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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Mar 12 1870, Page 1

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 12, 1870, Galveston, Texas Assoc a de press Dispi Pes it. S of. Xii a a a a jew it of a j a if tilt ��iriirt�,�.?& steady. Southern w1 new okie and March to it fax a Orre go Ilar in d unsettled a noniw�ol�i$i�a22. A a Yeji a a to wies re a a up 6501, exports to Liverpool �o09��, Harne �3397, new Sork weeks receipts. Net�y448ijet bs8 to liverti��r�sjls.jiavre5390, a fit Rcd Loiis 1950, a Ronstadt 1552 Quot Veracruz 472, Coastwise �l8,Stock 254j ,1 ex-coupons1, Nib few Viii Isavei court is 69. Jimj a a a. Old i 80j alabama06f. In Fath cd a. Bid ii Loos i.pork3� 00 bn-im7&17fi.i�ara duluww.lovv.cc\, wheat Dull doping i &ercoj59, kegs 18. Others undo toned. Corn quiet bit Ferrii Park Dull at $28 po1d i3t Sterling 02. New a Wolf p amp a Parji inn for common $2 freight Quiej. Newyork March 4.rrodttondecided41 in lower hales20qobali�?~3 it g2ac�, flour �?8p��d West a a a Ion Lewes of s path i a pm drooping wheat re it Laad Ember we8tern#li87.ji l a a amp. Com Porta to Liverpool , 666. Flour 6 mini As icon $ i 7 Al 12k. A Oats 66a67. Hay�?~$35a30< pork it $29. A to fica 154 1 Saga prior ii Lalli. A Coffee a fair 16al�,> p8�?o�? _.,. Gold j13 la st so go a. A air Al. A Bice quiet cuff a firing i new Orleans a March 7<flour molasses Dull. Turpentine 44h444b, i easier $550, $6, $6 a is corp /$1 pm. St aia 14nfc t in Oats 65. Bragsr85�8 00. Gaji. I Money unusually easy at 4a6. Hay prime $34 00. Fork dullfij$28 75, Sterling pore Active a a but Rte Ady. Gold i Bacon 13,16817. Lard Tierce 15�, Keg a on ctr Toucbcd-1�osjj, and closed at 113a 18. Sugar prime Halli. A molasses firmer Iet Ling Golem counts i fermenting 40aj, Pimp 60a67�o Cioffee a declined Iraq Ciobot. �?T62s if. Fair 16algj prime 17�a 17j. 90, a Soat Lurtia weak a jql02j. Cotton irregularjmjddljii214 �mbrit�y1 tips a 5a� a Quot a a a of a a be Quot Long Cori a 94 bands of �?T62, coupons 11. Tennessee Toupous jj64i i new 45. Tyft Nia a a a a pcs 70.j Nayf 25�-�?Tlpifclana�?Ts a old 73, new 67, levee 6�?Ts. ?3i, ,82, alah4iaa 8 s 94, s s �?~6k Georgia.6�?Ts ,.& old 82j7�?Tb 92. North Carolina s a id new 23j South Carol Ina a old of i Law 7t flour we thou to decided change wheat Jnorro a it Ady arid i dict. Corn scarce 9 Shide firmer. Pork Dull,.sji25>70. Laid Dull 14ffl4jc . Gatzow heavy Mledd Flaig Uplands 22j.< spirits Tarpon. Tine Brody at a 45a45,.&Quot Ito iii a st toy at $2 10 Fogt a strained common$211 for Goodat Rairick. Fre igla Dulvi i new Yolk March 6-Colton heavy baie3 s3 k Bales at 22jc. Flour Bjore Active stip Rhino state and Westera ,4 65a m 60.� wheat be Beuer i win a $1 g0ial>70, Ambert ones Sci �l33,-win to a red kid Amber we tem Al 25al 30. Com Vry scarce and la better new a Lxi a West to 97ca?l., whisky a unchanged. Pork a a he de air nor Larah Eaty Kettle i&al5jc.v naval stores and groceries of Inlet. A rights doll. Money Ebay at 4a6, Sterling 8. Gold active1 and higher j a22, a&l<8 -10,500 ii Levi a a Gold 12 not in York a sight Par. Sterling cot in receipt la Bales. Exp its Oliver a i Pool 2872, for Havre 3158, Coastwise 978, f a vim Omri acts. Wash Toton. March set judge bus teed of Malabar Ujj depicts i tomorrow to open th6 regular tertn1 of Cottett the a Riv pptnffih�7airerted unanimously in Harar of tha confirmation of . Bard for the governorship of idaho.1 1 a House the committee Urti ,y8 and Means a ii directed the Giro to the expediency of exempting. Brick makers from manufacturers tax and exempting from Revenue persons Quan Itig Blu Stone. A. I a j 1 a Resolution waa Intro deed favouring a heavy eduction of fruit brandy/1 the a it re line be York alter a Safui Yle wa8 pkg to Pond. A the Taliff Bill after a contest Between Butler ahd8ohenc�,was Takh up j j Brooks speech Lim Jeh Jii used a i Butler Bill a As privileged questions a it a a fam Worth said Butler was unauthorized by the con Uuie to make a report. A 1 the a speaker said the i Florenco Between Tho gentlemen a a Point of vet City. ,9.000coinintcwhi.uioatly�i�T m0s. a a i. The Bank a Lotfi Jimmae in i Bia Logiur of Ovet Ono eighth of Nilu a in i colleague. Pending Idle the crease p Quail i House a Dio arned. Rulh Bwy it 1 lib Jim Defrease 4n trifle in Bili was Irit to Inal it a crease in deposits nearly iwo minion is in i Jung the Leavenworth Gal a of traders Utji Jerly a Mil i Vesta no Loaid to extend id Branch of a feb Dell in a. A a a i a their new Yolk March 5.-->wall Street i the bal Dit Gih a s,.3�<uuo opened to Day with a generally finn mar-1 court circuit was considered. Wiltey Ket. Gold opened at 141, but Onibe for i offered an amendment to. Dispense 1 with Mal opening of. The Board declined to 13ai i Tho require Ghent that the,.judge shall to a the rate paid for carrying is Anotn two to i a it five per in. Railways opened Wotli an i fainted. He urged .itho.1 president in crop cd firmness with an Advance. I should be allowed tomake his selections there is a general tendency to awl to tha i from the nation Atli a go in not he limited action of the Senato on monday Tapow i to locality be. Whereas Jii the feo4thflr4"t�or-i which it is expected Gold will again turn a Ufa u difficult i9�ndl a i Man there was my re activity in the i whose loyalty was of a character to War Gold room Tho result of a Vagit i Amor j rant Bis Novation to the suyeme Bench that Bull comb Tauoa had Beon a Rod Tho avonts of next week Promise Tebo important. It is Likely that Quot Wal Street will onco More be the sceno., of renewed exc Ltd pint and. Wild Tho mercantile Trade has been affected by tha decline in Gold and values have under Gono a shrinkage although , de Clino Dayi do Nied the right to Congress to interfere. No a ice of i the Resolution calling for chg names of Tho states ratifying the Xyth amendment was adopted. It pm a. The Bill for of the costs of removing the obstructions from1? Bayou Teche Quot Louisiana Wasiw poi��dwith1ainendfnii�ets.i cd i. Has had Tho Bong a us Liwana cd us dered but Iclal a remit of stimulating tirade it and the i without action. A Djou my R i Iuno flt of March audio aes tribute a from i was to a is larg of than i the Senate refused to consider rep. Bill this Pirint during the week to for any Provo us Weck Cinco Tho opening i extending civil Righta to the cliques i oath year. Buyers generally who Havo i it in Learned at the tre Tiskiy that purchases 1� <5ons&i a a a it hence of Tho declining tendency of Gold and cot on it have taken hold More Fenely a generally has not been very marked. The i fall trip races however a a i. A -.? if a pvt As a Naturale a sequence a us Mesa a steadily on Tho increase. Tho up Biog Trade has opened a. A i a a Louisiana Bonds Wero levee Fly advanced to 74 .,v5rgdiil a44 of Caj Ftp 72 for old and 70. For. Nan of t u g to some heavy purchases j for a Tandori Accousti a this hse is based on to Btu pros act 0# settled Rentof difficulties Between old Virginia and West Virginia and the fact that bomb Railroad companies have Large amount of Bond to turn into Tho state Treasury As so ii As Tai founts �e�?Tnjd�up.�. New York March 7.�?stocks steady Virginia sex coupons 74j, now Bechtel morally and. Iho to Lic wigs will be removed from the View Orleans custom House. It will enquire stronger papers than now before the department t6 Remote Casey. 1 a a a y a i a a a a Alphington marchr.4-r8umner has withdrawn Bis objections to the disabilities Bill it now undoubtedly Goe to the president who iritis Lgth. It Bevento Over . Kit colonel Charles Blunt m the Engineer Gorp has been sentenced Toj Froidl Raffe for three bunt Jan a b6 rep Nman ded in general orders. I i James n. Mason,ofarkasga4j a Coit red has been nominated a co Tiitu Geti Brit to Jube Raij h 11 the Bill reported by amp Obertson pro iii the disabilities committee it does not relieve the1 persons affect by it tio ,14th amendment. Izev 1 after unimportant business House. Is oaf of old 73jj cuew71.1 levee 6�?Ts 74�, i a Georgia Bill was take Aib. It Vrell be 8,�84l. Alabama 8�?Ts 94. A h�?~ft4i.�?~ go str l ii acted . In Terr lit Nikii rim 8�84i Alabama 8�?Ts 94, 5�?T8 64j.�?~ Geter �4� n t ,.oid a i How 20.�?z Smith carolina�,ioidi89 . M a it Ltd a a a a Ltd a n a�?�new1 York it Mirich 7>�?fljour Dull.1 add a was Btu Xii. I Whei t a 4�3�, Nomi nwlymichiin��ob<3� i Cora very firm. Pork Dull a mess 50a25 76. A Tard Dull 14 Cotton a easier 22tit Pentino firm a i5a46. Boy in ,2.10 Fojt so Ainold Conj on 2 15 for Good strained 1 freights Dull a i a i ii ted Odd to Morrow. Butler Ute nth thei Bill say of Geo Ririe syst Timo would present Perseli Gulso Abr admission. Butler added re the Judy t in hot went v the hts a own po�4dtu�>shib t ,.Power of Congress against wrong a a rapine and tturder.-. A. 1 Farnsworth. Opposing Tho Bilie cd hoi understood very Well thei the Bill. It was got up on the theory that Tho a a a a a Thor Uii the Atel of Active a decided a Hauge in prices. a hade firmer pork 25 50a85 95. Lara ii Ayiyi fettle 15al6j. Whisky steady 09a99i, Gro a Rifet and naval stores quiet. Freights1 firmer. Money easy at 5a0. Sterling Dull 84. Gold closed steady at 112j. Governments a on in Georgia ask the us migh tas Well be 4ntitled-t&t�8tnthing a age it it it it i committee no re rates a Bill Abu shag than Cladi oath. A Resolution of the Mississippi legislature for the removal of disabilities of citizens of that state was presented. T run pro amp a t a Bill to ref Ltd idl a claims for quartermaster and commissary stores to the unite j states by Loyal persori6iu the �?T6outh during the War was Bill of a and to ifef4 . Fixie hit Midred dbl Ian Tolm Jolt Kurt of a with Power to diminish Butin of Toifl fio the amount Wero to Pogodin a no austion was taken. Adjourned to monday. Svji8hingtony,March a 4<rtho. A was and Medaus Coin Mittie a fearful the tobacco of Iamb Tiofil Deleget i of the hear ing a Ion advo4 cat go. itar of 15�?zsents. The committee is indisposed to Grant so great a reduction but intimated a willingness ctr Washington March-5.�?rthe Senate is not in session. a. nin and affair millions Coin Hundred two millions including . And a half Mill pcs Certis Cates i it Washington March 5->-rbecpipts.ioi Ignie Dtho Bili fest ii a out to hts Soutth j a Raj. V f Cru a a ith6 a Urt Oths for a the is tight months. Over Iho. Corresponding months list y Eaifie the president accepting an invitation for tho14�?Tth by july hoped Congress, i pm Washington March 5.�?Georgia Bill occupied to full. the Dehate Pron uses to ?df/ if4ra8woh Andl Becic opposed it the Bill Eck it offered washtngtoir.�?T. Mairich 5.�?four of to amp Vej five democrats on tons to with Ltd a repubu9ans, were Puppo eed ,to?.gmng Quot the seat to col. So Gar is repress Uta Tiye v a at Large from. Virginia while tour and one Democrat Are iii h.&oir., the ? colonel1 believes 1 tie lib Ier Fien tirely a flounced. By political a considerations and that the Case was bedded by Thom on eq1ial ively. Both the majority and to ilk a Vii make a reports1 to thei House when rite question. Will be finally it bedded by that Hoay j Washington Jef Kivch 6.-�?gov. Steven-1 Ion f a Elf Nedge Ftp Day a to sign amp Tion. Fie say0olladay. Oyes it to it his Stabb. And his constituents and his own Honor to have a full investigation be a fore the House the Only tribunal having it jts Ris diction in the matter. W�shis.gt�nmarch7�?hobsk.�?tbe committee Oil it stories was instructed to consider the propriety of abrogating the. Tribal character of the indians Between Kansas and Texas find tvs erection Phi . A w resolutionsnthori20ng. To special Telegraph committee to examine the whole subject of telegraphing in the United state with Power to Send Tor persons and papers filed. I i it Jorja Tho is Progress Uig. disability Bills were reported also a Resolution for the pro tech Jug amp a the. It Teit tic wherever Cameron a Long spec Chi the committee Aid not my i amp March the Ven Zuela minister died ills Secre tary went to the stat department to a key a Sta cements for hifjreceptioh1 and on . Found him a. Quot a Irh fou Wing occurred i Between Orth member of the a House committee Ai Sumner chairman of the 0� the in fore affairs. Orth a we had Cuba up to Wye but coins to no Cori Lusion. A. S sum new a Dou you Kivow. What is Fri i a Windit f car the of a no i i Xvi. Sumner a Well in a few Days there vill be no necessity for action a a regarding cab not hire the colloquy was interrupted. A it occurred in a Streetcar Quot i -. Customs receipts 1$688,<i00. A a 1 the committee on bail was and can is of the House a Greece to report favourably Bri the Biu auth zing a raid to m Norfolk to to. Liotus a cinc Miniati. A. The president has nominated a amp Lars. . For postmaster at Selma 1 Bama we. Leaby assessor 8th Virginia District Fioden Tfir 5th i a 4bat the ways and Means Xinu Wattee i has agreed to. Abou it amp a in come a. i Wanh Dir i farts 7 a in theut item states Grossm yer it was, the United states supreme court Topay that after the comm nce Mont of the War a red a of the indebtedness in Cotton. For the. In edit of he creditor and if such a a Purchase was made at the a request of ther cred through an Pisenti title. A jibe ii by vested in the creditor and he could not claim to hts Joe eds of to fab it Tufa it Een seized and sold us la get intr a and a a Mandone property.aci.,a a a a a. It a march1 7�?~.t�bh�iri a to i into 1 i�.utts�zt.l� who fit min Rusiti a Vii a jost1 fre�0rleta�.xiou a Vii a -.1jitggmww� a Peh Choda Gordon amp a Flati if t it bx.t�6�?~r Quot Ranftl imm Kii ithe a pro pasion -.ffl�s4 Large a v May id fwd a Kliffe it hot few of a he to d 1 Der Fikas Vii i a Bezzlee a ent la of the a state to the. A a let to of a i vhf a a Redtha to fear id Ldhl a a a pm i a Lare Baur i i Fly was j i Becj amp Audi How Sej it to i a a. üjice�?~8 str of file noted Emch it time to. The collection of evidence in the Frt Rad Casein Bech Tel by a a few nil the a Idi toys , a to him a .when., Quantity in a whisky was in Audi gently expected tii Rizig Thea Eteoe it in of it a i 1 i a a Tifei tatri<s�ssldt��?~5�f the a legislature air m Scroi a min re ii Flag a to egg a is a i t i a l j 1. Havana mar a 5.later advices from to in in Tuoi v Wal 1ii j a a. In it. Uru Tufili Xiv ref a Landsi Julid furl Ai hed Western,?t�7s-f�?od. A to a Mayv. Reviews and discourages a miso Nal -darien.,.,.�?� a London been s�nt1 Otti to a Rufee for the cite of bos a Toso 3 is . Tit by. Aap by f Toto a Quot s028. A a t it Comiles Ciali dispatch is i arts he a a new Yoke .me�eb.7.0 .opensat.113v, ,.v-Ijjy-ij.<30 30ii-go d 1124.�?T Cotto ii Dii a tending a downward i Yff a a Rii Hsii h Timur a amp a Wand import War. 4� yti1"1 a is asset of Greenwalt id it go Silty this morning and men it a in a mba if a cute in the presence of detachments from a Veirs Volunteer in tue Vicarini list i t -1�?o. V a us i la tto a no it iii a it a it a pm Yvo j h a us task feb. 22.fvega he entered so Nalz iii if v a his Yoc tit Tny in Minento sriior�s1 juayeii111 / it to. Loyol a nist attacked stress re pulsed a l Fri no it -vidb�tto.hite, Broth of in 7isrfq$tf&f ��-0-� it in Tel Fri a i Jacii i i new tray Ersig the Interior of a a a Ijiro Ointa Are o legislature in to voir of tue removal o the capital and against further. App Roma to ohs for Public buildins3�?~ j a a Morton a re do need a Bili which dec res Texas entitled to Jim item to the judiciary �-85 to a a a the fish Dinar Bill was resumed a a a a to la it get Date still i hod8e.--the Resolution a Sippil Slature Vas a remitted a in for eur Bill to re a a a itt 8jyatnp a funds. Of miisis8�oppi. Alliey a ind promote the Commerce of the Northwest. Quot the Prev Mem was a trip arrogated Fegard excluding americans from tue Canadian �fisheries.�4 i Lisp Lucky lows Zuraw met re in Napun it notwithstanding the governors refusal to. Accept it. Georgia was resumed and after seconding the previous question the House adjourned. It will vote to Morrow. Toe state robbing indiscriminately a. Ulsee Anions. New Torlif match 4-Gold opened at 113�, Ali lowest Side. The. Battle of Bull ,1 a it ii i thee log a Vaj March 4.�?the legislature has adj by nil seat government hereafter will be at Charles town a in pc a us 3� j. By Hester March 6806 a firms Jirash Vulje Maich,6, quorum Maori will there be one during the nuance of the session Quot. It. i j 1 no provision has been do to pm a the interest state a j Cincinnati March 5.�?pendleton has been elected prepaid but of the Ohio Laranch of the Cincinnati and Chespo Alco. Re Ltd the. Eastern terminus is opposite guyan i dotted new. York March,7.--the, Cut Jani league of the United states met a a amp Al i to Mcoy a. General Mcmahon presided. Among those present were Gens Durica Bartlett Gordon Ranger Vau. In Ilera Cas iii m. Cow i . I ppm Thomas a. Stewart Chasi w. Darling my. Gonzales and gen. Wm.1 h. Morris. It was let Abl de to hold mass a a a Tings in the a Cipal cities of the Union to get. The seme people. Gen. Quest a wrote a letter of apology for his absence. 1 to i new Yolk March 7.�?tlifi. To fuds a paria of feb Turiy 21, s ays it is reported in Paris salons that Napo a Leon died sept. 8tbj a under records Rufo i and that a relation resembling Hanaji Poparod in Napoleons Stead on die. Few for casinos of his appearing in Public. A thei Prince Imp Riaf is nig Mcgaa Napoleon in we Fly Lff Irminia fat Pavan of refused to answer w6r 5 for Coli Temacy of the Soo a Arre Tod 74 remain in it prison. Madrid March 5,-<the Duke front Pensiero. Arrived amid the firing of guns and ringing of it Bells. A a. Londonderry a March .5.---the . A i. I a Frankie Ort March 4.#psdsplo�efl .1 i Paris March 4.�?bpuise closed us it ,74f 2c.,. A ,. Quot j a London liar Cli 4�?12veniufflp-Cousolfi p3stiniiter general Madaii Natii i Eirfie a Gar amp to the Cynd Itlen Oft be postal Tel Fegina a service 0 hit that it the delays at Loridon and Liverpool i which had Capsid so1 Inch were due. To the right of priority conceded Ito member of the Stock Exchange for whose convenience other correspondence had to wait. I,, , is. Two j a , a amp Fuch 4,--t?. A put iffy i. capita within. Eight months a pm it �?zj., ,.fuparis Aych j ppoleop.,wih, Supi a i manifesto 1pik,. Birth Day of the Prince pm Jerial. J�?~1 j a lits in the Soutsi of France Ebbin they Send Ifor Thi Force is Neresia iii in Quot a byte �?~dis6si�?T Ain Bijur those sent nor the is a Geri Elio a pc Larivi a London. March4.�? motion bras introduced that the project for army j wasunsadsfcctoiy., a a 1 a i /78fi42o.�?T. I i. Of Jan hmm Jifca a London March 5%obi m3oniol8 compion its tips 9d,.r,-Np- s later Consols 92�. Bonds Soj. Liverpool a italia Unchu a Al to . A ill Orlea amp sol a sales ,8000 Bales fori speculation Atid e�port-1000 Bales bed j bfeltpph1.# it amp a  Ri&Ltard-$3te�?~$di a 1 w Havre,jtfarch5.�?o�cottonroitfened.with i a de clinic g tendency i tip Ordin Idab Fiji j spot 135, slings sri at a made in the Cortes voted of displeasure it because the a whip of Osnia Waal brought guard Thor matter Juliy a Vnti of 182,to 9. a a important charges i Fere Unade to a Byich toauipipi6ton�?~ofaffah-3tie a Xiv inces thereby Quot governors were either removed transferred. I i1�?"k Quot the Cruite ire Active. Valiere we in pdtlxu8jrei>j i la i a Ibrosselsmarch-5�?the new Bostal i a new ont Kanji marcb7-s� Fri 30 i the soot Bales a a la a Viimsi Oil ,2i pm it Gold Mitoi up Stoa. Fluid a my 2h00l�lim�b Al �8 5 i1 1 a teary st lest <10,000 Bales a so of of Export and spa Clation Upland and Orlean Sll a i Rev i .Vii ,.London, 7., 90j 2 f. 90. �ri5 for . 90. V a so a. A Texas. ? Quot us a a a woj a air to it Itai Rio a l t \ Iona. And., log Artlie turf Ilfeld audio Ann which is a a Jet Roel Lont Friend toil sex Flat af4 Thirby st pm Pef of its find in to country s. A a a a a i it ct�0�?�s&a,�ofi4870oi please Aii Sver Troug fit Youv c 4orotedt.to Coneck do zip Olfs a it / Mill pm Calili a Marqa if st of a. A Tel la Tifa amp Ifyu it Rii his and a wat 2. A what . Quot a a i amp a a amp a required Ito Starta mod orate sized Manche a -1 would it by advisable and. the a i state to import Northern bred 6_ Cap a up give me the add ret some party Thorou my pm sted in so so Fly est a i y ��, a Flur is Scriber. Natl Pugh Tui old. Tex a a Mas Fesauai pne half the present a rate Lia Boeni ran a Fittl Blithe former governtnenti.1 >�1 i if a a a in a Ite that a Siam a which that Grants be permission a a a the.govera4 ment to Lay i it second Cable from France to Algeria a j1 it Law �?T.7r�?o non Bonds 90j. A-.<kua�?~, a March bourse firm a by Nteso jg0j�f Quot a nauii.ii-. Iii site Avivm i opera it he Ary Al Uplands Llody Orleans Ltd sales 8000�balei. Hed Winter wheat 8sr7d a v bombbhipment8tb e 5th$ljp j01jales.i lied Western wheat.7a, red Winter fish Dii pork Flat lard67siand i�7?. Diamond a tie. Kiandoli innings. Coiro 15qjl to Snew York March 7.-fath8ii�bort thaw the City w Boston Lias Arri fed at Over i Pool Canp Pobe trtce4t ,is1 a a Nivea tool March a vein Ngigi Dot toa Flat Uplands 11orleans Ali Bales 10,000 Bales Export and speculation l000 Bales. Naval stores a twist a 1 la get Paris March 3.�?tke americ Fitts veld in hypo Czibur Legame. ,<.t j specie in Tho Bank of i $j10,o Fotopo francs greater than at the c$tpp4 Puj time last week. Prince Pierre Bonaparte has been noti4 Aid to appear before the highcpurtto1 answer in the Victor Etoir i Urc it a i i the sessions of tha ecumenical Council will be resumed next week 1 the Pope is confident Success of the Doctone of in Zibili Oitt in p 4 a bourse opened quiet j in toxins tallow firm. / j i ?p0i�?z mar Clit a non re Otton quiet Uplands a Al of 1 the week 48.000-�?TBales i of ctr Export Boot receipts aste�i8, a amp. Exceed Fioti a i alb st pc a float 412f>poq, american 286,000.�?zyams Andry amp Brichat Manchester Dull. Bed Western wheat 7s 8da7s 9d, red Winter 8s 7d. Flour 20s. A a Liverpool March 4�?evening.�?Cotton cloned with a downward tendency us lob la Uuk Tju a Ltd a. A i. A a pc he rest Lawski find in Tel ced to pc big . A Ltd a i Madrid Maich of a oficial de maj has Heen Gieb to the to blk a a Ira a that m�ntiien4 a a Ltd �1 ii,is,ppsitivei�.4�nied. A hip a Tai is intended to his i tvs a Vermont Pensiero de4 elated that the Cartes alone had the right to de Lare who Subuh lib we a we a a if in Srp tiai a Ampf amp so a to the Fri sued. �0 hi�?T4 Vui Jii.  ., it it Condon it �?T6ferch>c7.itsti� of Tlly Mal a a the Peri amp i Law appropriate a Odds and ends of Tei Raftory a in the character Irish eople on the subject. Of the land Bill. it Effary modification in Tho detail j.1o that Hill. î7,-1� a is in ii Lii �a5fj�t Molt much 7priit�. A to Ftp a the i a pm ret Pete to a a gig signation. the uni ohm to a dry Lnor. James. Melds Butys a Vii heard of the be tag Lonis. Ion Iliae funds for the Stonewall Jackson a a National Monument until he saw the accounts in the papers which said that a presided non capital t Are lie truth to a Fini Wrt. We la la i Muti iffy in Tifi it a a in a but Tho True his Jahs i to first i it this a a lamp a a difficult que Caiiou Toti Witmer Foti a am the Flaat a Tom tfeiei5 of icbms ltfi�?~8a-line to the Bio Grande cattle horses ted mules a Are raised ind . Of Cpd a Shel a Terban it Harcis and timbered Bot Tomiji i it Lii it it ii it a a i Viva. Also in Eastern and Northern 3?Ej horses a cattle mules and uti a Jui Adlo town indeed All it Over 1 Irv 1 j cattle a Royet. Often u&9wwtmt tir weft a the anything else thai grass . A George Wilkins Kendall be Lecce do st pm Texas foist Bokr is Tiger tit Mutli a Art fund Bither a i Aii Tomov Usta Waco a do Llu Sfax Idythe Pope of by in a with Alp has it were Fri give ibo Meloi i to in a that a night and Eim Sellin it error. I a it a Ltd a a answer to Steno Gaioi second a a a a u into was at from25c?to,$25 per acre. Half the land in Texas ramp any Milli my a fac i8.btiunillqcai�dknd remain is Public ipod. Iff the Settle meal a land can be bought at from $3 to,.$5 per acre upon which a<500 la. Bale of Cotton Cotile be raised per acre the land upon a which cattle Shah Onie Are Raf Edjir ,0� a by in Fence in i and,fi3�e to a rattle horses and sheep of t everybody./. Soil that the poor Many with a a Ify. 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