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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1866, Page 1

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 15, 1866, Galveston, Texas I Galveston saturday september of a 1866. 3. Galveston wholesale prices current. Made up from actual sales As they than Shire. Carefully revised and corrected for Trio week it ending Friday evening sept. 11. Ism. Is currency. A 2b -i1u 3 15 5 75 i 35 4 so , i it Yaki it a Kente a East india.4lrsr�?45 Hale rope to ? a 19 a a 22 Manilla american manufacture uniting cloth per Yard. Boon Asp Sisoes pair men s Stoga boots do. Calfskin , do. Up it do. Calf single Tipper. Do. A calf Peg boots. Do heavy brogans Peg. Do. Light. Do. Congress gaiters sewed. Do. Do. Do. Pegged. English kid Balmoral. Top roles Peg Balmoral.,. Kip lace bootees sewed. Ladies a Goat lace boots sewed. Do. do. Calfskin. A a kid Cong. Gaiter. Do. Goat lace Boot 4, sewed. Do. Kid Balmoral. Ladies Morocco Balmoral. A childrens Goat inca Boot Pat. . Harness.�?�,.> calf skins nor dozen. 1. Lime per bbl Whell Linio. Western,.,.,-.---, Rook land. Cement., plaster Paris. In Loi Jiei Pel m feet Wood per tool. Lumber la Yard yellow Pine. Spruce. A sir it .4 50 7i 2 �5 s 4 70 s-4 70 a amp 3 15 Al so a 1 3� Quot a 3 40 a 3 10 a 2 10 a 1 <10 a 2 85 a amp. 2 co a a a a so a 1 80 a 4 25 a 3 co w 3 �0 a 2 to a 1 05 a 1 80 a it to Flo <16 it to do it to <10 do do <1 a it log a a 65 i6 pm a 80 of Nyno Here a Nono Here 4 00 .4 50 a 3j��4 fun e of Ltd c no 10 00 a i 40 of s 47 09 35 00 a 40 00 Tariff of charges Cypress. 65 00 a 85 00 Ahito p�o10. 50 110 3100 co do dressed. 75 of a 80 00 dressed ceilinc65 00 a �0 00 do a hooting 75 00 a 80 00hc0 a 8 50 shingles laths._________8 00 1 2 up i miscellaneous a "60 matches per Gross. _ a a brooms per dozen. A buckets Pur dozen. To it jes j tubs per neat. A is a Mola a he per gallon Louisiana 3 90 8 50 3 50 amp 3 50 a 3 50 amp 575 a 90 a or of to _ refinery tub rolled. 1 10 a 1 40 a Moss per 11 texan_____________1�? 7 �8 2 20 nails per la it american 4d to 30d. A 8 sgt a is 1 a i wrought German. None hero 4 75 �o4� a 16 4 75 spikes boat per 100 . 5 is i naval stoic he per bbl tar. 4 50 6 50 4 50 g 25 1 10 1 80 2 25 us it. It Ivill. Cd it i be Dull ietto per Dor. 24 00 2 23 00 Bias 100 Tes. Bread a a in to Sis Pilot. Cracken. A Barb bbl. Bricks a it my Tessi american fire. English. Cast assorted a candles tue sperm adamantine. Star. Chocolate in it a no 1 Sweet and spiced. Cocoa Bakers. Coal 9 Tony Anthracite. Cannel., Western. , prime. Havana. 3 00 a 2 25 10 00 a 12 50 15 00 a 23 00 1 7 00 a 8 co i 16 00 a 18 00 a Ino to a 70 on a 29 a a 35 a 35 a a 50 a 20 a cd 31 a 24 a a 28 a ii 70 a 50 a 65 a 70 a a 75 13 00 it 14 0 1 13 50 a 15 00 15 00 a 20 00 29 0 a 23 i pitch ,1\____spirits turpentine iter Gale. Varnish Bright. Oils per Gale anal Oil in bbl. Coal inca beb a. . Linseed raw. Do. Boiled. Neat foot. Cottonseed.  .castor____ 4 00 Oliver in arts per Case. 8 00 pints do i. 9 00 paints 100 Lead red____-.____2# 00 Lead White american. 11 00 Vermillion. 60 Zinc White american., 10 50 12 00 a 14 i 0 7 0� a 7 50 8 of a 8 so 7 50 is s 00 1 15 a 1 25 a amp 1 25 a 75 a a 80 1 00 a a i 10 3 25 a a 3 75 nominal. Nominal. 2 75 a a a none Here do do do do a i ranch. I a a 281� a 31 �?.31 a a a 33 u in a 33 a said bpm Coppei. Amp 16�?braziers�?f ctr of a a 100 Copper bolts a go a a yellow Metal. Nono Here its Manilla. A 07 a Ltd 35 tarred amerlean. A to a 33 i Russia. A 55 in �?.40 Cocks in 51 7 00 a it 6 00 cobs meal a bbl. A a a it Tipett champ., per Cane. 5 50 i cd pint a. A do do half pints. A a a Delos amp arrowroot Jamaica. A a it Bermuda. 1 00 a aluni.1�? 6 i Boras,.45� Brimstone 9 a by Carl Nate of soda. A 8 a camphor i 50 a Copperas. Epson salts a. Gum arabic. . Rhubarb. Sam Parilu. Senna a. A Sal soda. Sulphur flour. Quinine of. Chromo Green. A a a a yellow lit Harge venetian red in Oil amp Chalk ? to. To Bleb Aso alb a Ndon Porter Doz Pinta. Pilot Loz quarts. 14 00 30 20 00 a 30 3 00 5 00 3 85 5 00 a 50 5 50 3 25 a 50 a 9 1 co a c a a 7 i 25 a 1 50 j 10 00 a 12 00 i 0 a 8 50 a a or 75 a co a 8 a 10 ii a 11 a a 2 75 for Rhino of a american. 10 3y it 1100 debt Good is. V Yard prints so Prague a. Do american. Do la Phillip Allen. Do Amos Keag. Do Arnold. Do Wam Sutta. Domestics Brown 4--.,. Do bleached 4-4. Do bleached to. Shilling Loir. Tic Kip. Flannel White. Hickory denims. Cotton add. Apron checks.,.-j 25 a a French Cal ii is -4 40 a a a so Ltd a 21a 20 a a 31 a 181� 19 a 18 a �9j a 18� 191a 10 @ a 17 a 21 a a 2c a Job 40 23 a a 90 a 1 00a. 40� co. 4. 40 51�? co .4 18 @ a i 32 45 40 i a 50 40 45 Gingham Domestic. 24 a a Yuda imported. Ltd 35 a a 45 Kersey so a a a a 35 a a 42 ,,.a 40 a a 45 woolens a. A 80 a l of Lineys. A 35 a a a 50 Canton flannel. A 35 a a 40 printed ,.i. A 32 9 a 35 a Wool. English Mai Noeh. French a Quot. Cambric a 50 a a up a Job a 75 1 40 a 1 75 a 18 a a 22 striped Oina burgs. A pm Ihu Starr 27 @ a a Pacific plaids,24 a a a Marlboro 30� a a i Pool to Bifid Coats he dozen a �?~4 120 a a a a other bran a Doz. A 35� a co flu it Tony logwood Hiti Ift. A 18 or indigo Feather 4� la. Misri v kit Mackerel . No. 3.j cod 4?box25lbs. Herrings bbl. Lioun per bbl�?fine.,. Superfine. Extra. Do Choice. 1. Zefir la of boa�?raliiliii., m. Do do ,1 00 a a 25 a 2 00 or a 3 25 a 3 75 3 00 a 3 50 2 00 -3 2 50 8 00 a 9 00 11 00 a 13 00 13 no a 15 0 d in 00 it a 19 00 r., l. o7s a 0 25 4 2 75 a 3 25 1 co a a Leoo Lemoth Sicily per Box. Ï4 00 a 15 00 Orange a Sicily per a a prune per . Figs. Drum. Dried apples per la. Green a a yer . Citron. Almonds Boft Shell. I a Spanish Ilont a Lill. A Laek amp Box of 50 feet. American 8x10 a�?--10x12. -13x18 a 20 fit 24 a it 1 a 18 a a 9 00 it 10 00 a 22 a a 25 a co a us j 20 i a 30 1 75 007-09� 7 5o8 00 a h 50. 9 50 a ii 00 gom per bushels Oats 75 a a go com in or per bbl. to Yeu own per Quot Bushel. I-iv4 1 20 mixed per Troshel. 1 15 a White per Bud Liel. 1 25 a Guss , per a a Dora per la. A 55 a co hat. Per Loo 11m Northern. 150� Western.,. 175� hides per ill a dry salted. A a a a wet salted City slaughtered Esse a if .00 a a a a a a a 8 a Iboje. Peril�?pig�?-.4. J a it country bar per . English per la. A 71� Sheet. A. A -81� boiler. A ii a castings american Quot a 11 a Iron tie. A 10 @ a 10 Lead per Lutio pig. A 10 a a 19 bar per la. A 17 via sheek.20 a a 22 pipe. A 2 1 a a 23 Loath be tier sol 45 a a 55 sole. Oak. A 47 a 80 3 25 4 o a a 8 8 15 a 14. London and scotch pint do do Quarti. American pints. A a quarts. 4 73 Pitoni Hios a it bbl. Beef mess Western Hilf boils. 19 00 do do Western bbl. 23 00 do do North 1 bbls_____10 00 do do dried in ft�?32 do do tongues amp Doz. Pork mess in bbl. Bacon hams up i. Do do canvassed. Do sides. Do shoulders.-.1____ breakfast Bacon. Lard prime in pierces. Kegs. . Do Western. Cheese Western. Do Good Northern. Do English dairy_____1 potatoes a it bbl. Western. Do Northern. Onions. Sony front bbl. Pow beb i it Keg 25 tbs. I. Rick v a it a. Salt sick. Liverpool Fine cargo. Do do fromatore.,. I Vei Pool coarse cargo do do from store Sal Piker a a whole Lio Xei. 1. A. Ill boxes . T soap a a Western. North Cru. Southern. Castile 00 10< 11 a i i 00 3 00 a 00 28 00 a 40 40 00 a 60 3 50 a it 50 3 75 5 50 3 25 5 23 20 00 30 00 12 0u �?"33 10 50 �4 13 00 38 50 39 50 a 5 a 32 a 25 1 2� a a 4 �1 a 29 a 31 a 27 to a 29 a 2� l a 30 a 50 i 62� a 35 �4 a 40 a s3 41 he 4 50 co Noue Here. 0 00 4� 11 00 17 0< l in 19 00 a 11 a 15 i a a 3 00 3 00 a a 3 25 i olt it i a. M i on 3 25 4. A <2 a _ a 50r._,j 13 a 12 a 11quot a spices a la Quot Pepper. A .37 Pimento. J 33 Cassia .j.�?~j. I 10 Maco. 2 00 cloves .i.65 Ginger 30 do ground�?30nutmeg. 3 65 spirits v gallon. Brandy ,.i,10 00 do american. 3 50 pm Holland. 3 00 rum Jamaica. 4 50 whisky rectified Oliver a. 2 05 alcohol. 1 5 00 Abay the 4� dozen a. 00 Staves i it 1,000 i cd Presa. 42 00 do Hei lungs 42 00 hoop poles. Hhds.,i. 1. 60 00 do. A. Bbl a a 4 1 00 Saltpetre it refined. Starch la. Com 1 la. Pay ers. Steel m a German. Cast. Of a �5 a 13 a 16 a 33 a 40 a 40 1 3j 2 25 a 75 -<0 a 40 2 00 7 00 10 00 �60 6 to 35 00 c Otto v pro Rufis. of Cajipe Essig i ileum Saied at vessel. A ,. is at 1 cent. 16 or less 70 cents 4 Bale in currency for compressing. On each additional i Ofa cent ? in freight will to charged an additional ten cents per Bale in currency. \ eates of competes st sgt Folk Ink. I Vessex i feb sichts in at 1 cent ? to or loss 70 cents up Bale in specie for compressing on each Addi tical of a cent of by freight will to charged an additional 10 cent Balo in a coie or. Its equivalent in currency. A in Rufies. Drayage per Load. ,0 40 cents. Sampling Bale a. 0,10 do weighing do ,0 15 marking do -0 10 storage per month or part of month ? Bale. 0 50 breaking it and piling per Bale 0 25 Ana Nging for marking or weighing f Bale 0 10 do Quot 5,hipl�?Tiua<�?T ii Aegis storage per month or part of month v Bale 0 50 cents. An aging for classing 9 Bale 0-10 do Cotton not restored ordered to Teasel for a shipment on delivery of Transfer order to press which charge covers yardage labor of selection Ana taking to pres9p Bale. 0 25 do upon All Cotton retained from ship doable Dray age will be charged to shipper and any labor that maybe incurred. A. 1 a pains. I rope -$�140 events patches 0 60 do Heads. L of do sides. V-120 0 edges. In 1 20 do Cove red i. 5 2 50 do be roped. 2 00 do based covered and roped 1 6 00 do baling and asserting dry Cotton 7 50 do drying and it baling wet pickings i 9 00 do picking damaged Bales i 2 0q Bagi Jig. Rape and to inc used fur repairs in eluded by the press. For delivery of Cotton from wharf to wharf or from Railroad depot to wharf a. Charge of 10 Centa f Bale and when it rein Ains Over sight at risk of press 25 cents Bale will be made. Cotto\stat�ae5t. Commercial bulletin office. U Galveston saturday sept. 15,1�c6. To my Yter. I a Oji Baffi. A i a sates. Bales-857 3,168 a. Mjg a 710 a. A Stock sept. I 66.&Quot 7.68313, received this week at a this port40 1 received previously at Ltd 30 a a. A 10 a a 12 Quot a a 16 a 25 �?,40 a 15 a 23 a 35 14 a 18 a a a 15 Quot 19 181�?o a so a a a six a a 21 a a 3 75 a 1 50 a a 1.50 a a 1 50 a a 1 50 a a 1 40 1 20 a 80 a 65 70 Sucak texan a per lb., a Havana White. A. A a yellow a a a. A Coffee White. A Quot yellow. Crushed. Loaf a pulverized. Shot of a bag Buck and drop All size 25 tbs Tea 4 16 a Imperial. A. 4 Gunpowder. Young Hyson. A pouohong.1. Oblong. Souchon. Tobacco la Var Liila. A Western. Imperial.,�,. A a it smoking-----.,�? 35 Andersons Sojuaco f Gross-.1 1150 tin in it. Block. -145 in plates a it Box./. It. 19 00 do la. 18 00 cokes tin plates,15 50 leaded plates a i. 19 �0 do a to i. . 18 00 twine. Cotton to . A 75 baling. �?50 Vin Oak up gallon cider. A 33 wines gallon a la Oit it a Madeira. A. Heity in casks Bordeaux cask l Ltd v Caso. A i 2?llvtu0> 4p1 dozen. I e st. Maw beaux. Wool i washed. In washed. Zinc a a it we. A. Short. U 2 50 2 50 2 50 60 00 4 50 26 00 35 00 a 16 a 20 1? -19� a 19 a 22 -.23 a a 4.0� 2 25 a a 5 of 2 00 s 00 a a a to 1 30 1 00 a of i 00 a a 12 50 a 55 a a 21 00 29 00 18 a a a 21 of a a 20 00 a a 1 00 a a a to a a a 45 a a 6 00 4 00 a a 3 50 90 00 a a 7 50 a a 40 00 a a 37 50 nominal nominal. A. 18 i 20 20 Ai this port. Recd at other tens ports. Total----1. Tel Veteo to. Great Britain to iii france.----. Other continent Quot tal ports. Mexico.,.�? a new Orleans. M havana1�?baltimore. Philadelphia. A. New York 551 Boston. Consumed by a rope 478 365 7.? 19. 145 3,316 7,440 412 1.289 20 on hand to shipboard. Not Cle d �,29 or i 4�?� 5,025. 14.120 1,721 5,719 j 7. Rates of Exchange. A Al ci.03ix i that lost Sci a a i a a. No Ininns. Belle on new Yot a at Coda a. No Minn Bills on now York at 30 Days i. A non Lina. Bills on new York at 15 Day. Nominal. Bills on new York at 5 Days. Nominal Bills on new to Ike att a a cent Bills on Boston at3�� Days nominal a Bina on Boston Nti ight. Per it. Piv Bius on new a luaus at sights a a per it. Or. Prem foreign imports into Oal Hestoft Fob the we it std to sept. 7, 1866. 2,100 sacks Rio Coffee 20 packages of Iron z<4 cases of Lluu or 56 packages of merchandise Ana packages furniture. A. Foi tiie wok in piss Sis i. 14,�1866. None. Ii exports of Musty produce forthe week ending sept 14 1866. R taken from tile manifests at the . Sept. steamship x. C. Harris to new Orleans 115 head cattle. A steamship Morgan to new Orleans 143 head of cattle i a steamship Rapidan to new Orleans 112 head of cattle. ? 12�?steamship i. C. Harris to new Orleans a 4 i Bales Cotton and 120 head of cattle. A 13�?steamship Harlan to now Orleans 140tiedd a of cattle. A a .Bteamehip Perit to new York 111 Bales of. Cotton and 30 Bales of Wool steamship Matagorda to Berwick 75 head of cattle. 11�?steamship Matagorda to Berwick 75 head of cattle. 12�?steamship Harlan to new 0rleans,140 Bead of cattle. It 12�?steamship Gen. Sedge Wick to Newyork 6 Bales or Cotton 140 Bales of Wool and 93 barrels of molasses. A. Total.121 Bales of Cotton 170 Blob of Quot Wool 93 Bat a res of Mol ses and 920 head of cattle. A i receipts of country produce sept. 14, foil the week in dec sept. 7.by Railroad from Houston 9 Bales of Woof and 94 dry bides. / a sept. -10.bv Railroad from Houston 21 Bales of Cotton 44 b Iles of Wool. A. A sept. 9.by a Teai boat Silver Cloud from ,h6us--ton, 9 Bales of Wool. 1 1 r ,.i sept. Jo.by Behr. Surprise Frouin Corpis Christi 44 Bales of Tooi. J a Quot sept. 11.by Fitch Nibot Era from Houston. 13 Bales of Cotton and 5 Balos of Wool. ,. Sept. 7-by Steamboat Silver Cloud from Houston 3 Balos of Wool. I. I a i sept. 13.by Steamboat Era Froni Houston 3 Bales of Cotton. 1 Soat. 13.by Schr. Emma from Sabine 2 barrels of molasses. Total.16, Hales of Cotton 105 baes of drool 2 bbl. Molasses and 94 dry hides. Weekly receipts of Cotton it a his port Date. Titis year 1s654�o6. Sept. ?. 145 Bales. 3,272 Bales. A a 15i 4� 11,538 a a Speke prices of c�tt0s this Market a at a the Elote of a a amp commercial icel. % a Quot this year. 1865-66. Quot Date. Obit. Mil c. Obd t. A a dlr of.1 sept. S14 315 20 �21 18 018 23 934 a a i 15 14 915 30 a ail 1 918 24 �25 a Wool 5iatkhk5t. Commercial bulletin office., Galveston sept 15, 18c6. Stock on band sept. 1.hales, 1 received this Veek at this port. 103 received at this port,._____249 received at other Texas parts,�----�.-t 270 total bars $11 expobi8 to new York to Date,.Bales, 723 a a Boston a a a a a Baltimore a a \ 1.l. A , a a a a a.-725 remaining on hand and on shipboard not % f cleared. Bales 86 notb.tvro Facka of Wool Are counted one Bale. Specie quote ups. Gaivs Tox Friday sept 14, Igic. Gold 141 a 143 Silver mexican. 142 a v Silver american 136 a 141 rates of sterli5g, x. 0. Amp s. Y. Sights in this i Artel at the elate of Rath commercial week. Date. So Friiss. A. O. Iii Ghl. 2c."t. Sight. Sept. 7.>minal a per it. Prem. 1�1 per it. Or 14 .105s1cg. Jsaper it. Or. 1@1 por it. Or of Gold and Shyer is this Market at tie dote a each commercial vet. This year. 186566j Date. Gold. A. Belyuh. Cold. A. 8elveb sept. 81140 @143 35 0140 149 a146 a a. A a 15ill @143 136 �141 us a 144� a la a a i port charges. Pilotage in and oat.94 00 per foot Harbor ,.�?.sets, per Toh. Wharfage pm. By freight for berths to a Aaela no charge. Imports of lumber during the week. From Sabine sept. 7th, per Texas 55 a per Ella 49 m. Sept. 13�?per Emma 61 a per Luna 10 m. V from Calcas Aiena sept. 13th, per Othet l3.1f per Susan 25 a per Rosario 24 a per Alligator 10 is org g Weir Phloy 25 a. Per Anna Maria 4 a per Ariosa 12 a per Margurita 13 a. Quot a from Philadelphia sept. 7tb, per Western Star m. O from Bostons sept. To Lis Bellcom. Total. 360,000 feet. 1 ust of vessels Isi port of a y. We Mington a ,n.y.,j.s.Sellers&c�. 737 Rapidan i Eaton n. Of j. S. Sellers amp co. A 866 Texas a Stanton n. Hawes amp Bowen 851 Dokks. A a a Tho Prince or Cook a a Liverpool. A a Borley amp co. 303 Milton a Buckley Dis Chr. . Sellers a co. ,651 Florence Peters n Hooper disc or. ,. A. J. S. Seller it co. 347 it tags. Princo of Wales or Lawton waiting master. 254 Golden Light by Dis. Juon Rederich. 290 Franz jew p. Perrott Dos. Droege so. Co. 116 s. Duncan a Tyler Dis., Quot. Master. 347 John Sherwood a Wooster Dir Jas. A Mckee., 417 Lizabell o Pitt Tertod Dos. S. B. Lewis amp co. A 288 Harry Verr Teu a Collins Dis. Master 344 6cuoosers. I Edward Kidder a Allen Dis. a Mckee a 369 Western Star a Ilia. ,. Master .348 Emma furbish a Jones Dis Louis Piess amp. Co. 129 Robert Palmer a Briggs Dis. W. Holley is. Co. £90 total.�>52 note a Scho ours and sloops in Tho Luigi it Trada from Gulf ports not included in the above list j a Marwe intelligence. Entered. A . 7.Sloop Texas Schreiber Sabine. Schooner Lublin Behrens. Eua Jamea ,.vm. Steamship Harris scrimgeour n. O. Sept. 8.Sehr. Emma furbish Jones Rockland. A is s. Wilmington Spencer new toxic. Matagorda Lewis Breashear. Texas. Stanton n. v sept. 10.s. S. Raleigh Walker a o. Of clan Lewis. N. l a i is. Juliana Trapani brass st . Surprise Stewart Corpus Christi sept 11.s. S. Hudson Pennington n. York. Matagorda Lewis. Bra Beai sept. 12.bark Milton Buckley new York. Brig Lisbou Patterson Boston. . I. C. Harlib. Scaling Boisr Indianola. Sehr. Mary a a Renee Bronx its Santiago. Sept. 13.brig. John Sherwood Wooster s. York s. S. Harlan Lewis . Al Gator Nelson Calcasieu Geo. Worthley Mcdonald do. It Sloop Luna Jener Sabine v Sehr. Anna Marla Mccarty Calca Essieu. Sloop Mariposa Carrigan do Sehr. Emma Hance Florence Peter Harper s. York. A. Sehr. Men Genta Powers carcass iii. A Sloop Comet Hansinger do. I Sehr. Susan Nelson do. A cleared. Aug. Rapidan, Eaton now Orleans. Schooner Mary Jit get. Jennet Calcasieu Singaree , it steamship Harris Scrimg oui. Indianola. Sept. 8.s. S. Perit Gardnerjr. Y. ? Matagorda leu Brashear. Sch. Elizabeth Hanson Calcasieu Eugenia ,1 a Ibue. A a Ella Jones . S. Raleigh Walker . Harlan Lewis Indianola sch. La Bobev. Greenwood Calcasieu. Sept 11.s. S. Matagorda Lewis Brashear. Sept. 12.sclir. Star Perlso Stewart Sabine. S. S. I. C. Harris Scrymgeour n. Orleans. I Geu. Sedgewick Whitehurt n. Y. Sept. 13.js. So Harlan Lewis new Orleans a Sloop Mariposa Ca Riffan Gal Clasien. Sybi. Geo. Worthley Mcdonald do. ,. do. Emma Hance . Sclier. Kate Poteraj pcs cow. 3fariposa,, Calcasieu. A. . Susan Nelson do. -�,--5. Memoranda. A cleared at new York sept. 5th, bark Ninevah Baker for Galvaston. A arrived at new York sit. 5 Schr. Kate Mer Rill. Bedell from Galveston via Man Senilla in ballast. A a c0n8ignkk8. A per Brig Jno. Sherwood a Ball Hutchings a co to a Sauter of Gross Scot Schmidt amp Volga a Bank Lerz a h ferret to Hewitt Swisher amp co a aliens a co it w Shaw a a afro end bunt of tor Tel Al. Oppermann to p Davie it s Sellera amp Cost to amp we. Bradys Muller amp Broderson Wolston Wells amp dorm. Murphy Ranger amp conf Hitchcock Suso a a Baldinger Nichols is Bro Shackelford Brown amp co a win Hendley amp co Rico amp Baulard a e Davidson a m Brocks Bollini a Spooner Aco a Hei. Many a Loudon t h Mcmahan amp co Den Shee to. Lewis Sorley amp co Lebaron Drury to. Sony mrs m a von Vleita a s Jones a Anzan st Mcgary Louia Pless amp co Ayres que legs st Briggs a Kopperl to House Southwick st Sony a lawson�?w4t c a it Browne Stackpole amp co Abs Al Slert it gew Frosh a e Harrison amp corp w Gay Bennett it Brockelmann a c amp s s Smith co a sessions amp Ca a a Kauffman do co Finberg so Kory Tompkins 4bmcmurphy a Rosenbeig. Per Baric Florence Peter a Ball but Claga amp ooh. A Sessums &00�?j 8 Sellera amp co atm Charlson amp co a a g Mcneil a h Wood a c l Aschoff Wallia Landes amp co Bolling Spooner amp cons m we adv a Hondley amp co a j Svard a too a a Santers Southwick so Sony a Pride Rich a h Ruffin Nichols amp Biot a Murphy a a Sterrett it amp Umbra Dye Brocks Louis Pless amp co Dargan to Tobyne gop Permane s woo it la Tacobs co a Allan amp cow a Ferguson Schmidt amp Voigts Tompkins st 1te-murpht�?a Muckley a w Clegg Lawther to Gary c b Lee amp oort h Mcmahan amp co Felder so. Ship a Many Rice st Baulard Dyal st Bymes to Honan a t b Stubbs amp co Jan Fernan amp co a Taylor Evans amp co a Murphy. J. 8. Sellers 4r co.,. Agents. Per bark Milton a a Oppermann to w House a e Gregory Hobby amp Post a s Sellers amp Cost t 4k we Bradys Labalo amp Barstow a p Daviou South Wick to Sony Wolston. Wells st Vidor a h Sterrette. A i Mohib amp co Ball Hutchings amp co a Sessums it. Co Rice amp Bank Ards a m Welsh a h Wood Fieldsr is Shipman a Blum amp Cor a Price pros Enfield a a Sterrett. So Smith trans ftco4-j b Morris a Mcmilian amp co Jacobs &co.sclunidt amp Voigts pm Henries soy a Canterberry Thomas Goggan Geo Butler a a Myers Balling spooler amp co Tobt com John l sleight a Allen amp co a m Browne a s amp. J b Sydnor Tanh st gun Glero a m Brocks Fletcher Clark amp co Oil Lerz Lebaron Drury amp Sony a Baldinger Shackleford Brown amp co Hewitt Swisher amp co Wallis Landes amp co Hiram close we Burton amp eos a fat Mari. J. S. Sellers 4 co agents. Per Schooner Western Starr b Puechl tsp Shrop Shire. Henderson pfc co a g Duffield to m Browne Shackelford amp Browne a Ssell frs Tco a m Brockjr g h amp 11 Allro ail a e Toibert e s Wood Jaa Soloy. A a t Utan. of Milell of left balls Ball Hutchings amp co it t st. W Bradys amp a Buckley a Blum &co-7eo Butler a Baldinger h h Bennett a b Crano amp to Coll Cohn Bros a a w Clegg Cangelli amp co Deal so Byrne find eff so. Kory�?il5 Frank amp broke Frank so. Bro Green -. Love Block amp co Hewitt Swisher amp Cost w House of Halff amp conf Hitchcock Houston nor Gatian co a Hannanh Hinek a Hendley fico Alo Nick so. Smith a Jonca amp cons Jacobs too a m Jones amp a Klopman a a Kauffman too a c Lund too Livine Bros too a a Mckee i i mar a Meyer g Mills a Mucklow Mann it a amp Morriar Marks it Levy Dennis Neil Nichols it i. Bro to Oswald too Pless Haynie too Romme it co a Rosenberg a rinds Kopty Ranger too is Sellers too a s of c Smith too Schmidt Felt 1 Voigtle m Stackpole amp co Chas shaper Schackor fort Brown too Shropshire Henderson too san Ford it Randles a w shaw4-a b Thompson too of Taylor Tompkins it Mcmurphy Wolston Wel set. Vidor a m Welch a h Levine too a Leinbach. H Miller a s it j b Sydnor. Per steamship Raleigh. Of two new Orleans a Ayres so. C older so pfc amp we Brit Wye go Bailor Heij. Berchtoldt Roy Nadj , Hutchings a too Cammyron Grant too John Dean icon Dar Gan amp Tobyne Galveston navigation company Wjk Lonick st Smith Hans it Gengler Hohenthal amp co Lawther it Gary Labadie it Barstow a Newman t Oswald Rice amp Baulard a h Sterrett a 8 Sellers it co a. Sessums too a h to Blu Geo Schneider too Jamea Sorley Schmidt Ftp Voigts a b Thompson it co Tooke it Hadena Wiener too Muller it Brodersen. Notice to habit feb. A fixed Light at pass Chr Stiak miss. Office of Lig Troube is Curbes it a a a Eig t and ninth districts,.�?~v now Orleans aug.17,1866. A a fixed Light has been exhibited from the la Abb Tower at pass Christian miss., from Sim setto Bon Rise since the evening of wednesday the 15th last and will be so continued hereafter. The Tower la m. Brick White a amp shed with lantern painted of Ltd the illuminating apparatus is Dioptric Quot Oft he fifth order the fool piano is elevated forty two feet above the level of Tho sea visible under Ordinary circumstances froma distance of twelve nautical Miles. By order of Tho a a m. F. Bonzano act a l. H. England inspector 8th and out dista. The breakage of lamp chihnkib.aa a Ticle in a late number of a English Magazine. On the subject of the pm store of polished Glass surfaces say it is a fact known to the Philp soul tical inst raiment makers that if Metal wire a. Be drawn throng i a Glass babe a few Houra at. Lenvard the tube will burst into fragment. J the annealed Glass to ibo a for water Quot Ganges of steam boilers Are sometimes destroyed in this any. Alter the act of forcing a piece of Cotton waste through them with a Ricce of wire for the purpose of cleansing tha Ore. This will not happen if a piece of soft Wood is employed. In these times when Glass lamp claim Neon Are in Sash wide use it in of up Little importance that the fact should be made known. Thousands of persons who have been in the habit of using wires tabla Forks and metallic articles in the washing of. Thes chimneys will in the above stated fact and the reason of their chimneys so often snapping to pieces on the Lump. ------�?--4 i. The j lost on Ihbe Are d italia. A letters from ii Ehnat state that numerous inquiries said constantly sent to the ambassadors for new of persons who were on Board the be do Tali when she went Down. It would seem that Large and aristocratic company had Gene on -. Board to wit Neju the Lea traction of theaus Trina Navy. Sevell ladies Are amongst those enquired for
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