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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1866, Page 2

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 15, 1866, Galveston, Texas R Flake. S. K1nke1lp. Flake co. I Sushkiw Ajob proprietors a a the to onto crucial bulletin a to be published once a week. On saturday to Ruig a bight dollars Par annul payable in Advance Bookness cards Ineer cd Are Char red at this rate of Twett dollars pet Square or eight lines and twelve dollars per half Square of four line per Annis. Other advertisements Are charged $1 30 per Square for the Cret Lii Bertion and 75 cent for each additional insertion. No cats take. Letter aet commercial bulletin. We also publish in connection with the above a water Sheet commercial bulletin ready for delivery saturday morning. Merchants May be supplied with any number of the letter Sheet with their brain Reacard or circular Well displayed and prominently inserted on very a Honable terms. Rev new of the markets. A a. Quot in cd Lett office. Fhi Dav a Vking sept. 14, Cotton che Atlantic Cable dispatches up to Tho evening of tie 11th have indicated a steady Market. In Liverpool middling Uplands being still quoted at 13 Pence which would put orleans1 middling Anthont Sld it May hot Well to remark that in Jye Pool Tho difference in Price of middling. Uplands and Orleans has been increased from a Halfpenny to three Quarter enacts the Hist report til at behave of the Stock on hand at Liverpool is up to the 34th Ultimo when it consisted 32 1,190 Bales american nud 539,530 Baies of other descriptions a in Tab too american and 45-#,Coo Bales India China and Japan Cottons known a to. Be., afloat. Sales of in a therefore quotation.1 of last week say u3�1gc for Sterling 30 Days Bills though Purchase May be Iii de in Small sums at Imi cent. Sow Orleans sight remains at cent Prei ii in and kit he Xor Kiffin ditto. Freight with the Sun ill Stock offering for shipment May a Trost to a toted nominal and learn that some of the tonnage will to Transfer de to new 0 Oan. Ave May quote Liverpool at 1�9-i6d. Though know of a vessel that would gladly charter for a full cargo at i Penny. For the Flint time lir Liec. In the commercial history of our City car record a of Cotton to Liverpool by Steamer Bills of lading having been signed Here through via now York at of a Penny. To new Tork the Market is nominal with abundance of ton age Eilering at i cent by sail and say 5 a cent per steam. It May be Well to remark that it is expected that foreign Bottoms looked for Here will get As much As �1 Pence. A the of Sekaz a. 1i.u1ket. Ave have no improvement to notice in i lie general aspect of Tho maket during the past week on the contrary there has been a slight falling Oil Quot in the movement of goods in nearly every Branch of Trade in consequence of the interruption of out Railroad communication occasioned by Tho rain storm. On sunday last. For a articular in regard to the different articles of Traue refer to the following Rem arks bagging Ani it Kopek with Large stocks dealers having anticipated the demand there has been a slight decline but As the tendency in the Western markets is upwards expect the decline will be recovered the coming week i boots and has Beon Moro Active than the previous week and prices have advanced on All goods in this line fully 5 pm r rent., As will be seen from our quotations. has been a Small demand which dealers have supplied for specie As follow Rio Ordinary 19�2pf fair 2j02u-. Of tic 21�8ljc. Choice �?~21 �32c. Java 45sm9c. Stocks Large. Market is Woll supplied with �1 styles of goods and Price Rule firm though they Ara unchanged. A a. I5_ Ilab amounted to 13,. _ _ a j v v a a. A Ltd a a a he in pcs by the of pry goads Tho Bank of England had tits Sto Tiou on the Merei Anta for ,0 Weck comnwrflis45ti. 13th, Are the Tuame As the k to wit brow i cottons.�?i-4 Atlantic a a i a a i a �1. Metic a Pacific a Massachusetts to Appleton. A Market lunch easier though As will be seen head m my turd Atlantic 1>, Lyman Aboyba it had not influenced the Cotton Market nor. L2iv. 7thinst according to to la graphic reports reduced Ita rate of discount to live a pm cent., making Tho United states 3-20�?Ts and Trade generally which is non what of an anomaly. At new York on Tho 11th the Market closed bouy ant with sales of 2.500 Bales at 33�33c. For middling from new Orleans Havo accounts up to the a lose of the markets on the 11th, when prices Indi cats an increase . Many operations having shown an Advance of Folly one cent amp ib., though in consequence of the irregularity exhibited in the Market generally brokers forbore advancing the quotations which were 34@35c. For middling. In this Market but Little change can be made. The a mail Supply has prevented any operations of Mas nit de from being made and the uncertaint3 of european politics which has such a powerful bearing upon the finances of the Money markets of the work or say London Amsterdam and. Paris has had a tendency to restrict operations Here. It is or a hould be unnecessary to Call attention to the fact that All buyers Are controlled by information received in their correspondence and it is Well to know that the reports of Short crops however truthful they May be have but Little eff jct upon the minds of cot ten operator. It is Well to Call attention to the cry of Quot a Wolf Quot in the fable. Indulged in those remarks from a desire to. Nof Ronly to of feet the exaggerated statements of parties who have evident written for that portion of the press of the North who have been Bent on giving erroneous account of the condition of the crops in the Soto the but principally from the idea , Cocheco pinks purples. Rubles greens solids 21c.-, Pacifica Spragues americans Richmonds Cou Stogos Hamiltons Gluc Esters Lancaster is c. Allens amok tags la pc. Nanri Keats Arnolds Freeman Victor is dutchess a Lowells a Ament tas Itic Glen coves Lac. Empires 13c. A . La Milous. ,35c. Hardway key Lias been in demand Only for Loca purposes prices term at our quotations. Fl017r.�?the demand has been principally local and prices slightly in favor of buyers the Supply being in excess of the demand. Job lots of superfine Here been sold at $11 00. A sales Are reported of Fine $11� 11 5ii Choice superfine. Sll 75013 extra $13 50@14 50 Choice extra s16�1s 00 plants 1�?~ �19 50 iexa8, 87 50� 3 00 per sack. local demand is supplied from Toje at is 15� i 20 for yellow Aud mixed. And $12501 30 for Choice White. Oat. 75�s0c. White by ans c50 to it 50 per barrel. Hay Supply is in excess of demand. Prices remain firm. We note sales of Western at $1 "75s2 a pm and Northern at in 50s1 75 a the Market continues very Dull 3iul supplies Light. There have been Small sales at 10c til for dry Good order. Lime and cements there have not been any sales in lots since our last review. The local demand is supplied at Bur quotations. Stocks Good. Plaster of Paris and Marble dust is held at St amp Barrei. Molasses Stock of hand very Lia fixed. Terai is being principally shipped North by holders. They Are holding at ?24 to v1 Barr a and �11� u0 for j barrels of 2s gallon. Naval stores have no sales to report. . Eliosin. Spirits turpentine Are held at last 3? Balej in. I weeks quotations. Naw oakum behave always held to give As far As .putable.�-10atuln . A court a lenient of the. Commercial affairs of the mls the Mai .,1 in Supi lied by dealer oots to a. A. A at our quotations. Ecomman it la $1 Jos May be accused of egg in so int Challenge Gabon. Investigation in nothing that have Given and a a a la a a by a a Here hence Fra secure that however much our intends a Raj of me a pork Buhls. S00 mess May i Flor Irith us they must be satisfied that in i beef. Blu. Cd Blaina Stag a a canvassed a . In a a Nuj it Rit Omenn Huar this 59. In All other matters perfect Reliance can be placed. A a a a. J Wie Hare found it difficult for Gomia Freeks past to Render a statement of the Market tha t would be considered Complete. In this season of the year it is Well known that but Little activity can be expected. We might spin out a Long article in regard to the peeing crop but believe Lall speculation on the subject to be futile. We will therefore confine our elves to a simple report of the facts that the Cotton top of this state has been materially injured by heavy Rains and that do not icel Merethe reports of those who Are of the opinion that the co Tim crop a Deetroy de nor of those who Are on Tho opposite a a tvs e. In our annual review stated that 175,000 Bales would a get about the Iamb not received Here it is right to state that the heavy rain have caused us to a Tange our opinion Worms have also done their a damage. We have written a longer article than usual re a sting to Ota leading Staple and have done so wit i the id a of our views being known to be unbiased. Org Aleaton Busineau with the present limited a apply i the conflicting ideas of buyers and fac tora has been Light. Prices firm. 1 too talons of last week repeated. �2ic Low middling1is �19c Good Ordinary in �17cordinary.14 ��5c g0lu-the team ship Morgan yesterday brought Quot is �dvice3 from new Orleans to the 12th, though Exve no material change to note from accounts received previously 1443145 being the current rat Ltd though transactions had been Mach at 143i. At hew Torkonje Lith the closing rate was 14#,�?T with downward tendency. To. In this Market have noted change during the p3btweek, though not of any magnitude our tsar act having to bomb extent followed the course to the new Orleans and new you rate. The do Baand Here on the opening of the Eek wan Lively m3 having been paid for Gold though on that Day the Banks refused to Advance their buying rites a Hove 140, raising their figure one cent on Tiv Corr a Ercyal Day fallowing and Selling of 042�though1 in the Market generally there was Little change on lion Day tuesday and wednesday when quotations were from 42 to 43 v cent Premium. Yet Matfay the Market opened at 142 and closed it our closing rates of to Day Viz Gold 4i�14i met�can.ijily�k-,j,-,1�2� Amei imn Silver,i.�?~.1360141 Exchange Remayna with no perceptible change a mall demand More than which at Tus season of the year with to great a dullness a prevailing in the Genera Market cannot be expect Boi ids is. Cotov boxes. It Lias Oil n Bei n rom tue Kuil upon us a mint ter of Surprise a Teri so Large ii part of our Liat Onul debt is in Tho unset of form of Coupon a Lio mls luuk to be Iles troyed by lire lost by face ii it or tie Ives. We might suppose it first sight Quot that the registered Bonds Sciug Siller would bring n Kiger Prico in the Market. Quot but Liis is not so. However contrary to antecedent probability the reverse is True is u glance. At Oier Stock sex Olinge report will show la or Tho first Tiniuc in Tho history of the government a singular Uno Tiia by has in the past week been exhibited Jii Quot a difference of four per cent Between the quotations for i registered United states Bonds and i onion Bonds of the same issus. In inns really the species of buds Are of. The same value for they draw the same rate of interest mature at Tho same time i and Tho Coupon Bonds May to converted into the registered Bonds a it i the will of the owner who has ouly to take the trouble of sending then to Washington for that purpose. There Are several Points suggested by this anomaly which Mer t As to the Impje Diatsi cause of i there is not doubt at nil. The buds in which it exists Are known As the old five twenties of 1802. Which Are so exclusively dealt in Europe that no other species Are n Good delivery in fulfilment of contracts. The Bonds of 11-80.5, which Are really More valuable As they have three years longer to run Are not As yet known in Tho european Market though an Effortmaking to get hem introduced there. Lie Nee it is that the orders from abroad Rufi Xci naively on the old Fiva twenties and of course registered Bonds Are useless for exportation j Coupon Bonds being alone negotiable abroad. Now it is easy to see that when from any Cir Cums Anees a very Jiveh foreign Dejna nil i Springs up Tor our Bonds the coupons old five twenties will exclusively be called for and the Supply in Mai Ket being limited their Price will go up while that if the other Bonds May be either stationary or will Ai least be less Lively in their upward a movement. The old Bonds May be either san Donar or at least be less Lively in Quot their ii Ward it movement Tho old Bonds have sold As High As 11-1 Turing the. Recent excitement while the highest Price of the More valuable Bond of 1-sin 110. This however is not quite the whole the Case. To have explained Why the Bonds of 18g2 sell higher just now than those of 1865, but Why should the Coupon Bonds oif 1st2 \ sell higher than the registered Are not the j registered Bonds available for Export purposes by being sent to Washington to be sex j changed Lor Coupon Bonds the answer is that they Are not so available. The Law allows you to convert your Coupon Bonds into registered Bonds but it makes no provision for the reverse process of converting registered Bonds into Coupon. This unnecessary disability is much complained of and not unjustly. An Effort will be made at the next session of to get a new enactment passed removing these incongruities of the existing statutes regulating this important question of Tho reciprocal convert Ioa of Coupon adj registered Bonds into each other. There Are Hoilier reasons for a change in the Law besides those have referred to. And of these one of the chief is the Bonds. The recent heavy robberies of securities show How necessary it is it prevent the thief from negotiating stolen securities lint this is impossible with the Ordinary Coupon Bonds Yri Yieh Are payable to bearer for the courts hold that such a Bond passes from one hold it it it an o ther just As freely1 As Bank not. Labor in Massachusetts. Statistics of the past a a a. Tho Folly ving vat stirs of the nil fro i it Voi time just is Saiyd by the Seco Totaig of the of ominous Vej Ali a a Otlie piled action by Cotton articles Qin ploys 23,078 a haudek of wollerl1 goods 18,433 of clothing 24.72 of boors and shoes of kill of Straw hats and bonnets 10,555 Tho Mackerel and cod fisheries 11,518 the whale Lisbe Ries t,-lsh5 Theale Ivee Shad Sain Ion and Shell fish fisheries 1,u35 the of Calico and lain 4,208 of carpeting la i 5 of Balsa Oil skirts 1,012 of rolled null Slit Iron Anil nails a lot hollow Ware and Ciu stings 2,500 of pig Iron 1,235, of a Chinery -1.100 of locomotives a train engine and boilers 2,958 of Glass 2,015 of paper 3,554 of pianoforte 1,153 of printing Ami newspapers 2,400 of chronometers watches Gold and silverware Aud jewelry 1,j24 of and Caps coaches chaises wagons sleighs and other vehicles. 1,800 of arms including camion1,785 it of Ehnis 3,030 of Cabinet Ware 2,202 of Palm Leaf and a Palm Leaf hats a 2,802 of bricks 1,107 of Wood and paper boxes 1,102 of Indianu a. Ber goods 1,055 while thu tanning and Curry ing Trade enlists 3,847% Tai Here Are 2,279 blacksmiths. R a in Tho minor branches of Industry 447 persons Are employed in the manufactory of bleached and coloured goods 8g7 Are producing spool Cotton 421, american worsted 927. Worsted goods 773, hosiery 221, shoddy 155, Worstein dress braids 011, Linen 253 silk 253, dress trimmings 720 arc engaged in making daguerreotypes and photographs 5m> in making sewing machines 23rt of looking Glass Aud j 4c-Turo frames 104 on Mattert Visei 380 011 brushes 041 Oil saddles harnesses and other Equine equipments. C75 011 military goods and Dage 11 Mak find pocket books 134.iu Patio Zograph albums 107 in Atid Coffee i�10 in manufactured i Arlo and Stone 104 in sperm and tallow candles 385 in soap 140 in animal oils 231 in kerosene 350 in ratan79 in tin Ware 599 in Combs 124 in paints 379 in Medicine 350 1- flouring Mills 253 in Patent and enamelled leather 853 tub pro posed k1�k pub oem Ioas Kimii Tho commercial chronicle sept. . To Leara from a Ashington that or. Ilc cello ii is contemplating the Issue this North or in october of Tho Long delayed five per cent government loan. He has by la a that Power to Emit if necessary Gold bearing Quot Bonds to represent the 73 millions of temporary deposits he is now paying off Aud also the certificates of indebtedness and other Short dated obligations which he Lias already met. There r is also no to doubt that the time will coma when five per cent Bonds of the United state will command Par both Here and abroad. or three months ago favo Rud the proposal that an Experiment should be made of issuing with the Moat circumspect caution a Small amount of five per cent Bonds to be followed by sur ther issues if Tho temper of the Public Buind should justify it. At Tho to Jive when this suggestion was made every thing seemed to con spire to make this movement a probable sue Cess the chief Points relied on being that during Tho dead season of the financial year the Money Market was easy while capital1 was abundant and might probably become More so inasmuch As foreign capital would in the disturbed state of things abroad flow aft undly to this Side und seizo upon so eligible an investment As a Long five per cent Bond the principal and interest of which Are payable in Gold. This propitious aspect of our financial affairs however was not. Continued. The procrastination of financial measures by Congress and still Niobe the unfortunate sales of government Gold in May last disturbed All calculations. And at this moment ton forties have scarcely reached Par although the Dull season is Over the Money Markot is beginning to to More Active Aud he most propitious a Opportunity for putting out Tho loan has pass. De away. In Tho interests of Economy last year whoa by a sin Gultig fatality the inert summer season was allowed to pass j without any Treasury negotiation and in unto Ber when business was becoming Active and the crops South and West were being noved a Konikof 50 millions was put out the consequence being a perturbation of the Money Market and a decline of some 20 millions in if however a five per a Cut. Loan would for the present have Little Prospect of Success in manufactured snuff Mal _ cigars and tobacco 131 in whips jl31 in the temporary deposits in the Kub Treasury. Blocks and pumps 521 in pails nibs and wooden Ware 138 in lasts and Lii Hoe pegs 539 of casks 240 on coffins and burial cases 315 there is another course that has been suggest on friction matches fireworks and razor i�1� w which there Seenie less objection. Tho Strops ir>3 on Gas i exclusive Quot of political i Sixes of a a a a urged Aro now Selling at speech 227 on Piekle and preserves 991 in a Premium. The Treasury gets no bakeries 101 in distiller and 259 in Brewe Benefit from this Premium which is absorbed Tjas in quarries no in charcoal Coal and i Auto aug posed by speculators. Or. Mcculloch a re Beds and 157- in raalnns.lcoro and other it seems should therefore sell for Cash at Tho sorts of blooms. Market Price a daily amount of Bondii so a a a a the value it if the pr.duets�?.11 Cotton was f that he May brain for the Public coffers Jiom s54,43c��1 Ieti my Delaine 20,248,-1 of a Benefit result info Iron the improvement 703 Woollen s ,43 ,071 Paner s9, j h,52i a 1 of the Public credit believe the Secre rolled and Slit Iron and Uail. $8,830,502 j Tari a i sold few Bonds or More Tju a Ger printing and a a 1 it a a a. Newspapers 148 cloth Premium ii a rite jest. Atid rat a oids 1 -s9f93 jic., Job Lotif at 03g,2�?Tj c. Common ruled. U3con, Clear a Ijes 35i�2fic., Job at a a a. A ird tier amp a 27�2ic., begs a a a a to butter prime Gaoaen 50� 31c. According to size of package Western 35@1jc. Texas 0@3jc. Cheese Western at i9�23c. Per Byoung America Stilton �t5�.t5c. Potatoes in Good Supply at 14 tig�4 73 Jitt bbl. Beans at ju�7 of in a Libl. Porter a Tinl funnel steady demand of Art idea m thai line especially lager Beer prices have remained unch Ait d. Ba.1., Quartz i himself potato ��j�3 amerlean ale marts $1 s5 j nobody Bur himself can claim the principal Tkv 1 Liv 9j my american ale Maunty. The Fety is thus As comp a a. A in tiie nature of Atli Ings human in a 1 Leisi Stative Airan ii cents can make titlist Wool in new v011k.krim Walter Bruu amp c of Tirri . J the a Narki to Liroi Iii August v. Vers., .irtvo.,i by the of Woollen j goods my. Anticipations of �1 it work Choh a i visitation. Soi Ijo Large Sai s list id Tivey v. Tiv at log i prices. Toward til close a to Quot it tto a is Elk us prevailed. And j buyers As Weli As -,.i i or. Seem to feel that the Bond payable to bearer. 1 lowest Point has been reached for the present Ove Rabie by to sum Narv a i general trad is la Ett r. And woo with1 it a. B. Lievi that Here will be 1. Lung. Trade during september a Many Mills Are in Light whatever at. A higher lib it. Tor Cash than Pery cent Premium. He will now Havethe Opportunity of Selling them at higher rates ill ,his available resources. A a 1 another of ice Tiou to the project of putting c i out it five per cent Loiuis at the present moment is the obstacle it would Oiler to any Las ten years while her Industrial a a it. Contraction of the to be increased Sevcit it pure n. J keep a five per cent loan Tio Arteil now would require an inflation of the Eui Weiley acid the i Nils Chievous results on Geue Ial lug $17.743,s,t4 tanning and currying $1.5,. 821,712 boots and shoes 52,015,243 Tho whq4�j<�v a ies. Mackerel and cod i fishery s4 .i>32,21s horses oxen and cow -�llm�a-hav. 13, �95.274.&Quot. A re 6�?�. To uni .w.,.yf.-th>�bdu�?~5tvial a a a Aie keeping of i tin Tate is t 517,o0i ,0 h. The population Massachusetts has Lucri used three per Yeii purim the Ora Gold Eagle. A Homi Jhu purchaser in Good Faith a and in Tjie Ordinary course of business has a Clear title to a Bond which May Nave been formerly stolen Ever against. The Man from was stolen. Jan the Caso of-14 , the owner May it r found but not so with a this if lost is Irre the Only absolute Security for the owner of j a Coupon Bond is to have it exchanged for a i estered Bond. If it nobody Cah draw the interest when but Stock Aud Ible a lie arc Rea in to meet slim Xiang a to y barrel., Bremen lager steer of g Doz. Qty. F20 00�21 00 Gold and�30 00 Eti Rheuey. St. Louis laser Beer $12 is half Quot barrel. Stock i i Niall and a ales Hialit at our quotations. Salt a there is demand which dealers Are supplying at f2 oot-2-j5 a Pecic a aet for a Iver a Pool coarse and Fine. We have heard of no Lari i Sale. J a Lix but a Kraut Supply on hand both of the foreign and the Domestic production but the demand is Only in a mall or retail Way at about previous Price at a rioted in our prices Louisiana Crown. 17�isc. Choice 18�19c. Clarified. 193191c. A. Market is in fair Kuji ply but the demand la local note jobbers prices. Gunpowder is 6501 70 b. Coupon �1 co a i a Ufi Souchon $1 20�$1 25 a Imperial and Gunpowder in 2 15 canister s3 i5�93 25 10. Imperial in 1 a Borea and caddies #1 6032 to # in. A Isbir a the Market is but Diode fately Unpi plied. Sales have been made of Low qualities fat �2 05�$2 2a amp gallon Good Western rectal file Ltd $2 33 �$2 60 9 Rafilon Ola Bourbon $3 00�$4 50 gallon old Alleghany $5 50 i it gallon old faintly a nectar m 75 gallon. Tho demand has been Good and prices Are firm. 1. Wool remains without change. 8 to a specie according to Quality being asked. We have heard of no a ales. 17u Bales All to new York have been a hipped during Tlle week. Receipt on a Ernnt of Interra ortion in communication with the in terror. Have been lights Only ki5 the entire a Ltee. A a inside figures represent Prei for Job lots Whilia the highest quotations Are the outside prices for taller quantities. Most Ina i a it a Sonal la a the of d fee Fecel in this Market vet better than now a though receipts from tin country Aie filling off i Tom a Elled Mijoi i h a a. Been very Iii i �011.� woo Imit Saiid full iat., lambs is there �4- another difficulty. the owner of a registered Bond wants to convert it Back again a he cannot a to it thi very ii cum Stanco prevents Nhuy Perront t rom converting their Coupon Ijoma a tar the latter Are More easily Bong it. And sold. Ifa a you wish to sell a Coupon Bond All you have j _ foreign wools Are a enc la held above Tho to do is to deliver it to the buyer to Quot get your neglected. A Alito Niia wools have Felt the general dullness and have not present mucin. Texan wools have been it unite largely dealt a a a in within Tho Range of our equations of off our quotation ii Aie for Cne a Niy contras is specified. A Kkt dancer in Tot . Lafon of the French Chip Marshall , arrived at Havre from Ilio Janeiro reports the discovery of n Rock not indicated in the charts in the direct line of vessels navigating Between in a Ope and America. It Only Corne to the la vol of the water find at it distance appears pie a of Wood. J a i. A dispatch received at lately states that Gove Rizor Jenkins of Georgia who in now in new York the credit of his state so Good that he disposed of $500,u00�f Georgia state Bonds at ninety cent on the Dollar. Money on the spot and the Tran sad Ion is closed. With a registered Bond there is the delay of sending it to. I in not of for Transfer i months of a very Yeai. Youe Jannot is for Tho a did Ortii of april and a october prepare and far Tito even do to the months tory to the interest and Fer your Boh ment books an ass Gume really takes Cial Security fraudulent k buyers although there been Lay Quot and novo Irbia a Kymen t of ill the interval is to a purchaser in the firer Ntilis Dilli culty �1 is Beekil in a t by it in Blank termed Iii a i away for the time being the ape of Tho registered Bond As a Idor might Iti Vij himself a it the Blank you Jive signed. A my might thus be enabled probably to sell the Bond. Rather than in bit to t iese iut Porti Niece persons prefer to Lipold the Coupon Bonds. N6w it has been suggested that these Aud other attaching to the ownership of of gis re Jim cd Bonds might be obviated by haying tile to an Ife books kept in new Vork. Nine Tenter Jiff the i in love moment Nec rarities is done in this City and it is obviously for the convenience of the a Krople for the intere-,1 of Bond Holder and therefore for the interest of the government Quot Liat Tho transfers Sli Oxild be made Here instead of at a place so far removed As Nvvf Hington from Tho great metropolitan Centre of Trade finance and Commerce. As to the foreign of United states Hen Ritea be Cari do no Thimig to protect him irom the losses and incertitude incident to the Possession of Sonpon Bonds by in the Caw of our citizens to Mast for to can pro a text them. And it seems to us that oho of the Best Means of doing this is to induce them to prefer registered to Coupon Bonds by some such expedient was Havo suggested some Large of ller Rino reported at cd omit �?�21.�?� Gold a i. Jik it it the following sales Dur inst the a Pilip icon Ali fleece and pulled at,-45r2cvi receipts Quot a a Elf do mesh Wool in new York during the month 10,2t7 Bales. Prices current at new York september 1. Terms of payment for All descriptions of Wool Cash prices Are now quoted a a Clevous results of general prices on .iu.<li<iovf.rci. Living 1111 the Well being i and con fort of tie in asses of our t , Are too obvious too to popular and have been too often Iva lived to need a \voli1 of disapproval from us. Other indications Adverse to this loan May be seen in the present and prospective state of the Money Market. Five per cents Havo never been very Inoh in favor Here und combination of Circum it tines must be. Insured in order to promo ote i their popularity and Success. Now it Tajii Quot be denied that the general anticipations of ease in Moi Joy have been Ili appointed. The heavy payments from the sub Treasury Jive not imparted j much stimulus to inflation As 5�as Hopel for in to Ime Tartei s. And now a series of pro site influences a re coming into play which Are not unlikely to Check further relaxation. The payments 011 account of income tax will for a tune lock up 50 111 lion if t lie Treasury and the calling in of the state Liutik circulation is producing contraction to the extent of la or 2 millions a week. Moreover the business requirements of Tom South a fill be unusually great this fall and altogether Tho Money Market during the Busy season May let sex. Peer d to be less rather than Mok it us hated than at present for the reception of a live pc v cent. Loan. A minho run Kev Rouy and Tex Esker. Washed fleeces a. ,50 a 55p. Pm Vashch fleeces.,. 35c. Canada fleece. .�5f�j85c, a t-ii.snild Wool. Choice. My Fay so. Fair. In a hot file e. Inferior and Burry. .50 from the new Tork shipping Llst-1 f a i a. The crop of Indian Corn in the United states. In 18fw, according to the census return l. Tyras -838,792,740 Bushor vast its was this yield it bid fair to be largely exceeded the current year. From Tho increased breadth of Tho land under cultivation Lin i Tbs of generally favourable season it is estimated that Tho crop of 18cg will reach 1,000,000,000 bushels Worth at 00 cents per Bushel �000,000,000. This is truly a great a Haltli Anil it is difficult to place a limit to Tho this Cereal in our Broad Domain. It grows in abundance from Plain o to Texas though flourishing with greatest luxuries Taco in Tho Western Star pcs Side by hide with wheat where it a Javes its tassels a Iid Grovr i Golden Over the Prairie and Broad Fields reminding one forcibly of incipient forests lir Oad us Are our eyes and extended our agricultural territory there Are few sections Whei a com cannot grown while in Moat woot in b0st05. From Hailey Jenkins amp Garrison s circular l , a Ajust 31. Oino i Enn Aso Vlf fiesta. Choice Saxony selected .ij5i</ 70e. Three Piil Treim and full blood merino.c0 �-g5<\ half blood. .55f� >0c. Parts its production is in Orvious. Quarter blood and common Tim commissioner of agriculture reports Tho Quot i copy crop of the Ninga state of Illinois in 1805 As 177,005,157 bushels or nearly one third of a Diana. Three quarters und full blood merino.53 <t,�8c. It Elf blood. ,.52f?/55e. Quarter blood a Mil common. A 1 a it< Wooi. 1 Kitra new York a City super a a a a extra Western yrs super a a a a a Western mixed v. Kastern super. Be note an improved demand for Woolf this week at current rates. In Ricks Are firm and since the fall Trade in Woolen goods Boa fairly Conri fenced a bettor feeling Previtit. 57 f�p2e. A. 50 a a 55c. Oof 45 >/55c. 55 �5goc. The entire crop of Tho . 1850, which was 5 12,071,104 bushels. A the1 cultivation of the Corn crop too is attended much less i difficulty than it. Was fifteen Pri Twenty years a go. The skill of invention acid the hand a of Mechanic Art Havo contributed largely to this result. There is not now that absolute need for careful in annul a husbandry which was deemed essential Ini Lormer years. In the leading producing .states,1 land Well slowed planted by machine with a Man and team at the Rato of Many acres per Day and worked twice with an improved cultivator is
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