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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 15, 1866, Galveston, Texas Do that is now required besides a Good seasoned Cotton is so poll asset Ian insure a teeming Harvest. In consider Sarthe usual meeting of the executive citation of Ita Utility a the com a Rop is8cmcelx8�#ut%_lield it Liverpool Oil tuesday August 7&Quot, h letter was read from limit pern advis Ond to that of any other americans amp ple. Is valuable for food and is not Only thus largely employed nit Poniti let it it is anti ully Vised Nior o uni in Ore in great Britain and Jirel stud and elsewhere abroad. A it makes Tho Best of food4or Stock is used to an enormous extent for the distillation of spirits and it is claimed that a process ban been discovered whereby it be converted into sugar. In addition to the uses to which the Grain can thus to turned the stalks make excellent Winter fodder and return to Tho soil is much in the Shapo of Fertile icing Inatsu in a perhaps As they take from it. Thus year alter year the area or this great wealth enlarges and it is difficult to say Liat untold millions destined to be fed with the Cereal from the Lap of american agriculture. Lot him who dreams of a Quot ruined country look to its wonder jul res urges and be Liova if Lioe Aii that a land so infinitely endowed in natural wealth and a people with such indomitable Enterprise Quot e an fail to make rapid strides iii everything which pertains to material Progress. A tax on enclosed letter answers questions of interest to Maimi Factor is of cigars. To Teauey do Italy i ext. I Washington aug 4, of info. Kinin answer to a Jurs of the 5th iii st i. Hurtte to Sav that the tiv Oil cigars Etc is to to assessed upon the Price at which they Are a old if such Price to established by a Bona tide Sale., if not upon an appraised value,.or the value it which cigars Etc. Of like Quality Are Billing in the Market. If Tho to cigars me sold for 8 per 31, the tax $2 per a if they arts old for $10 Pera the tax is �4 per 31. Cigars sold for More than -$12 per m Are liable to $4 More than Ltd it i tilth of the Price they Are sold for of tax. Cigars Etc., sold for $18, 20,. -24, #510, i>50, s.80 or $100 per Mare liable to ti7 00, so. 80, s10, .>14, f,20 and $2-1 re Spetti yell of tax. The exp is Law does not recognize a a a Market Valuer a taxable value the yours respectfully. A / Thomas Maui ask Deputy commissioner. T 0tt0n movie st Tiik feb top. Neill Cotton circular of Tho �8th of August ays a the total receipts at All ports the end a if the wait to the latest mail dates amount to a 478j?00 my / the past Eek. Llo seipts. A a exports to great Britain 7.000. ,000 a a other Furj ii Jioras. 1,000 since 1st sept. 2.002,000 1,220,000 �?�221,000 70,000 total foreign exports. 11,000 1.020,000 Stock of Hamlin 4at All �?zports.about-310,000 nig the dispatch of a Bale of Cotton grown from see a by the association and stating that the grower Lias two plantations with above j00, to Plains of peruvian Cotton and is still extending his operations. Lie expects shortly to have a Large Quantity of land sown with exotic seed. Cotton cultivation is receiving increased attention favourable results having been obtained a my their is every probability that pern will in a few years become a targe Cotton producing country. Consular reports forwarded by the foreign office were received tip ii or the Liodes Bagdad and Bogota ii pm Tho cultivation of Cotton in those districts. In the Isle of Crete the growth of Cotton has hitherto made but Little Progress. The Quantity obtained last year was about 1000 cwt., but no satisfactory estimate can be formed of the present years crop. Complaints Are made of that restrictive tendency of turkish Law in regard to foreign colonization. Looking at the vast tracts of Rich ,. Lying waste for want of Libor the general Sal Brity of the climate and the admirable geographical position of Crete it is believed that if the disabilities of the tenure of real property by europeans were removed they would soon by their Enterprise and skill give a fresh impulse to Commerce and agriculture and that the cultivation of Cotton would rapidly increase in the vice Busu Lar District of Camilla 3,000 cats. Of clean Cotton were grown in 180-3, a Mil it is estimated that the crop his year will yield about the same Quantity. Tha proud Etious i igbo. Be increased by it Dipipi Button of taxes and duties and by improved agricultural . In Tho province of i Etimov very Litti Cotton is grown and barely Sui Lucient for local use. J in the Island of cos Aib iut 1,200 . Of Cotton were grown to and it is not expected that this years crop will exceed that Quantity. Owing to the Oid Iuni which hits attacked the Vine plantations and nearly destroyed them the1 cultivators Call scarcely obtain a livelihood and. It is presumed that they would the More readily Betake themselves to Cotton. The Only hindrance is the want of Money and if the peasants could procure advances on Cotton it rops at a reasonable rate of interest the cultivators of this article would soon become the Only occupation of the agricultural population at cos. The Cotton grown in turkish Arabia is inadequate in the demand for local consumption the. Deficiency being supplied by importation from Persia the Quantity produced in Burch in 1805 was about 0000 pounds of clean Cotton and probably As much will be grown this year. In the paschalis of i Dossul about 500 acres have been planted with Cotton during each of Tolje last three years but the ravages of locusts have been very great and the cultivators have suffered immensely. If there were no locusts the product wgaldfa8 about 00,000 a attends of 18 pounds each or planters to. Believe expect to make very near or quite an average crop. Quot the Dawson journal of t%3st ult., says Captain Evans brought to town last week six Bales of new Cotton which lie disposed of at 27 cents. We hear of a Good dead out Quot and ready for a writer in the Home courier suggests that As the Corn crop is Short in some sections of Trio state it is necessary to cast about for a substitute. To says 1. A a this May be found to a great extent in the turnip. Let us see to w u t use the turnip May be put so my to save a Corn one of the Farmers primary considerations is his a meat. To fatten hogs Corn is necessary at the rate of seven bushels to the head. I have known hog made very fat with three bushels of the head but How was this Economy effected simply by the use of turnips. Give your hogs cooked turnips with a few quarts Ineal and amp Little Salt to my certain knowledge they will fatten As fast if not faster than when fed on raw Corn alone. An occasional change to raw turnips in mild weather will be found since the recent Rains rust has vigorously attacked Cotton. Much bait been ruined by this fell agent in this and adjoining counties and in Alabama along the Mobile and Girard Railroad. Much Cotton has been ruined thereby. Tho Staple in this Section has been affected by almost every ill and the Hopes of a most every bitterly cd my is suite a the a ays. Letters from southwestern Georgia give gloomy accounts of the Cotton crop. After Long suffering from drought the recent continuous wet weather is doing immense damage by forcing the growth of Tilo Plant and causing it to shed its fruit. The planters Are steering this year against wind at a tide but they have the Consolation of knowing that if they make bit Littek it will command a big Price. Biles incl Diug adj Vitious for a flown errors iir16,000 Bales of 300 pounds a Ach. In the on Thorn tables u United states of Colombia Between latitude a or the growing the advices Are still j 3� a nd.5&Quot North on the batiks of the River Lavo Rable. A letters hav been received re j Magdalena some experiments have been made porting serious in jury from Worms ill some i with american seed but they have not been parts of Alaban it. To. Believe the. Lvi ports to j extended As tobacco and other Sugii cultural of greatly . Our ski Eli a Torres j ii of tocts Are found to be More remunerative pendent Ink just passed throw ugh that crops on it River. 1-rom correspondent of the k. O. Times j Parish of Rapides la., aug. 25th.�?by the la Ali of May Tipiere was scarcely a River Plantation in this Parish that was not under water and it attained a height of from two to three feet afterwards most plantations Remi uned thus submerged from four to five Weekin so that very few were Able to Plant again before the 20th of june quite too late for Cotton even in the absence of Caterpillar. Many in this Region planting no Cotton at All from that fact there were very imperfect stands obtained by those who did Plant again and the overflow being followed by a Long and severe drouth what Cotton that did come it it grew very slowly and much of it was destroyed by insects and drouth combined. Many who planted after the overflow abandoned their crops justly considering the. would not pay expenses of cultivation. To end my remarks under this head i assure you a would not give 50 pounds of Cotton per acre for All that Rill be made on quote very overflowed Plantation in this Parish Winch was planted As late As the loth to Tho 20th of june and i know none could Plant earlier. 1 As for com almost literally none will be made on All overflowed places. Grass Worms destroyed it As fast As it came rap tax on provisions of the new internal la oven no Law will go into effect to Day. In Conse Quence of this a Large number of whisky distilleries will be closed their owners finding it impossible to continue business under Tho new re Jim. ,. Athe following Are the most important provisions of the new Law Section 21 of the Law recites that every person firm or corporation who distils or manufactures spirits or alcohol by1 continuous distillation from Grain who brews or makes Inasy wort or Wash for distillation or the production of spirits shall be deemed a distiller under the act and Tho keeping of such articles shall be deemed and. Taken As presumptive evidence that such person is. A. Dis Tiller Nuder Tho meaning of the act. Sec. 22 provides that every person firm or corporation who rectifies. Purifies or refines distilled spirits or wine by any process or who Lay mixing distilled spirits or wine with any materials manufactures any spurious imitation or compound liquors for Sale under tilt name o whisky Brandy Gin rum wine a a spirits or a wine bitters a or any. Other name shall be Regis ded As a rectifier under the act six. 23 declares that if any person shall carry on the business of a distiller or rectifier Witholt Hii Vii a paid the special tax he shall for every offence be liable to a Fine of not less than double the tax imposed on Tho spirits distilled or double the special tax due for Tho spirits rectified by such person or found. Que the premises and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years acid All Tho products and materials used in the manufacture of Sutsh whisky shall be forfeited to the United Statek. St. 24 provides that All dist yers or persons about to engage in the business shall give notice to Tho assessor of the District where their establishments Are located of their names and residences and the number of the Street Whir their distilleries Are situated and also give Bond to a required amount which shall lie approved by the collector of the District that they shall comply with the provisions of the Law. Any person failing to give this notice maybe subject to the fines and forfeitures mentioned a in the preceding Section. Six. 25 declares that no person shall manufacture whisky in any building where lager Beer Beer Jde or Porter or other fermented vinegar or Ether Are produced or in any liquors dwelling Honse under a penalty of a Fine of ,000, or one years imprisonment at the the discretion of the court and the forfeiture of the stills &c., which May be found on the promises. A Sec. 2 it provide for a daily record of All whisky manufactured in each distillery under the penalty of the forfeiture of All the liquor found in the establishment and be subject to a Fine of s500. Sec. 27 do Chires that every distiller shall pro vide at his own expense a warehouse suitable for Tho storage of spirits. A f Sec. 28 provides Itiat general bonded warehouses for the storage of spirits to secure the payment of the Revenue tax and duty Niay be state does a it dealt of at All a flown to he 42 fnist., tin Date of his lust letter. He tit�-5 fron Mississippi and a Ives a gloomy count of the drop m the Noi of that her thu which he had a but. E?.uiiiuetl. The Plant was Suwall and backward. Having Sutz ered lately try i want of rain. The River counties to ctr. produce the largest rops Are do iii Quot Ell. He mentions one j Sowin a a ounts Bolivar which is reported to have a j drop equal in tax tent Aud conic Tiou to that Oft Tny former year and in gone co Ahorio equal in Tondl tip Uund about half tile extent a it Irmer a Rop a. A. Travelling Cories Oudeh of the new or Liauw Crescent who has been Over Tho most in erf Lijo portions of Mississippi and Louisiana writes this pain that there Are but few plan Nationn which can by any Chan no make More than Oue fourth Tho usual yield and Many places under the most favourable Eirc Iun a a tines cannot reach Bat estimate. Ski aim. Tar. T�?Tli1 a in Lio Kio it Iran de courier Ltd Cut. 5tji says a although the �1�<vlpi by Digap put chg from1 our midst we Are glad to find that Ihu municipal authorities Are not slackening their efforts to Ensi ire an entire cleanliness. Copperas was freely distributed yesterday and every sink was visited and this powerful had efficacious disinfectant applied in every locality where Tho slightest necessity existed. But few cases of cholera have been reported. Acid these if the Mildest Type which fact Inay up. I planted ire found to be More remunerative i after the overflow a Torejas Iurii Experiment or a Small bag of excellent Cotton was received Tiore properly speaking in desperation about from iii do sul grown from sea ens Tody of storekeepers. The next important Section 45,_ provides that any person who shall remove spirits from i. A Iju a it Appie Patilu a Island seed sent out by tile Assoc was resolved to comply with to a which Lias been mail for further Stu Anity of Salt cd. The experiments air Ady made a re Euco urging Flowers to to into the us tin 1c0 acres of Cottoni. I will not make a Pound the premises except to a bonded warehouse and the yield of Corn from Over 200 acres i shall lie liable to a ii Jeff double the tax in thus planted will be so Little As not to be j posed therein or to imprisonment for not less Wor h naming so Nimoh for crops planted i vireo months. ,. J since the overflow. Quot i another Section provides that an inspector a comparatively portion of thin Par i cd age 9s each dist Verj Tion of i Julip upon a larger Sale Aud a of i Isle say the Plaisance settlement on the amp River a a Stiller shall pay him five Dollar per Side Able extent of land will by pm Amod this a another on bayous a cent and Job tit Iuo i a Ita highly favored being exempt from Over i in accordance with Tho provisions of the it flow. There alone will any Cotton be pro disc j Law,1 inspectors Are nop being air opted Tomoji and Flat Cau Wobma. De except some patches li3re and there scat i a Terent , a few Days i lie following extract from a communication i to red through the Pine his where the yield j �10 list will be sent to Washington for the of a 1 received by Isaac Newton commissioner of a never. Llu counts to any consideration twi hit approval of these ret pay of the Treasury. 03 amp 10s, on the Bank of Pawling dutchess co. N. Y. Based from is. Vig cows and females on right end head of Rafi Klimi a 5s, 011 the Bank of Rome Lime n. A Vig Indian viewing a Distant town on left end cattle and sheep. A / 20#. On the Bank of Pittsburg Pittsburg spa yig., leaning on an urn filled with Flowers. 20s, on lift East Eiver Bank new York City. Big. Man girl ships horses amp a 1 5s, on the mercantile Bank Orange n. J. Vig. Marine View Large Steamboat coming to the right�?01� the tight end 5, portrait of Washington left end a portrait of Clay. Export Trade or is tag iii going out of the country on a Liberal scale though the Cotton year is nearly ended. Thi amp Weeims exports from this port have been 4 ,47ft Bales valued1 at $603,371. Include air the Ftp exports were to Liverpool 3.-330 Bales Jar the currency value of $483,237 to Genoa a gift Bales valued at $84,000 to Havre 433 but lies valued at $68,648, and to Antwerp 1071 Bales valued at $27,471. The total exports of Cotton from this port since sept 1, 1865, have been 484,485 Bales against receipts during the same period of 868,223 Bales the Esti mated Stock now Here is 110,000 Bales.�?-jv.1 o. To fonts sept 1. V Export Trade in is going out of the country on a Liberal scale though the Cotton year is nearly ended the weeks exports from this port have be ii .4,478 Bales i valued at s663.351 included in the Export were to Liverpool 3,330 Bales of the currency value of $483,237 to Genoa -548 Bales a valued at. $84,000 to gift Frei 433 Bales valued at sg8.000 and to a Antwerp 167 Bales valued at s27,471. The total exports of Cotton from this port since sept. 1,1865, have been 484--375 Bales against receipts during the same period of 863,223 Bales. The estimated Stock Quot now Here is 110,000 in times adj. 29. A Georgili. Num eee of baits the last week of August 1865, up to yesterday in this sub District of six counties 45,283 Bates of Cotton have been permitted. and eighty five Only were permitted in August. Averaging these Bales at 500 pounds each life 0 tax of two cents per Pound collected on there is $492,850, quite a respectable Revenue front a ruined country. All of plus Cotton with the exception of 5000 or 7000 Bales have been received at . 2d. A v new Dawson journal of the 31stnit, says a a 4 capt Evans of this county brought to. Town last week six Bales of now Cotton which he disposed of at 27 cents. We hear of Good Deal out and ready for Market following is an extract Fioroni k letter to the Augusta chronicle and Sentinel we never saw or heard of a poorer Prospect a for a crop. There Are hundreds of acres in Oglethorpe Greene Limbert and Wilkes Bichi will not yield a Bushel of Corn to the acre a the Cotton crop is a very Short it is thought will not be sufficient to Purchase Corn to make up the deficiency. The Freedm ii in remaily instances Are leaving now for West Genii Feser and Mississippi if they were to stay 1 would suffer for bread. Agriculture from California contains some l\eu-.ls,l Rospert for ii yield of Cotton on interesting facts concerning the cultivation lauds that were not overflow Ved ? it is of Cotton Aud flax iii that state / poor and meagre in the extreme. From feb Veio York Herald sept. 5. Ruaro to thru Middle of june to wretched a season for the proper cultivation of Cotton was perhaps fever known. Liaison Ain in soph in the year .18 51 Between four Liu nihed j Aud five Hundred acres of Cotton was grown 1 ill Tho various portions of the Interior of. The state. All of this Cotton was planted in june delu8c.s> Aud so incessant work in 1 and july and the greater part of it by people \ Theta Lusi not Only for Days but sometimes for difference of locality i Quot to bad not cultivated Cotton elsewhere. It i a a a 1 inevitable result i was. A lit Experiment nearly two i leaper Al Stakias thu. Cotton Plant very Small j Montua to i Etc was recoil att so bothered with grass and a �6ds that and ill Limey instance Matui a tool a the vet in planters abandoned a fourth the Quality of Cotton grown was Good and Orau Ilerd of the crop planted to try and save the balance. On some places not overflowed perhaps half crops might have been1 made had the Caterpillar. Or Nrma worm a of to attributed to Tho vigilance Anil prompt action of our City Ollices. Ericus from in Olk county contradict the report of Trio Cotton worm being there flip a a Prospect a for a Good Cotton crop Are highly a flattering. In too the visits of the Holl a can a i egg Jovo be a Par Tiala and Tho com Jiei 2i.ari trip pot ton will find the worst into Tho factors Ambo. Mauu.facturers�?T�?haudsj1 to those in ter osted we know these will o Good tidings Aud to like to Tell Only that in ind. A Llwis Laruie a it in sept. 7hi. A Bill has been passed Aud signed by the Tio Vernor validating All the Lii Siul acts of the provisional Ollices As Well As those elected 011 Tho 25th of Juno last. It also provides that a do who were then elected and Havo been qualified tip to the time of of Tjimis Bill shall and commissioned. View u a a strife go act in it. 8. I lion. Stephen Powers a Job Brownsville ten appointed by the governor com the result of its c ilium considered so satisfactory that most of the parties have again planted almost All More extensively than they did last year i it seems probable that fifteen Hundred acres a of cot i kit being grown this year in California. A ii be party i ites that lie believes Cotton can be raised with White labor at less Cost per Pound in Ica Liloria than it can be in Tennessee or any Mother Southern state with the exception of som6 parts of Texas. Chinese labor can be hired at one Dollar per Day and Cotton requires hoeing but twice after planting As there Are no stubborn weeds like the crab and other grasses which Are so prevalent in some of Trio Southern state. A flax has been grown for seed for at least four years past. Tim., seed was required in limited Quot chant tips for druggists uses and Liere wast no Rale of Tho Fibre or Plant this flax woh Quot grown along the East Side of the Bay of san Francisco where Trio climate in summer contains very Little moisture. Flax can however be grow 11 Ahi most anywhere in the Interior 1 of this state a is it is found growing Ina wild state 111 the foot i ills of the Sierra Nevada. Thera is no doubt in the minds of practical agriculturists we Havo Given the subject their1 attention that flax can be grown a of a profitable crop in inmost any Section of the state where there Are Mills to work the Ulf Ibre within reasonable Tho has Boen missioner a fori Tho United states under Tho a extradition Twitty with Mexico of Tho 11th i econ ibor 1801.�?-shite Guzelli Sujit. 8. Dolfe tract co Vii j a the full torm of the Dis it riot court for Bastrop county convened on Mondoy last i1011. Jno. Ireland presiding John b. Hector District attorney John , sheriff John c. Buchanan diff strict Filer. But two eases both on the civil list Voro disposed of by Tho judge and the Cou for 1 adjourned on thursday last the judge hav my concluded to hold no court at this a ilits Rop Arfer Litiff a it. 8. J a Eok Gia crop . From Tow Augusta chronicle sept Ihli �5 Tho Federal Union believes the com crops a in this state especially in this Section will turn out better than. We to sup Ose some Timo Kinc Etrio editor of the Lavayne Siloro times reports that the crop prospects Are much better in Shrivon. Than in Burko. The Grain yield Lias been unexpectedly heavy. Tho Cotton crop will turn out. A reasonable profit. The sum i it publican nays \ we have had several Lino showers during the past few Days. Crops generally Are doing very Well the Caterpillar or army Vorm kept off but this terrible destroyer has already made its appearance doing great damage in Many places and from the backwardness of the crop it is justly feared will soon prove most destructive to All after they appear in considerable Quantity As they very soon must do but a few Days a week at farthest and their work of devastation and destruction is completed. In All Candor i consider it preposterous to Hope for More Thau one Fourtly of a average crop of Cotton this year As far As the s Parish is concerned. This sequel i fear will prove this estimate too Large for Moore than a week past the weather has been heavy and Cloudy with Riftin almost every Day Tho very worst sort for Cotton at this season tending As it does to the propagation and rapid increase of the Caterpillar its most dreaded enemy. A sad too Tho yield of Corn will be most Likely insufficient to Supply a the inhabit Tants with bread another year. Under the dire calamities that beset us at present the future project is tank . R tiutax3> Lias lamp a decided by the commission for of internal Revenue that the tax m were whether Rivade of Iron Copper is five per cent. A i Valorme As a manufacture not otherwise provided for. J there is however in the Putli Section of the i near Daw a provision exempting wire made from wire less than no. 29, upon which a tax has been assessed and paid As wire and also a provision that 110 manufactured Quot a Are shall pay a greater tax Tolian that imposed on no. 20 wire Guage. Alien wire less than 20, on which a tax of five per recent. If. Valorme has been paid is afterwards a drawn to a greater degree of fineness 110 additional tax is imposed thereon. Wire however on which no tax has been previously paid As wire is liable to a tax of five percent upon the Pribe at which it is said whether that Price is sixty cents one Dollar or two dollars incr Pound. A Kwh . I from Thompsons Bank Noto reporter aug a. 23.1 facilities for have larger in in to a nil Cit Irto 41to o inn Fiat of in i n a no creased since the. Adoption of Tho National banking system under which All Banks use a uniform plate for each denomination with this fact warrants a Liberal expenditure in getting no amp fac Stilline 011 any of the National Bauks. Which when detected on that particular Bank is immediately adapted to some other Bank by simply1 changing the locality and so on through the whole 1600 or 1700 National. Banks whereas,1 formerly a counterfeit on any state ban when detected at one became worthless Quot Quot Quot a Ati Onai. s in the first National Bank of Newburyport mass. General appearance of the Bill is coarse and the colors Darker than on the genuine. On the reverse Side the head of Columbus is out of proportion. A. 5s on the citizens Nat by of Fulton . 5s, 011 the first National Bank of Cairo Del 5s. Oil the third Nat Bank of clinic ago til 5s, 011 Tho Worcester Nat. By wor., Slass. Of on the first Nat. By of Baltimore Trio second Nat. By of Scranton a. Is of the first Nat. Bank of Portland me. 5s, on the first Nat. By of grand rapids michigan., 10�?Ts of the Lii Liland National Bank thew Burglin n. A. Imitation. On right end be Malo seated Oil a spread Eagle left end. Franklin drawing lightning from Clouds with a Kite. Poorly done. A 20s, 011 the first National Bank of Portland coun. The general hip Eanice of the Bill is bad particularly Quot on Tho reverse Side the baptism of Pocahontas boing very poorly done. It. Is however a Clit ski imitation of the genuine and calculated to deceive. Tie plate is liable to be altered it a any of the National Cir Renov Banks. A ,. A Quot Quot. Pluie Nimacks. 2s, on the a s Treasury notes greenbacks paper and engravings coarse. A poor affair. 5s, on the u. S. Treas a notes greenbacks a new counterfeit 5s on the Issue of March 10, 1862, Havo just made their appearance in this City the South having been pretty Well flooded with them. The words a unit Eil stages when compared with those Ofa Gen Dino Bill have a scratchy appearance. Ingeneri appearance paper and a printing they Are Well calculated to deceive. A. Comly of Jed interest notes. I. 50s, on the compound interest a notes of the sue of july 1c, 1864, Dro reported in circulation. A Tihes Lka a. Block co., if oks jes and a a a is to reign and Domestic dry1 g�0dk,. Hexdlbx�?T8 Block Bebsly Ros strand Galveston to i . We. Bra or Cotton Quot faot�b8, and i Ganer a commission Medici Hayif 8lnxistmt i Alvaton cobots Street. It to Stap. Advanced made on for a a be or ship ment Trother pert. I v our Friend or. C. H. Job Dalj of Fth late for no off Adams Jordan amp co., of Tia City signs the Home a oar finn tar Procura Tion a us it Fiat of future ablation. J. T. Amp we. Bradt. In t co., established in 1636. A Khoii Ebalo go Ocels. And sole age its for i a a j Jit and other whi8kiwc. U�6h�? Eib suit Sola Stone Dyer a to i Ole so re i Vamp mrs vegetables and Tes. say a used jacket stomach bit trs. Redheads baking and pastry powders Teacy amp Champay one at a Etc Etc., Etc. Groceries and Case goods in or err variety it Choice Ine ladles winks ax1> l1q�oo��.s.b. Sik Btl. W. Dbl Eye Hamburg. Boege amp. Co. I import Exchange and Obok a Jav mar clients j off left Lext door to Quot Ball Hutchings amp. Ritt Malc Galveston. 4 x Liberal advances of Cotton Wool hides and other Mercoli Adiao to our Riondy in Liverpool Havre London Bremen Hyunh Tetrev new York and new Orleans. ,. Exch Xoe on new York new Ohe Suu London. Liverpool Havre. Berlin Hamburg Bremen Parff a a a Frankfort a ap7ol�r a Quot vim 10b� a.2i01er,. Cotton b k h it Sahei Yrlas strand Galvez Tik Texas
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