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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1866, Page 5

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 15, 1866, Galveston, Texas Able of postage to be the Aston o indicates that a cases where it is Prev red unless Trio letter postage j postage a estered prepayment is optional to All other eases prepayment in required. Of on print letters. Edmu tet s c. G a. . Acapulco. A. Of pc West coast British Algeria French Moil. A a Arabia British mail via Southampton. Argentine Republic via England. Aspinwall. Australia British mail. Via Southampton. Do do via Marseilles. Azores Island British mail via Portugal. Bahamas by direct Steamer from View York. Batavia British mail via Southampton. Belgium French mail. Do closed mail via England. A a. Be Zont prussian closed mail if prepaid 3sc. Bogota new Granada. A i a a a a. I Bolivia a. Brazils via England. A a a do a american packet 2 eth each Mouth. Buenos Ayres via England. 1 Cape of Good Hope British mail via Southampton. Ospe de verde islands via England. A a Central America Pacific slope via Panama Ceylon open mail via Jondon by american packets. Chili a. China British mail via Southampton. A a constantinople prussian dosed mail if jump do we. A Corsica British mail by Marriean i it Ada t. A a Osia . A. 5.�?� a a a a Coz amp Coa via England. A a a is. Denniard prussian closed mail if prepaid a let Bast indies open mail via Jlou Ilon by do by British packet. Do prussian closed mail via Trieste. Do English Possi fusions Pruks Iun closed mail via Trieste. Ecuador. Yet except Alexandria Cairo a uni knox., British mail. Via Sonti Iai Brence. A a a a a Frankfort French mail. Do prussian closed a Nail. Caudal one. Via England. A a Guatemala a a. Of Emmi states prussian Elo Wius Uiti i if prepaid 2-sc a. Do French mail. Do Bremen mail. It it except by Hamburg Mil. Gibraltar French mail great Britain and Ireland. ,. A Greece prussian closed mail mail if prepaid. 40r, Hamburg by Hamburg mail direct from . Hayti via England. It. Holland French mail it. Do open mail via London by american packet. A do do do by la Ritsu p my Kot. Holstein prussian closed mail if prepaid. It Ltd. Hong a Ong la British jail. Via 3iarsc-ille.sindian archipelago. French mail. Java British mail via sont Lampton. A Jaffa. Prussian closed mail. Japan. British mail via Southampton. Do French Quot Moil via Yokohama. A Salem French mail. Liberia British mail Lombardy. Prussian . If prepaid. We. Do by Bre uen or Wambui g mail. Madeira Inland of Majorca. British mail .1island of open mail via London. To Gay am Rie Aii Jiva a do French mail. Martinique via England. To. Kan Ritins British mail via Southampton. Mexico except Yucatan Matamoros and Zarifi. Const. Modena prussian closed mail. Vii prepaid a of. I. Go Montevideo via England. Plea kingdom of. Sassian desert do French mail. J. Nassau new Providence by direct St Izmir la Oil nov the French mail. See Granada except a no i Naiuli. Few South Wales British mail via Southampton. New zealand British mail via Southampton Nicaragua Pacific slope via Panama. Do Gulf coast of. Kong pm prussian dosed mail if prepaid. A a. J. Ilo by Brej paen or Hamburg mail. Ifo a Ienz a ail Panama. Paraguay. British mail via England. A. Parma prussian closed mail if prepaid. 40c. Per. V a. Poland prussian clost-4 mail if prepaid. J. A. Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Heny French Miail-----2porta Kico British mail Isria Havana. I. Portugal British mail via a England. Do by Bremer a Hamburg mail. Do by French mail via by Hobia. Boman or papal states prussian closed mail do do French mail�?T27 do do Bremen or Hamburg mail. A. Russia Pru Aaan dosed mall if prepaid 35cra. Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Sandwich islands by mail to san francisco.,. Sardinian states prussian closed mail if prepaid 40e. 8emsswig,.prussian�losedmail, if prepaid 31c.singapore British mail via Southampton. \. Spain Fready to ail Quot. 21 it do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. A. To St. Thomas by United states packet to Kingston. Jennica. Do via Havana. Sumatra Britis mail via Southampton. Sweden prussian dosed mail if prepaid i8t Helena via England. A a Nyma prussian,.closed mail if prepaid. J. .1 Switzerland,.prussian closed a Nail if s pc. Do French mail Asyria British mail via Kli Hillies he pm Tali. Picket. Taal ers French. Mail. Trebizond open mail via London Liy 77 Tunis French mail. Tony a Prussia closed mail if prepaid. It in. It. U do French mail. A do m by Bremen or Hamburg in Europe , by French mail. I Austria. Torl is island.,. Uta Guay via a France by French mail from a Van die mail s land British Maii via Southampton a a no Zuda Brit so mail via a. Victoria port Phillip British mail via Southampton. Ii lies British. Do not British except Ciuba j pan a Flleta and periodicals two cent each if not weighing ? Over two a z a a c get o it s. To a2 Lii o a St >5 a 2 cts. Cts. Cts. 10. I it i a a -15 2 Ltd. .50-15 i a a a 11. I 2 1 33 to it 31� i 45 a 821� 37 8 a a -. J 5 a a a a. 45 i 1. 21 42 a a. "27 a ,40 a 18 cd. 34 a a _ it 45 1. I 10 2 45 1.110 i 45 i 2i> 37 4�o. A. 10 a. A21. T 1 34 t 15. 021 2. 10. 10 a a a 4 1. 0. 21 g in a it. To to it 13 to 34 1 ii. It. 15 n n a. A 21 m2 \. A 1 15 t h -2 Quot ill ii. >1 "�2 �?~15. 15 a it 21 42 i it i % i 10 0 a 15 i �1 12 a "�1 a i a i. A 2 la \ 5 l i a Iii 1 a or it 0. Quot to. �15 n. To Leo a u tur. 42. �?~15 21� .17. I i �1-. 21 to i a i of. A. 1 45 a a a. J 33 1 a a a 34 it. 12 a it �2 it 1 12 �?�21 12 �?~1 1�/ �?�1 Isaks of wharfage. A w Quot ii til a rooms it in by Vos sols in it Vastl Ami outward. Tvs 1m a a Bolo Oteri Voin Trio ship. Ballasi. I in i ton a butter ital Jiter key it Ami l4 casks Cai h. A buckets and a ails pair Skile Joju per Coil a Broom por a Lozon a a a Brick is Pyror Nhi a a a stones. A Resst a. Put a ton a a rough do a Bop Iii a India in Bales in t foot 44 Kon tuck Roll a -j5oses of Quot Winch cider i Urt a liquor Candy a co Tatish . And boxes a a a \ a Bales boxers casks and a Mac a of Light Quot oods Over live feet per foot Cotton. Per Bale a a casting and Iron hollow per 100 a fish ill such to of 10 10 1u 10 i 00 1 50 a 75 02 15 00 solid Coffee a he spices per big Corr in shuck per Obi. Coal per ton 1 a a a a barrel of Cable and Cordage per 100 1 and wagons each. Carts and gigs each. Chairs common each a it s a a office and booking each a a a Bocking and sofa Bottom each. Cattle grown each a a a yearlings each a a calve do dem Johns and jus empty each. Full do fodder and Ilay per Bale. Grind and Mill stones per 100 horses each. A How a and she Etc each. Hams and Laru per Tierce. A sides a of task hoop poles per 1.000,. Hides each a a in Bales i it or 100 . Hardware per 100 . Iron per lot ice amount in invoice per ton. Al paths. Per 1, a. -lum1>er, per ,. A i measurement Jet Bif foot. A. Moss Pir Bale. A j nails and spikes per Kei Oil. Per he Ket 4 i oranges and Leyaon per Box. A = it at to und Corn per Bushel.l5ostn, Lvii Ciu. Each i picket a per 1 in Eltrie Jar Lxi plows each. A i powder a a r . 1 a a a a a key a a i 2 and i a uus it per Tieny. Of Capaiu per boxy a a 1 and Tel Boxe per 1h�x, a shot and ?r us it barrel. Rev 1,000, a. / a who Shear pm a shingles per a Salt per Nae. Sugar. Erho she a a. A a tiered. Quot Itier �1. \ a tobacco per hox. A l-Box.7 in Xvi fail. Per Cord. Wine per Basket. \ White Lead and Zinc per Hub. A 12 �?~.0 15 10 10 l>6 of 10 10 00 75 04 01� 20 of 20 10 it 00 to 10 rates of Accel Iii add Forward uni Tiona Quai thus actual try i sugar and molasses in or Hogshead. Masses per bbl. P ____1. Cotton per Bale. Moss. Wool under 300 ibid. A a Over 4hides it Aeh. Bacou i it or Hhd. Bice Glass are., Tierce. Crockery pc. Pate. Bail wait Aud pig Iron ton. Bir Iron and casting ton. Hollow Ware Tony Cotton gins each. Carriages wagons each. Pianos each. Pipes and Hogsheads liquids each. -. Half pipes and pierces liquids each. Quarter casks and barrels each. Wet barrels each. Dry barrels each. Sait. Measurement goods per cubic foot. G Gunpowder per a. Transient freight from 1 to 10 packages. Utin of Stonge. Cotton per Bale per month on All other produce wares and merchandise the storage will be the same a amp wharfage. I Uki. 1 w 1 1 <10 10 is it. J 25 a 1 00. J 1 in 1 Rio �?�1 30 _. 4 00 �1 50 n 50 4 00 1 00, ,v3 25 35 >10 3 a Ita 50 50 Tariff of Perm Lahb. Adopted by Tuk underwrite is at Galveston. To and from new Orleans by approved to 1 percent to and from new Orleans by approved7 sailing Hist i per cent. If to and from new steam and a i saili.�. Rivito s per r. I to and from Strain and sail 11 to 2 per c. 40 to and from great britain.2 to3 Perr. A w to and from German ports in the 4-4 North sea----.-.21 to v. 0 to and from european Atlantic ports 2i.to 3 per c. To to and from All other foreign smrt to fates charged at . A to and from Sabine. I a ii to and from Beau dont. 1j of to and from Madison. To and from Indianola by Steamer. 1 to and from sail Vesel. Ii i j to and from i Etalca by steamship in�0 j eluding lighterage1.1 a int. 10to and from Lavaca by mailing or my including lighter age. In per deut <�?~3 to and Nuu cure i Clui to. By a ailing 75 vessel. �?�5 to and from lil>erty1 i to and from Houston. 0 to and from Columbia outside it ail a ing a to and from Columbia. Cabal 2� -1 to and from Bolivar on the Benz a a per per per per or per per or per cent. Cent. Cent. Cent cent. A but. Cent. A a ent. Event. Vent. A. My 1 a a 1 15 15 �0 Foj a Toai j same As Columbia. J to and from Calcasieu Biver. 1� to and from Mermentau rivr.1. Ii a to and to it Lam Churg it. I furs sk-lnfv�?10 per cent and Valore Jii. Tro Ducc of i Teofll Mitish North free. Tain so it la i Avila foxed Ltd Lead acid Litharine Tir Cro unil in Oil cents per 11�., Paris while a and Wilt los t Tot Jpcik Tel bunds oel Irea it it a rents incr he llis., Oddo or Lnu i Ceuta Porib. Ochre Rotimi in Oil is 5i Jhu us ., Spanish Brown �?~j5 pet c ent adv lore Iii China Clay $5 por ton be Minn licit and vol nillion 25 per cent. And Valorme. White Chalk sip Pur ton. I a crude 211 cents refined to cents Ier gallon. Smura tuiu�?Tejcnne�?30 cd a Tel per Capon. Wool Costine 12 Cinta or less per la. 3 cents ver lb., Over 12 and not More than 24, 6 cent Ever 24 and not Over 32,10 and 10 per cent and valorem1 Over 3?, 12 cents per la. And 10 per cent and Valorme on Tho skin 20 it or cent and Valorani. Pro Ducu of the Lori Tislim Hiorth american 1 roving in free. to la cent per in. Railroad 70cents per 100 Oiler and Plato i cents per lb., Sheet hand hoop and scroll i to it cents per _ a pig �9 pair ton polished Sheet 3 cents por 1u Coppy Kje pig bar and ingot so old Copper a cent per lh., manufactured 35 per cent and Valorme sheeting Copper and yellow Metal in sheets 43 inches Long and-14 inches wide weighing 18 to 34. Per Square foot 3 cents per la. Lead i qty pig 33 per 100 . Old Lead i cents per la in pigs bars and Platon m 50 per 100 . Tiny duty la in bars and Block 15 per cent and Valorme plate and sheets and Terno plates 25 per cent and Valorme. Zinc duty 1 is or Block $1 50 per 100 ., Sheet 21 cents per la. Steel bar and ingots valued at 7 cents per la. Or under 2 cent Over 7 cent and not above it 3 cents per lb., Over 11 cents 31 cents per la. And 10 per cent and Valorme. Tobacco. Leaf 35 cents per 11�., and manufactured 50 cents per la. Excise tax chewing tobacco 40 cents per 11� 1 stemmed smoking tax 35 cents Ner la. a Oak go tax 35 cents per la. Stem smoking tax 15 cents per la Sylki so Xci so tax 4j cents per la. I i o tobacco tax 40 cents per 11�. Cd a air so tax 510 per 1000. Duty valued at 515 or or less per m. <5 cents per la. And 20 per cent and Valorme Over $15 and not Over >.1�1 25 per 11� and 30 per cent and Valorme Over �3j and not Ove 4>, a per la. And 50 percent and Valorme Over it. A r Pound and co per cent and Valorme. Pork ism kit it i am Hka Suliks. Cal it to the stand.u1i� of a it frs Ltd it status. 77&Quot 1 a a Uhlir a Noil Iii Avii Ich has Caro Biilly it authentic sources May bit a ii Ltd a on. To Cir per cent it or a ont. Per cent it Hairr of to and from htm�1 Al hates to of rur jilt m. To and from Hoa Toa. A a j Toan trom a Arris a Barj. J torrid from hockley1 j to and from a Kava Sota. It to and Isom millic.tn/. -1? i to and from Bic hound. I to and Froid Alley ton. 1 a if <n4 a in Akes a Pei per per in a per per 1/04 kit 1� r in it a it i a. T i is am Ali ted by Tok a a Chamiz Obi w com is at the . Mestizo he la Quot Oil Quot tilt Lith or a my vouch18�c. Xxx amen did Usu to 25. Is i. 15 i to an it i for Iii i a to ii 1�?o j Joni to and from Ika Umont. It 1 to and irom con rom a. I i Toan Froni Lii ihp>ic3d. I a a i i to and front uni Kulcy. I Pelte and a Runi Cypre Iju r i to and hmm 1 a i a to and from to Happel Hill i fast i to and from Sandy per to and from kale Lake----------11 per Toan Froni Areola i per a a a ent Quot cent event event it it a a but i eat cent ent event it it event a i i do Wenj rent a to to Viii is uh1 . Eji Ujiki a Froia in be believe rect Aham in Antei Dain. Allude in in Ort usal. Allude in Madeira. Arguien in made in. Al Niere in i Portugal. Laquiere in 1 Labia. Laquiere in Man Libano Kumsun quiere in. It. Janeiro and Lyman Binco la to i Bush Antis of Rice. A Revlon. Oro u.-. Arroba in Portugal a j arroba in Spain. Arruba in a a pain Large. Arroba in Spain a male arroba in Malaga of Wir. Aia Heen. In Russia. Zahar a a Batavia. Aloof cinnamon in a Eliou m to. ----1 Galloni 4 Gall no ----4.gs Gallons Over if per a a 14 to nearly 11 pecks. .1 Bushel a lib Shel. About �5 his. 3-Jlbs 12 of 25 . Ili 16 gallon. Galloni. A 11,Gallons so inches �?�3 to 41 Pecus i.10411b�, a Tarzile. Gall a Olanle in , of Wineg Allona Cantar in Livant contains 44okea___nu, tf1nn4k to. T a _ Fly of Jit a a it 21 21 a w 2 Oil a i 10 m. A �8 a i Gio 45 Quot a i. A i a i7 21 a co u 45 12 1 .�?��?�54 2l� i7, 2i a a 42 45 12 42 1� a 34 i 5 a a 45 �40 a 5 2 45 to 21�. 42 a �?~12 >2 h 12� -10 m i a i a a 1 i. To o n a 15 a 10 a Oun Peh let a half. I Cotton and Wool. .2 12 per n in Domestic . All foreign i merchandise Ami Pri Luce not other j Wise enumerate in. .1 i imbed Shin git Scord Brick 5 Quot a a 1 Ltd uan inces of time sales 2 12 a Selling pcs Els or steamboats2 1-2 Purcha Kingdo , do.12 \ a a procuring freights a it a outfits and 12 a Purchase and shipment of Cotton us Gar or to list a. 1-2 Purchase and shipment to of other pro Dur and merchandise. .2 us l Eliver it and coir acting freights.5 affecting insurance Iuo rout of Gal a a. 1� adjusting or cold acting insurance and other claims without litigation.21-Jvi a a with litigant Joii. In addition Toat Tor Neys fetus .�.5 purchasing and remitting drafts or re Reed ing and paying Money on which t no other commission has been j charged. Guarantee on i a. Quot i Lwills non unit other claim vat cent eds. 1 for collection and returned without a i . It r . Cut to it ily and re ship Njg met. T Hancu e or produce fro to it Vest a in a a i it us Tress. Jii 1-via a a a i n tru Lionor npecie�?1,1 1 4 i adjusting general average a per Eon j Cybul Gney a commission for collecting a i general average.2 1-2. A j con Ignee a Eom minion Foi Desbor it ing i general a of merchandise withdrawn or re shipped per order on 1 the amount of advances . J is Bilitz full commits Lon l on Sui plan amount of invoices of such tonsil Rmenti deducting advances a j liabilities half communion. A draw inst i nil Orbine . R it. J eign Bills of Excnahge-.1 1-2 quota a it Tiara Atlee on Domestic wits of sex change11-4 a a -. Iteele Tofas. Junte Tirigi a nil a to foreign ports on amount of invoice i a on amount Tif Alvance i charge and liabilities on same.�?____.21-2 a a Tor drawing accepting. Negotiating or endorsing notes or drafts without a funds prod Nee or Bills of lading in a hand�?2.i-2&Quot a kor eat i advanced in All cases except. Ing with air Illace in band with or i Der to i Alii without limiti2-2.&Quot j Zorij a tearing and in Ming merchandise to for the Interior on amount of Duleivi freight and other charge beside the regular diaries for Fop trading 2 1-2 a a j l or a a Ash advances on frights and Othereharg-.�?T.2 1-2�?o Quot Agency of a a boats per trip As agreed Oti. In or i a a a a Tai in entering and Clearing Vessen from j a foreign pint. -j15 Titio each. . Min ales to in paid in the err Nev for in i Meh a were Laade. The foregoing rates to be a a brokerage 1 Ami Chargi n a Ioalla incurred a Al of mfr Thandi a at air ton. I . .-.10 per event. J a Over and louder 3.im a a. S a a Quot Over �1,1 00.i.�?z.per Eon tract i ills Cal i. S. Mai Koa Imp oct Quot a Cupp Kkt when lip Tirtel direct in american or nationalized vessels from the puce of its growth or production also the growth of countries thi and four Daab at 1 it auce or fraction of an of nce if they exceed two ounces it feet to collected in till cages n the i Jwied states. Of. I pan Phletus magazines and other printed matter 2 cents per 4 ounce few or a fiction Hereof Jar. The above postage tiny Hove hem a Zamiry t and adopted by fat Pool of fact Dupar Trail Ewi or of Persed a of Boru now i. It 1 p Wal gals of Tiraldo 4r., per . Corn y a. »56 pm per Bushel. . 3i a a a Chi ataul Kip. Co a a a apecan43 a a a i Tare sugar in my Fleada Oak or elm.____.i2per Emit in a a cypreas10 a a a a in hour Tamia 20 bbl. A a a in ,15 a a a a a. Actual Tarim production also the growth of countries this a. Side of the Cape of it Ioctl Hope when Impi it Ai it in , of a indirectly in american or nationalized . 5 a a a cents per la All other i per cent. And Valorme in addition. A a candles tallow 2 i sperm Aceti and a a i a Stear Ine and adamantine 5 cents per la. Fruit8�?balsina, currants. Figs. Plums and prunes 5, shelled almonds in almonds 6. Other Linta 2. Dates 2, pea cuts 1, shelled do. Ii filberts and walnuts 3 cents per la. Sardines 50, in reserved a Ginger 5c, teen fruits 25 per cent and Valorme. Mol risks a cents per gallon. Rice cic aned 2i cents per 1u, i Addy 1 i cents and in cleaned 2 cents per la. Spices Mace 40 cents Nutmeg 3o. Casla and cloves 2f�?~, in Epper and in Systo 15. And Ginger Root 5 cents per i a. Spirits Branay for first proof 83 per gallon. Gin ram and whisky for first proof. 5w cents per gallon. Set Raissn on i Taw or Brown sugar not above no. 12 Dutrh Standard 3, on White or played alive no. 12 and not above be. 15 Datch Standard not refined 3i, above ii and not Over a 4. On re a lined 5, and of me Wjk cent per la. Sylt Dps on syrup 2i cents per la Tea �?25 cents per in. A wines value ant Over 5�?T> cents per gallon 20 cents. Per Ballon and 25 per cent a is harem Over a an not Ever 100, 50 cents per gallon and 23 Peri cent and Valoret Over 51 per gallon. 11 per gallon and 25 per cent and Valorme. Cotton�?5 cents per la. Sat hers in per Eesle a Valorme. Klouil�?30 per cent Aid Valorme. Product of the British North american provinces free. Grain wheat 2 j cents. Com and Oats 12 cents per t Bothel cleans and peas 10 per cent and Valorme. Rye and Barley 15 cents per Boa Heli growth of the British North american provinces free. Hbml1�?russian �10. Manilla frs jute italian $40, Suna and sisal ?15 or ton acid Tampico cent per 11�. A 1 Salt sacks 24 cents Perl it i iv., bulk in cents per 100 . Provisions cheese and butter 4 cents beef and pork i event hams Bacon and idd 2 cents per la. Product of the British North american provinces free. Drugs alcohol 40 cents per gallon aloes 6 cents per lb., Alum go cents per 100 ibn., argot 6 cents a per la. Arsenic and Assaf Adita 20, Antimony crude and regulus. 10, arrowroot 30 per cent cd Valorme. Balsam Colavi 20, Balsam Tola 30, bal Cantar in i Ghoni of Oil. Cantar in Fri Nita. Cantar in. Naple. Cantar. Inn a. Carro in nkjlle., of . Carro ,.,wine. Catty in it Mno a a of Tea. Cazangiu Latavia. Che Wert. In rits Xia. Fanega in Spain. Fecto litre in France. A a us Raume in and n. Thei Lamle. Syn i mgt a last in Amsterdam of Lii Ltd men of Grain bushels us 0r sri -.bushcu. A a. �1, a ,nil�?~.�?~ a a nearly to bushels we a s �?�?okd�?1 a Erna a a a Quot a a a bushels last in Ruburg of grainh�.g4 bushels last in Lubec of Grain. A so a is .k4jni Raj to la Enki Ira la 2� Nih help ----,�?~.�?Tc4 Gallons Lilba 1i�m .5-05 Bath in a Vert Bushel Iel bus bold pern50 centsperlb., bark29per cent and Valorme by carb. Soda i a dichromate Potash 3, chlorate Potash go. Per la bleaching powder 30 cents per 11# ., refined Borax 10 cents per poand., cred Brimstone scroll brim Stone ?10 per ton Flor Sulphur f20 per ton and 15 per cent and Valorme crude camphor 30., refined camphor 41 cents per la. Carb a. Ammonia 23 per cent cd Valorme. Cardamom so and Ltd a it Birider 50 cent Crft ll., cd a Tor Oil so per gallon Cau to c smelt a i to a a cd d 10, Copperas Cream tartar 10, 10, chm mlle Flowers 20 per cent and Valorme Epsom halts i per cent in extract logwood Flowers Benzoic and iia Boge 10 per cent. Gin a eng 2ii, gum arabic 20 per cent and Valorme cum Benzoin. A no Una Danial 10 cents Wjk t la. Gum myrrh gym scene Gal gain wilds and Gnu Tragacanth 20per a a at. And Valorme had. I Tanh and resume fixed i it Dino 7r>, ipecac and Jalapa .v.. I aset 10, manna 25, Oil Ani. Oil Lemon 5>i,snd01ive no Sallad 25cents per gallon salad is per gallon Palm 10 per cent of Orange 50centa,0il Cassia and Oil Lic Gamut til per lb., Oil Peppermint 50percent.ad Velcie of idiom 250, oxalic acid 4 cents per lb., in hos horns 20 per cent. Adv Loremo press. Potash yellow 5, led Doi 10, rhubarb 5 rents per fb., Quick Silver 15 per cent. And Valema Salevatos i cents per lb., Sarsaparilla Ana Senna 20 per Echt. And Valorme Shilu Lac 10.soda Ash to Sogar Lead 20 cents per ibo salph.1 Salni e 45 per cent and Valorme Sylph. Morphine $2 Soper of tartaric acid 20, Verdigris c cents per la. Sal ammoniac Bane vitriol 25 per cent and Valorme a etherial preparations Sod extract a per la �1 soil 1c per la. Last j in Portugal of Salt. Last in Rotterdam of Grain. I it ast in Sweden. It let in tree it of Grain. Los Pound in Hamburg. Lis Pound in Holland. Hark in Holland. Mand in Calcutta. Sellno in Genoa of Grain. Mount a in France. Moy in Lisbon. Moy in Oporto. Moyo in Portugal.-. Mie in Smyrna. Orna in Trieste of wine14.04 gallon Orna of Oil. A. A Gallons Malmo in Naples. Is Little Over 10 inches Penl in Batavia and madras.<.j33� Ibn Penl in China and 133� pipe in Spain of wine.-. .ig0 to Ici gluons Pood in Russia is equal to nearly.36 2 or a Poarter in England of Graing bushels p9.05 la 120.4rtlbs 1671bs3oz. 12 4 of .-.34 3 .0.77 bushels quintal in Portugal quintal in Smyrna quintal in in Turkey. I. Zottoli in . Zottoli in genoa1. J. Zottoli in leghorn. A a. Salma in Sicily of Grain. Raima in Malta of Grain&s2 bushels che fail in Germany varies ii to nearly 3 bushels 2i.�?~�pp?5�1� a a a a a i denmark331 la shipped in holland�?3g31lw4or. Staro in Trieste. Bushels .4� Chi Juipi vah itt Luo Janeiro. Nearly to Yard Tara. In Spain 100 Are equal to 020 Yards Wert in Tussi await feet f. F Over 91 Tuhela 70 Tuhela ----s5.13s bushels 75 bushels. Over 59 ims Lidi. .1 5 or in 4 or a a a a it a so 75 to i 11� i 3.43 bushels -.1 ton .24 bushels a a a a a. 30 bushels contains Over 23bushrl a to m. Fief Perl. Successor to Lippman do Kopperl importer Ani de a Lei in fu11k10k v Ani Domestic duty Kex ads Febol or Esq strand Galveston life a i to 4 dr., com Mission merchants. Seboly Rosq strand Galveston Texas. D. Iiai1eb, b. Nabill a bro., of a i dealers in a in to it ii to Ami Ujj a go it Iii of boots. Shoes. A. Main Manti Houston Couly if it j. K. . I v. .1. . N. Ii. commission a Anil whipping Mek Cuany feebly Rosq strand Oal victim
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