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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1870, Page 1

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 19, 1870, Galveston, Texas Telegraphic. We. a a a s associated press dispatches Ltd 8 a it 5 a. New York March change a a a taken place in Gold Ciuco. Yes to pad by. Yip great pressure to soil Vas not i exod a it a ii Thero 8 Butge absence of jubilant and so in a Denti to stations. 8js 14j, 62s 10$, 4� ,-5s 9s, new -8fia9f/83 0� i mo3 i a a a nor York March us discounts unchanged. A cold lowest pm int reached today Wall Msj from we ecu pm ii itly gradual Quot by advanced until it it touched 114. At 3 ,.when i gradually declined a till it is 62�?Ts in 10jv 65�?Ts Loi 01. Ctr Stoj. �?Tlg-40 s 6. Tips Wisiana pm to 74, Nety 7,qjljove�s.74, a Alabama 8�?Ts 07,1/8 71. Ire new York Ziarek unsettle a ted weak. Money easy in 5ag. Is i change Long 8,. Short 8v. Gold h2. Bcmas.10. _ Tennessee sex Coupon -60, new 50a Virginia a coup ii 7l4i new 70. Lutio Tigyi 93.louisiana ol�.75j, new 70 Joe Voe is 73 8s 84i. Alabama 8s 97, -6 72 Georgia 6s 84 7� 92. Noite Carolina old 49j, new 22. South Carolina a in old 89, Riei 82j. J room Dull without decided Chatilo. Wheat quiet a. Shade lower. Up Dull la. pork Dull Moss $26. Lard lower Bagola 14al4i. Spirits Turpen tine steady 45. Rosin. Steady $2-05for strained common #2 Lefor Good san lined. Freights diet. ? i new York March 12.Cotton heavy 1401 bales�?21 Tbs middling Uplands. A of Louries a Irei unchanged superfine plate and we Tern $4 75a5"ii5 Wale to Dull 1 cent lower Winter Rod it and Amber Western $2 50. Com la. Lower now a mixed Western 86a95, new yellow Pennsylvania and Western 31a 1 01. Whisky 349si. Beef quiet. Pork Low Erv 25. Lard lower steam 13ja 14jt Nayal stores Dull. Groceries quiets freights firmer. Triold closed at 1121. A a a a / a a new York March 14.Cotton firmer closing quiet sales 31 00 Bales b Lour favors buyers prices unchanged heat Dull about j cent lower Winter redi and Kuiber r a Steru $1 25a$l 23. Com 1 Cepp lower heavy. Pork heavy $20 00, lard Clowes Lii avy 14al5. We Wmk us changed groceries Dull. Naval scores due freights a ult to. Money Eay it More do Al and 4ftg, Sterling weak i .1 Gold closed unsettled at 12 bid. Governments closed steady and inn. Southerns in changed a a Yin Quot Quot hew Orleans Martels new Orleans March 11.�? flour lower superfine $5 00, doable extra 5 50, Treb Lofe 05, com $1 05dl 07. Ots 05. Brih pm 85.hay by acc .$37 0oa39 00. Pork $28 00. Bacon 12, 16al6j, hams air. Sugar fit Ling iia. A now York sight . Gola.13. Zottou Market firmer. Middling 21�?a21, Good Ordina 19.tl9�? to middling b0ft20ji sales 7d5,l at a receipts 66c8vext ort9 to Liv Roppol 4105, new York 301 Ealta a of thu it week 4750, receipt oets4,721/ grows 36,493 exports to layer pop �?~30,98 other for Fra Sprta 9409, coat time 298lmle3. Quot Zottou Burnt in picker a a 2l0, Stock 241,423. It new or Rahs March firm aaka.6600 Bales Good Ordinary 19a39g, payt middling 20�?~a08� middling 21as1receipts 3309. Hales exports to Liverpool 3744, Havre 3663, Coalt Friio 610. Flour $5a5 50a6 25. Cora $1,�?T it 2 Al 05. Oats 04. Bruit $1 75a2 w. Luv Scarpe at $3sa39. Pork $23 50. Bacon 12,. 16al6sugar cured hams 17a. Lard tiered 4al4, Keg 17al7< sugar Primo 12.&Quot a jolts is prime 64a kit. Whisky an to offer of unchanged. Gold 112. New york8iglit Par. Sterling 21. A from Washington. ,. Wasi Kotom March 10. It is a Morud Bere Amoni a Louisiana politicians that Casoy. And Wari Noth Havo Tormod an Alii mice involving Casey up Wrt of Tho state administration and Warmoth a up port of Casey in retain aug this a Varlet of Scere who Aro said to to democrats. The Senato a passed Kellogg a Bill for Tho Survey and estimates for the improvement of to navigation of Bayon Tycho and appropriating five Hundred dollars for us a Buirley. Wadi Koton March 10.the presi Dent was Yery cordial to Quesada Atid party Bak entirely non committal. The Suddon passage of the army Bill creates Aaton Ashmont. All amendments were voted Down except those proposed by the committee on military affairs the most important of which was the erasure of the elapse restoring Tho Indian Bureau to Tho War department. Sheridan scr Al conduct towards Tho Indian caused this change. V a a a a March 11.in the Hogue Tho morning1 was coi Unno a private Bills after a struggle Between Tho Friona. Of the deficiency Aud Quot Tariff Bills Tho Tariff Tho House then went into a committee of the Whol on the Tariff. After an hours speech the deficiency Bill was Takeh up. It a Gore Gate i it of a oooo. Including for repairs of the Chuta houses at Savannah fl5,000, Mobile $15,000. Richmond $25, w0.&Quot no action. T Tho Puso meets to Morrow for i. / protest of the Georgia coloured legislators says they represent ninety thousand coloured voters of Georgia who by tiie passage of this amendment will be delivered Over and bound hand and foot to their most bitter enemies and that coloured voters will to driven away from the a is. F i on motion of Trumbull Georgia was Mado the special order for to motion for a joint Coin Mittico on Indian affairs was Douai died by Colfax a Voto. -.1.-, a 1 the funding Bill was resumed. to Day $345,-000. A a a a a. A delegation of National Banks Aro Here lobbying again is Tho funding Bill. Washington March 11, fund ing Bill was amended by redid nor to exp ask cd to 4 of foreign agencies for the payment of the int Resfa and allowing organza tip a of nation amp a bunks on Deposit of ?$50,000.w�0i these chaises the Bill passed a a of Gina Fly reported by Sherman from the finance committee. Was amp in Tok March 13.-r�?~weaiher is wet Tele Niph slow. Washington March 12.thetsecn>. Taay of who treas my has1 allowed to. Be protested some of Tho Unin sorbed Texas Bonds holding that according to Tho principle decided in the Case so Texas versus a Ojito amp Childs the Aie not next a Ablo be paid Only to Texas. New a Orleans March 12.the legis la Taro a Molly passed Tho Bill in orc acting the Ltd Crisiana a a a Ltd go in a co maps my. It prof video for keeping open of or More passes at the Mouth of the River to the depth of Twenty two feet the Bill to the a no Phr Llu ung of i Pauy. And tine Bill relative to flour in spation allowing two cents per barrel for the same to Washington March 12.the democrats of the Senate Are in Accord with neither the Bullock nor the Bryant party and theh action on Bingham a amendment Isiora what doubtful. Unless the Georgia,�>�inocrat3, who they say have kept aloof take sumo action Tho a to of the amendment is it Grill be a that the House voted for the amendment but they in Mik voted against the Georgia Bill As amended and the democrats of the Senate seem inclined to vote Saino Way. Tiles supported by some posit pc demonstration from the Georgia democrats. Dispatches from Admiral poor mention Liisa tidal. Tho flagship be Vera at port a Prince on february 9tb. A he had an interview with the provisional president ind Cabinet of Hayti and sex ply a id that during the pending thei Nitea fitter Ana san Domingo a his government we uld protect dominicans a jail by any hostile Power. Trio Haytin aut Bonitos. Bop a the Friendly. Relations. Between the United states and i Fanti would not be interrupted and Johile aware of Beir Yopak Ness they knew ,. And would protect them to the Best of their ability and that1 they i must be allowed a to be judge a of their own policy. Poor Lizard unofficially that Trio authorities were Dis-1 leased with the menacing Otti tide of the United proved a founded of Collis on ii twee a the unite amp state and Hay tien tray vessel had been in circulate on it to a a fee la a tto a so test a 8t��iner,� dictator is a is amp it Portal Prince. An 5 House prot Edings Arp ing the alte Danco is meagre. ,.-Mareh-43.itis stated Ahjit the p est Dent wont it Nitim Thal 5 the dment. Tilt. Georgia is. Fogu Early Reston a a. A f Washington Stu. 14.bveiine ?,.v./i be solutions of ensure will be reported against Butler of Tennessee Abr Cadet ship irregularities. A Quot a i pm wits before the Mittie on Cuba. No vote has be a taken on Bimko it res Oil tips. I a governor Halden Aska Lor troops in Lomano county n. -c., which he pro cd alms 5n in a Nimec fit i Abbott and 0oole support a Rio a up lick to a a.,. A Tho naval appropriation Bill gives Pensacola five i thou and and Norfolk eleven thousand. A ? i the i Sinato Jiaa rejected our. Leahy assessor of to eight District. A a i the supreme court con minttes the Casto the next Tenn for further i Gnim ent Sanders and a Arlington and Opo other Jette involving constitutionality o the Cotton tax were continued a a assigned on the a a a a find Daj of of to next it i tha following Waal received to Day by to o so no it re. A. A a a 1 Savannah. Ga., March 13,1870. The passage of Bingham a amendment As iii the House has set to wont a la ments his piety old Man is As terrific As Over the cry of a a damned abolitionist a a thew a. Neither mr., Conan or myself have Ever had anything to. the Politica of Georja nor do to desile.tot Bave. We Are Bare engaged in a great Enterprise pending millions of Northem Boney in build in a railroads in Georgia but there Saems to ibo no Protection to Usi any Man disposed to get rid of is has Only to charge us with political purposes or aspiration to Fob us of All sym it Athy or Protection or support from the Community or authorities. L earnestly invoke your in gluon a Owiter gov. Bullock and with Lott Gre ssi Monaca us and others like situated prot cited i. A Ltd in ave by. Sen introduce a Bill to strengthen the Legal reserves of the National Banks and for the resumption of specie payments on Jan Nair 1st, 1871. A Georgia was resumed. Morton offered an amendment repealing the Law Irbid Din Tho organization of the Qew Igil militia. The Bill was i sensed by Tram Bull to executive session. Adjourned. regular Call Wem called up the. Bill tar construct the Cape git Rardon and Missouri Railroad the Bill to abolish female clerkship in the departments t a Resolution looking reduction in the Tariff received Only Twenty seven totes. The Resolution giving Murii. 8tanton a year s salary passed. The House then resumed the deficiency appropriation Bills. Proa Melee. New orly ans March. 14.the evening papers publish the following Brownsville March-7�?a fight occurred Between gen. Regales Ana a got. Cordona commanding the evolutionists near Coronella Villa. Cordona was Defeated wite gnat loss. Be Gules took Oso thousand prisoners Many of them off Beji. Cordena hemmed in had to boat by Gules Orl Oshis army. Frober cafe. Havana March 11.�? Small sales. Exch Arige Otil Ondon it Ila. Luj Premium on Paris a amp i disc unti cd Era Long pair to a Short 2a3 Premium. Are. Still imprisoned. A. new. Orleans. Y new Orleans March 11 a the a grand jury a if the United states. District oort found sixteen indictments to against each of the following Waddy Thompson the Rob int Isaac Wood proprietor of the bonded warehouse Peny Fuller sex Collet Stori of customs w. C. Grave special Deputy collector f. A. Dewolf Depotty Collie Tor . West special Treasury agent and eight indictments for conspiring to defraud the government eight for removing merchandise from bonded warehouse number two class three. Isaac Wood Nom Inai proprietor. It is charged. That these frauds were perpetrated during fullers administration of Orleans Customhouse. A a 1 j a a the counting of coupons surrendered by Wickliffe. Just concluded shows a deficiency of $53,000.new Orleans March . Wilson of the Picayune is dead aged sixty five. Brevet brigadier general Morris s. Filler Deputy quartermaster general United , died suddenly aged fifty a in. New Orleans March 12�?professor Haselmeyer the great magician Leit Here to Day for Galveston. Himel bunions. New York March 12.the steamship Smidt reports that while crippled and lying to Unglo to make the least he Dway off the azores the Captain saw a Large three masted Steamer. It was a dark and Stormy night and he was unable to Muke her out. A Lai Cincinnati March 12.a religious revival is progressing Over two thousand were added to the churches recently not embraced. Ail converts Many of whom have not yet joined a it a Utti City. Pa.�?T, arc 1�o i�?tte1 a fire which treated the ensure a City was by the exertions of the people extinguished after burning a Railroad train and a number of tanks. New York March Steamer Smidt made the voyage South of Bermuda in consequence of a broken Ein Girie. She encountered successive Hurt Rio Anes a a Lawrence Kansas much 14the-immigration is unprecedented cattle Are coming eastward Roiti Colondo. Then it. Kit Carson waiting. Coming thou5and arts transportation. Laraby March 14.the jury in the owie Morder Cash rent Rod a yes dict of manslaughter in the first degree. A be lady jurors were much fatigued a a t a it svy iii ii wh.-9�� to. A a a jews in a Laul. on a tar in , t Otto priv i mtg a Vina Wui to i inaugural address regarding j the judge Imus cow Imez a Tamn item Loci Etc b men Learned in us he a Fiji Accord too Nusis Pii Iliof Tuen charged a tar a it to Btu a a Consolida too in a Urig 8la sub passed. The i Rhomb Stead Bill t�-4ayp exempting2ck o -j��.i�mp0it�f in by of a be to a a diet a fice Fiolo pit a constitutions. To of z a by Yraac fat my Wynne Ltd acre. Say Dulf re Fil a a a a by Stote a Jom nut they agreed to Call a a. Conference1 for the reorganization i of eth party to meet Here april 6th it a Xii by resumed specie it i payment. J circulation out $50,000. -,.,.8� ads Rani i to min go and six women a we re burned to death Al ,i., i ».�in a a us Quot Ltd it Quot a six Job Oaie a the London March a 92bonds 91. Tallow st add at 46. I ii ,ma0rch�o�. �?bouree1 Cloae a Fly to. Bentes74f35c. A it. You a a us i closed a a a a lond0�, March increased Over half a million. U i-11 i st Patus Marti 11�louis noir a Howe brother Prince Bonaparte killed com Lakhs e dead brother rather than against the the Quot Pence Liverpool March Cotton heavy Uplands 10orleans 31 a 11, sales 7000 Bales.1 Yar against 11�?evening.�? Orleans 31 a yams and fabrics at Manchester Beavy Laterja Cotton dosed with a Down Ward tendency 1000 taken for Export and speculation. Bread stuff s firm pork a a a .4 it i Paris Larch 11.ollivier, stated in the corps Legi Latif that the political prisoner had been moved to tie met Zico prism in ebb sequence of the Prev Auance of Small pox Ilsaint Plaize. The government has commenced a suit against the gaulpi4 newspapers for a fungi the act of aide nation against Pierre Bonaparte. F a London sols 92., Bonds 90j.�?~"havre March 11�?Cotton closes quiet Lotf middling afloat198� a a a closed firm rentes 74f 47c. Fra Hoo amp to March 11.�Bonds dosed firm at96. a London,/marchl2.i-�?~-thojournals Crai aider the French note to so True a diploma Etic error into which Ollivier was led by following the advice of Jules Favre. A Paris March 12,�? the Radical Jon nals of this City attack Jules Favre. Bit Terly for having Promise his Aid to the ministry. Madrid March ,13.a dual be Tweett the Duko of Hon Tensler and Enrique de Bourbon occurred this it morning a the latter was killed. The seconds of the Duke wine1 generals Cordovan and. Al Widmor those of the Prince were Senor Bubba and another name unknown both republicans and deputies in the Cortes. The affair created much excitement. London March 14.an arrival from Fayall brings no news of the City off los ton. A i Quot i Cairo March 14.new a fortifications have been commenced in the Barbor of Alexandria. Paris March 14.a dispatch trom some states that six Hundred and ten votes Are sure for infallibility. The Small pox prevails in different quarters of Puis a a Quot a. Liverpool ,. March 14�?evening.�? Cotton steady sales 12,000 Bales for speculation and export2,000. Breads Tuffs firm. Navel stores firmer. A Havre March 14.Cotton opens firmer afloat 128. Brigand age is holding High carnival in Greece Ana persons on a visit from one City to another have to join in companies Ana be Well armed in order to avoid Cap Tun r. Bottom tji Orelj by of Wibicki. W9s a Mcmall so utile. The fire caught if Romr the Furnace on Btu lying burnedjwasanoldwd0des.titectdfe, Ali j yen a were. Employed h Assort ing Cotton and Wool being Kopti at a about to in Bronhy t for drying the material Washington congress., May us Oftis Tenne ,1 aprew<ffi�?~�bnsm4tim bipy%b8twua% roped state oti1 ,1 jgr6tina that 2 by vent m office who disfranchised by the i Eftee a a Eit Craig i Fux Teer that the it Regis Tion flt a 1 the last election was illegal to of bits a i Iota com place �1 thei Conj mite mid e them will delayed in Yiew of the passage of Quot the proposed general Annesty Bill. I Quot Quot Quot a i Havana mar a 12.gen. Do Goicoa Ria and Shine of hts Folio have a shia pad from Camaguey a a and a a gone toward Quot he Tunas. Athe government troops iii the vice till of Trinidad have recently killed 1001 in stir Eilts Quot a the a judge yester Ajr illegally released the rmason8 who were in jail Caj arid ,t7and that Conj go weft and ought to Xici Asp font plan but will hereafter. A j was rang on a Wipfli the Evidene before 4he Nch de ship committee to Day entirely relieved Genu Mungen of Ohio from Thev cent go of Selling his to appoint ment to wet print. The father of the Cadet testified it a that Iwho a cd he i was Intok diced to up go of to was. A Republican a a if democratic fast ids to Hsii of Democrat and that without an cams ideation being mentioned or promised directly or indirectly to gen a Mungen the latter sub sequently appointed ills son a Cadet. For services tendered/i�1 procuring Tho Noil ii bit it in my up idiot a for bundred dollars to tw0 0therppiutie8without the Rowledge a pm yrs no who the witness did was i Jap whole to Osacr Tion to a Tyl at Bis real politics a Tere. The committee will i report the facts to the Hegwein a Day or so., i the cirele38la�6� Voith tic la sonic nows paper Mike statements regarding the investigations of this cd a Mitten were illustrated to Day a in he Otise by the Reading of a tet fit then Ewe work pot to charges against Voorhees of Indiana Wiere. Under examination. That gentle a in not As Faleon Tho floor of the Hose. But the chairman of tie committee Pluntz rily a tried that the first he Ever heard of it wja3inthe Reading a Foj the Telegram i. A a orho is thought tue hous a next expulsions from the reporters gallery in order to save the rep Taupe of its members Felt i it a or 7 a Washington March 4.the House Pacific Badroad committee at its meeting to Day aged to in port favourably Oja the Bill to extend the time for completing the Atlantic and a Serfio bail Odds the Bilotto aut Howze a Junction Between the Central Pacific acid toe virion Pacific and this Bill granting the right of Way and a land subsidy to the Kansas Branch of the Pacifici Badroad to build Road from Beyen Nei Wells to a Point inns for Quot my Nch a the committee has bad these Bills under for weeks and a every meeting the co Minitte room in been so wed with the lobbyists who ape herein the employ of the Sevell companies to but the scheme thru Obi Quot thei Bill fair the be of the Antionti Clauid. Pay fio a Road files no additional subsidy Orr land Grant tit. Simply provides that the privileges and franchises heretofore granted by con Gross Phall not be apr felted by the failure of the company to Complete Ita Road with in j the time originally prescribed. F the Kansas Pacific a abroad Bill involves an end Moua and a Grant of several bundled thousand acres. Most of it a it be excellent agricultural land. The relative of a prominent Radical senator Camp amp by and its is an sex Secreta a of the Interior i since Virginia was restored to the Union a larger number of iter citizens Are petitioning to liar to their ids ability in moved yesterday and. Today a a several Hundred such in be been received by the a a Captain general Derodas thereupon placed 1, the judge in Moro Castle and. Ordered Tho masons to the City jailiund1arrest., a it a a the cholera has entirely. Disappeared i pm so to spirit. R., a. I air a a gtd a a Whf a Jyla. The Senate or. Morton Foj Quot Fri a it Gnu in Tom on eign by lations reported of follows. A Bill making it a Misdemeanour to fit out or equip ships of War with intent that a a they shall by employed in the service Prince or state. For a subduing american Cal a lists Independence and pro a i air a for a the Forfi a Ttorp of such ship a Ianc ted that if any to a sori shall a a with if the a limits of the United statesfit1 out tajik Xit ,1 or attempt to fit ont a Arm 01�?o Seq top or Prtt a a re to be fitted out. Armed or i equipped or shall knowingly be concerned inthe fitting out arming Anysh por vessel with Tho intent that such ship or vessel Rhall be employed in. The a service of any european or state for the purpose it o so duing american colonists claiming Independence or shall Issue or deliver a commission within the territory of the. United states for any a hip or vessel with the intent that she1 May be employed Asl Afore is amp Idi a a a a a Etc so us amp a a a of it an shall be guilty of a in Isdr near for Ard upon conviction thereof shrill a be fined in any sum not exceeding five thousand dollars and imprisoned for a period not exceed in two year nor legs than eix months t and every such ship1 or vessel with her tackle apparel and furniture together Yvo it Lull materials arms ammunition and stores which May have been procured for the equipping thereof shall be. Forfeited pne Holf ,,use of 0�e. In former. And the Oier Hlf to Itie i if se9r 2. , in every a ask where a ship or yes Jei sh8�o, a be fitted out armed or equipped or at tempted a Obj a a by a a Iuliu oms a ? a in a equipped contrary to Fife a provisions of this act,jit1 shall to lawful th3 United stat fish or Sun Hope Jpn Asito a Hall Baye empowered for that purpose a to Empl Oji the land and a Nayal my yes Jor to Litia of thu the ass pro a Ini thereby a for it uie ppr rap of i Aiu Aig posset Sion of and detaining any such ship or vebsev.-, �?~1- j-?.�.ut�_ah a a >oontest8, Etc Phat Etc nos the claim of to Quot the fcb go Van a Zient to be re Pic a it do Berlin Jaroll Tbs Abrib get Nan Gazette say the claim of the Pope of is. Tit in. Liiro d or nece8 it a few Yontef much 8.a Privato Lette Woji Bigi cant ind Ding the �fflciiil94feamb>. Anijan Epry in Getty a a oink to a a Fri r i to Yolante Exso Tho i go Mem / Here and Are cd mph food mostly and a Ere Fri Rion a was zip no. Midi Spain they drove Dwaiya. From Here Cap Tam. General Dulce Andare nov. Threatening de body a because on wednesday he sent an american Schooner to see with pit a Moro. But a Ava Thyl lift it Herc Apuin the a Choo boreas a a a Kulsar Trade in fish from the volunteers suspected the Captain of sym party with Themba agents. They boarded Nis vessel Ini open Daylight and Gaviri Bint Teotico bit they intended to murder . He a to ror protect Iori to a British frigate in port our Consul gen eral a a bpm ked of the astir Ati dwt Rifon boat a affidavit. And visited thocaptai�., general a who a by Sedl Haftl going Quot to 0� it at j once to doso1t was necessary for the vessel <0 have a permit called a Moro pass. To Fec it Ito re of to ashore Hin self for tee pass Ernt by mat. The Tolon Teers wet watching for him and told the mate they would shoot Hiis Down if % filtered Tnp door of the a of by a the Sid a go tilt y oor captains he shall not leap port alive a a or Cofo sul Flen Gad went again to the Captain Eneim a who ordered the a guard Smyj in lie All night Alp Ide Oil ims or Ara to Tow her to sea in the morning. This was done without a pass and for this act the Volunteer threaten to Spivy do sodas 9s Tley did one former Captain get eral. away. 1 Martha Theeo Igil question a a Lett la dry a fit or As the House is pull coins was Over i the idea embodied in Bingham s amendments and Liis friends had set-Np-land1 pig pm be Fqy a Tbs judiciary and to eco atm ctr on Conan Ittzes Tbs to the Terins of 1868 would not be in Vitili the present Bill or one of a similar Tenor by came to Law or in other work a a to at in office no to this time should be counted or. Big Ham a amendment. Was a denial of Titis claim Tod pro prided that there shall be of term of office beyond the period fixed in the Constitution and that the new legislature shall be chosen at a proper Date i next fall. General Butler and the beacons Toction committee., web beaten on this Issue and the House by a vote-of-114 to 72, sustained or. Bing Ham a position the affirmative being by 51 democrats and 63 it pub Laicans. The Bill was then passed by a party division. Bullock and bid i Rienets a cd Nib durable number of whom Are Here Are a Good Deal disgusted at the. Adoption of Bingham a ,v3�?~c, in ,. A a it a. It from execution also a fic holders to. Take an oath to support the a state and Federal constitutions. I the Virginia historical. Bogety org we a a a a Dtho Day the a first Matt leg wow a. War a in ghz Blair my a it. thames in wow Fofi. To it a vj-<.o0.4 ? a to so Turin. A fili.�tliti5sc&Quot a a thu Cove of of Jun a a Al or tem eds to Riuz a 1. Ihu a Senitz a a a t it Rry a was a Imide Anric of Imp a amp Wpm jordan1 had he try so Gneda a that i �e&tirduiy7t& the ill Jio Ebi the course if Tho Jonerik biased or Spanish i wow Derice in the final tri top i i f iw�4�?owt agents or ii if a it a the a Cadetship inv Stan tally at an a of a the fo�y3?i to be iriv olved a exec Pic see who twill be. Certs dents Boom in a Ltd has dial Meinberg of the Judi Piffl a ill i fore iii a Belat Idns Camhi Ittzes i with1 thou Fonny a As to the confirm nation of Bra airy iii Mac. Nation Tor the str Fenie it Beirich .4hi& with the latter As to the ratification of the 8�b. Xiloj Ninfo treaty. He aim hiniaed.7ji�lp of phial dispatches reported the Jytte Al it the Island Una Dimotis in favor of anne.?4ikj Ai Prmt District Bif Bui Faiia Dot Btij Vith it i 1iiirtlli 1 6f Febrina fit doable thit iia la Quot Isth of Echt la nil Mimi a prepared his big for Iltz Juji of a la a Nesier in ii Pic a a in a of a a i save Orie of to e 0�hgresmj�ifal ,delei6i ply ctr Tori a Fehte Rhill Nodi of the i Fegis ration a a frauds and new Regist nation Tad a new Hajje material t elect input it does not Van of into with thei Prea Ewt amp we a Wasa eminent a a or. The place . I i j t Jil l Gnu by i j Ima had be of Ecna de igbo of rated Rica Tiposo tvs Fly fax jul Ndu to to of fit a a iii a a in in tit Cwan the Rewil it he for a a the so a a a kill Aew cd no iwo a this my Rill Noto a a a Esener it fun Tatarin of a Ivor of a change in the Pla Woro item a i to o�oiioh.of the time tami a we . A�riewi�gajrfti�ibe0>c it Leclai piled . A Quot a House Wasey Cut Iljoo a -mountvitf�ally.a9i9yr in he Orv a mint fit i Fri North Ca la Tel. A. A a fld to is Quot _ re. Anauia�th�xtritii��sh<t�d4m�n����a a to ,0v�,-Irisfekd ctr two Walt a a ���w�n�1 a solved on by Shehata Aifer a of the c0ttftnitteei�?~8eeiot d to to Taco Rte iof one half Oti Otte Al enl pm in onto Butir Ftp As decide Denotta a fam v by report toiihe.�nate>tota3i a a Raj a it Tel a should ijbay0iu�o>> with Thelt Cromis it of Amiin feta. Flt Fol pro it it c a in Evott a Okio Ihm Al Quot Quot Quot Bao la a a but ass a i tto Sesty it Ltd Treib called. Ot1 so a min a is ��?T.-�4ea �9f� a a a i. Our pkg in la go Rry Tel a vory indigo and at the exp Oslo of Jar. Dry Isief who Haas by a or the papal Golem my Nefas correspondent of a a stung. The holy father a been i Nuch in rated Job x we a by Haa Al it i Das theologian of pm so a a a de him a be the is Niew Quot it that a a lost �n�d.,r 1 a Elco nation Froid that 1 a a i it Rio it a it t. 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