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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 1, 1870, Galveston, Texas Quot a Cotton statement. Co Merciai. office j Galveston Bain Day january i. 1s70 f tic Teir. Jssj4j. Ina port.? received Prev july at _ this Quot �?��sj3 received at other Texas ports318 received previously at this port not resorted. Received at Bagle pass to july �?T1# m so 612� 51�4 ��57 22s0 13=1 total.�?. A a 92 693s1 k037 extort by to great Brittain to Date.�?�?. 2�� 151 3 Continental ports-�?�?��?�-,�?�75 Mexico. Mexico via Eagle past. Havana. Weir Orleans. 5393 new York. 187l Boston. 1,33 Baltimore. Philadelphia a Portland. Consumed by rope Faote a and shipped without of Ealing. 34431 96i0 19151 163 7 8515 saw sct�63 3771 i�os5 s2�o 1133 4�o55 in 51ic� Yahuda Aisup Board net cleared 43683 weekly Herb its of Cottos at this port bats. A a a a a sept 10. 17 a oct. .1 8 15 s3 a nov. 5 13 dec 19�?o 36 3 10 17 m 31 this year 1s6&-59. 1837-cs. 657 Bales. 1112 it it ales. 340 Bale 1893 a a a 1318 a 166 2-i 1 a 1574 we �55 3i76 �17 a 7 2417 3731 115 3t8u 4134 1.4 4569 m m 3816 7�5 4921 49c9 a 1141 5389 �,05. 769 ��39 5194 1182 -bt57 m. 4-203 2075 8794 4297 1991 8344 5274 2.63 7477 4516 2519 6790 49t8 sc9j a 6780 a a pm 3314 781� 3312 22& Gpe cd pal Csc 81 c0tt0s 12� this m1rk�t this tear. Lwi to. A at. Sept. 16. I7 4 oat. I i i 83 to. A 13 1� 8 de 3 Iff 17 at u a by t. Sold a Lily if a 17 9l7� 1�o4ic 17 4171 16t� it at6� 161 a 17 cd 17 1� Ici 1619 16 1��16 17 9. m 179 171 171� 17 173 17 , s51933 2219 21 maw lds is 19<9ltl 19� 13. �191 �9i�isl 19j9 9i 16.9181 199 9 19 �191 19 3 .191�?2 2j �20 1919 it a pm or t. 914 �i3 13 913 k�9h1 142914 149t�l 144� 41 is 91-. 14 f�l4l 141914t a 3 9�i 13 9 15lli 159-Ieiair 1 Mol a9 u 9ici 15 915117 91� 17 17 17 917 17 917 179171 917 i6191c1 161917 v -9181 9171 179 17917 is a 19 9<9i rates of Gold and Silver is t�113 Market m i Clou of a sch commercial util. This tear. Hc5-�9. Date. Flold. Am. By Tver. Old. In. Silva a set. 10 133913� 13131� 9143 9 133 17 p59 a 1331� a1� 133� in 4 i3$.s>i39 13g 9131 a 141 9 137 oct. 1 13191811 129 �133 1399133 136913� 8 i3i 9 a 13-� a a a 139 a 9 137 13 130913p list 9 i3j a 913 i3 i9 137 94 131 91311 129 9 13 i3c19137 139 13� a a -.9 128 �hg1 1360>33 9 Kot. 5 13619 1261 ii5 9is6 i31t�i3> 1>2�9 >31 13 12719 126 9 135 913ij 13?19 134 .1 19 12719 12619 1319136 k-313 134 �8 1269126 126 9 13012136 134 91341 do 3 13191241 m amp. 1351913a 9 134 10 12419125 1s3 9 �33 17 132 91221 121 9121 13191341 9131 to 1219�? 1su 9134 13419 a a or a a 31 Lioja 120 a 9119 a 13419135 a 9j33 rates of 8tebliig, to. Amp 5. T. Sight in to hts Market at i Clest of Eara it Tom a cite trek Date. Sterling. If. O. Sight. X. T. A Ruht. Sept. Is 1099109 1 it c. Or. P. C. Or. 17 li9aus 1 p a apr 1 p. E. Or. Is 11791c9 1 p. O. Or. 1 p. E. Or. Oct i a 1 7 9119 11>-o or. 1 p. Car. A 1079119 in. C. Or. I p. C. Or. 13 1>7�1 9 in. . 1 p. A. P. A 1069107 in apr. 1 p. C. Dis. 19 l�791>-9 in. . , Dis. To 1079 irs a. . � d.5 12 1079169 1 p. E. Or. 1 p. C. Is 19 10791 9 p. O. Or. In c. Do. 1� 1679169 in. O. Or. Par do 1079109 1 p. C. Or. Par 10 iq69� 19 p. O. Or. Car it10 i9loti 1 p. Car. Or 34 1 5191c� 1 p. C. Or Par 31 i0 t91ki 1 p o. Or Jar receipts of c0datut pb0duce to to Wax xxi a Casuba 3, 1669. Deo.25�?suainfr jul claw from honaion�?�,4 Bales Cotton 1169 hides t Bills sir of 20 pcs i33bbls a St. Per balt pad from honstoa�?783 Bale Cotton 53j bide. 95 bbl tallow i Tea 5j bbl Kos of dec. 27�?-Steaaar t m by by. Irom cast oct act Bales Cotton 383 hide. 45 to 6j by a die. Steamer Caddo from h #n�ton�?3>j bides 14� blips tallow 530 Tea 323 bbl Best. Betsa Lahip w q Howes from indlanola�?3 Bales Cottom. Steamship Morgan from Indianola ii Bales cot ton Steamer a Jones from Trinity river�?cs3 Bales Cotton s l hides. Steamer j 8 severs from Brazos a Bales Cotton. Sloop son of the air from san bernard�?41 Bales a Etta 4 bides. Sloop florentine from san bernard�?79 bides. Per a Drosd from lloa<iton�?iu2 Bale Cutton. Dee. 23�?Steamer Era no 3, front lleoston�?131 Beu Seiton. 161 hides. Steamer cute Law. From houston�?210 Bales Cotton 11 ibis tallow <5 tos 152 bbl beef 243 but a per bail Road. From houton�?2fil bides 93 Blu Taew 144 tas 135 bbl beef Fieber j Vockey from Lake Char Lejk ice hides. from sabine�?3 Bales Cotton 1�?~0 idea. A Des. 29�?Steamer t m iia by from honston�?154 my Fotiou 0� ten u%1 per lust Road Fco a Hoo Sun 334 bal a Cotton 3k Laid oct Jie to Restif incr bit eur from Hon ton�?361 Pec radio and from honston�?934 Bilos Cotton i Isle Wool in Des 3ubbstallow Steamer Ida Lcleese fiem Trinity rlrer�?1013 Bales Oettl 101 hides. Sloop Emma from Sabine 5j Biles Cutten Ico bides. 4bdlasklns. Dae 31�?Steamer Era no. 3, from honstoa�?170 Balea be too. Steamer t m by of by. Front honston�?254 Talea rot ten 1910 bides . St. Mary from indlanola�?33 Balea Cotta. Per Lui Road from Honston-5<1 Bales Cotton t Bale Woel 19 bides 1 Bale skins. Various Small Eft in this but a 6 Bales Cotten. Total Cotton 7819 but Les 9 Bales Woel 53-9 hides 7 Bandit skins j 378 a Airtis tallow 184 Leicea Aad is Barf is Best sports of could try produce a Osanai bub Odisa 1c63 Dee. My Stettn shop w o Howe neworns�?�?�57 Biles Cotton. 160 pcs 400 bbl Beer i Dee 87�?steamship Al Organ new orleans�?63 Bales Cotton 520 bides 154 bbl beef. A Deo. 2s�?bark Mirac Litchfield lirerposl�?141i balls Cetton 57 bbl tallow. A. Bark the Ramels tiverpool�?95 b it Iea Cost ii Deo. 39�?bteamshipvarana, hew york�?1-30 baits Letioa 3 Bales Wool 507 Hadst. Kobr my Samson boston�?1c84 Bales Cotton 27i hides horus. Dee. 30�?bebsit Palmer newtock�?7<3balea�at-ton. 1989 hides 215 bbl tallow. Steamship Agues new orleans�?71 Balea Cotton 3 Balea Wool 4300 bides 100 bbl emf. Dee. 31�?steamship St. Mary new orleans�?137 Balea Cotton. Total�?5404 Bales Cotton 37 Bales Wool �?o7 >74 bides. 10,0 a hots 373 bbl tallow 18 Tea 6u bbl beef. R Wooi . Coup Eucial bulletin of fib i Galveston. Saturday january 1, 1670. This tour. 186s-6 1887-63. Stack a hand sept. 1, 1869�?Balea.> 16 37 received this week at i this 9 15 received previously at this port. 4i7 214 received at Othor Texas ports. 818 1324. . 1290 1630. By tots to new Orleans to Date. 682 4lt to new Tork to Date Bales. 433 1.97 to Boston. 47 a to Baltimore a or Vio sly not reported 1162 1515, on hand and on shipboard not cleared. 13s 119 181 87 548 1314 �039 a 168 1583. 7 175� 374 note two sacks of Wool Are a ousted Eye. Bale a pkwy a quotations Fia Toste. Friday deep Haber 31, 1869. Held. 131910 8ilter, medic a in celd.i&0j9�z0ij Sivar. @119 Marine intelligence. Dec. 24 s 8 euterpe ill Ersdale new Tork. Dec. 27�?s s St Mary Bourne new Orleans. Harlan Lewis Nei Dorleant. Morgan Talbot Indianola _ feb j p Allen Allen new Tork. Kubr Ges Banks Byder new York. Schr Clementina banana Mer Eatean. Is son Ortho air Anderson san Bernard is Florin Lna Boova son Bernard. Schr it Obla Campbell Tux an. Bark Pegeti Miller Havana. Dec. S6-s s acne Hawthorne new Orleans 8 it Clin ten be Kelt new Orleans Chr a Wilsoa Wilson Kerkland Sulu Surprise Jones Sabine Sohr jockey fall Lake Charles Deo. 30�?tueop Elbaune devote san Bernard. Schr let file go Terceira san Bernard. dec. 34�?s s Morgan Talbot Indianola. Des. 27�?s s Morgan Talbot new Orleans. 8 s Hart a Lewis Indus cola. Deo. 28�?Schr Surprise Jones Sabine Schr 3 Bokey. Hall Lake Charles Schr a Mma Stone Sabine Bruemm a Litchfield Crockett liver Pool Bat k theron tvs div Liverpool Des 59�? 3 s Varuna Specter new Tork s s Sivmary Bourne Indianola s it Linton Beckett Brans St Sjo of Chi k b. A a Sason. Samson Boston Sloop Emma Hanson Velasco steamship Agno j. new Orleans Schr Bobert Palmer a Clark new Tork. Schr lot me be Terace Ixa san Bernad. Schryl stauna Siatua. Moira Emtesa. Loep son of Tbs air Anderson son Bernard. List of vessels a pout of Alvestos 8teabhifa. S. S. Euterpe a. Gates n a me t h me Mahon St co 694 a oils. Demons hire Bril. Duiko a lev Oriolo log. C. W. Harley co 151 ced strewn a Green mail l Pool lag c w Hailey St co. 806 Anteinette. To Bose Nan l Pool log ban iter amp co 741 Elsinore a clerk la Pool log j s Sellers Alco 885 basks. Eva bait Fisher Havana log Liverpool. C u Jordan 679 Ere a Hohorst Bremen log Kauffman t be �33 heavy Futter of Dickey la Pool. Log o. A. A Hailey it co. 331 Texas if of Meent in Bremod id Banger amp co 6i7 Veteran. A Cathcart Havre in c w h Uler it be 530 Mozart k o. A stroher. Bremen la. Banger amp co 841 a Veaton if of Eidom Bremen log ban w it co 670 i peptone v o. Wineke Bremen log j Man a co 83g Treser it o. Bodenburg Amsterdam log t h. Mcmahan amp co 432 Herbert Brit. Smith. Liverpool Dis c w Hutley amp co 1087 Volant a Caitor la Pool log t h Mcmahan it co 447 Iron age a crab tras it Dis j 9 Sellers &co,6to Cremona of Barrow id l Pool o w Hurley it co 8. 8 a Bias. A to Manor or. A Wilbur n to Dis h d n co 339 Peggy it Moller Havana, Del Lite 23j Kra Bril. Dalton Livo poo t. A Mcmahan it co 112 f atals Carville Brit. Hogan Liverpool log. T. H. Homanan it a �98 Ilosky Glenn. Dorr n bldg c w Harley amp be 399 Lliter Dolen. Not Iverson Bio de Janniro Del j Kaufl Xan 4r co. 114 Adelie Meleos of Monroe n bldg c w Harley it co ssi big Pomona a Browd. Liverpool id Thomma Han a co 421 big Galveston a Merryman n to Dis h d n co. 472 a Noonam. St Croix a. Baton id Boa toe Wolston. Wella. Amp Vidor 38# g b my Fatland a Mcfarland Baek port Adams Vedder amp co 367 3 p Allen a Allen h to w Hurley Taco 151 Cen backs a Bader. A a n to a Harley amp co 333 we Wilaon a. Wilson Rockland c h Jordan 267 Pioneer of Smith Providence log c w Hur. Ley a be s<9 a Leoan. A did Oay n to w Hurley a of Sll w p Coshia a. Cook n bldg o of Harley 958 r w Haddell e. Maloy ids Phila Woli Toa Wells to Vidor 337 174�z8 Decat or Aue Bican Porter appeared to Day before to House up dial committee on the Oansean of the decay of american Commerce and gave his views on the relations of a steam mercantile Marine to Taco National defence and the Means by which the Prosperity of on shipping Zojer eds May be revived. The admirals evidence was very Long and interesting. He gave his opinion that we could have saved at least forty million dollars at the outset of the War if we bad a Fleet of steamships like that used in the trans Atlan Lio lines which might have been turned into a blockading Fleet. He thought that to encourage american steamship lines subsidies were seeded and they might be in the form of american postage or of direct payment for the trip. The Admiral favored Ench Aid to mail steamers and a drawback on the material used in ship building equal to the amount of duty on them. He is opposed to a. Free Reguera Tion of foreign built ships As Uteri y do Watrac live of our Mech Adiol and building interests. He also believed it would be be Elisary to Al a Low of the Purchase of some Twenty it four steamships and their registry for the Pur pose of being at once used in the establish ment of mail steamship lines. With such an acquisition and the Piro tettion accorded by subsidies and drawbacks the admirals opinion was that within two or three years the carrying Trade a would revive. He thought that it was of tha utmost importance that the United states should have a steam Marine the vessels in Wiloh could be transferred at once into cruisers if the occasion Etc tired. He further gave it As his opinion that thirty vessels of the class described above would be of More service in Case of War than our combined Navy As at present constituted. We learn that about 3 of clock in the night of last week the Kentucky town Mill owned by w. N. Savage and the Cotton Gin attached oat ight fire supposed by to rident and were consumed together with the Grain in the Mill and about 70 Bales of Cotton in the courier 18, Iab go ditto a. Pis dispatch Esti hew Rork markets. New Yoek Deo. 29 a stocks weak Aad uns amp uld Honey 7 Sterling Long 9, Short 9j. Qoldll9. Bonds 124. Tennessee >6�?Tt sex coupons 53, new 47j. Virginia 6�?T� Exeen. Pons 47i, news4 Louisiana 6 sold70, new it 66i, ii Evee. 6rs 61t 8 s 82. Alabama 8 s 94,-5�?Ts 61. Georgia 6�?Ts 81 asked 7 s asked. North Carolina old 42 a new 28i. South quo Lina new 80. Flour to. Better wheat to lower. Corn to lower. Pork i diet Quot mess t30 f30 25. Ojard quiet Cotton steady 25jo. Turpentine quiet 43io. Eosin steady >2 05 @210 for strained. Freight quiet new Yolk Deo. 29.�?money very stringent at 7, Gold. Sterling heavy and lower at 8g@ 8j. Gold Dull and heavy at ll9@119ij. Bonds weak. 62�?Ts 12 j. Stooks Active and weak. Cotton firm closing quiet Salsa 3300 Bales at 25 of flour s@10o. Better on Low grades. Superfine $4 7o@$5 common to fait extra $5, 50@$6, wheat e a Bode better and quiet firmness restricts Export demand. Bed Western $1 33@$1 37. Corn heavy old mixed Western $1 to $1 10. Pork unchanged. Liard firmer l#@18ib. Whisky 98a@$l. Turpentine 43@45o. Eosin $2@ $8. Freights firmer Cotton steam to. Arrived Moro Castle Nemesis St. Laurent. J new Yolk Deo 29.�?Wool quiet Domestic fleece 47@49oi dubbed 55@56o, pulled 30@ 47io Texas 20o, California 18@26o. Idea quiet but firm. Discounts 10@ 12. Louisiana s old 70, new 66@66j, levees 62, 8�?Ts 81 Ala Bama 8�?Ts 95 a for a 63. Arrived Steamer Wilmington from Galveston. Naw yobs dec. 20.�?stooka weak. Good opened at 119j and Rose to 120�. Money so Tiv at 7, Gold. Exchange Long 8, Short 9. Bonds 12. Tennessee 6j, sex coupons 53�o, new 44i Virginia 6s, sex coupons 471, new 62 Louisiana 6s, old 68. New 62 levee 6s 64, 8s 804 Alabama 8s 946s 62 Georgia 6s 81 asked 7s 91 North Carolina old 41, new 28i 8outh Carolina new 77. New Yolk dec. 30.�?flour 5@i0o. Better for Low grades. Wheat a Shade firmer. Corn to. Better. Pork lower new mess $29 50. Lard Dull Cotton quiet and steady at 25&0. Turpentine quiet at 43c. Eosin firm at $2 05 @$2 10 for strained. Freights naw Yolk Deo. 30, unchanged sales 2200 Bales at 25&o. Floor in fair Export demand superfine state $4 85@5common to fair extra Southern s5fi$@6. Wheat in fair Export and Nelling demand Winter red Western $13101 37� Corn 2q3o better new yellow Southern 9gc@l 03. Pork lower $29 60@30. Lord drooping Kettle 18@18ic. Whisky 99o. Groceries Dull but firmer. Turpentine 43@44a. Freights drooping. Money easier 7 currency. Sterling 8@8. Gold quiet 1192. Bonds quiet and steady. 62s 12 southerns firm. Sew Orleans Marlun. New Orleans Deo. 29. Active and High grades Sharoe prices Fimi at 24@24c sales 6600 bides receipts 2958 Bales exports to Havre 3285 Bales to Boston 1333 Bales. Four firmer at $5 25@5 90, $603 25. Cora Dull at 88�90c. Oats Stock Light Choice 63c, St Louis 70. Bran $115, Hay $24. $30@30 25. Bacon unchanged. Lard in tiers 184@18io, kegs20 21o. Sugar and molasses Are quiet whisky 90o@$l. Coffee unchanged. Gold 120. Sterling 30. New York sight Par a discount it new oblians Deo. 30. steady at 24@244 sales 6500 Bales receipts 8571 Bales exports to Liverpool 6518 Bales Genoa 352 Bales Barcelona 685 Bales Providence 1393 Bales. Flour easier at $5@5 25�5 75. Corn 9?o. , held at $30 to. Bacon Dell and lower. 14, 18i@l8o. Ham 25@27c, lard Dull Tierce 18�18jc, Keg 19i@20s. Sugar prime 12@12jc. Molasses prime 63 @70o. Others unchanged. Gold 120i. Sterling 30. New York sight up i Dis count than use for tax. St. Loins dec. five Hundred chinese will arrive Here to night they will immediately proceed to Texas to work on the Railroad. St. Loots dec. 29.�?two Hundred and fifty chinese departed on the Steamer Mississippi for th6 Texas railroads. Washes Goa. Washington Deo. 27.�?the treaty whereby acquires Samana involves a lease for fifty years with a contingent right to Purchase for a specified sum. An Effort will be made to have the treaty confirmed Early after the recess. Considerable opposition is expected expenditures of Money Over which the House will fight an american vessel has arrived at Sau Francisco with advices from China which state that a revised treaty Between England and China has been signed by the proper of. Filers of the governments but had yet to be ratified and accepted by the other foreign governments before it would go into operation. The following Are the important changes Quot a modification of the transit dues the opening of two new Porta to Trade and Commerce the working of the Eoal Gines by foreign appliances As an Experiment in two places yet to be selected a reduction of duty on native Coal and other finances the establishment of bonded warehouses the Hafix Gatio Nof Inland Waters by vessels not steam ers and a temporary residence in any part of the Empire by the ports to be Quot opened by treaty Are a Chan on the lower Yantz Chu and Wanchan on the coast Between Ningpo and fun Ehan both of which ports bad been strongly Roou mended in ail memorials on the subject the chinese government bad Alsto agreed to employ an English barrister to Frame a code of mercantile laars in Conj notion with the judge appointed by her majesty the Queen of England. The supreme court will govern �11 International and civil suits. The advantages to be gained by 4&s treaty Are Prono anode substantial and equally beneficial to the Chi Nese As to foreigners. R Wash Soto Deo. 25.�?holders of claims against the be Publio of Mexico that Are to be presented and proved before the mexican commission now sitting Here and who have not presented the same Are notified that the time for such presentation and proof will expire on the 3d of. March next unless Good cause for an Extension of time be shown to the satisfaction of the commission. The state of such claims with the evidence to sustain them duly authenticated before a Consul officer of the United states when taken without the. United states or before Bome person duly authorized to administer oaths when taken within the United states will be received at the department of state and will be presented to the commissioner if found in due form. J. Hubley Ashton of Washington has been appointed the agent of the United states to act on behalf Ltd this government for the several claimants whose claims May be presented through this department Wab Botsios Dea. 28.�?a heavy earthquake is reported in Eastern California and throughout Nevada. The shocks were Felt a the k est level of the mines. The vibrations were from North to South. The steamship China brings 3sc0 cards of silk worm eggs from China and Japan for Lyons France. They come Overland to new York thence by btes mor. Cresswell has gone to new York to attend to the european mail transportation. The. Steamers refuse to can the mails at the re a diced rates. The protestant and Catholic Mission House at Nankin were destroyed by a mob the inmates barely escaping. A new translation of Burlingame credentials show that he was accredited to lesser Powers and accorded him no Pleni potential Powers. The departments dose at noon. Little business. Or a Wab Isotow dec. 28u�?bufus b. Wade has been re appointed special agent at Large on mail depredations. No Cabinet meeting to Day. Gold in the Treasury $107,000,603 Gold certificate $37,000,000. Currency $10,500,. 000. R n the debt statement will show a decrease of probably 7,000, m Wash autos dec. 29.�?the mexican commission have yet made no Legal decisions in fast the court is not yet organized the Umpire being absent Cushing who represents Mexico objecting to an american and Ashton who represents the americans objecting to a mexican nomination of the Umpire. The matter has been referred to the English minister Thomton. This mornings chronicle says a the statement sent from this City to the new York Tribune and published in that paper of yesterday imputing certain views and purposes on the cuban question to the president or. Fish Secretary of Clate and senator sum. Ner is in All its associations and inferences utterly without a Wash Ratos. Dec. 29�?bevenue receipts to Day $320,000. It assistant Secretary of the Treasury Richardson positively quit on january 1st Jiuu Tuiai a amp 29.�?in the agricultural report the commissioner says Quot with All the increase of Farmers to produce a population to Oon aume and with an actual enlargement of area under culture it is certain that actually Leas com was produced than in 1868.&Quot Cotton the drought on the Atlantic coast was less injurious than to com. Everywhere the average planted is greater. Last year tha product per acre on the sea coast was materially less. The relative proportion of lint to seed is Les it than usual reports of five Hundred pounds lint per acre where Good culture followed careful selection of seed Are not in frequent picking commenced earlier than usual and later bolls ripened More thoroughly. The season for picking has been uniformly a avoral a favouring Freedom from trash and dirt tobacco latest returns indicate one third redaction in Virginia and Maryland one sixth in Kentucky 16 per cent in Mio Bigan with a slight decrease in Indiana and Illinois. A fair summary indicates an aggregate reduction of 20 per cent Quality Boteo dec 30.�?a proclamation is preparing forbidding expeditions into Prince by Perth a land. 1. The merchants Exchange Bank new York loses but fifty thousand by Oakley a Deal cation. It is reiterated that the president will refer the alleged insular ties of the Texas election to Congress. A circular from the controllers office suggests As a matter of safety the refusal of All 50s and 100s of the first National Bank of Jersey City Wasan Agios. Dec. 30.�?bevenue to Day $678,000. Customs for the week acting Deo. 24 Are nearly $2,000,000. Contwell returns on saturday. Sew Ink new Yoke dec. 28.�?it is reported that e. J. Oakley has been embezzling the funds of the merchants Exchange Bank for a Long time. The deficit will reach $200.000. The surplus of the Bank amounts to $80,000, after paying dividends. In the Case of Bomamie Lawrence against b. F. Batler the Twiggs sword cases motion was made to vacate the order of arrest on the ground that the taking was under orders of the dated Spates and that there was no conversion. The decision is reserved. The Post office authorities Are negotiating with the Inman Anchor and several other lines to Cany the mails at reduced rates. The negotiations Are not yet concluded. The investigation into the merchants Exchange Bank irregularities shows a deficit of already $150,000, and will probably prove much larger. The names of the defaulters have not transpired. The Bank claims ability to set its liabilities. New Yolk Deo 28.�?arrived�?steamers Sedgwick from Galveston and Lodona from new Orleans. New Yolk Dae. 28.�?the steamship san Jacinto from Savannah passed two Spanish gunboats supposed to be accidentally separated from the main Fleet new Yolk dec. 28.�?the following in regard to the mails for great Britain is published. The postmaster general agreed to the Portal Concession with great Britain by which tha postage Between the two countries was reduced from twelve to six cents per letter Wii it it it making any arrangements whatever for conveying the mails. On the 23d of december the lines now carrying the mails from this port were notified that after the 1st of january they would Only get two cents per letter or six cents per ounce for carrying the mails. The lines immediately informed the department that they could not perform the service new Vokk dec 28.�?ten Spanish gunboats Are still at quarantine awaiting full Crews. Their departure is improbable under ten Days. New Yolk dec. 29.�?it is reported that ores we 11 has contracted with the Williams amp Guion and the National steamship companies for the Atlantic mails. Reich of larks. To from room. Dec. 28. closed steady Uplands Ali Laid. Orleans t us old sales 10,000 Bales for Export and speculation 2500 Bales. Bed Western wheat 8& 4<l@8. 5d. Base dec. 28. opened firm both on spot and afloat on spot 1361. London dec 28.�?evening�?consols 92. Bonds 86. Tallow easier. Lopow dec. 29.�?noon.7�?consols 921. Bonds 86. Len my Consols 92. Bonds 85. Tallow firmer at 45a. Xxv Mcrobi dec. 29. A Bonds yesterday dosed Flat at 91 j. Live Broox dec. 29.�?noon.-Cotton opened steady. Uplands Ali la Orleans 11i@11j, sales 10,000 Bales. Lmbb. unchanged. Lard Fiat Tsi. Bacon 63s 6d.a. I a _ a a. Have Doc. 29. Yea. Ter Day on spot 137. Allt snot 29�?bonr�?Te a peed Volat. dec. 29�?evoning.-ootto& no. old. 12,000 Balas for port and speculation 300q Bales. Bed Western wheat �3. $i.q8a. Id. To i?0, a evening a Oon Soto Lionas of g. Common Bosin a. Hate Deo. 39. closed a no it Banka bit Deo. 29. Bonds a pied Flat Vige. _. A. Quot a ?8 a to 29�?o-Boursa closed Al rms Bentey of of a Tutt 1 Liebb pop ii Deo. 30�?afternoon. firmer Salens,0c0 Bales. Evening a Cottoni firm Uplands 11w Orleans Llyd for Export and speculation icon a lose. 8sffar2aklmr Ana waste. F from the plasters Bauier of the 33<1 our intelligent correspondent from the coast doubtless the Best informed sugar planter in the state having read All he Eoula find. In the French and English languages on Tiia culture and manufacture of Sogar befit a a this week contributes the following fact and figures for the columns and the readers of the Banner to make 10 Hogsheads of sogk�?13,000/ pounds and 12,000 pounds of Mola Asee in Twenty four hours the planted uses 400,000 pounds of Canet which contains 10 per cent of fibrin or is Grasse or 40,000 Poandl fibrin and 360,000 pounds of juice. 9 Deg. Baume would give 100 pounds of sugar and 511 pounds of water. Perigot and others say that Cine juice when perfectly defecated and Neutral fixed contain Only sugar and water and if rapidly evaporated at a Low temperature Woald form no molasses. 100 pounds of Cane juice at a density of 9 degrees Baume Are equal to 16-37 sugar. 360,000 pounds Cane juice yielding 16-3t per sent of sugar give 68,932 Ponds of sugar. Many planters make sugar and i molasses. Sugar 39,288 pounds at. 10 cents $3,928 80 molasses 19,644 pounds at 5 menu it $982 20 lost in molasses 40,932 Poland is equal to $3,111. 19,644 pounds molasses contain 75 per sent of prismatic or Cane sugar. This worked. Gvero 5q per e6iit of the Tigai can be saved. 7,366. Go a pounds at 5 cents $368 32 saved to obtain the whole sugar contained in sugarcane the Cane must be sliced and if fused or macerated. The bagasse then becomes a very Good provender. And 40,020 pounds of fibrin would be equal to 25 Tony of Hay at $15, Worth $375. This and the sugar saved from molasses added to the daily loss would amount to $38 32. The apparatus needed to make this saving would Cost about $10,000. Ike financial ii Osslo. Special Telegram to the conc Lanati commercial. Washington dec. 21.�?the Senate so Unco a committee to Day discussed at length Secretary Boutwelle a proposition of retiring la dirty five millions of the three Par cent and issuing in their Stead thirty five Mill la As of National Bank cur react to my fit the. South and West and other localities with the requisite banking facilities the committee Are understood to look with favor on this proposition. There Are several members of the committee who would increase it to for to five millions in order that these might be ample banking facilities wherever the up opt desire it the subjeot."woi-,be resumed tomorrow with a View of maturing Babbili at once As there is a Strong Pressaw Oil out South and West foe each additional banking facilities. It is understood that the commit tee Are Deli de by opposed to any farther Isk Flatiron of the currency. A or a a i bout Blly a it Niiro Bini a Wight not a dec. 23.�?Secretary Boutwell has prepared a Bill which a desired to hive into danced and referred in the Senate yester Day but it was prevented by the executive seas cd a which fulfils the views on Landing the debt a a press de in his annual report. Kids Ineasy a wih either be introduced when Ceng Tess a Kassett blk a in january or Laid in the a Wahiad before the Senate finance committee. The Bill provides for a four and a half per sent Bond interest and principal paid in Coin to b8 exchangeable for the five twenties to the extent of Ostir a thousand millions left do Laius the interest to be paid to european Holder sat Frankfort Paris and London Aridth Bonds to be exempt from All taxation with sight exception this a a substantially the of Imming Bill prepared by or. Sherman at the last session when it received the support of a majority of the finance committee. , Deo. 21.�?in the Senate or. Warner introduced a Bill for the More equal distribution of National banking capital providing that the amount of circa lating notes to be issued to banking associations shall not exceed $840.000,000, Aad la issuing said circulating notes preteen be shall be Given to banking associations in sections having the least National Bank circus Kuna that the Secretary of the Treasury is required to retire and cancel United states 3 per heat certificates to the extent of thei Aeu of it beak notes under this not and shall Ossee to pay interest on 3 per sent certificate a of tie United states. The Bill Wae committee on finance. we learn that the new Bridge Tatoia in Navidad at Oakland this Side of Oola Salmi has been completed. For this Anoh a it Kex work the travelling and by Airees a of omani rare indebted to the Enki of of our Friend Nichols of the Harrisburg Gintonio Herald. a 1 mobs saturday aigle to Strain brought about 260 additional mini giant to Calvert some few Are get thing in Bebel son but the majority Are bound tax the sore Northern counties. As a general thing they Are the most desirable class of Peep a a steady industrious Farmers with capital enough or a comfortable Start in a new Enterprise Dee. 21.s. 8bllbks. . Wac is. W a t a a i commission and 8hippin� icon Neutts feb liri�4 Obi uti wok a my a a iup0kxj�5 Ajro Small let Fox Ian and a Omalia do to soft Lamure Buck
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