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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives May 11 1935, Page 1

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 11, 1935, Galveston, Texas _ Pace with time j we Fly no double Flag and tri Rii no catch the passing Breeze irn so. Oubri a Campaign ruthlessness a vilification prac tired by our new dealers incomparable. By w. Ii. Wilson. A ,. The new Deal leaders of the coloured Wing of that new party of Many promises seem to. Ii it nothing to talk a bout in this Campaign but. To Bend their spleen on some of the leaders of the City party and they Wade out into language Here even or. Webster feared to tread in All of this they fail to show one instance where City party leaders have Betry Yed. Their Confidence to the no Gro citizenry or even attempted to Lead the race into a single trap nor jumped from to another Hunting to in Large st financial Plum. 1 vile and intrepid language vituperation incoherent and Dis connected vibrations spell nothing to Galveston Loyad citizenship and until the new Deal leaders a prove the Friendship of the the Colo Rcd group and that their party will not Institute the democratic primary that will forever Cut off the political privilege not until then will the negro voters and citizens a a a no co Isider deserting the. City party nor mistrust their coloured leaders it Isiah Knob Van fact that the v editor of the Sentinel boasts on the streets and the Public everywhere that he took the leading part in a uncovering the so called poll tax exemption corruption that Hasi caused so Ucli persecution of Many. Of our unfortunate girls and boys and that lie Laid the trap to catch them but he does not show one line where lie tried to prevent nor educate these poor unfortunate ones the right Way a to go. It has been said that an Puree of prevention is better than a Pound of cure Aid to Vait to see the poor Una Lunate girls persecuted even though they be not so High up in the social Circle is not Christ like nor is it the a a humanitarian spirit. A a a. A. Quot a another thin graph it All Janis poll tax coitus option. Canny citizen really believe that nobody has erred but the poor City party coloured girl that the new Deal educational club a had a membership of Over fifteen Hundred who pledged to vote against the City party yet not one of them was accused of getting help in securing their poll tax receipts. Well in the language of the master., a a let him who is without error cast the first Stone a and i Hope the ver. Satile editor will remain in Galveston and identify Hir self with every movement to help teach and instruct and admonish these unfortunate girls to be Good Law abiding citizens. It. A seems to., be a Champaign of. Pen Iping in the v it per Lativs degree. Somebody his been tel Hill m a Tyler every seemingly bad thing that has happened among stir group even that they or some chairman wrote a circular letter at a the opening of the. Poll tax drive suggesting that our business interests Quot open up some kind of work to enable those without a a a sep make wages in support of their families and from which they might save enough to pay for a poll tax receipt and become a bonafide citizen and qualified voter. can be made of that who carried a copy of a hat letter to 1er? is it not a Quot Are Neady a or about evenly divided on the. M Ethod Aid running our City go Verdi Leftt and in not a Quot fact also that each division is asking the coloured voters to join them and help to elects the. Candidates of their respective Choice. A certain circumstances and political expediency is caused the Galveston negroes to join in and Kielp to form the City party. They have out of necessary causes Felt the kindly did a Zaliti crib. Friendship of Quot the White people of the City party. They really believed that the people who make up the new Deal party did not want them in their political Arena. Why browbeat and intimidate them on the Ond hand and on the other ask them to vote the new Deal ticket. A it is a known fact that there is an elementary character ill the no Gre that everlastingly binds him to those who treat him kindly. This was proven during the unfortunate civil War the negro slaves remained at Home took care of the family while their masters went to the front even fighting to maintain the slave institution. The a a a negro will riot desert his White Friend no Iii ter who comes along. The Day of political Bosses has passed with the modern negro. Us will not follow those who merely appear a a orig the scene on the eve of political campaigns and never More so a a identified in movements of religious social and economical betterment the Edi Tor is mistaken in his political sagacity when he comes here1 to belittle men of or. George Sealy a Type. Even the new Deal White members will not told Fate such Buncomb As that. We say now As we have said before that the seals Kempner Moodys Rosenber a Hutchings arid Many others have Laid the foundation for this grand i>14 City tie have bequeathed to posterity a splendid spirit of Hii Manttari Jainism and the Galveston negro citizens give them All credit Fri. Lifting them As they themselves were lifted. Ere another missile of the Banner the election will have passed into history �n#4fc�o9iqpjthat we will All be a United people fighting for the betterment, and that splendid race relationship that has always attended this grand and historic old Island. But the writer has the abiding Confidence in the integrity voters that they will not desert their friends nor theold ship of Sta Eji a Alveson City party on May 14th, but that Eacle quaff in a voter will go to the polls and vote his or her honest conviction. There is no need of fear. All the Ranger Force All the constabulary Force All police Force Are to see that the Law is obeyed arid if they happen to appear on the scene they will be to protect All without favor of any political group. A a see that each one goes to the polls. Go Early before the Rush and quietly cast your Hallot for those candidates whom you believe will conduct the affairs of your City honestly economically and diligently and when out president Franklin d. Roosevelt effectively expands his re covery program Galveston will coins Hack to its own like All other cities will do Stop laying All the blame on the City party arid1 whatever others May say a bout it let your saying be a a air Yirilli be grateful to those what me.---. Vote the City party ticket straight vote for those who have a already 7 Prev Etc themselves friends toys a but vote your honest convictions and we will be satisfied with the results and we predict that the City party ticket will go in with a heavy majority so far As the Cpl red vote i a concerned. / you in this fight Are the bal a Ance of Power. The new Deal is bidding for your vote they Are asking you to leave the party you helped to organize they Are asking a a a to leave the friends who have been cursed abused about Vou have been called Nigger Lowers but you know bests you know ,-., the editor of the Sentinel you will not be misled you will continue to follow your religious fraternal and Loyal friends of the City party. _. Negro women demand name a on Alabama jury lists Birmingham ala.1 a Cna a. The county officials Here were very much disturbed last week when a group of negro women appeared at the court House and. Demanded that their i amen be placed Ori the jury list. A i re u it c ourt clerk Aith pit them off by telling then that no Quot action could be taken on the matter until the Alabama leg isl at off acts on demand of the women was based on the supreme court decision reversing the Scottsboro death verdicts forced by the nation wide mass protests under the1? Galveston City party leadership of the International special notice when your limbs Are aching City that will vote any ticket but and you can scarcely raise your l tile City party ticket will also be Ornis or Bend your Knees keeps you awake st night and in agony and pain All Day that Scheu a nazism and if you want a real holiest to goodness remedy for it Call the red Cross phone 40g and ask for red Cross a drug store prescription no. J,001 and take two teaspoonfuls three times daily in a half wine Glass of Iva ter after meals and get rid. Ott Fiat ugly pain. Red Cross drug store is Quot located at �?~2005 a Market st. A labor court held that the intentional and systematic exclusion of negroes from Alabama juries violated the constitutional rights of the Scottsboro boys and the negro people. Following the decision of the United state supreme court governor Bibb Graves Kun flux klan chief executive of Alabama ordered All Alabama courts and jury commissions to a put the Nantes of negroes in jury ones in every court of the governor Graves action is regarded As a demagogic move since he and All of the officials of the Alabawi i court sikh in known fail fifty or Iofe years that negroes not Only have been a . right to sit on juries but Alse have been denied the right to vote. Returned to Sealy Hospital mrs. Elmer Stevens who was injured on the head on collision which caused the death of mrs. Sarah enter the wife of or. E. , who was also injured and was reported improving by this paper has been returned., to the a Hospital from her Home where she. Had been for Days on account of complications developing which could be taken care of better at the Hospital. By Matfes Isabella v. Powell mayor Pearce and his commissioners a i repeat Are the greatest men that Ever governed a City deep quiet modest a Brave intellectual unassuming conservative positive who never speak often when they do they have something worthwhile to say. They believe in Justice for everyone. This is no time to change or sex Joe raiment in a new form of go of Jern ment. When this Beautiful Oleander City is living in peace and Harmony not bankrupt like a Inayo cities with 300,000 because of the quiet government of. These Jyi eat Nien. Some Art jealous be Yanjau of Hii of a this Eity Wien the Whitie void a id our once peaceful country since that Damnable alcohol flowing through the land like rivets causing nothing but riots strikes banditry suicides and the most dreadful Burdett thiring the new Deal the i it a joing. In throughout this once peaceful country. Children killing their parents a by neighbor., cities Quot Are jealous cause these great men cause City to live in peace and Harmony. And to pay their Bills and give work to everyone they could. Reading in the papers where persons have starved to Eiith in Many of tie cities these Noble and great men Haye fed and Given work to All th6y�?~c�?T6utd Pharis a the Law in Houston Rio Elored person could vote the democratic ticket the Cpl red people of this tray the new party As Well As they betray Christ. He is the conquerer of the world today god is the Cau a of the depression because of the wicked Jess of men. True Church of god notes. On Alabama jury lists state Mother 07 t7t spiritual Temple association City party ticket of try Safe vessel for our people by a. Re it is manager editor. 1. Last week there appeared an article in the columns of the Banner under the heading of a. Ross managing editor in which was expressed the feelings on the issues of the coming election a a so that my friends and supporters of the City party could readily see stir standing. It has Perin Tendell Grant Hunter sect. 1 1 ,1 a 1 f a i. 1 .1. 1,. _ Yvo. A Quot at Quot a c n a Chi Ghana denomination school was Well attended lesson taught by the teacher. Collection 30c. Deacon w. Or Wartell teacher Rev. Chatman superintendent. Morning service 8 15 a. M. Devotional service conducted by the Prophet then the offering was lifted. Building pledge $13.30, Public collection $3.3y. prophesied in the name of the lord after which the Prophet appointed Cajita ins for the drive Between Texas and Louisiana for sunday May 12. Sister Etta Dickens Captain of Texas sister Essie Delaney Captain of Louisiana. Monday night Praise conducted by mothers Warren and Norvell and others after which Deacon Wartelle presented Rev w. A Williams who preached from the 16th chapter of Luke and 18th verse. Subject Prodi a a amp a soil la mph took charge i he Capeci Adf the of Ieng. Building pledge $7i0 Public offering $5,68totabfollec-Tions for sunday a. M. And monday night 9.38 v. Ting. Prophet healed a lady sarm in the name of the lord and other great things in the name of the lord and two ladies joined the Church. Bro. Jesse Dale Prophet. Bro. W. J. William reporter. Mother Mcgown. This glorious sacramental Sabbath at the 1 of clock service Rev. Harley preached an impressive Sermon about the lords holy supper. Lie prayed and served the holy supper to the congregation. He also preached and served the lords supper at the night service. Sunday school attendance us been said that self Praise seen is .to.beridiculous,. .at.times.we.are1 rotary miss Willie Square 4 compelled to mention our past life. Iti Oss who know Nile Best and of a or Crsp -0&-ptti7ite.-----.s tipi to it the. That have lived in Galveston for Many years will admit that we have always tried to Point out to them our Best judgment which confronts us from time to time politically for lie Best interest of the race. Now i am going to ask you with ajl fairness to think of your sister City Houston and last but not least a City where negroes could vote in a municipal election not for coloured men in office but White and today they Are denied that right by making a mistake and not voting the right ticket so As to get the right people in office to see that they get. What i amp Quot coming to them politically As men and women and that place is Sari Antonio. Where they have always boasted that san Antonio and Galveston Texas were the Only cities in Texas where negroes could vote in the municipal elections and have the privilege of a Freedom and free now done to be mislead by political promises of the new Deal ticket. It is the same old soup just warmed Over which makes the new Deal. So vote the City party ticket straight and retain the arid let peace Harmony and Good will a till prevail in our City. T a a a when the new Comers get thoroughly acquainted with the better element of the coloured race of our group in general and can Tell in what direction the live Ari Ltd know one Street from another in. The City the they too will join in wit i its and our matchless leaders and political general of our group in this City and known throughout the state of Texas As a political civic and fraternal Leader in the person of prof. W. H. Wilson City party coloured general chairman they May Tell us what to do. In saying that done to forget to go the polls in the various precincts o n May the 14th and vote the. City party ticket straight and maintain Pur political Freedom. In a non toning prof. W. H. Vilson there Are others who Are connected with him trying to make it Plain to the to lord a that every candidate from the mayor on Down must be elected by an whelming majority at the polls on May the 14th. Personally. I am appealing to All of my people As you know me and know that i am. A continued on Page 4, com Fps i arid 2 a ent read the 84th psalm. Tuesday in get class meeting i Joyed by Lall. Thursday night meeting held at the parsonage was a delightful one. Friday night the ladies Aid society met enjoyed by everyone. Sunday May 12, mothers Day Sermon and program 1 00 of clock. Sunday Quot service the sweetest and greatest name in the world. All Honor should be Given her. Miss Isabella v. Powell reporter Mother Mcgown state Mother of the spiritual Temple association of Houston a wonderful Reader and healer can help you in All things. Having service in Galveston every wednesday night working at Lieth Elhem Hall 2914 ave. A Vic. From 5 of Ell a in the Day until 12 of clock at night. For further information Call Faix 0003, res. 2403 Gray st. Rev. M. G. Griffin pastor. College fraternity contributes to Scottsboro defense sunday and monday Olsen a big moment with Al Brendel Barbara weeks big calibre. With Bob Steele tuesday and wednesday Manhattan melodrama with Clark Gable William Powell 1 Myrna Loy have a heart wit i James Dunn Una Merkle Stuart Erwin thursday Friday hideout with Robert Montgomery Maureen of Sullivan Charlie Chan courage with Warner Oland Drue Leyton a a v i saturday Only. 1 Wolf riders a. Quot with Jack Perrin j comedies Chap. 9 pirates treasure with Richard Talmadge Quot new Jana a the local chapter of the Phi Beta sign a greek letter College fraternity to contribute. $25 to the International labor defense in do sense of the Scottsboro boys and Angelo. Herndon. The fraternity turned Down an Appeal for funds from the Liebo wit controlled american Scottsboro committee. Week run program beginning sunday May 12 Dixie theater no. 3 go Lvey ton City party precinct chairmen Colo roed Branch. 4. Willie Prater precis it no. 1. Willie Baily precinct no 2. Chas. Harris precinct no Quot 3, a Chester Ferguson precinct no Jesse Knox precinct no. 5.forice Coleman precinct no. Fat. Ike Jackson precinct no. T. C. A. Harris precinct no. 8. -1 continued to Page i Colum 8
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