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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1870, Page 1

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 26, 1870, Galveston, Texas Yol. , saturday february 26, 1870. 0. 26.telegraphic. A special to flakes a bulletin. Actin Fob. 21, 1870. The Radical caucus has nominated Moi gun Hamilton for the Short and full term and Flanagan for the Lon term ending in 1876. Ii. Austin february 21, 1870. The Radical caucus during a three Ligoura session made Tho following nominations Long term first ballot m. C. Hamilton 43, j. W. Glenn 13, w. T. Clark 10, j. J. Reynolds 3. Middle term third ballot Flanagan 36, Wood 28, Glenn 2, Clark 1. Short term second ballot Hamilton 3fl, the rest scattering. It requires 54 to elect both nominees but they will probably to elected though there is some dissatisfaction among Tho republicans. Nothing was done in either House during Tho last three Days. Reynolds has unseated Armstrong. Hon. M. A. Elliott who died on saturday night was buried at 2 o clock to Day. Associated press dispatches. Lies Tork Market. New York feb. 18.�?stocks Dull. Money easy at 6a6. Exchange long8j, Short 9j. Gold 119j. 62 coupons 15. Tennessee sex coupons 56j, new 49. Virginia sex coupons 62 new 65j. Louisia was old 70j, new 69�. Levee is 69 a 8s �2. Alabama 8s 94, 6s 62. Georgia 6s 81, 7s 93. North Carolines old 46, new 26. Sooth Carolinas old 87, new 81. New York feb. 18.�?flour steady. Wheat la. Lower. Corn firm. Pork firmer mess $26 75. Lard quiet 15jal5g. Cotton Dull and declining 244c. Turpentine quiet 47. Rosin steady $2 20 Lor strained common $2 25 for strained. Freights steady. New York feb. 18.�?Money easy at Tali. Sterling Dull at 8j. Gold Dull at 11911194. Governments steady. South eras Dull. Cotton strongly Favora buyers sales 2100 Bales. Flour unchanged. Wheat Dull at noon s decline Winter red and Amber Western $1 27al 30. Corn scarce Good inquiry. Pork firmer new $26 75. Lard Farmer Kettle 16al6jc. New York feb. 18.�?discounts unchanged. 62s 15. 64s 14. 65s 144, new i3. 67b 13ft. 68s same. 10-40s 12$. Las 71, new 70. Levee 6s 69j. 8s 8i4. Alabama 8s 94. New York feb. 18.�?stocks steady. Money easy at 5a6. Exchange Long 8j, Short Bonds 15. A ten Nesce sex coupons 66f, new 49j. Virginia 6s a coupons 62j asked new 68. Louisiana 6s, old 71. Levee 6�?Ts 704, 8�?Ts 82. Alabama 8 s 94, 5 b 62. Georgia 6 s 80, 7 s 92. North Carolinas old 45j, new 25j. Flour Dull and declining. Wheat Dull 1 cent lower. Corn quiet without decided Chance. Pork quiet and firm mess $26 50a2t> 75. Lard quiet 15jal5j. Cotton steady at 24. Turpentine steady 471a 8. Rosin quiet Ana steady $2 22 for common $2 25 for strained. Freights Dull. New York Fob. 19.�?Cotton steady a ales 1700 Bales. 24c. Flour Dull a Shade lower. Wheat Dull at noon s do Cline. Com scarce and unchanged. Whisky 98ja 99c. Pork firmer $26 75a27 25. Beef steady and quiet. Lard Kettle 16a Lojec naval stores groceries and freights quiet. Money easy 4a6. Sterling Nain Inal 8 a9. Gold closed weak 118. Governments lower in sympathy with Gold. 45�?~2 s 15al5. State Bonds firm. Stocks firm with a general Advance in leading speculative shares. New York feb. 21.�?stocks steady. Gold steady at 119. Governments firm. Bonds 151. Sex Chan it 8 for Long 9<j for Short. Tennessee 6s sex coupons 50j, new 50j. Virginia 6s sex coupons 62, new 65. Louisiana 6s, old 71, new 67. Levee 6s 70j, 8s 72. Alabama 8s 94, 5s 62. Georgia 6s 82, 7s 92. North Carolina 6s, old 46, new 24. Flour without decided change. Wheat quiet without material change. Cotton Dull at 24�. Turpentine quiet at 46j. Rosin firm at $2 222 22j for strained. Freights Dull. Money easy 6a6. Sterling weak 8. Gold Dull Ana quiet 116. Governments steady. Southerns Dull and steady. Cotton lower sales 4500 Bales 24c. Flour a Guiot and unchanged though Southern brands rather More Active. Wheat closed a Shade firmer with moderate Export and Home demand. Winter red and Western is 26al 31. Com scarce but quiet and pm for new. Pork drooping new $26 75a27. Lard drooping Kettle 16a, 16jc. Whisky a Shade firmer 99c. Groceries Dull. Naval stores firm. Freights Dull. New Orleans markets. New Orleans feb. 18.�?Cotton irregular and unsettled at 23ja24c, sales 3600 Bales receipts 7327, exports to Liverpool 3765, to Havre 3375, to Hamburg 2863, to Boston 1456, weeks receipts net 47,409, Gross 4983, exports to Liverpool 20,159, to Hamburg 4w3, to Havre 3375, to Bremen 2029, to Ronstadt 3051, to mall Era 3250, Coastwise 4676, Stock 237,177, sales for the week 33,000. Flour Friner at $5 60a6a6 30. Cora scarce end higher at $1 15. Oats lower at 70c. Bran none. Hay $32. Pork Bacon and lard unchanged. Sugar firmer prime llal2c. Molasses whisky and Coffee unchanged. I Gold 119a. Sterling 29. N. Y. Sight Par. New Orleans feb. 19.�?Cotton Dull and lower 23fa23 sales 3100 Bales receipts 7822 Bales exports to Liverpool 9705, to Ronstadt 732, to Helsin fors 600, Coastwise 2085 Bales. Flour $5 goal 00, treble $6 30. Com $1 15. Oats 68a69. Hay $32a33. Pork $29a29 50. Bacon 13jal74al8j. Lard Tierce 16$, Keg 18. Sugar firmer prime 12al2j. Molasses prime 77a78. Whisky 90a$l 02a. Coffee fair 15jalgi, prime 174al7�. Gold 1194. Sterling 89. New York sight Par. From Washington. Washington feb 13. join com Mittee on retrenchment had a session yesterday for the consideration of a Bill to close up the freedmen a Bureau and Transfer her work to other bureaus. They Are fully agreed to the policy and will report As soon As they can get their Bill into shape. Their principal trouble is in drawing a Section which turns the school work Over to the Bureau of education. They intend to provide that what funds now remain to the credit of the freedmen a Bureau shall to used in support of common schools among the coloured people of the South. Some correspondence has been had with general Howard As to what he a has left and a Resolution has been passed by Tho House calling on the paymaster for a Jull financial exhibit. At the first of last session he had a Little Over $1,700 000 and the committee have believed that he should now have at least $1.000,000 a of thib still on hand. They will not report a Bill till Complete information on this Point in received. Washington feb. 17. Senate is squabbling Over the reference of the Railroad Bills involving Grants of lands. Cameron wanted it referred to the committee on agriculture but they were finally referred to the committee on Public lands. Boutwell Sells one million of Gold today and buys no Bonds this week. Washington feb. 18.�?House.�? several executive documents including the particulars of the recent Havana assassination were received. After a struggle the House resumed the appropriations As against disability. The Senate did nothing Nebraska has ratified the fifteenth amendment. This fastens it upon the country. It has been raining All Day and is now sleeting. faculty of Harvard College ask for a positive rank for Navy surgeons. I Juht thousand citizens of Maryland ask m the name of god and Liberty for Tho recognition of Cuba. The funding Bill was made the special order for wednesday. Wilson introduced a Bill making the importation of immigrants under labor contracts unlawful. District affairs were considered to adjournment. The House was engaged on appropriations All Day. Washington Fob. 18. Senate in executive session confirmed Strong of Pennsylvania for the supreme Bench. A motion was afterwards made to reconsider which is now pending. No action on Bradley a nomination. Neither of these nominations designates the vacancies which they shall fill. The Senate confirmed Latham collector third Alabama District Watson assessor first Georgia and Blocker third North Carolina. Revenue three Hundred and ninety two thousand dollars. Tho foreign relations committee will report a Resolution for absolute neutrality Between Spain and Cuba. Harris Mckee Morphis and Pierce member from Mississippi desire the president to delay signing the Bill for the admission of Mississippi. Full Cabinet to Day. The Peabody trustees have appropriated $91.000, to to expended by sept. Next. Washington feb. 18.�?there is still great doubt As to the result of the nominations to Tho supreme Bench. A severe struggle is pending to secure at least one Southern Man. James Gray Jewell of Mississippi has been confirmed Consul to Singapore. In the House to Day Butler straggling for the consideration of the disabilities Bill Baid be was directed Hythe recon traction committee to report general Bill for Tho removal of disabilities. There were now Somo three or four thousand names awaiting report. Two tills had passed the Senate and some were prepared in the House. He desired that the House should indicate whether it was disposed to pass a general Bill or what course it Woula pursue. He thought this legislation As essential As any other. Hundreds of men were waiting to be restored to their rights while Tho appropriations a Yvere not to take effect till Juty. Washington feb. 18�?Tho Senate has confirmed we. B. Cooper of pension agent at new Orleans. Washington feb. 19. House proceeded to the consideration of the appropriations. presented a Bill removing All disabilities the president was interrogated As to whether any Revenue officer had attempted to collect taxes from indians in contravention of treaties. A monster petition was presented from new York against the renewal of the income tax its inquisitorial character making it particularly odious to the american people. I the committees did nothing j the Mississippi delegation desire a postponement of the presidents approval of admission until tuesday the postponing the meeting of the Mississippi legislature one week Washington feb. 19.�?receipts of Revenue to Day $222,000.delano returns on monday. committee on Public lands reports in favor of granting 2,000, 000 acres for school purpose in the District of Columbia. The Mississippi delegation headed by revels visited the president to Day Pray Hig him to withhold Bis approval of Mississippi a admission until to passage of certain acts for disabilities. 1110 delegation has no objection to the general features of the Bill. The president will sign Tho Bill on wednesday. Admiral poor is instructed to keep a War vessel at Havana. The Iron Clad Saugus is proposed for this duty. Currency balance in the Treasury $23,-250,000 Gold $111,500,000. Several rules recently regarding additional executive buildings indicate no disposition to remove the Senato passed the Bill appropriating $300q for witnesses in the Cadet corruption investigation and goes to Thyl president. Railroads were discussed to adjournment. A Bill was introduced and referred to provide a stay of execution in certain co sob. This Bill is intended to afford some Relief against the operation of the recent Legal tender decision. It gives stay of execution on All judgements founded on debts contracted prior to the 11th of july 1862, the Date of the passage of the first Legal tender act for from one to four years according to the amount but provides that if the plaintiff in such judgment will receive pay in currency there shall be no stay and that whenever specie payments Are resumed All stays under this act shall terminate. A Rule was adopted that the committee on election for the forty first Congress consist of fifteen members and each contested Case May be assigned by the chairman to a special committee of three for exclusive consideration these shall report decisions directly to the House. Washington feb. 19.�?there is great excitement in the military committee Over the corruption in the nominations to . It seems to be undoubtedly True that the Southern members Are implicated. The new York times has Tho following special while quoting it May be fair to say that the statement is gathered from witnesses and not from members of the committee on the Cadet investigation. A a the Cadet investigation proceeded today two witnesses being examined or. Sel Krig of new York and or. Brooks of this City. Or. Sel Krig exhibited the original of the letter said to have been written by congressman Whittemore of South Carolina offering to sell his West Point nomination for $500. Other testimony was Given yesterday showing that this same representative subsequently asked $2000 for the Sime appointment or. Brooks testified to having conducted the negotiations with the two members of the Fortieth Congress from Louisiana Sypher and Blackburn. The negotiation with or. Sypher never reached a conclusion. Or. Blackburn reached a conclusion. Or. Blackburn received $1500 for two appointments one at West Point and one at Annapolis. Or. Fitzgerald of Philadelphia who is alleged to have been paid $1,000 by or. Remack for one appointment several years ago has been summoned and will testify to Morrow when or. Brooks will be recalled evidence is coming fast though it mostly relates to members of the House now beyond the reach of Washington feb. 21.�?weather very cold violent Snow or Washington feb. 21.�?marquis Zan son French Consul at Havana Fomish a a statement of Greenwall a assassination presented among other details to Congress. Hearing shots he ordered the Coachman to Stop. He Baw a Man running at full Speed two pursuing and the fugitive seized and a moment after saw him struck Between the shoulder. The fugitive breaking away ran towards my Carriage but the pursuers following the fugitive turned aside and asked one of the pursuers who was coolly cleaning his stiletto the meaning of the outrage. The Man with the stiletto replied a the is a scoundrel he shouted a Vive to wore an american Cravat he and Many others deserve what has happened to Washington feb. 21. A House. A among the Bills reported is one removing All disabilities in states adopting Laws in conformity with the 15th amendment another guaranteeing the right of entry into states of citizens whose state constitutions make restrictions on account of race or color. The Resolution instructing the currency committee to report increasing curency $50,000,000, passed by a vote of 108 to to. Resolution is up to give gen. Fitzjohn Porter a rehearing. Chandler is Phillip Ping against Pope s Campaign with Headquarters in the Saddle. Fifteen millions dollars will be required for pensions on the fourth of March reducing Tho currency balance seriously. ,.few Bonds will be purchased during March Washinton feb. 21.�?Revenue today $687,000. The departments will be closed at noon to Morrow in Honor of the anniversary. Two professors of the Howard freed mens Bureau University have resigned. After admission Mississippi will be added to the department of Louisiana and become a part of the military division of the South. Three millions Coin interest is due on the 10-40s on the 5th of March. A Bill is pending allowing Fine whisky a to remain in Bond three years with Small interest on deferred taxes. The inflation Resolution which passed the House to Day will meet with Little favor in the Senate. The Lowell Merrimac and Concord Are very High. Several roads Are nearly flooded and some Mills stopped by Back water,7washington feb 21. among the Bills introduced is one it abolishing the Bureau of education Aind the freedmen a Bureau and one incorporating the Mississippi Valley land and River improvement company. A Resolution declaring pork packers not taxable As manufacturers Ana directing taxes collected to be refunded created confusion during which the morning hour expired the question recurs next Mon Day. The judiciary committee reported that the evidence against judge Busteed of Alabama was1 not sufficient to cause impeachment and the committee., was discharged from further consideration of bus teed Scase. The disability Bill from the Senato amended by a vast number of names from Tho House passed. The Bill returns to the Senate for concurrence. The military Cote Rottee reported unanimously a Resolution expelling Whittemore of South Carolinia for Cadet corruptions. Adjourned. The House votes on the expulsion of Whittemore on wednesday. The in preppy court to Day decided in Pelham against Rose it. Al., that the confiscation act of 1862 required the actual seizure of the property and credit labelled and that the seizure of the debt of the maker of a note to the Holder without the actual arrest of Tho note itself was insufficient. A a a Bill was Intro fixed to declare the ratification of the Xyth amendment. A Bill to abolish the freedmen Bureau and to establish a Bureau of education which shall cooperate with All other educational organizations throughout the United states for the education of All classes was reported. The following Bills passed to sell or Exchange the site for a custom House in Nashville in order to obtain a More suitable location to change the boundaries of the collection District of Brazos de Santiago Texas reorganizing the Marine has Pital service and for the Relief of sick and disabled seamen to pay for an Iron Lighthouse at Cape canaveral Fla adjourned. The presence of the Spanish frigates Zeat lad and Vittoria at new York has been the subject of much exaggerated comment. They will Only remain a few Days and it is believed Are on the Way to another port for repairs. New York was not selected for that purpose. China and Japan. San Francisco feb. 17. Steamer Japan has arrived extensive fires Are reported at Yeddo including the War department building. Tie Rice crop has failed and exportation is forbidden. The Telegraph Between Jeddo and Yokohama is completed. The Winter in China has been unusually moderate. Seven Hundred native Japan christians have been banished against the protest of the foreign legation. San Francisco Febi 18. Japan brings advices that three vessels have been chartered at Shanghai to Cany chinamen to new Orleans. Mexico. New York feb. 18. heralds mexican special says the loyalists were forced from san Luis Potosi to san Gallipo and thence to Guanajuato by the Superior numbers of the insurgents without a fight. General Garcia Decardia is suggested As rebel president with the capital at Ogura Cal Lentes. Mexico feb 9.�?during the past week the government has forced 4000 men into the army. General Alatorre has been made commander in chief of the government forces. New Orleans. New Orleans feb. 17. Mystic Crew Comus will make their annual Parade on the night of March lbt. The exhibition of this year will far surpass any thing yet attempted by this time honoured society. New Orleans feb. 18.�?legislature.�?-the election Bill passed and goes to the governor. The Chattanooga Railroad Bill appropriating three millions passed the Senate with amendment in which the House will doubtless concur. New Orleans. Feb. 19.�?in the legislature a joint Resolution appropriating $5000 for the burial of Confederate dead in response to a memorial from the ladies benevolent association of Fredericksburg va., was passed. New Tork. New feb. 17.�?injunction has been granted forbidding the Kansas Pacific R. From parting s with the proceeds of the Bix and a half million Gold Bonds now on the Market. The complainants allege that arrangements have been made by Winch the loan and the lands of the Road go to the directors personally and in fraud of the stockholders. New York feb. 18.�?henry c. Sweet Zer journalist is dead. New York feb. 21. Secretary of the Navy reported that he has instructed Admiral Gordon to refuse the use of the Brooklyn docks to the Spanish War vessels pending congressional proceeding on the neutrality question. Miscellaneous. Philadelphia feb. 17. A brewery a Woolen Mills Are burned. Loss $1,000,-000, and 700 hands Are Idle. Philadelphia feb. 18.�?it rained furiously All Day. Lightning and Thunder to night. A Memphis feb. 18.�?furious Snow storm yesterday. San Francisco feb. 17. earthquake at noon yesterday lasting 7 seconds caused an intense panic but no injury. A Louisville feb. 18.�?charles d. Kirk journalist is dead aged 37. Havana feb. 18. weather is in ensely hot. Concord feb. 10>- the political con. Test in this state waxes warm. The democratic party will not put any speaker in the Field but will allow All so disposed to go Over to the a labor Reform Quot party. A flew secret organization Callea the a la Bor league has been formed to offset the labor Reform movement. The Temperance party of Lancaster held a meeting last night and appointed a a vigilance committee of 75 members. Louisville feb. 19.�?an excursion train of two engines and fifteen cars carrying two thousand persons safely crossed the Bridge. The strength of the Structure is no longer doubted. Annapolis md., feb. 19. Monarch arrived at ten of Lewiston me., feb. 19. severest Gale for Many years occurred yesterday raining 24 hours melting two feet show and causing a very destructive flood. A Norfolk Peb. 19. Schooner Susanna from Wilmingto ii for Baltimore is ashore at Ocean View full of water. The Monarch a anchored six Miles out where she will remain., a it Memphis feb. 19, c. Clark of Bell county Texas was murdered in Arkansas by a desperado named Halsey who followed Clark from Texas. Halsey killed Clark near a Wagon containing Clarks family who recognized the desperado. Large rewards have been offered j or the arrest of Halsey. Quot a Mobile feb. 18.�?-judge Elliott committed mayor Price to jail today for refusing to give up the office books and papers of the mayoralty to or. Harrington and refused to Grant any Appeal although a Bond for any amount was offered. When presented with a Bill of exceptions judge Elliott put them in his pocket and a Aid he would read them at Nis Leisure. He then walked out of the courthouse and took the train for Monk Gomery. His conduct on the Bench and at the trial of the Case is the subject of the severest Anima version by the members of the bar and the citizens generally. New York feb. 21, of Neil fenian accumulating arms Here. It is stated that an Early movement on Canada is contemplated. The Tyhee from san Domingo reports that Baez has completed arrangements for a popular vote on annexation. The feeling in favor of annexation is growing a Large majority expected. The revolutionary movement virtually ended. An american vessel is unloading Coal at Sinana for the Fleet. Preparations Are making for the erection of government buildings. Baez has received a communication from influential citizens of Venezuela asking assistance in the scheme to Annex yen Zuela to the United states. The Steamer Bahia has arrived from Rio Janeiro with a number of american emigrants whose passage Home the brazilian government paid. Lewiston,1 me., feb. 21. A heavy freshest Are reported on the Kennebec River Bridges and Telegraph Are carried away and trains delayed. Nashville feb. 21. Mercury on sunday was 10 0 below Zero. Chicago feb. 21.�?yesterday was the coldest Day of the season. A number of teams Etc and others were Frozen. Buffalo feb. 21.�?commodorecham-Plin is dead. Memphis feb. 21 a the Steamer Emma hence for Cincinnati snagged at Island no. 35, burned and sunk. Twelve lives Are reported lost. No particulars. A terrible Gale prevailed and the weather was intensely cold the Emma shipped 400 Bales Cotton Here. By the Paris Quot feb. 17.�?father Hyacinthe has been relieved from his carmelite. Vows and will be allowed to continue his functions As an Ordinary priest. Madrid feb. 17. Carlist de Pul ties Catisa the wildest excitement in the Cortes by stating that their candidates had been Defeated by government interference. London feb. 16.�?bullion increased one Hundred and fourteen thousand. London feb. 18.�?n6on. A Consols opened at 92�. Bonds. 88. Sugar afloat quiet. Turpentine easier but not lower. Paris feb. 18.�?bourse opened quiet. Rentes 73f 40c. Lutyi Brool feb. 18/�?noon.�?Cotton quiet and unchanged sales 10,000 Bales Tor the week 62,000, for Export and speculation 8000, Stock 360,000, american 147, 000, receipts for the week Ameil can 13000. A Paris feb. 18.�?arthur Fonville has been sentenced to six months confinement and a Fine of thousand francs. Rochefort writes from his prison to his paper that the prefect of police had seized Nis editorial articles. He complains that while up to the present time incarcerated journalists have been allowed to write to newspapers he hag been denied the usual privileges notwithstanding he is a Deputy in the corps Legista Tifrit and has a not been deprived of his civil rights. A Paris feb. 18. government has proofs of the plot to assassinate the emperor and Prince Imperial by throwing bombs through the emperors window. France objects to the Dogma of infallibility because if admitted French Bishops will no longer let a answerable to common Law. Madrid feb. 18.�?there Are unmistakable signs of the Carlist plotting and a general outbreak. The government is prepared. Paris feb. 18.�?bourse closed. Firm rentes 73f. 52c. , feb. 18.�?Cotton opened quiet but steady. ,. Frankfort feb. 18.�?Bonds opened Active and firmer. London feb. 19. released fenian Are to have a Fine reception m Dublin. The Irish members accept Gladstone a Reform feb. 19. Saxonia from new Orleans had arrived. Liverpool feb. 18�?evening.�?Cotton closed tending downward Uplands Llyd Orleans lift sales 10,000 Bales for speculation 2000 Bales for exports 2000 tales. Log in feb. 19�?noon.�?Bonds firm. Live Pool feb. 19�?noon.�?Cotton opened quiet sales estimated at 10,000 Bales Paris feb.19�?bourse opened firm. Rentes 73f60e. Paris teb .19.�?pierre Napoleon will be tried for voluntary homicide of noir followed by an attempt upon the life of Fonville. Conviction is death but it is thought the court May find extenuating circumstances to Lessen the punishment two degrees. 1 the usual Street parades on shrove tuesday will be prohibited. Havre Febi 19.�?Cotton opened quiet of the spot 138, afloat 137a. Liverpool feb. 19�?evening.�?cot-ton Dull sales 10,000 Bales speculation and Export 2000 Bales. Bed wheat 7s 5d a7s 6d. Flour 19s 9d. London feb. 19.�?All rowing matches have been postponed on account of the exceedingly cola Irish National press continue to denounce the new land Dill. The Carlist committees axe at work extending their operations to the Spanish frontiers. Emissaries Are arriving every Day and Are generally Well supplied with Money. Madrid feb. 19.�?several Carlist chiefs recently left Tor France. The ter declares that Spain is his country by tradition adoption and affection. A a Paris feb. 21.�?it is reported that the ministers in spite of the advice of the police to the contrary a will permit the procession to pass through the streets on Mardi gras. An Imperial degree in the official journal convoked the High court of Justice to meet at Lyons on the 21st of March. It provides that the drawing shall take place among a the grand jury within the next ten Days to decide which members Are to form the court. The grand jury win he composed of members of the Council gen eral. A a a. The Gazette Des tre Huraux the official Organ says that on examination of Prince Pierre Bonaparte it will be proven that a was provoked and used his legitimate right of self defence. Am the accusation is so grave it is generally believed the Prince will be acquitted. It la Marseillaise announces that owing to the prosecutions threatened the. Name of Rochefort will not appear in that journal hereafter that of Doug Herville is printed As chief editor of the he Tytle but it is understood to be the covet for Rochefort who will continue to direct the pin additional Fine of30flo�?~fiinici Lito been imposed upon la Marseillaise. / thirteen persons. In audit in i to those previously reported have been Sefl tended for participation in the recent riots. A ten judges were engaged All Day yesterday to the examination of the remaining cases but none accused were # it is announced that the Empress Eugenie will visit Sweden and Norway Hgt the Spring. A a trome feb. 20. carnival opened with the customary ceremonies the Tuai ber of strangers who take part in the festivities. Is Small and the scenes in the Street Are not so Lively As Uii Ual. Placards against papal infallibility were found on the Walls last week aria were torn Down by the police ask a a it a a discovered. A a a Reid. London feb. 21�?nooni a Consols opened 924. Bonds 89. Turpentine a Fla 63. We fiut Liverpool feb. 21.�?cotton�?T opens Dull Uplands Elf a Orleans Llu All a Les 10.000 Bales. 1 a i. Later Cotton. Flat Uplands Orleans 11,sales . Bombay shipments to 19th report have been 10,000 Bales.1/ red Western wheat 7s 6d. Pork and lard firmer but amp it higher. Ch�ese74s. Paris Febi 21.�?bourse opened form. Rentes73f60c. Havre feb. 21 a Cotton a pens Lepavy both on spot and min a a 1 Paris feb. 21. conic Ripsi in the Camp at Lyons were disorderly and a Sang the Marseillaise. Several were a treated. Alexandria. It feb. 21, in storm depth of the Suez can ii is nine get i a Liverpool feb. 21�?eve�ubffi-S�ot-ton, Uplands 11&1 it Orleans mria Leb 10.000 Bales for speculation Ana Export 2000. Bread stuff firmer. Pork Flat. Since last r.,i r j a cohhebciaii.--11. F Netr-yor�., Gold opened at 118.a ,. 10 30 a. M.7-Gold 119. Cotton quiet but ,8ja9i. 12 119.Cotton quiet and weak middling�?T24c. 3 p. 119. Cotton irregular sales 2000 Bales Good Ordinary 22, Low middling 23, middling 24 Mobile 24, orleans24j.j -&Quot-i-1 new Orleans feb.4i. 11 30 a. 119. It Cotton quiet but steady middling23fa23j. -2 p. 119. Cotton Dzui and heavy sales 5000 Bales middlmg23a23. Exchange Par. Quot . London feb.21. 2 in. 88. A Liverpool feb. 21jinoon.�?Cotton Flat sales 10,000jt>al a Uplands Llu alld Orleans Llyd. Washington feb. 10.�?several gen. Tlemcen from Texas partisans of Hamilton arrived Here to Day on a political Mission. They do not oppose Tho admission of the state but will ask Tak amp some action or cause to investigation a regarding the late election for governor i they represent that fraud?-,and.,irregularities were committed in Varia Fly pwt a Ltd the state to the detriment of a Jii Jato it and that in two. Counties especially the military authorities by Orier of , prevented the taking of in a Yoaw the registrars assenting themselves on. The plea of distr Brances. In both by touches of the legislature they say i amp by Fulton holds the balance of Power. In Theiben ate both wings of the re pm Blick a Bave 30 members Ora majority of of by re id in the House 90, or a majority of 10 which will give 14 on joint but lot it tri Buie correspondence a re a a a a i we a a or. Anthony like another 1 in the Reinato on the 8th a terrible speech against the expenditures of the governs department of Public print big. A of the extravagance in this respect he charged to the executive by a a Fik it of the government. The departing last year be said Cost though the congressional 1 the same period Cost $68 the Money was spent for do plied to the dept it my its 1 made the Point that the whole1 printing Docu intents for gratuity Dupion should be abandoned m ih8 to few piers give them to the Public Rand he level shed against the habit of pub Ahing the Laws Ana government advertisements in papers of limited Dracula Tiiu Xhu last was a deserved rap Ai the needless Absurdity of for instance the Gove Cement help ing to support papers by paying the for advertising Fot supplies of Hay to be famished in Eek or two to a troop of in. n. Y. World special. Washington Mclean the a Wietor of the Cincinnati enquirer the Jemc cratic Organ of Ohio is at Arlington with Hlay in a published let-1 family they it and a Tony of the

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