. F. Irvine Lindley s Prairie Mon Gomey county William Landum near Montgomery court House Rev w. Y alien and Rev. H. Reid Houston or Rev i. J. Henderson or the editors of the advertiser Galveston. Jan.25.6mo. Lime-30 bbl Thomastown Lime for Sale by �mrehs7 Howell t1chenor co. China and Glass the subscriber respectfully info Iris of Camji Zens of Galveston that he has established a oreatno6, Street in the above line of business and is now opening a very extensive Stock of goods imported directly from the manufacturers in Europe consisting of crockery Glass Iron Stone and Granite wares. Plated Britania Brum Zed and Japan Ned wares. Castors candlesticks cake baskets Tea and to Toffee runs hanging lamps Tea trays Tea and Coffee services stand and Astral lamps cutlery lamps a. A. Including most articles us id by House keepers hotels boarding houses and steam boats. Us a chive additions to the Stock will be Mado by importations from Europe from time to time Ami a Large assortment of open goods upon the shelves for country traders and families to select from sufficiently extensive to Supply any demand. Prices 331 per cent less Titan they can be of to ipod for by importation from the United states. Noun try dealers and others Are invited to examine the Stock. W. M. Sergeant. The publishers of the Telegraph Houston City Gazette Austin advocate san Luis and Rydlander san Augustine will please publish the above three months and Forward their accounts to this office for payment Jan. 4, of. Curtiss & waxu3s, new Orleans w axles & Curtiss Natchez commission j9mer chant8. Jan 15 by. Ece1ve� pc new York 30 boxes extra no. 1 soap 20 do sperm candies 5 do tobacco 40 bags shot 6 boxes Brandy Cherrie 60 bbl. Superfine flour 8 boxes window lass 10 by 12 & 10 by 14 1 Case Blue and Black prints 1 Bale Brown drills 2 do Brown sheeting 1 Case jerseys Kyd jeans porn d sati Netts 7 Hhd n. O. Sugar 2q bbl loaf sugar 27 do whiskey 36 casks nails 32 bags Coffee 3 kegs Goshen butter in store and for Sale we. Hall. Fremont Street Gal Eston. Spec fully returns thanks. For the patronage he has received for the time past and begs leave to inform Bis friends and the Public in general that he has and will keep on hand during the coming season a Fine Assort nil i t of a Vena tobacco and Florida and Texido Segars also smoking and chewing tobacco. All kinds of fruits As oranges apples Cocoa nuts Lemon Pecan nuts cd Freh oysters at Oil limes to order in Ibe Yosl j 30 boxes soap nor. 11t. 5 Firkins butter Rice paper,-.a very Beai Foi Rte cd much used by the Kupies for fat a running room Tremont for Sale. In lots to suit Puri nor delivered at of Flor Iwa Ber Yard. 8ydnor ,.,v Ellers. P. S. Extensive Yard and stable under lock i a Kev 3mo. General in my Jit the seat of government. Of Lellam ii. My Rah offers in services to his friends and the Public a a Gas Tara a blot for the transaction of business with any of the departments of the government at Austin. Having resided in the place since May 1839, and having to eau for some time connected with the Juneual land office and being Well Mcquain Ted with the Heads of the departments he trusts he shall he Able to give satisfaction to any Perton having business which they May wish transacted through an agent at Austin. Patents i i be obtained and forwarded to the address of the owner if the proper authority for the obtaining of the same is furnished. Charge moderate. Cash must accompany All applications for his services sufficient to pay the expense and something for his compensation. References. Richard Bullock Esq. To l. Jones Hon. E. W. Cullen Hon. A m. Hansford Hon. C. Van Al ass Jan 8, 30 Galveston Cotton i a Liibs company. He extensive Cotton Ware houses connected with the Cotton press Are now ready to receive Cotton for compressing or on storage or hot As the owner May wish. The Ware houses which Are being built Are capable of safely storing 20,000 Bules of Cotton the Cotton press is in full operation and will compress 200 Bales of Cotton per Day and reduce the size about one half. The owners or charterers of vessels will gain Over 70 percent by having the Cotton comprised after paying sex Pease As u vessel will airy nearly twice As Many Bale. Owners and shippers of Cotton would do Well to Foi Ward their Cotton to the company. The agent will always be in readiness to receive and deliver All consignments of Cotton according Toor Derr and attend to shipping the same whenever requested. Dras and labourers Are attached to the press who will always attend to keeping the Bales in Good Forrler and mend them if necessary. All charges will e the same As the regular prices arc in now Orleans. A g. Merit t. Feb. 14, Leo. Agent 25 kegs nails 25 kegs lard 10 Doz brooms 25 Bays Salt 5 boxes Star h 10 bag shot h barrels molar Manilla 4f Allic Tiit Mats 5 boxes tobacco Painter tubs wire Shives 10 barrels Pilot bread i i pipe Brandy 15 i inels hip bread 5 barrels. Barrel vinegar f b a relic Rice f barrel whisky 20 Box sperm candles 5 Bam i a a in in of a bbl to Irit tune tenting Hanoi covers 10 boxes raisins 70 Doz tumbles 1 Case whirling 100 Doz cravats 200 in z hosiery 20 reams letter paper. Ched muslims coloured Austin san Augustine. Panola. A san an ton in 10 barrels sugar 6 Bah s to in sheeting 10 Piere by. Jeans j Bale 12 men s hats 5 Case Bonis Rod shoes also irn Hiing of. Blea Ca Mevio Brown linens Patent Thead bed ticking pins Cotton Prin a go in a Lusicic and web Supei iders Cotton Hai kerchiefs silk cravats a. Also an assortment of clothing consisting of Coats Vesy Pantaloon 8iirls i Rio wars Over Coats cd. George b. 1nms. Feb 21st Law strand Opik site the ctr a Tom How so a.  for Sale by Sydnor &. Street. To week. C hols Toiv Hoise Fok the by this establish Ghent is now open caption of hoarders and i Ravel Lars families May at All times depend71 Ine accommodated in the Best possible n Ner. He Man r Inch received \ or Schooner decimation 35 m Clear White Pine lumber 1 to 2 10 m bricks 12 window frames Sash and blinds 15 Wal 11 of 16. ? 200 a Smith. Houston Texas dec. A 1841. P. Is. An extensive livery stable is also Cor necked with the Eft bushmen to. Good servants and Ostler always in attendance. Dec. 30 of Matagorda Academy. Ives mid Lidy would in Rio the citizens of this place and its virility Kjuts i Tex be now prepared to lec Ive i Pils of Edih Max into their institution and to Floc Nisia am tie branches of a subset aficial and Florry Tion. From the delightful location and Heath?,�ff36ir-Tagorda from the comforts and in Well built town from a siring desire off num to ple to e Tavy Lis a and maintain a High Wanee education of the vhf a hts. Or. Ives is a or Tina e of one of the Iii tax 3-Leges in the v. Stales and mrs. Jve. Or a Sedona Ted in the Best school Lor Nunu Birdi Stati 3kew England besides which the y live Boih if mgr years a St Iku engaged either Sis fair so Jupt assistants in the first i enry re states. Of a r i0v up nations in team his Forf Tiey twin Monias to a a of ave Hern acrjt33ae 3 myth lr5?r,, and known him to be an Exoe hot classical Aini a Coiar. Mrs be thug by a female sem imry for several rears in the cite of Hnit Ford Connecticut with reputation. I have Ftp Confidence in i Iho qualifications of i. And is Ives to Conrid a Seminary of the highest order in such n is to of lord general satisfy actin. T. C. Boo Well i. D. L. L. A Llis hop of the diocese of c fjftecticut., i have been with the Rev. Caleb s. Ives for Many year past and during the last a. Steam packet new York two a a is a ave been associated a ii him As an officer of this Asti Tiquin. I have found Bim sex inn. Oowder-10 kegs off Ponder for Sale by March j7 Howell t1qhenor & co , 2o m shingles sawed Cedar no. T 0 do do do 2 4 Dot do ors 8 also on ban j 20 bbl Rigour and for Sale by Galveston dec. 31, 1841 . Received per steam snip i us Vork. 2 pair broadcast wheels 3 a Fie arts new Orleans sugar 2 casks Superior canvassed hams 4 " Winter spam Oil 21,000 ass t Spanish Segers 10 bags Buck shot 2 Bales heavy sheeting 1 " no. 1 Cotton ont burgs 2 cases dark fancy prints 12 p s Plain and strip d Lineys 16 " silk Pongee Hafs we. Hall Galveston dec. 1, 1841. Just recetv"1  " b t one Rosy cheeked apples. 5 Doz fresh sardines 2 boxes Maco Ronies. 12 jars Fine dried prunes 12 do pickles. Also on hand a Fine assortment of hav Nna Segars Virginia Maci Bau and coarse Nicot chips snuff Best chewing and smoking to Bacco. J. A. Sauters dec. 31, 1841. V Tremont Street j. Scott. V t. B. J. H cd my. Scott u babib7, attorneys at Law Houston Texas. Jan 8th, if. Too ii he subscribers respectfully inform the pub lie that they have removed their establishment to nearly opposite Menard s wharf on the strand where they will continue the painting and glazing business in All its branches. Having a 1 re Stock of materials on hand they eel confident of giving general satisfaction both As regards the Price and Quality of their work. Beaumont & Claude. N. B. 10,000 feet of Superior White Pine lumber Fer Sale for Cash c. 1 3tjo. some. Mohogany Side Board. 1 1 do. Bureau. 1 do. Breakfast table. 1 do. Dresser Glass. 1 do. Bedstead. By Sydnor & Street. Nov. 10-tf. Job 02v� to order at this office sacks Corn. 2000 lbs. Hams 20 kegs lard 20 kegs nails now Landing and for Sale by Alden son Jan 27-tf opposite custom House. Just received per barque Marion direct from London Burton ale in Hogsheads the celebrated East India ale. Extra double Stout and Porter in the casks. Superior Claret in cases. I Sherry Vintage 34, in Quarter casks and bottles. Superior Strong vinegar. Biscuits and flour in barrels. Double Gloster cheese. A few Doxen Choice old port. Westphalia hams Ginger bread nuts pre serves a. Best Cognac Brandy old Jamaica rum. A Small assortment of hardware a Tew first rate water casks for Sale by the cask gallon or bottle at j. Bennet co nov. 1, of. Of Posilee the custom Hausa cell entry fitted in All Ripen i e an instructor of youth. Ills i a duly decision and patient Good temper qualify him in u High degree As a governor of the Young while his accurate Echol ars ii and Render him equally successful As a teacher in committing their child run to the instruct of or. Ives parents May feel the most Assur Utie that they Are placing to Weir under the care of Ole who is perfectly competent to All he underlies and who will look with i the most scrupulous re to the fulfilment of every 1 Trust committed to in. Norman Pinney a. M pm Reading writing and first lessons in Aii Motic per month. Arithmetic Gri Jimar geography history and co per month. For All the of science and literature and Aspeci a the mathematics and the latin and greek languages-$9, per month. Or there Wil be one vacation in the year commencing one first of july and ending on the first of Octoaf All the above ices to be paid in current Money. Texas Mon will be received at is Market value. Bills Toh paid at the Emi of the month no Pupil can Enir tin school for a period less thin a month Ancho deduction made for absent r except for sick4 scholars. 8s. Fuel at the expense if the Jaal in fit h Alfi Ful set of tools used i the manufacture of i facial a in wars. Together with materials for Sec. A. Phis business is vet y profitable in new York an night be made so instructions will be i in to the Pur baser if it a tired. Alv soon to Jan 3, 18# mrs. F. Reed. At the residence of a f. Mead school Bois jul i received and for Sale at the read room
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