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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 5, 1870, Galveston, Texas Vol. A , sati Day March a 1870.telegraphic. di8patches. View Tork markets. New York feb. 25�?stocks unsettled. Money easy 5a6. Exchange Long 8, Short 8,. Gold 17j. 62s coupons 14$. Tennessee sex coupons 56, now 48. Virginia of Coti Pons 62, new 65. Louisiana 6s old 71jj, levee 6s 691, 8s 79. Alabama 8s 04, 5s 62a. Georgia 6s 80, 7s 92. North Carolinas old 461, new 23. A be Wyoitka feb. 25,-flour unchanged. Wheat a Shade firmer and quiet. Corn quiet a bid firm. Pork Dull mess $26 00a 26 2$. A Laid 15. Cotton steady at 23j. Turpentine lower 46. Rosin quiet $215 �2 20 for strained. Freights Dull. New York feb. 25.-�?Cotton opened steady but closed Dull and heavy sales 4500 Bales. Flour a Shade firmer chiefly on medium grades. Wheat Shade firmer particularly for Winter red and Amber Western $1 27al 29. Com firmer new mixed Western 89a94, old $1 021al 06. Pork heavy new $26a26 371. Lard Kettle 16 16j. A whisky firmer $1 goal 10j. Rice quiet. Sugar scarcely so firm. Cof. Fee drooping. Molasses in fair request. Naval stores and freights , Money easy 5a6. Sterling 8j. Gold Strong 117. Governments steady 62s 15. Southerns Dull. New York feb. 20.�?Cotton heavy and lower sales 3000 Bales at 23c. Flour less Active and prices unchanged. Wheat Dull and unchanged. Corn scarce. Whisky $1 Olal 01j. Pork drooping�?$25 90 a26 25.beef steadier. Lard steady naval a Tores weak groceries quiet. Freights Dull. Money 6a7. Bank statement unfavourable a losing heavily on their Reserve Sterling 8ja8j. Gold lower. Governments lower in sympathy with Gold 6�?~2s�?T14j. Southerns unsettled. New York feb. �?~28.�?Money easy at 56. Exchange steady. Gold Dull atll5. Governments steady 62s 13j. Southerns weak. Cotton quiet heavy sales 1800 Bales at 23$. Flour Dull common grades favor buyers. Wheat la2 cents better. Corn 1 cent bettor. Pork new mess $25 15. Lard heavy act to 15jal6j. Whisky Dull 91 Loal 12. Naval stores quiet. Mew Orleans markets. New Orleans feb. 25.�?flour scarce at $5.75ac 12ja6 30. Com scarce and higher at $1 25. Oats easier at 68c. Bran Noue hero. Hay scarce prime Western $35. Pork Dull at $29 25. Bacon 134a 171al8jc, hams 19c. Lard Dull Tierce 16al6c, Keg lbs Al la. Sugar and molasses in Good demand at yesterday s prices. Whisky rectified $1, raw $1 05. Coffee unchanged. Cotton steady at 224 a221c, sales 6000 receipts 9410, exports to Liverpool 2050, to Havre 4136, to Barcelona 2000, week s pales 36,800, receipts net 45,469, Gross. 46,636, exports to Liv a Arnol 24,939, id the continent 11,179, a Coastwise 2085, Stock 345,810 Bales. Gold 117. N. Y. Sight Par. Sterling 251. New Orleans feb. 26.�?-Cotton, Demaud Good prices firm sales 7500 Bales middling pc receipts 4938 Bales exports to Laverpool 3043 Bales Havre 3302 Ronstadt 1552 Bales. Flour $5 75,5 90, 6, 6 121, 6 15, 6 30a6 50. Com $1 25. Oats 65c. Bran scarce $1 85a2. Nay $35. Pork Dull $29a29 25. Bacon 13, 174al8ic. Hams 19c. Lard Tierce Dull 16al6jc, Keg Active 184al81c. Molasses All ferment 60a70c. Coffee fair 16a 161c, prime 174al7 c. Whisky unchanged. Sugar 111c. Gold 116a 1161. New York sight Par. Sterling 26. New Orleans feb. 28/�?Cotton Dull and lower 221a22c, sales 5500 Bales receipts 14,281 Bales exports to Liverpool 27o4 Bales Barcelona i960 Bales Coastwise 3615 Bales. Flour $5 75, 6 12ia6 30. Corn easier $2 024a2 05. Oats 65a66c. Bran $2 per Hundred. Pork $29. Bacon Dull 13, 17, 17al8jc. Lard Dull 16a 18c. Sugar Dull prime Ujco. Molasses fermenting 60a70c. Coffee and whisky unchanged. Goldll5. New York sight Par sterling25. Washington Wahsington Fob. 25. Iio uhe is disc Asing the appropriations. The clause appropriating 14,000 to the educational Baiey a passed. 1 Tho Senate is considering Tho a Bill to Divide Texas into one state and two territories. The Georgia conservative representatives Are making their Tho Senate and the radicals before Tho House. It is stated that Tho majority of the Senate jul Cinar committee favor seating Hill and Miller Washington feb. 25. mormon preachers were driven from East Meadows Long Island. Washington feb. 25.�?Revenue to Day $343,000, for Tho month $2,600,000. The judiciary committee a will vote on the Newt naturalization Bill on monday. A special agent Briggs reports that he has successfully established a free mail delivery. Inne a Orleans. The territorial plan for the government of this District was reported in the Senato to Day mid. Referred to Tho District of co Lumblad committee. 1 Boutwell bought $2,000,000 Bonds Yea ter Day. And Sola $800,000 Gold. No Southern nominations to Day. Haus a Bill establishing a National Fry tem of education was introduced the committee on ways and Means was instructed to enquire into the expediency of reducing the tax on spirits distilled from fruits. The legislative appropriation Bill finally passe the Bill admitting Georgia was reported and ordered to be printed and referred. A it is precisely like Mississippi. The pensions were resumed. The Indian appropriations wore resumed. In a spirited Debato Tho recent massacres Wero denounced and the abolition of the treaty system urged. Adjourned to monday. V committee on Public lands reported a substitute for the Bill incorporating Tho Mississippi Kansas and Texas Railroad Wilson introduced a Bill placing prize the jurisdiction of the Federal courts. The penalties Are heavy. A motion to refer revels credentials was Defeated and the administration of Tho oath ordered by a strict party vote. Ames credentials were referred to the judiciary committee without debate. Adjourned to monday. Washington feb. 26.�?Wilson Escor ted novels to Tho bar of the Senate the ceremony created much amusement on the floor and crowded the galleries. There is no opposition to the reference of Ames credentials. The following cadets at West Point Are on the credit of the several Louisiana districts third Edward w. Kasey a native. Of California his parents reside Here. Fifth Geo. W. Thompson a native of Williamsburg n. Y. Fourth j. Hau Sel French a native of Philadelphia. Quot the military committee have received instructions from the House to push the investigations. A capt. Mccrance elected in the 5th District is not on the pending disability Bill. Regan from the fourth will make his Oral argument before the election committee next week. There is much creditable gossip about Cadet corruptions but too damaging to be printed except upon positive information. Washington feb. 26.�?revels was sealed next to Brownlow opposite the Side chamber from the democrats. Washington feb. 26.�?immediately after conducting revels to Tho bar of the Senato or. Wilson withdrew his motion to reconsider the vote on the disability Bill. The confusion attending the seating of revels is she reporter a excuse for failing to hear senator Wilson s withdrawal of the motion. The disability Bill is now before the president. Washington Fob. 26.�?Revenue Over $500,000. Belknap and Sherman want $50.000 for the recruiting service for the year. Washington feb. 27.�?a million of Bonds will be bought every week and a million of Gold wifi be Sola every alternate week. This announcements creates Surprise and much apprehension among the shorts. The following extract from saturday s Money report will indicate the effect of Boutwelle a vacillating policy at new York the foreign Exchange Market was weak and unsettled by the fluctuating course of Gold. Prime 60 Days Sterling Bills arc quoted at 8j. The Gold Market was very feverish during the afternoon and closed at 115�all5, the lowest figure of the Day. Tho room. Abounded in rumours All of which affected Tho Market. At one time it was reported that the government would soil eight million dollars next month and the Low currency balance in the Treasury gave color to this report. Following a lose upon this came Privato telegrams from London quoting Bonds at 901, which was afterwards magnified to 91 by rumours although no a Uch quotation could be verified. At the close a very unsettled feeling prevailed and the Treasury programme for March is awaited with much interest. Telegrams from Nashville state that the tax Bill has passed the legislature and also a Bill funding the accruing interest until 1874. It is reported that Tho tax Bill will reduce taxes from $6,000,000 to $2,000,000, and also cuts Down Tho privilege and License tax very materially. The funding Bill provides that Railroad companies May pay their interest in Bank of Tennessee notes past duo coupons and Bonds of the state at Par. Washington feb. 28.�?Mississippi is attached to the department of Cumberland under the command of gen. Cooke. It is rumoured that congressmen Golli Day and Dewees have resigned. The supremo court to Day in Tho Cotton cases a appealed from the court of claims took Tho presidents proclamation of August 20th,. 1866, As Tho Date of Tho termination of Tho a War. This affects Many Cotton cases and other litigation. Washington feb. 28.�?Revenue today trifle Over $1,000,000. Revenue for february nearly $2,000,000 Over february last year. Work at Tho various Navy Yards has been resumed. Revels has been appointed on the committee on labor an education. No confirmations to Day affecting the South. Tho confirmation of Strong for the supremo court was discussed several hours. No action. The state department has advices from Yoka homa that Tho Steamer Oneida on her Way Homo collided with a British Steamer. Tho Oneida sunk. One Hundred and Twenty lives were lost. Senate.�?1tne funding Bill was Dis cussed All Day after which the. Senate went into executive session and adjourned Bill was introduced exempting Farmers from taxes As produce brokers. Butler introduced a joint Resolution to collect wrecked and abandoned property and reclaim those belonging to the United states. The Bill repealing the tax on pork packers after a struggle was referred to Tho ways and Means committee. After striking out Tho amendment refunding Money already paid the following was adopted by 103 to 61 a. Resolved that the Best interests of Tho country require a sufficient Revenue from imports Ana such a Tariff As will afford sufficient Protection to our manufacturers and Best promote Tho Industry of the country. Tho resignation of j. Dewees and Gal Lada was announced. The Indian appropriations was resumed. Breckenridge a Bill intending the time for bonding whisky 3 years was discussed. No action. Adjourned Washington feb. 28.�?Tho judiciary committee will give Bullock a further hearing on wednesday from Cuba. Havana feb. 25�?sugar buoyant with Large speculative enquiry 8a81 for number 12. Tho indians throughout the Lake Supe rior Region Are starving. Derodas has issued freeing two thousand negro prisoners War who had been hired out by government. Derodas is about issuing a decree for special courts for army and Navy churchmen and foreigners. Eighteen members of the cuban Junta at Santiago Limaye been executed. A Havana feb. 26.�?valmaseda in per son has gone in Pursuit of fhe filibusters recently landed in Holguin District. The Spanish gunboat guardian is ashore. Havana feb. 26.�?a�?Tfire broke out on the Caramie Plantation near Cardenas. A High wind carried the flames to four adjoining plantations and fourteen Fields with All the buildings were consumed. The flames were ii mastered after four hours. New York february 26. cuban Junta have Quot the following from Jacksonville the Spanish Winter Campaign ended disastrously. The spaniards retreated into Tho towns. Quet fad will arrive in new York before the 1st of March. A a a Halifax a a february 26. missing Steamer City of Boston bad 52 Cabin and 55 Steerage pass Geis. Here of fico is were Captain j. A Halcon chief officer w. Mortimer 2nd do., John Cravin 3d do., Henry k. Ames 4thdor. J. Tevens Purser we. Short surgeon or. Rice first Engineer cd Alexander 2d do., r. Hawks. A a a Havana feb the Bavaria has sailed for Hamburg. It Santa Arjuna Bas been sent to Nassau on a Spanish War York feb 26. Captain of the Cunard a. Calabria expresses a his opinion that no occasion for alarm for the City of Boston. The Calabria and other vessels lately arrived report heavy Easterly winds,1 against which a disabled Steamer could make but Little headway. Cincinnati feb. 26, Steamboat Newville exploded above Lawrenceburg three killed and four Ladly Hurt. New York feb. 26, tobacco convention adopted resolutions condemning the Revenue tax and memorializing Congress to restore the old Tariff on imported cigars. New York feb. 24.�?Tho executive committee of the National Board of fire underwriters has referred the question of rates throughout to the local boards with Power. The methodist convention at Syracuse tabled Resolution favouring further overtures for a reunion with the Church Smiith Montgomery feb. 24.--the Bill in Dorsing the first mortgage Bonds of Tho Mobile and Montgomery Railroad to the amount of $2,500,000, Quot has passed both houses of the legislature by the constitutional majority. Cairo a by a. 24.�?john Dean the Well known Pilot was attacked by a gangue roughs on sunday night and beaten so badly that he has since died from the effects of the injuries received., Richmond feb. 24. legislature is at work Quot perfecting a bill1 for legalizing the acts of the Milit my appointees performed by them since Tho admission of the state and providing through appointment by the governor to fill their places. Louisel Lluc. Feb. 25�?the cd Uris Roumal has been mulched in two Hundred dollars for calling Mary Evans establishment a Bawdy House. Mary wanted $20,000 a a a a Richmond feb. 25. Porter s committee met and approved the Call for the consolidation of All Virginia w. A. Feb. 25. House of delegates voted 38 to 8 to strike a a White from the Constitution and restore the ballot to rebels. Baltimore feb. 25.�?Tho delegates to Tho Southern Railroad convention in session Here Depa fed northward to Day. New York february 25, from colonel Varona announce the arrival of Quesada via. Nassau at st Augustine Florida leaving jordanian command. Que Ysada left Cuba on Tho 27th of january and reports that Tho spaniards bad been discomfited everywhere. T a san Francisco feb. 281�?th� Golden Gate made the trip Iron liver pol in one Hundred Days. Vicksburg miss. Feb. -28.�?a Firo this morning Burnt Hunt s build ing on Washington Street. It is Ike work of an incendiary. The. Stock of Herman amp mass was entirely destroyed. Insurance Twenty five. Thousand dollars. Scheff amp Bro. Had goods damaged. Insured two thousand dollars. The build ing was damaged to Tho amour it of two thousand five Hundred dollars. New York feb. 28. Steamer Henry Chauncey has arrived. Tho nip sic was for the Darien canal Survey. 1 the treaty Between Columbia and Tho United states for the ship canal now Only requires the ratification of Tho a United states. J a slight earthquake occurred at Panama on Tho so february. A i new or Caus. New. Orleans feb. 26. Pica Yune says h. Buckett shot and mortally wounded capt. Hove on Tho Steamer Kate Kinney at Alexandria on thursday. The Central Republican club elected a number of honorary members last night among them Grant cd amp a it Boutwell and Sheldon and. Durant of Louisiana. To names of senators Kellogg and Harris were proposed but not a petted. ,. The legislature passed a Bill incorporating the Louisiana and Texas Railroad company. They ask nothing Blit Tho right of Way. ,. Itis raising. New Orleans feb. 28. convention of members of Tho a conservative press of Louisiana assembled Heye this morning. Or. Ward of Tho Iberville South was elected chairman and Gouthreau of Tho Napoleonville Pioneer Secretary. A committee was appointed to draft a programme of operation and then adjourned till to Morrow. The convention of Generoli freight agents of Tho United states and Canada assembled. W. O. Smith of Columbus Ohio is chairman and h. Chenman of Indiana Secretary. The following was adopted a a a a. Resolved that a committee on classification by appointed to consult representatives of the various lines interested in through business Between the North so flt an West with a View of securing a in classification. Messes. Mccoy Henman Payton Lopez Hills Kilbara and Wilker were appointed said committee. Athe City is thronged with strangers. A greater number Are Here than at any time since the season of 1865-66, _ a new Orleans. Feb 28.�?tlie Steamer Mississippi southward bound heavily Laden with Stock and Western product st by a snug it 2 a. Near the Landing at Waterproof and sunk rapidly no lives lost. The boat and cargo Are a total 3s. The Cabin has just floated but iils Oad Accident. New Orleans feb. 26. South Ern bound passenger train fell through Buckner trestle on a the Mississippi Central Railroad about five of clock yesterday afternoon smashing five cars. Fifteen persons Are killed and thirty wounded. Kill dog. A Mcdonald Bolivar to nne a see t. B. Harris North Carolina t. J. Covington Woodbury Tennessee col Alexander Speers Brandon Stephen w. A Oon Illinois r. B. Moore Covington Illinois Thomas Watson Emigrant mrs. Turner woman 2 Chiv Dren and 2 coloured Brake Menf and l. C Morehouse of Elkton la. A found eds col Sam Tate Charlie Mcco Rincoe e. Manually w. Talliaferro of water Valley Mississippi Sam Frazer Nashville r. C. Boyd Louisiana a. C. Mccarter route agent Jackson. Tennessee h. Sli Maii Jackson a s. J. P. Mcdowell Texas Charley Young c. Hildebrand Illinois Richard Busteed Alabama a lady unknown capt. .4. B. Schill Louisville James Moore coloured and an immigrant family of ten or twelve All More or less injured also a j. Berryman wife and child from Glassgow Scotland. Many others are1 Hurt whose names Puld not be obtained Ril Ostly emigrants. Memphis feb. 26,�?17 persons were killed by the Railroad Accident mostly immigrants for Texas. A a Mexico. A .1 .1 san Francisco feb. 26. Public meeting at Tepic cleared in mayor of the Independence of the. Northwestern states. Generals Rozeda and Vega Lead the move ment. The governors of Sonora Chihua Liua and lower California favor the movement. The governors of Durango and Sinaloa adhere to Juarez. A .1 by the Cable. Frankfort feb 24.�?bpftdsr dosed firm at 94a94.Havre feb. 24.�?Cotton closed quiet for both on spot and afloat. Paris feb. 24.�?bourse closed Dull rentes73f90c. A Liverpool Fob. 24.�?Cotton, sales 10,000 Bahlebi including <2000 Bales for expert and speculation. London feb. 24.�?tlie a Lection re occurred in Waterford and la Tinham 1 nothing interesting a in parliament. Gladstone a land Reform becomes daily More unpopular Indreland. Paris feb. 24.�?there was a Stormy scene in Tho corps la gis Latif to Day. Of i Livier announced that Tho government in accordance with the Liberal policy proposed to abandon wholly the system of nominating and supporting official candidates for this chamber. The deputies on the right How upon burst into loud cries of disapproval lasting Many minutes but Ollivier continued speaking though continually interrupted. To declared Tho government would not act contrary to its own interests and present a spectacle of Meir arriving at Power disowning their principles and acts. The right immedi at la my a a a. Tho order of the a in i upholding the system of. Official candidatures a Stormy discussion ensued and the order of the Day As noved by the right was adopted by 187 against 56. This result produces much excitement being considered equivalent to a want of Confidence in . London feb 35. times pre is favourable results from Mcclellan management of the Atlantic and Gre it West Era a a Railroad affairs a 1 a London feb 28�?evening.�?consols 92. Bonds 90�. Tallow 47s. 3d. Paris 27. emperor declares that perfect personal an official Harmony exists Between himself and . The emperor believes they have Tho sympathy of Overy honest Frenchman. A Bishop Loyal do Claros to at he will rather die than Aid the projects spoken of at Rome. The Bishops letter done to say what Tho pro a a its Are., 1 a London feb. 28�?noon.�? Consols 92ff. Bonds 901.-. Alive Pool. Fob. 28�?noon.�?Cotton, Uplands 11 cd Orleans Xii a. 1. I London feb. 28�?the great Eastern has successfully Laid Tho Cable Between Bombay and Aden completing the comr run cation Between England and Tho colonies. A messages from Bombay have been received dated to Day r Naples feb. 28. failure of the Bank at Scilla causes great distress in the Southern part of Italy. % Rome feb. 28.�?hyacinthe s secularization gives general satisfaction. London feb. 28.�?consols 92ft. Bonds 904. 1 Liverpool feb. 28�?evening.�?cot-�?�ton steady Uplands 11j, Orleans la Jally sales 10,000 Bales. Commercial dispatches. New York feb. 28. Gold opens 16j, 10 30 a. Min Gold 116. Cotton firmer quotations nominally same. Good Ordi nary 21, Low middling 22. Middling 23j, Mobile 23f, Orleans 23j. 12 1151. Cotton Dull prices unchanged.3 p. 115. Cotton firm but closed heavy Saleb 1200bales, Good Ordi nary 21i, Low middling 22, middling 23, Mobile 23j, Orleans a. A j .1. New Orleans a feb. 28.11 30, a. Cotton de Mand fair prices firm sales 700.Bales middling 22.excbangepar 2 pm a Gold 115ftv Cotton irregular sales 5500, middling 22. Exc Mage Par Liverpool feb. 28. J quiet sales 10,000 Bales Uplands 11$, Orleans Ilfe Llyd. 2 p. quiet uplands1 Ali Orleans la Fallad. A 5 i steady sales 10,000 Bales 2000 for Export and speculation Uplands 11$, Orleans la London feb 28. 904. 1 a 5 p. 901. 1 Texas news. Central Railroad., Cotton seipts during the week at the depot Here have again averaged about 1000 baits a daily an excellent test both of the Enterprise with which this Road is wrought its. Well As. Indicative of. wealth of the state if the present results speak Well for Texas certainly by the time the objective Points of the various through re a ies Are connected1 together with the steadily growl re no Infix Roveil int in Means of transit which is now far behind in being adequate to demand for convey Ance. We May confidently look for even much better returns a attesting the rapid growth of Tho Star state. A a the Bridge across the Brazos which was recently burned is being rapidly re built and in the course of two or Toffee weeks cars will once More be running through to Brenham without Houston Telegraph. A. ,.jj, of on last Friday evening a difficulty occurred at the. Steam Mill of Reed Whitson amp co., Between or. Tine Hardeman one of the proprietors of the Mill and a or. Williams who resides near town a rencontre ensued and Hardeman knocked Williams Down and in Tho scuffle was stabbed in the Back by a Laid about 15 years old Stepson of Williams. The instrument used was a very Large pocket knife and a painful and dangerous wound was inflicted. Or. Hardeman at the pres int writing is doing Well a belts a intelligencer a a a we regret to hear of the destruction by fire on last saturday of the in and Gin i buildings press etc., ofor. Wilson,.seven Miles below town on Little Siref. Thei fire is said to Bavy originated fir iii Quot a my a Tion match dropped in Tbs Dusey two a wagons were burned and some Cotton a we Are unable to learn be exact amount of loss. R a it. A a a. A a. The loss of a Cotton Gin in Bell county is a Public calamity As Well As a heavy blow to the unfortunate owner of the pro a Jerry destroyed.�. I j Quot speaking of fire reminds is that to Root of the. House occupied by or. 8in- Clair As u bar Raponi it caught fire on. A in the Nick of time a disc Strous fire would have been the Betori Intelli Gencer. A ,.ezekiel Mann the oldest a Odd. Fellow in Texas lately died in Ellis county. We had supposed our old Friend Oscar Marishi of Galveston occupied that position. He surely does so far As residence concerned. Oscar was a san Jacinto soit Dir if we remember a get but not a a Loyal enough to remain Galveston a county clerk till the death of Tho office so we hint Seville item / j fire occurred yesterday about noon which totally destroyed it the preserved meat factory. Of. Or. A Richards on situated about two Miles from town on the old premised once occupied by pearls packers. This is the second time or. Chi Edson has been in the same place a sufferer from fire. His loss this time mus by heavy As we understand he was not insured and Many of the citizens by Vytold us that be expended a considerable amount of Money time and Caie to pm a his new Enterprise. The building in to High the operations were to have been carrie4 on being a Marvel of neatness and mechanical display. The fire was occasioned it is said,1 by the a Gnu tip a 6f grease during the process of roasting. I is a Anne d meats which we have Fried Are inst palatable and tempting and would have been Lively in every Way to have priced an entire Success. This ii toward catastrophe we Trust will but delay not destroy Bis scheme for utilizing Texas Telf a graph feb. 26. 1 v we learn from private sources of a brutal murder on the night of Friday last about six Miles from Fayette Ille info or Ette county. It seem upon hat night a negro woman House servant in the family it or. Smith arose in the night and went out to meet her Lover. This is the presumption As she did not appear not morning. Nothing was heard of her until sunday at noon when the body was found some 300 Yards from the House with Throat Cut and a deep stub in the breast. The boxes had found the remains and Warp feasting upon it. The bowels breast and other portions having been devoured the knife and a bottle of whisky was found near the body. The a s. Mail route from this place to. Quitman of which a. B. Norton is on was a contractor is / a or imposition Anid Humbug on the Community. This route Transl through Thon. E. Portion of this and the s. A portion of Henderson counties thence to Canton and in to Quitman by which the citizens of that Deku Bialy populated Section of country Are dependent for their my matter. The a a tils Bave no ver Brien carried on it under the present regime with either certainty or. Regularity the stre�in8 on the route Are now All Low and roads Good yet notwithstanding this no mail has reached Here by that route for Many Long Trinity Palestine advocate. Feb. 23. It is with feel Riff of proof ted Fierro w that chronicle Tho death of Thinas j a Rusk which of canned afo Ballville a on it sunday last. He died from a pneumonia. Ofano ble sire. Just a of two ipg a Pfurr it tart by business. He had before him the most encouraging prospects flt i Success acid. Eminence. Jota Man and popular manners he inane s ii Shaft All it is coir Good a men insist Aie As the bad. A xxv remains passed tooth go this. Pafco on yesterday Nandor charge of his partner Difini the Destin iric iii feb. 23 lawiie8s Tifei b6fofe a Tuy of Peers ii few Weic ago this tot mans Young than was found guilty1, of Imam in the first degree upon nearing Var diet to laughingly offered to bet afro i1 band dollars thit be would not be bang saying that he would get away this turns certain. Sure enough he1 isf1 out a end gone and the chances All seem now to st or a the Quot fulfilment of his pre Diotina. When Las Beard from hereabouts he a amp a armed to the Teeth Well mounted on a Highway. ?mets to themis 25th.the family inside no about the is few a of a Milf a Froin the Public so Nalej a Iowa As the j. J. Word place with to kit ebb no etc., was by fire oblast saturday evening this. Was one iof the Best and most a commodious family resin Donees in town and bad. Only a few Days before t been purchased by or. Jbqswell., pm gently from Georgia and temp wily stopping at Dallas . I family Are nov end nto from Dallas to this place As his. Future permanent Home. A pai�6tme inn if , feb 23.,t Quot highwayrob9jsry.rr-�?wdayssifice our Ferow citizen , Scot was halted about a half mile East of a fall Niue by a couple of. A Sei ruffians. Armed with double barrelled shot guns. And ordered. To Surry a dermis a a Money or his life a whereupon he shelled out the cd nth its of his pocket Book Nineteen dpll7ars, and proceeded on his Way a poorer but a happier Man. No due to Tho Riso Flag. A a a k. 1 a 1 a a i Quot a st., adj Imge in Chi aloof a to Cuba is spa bib insole Nice conf rid to the in la Kcf Tif st a it we find a spaniards a doing no Era Ngy a a Iid browbeating any and Eye by person who does not look at Chingras they Doi a our oor respondent in st a Dot ego a City Ftp Tisby so us with information about thei tree a nent of an american citizen who dared Toi speak of the conduct of tha Yobu Ateek in Cuba. was called to acc pint and cowardly assaulted in the afre Easby two spaniud8,. Hostility to a jierica.n.8 and Ever of no american is opt no spin and h?ri%e3.byimvsj�vwiuiro-Pean agent a in the a till a Thot Quot the administration is in a Reat re a a Stuib a responsible for air Thyri feet persons will deny Abr did a have Little or no a protect Ion 1 and especially in the West indies is this most no treated As ours Almos t within sight of the shores of the United state these insults Are inflicted it by i sympathizers in Tho despotism of a third rate european rapt be done Tbs Sej outrages. Denv flt Ort Seth does not disappoint their just . A i �o6a.a�ofls&e? the of Fard of per Ltha web told Pofi bugs a terrible of a lib Wyo a tat min ser factly innocent so far As relates to any in on the no Jtb River but Noti Bont Ai bewildering amb Timi to make sensations. He has recently invade a,5 great noise of Jeri. Relapsing 4� health waa Noti cd super Beda Hes dispense Aires of fila i has its Especial a prov Nije is not dangerous is destruct no to lure in a a a i a a Conli Imti of Leif of a Iari Tiee find 7 Tuhn charge of the Hod plus Piave Laid Patie Tiee in tar the vagaries of. This a Monger of lathe la ced a waders tih til Pati Einice Baa Lep Rivea them of. Hospital spacer and new they Haye refused of receive his cases. He is thus placed Salt a Niento by beg compelled to rec Giue a to innocence of we disease be a a died or for the by a a it of not establish a unless to Zilg a Cmor has previously issued Ion declaring their a Fei Alesii Lence and to ask the gov claim a slapping �?Tajs�58c_i. A Hon brought to pm feb to i we a taken to it the Coa Cir rare Rio Telal Hesra Asento of fit prism no of when a amp of stat la Zirri def Tiitu nil tragedy a Lodi the in. A. 0. Pltyl1 Kavet been Transf Ira i should have been buoy ctoimib�?/i4ri�ertt-bl� a Exola i med Honfi fid so Jyoti. He a a a murdered seven a Ign Prince a a Bonaparte. a la jul a one Man a Ywell a with. ?. Not proud a a i a a Man who style himself Louis Napolz on Bonaparte and wbk pretends to be the offspring of a pretended son of Nap. Leon i and Josephine is now staying at Berne where to is about to publish a pamphlet dedicated to France la Socin to it Droit. He is s?4d to be either a Luna is or an imposter Al it though he has in i 3 features some Points of resemblance to the Bonaparte family
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