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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 26, 1842, Galveston, Texas James Burke a Lute saturday morning feb. Ͽ�0. Single copies of the advertiser neatly done up in wrappers can be purchased at the Reading room. Graph we noticed in the new Orleans bulletin an article copied from the Richmond whig charging him with having negotiated the Bonds of the James River company to the amount of $80,000, with a dutch House the proceeds of which negotiation have been diverted to another purpose. Severe censure is cast on him for this breach of Trust and Confidence. In the Galveston an of the 24th, that a basis of both an Liberty it was the profound j erudition and patriotism of american states a men that conceived the great fundamental principles of our Liberty and reared our Glo rious Constitution and while the valor of our sons is its noblest defence the intelligence of \ late numbers of the san Luis advocate per having copied the article from the bul and also of Many other papers published in Texas for Sale,.with or without wrappers at the Reading room Tremont Street. We recommend George b. Innes Esq. For the mayoralty of this City. Many friends. Those editors in the Republic who receive the Galveston daily advertiser in Exchange will Confer a favor by sending us two copies of each number of their respective papers one of which we wish for the use of our printing office and the other for our Reading room. Rec there will be preaching at the usual hours to Morrow in the room Over or. W. M. Sergeant s crockery store Tremont Street. Letin is the answer of Gen. Hamilton to the charge. He says he has not sold a single Bond of that company nor Are they now \ ing generation of Mankind. Where the de Exchange table. Corrected weekly by he a Ivesta com Pany. Exchange on iwo you a and Boston sight 4 k to g Premium extern Vigo nil new yrs Ulm . 30 to 60 Days 2i to 4 Premium our daughters is the panoply of its virtue. Exchange on i Iladel pm. . 2 pc a female education and general intelligence of do Dlo d  $ a 1 disc u ,. United a Tats Treasury notes a i to ii Rem. Women is the Index to National greatness. Y Cejp  la 3 d like the genial rays of the Sun upon the ten Orlean a no Hoch Par. Der vegetation of Prins female virtue and no me Innabi disc to do. Do. We inadvertently neglected to notice in our paper of yesterday the arrival in our City of his excellency president Houston accompanied by his lady. He has taken lodgings at his Mother in Laws of Are pleased to learn that his excellent y will probably remain in our City for some time. It a will give us pleasure to find him a visitor at our Reading room As often As he Mav find Liesure. It is Well known that we Are and j have investigated his course and made his always have been opposed to Gen. Houston Deal cation Public As the president of this Republic. We sex Hamilton and we Are free to confess it in consequence of the report industriously circulated Here that our government had paid him $12,000. Par funds or the Steamer z i Vali and which amount he had obtained on our Bonds negotiated with the Bank of the United states. It was also reported Here that he had paid Only $40,000 for the vessel giving him a profit of $80,000. In his address he states that the vessel was purchased and equipped at an expense of $100,000, and that he has received Texas Bonds at 50 cents on the Dollar in payment not Cne cent of the principal or interest of which has been refunded and the obligation to pay is merged into the vast and overwhelming mass of now virtually repudiated liabilities of the government. If general Hamilton has faithfully discharged his duties As a Public agent of the government it was due to him that our Congress should have Given him a hearing and declared the result to the world. Proud Rome Cou d boast of her arts and Llama ton and Urbana 0% to 8 do sciences of her distinguished venerable of a a bus a a b rink of Iii the Senate of her Valot end prowess Rin of arms Athens and Sparta too unrivalled Liu Asur Bard in Fame and transcendent Genius the former a a her my of in current reared to her inimitable greatness by the wis a. \ a a b new Orleans Dom of her Solon the latter shrouded in the nominally \ r 3 Dic i to 8 do. \ to k do t us 8 do 10 to one. Illus do do t glory of chivalry by the indomitable spirit waited blk r 0 . Planter s inn Post note naive 35 to a Ana valor of her Leonidas yet never could. To.  Airth ult viral Bank Natchez they boast of educated women. The Insa p0 it Gibson Laue ambition of their heroes and statesmen us Iti. Weiss ii 77 &. 1 i Ai / a buy cry or liar ouch a Fite in general ignorance of women was not comp 0 20 if Mensurati with the most corrupt and Degrav 10 a to 40 2i o a 20 m 3 v so -15 to j0 a 20 a Jib 8 to if do 5"t to $9 45 of 5r Syrok eve s vim a. Rept erred ourselves to the utmost to prevent his election and we have seen nothing in Bis political course since his second Elevation to the presidential chair to cause us to change our opinion in regard to his fitness for that station but he has been elected chief magistrate by a Large majority of the people and As Good republicans we would cheerfully submit to the expressed will of the majority and shall be pleased if in the administration of the affairs of the government he should succeed beyond what our fears will allow us to Hope for. It has Given us unfeigned pleasure to learn that president Houston has wholly abstained from the use of intoxicating liquors and has maintained in every respect a habits since his election. Should this continue to be the Case and we sincerely wish it May we confess that one of our strongest objections to his election to the presidency will have been removed. We Are Strong believers in the potent influence of the fair sex and we attribute the improvement in the habits of the president to the influence of his better half to whom if he has not faithfully discharged his duties a nov it 1 Aii a a. A dwt 8 s it was equally their duty t0 uie com re. To j de s alums of civil and religious government Arber Giuld Blair dress he in no country is female education so justly St kind a Lar esteemed and highly appreciated As in our feb Texas. Fj2$�tf own beloved land of Columbia and in no Mim ii y . Oiher country is the great fundamental Prin or inst received and or it at i.,e wry Menil Caples of civil and religious Liberty so full of Street fading Koom. Enjoyed and wisely restricted. Conceived Ai of a s 1,10 r Rren a her Viil of an amiable and accomplished lady. Gen. Hamilton and the read with much satisfaction an address from Gen. Ham Lton to the people of Texas which appeared in the Telegraph of the 16th instant which shows conclusively that his negotiations with messes la Fitte & of Paris for the five minion loan for this government were Defeated by the French ministry after he had relinquished to that government the most important commercial advantages As a consideration for their favourable Aid in his Reg Otillion. The Strong prejudices which have for some time pervaded the Public mind in this country in reference to this gentleman and his foreign Agency in our behalf must be much diminished by a perusal of that address. The Large amounts of Money advanced by him to maintain our diplomatic Intercourse both in the United states and Europe have involved him personally in the most serious responsibilities and have been of Morea Dvan Tyge to ourselves than a loan could have been. In doing this he has drawn on himself the charge of having appropriated funds entrusted to his care which were obtained from a nother source and which he had no right to appropriate. Almost simultaneous with the appearance of his communication in the Tel the Galveston debating society meets to n get at or. Walbridge s Academy near the presbyterian Church. The question for debate is was the refusal to receive the Bonds and promissory notes of this Republic for government dues dictated by sound policy the Public Are respectfully invited to attend this meeting. Seats will be prepared for the ladies of is hoped Many will Grace the occasion with their presence. The Monmouth Lea res for new Orleans according to her advertisement on sunday morning. We think it would have been More agreeable to the feelings of a portion we Hope a majority of this Community if she had been Able to have started on saturday or had waited until monday. There is a spice of new England feeling the writer is a southerner prevalent in Galveston which ind Eesther belief that any other Day is preferable to the Sabbath for the sailing of vessels oui of port. By the virtue and Wisdom of our fathers car lev life pals Alalia s i bitters id we Are convinced that the present Arall ascribe the Possession of All the attributes ran gement has been made by capt. Wifi without reflection and with no design to do violence to the conscientious scruples of am part of this Community and that in future he will avoid the selection of the first Day of the week for leading our port. Be .7 influence of die.? we your Pardon for neglecting you so Iong. We have been so occupied with Temperance in which cause we have ocular demonstration that our Zeal was exceeded by yur Santa be meetings c.,that we have not for some time furnished an article for your special use. We Are fond of talking soft talk to the Balm of Columbia Godfre a cordial a til Punn ried into effect by their Vair and patriotism a a Jeat variety of a Superior que Illuv Ujj .11-Bduiotsi, ours is strict v a virtuous Independence. Vir was Eis. Ink stands pencils pocket body of i tue is its patriotism and the greatest Reposi is a to marches Almanack Imp 384�,. T a i. Spelling books Gnu ers Tobies and tory of virtue is the hearts of Nob a educate of Vandiv some very splendid , de women. That respect which we Cher no of the popular , Metier Pup a. Ish for her virtuous and moral Worth is a new Bouks. Strong incentive to honest and patriotic a of airs. Ann h. Jud on by Rall a is motion her affability and modest deportment i if i is 2 of /5 a r a s one 1 or a i to Jerusalem and tin nto Matt tech i ii or which we Are Ever proud to imitate softens Star ten and b sch Annii. Smiles her mild Aud gentle reproof win Ouri _ g affections and strike conviction to the heart j j her und ing love and generous sympathy a a person having a horse of Fec Bax r r i i i  i x3l description May find a Purd for ser a our Monitor of forbearance that witha. R 1 1 applying to in us a reciprocal spirit of no Lheris Afier a Alden a. M. Jackson Tion in Short our profoundest love and ad-1 feb. 25, of. Migration our highest Hopes and earthly Cotton i Ziess 3aipaay, Joy ments mainly Spring from the Beneficent i by ave now m Succes Sini opera Tito to in Point of Fema e virtue and intelligence. 5he \ my. Romero Sam coition , and air a a of a is the master Kev to our hearts the grandest j 1. A curl re Jas no i Nul a tie Ecoma a Mem Erol Tii come any i Ltd Tel to rant ii ments for Liberal advances one Aito w car signed to the company Lor shipment Ito Assy Tsor die owner May direct. Troy our civil aril social compacts when the dark storm of anarchy and confusion Hall Rise above our political horizon and obscure the Sun of american Liberty shaking the Temple of our Freedom to the Centre annihilating the last vestige. Of our constitute in Cbari-4 exc a follows to wit. to and from Tolje . Iadl�5jffl r Ceil Argand Coli Vertig labor and Storaa f 0t�r.� month her Bale i it a. For compressing a goddess of Freedom will sit upon the sum Jaung liquors from a consideration of is in laity he i a opened a grocery store at a is soft 3 Mit of its glittering folds. Fair sex ourselves but sometimes we get out1 Retreat to a Haven of safety and when the of subjects and then As in the i present a Asuva orm is past the benign influence of her j we Converse with them by proxy. The Fol Virie and excellence like the resplendent lowing article we Lake from the Arkansas Rainbow will throw its Golden Arch across times in which it appears As an original the desolated land and her image like the communication. Scorn it not ladies because of its Humble origin. Read it. Some Good May come even out of Arkansas. Husbands beaux lovers take this number of the advertiser Home and Call the attention of the fair to the following article de. Adv. Does any subject More irresistibly Force its importance upon us than female education who will deny its importance who is not proud by be its advocate general education and intelligence is the poet no of the trustees of there wiil be the Galveston University to Day at 11 ocl Ai the Academy a punctual attendance is requested port of Gajoli Yeston. Arrivals. Yesterday Steamer Dayton o Brian master from Houston next door Euston col a. M. Jack House and opposite to the Cension Hows tuft he wiil keep con Kintly on Bank every Ftfe be mss ally needed in Smeby As Cost sail Fluur. Patalot a. Pc. He is determined henceforth to do Najy a such articles is Are useful to his in Stoa or. He Vidi be thankful torn portion of tiie Jav Artw g Tif the Public lie will Lake rent pains of a orders that my or sent l. N in a iut Ciff but shall he Ͽ�Rsi-fij-�.r�. Be 23 to. Cornei in. U Neh 
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