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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1866, Page 4

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 15, 1866, Galveston, Texas A Blie of postage to foreign countries e3fthe Assort in 1 inc at tint m a Wea Wace it to a relied Unicia the letter up Otago postage registered prepayment is optional in All other Cas prepayment a required. On on print letters. I matter rates of wharfage. Countries. A a a its u s a7 a Sis a is Sigma rate Orr reiring and forwarding hoods excl com of Cusk yes a a incur died. O Quot a a a 5� f s. 2. A Quot a wharfage of All goods landed or embarked let Yves sugar arid molasses per Hogshead. A Els inward and outward will to collected from the 4�? 3.1 Wool under 300 j a a Over a a a. 10. I hides each. .10 1 Bacon. Per lipid 10 Kice. Glass. Is. Tierce 33 21 5 68 36 31 15 21 �?��?�>1 i �21 21 a no 12 -15 10 �?T30 �?�12 15 �15 12 �?~2 �?T42 10 15 12 21 j33. 53 30 id to Apalco. Africa West co act it British i incl. = a. A Algeria French Arabia British mail via Republic. Via England. I Abri Evrall. Pos Thalia British pail via Southampton. Of do. Do a via mar Chiles. Azores Island British mail Vin Portugal. Bahamas by direct Steamer from new York. Batavia British mail via Southampton a a a Belgium French mail. Do closed mail via a a a. Beyrouth prussian closed mail if prepaid 38c.bogota new Granada. Bolivia. A. I. R a brazils via England. Do american packet 29th each month. Buenos Ayres via England. Of Henrida a gape of Good Hope British mail via Southampton.4 of Cape do verde islands via England. Central America Pacific Ril Ope via Ceylon open mail via London by american packets. Chili. Cow no British mail via Southampton. Constantinople prussian closed mail if prepaid 3sccorsica British mail by american packet. Gosta Kica. Cuba. A a. Coracao via England Denmark prussian closed mail if prepaid 31ecost indies open mail via Xio Ndon by american packet. Do do by British packet. Do prussian closed mail via Trieste. Do English possessions prussian closed mail via Trieste. Ecuador a. Egypt except Alexandria Cairo and Suez British mail via Southampton. A 33 stance. A a a. Frankfort French it prussian closed mail. Guadaloupe via England. 7�?T. A. Guatemala i a a a a German states Pruskin dosed mail if prepaid. 28c. .1. Do French May. Do Bremen mail. T a do. Except Luxemburg to Gay h Unoura Nurul. It Jih Maliar. French mail. A. Great Britain and Ireland. A a. Greece. Prussian doped mail pail if prepaid 10c,Hamburg Quot by Hamburg mail direct from 5iew York. Hayti via a gland. Holland French open mail via London by american packet. Do do do by British packet. Holstein prussian closed mail if prepaid be. Hong Kong British mall via Marseilles. Quot Indian . French mail. Java British mail via Soudou Upton. Mafia prussian closed mail. A pan British mail via French mail via yokohama./. If Salein French mail. Liberia British mail. Lome a in. Prussian closed m Al if prepaid 10c. It. Do s by. A a Madeira. Island of Vijeu Glindo Majorca. British mail. Malta Island of. Open pail. Via London by american packet do. Do French via England a. 1�?~ /. Mauritius British mail via sonthampton.1mexico a except Yucatan a Matamoros and Pacific co is. Modena prussian closed mail if prepaid. -Loc. A. Montevideo it Les. Kingdom of prussian closed do do French mail. Jias Sau new Providence by Ili rect Steamer from new York. , tie French mail. A. Weir a Greada except and Panama Lew South Wiles British mail a. Mew zealand British mail a a a a Southampton. Job Cabagua Pacific slope via Panama. A do Gulf . Dorcay prussian closed mail if prepaid 38c.a. Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. Do French mail. A. A tto Aira. 1-. I. Eai amp Guay British mail via in land. Pfc Rma prussian clo1 de mail if prepaid. 40c.tau. Poland prussian closed mail if prepaid 35c. A. A. Do by Bremen or Sainburg mail. Jan Micherry French . A a a. Porto Bico British mail via Havana. Portugal British mail via Eizig Lindl a. Do by Bremer Ham bag ii mail. A a. Do Quot a Flench mail via Zehobia Soman or papal states prussian closed i sail. Do do French mall. Do do Bremen of Hamburg mail. Us Ian prussian closed mall if prepaid 35c.do. By Bremen or Hamburg mail. Sandwich islands by mail to Ijan Francisco. Sardinian states prussian closed mail if prepaid 40c Seh Lestig prussian closed mail if prepaid 31c.singapore British mail via Southampton. A it a. Spain French mail. A. Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. St Thomas by United states packet to Kingston Jamaica. Do a via Havana. Sumatra British mail via Southampton Sweden Pps Sian closed mail if Rej id. 31c.st Helena via England. Smyrna prussian closed mail if prepaid 38c.,. Switzerland paws Jar closed mail if pre Pairl 33c. .,._______ do Fra fun pail. Of i. Glia British mail Vafi los ilk by French packet. Of Sngiem French Jna a. 1.a Trebizond Opeo mail via London by american a Aciel. Tunis French a jail. La. J.,. Tuscany Prussia closed mail if repaid 40c.r. Do i French mail. a a Dot Bremis oth Auburg . Turkey in Europe cities of by French mail via Austria. Tory a a so amp a. Uruguay via France by French mail from Bounkanh. Van Diemann a land i British mail via ?7 1 Venezuela Brit so mail via Southampton. A Victoria Post Phliip British mail via Southampton i. West ii lice British. A. A do not British except Cuba. F pan vets and periodicals two cents cents i the i oth. Cts. It. A Ion 2 a. I a its a. 1 a i la �30. �?~2 t a 33 a a a. A. Id 2 a i a. I i i�7. A. Jsu �7 a 5 t 15. �?�21 42of. ,27 5 a -10 a. 18 a 1. A i. 31 a i t a �?�15 a. I 10 i 2 t i 45 4. A a 10 2 a 1 45 Quot 8.�20 i 37 4. It to 2 a a 2i 61 1 e i 4 -145 6 i. Ujj �?�40 6 i i. 21 2 1 to i 2 i a 10 i 2. A a 1____ 45 4ship. Por ton. Butter and i3.rd. Per it a _ _ _ barrel and 1 Cisky t built. A s s Budvetis a pails pm or 5 a c Kopco per Coil % a. A a a blooms per dozen bricks per 1.0 h bal in Quot Slones dres amp we. Per to it a a rough do a a Tondin in liale.-, per foot. I a Kentucky Roll a a / of wine. Cider Porter. Lii Norse file a. Cai Civ. C of drab. Cheow. And ail Midi a a a 0 Bales and t of Light not �?5, Over five feet Perfy it a it a a Cotton per Kiu a i Ca tiny a and Iron hollow per Ifni lit a a solid. A a a Coffee and spice per pm. A a oort in shuck per bid a a Toji. A. J a. I Kirtrel a a a Cable and Cdr a hyper ii mkt a a carriages Aud e Tuii. gi.i--, each chairs it it men race. A Ai office and looking Baebi ii booking and sofa Ikuto oath. Cattle grown Earb. A a a yearling cab. A a calves do a Quot Dei Job no a and to Ness empt it each. A a a 44 full. Do fodder and Hay per Hale. L grind and Mill stones in re a 1�5 ho9w, to lab. A it a a a Tath hams and ibid. Per Tirre in sit Len cask. T hoop poles per 1.000, hide s each. To in Bales per he la. 10 do to la Ira my crockery. Amp it. Bail mad and a Ami lion. Bar Iron and in stints hollow Avail ton. Cotta i i in Rudi. Carriage Tensor cd do. A Pianet oacb.,.-.____ pipe x Jill. Ton. 05 "0 15 -10 a a a Ute i i mgt a a 4uy\< i i o coi i a. I us Bogh head liquidi�., Imit. A a i. Half pipe. And tie cd a lout kids. Each. A a Quarter Ca i it it Anita Irrell. Neb. Wet barred. Cad. Pry barrels to vice. 3iea�me�uent uhis pc cubic font. A. Gunpowder per be Quot. Transient fmgbj., ii oni 1 to it pack acts. 00 in 1 01 .10 ,10 1 00 10 re or it i is 1 00 i Rio ii to t u a Rio Tjai a of a 00 no i5 10 5 a Rio a a a a f us skins to per cent and Valorme. Product of Tho British North american province free h paints on White Lead. Bed Lead and lit Harge Centre la pals a Day or around in Oil d cents Fer Paris Whito acid a biting i cent per Pound dry ochre 50 cents per 100 oxide of Zinc it cents per lb., Oclirez ground in Oil $1 50 per 100 ., Spanish Brown 25 dior cent and Valorme China Clay $5 per ton venetian bed and pc million. 25 per cent and Valorme White Chalk s10 per ton. Vetro Leui a crude 20 cents be fled to cents por gallon.  30 cent ii per Lauon. La. 3 cents per 6. 6 a 6 l 13it i i or. C n i. I Iron per liw 11� ice amount to invoice. In it re. Laths per , lumber per i.o00. Gooda. Per to ii loot. A Moss per half. Fails and Spillie per Keg. Oil per Basket. Orange Anil per Box Oats and com per fencing. Each. Pickets per i.1�. I Petrie. Per Bale. Plows each. Quot i a powder per Pierce a a a Tes a. K t a a a 12 and 1 Krs a. Perti Erec. A Kate no per a Cand 1 Boxe. Per j shot am Lead. Per. F save Quot 2 f it i 1 i Shingle pm Salt per sack. Sugar. Put rho head. A Quot Quot a Rie ixe. Tierce. Tobacco it 1w�\. A a Quot Wood per re reline or i a Ket i Ali it i,.id and Zith. 04 iwo an a Jio �T�20 10 a # Oti it 10 10 10 40 i it 04 10 10 10 1 us a to 1 00 Ivy a a 0�. Us 10 03 in 10 40 05 20 to. 0� 14 to. 1 u5 i w tour on All Tobet stores a a rate it of Storar pts a Bale per month. Proi Luco wares and the Hlll in the same an wharfage \ Takiff of in huh Sims. Addicted by the i Del at . I \ to and from new Orleans by up a \ Prev we steam Shiw. Tto lie Cen Toad from new Orl Nazih. By approved railing ships.,. T i t i cent. To Ami from new steam and 1 to 3 per it to and from , and sail i to 2 per i i to and from Ori at Brit air. Pezic. To and in it my a Erma port in the / _ North sea a a. -1 to 3i per c. To and from european Atlantic ii Rte is to t per c. To and from All other Fure Liin port. / rates charge at . Toad from sabine1/ to and from Beaumont. I i to and from Ladison. A 11 to and from India Nob by team pc. I to Aud sail vessel. 11 Toad from steamship in clndinslighterager.-.----1 per Reiff. Toad Fiina lava a by Isaili if vessel including Lighte Racu. Ii to and from Corpus sailing vessel to and firn Liberty. A. Toad fro i Honiton. To and from column big. Outside sailing vessels. To and from Columbia inside eau a to anti from Bolivar Oij Tho liraru., same As Columbia. To and from Calcasieu liver. Toad from Mermentau Kiver to and from kits Tui i Entink Wool costing 12 a Enthor less per 1. Lb., Over 12 and nut More Linn �1, g cents Over a a a 8 pud not Over 33,10 trad 10 a a or valorous Over 32, 12 cents ice la. And in per tent Navalo a a Rani in the firkin a a tie cent adv lorem. Pro la Duchij of Tho British Orth american i be. .1. J a Tox i la is 1 to 11 cents per la. Ita Irlond Quot Oconita per h o ., boiler and in into if cents Perl Sheet hand Loop mid scroll i to 11 cents Jevc Rhi pig sii pc ton polished sleet 3 Conta per la Copp kit Pis bar and ingot 2, old Copper s cent a or lb., manufactured 35 per cent and Valorme a Misc tons Copper and yellow Metal in shoots 4 t,1 ii Thea Vonjj and 14 inches wide Weij Liing 18 to 34. A a. I eil.quan foot in cents per la. Lead l Uty. Pig 52 per 100 ., old Lead i Colita per i. Duty in pm bars and cites 1,�?~i1 100 a a to so duty i Quot bars and Filock in percent and Valorme Plato and Sheet ii. Is0 lates 25 per cent and Valorme. Disc. Duty in Ipa or Block Al 50 pc Yenta per la. Fear pc 100 ., Sheet 21 i i per per Pei per per per for per per per por rent cent. Cent. Cent. Wilt. Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. and ingots valued at 7 cents per la. Or Miller cents Over 7 cents and not above ii 3 cents per lb., Over 11 cents 31 Cinta per la. Anil to per cant and Valoryn. / Tobago. L us Loal a i Cuttita per 11�., and manufactured 50 \ cd atm per la. 1?.\cise tax Chews of tobacco 40 cents per la. Saimel it Smo Kisi tax u5 cents per la. Len sii Okinu tax scents per la. Stem smoke Sci tax 15 cents per la. tax id cents per la. Miami tobacco to 10 Cen taper la. Cima Iuit tax Sio per 100ft. A Tyr valued at 15 ofor Lesa Ler m. 75 Yenta per la. And 20 per cent and i Valorme Over $15 and not Over 830, is 35 per in and 30 per cent and Valorme Over and not o to ?, 83 per in. And 50 per cent and Valorme Over >13 93 per i it Nond and 60 per cent and Valorme. Of Beike Wei truth flu he Ahir res. Of the Torteo Alili i per Jar per cent cont. Cent i Liam Ivy. 1 a to and from Houston 04ty f Toad from Ilar Rihm. 1 to and from Julih Klev. Torii frug a i avs Ltd to. A Ltd 11m. 10 to go 15 to Tafi Lff of Mab tirs etc., r 15 a 6 i a 38 f a 45 0 i. To a to 30 to .i3 a "4 re12 i a r v Quot a a it ,. A a a it i i. 26 a 37 1. 3 5 a 21 1 i a of of v 1. A. I a t or 12 a. 15 1 r. A 28 ii 1. 21 �?T52 2 i 1 0 i a a a 21 42 2 a a a a a 10 i tilt a it a a 10 2 3 of ��?�42 i ____1. S8 31 1a t a of 1 i o �t.--. 45 4 ��?�12 i 1. 22 m ,.11 �7 n f 1 a 1 2 1 a i 1pm. N. A. 45 h of 42 1isl 42. 41 in 1 /j�27 51 0 t 20 �37 n �?T23 t Quot a a 4 a it a. Ror. �?~12 0� a a Ltd of a. 15 h a. Van 42 12 ,. I. A. 1h a a i. 31 it i 15 re 38 a 15 i /40 5. To 12 a a to it 15 i a a. 21.- a f a i _ t # 12 a pm. 21 12 2 f�?r-.-. 281 a 2i42 10 2 a 4 v in Coa 13 to 151 a a a. A it it Quot a 10 34 r it it. R i axe a us it a kit Liy till. of the an Quai a Tuii 11th a nov i Bee Cal Blu mkt Tito 183c. Cotton <4yd Vik it a. 1 12 4 12 12 All foreign .7/< a Hanoi do a 1 it inv Zenum rated. I. A a lumwr.hin�lvcotd\tood.hay. Brick Quot i Guy Rantt it us time Sale v.2 i i Erllin it a Ejvor. Puri by in do a do proc cilia ir�ri5ht. Ii fit and , i Purtha a and shipment of Cotton Gnu Quot in a or rnolaaf>.-. A it Reba be and shipment of other pro duct and merchandise. J Deriv a a it and coils acting freight�.5 insurance in or out of Gal ve3tont1 a adj tins or.4 collecting insurance Aud 1 other . With it ont litigation.2 i with litigation, to actor Nve. Few .,.l-----4�? a a piinhajin2ajidremittingdrafti�,orr�1cut Irin and paying Money. On which no other r /mmigioi3. Bag a but a in Tant on remittancei1 12 bit not Ltd a. And other it Laim received a for collect Tim and return Tkv a without l. Pa5tnnti. It Kinnias. Custody aiidii>7hippinsmer-Cbandue or pro Lufe Iron be a a in did to ,<.,.2 12 n Bullion or a pc tie l i Adieu tin a neral average per con a tract1 a con done a Ommi Sion for collection ii general ¿Lyf-tage.,�.2 12 Conj Gihei Rumi Jamion for dbbumpj5. General 1 Cuba a Monk of merchandise withdrawn car re a hipped per a Rel of on i the Mayo it of advances and respond Nihi Lity a fall commit icon a a 1 on ural no an int of invoices of Hub Ruk it 2 i-2�i>erccut. To anti Troin t Toad id from Liichi Iund to Anil from Alleyton. To Aud Froidl Blu Mixi. To and a Troia from he Aitmon to Toad in it Courtney. To and from Ile ii Tead. Toad from Wilocki in Tom a. In a. The and from Cypre Toad from a Miami. 1 Toad from Chapp Elmili we. 1 to Aud from Sandy point.1 to and from a or i to and hmm Areola i per per per per per per per pet per per a cd my Quot per or per Jim a i per per 1. Dit pm 0 emf Lott. Or Tor Al Ria Biliti deducting �ivanc�4 a half commus Ionn. Drawing do sins or Neju Otic to a for. A a it Bili of Exchange. ,. Hgt if not Over two ounces Ifrid four a Ace or fraction of an ounce if they exceed two ounces to to Colloq a . Jwied states. A /. Jan Phletus magazines and other printed matter 2 cents per 4 Oruc by or fraction Thor not. The above postage tables have been examined and adopt i in the if Osl office department mtg Art to supersede a. Otiis Noios. A a a. A a a it a a a it _ a a a a a i. \ in i. \ i a i Oua Raawe Ort Domestic Bills of sex 1 a it exec Iron Quot ent Cranfi and re so pippin Quot More he not is it to foreign in re a on amount of Intwine .1 a on amount of and Vii a Clur Quot a and liabilities on a a me .3 1 a a kor drawing. Oct citing. Nest a end Ooin note or dral Tii without of urls. Or a Dejee or Bilu. Of lading in. i a for Cash Iii Aru. In All eases except 1 in Quot with in it Der to realize without limit13&Quot a a for entering and merchandise for the int Cipr in amount of duties freight Quot nid of liar charges besides the re Tilar Cli Arzey for Forward no Al i a a a i for Rah adv add a on freights and othefrhjr<jt.31-3�?o Quot Agency of ram boats or trip As agreed on. I i in entering Anil Learin vessels from it if Oitis Juiris. ?15.to t3i>"ca a. A. Commit Ion i a Galea to 1�e paid Iri the current a for a birth Tab were made. I to it Forrs oing rates to lie exclusive of brokerage and actually incurred har it of Myrrha Adiline at a Ciiab. 1 a Sunn i Nof i $z/��t.>vl----., cent. Quot Ovi r and Una i it r in Jinx it ,. ,. 5 a a a a. Quot or Twao per contract i a ii Dir Al Wrights of Fralo amp re a per in uni. Corn1. por Bushel oat .32 a a a a a a heat mail ily go a a 1ipicaim.r.,43&Quot a a a co a a a a a i tar Saj in or it a Ira aug. Oak Orebi,.j. 1.13.pbr est in Sony Tarr Elii a a a lib Abbl. A in Miuor . Not Raj ure Coli Kkt xviii i imported direct in Aine limn nation aired a Nelb idiom thei Decof its growth production also the. I Pruim of countries this Side of the Cape of Good Hope when imported indirect la in american or nationalised vessel 5 cents a a. 11�. All outlier in it or cent and Valorme . Canal est tallow a it sperm Aceti Aud taxi Stearina and adamantine rent per la. Iu1tits�?iiaisins, Cun auts figs plums and almonds la. Other ants 2, date3, pea Nota i shelled do. 1filberts it and a just 3 cents it la. Sardine 50, 1 desc feed Giaver x. Green Fruita 25 per a Cut. And Valo Feni. Molasses cent per gallon. Kick cleaned 3 i cents per lb., Paddy rents my uncleaned 2 cents per la. Spices Mace <0 cents. Nutmeg 5b, Ciurla Ami cloves Pepper and pimento.15, and Ginger a Root 5 cents per la. A spirits Brandv for sat proof Gill ii Jin Pum and a whisky for Tarut proof cent Pei 5cgalis-on a. Or blown sugar not alive Jio. I31>utrli its Edarda. On Whito or played above so. 12 and not alive no. 15 dutch Standard not refined 3r. Above 15 and not Over 2 a 4. I Gnu ite uned 5, and on Clado cents per la. Sv1jitps�?on a sym 3i cents teas�?25rnts per in. A wines value not Over i cent per gall�jn_30 cents in Valorme Over .50 and 25 per l Argallon and 25 per cent and Valorme. Cotton�?-7 menu per la. Fkatheits�?3ii per valor Eai ixoup.�?30 Ier cent ail Valorme. Product of ten British North american provinces free. I a in a wheat 3ij cents. Corn and Oats ,13 cents per Bushel Beans and peas 10 per cent and Valorme Uyco and Barley 15 cents per Blabol growth of the British North american provinces Frh hemp Hussun �10, Manilla 935, cute 915, italian Sid. Sana cml sisal $15 per ton and Tampico cent to later insult sacks 21 cent per Loo 11>a, balk in cents per cents Pei i per la. A but it a Ltd get it it the Standard states. The following taxis 11 table of for Ifju weights cult a s. Which 1ms Heen Curc full compiled Roiti Var Iofik authentic satires unit two believe May to relied on As Eor tact Aham in Amsterdam. 4 Rall on allude in Portugal 4 Puon a Mude in madeira1.68 Gabon Al quiere in 1pecks a quiere in Portugal. 11 to nearly i pecks Alcin Ere in Bahia. 1 Bushel Al quiere in Bushel Al quiere in is. Janeiro and Pernambuco i to h bulb Anna of Rice a Revlon. A go 0.5 a Uja arroba in Iii 12 02 arroba in spain�5 la arroba in Spain Largo 4.210 Gallons arroba in Snall Small .4 Gallons arroba in Malaga of wine about in chef Bihar in batavia.3 to 4i pc culs tinle of cinnamon in ceyloii.netjo4lb Barile in ,.equals about ii gallon Barile , of wiiic_____.j1____lu. gallon Cantar in Levant contains Lokeni Iago. Cantar in leghorn foil Sheba ram.�-, i n malt a.174 in 1 Cantar. In Naples. If to i9� 11� Cantar in sicily175 19 a be Carro in Naples it Grain. .521 Bushel Carro in Nail to wine.264 salons catty in Chin a of Cavane in Batav. I.5?l la ,.tn Russia-------j5.95bnshol� fancy in i Bushel Fecto litre in France a am in Shell kill gramme in France and Netherlands. 2.21 last in Amsterdam of Grain. A if bushels last. Inbred of min�1 Bush eur list n Adir of salt7� 4 bushels last in Dantzic of Grain., nearly 03 Bushel last in Flushing of Gralli. Oak bushels lust in Hamburg of grain�o.c4 Bushel i Jet in Lubec of Grain Over 91 bushels last in Portugal of a Alt. .70 bushels , in Hott Eidam of gtaiifs5.135 bushels last in sweden75bushels last in it rect. Of Grain Over 59 bushels los Pound a Hamburg Closso list kind i amp Holland. .j8 n,8 4 of Mark in iwbnd.g0k Laud in Calcutta .75 to�4ibii Mino in Ori Nosi or train. 3.4t1mshels mount in France. Moy in Moy in oporto.30bnsheu Moyo in Portugal contains Over 23 bushels Mke in smyrna.,-.,/.io la Orna in try cute of witto14.94 Callona Chita of Oil Mill no Mimo id a Little Over to i Loechn recur in Batavia and madras.433j in it a Cul in China and japan1331 pipe lit Spain of wine co to Ici Filoni cent cent cent cent cent Cen cent cent com cent Cen Ceu ice cent. Con1 cent can cent ent 1. F r. A re a a ii it y of Iii a a Liviu i a Raul. Ii a Pood in Liusila is equal to nearly .30 16a 2 of Hearter in England of Grain Al bushels mental in 1�?Tortugal. Rel 03 quintal in smyrna.120.481b. Quintal in spainj., its quintal in 1 Turkey. L. Liar a i Zottoli. In Portugal 10� 11. Pttovisions�?4 he so am butter 4 cents beef and pork 1 cent. Hams. Bacon and lard 2 cent per la. Produce of the British North american provinces Fri. 1 i l c so alcohol 40 cents per gallon aloes 6 cents per lb., Alum on cents per 10u ., Argola c cents per lb., arsenic and Assa Redita 20, Antimony crude and regulus. To arrowroot 30 per cent and Valorme Balsam Copal 20, Balsan Tolu 30, bal Peru 50 cents per ib., Call Saya bark 20 per cent and Valorme Ilmy Arlo. Soda 1 i Lii chromate Potash 3, chlorate Potash go. Per la. Bleaching powder 30 cents per l >0 ., refined Borax 10 cents per Pound. Crudo brimstone$0, poll Brin Stone �10 per ton Klor Sulphur per ton wild 15 per cent and Valorme. Crude camphor 30 Kcal nil camphor 40 cents per lb., carb. Ammonia 20 her cent. Adv lorem cardamom and cant Aridea 50 cents per lb., Castor Iliili per gallon Cautle soda 1�. Ciurle acid to Copperas Cream tartar to cube so contsperlb., catch 10, chm mile Flowers 20 per cent adv lorem Epsom salts 1 per cent lb., extract logwood Freia Benzyl and Pambogo 10 per cent., Gin. A sex 20, gum arabic 20 per coot and Valorme gum Benzoin gum Korte and gum Damar 10 Cento per ib., Gam myrrh Gam Senna Gal Guy in Gedda and gum Tragacanth 20 per cent and Valorme had. Potash and iodine 75. Ipecac and Jalapa 50,lie. Paset 10, manna 25, Oil anti Oil Lemon 5t ,and01lvo not Sallad 25 cents Allin. Sahid 91 per gallon Palm 10 per cent i Ango 50 Casala and Oil Bergamot i t. .1 1m407. I Zottoli 1� Genoa. 2411� Zottoli in leghorn31b&Quot Salma in Sicily of Grain>.77 Bushel Salma in Malta of grain�.93fbushcu bchom.1, in Germany varies i to nearly 3 bushels ship Pound in Hamburg and denmark331 la shop Pound in holland369 4 of Taro in talc in China f or. Vara in Bio Janeiro. A inc aptly 11 Yaril Vara in hnaiiv.100 arc equal to �30 Yard worst in Russia. .350� feet ii. Kofpm., j successor to Lippman amp Kopperl importer and dealer in Forsigh and Domestic dry goods cml Yrle a strand Galveston. Texa i a r $ a tllkexft.4kdt a it us a c pm Mission m f.1jc11avts Cebuly Rosq strand a Al Niton Texas. 11. Iia1ikic, o. Llama Perea Ohori r. bro., dealers in a in Oteis a Hiki Dopie Sui dry Glt kit is boots shoes &c.,male Hartfi Ooi Tob Tell a. I i b34eomly1. Of jew a a a ,--1 a f iut i quicksilver 15 per cent. And Vai Orem Secrata i cents it or in Sarsaparilla Ana Senna a a i Pei cent and Valorme Shell lao Ash 1, sugar Lead 20 cents per ib., Seiph. Juinio o 45 per Valorme sulph. Morphine 92 50oer oz., tar Laric acid 20, Verdigris 0 couts per ib., Sal ammoniac 20, Blue vitriol 25 per cent adv lorem. Etherial preparation Sod extracts ii per lb., Sal i soda in per la. I. S. Blk tilt. A ii a v. .i.vai.kkk. A . H. He la Kwh a co. W. Ii Hlaj Lifis ii a. A cd a Quot. I com Mission and shipping Abii Cuany my a m her Natl Alvs Ssan
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