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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 26, 1870, Galveston, Texas Flakes daily bulletin saturday. Febri Jaet 26. 1870.local amp is Folly to Praise the Bucklers now a a performing at Casino Hall. The theatre is crowded to repletion and More would go could they find a convenient seat after the performance commences. This is what a new Orleans correspondent says of them a they Are the Ablest exponents of their school of amusements that have visited this City for some time. The songs of or. Swain Buckley and the double songs of Hogan and Hughes Are immense especially their a a shoo Fly a while Tho vocalization of Charles hey Wood is remarkable. The clog dances of Johnny Rice Are Good while their burlesque Are extremely funny. Miss Medora Beckers voice is unsurpassed her Arias being scientifically last night till opera was Lucretia notices. A lovers of pure Coffee and a comfortable lunch will find them at All hours of the Day or night at the stall of or. He is no. 25, in the Market. Give him a trial and you will find cheap clean and pleasant refreshments. Febl5-lm. A a i wish you would not give me such Short weight for my Money said a customer to a grocer who had an outstanding Bill against him. A and i wish you give me such Long trait for mine a was the ready reply of John Foth Tho grocer on the Corner of both and Mai Ket streets. He is both witty and Wise and Sells Good groceries. A the following is a specimen of the new York suns a a personals gen. Burnside attended Wallack a a theatre on Friday evening. Lie visited the handsome Theodore Moss during the evening and told him that a a school was the Tinett play he had Ever seen. The Hon. Or. Moss then invited him into his private of tick a Siml uttered him a Elass of 1825 whisky. The general drank it smacked his lips and said it was almost the finest whisky he had Ever tasted and nearly As Fine As Couget a White wheat California whisky. A when Daniel Webster and his brother Ezekiel were together they had frequent literary disputes on one occasion after they had retired to bed they entered into a squabble about a certain passage of one of their school books and having risen to examine the authorities in their Possession they set their bed clothes on tire and nearly burned their fathers dwelling. On being questioned next morning in regard to the Accident Daniel remarked that a they were in Pursuit of Light but got More than they he should Nave Pone to Charles Holmes Berlocher a building who Sells Good Petroleum and other groceries. A a Sou of or. Goer Well known As author of the famed a a Grieras almanac Quot was asked by a gentleman a a do you Ever make calculations upon the weather like those for which your father is so celebrated 7�?� a ooh a and How do your calculations agree with those of your lather a a very Well indeed Quot a answered Young Grier a we Are never Metje than one Day a a Why that it is wonderful indeed Only one Day difference 7�?� a a yes Quot said Grier a a he can always Tell the Day before when it is going to rain and i can always Tell the Day afterwards there arc such people in the world. Now some find out that they want a charter Oak stove and buy it of Bennett amp. Hinkle while others wait until some old smoke Box drives them out of the House. A a distinguished methodist minister and prominent Temperance lecturer once remarked that go where he would from one end of the country to the other he hardly Ever failed to find Plantation bitters and while he condemned Tho practice of using these bitters too freely he could not conscientiously say that he would discard them from his Side Board for to had himself experienced beneficial results from their use and that from a Long and close observation he was convinced that when used moderately and As a Medicine exclusively they were All that was recommended. At the same time he warned his hearers not to pull the Cork too often for they were far too pleasant a tonic to trifle with. Magnolia to the Best imported German Cologne and sold at half the Price. Feb22d cod communicated. Galveston feb. 26, 1370. Editor flakes bulletin Tho services of Tho fire department and its efficiency at the late fire having been called into question by Tho Galveston news it is my duty to chief Engineer to place the facts before the Public. I shall therefore give a simple recital of what to did do As Tho Best possible reply to an accusation for not doing something else. Tho first apparatus on Tho ground was hand engine no. 4, which by direction of the assistant Engineer took position on 22d Street and put water on the rear of Tho fire. No. 4 was soon removed by the chief Engineer to make room for Steamer no. 2, and to Check Tho fire in front. To do this no. 4 was placed in Tho Alley and ordered to take her Hose through Ono of the Brick stores to reach the fire. This was prevented by the occupants and Tho value of the Stream was inst for Tho want of Hose enough to Lead around Tho Corner of Tho Street. Some of the occupants told one of the firemen that they Mccre insured and did not meant him or his Stream through their House. Steamer no. 2 immediately put on two streams Ono of which was handled by Tho washingtonians and the other by themselves. The Island City a Stream saved Tho wooden building in Tho rear and prevented the fire from communicating to Blum a new building. The washingtonians then got water from no. 2, and worked on e. S. Wood s building which they saved. The Island citizens worked hard All night even digging holes in Tho Sand so that their suction could get at Tho water. The washingtonians being without apparatus assisted the Island citizens. No. 3 took water from the rear of the commercial hotel and did Good service. Having exhausted their first water no. 4 took water fro if Tho Palmetto houses old Cistern Aud worked in the Back part of Tho Brick stores. No.1 5 hand engine went into Tho Bay 150 Yards and then with no. 6, putting water on the fire assisting materially to save l. Ii. Woods building. It is Proba ble that had the Star state possessed a sufficiency of Hose the Brick buildings on the strand might have been saved. The Hose of no. 1 was loaned to two and three enabling them to do the service they did. It was this that enabled number 3 to do such Good service Back of e. S. Wood and after having with the assistance of 4, 5 and 6 checked Tho flames water was held in Reserve for use if necessary. Tho Hook and ladder company did Good services in various places out there was a great a efficiency of ladders and buckets although All the ladders belonging to Rice amp Baulard f. D. Harrar and the messes. Kings were used. The Hook amp ladder company Mot the same refusal that was Given to number 4, and in Ono Case where they were greatly needed. It is much easier to find fault than it is to work. Maily men stand around Tho fire and some of them members who talk and find fault but do no service themselves. These Are not True firemen. If property owners forbid Entrance to their premises because they Are insured it will e impossible to extinguish fires. Respectfully John Westerlage chief Engineer fire department. a commercial and financial. Bulletin office i Friday evening february 25, 1870. It Cotton Tho Market to Day has Boon quite Inductivo buy Ora generally having Deolin cd to operate at Tho Ligi Iros asked by holders who wore firm it 19o Tor Good Ordinary. The purchases made to Day which have been Light amounting to Only 235 Bales were made principally by Ono buyer who required a Small amount to fill up a list. Receipts for Tho week though not so Neavy As on the Ono previous have open fair amounting to 7343 Bales. Exports have been somewhat Light amounting to Only 4878 Bales. The Stock on hand and ship Board not cleared has increased slightly amounting to 47,599 Bales. The live poo Market is reported Dull at 11m for Orleans middling with Salos of 10,000 Bales. The new York Market has Beon quiet hut steady at 24c for Orleans middling with sales of 2300 Bales. Receipts at this Point have Beon fair amount Ltd a 0948 it a a no Irv Ding 779 by Tho Era on yesterday not reported. We quote Ordinary.18 a Good Ordinary.19 a Low middling a a a a 19ia�? sudd limit. R -,.20ia�? Wool in consequence of entirely nominal receipts. Together with an almost total absence of demand the Markot continues inac Tive there being no transactions of importance to report. Tho bulk of that which does come to hand is for shipment to Northorn ports Forn Market. To continue quotations which Are nominal coarse free of burs,.19 a21 medium.22 a24 Fine.23 a25 hides the Market continues steady with a fair demand and transactions to Day have been somewhat heavier than for a Day or two past a number of lots of dry country having changed hands. Prices Are steady at 17tc for Choice lots and 17o for lots As they run. Receipts to it Lay have been fair and of firings have been Moro important. We quote greed City slaughter.7 a9 wot salted.9 o91 dry salted .15 al6 dry Flint As Thoy run.17 al7i dry Flint Gold amounts offering to Day have Beon considerably larger than on yesterday Whilo the requirements of Cotton purchasers created a quite Active demand and train actions have consequently been Liberal in the Early part of the Day the bulk of purchases we re made at Lect but after advices of an Advance in now York transactions wore effected at 117all7i, the Market closing at those figures. Tho opening rate was 11611 from we Aioli it advanced to 1161, going from thin Point to 1171, but dropped at the close to 1161. Silver the demand continues to be nominal and with limited amounts offering transactions were very Light and confined mainly to the Purchase of Small amounts by dealers at their counters. The currency Rato has been nominally tl5all6, dealers continuing to Exchange for Gold at it discount baying and i it discount Selling Exchange Ratos live been steady for All descriptions except time commercial Bills on now York which Are easier i consequence of an easier condition of the new York Money Market. The demand for Bankers currency checks on new York and now Orleans continues steady and unchanged. Gold chocks Are in but limited demand. Commercial currency Bius Are offering quite freely with an Active demand Whilo Gold Bills Aro in but slight request. We quote Sterling sixty Days.10c @1081. Sight a. $5 Bankers chocks on n a Gold 4 v it Dis. Quot cur. Par. No Gold Par. Cur i it pm. Commercial sight cur. N a i it n a 1�u it Dis. Thirty Days by 1�h 4&Quot it la. Sixty Days by h@2 up it Dis the general Market. There lab again Boen but a Moderato do Mand on Tho part of buyers from Tho Interior though Thoro have been a few in the Markot making purchases. The local Domand is Light and we can expect no material demand in this direction until toward Tho close of Tho coming week. Those merchants who Wero so unfortunate As to be burned oat on thursday morning live generally found new locations and Are in a measure prepared to continue business. We note no speculative inquiry and Are without jobbing transactions to Noto. Priors from store Are steady and news. Entered. Feb 25�?s s st Mary Bourne Indianola Brig Francis Lewey Lowey n y Schr Star fab Ryas mormon Tau is Louisiana Arzzol san Bernard cleared. Feb 23�?8 s 8t Mary Bourne new Orleans is Louisiana Arzzol. San Bernard bark Eva Dalton Liverpool by Amanda Steinfuhr Amsterdam vessels loading and cleared for this port. Liverpool. Bark lady Claremont Gray ont out Sopt 0, t h Ilam Nymn too bark Prim Jensen Sld Doc 13, c w Hurley amp co bark Sabine breaker Clad dec 30, c w Hurley amp co new Yolk. Sour Gamma Huntley log Doc 19, c Schr s l Burns Crosby log Doc 19, h d Nav company Schr a c Noyes Robins old dec 15, h d n co Schr David Faust lord log Deo 25, j s Sellers amp co bark Spoo Daway Sld Deo 11 Ulemek. Bark Iris january j Kauffman amp co produce receipt. Per i Iceni express from Calvert Fob. 25�?order 21 Bales Cotton. 1eb Railroad from Houston feb. 25-c Ennis it fico 10 Bales Cotton Mcalpin st Baldridge 11 do Boll Hutchings st co 13 do m Kopperl 0 do g w Embrey 67 do p j Willis a Bro 13 do Moody Bradley st co 46 do Jocko st Wilkins 29 do j m Brandon amp co 13 do e s Jamison 3 do Cannon amp co 15 do r st d g Mills 14 do a Sessums amp co 55 rancor amp co 134 Dunklin st Hopkins 4 do j f Smith st Brol do Wolston Wells amp Vidor 21 do Allen Lewis amp co 8 do Alford st veal 10 Shackelford Brown amp co a do Smuckle 11 do som or Vullo st Davis 1 do Hobby st Post 20 do a j Ward a co 11 do Batts amp Dean 7 do Gary amp blk nor 11 do t h Mcmahan amp co 35 do j d Rodgers amp co 22 do Braun st thus song 3 do order 43 do c w Hurley 4ecu 6 ears Maso m Quinn 3 Bdl hides 31 dry do j m Brandon a too 7 hides w a Ellis amp co 8 Bdl hides 0 Bales do a Sessums st Coo Bales cloth 2 Bales thread g w Embrey 3 Bales hides s Heiden Holmer amp of 25 hides 1 Bdl do. Total�?650 Bales Cotton. Quot per Ste Whitelaw from Houston a sos Sims amp co 10 Bales Cotton Alford st veal 1 do Batts st Dean 14 do c Ennis amp of 31 do Focke st Wilkins 3 do j Aiken 53 do j m Brandon a too 27 do j Kauffman amp co 21 do j c st s r Smith a a co 4 do order 3 do p Fitz Williams 29 do p j Willis st Bro 3 do r amp d g Mills 28 do w t Arviance 21 Boles hides j s Sollers amp co 107 bundles Groen salted hides 35 pcs beef. Total�?279 Bales Cotton. Per Steamer Era no. 3, from Houston Moody Bradley 75 halos Cotton Batts st Doan 29 do a Muckle 39 do Dunklin amp hop Kin 19 do m Kopperl 19 do p j Willis amp Bro 22 do Alford so. Veal 4 do at Hamilton amp co 5 do Ranger amp co 29 do Gary amp Stinner 7 do j c so s r Smith amp of 42 do Burnett amp Wall 2 do Wolston Wells amp Vidor 15 do Jocko st Wilkins 64 do j m Brandon amp co 11 do t h Mcmahan amp co 6 do order 42 do w a Ellis amp co 40 do Jos Aiken 48 Ball Hutchings i co 39 do t Wagner 23 do Mcalpin it Baldridge 6 do j Kauffman st co 21 do Geo Schneider amp co 7 do Hohorst amp co 19 do Adkins Shaw st Hill 27 do j 8 Sellers amp co 24 do j d Rodgers a so 1 do Hobby st Post 2 do d c Stone amp co a too 3 do we Hondley amp co 2 do j Fred Orch 11 do fhalff&co3 do am Campbell 1 do p h Childress 18 do a Sessums amp co 54 do 3 cases pecans 28 hides 1 Bale do a Muckle 22 hides j m Brandon amp co 9 do w a Ellis amp co 4 Bales do Ball Hutchings amp co 4 do t Wagner 1 do 19 hides w t Purv Lanco 101 hides j Kauffman st co 16 do Geo Schneidor amp co 5 do Hohorst amp co 7 do j s Sellers amp co 27 Hhd tallow 36 pcs beef Wallis Landes amp co 5 hides j Rosenfeld 12 hides. Total �?77a Bales Cotton c84 hides 27 Hhd tallow 36 pcs Boef. Per Steamboat Bagby from Houston Jaiken 57 Bales Cotton Alford st Voal 25 it to a sos sons amp co 36 do Allen Lewis amp co 50 do Batts st Dean 34 do Ball Hutchings amp co 10 do Cannon amp co 18 do c Ennis a a co 4 do Dunklin amp Hopkins 26 do e s Jamison 5 do Focke st Wilkins 29 do h Sampson 14 do j m Brandon a too 48 do j Kauffman a co 15 do j c amp s r Smith amp co 11 do Moody Bradley amp co 10 do m Kopperl c do order 7 do p j Willis st Bro 15 do Hanger st co 7 do ring Mills 27 do Shackelford Brown amp co 2 do Wolston Wells amp Vidor 27 do we Hendley a co 6 do. Total�?505 Boles Cotton. Per s s st Mary from Indianola Ball amp no 6 balls Cotton. Per Sloop Louisiana from Bor Nard Ball Hutchings a a co 19 Bales Cotton. Per Schr Star from ferment eau Ball Hutchings st co 52 Bales Cotton 12 hides Somerville st Davis 1 Bale Wool. Per Railroad from Honston feb. 25-608 Bales Cotton. Names of consignees not received. In sports. Per bark Eva for liverpool�?9s2 Bales Cotton. Per bark Speedway for Liverpool �?902 Bales Cotton. Per bark Amanda for Amsterdam 873 Bales Cotton. Consignees. Per Brig Francis Lewey from new York i j Willis st Bro a w Clegg h d n co f Hitchcock r f George j Aiken Dor Gau st j Obyn a Sessums too Stubbs st co j Sauters j s Sellers amp co b st a King Sorio amp co Rico st Baulard s Holden Belmor a too Denois amp co j h Sterrett Geo Schneidor amp co. Hotel arrivals. Washington a m Bryan. J j Swilling s Rosenthal o t Holt h Crosby w w Trigg j person w e peek j r Morris and wife j dolt Long and wife miss tiny Parker w s Jones Ana daughter k Brown f r Winn and lady g Boyd w Hill j n Cole n b Colo m h Clark j Rogan h j Ranby j w Patterson and lady j p Shipley d p Bush j g Harris Texas f so later Ohio h e Rawlings Louisville j Brown my Geo Johnson n of l Carroll w m Williams j Dockery n b Jones Ala. Up change a Bradford g w Angle w d Wilson by he Smith a g h Stother n a l blow tonn s l Montague mass w d Jeffers Saratoga spa h Summers to c d chose in a Ceil notices. A torpid system. Sometimes without any assignable cause Tho physical strength and animal spirits give Way and a strange torpor Falls alike on the body and intellect. There is Little or no pain perhaps Bat the natural vigor and elasticity of the nervous and muscular system seems to Havo departed and an Indi Fforence to the pleasures of life and even of its grave responsibilities takes the Placo of that Earnest interest in both which characterizes every Well balanced mind when in a Lic Althy condition. This state of partial collapse is often the premonitory symptom of some serious malady. It indicates unmistakably that Tho vital Powers Are languishing and need a stimulant. In such cases the effect of a few doses of Hostet ter s stomach bitters is wonderfully Benell Cial. The great tonic wakes up the system from its browse. The secretions and the circulation receive a new impetus. The relaxed nerves recover their elasticity under the operations of the spec Flo like the slackened strength of a musical instrument in the process of tuning. Lethargy and debility Are replaced by Energy and vigor the spirits Rise and use that almost seemed a Burden while the season of depression lasted becomes once Moro enjoyable. That such a Radical change should be produced by a remedy entirely devoid of the powerful alkaloids and minerals so extensively used in modern practice May seem incredible to those who pin their Faith on the medicinal Efficacy of Active poisons but if these sceptics will take Tho trouble to inquire of those who have tested the corrective and alterative Virtues of the bitters under the circumstances described they the statement to be True. Feb22deod a special invitation is extended to those who purpose opening now books on lbt january to Call and examine oar Large and full Stock of Blank books Bottore purchasing elsewhere. Strickland amp co dec29 161 strand Batchelor a hair Dye. This splendid hair Dyo is Tho Best in the world. Harmless reliable instantaneous does not contain Lead nor any vitaut Poison to produce paralysis or death. Avoid the vaunted Ana delusive preparations boasting Virtues they do not possess. Tho genuine w. A. Batchelor a hair Dye has had thirty years suntan shed reputation to uphold its integrity As the Only perfect hair Dye Black or Brown. Sold by All druggists. Applied at 16 Bond Street if. Y. Nov30-dly j. C. Gob Haid ill to found it Tho Corner of Contro and strand a troops under Allen st Poole s office he has Largo invoices of carriages saddlery and harness now in port and to Arrivo. Fob24dtf i Kemp express. Re he pc enl express is now located at the Armstrong building no. 62 strand and is prepared to recello and Forward freight and valuables As usual. Feb24dtf for Sale. Abildes county plantations for Sale or rent situated in Grimes Prairie twelve Miles East of Navasota. Must be sold or rented within thirty Days. Ryphe Jordan Plantation with Superior buildings and fences Gin press Al pc 25tt"vc res of land under High state of cultivation. The Phillips Tratt Sii Porior improvements with Ono Hundred acres of land under cultivation. The Henry b. Stoneham tract two Hundred acres under cultivation. A part of the Niles tract two Hundred and lofty acres under High Stato of cultivation with two double houses several Cabins Gin press Mill Blacksmith and Wood shop on the place and All the conveniences of the Plantation. The neighbourhood cannot to expelled for cropping or for health. P3�?ofor particulars inquire at once at this office. Also ten intelligent White labourers wanted to crop at halves. Address jan27-Dssswlm l. S. Bearce Navasota. Fob Sal. Arter Block on Broadway near the torm tins of the West Broadway Railroad. Location excellent. Apply to teb Loite Selim Rinker office of w. Jook Bali st co for Sale. A valuable ten acre lot no 54, in Section 2, about seven Miles from Tho courthouse w Ith improvements three houses fencing cow Pon shows Oto. A great bargain can be had by immediate application. If not sold previously will be positively sold by us on thursday feb. 24, at auction. Febl3dtds f. R. Lubbock amp son. Wanted. Wanted. A Young Man to keep books competent to correspond in English and German speaking both languages with ease and when occasion offers. None need apply that Aro not willing to remain a Long while and none that Are not contented with moderate yet Good wages the accept ant of to situation boards and lodges with me. I Holstein febl7m&elw 168 Market st. Wanted situation by a Young Man out of employment since two Days either As bookkeeper or accountant. Several languages spoken. Best of City Rof Ronces. Inquire at this office. Jan31-d a amp a Tofor rent. To Kent. Several stores and dwellings to lot Corner of twentieth Street Ana strand. Inquire of feb25dtf c. Lemmerman. Fob Bent. A Jwo furnished rooms to a single gentle Man it no. 411 East Winnie Street. For terms apply at this office. Galveston june 23, 1869. Ie24dmtf to Cap enters so builders. J_jid8 for repairs to several buildings injured by the late Are will received from responsible parties. Apply at once to Frank a. Anderson feb25d2t agent. The state of Texas county of Galveston. Ii he state of Texas to All persons interested in the estate of j. B. Berthier deceased you Are hereby cited to to and appear before the probate court of Galveston county at Tho courthouse thereof on the last monday in february 1870, then and there to show cause if any you can Why the final a count lately filed in said court of s. B. Borelly administrator of Tho estate of said Job. Berthier deceased should not be allowed and a degree made thereupon accordingly and further to do and Buffer such things As Liall be considered and ordered by the court aforesaid in the premises. Witness the Hon. Edward t. Austin county judge of said county and the Seal of said court tills 2d Day of february a. D. 1870. Attest we. Muller clerk per John h. Young Deputy Clork. Feb4-d20dgroceries. The state of Texas county of Alveston. Ryphe state of Texas to All persons a. Interested in Tho estate of e. Brake deceased you Are hereby cited to be and appear before the probate court of Galveston county at the courthouse thereof on the last monday in March 1870, then and there to show cause i you can Why the final account filed in said court of aug. Butlar administrator of the estate of said e. Brake deceased which will be actor on at said term should not be allowed further to do and suffer such things ase amp All be considered and ordered by the court aforesaid in the premises. Witness the Hon. Edward t. Austin county judge of said county and the Seal of said court this 15th Day or february a. D. 1870. Feb j7d20t Edward t. Austin county judge. Do Yoiiro own pbint1ng a i. With a Novelty Job printing press up t3e Only Low priced press Ever made that a will do Good work. No greater convenience Oan be added to any business office and no More valuable Means of advertising can be employed than one of Thebo presses and a few dollars Worth of Type. No More useful entertaining or instructive present can be made to any boy than one of these presses and a Small Quantity of printing material. He would find it a Nevor failing source of instruction pleasure and profit. Price of presses $15, $30, $32, 30., Send for full descriptive illustrated circulars with testimonials and specimens of printing types Borders Cut rules Etc., to Benj. O. Woods proprietor Eblo Dot amp swim 513fcdoral st Boston mass. Hedge. Do you want a Good Fence some Fow years ago or. Wells of Roxana gave to a few cuttings from a ruse in his of Foo Yard. From that Start i have As Tuluo a hedge Fence As Oan be found in this or any other Stato As any Ono can testify who has travelled the Roxana and Victoria Road. I will till orders at $2 50 per Hundred for plants 1 00 per Hundred for cuttings Well pot do. Address Alfred Smith Texana Texas. Reference judge Wesley Ogden Lavaca. Texas major joint. Brackenridge san Antonio Texas. Feb2-alt&sn2m g. Filc Ebnon family grocer and dealer in of ssh of hits of a ill kinds Comer Church and Tremont st roots Galveston Texas. Prompt attention to business and satisfaction guaranteed. Orders from the country respectfully solicited. Sopl6dly e. Keach 4c co., have removed their Storo to 57 strand Ono door West of m. Insurance company s buildings where they will continue Tho befall grocery and provision business 13 As heretofore. We will to constantly in receipt of fresh goods carefully Selestea for the retail Trade. Also non explosive sept line and kerosene lamps burners chimneys Wicks Etc., which to Ofier on Low prices wholesale and retail. All goods delivered in any part o toe City free. Self Lily Charles d. Hollies Staple and fancy groceries fruits liquors cigars Etc. d in s e e 23 Shaker seeds onion sets seed potatoes Flower seed st., Berlocher a Bill Dong Galveston Texas. Scp4dtf h s Foth Cash Dealfi in Staple and fancy family groceries provisions and ship stores Comer Market and twentieth streets ,jol8 Galveston Texas. Day Eric Johnson grocer and general merchandise Corner Post office and 27th streets advises his friends and Tho Public that he has removed to his new place of business near his former place where he will keep a full and general assortment of goods in his line. Call and see. Eric Johnson. Galveston aug. 4, 1869. Au5dly Peter Book ship Chandler a and dealer in family groceries twentieth st., near the Brick wharf. Naval stores tar oils turpentine paints rope of All kinds and sizes anchors and chains blocks canvass oakum Seine and sail twine Etc. Mh21d6m Ohn g. m. Cost. John g. Rost amp co., a dealers infancy and Staple groceries have reopened in or. C. H. Jordan a new two Story Brick building direct to Tho rear of the old stand at the Comer of Mechanic and 24th sts., where they will to ready and willing to Supply All customers with holc Shaker and other groceries. Sep8dlyauction sales. Great Sale a by f. R. Lubbock amp son 178 Tremont. Consisting of Marble statuary Silver plated Ware bronzes clocks vases amp of. By order of messes. G. B. Pandolfino st co., importers of Fine Marble statuary Fronch Bronze and mantel clocks Bronze figures and groups together with the largest assortment of statuettes Tazza st. Ever offered in this City. _ the Sale will commence on wed did a feb. 23d, at 10 o clock a. M., and will be continued from Day to Day. The goods will be on exhibition tuesday feb. 22cl fob20dtf f. R. Lubbock auctioneer Chance Fob investhient1 peremptory Sale at auction a of Galveston Island property. To dose no the partnership of j. S. Amp j. B. Sydnor. We Are instructed to sell without Reserve the following described property on thursday March 3d, 1870, at 10 o clock at our Sale rooms Mechanic Street s. W. Sydnor auctioneer lot 88, 17i acres Section 3. Lots 333 and243, Section 2. Tho following property in Section 1 lots 292, 245j 284. 254, 239, 238, 237, 319, 317, 311, 203, 194, 178, a 180, 163, 155, 14?, 134,160, 131, 140 151, 153, 152, 136, 143,148, 189, 193 and 205, 60 acres. Undivided i interest in 335, 234 and 343,10 acres. Undivided interest in 532, 533, 534 and 535, 44 acres. Terms one third Cash balance in six twelve and eighteen months at 10 f it interest secured by deed of Trust. Also lots 255 and 370, 37 acres with improvements being a Large Frame House and Oyster privileges. Terms one third Cash balance in one two and Throe Yean secured by deed of Trust. Purchasers will pay All expenses of making deeds Stamps Etc. Map can be seen at our office. Fobl7ts s. Heidenheimer amp co. J valuable wharf lots at auction Ryphe undersigned trustees created x by a deed from the Galveston wharf company dated 1st Day of March 1869, and recorded in Galveston county in Book a pages 376, 377 and 378, will under the Powers contained in said deed and the resolutions passed by said wharf company and by resolutions passed by Tho certificate holders sell at Public auction to the highest bidder for Cash at the store of f. R. Lubbock st son on tuesday the 1st Day of March Between the hours of 10 and 11 of clock a. M., two or Moro of the following lots to realize a sufficient amount to reimburse said trustees for All costs taxes and expenses incurred in discharging said Trust Viz lots 13 and 14 in Block 734, 13 and 14 in Block 735, and 13 and 14 in Block 736.such title Only will be made to Proha Sorsaia is vested in said trustees by the terms of the deed from said Galveston wharf company and Powers to Seu Tivenin said resolutions. A. P. Lufkin it trustees Febi ets f. H. Merriman insurance. The union1 Tabine and fib insurance co. Of Galveston. Incorporated in 1848, being the first Al chartered insurance company in Texas and managed by men of Large experience and Success in business who regard Economy and prudence in All departments of their int Ltd Tion As a prime necessity and Uso Tho greatest care in the selection of their risks As is proved by the result of the recent destructive Are and who have responded without Tho usual delay to All proper demands continue to Issue policies against fire Marino and Inland transportation risks. A office Corner of strand and pad streets Galveston up stairs. Officers i. Dyer president. J. Frederick Vico president j. A Beers secretory. Dibectobs�?1 Dyer o. Riederich a. C Crawford Henry Runge j. W. Jockusch j. P. Davie n. B. Yard m. Kopperl t. Wagner c. A Hughes j. Brown g. F. Hohorst and Jusso Batts. This company had in Tho 1st inst. A paid up capital Stock of two Hundred the Island dollars with a surplus of 4413 47 All invested in United states Bonds and other Pullo and private securities of undoubted solvency impaired to some extent by the late disastrous tire but which to have Good Prospect of replacing in a Short time by the increased business of the company the losses by Tho late fire have been nearly paid up and Aro settled As fast As presented and established. Decl8d&swly j. S. Beers Seow a. Quot Texas state 1nsubance Agency j. C. Massie agent for the i \ Connecticut general life insurance company of Hartford Conn. Or. W. S. Rogers medical examiner. Continental fire insurance co., Jetna Firo insurance company firemen a fire insurance co.,i of new York. Union fire insurance company assessed firemen a insurance co., Maryland fire insurance co., monumental fire insurance co., of Baltimore. Aphis Agency la prepared to take insurance x in any part of the state and on reasonable terms. Office with a. Sessums st co., strand. Oot21d6m b. J. Hughes fire insurance agent. 168 East strand Galveston. Property in the City of elsewhere in Tho Stato insured in first class companies against loss or damage by fire. Losses promptly adjusted and paid. Feb25dtf schools amp a. A Olbera commercial College. Chartered by the legislature of la. Corner of Camp and common st., new Orleans the oldest and Host efficient and successful come social College in the United states. There is a full faculty. Students begin at any time. Thoro is no vacation. Citizens or strangers who wish a business education for themselves or sons Are invited to Call. Students can enter in any or All the departments of the College at any time when dubs of three or More enter at the same time from the same place ten per sent deduct Lon will be made. Board and lodging $25 per month. Book a Ftping penmanship mathematics including surveying navigation civil engineering amp a. English French Spanish German photography Etc. Are taught As used in business. Any student can at once take charge of any set or books. An education that enables the student to earn 1,000, $2,000 or $3,000 a year is the Best Fortune that parents Cun give their sons. The South must now educate All her Sens practically. It is the Best institution in the United states to learn the modern languages or obtain a business education. At the last two fairs the students and professors of Dolbear Cam Mercoal College were awarded six first class prizes and More than any other institution in Tho United states for penmanship. Tebot8�?payable in Advance. Penmanship less Sony not limited perfect course a. 25 00 Book keeping double and single entry Eto., a perfect course 50 00 arithmetic including All commercial calculations. So 00 lectures on commercial Law. 20 00 the above constitutes a commercial course. English grammatical course 50 00 English French Spanish Germany full course to learn to Road write and speak the language correctly not 11m latin greek full course 100 00 algebra surveying Eto. So 00 geometry full course not limited 50 00 teachers course in penmanship a 100 00 ornamental penmanship and flourish Long. As do full course >$100 60 a life picket in All the a student having paid for a course in any Branch. As above is entitled to a life ticket in that department. He Cau attend such branches As desire. Persons from 13 to 60 years of age attend. N. B. All to graduates for the past 37 years Aro now in Good business so far a known. Caution beware of r. R. And hotel runners and drummers and apply at once at Tho College. Put your Money in the hands of your merchant or the president of the College. For catalogues Etc., apply at this office or address Rufus Dolbear press to fobl5d&sw6w hew works. Bund in engines portable machines of All kinds Buscai a Sfa amp a a a. Hydra Feblow amp Sway in general 162 front st boo Beflyn Quot n. Y. J. W. Bice. V. A Baulard. A ice a5 a u ii Abb dealers in paints oils a. Glass Etc., Etc., Wall paper window shades Buby Orange Blue and coloured Glass fob22dly a

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