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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 12, 1870, Galveston, Texas Laa age a fit . A a a special to Floker a bulletin. Austen feb. 8�?the Senate convened at 12 m., the lieutenant governor in the chair. A temporary Secretary and other officers were appointed by general Hoy nolds. Twenty to lire members wore sworn in taking the oath proscribed by the commanding general. Three took time to consider and four absent. Lippard contests pylons seat for twentieth District. All contested seats have been referred to Gen. Reynolds. Senate adjourned to 10 a. M. To Morrow. The House met at 12 Butler in the chair. The other temporary officers were appointed by Gen. Reynolds. Thirty Fiir members took the oath. Hill of the ninth District was objected to. The seats of Armstrong sheriff Adams and Burley were contested. Before concluding Tow to 1, the House adjourned to 10 a. M. Tomorrow. Judge Duval administered Tho oath in the House judge Glenn in the Senate. Austin feb. 9.�? the Senate did nothing but qualify Clark of Nacogdoches and then adjourned until ten a. Is. To Morrow. The seat of Jack Evans is contested. Tho House finished its Roll and adjourned until ten a. M. To Morrow. Seventy our members Are sworn and eight seats contested. Contested members Are excluded until their cases Are decided. The speaker announced Gen. Reynolds Teasly to consider cases. Bostwick is dead. His porters arc not admitted on the floor. Austin feb. 10�?House.�?the members held a caucus yesterday evening. Tho House organized to Day and elected All the caucus candidates. Speaker Ira h. Evans clerk a. Gallant first Absi Tant. Charles La Orter second do., l. A. Collins enrolling clerk a. Schultz sergeant Ai Tiuis Geo. P. Doug Las first assistant n. A. Cutey coloured second do j. Webster coloured doorkeeper e. Carter. Tho speaker appoints other officers and employees. Members holding certificates of election were sworn in. The contested seats Are to be decided Liy the House. The election of engrossing clerk was postponed. Senate Secretary C. Alien first assistant do., Jones second do., j. M. Hart sergeant at arms Jeff. Gibbs assistant do., Thomas Powell coloured enrolling clerk goo. K. Spaulding engrossing clerk j. M. Page doorkeeper it. N. Mcknight postmaster j. M Kaumheimer. It. I. Associated press dispatches hew Fork markets. Sew York feb. 7.�?prime paper 7a9. 62s 15j. 64s 14j. 65s same new 131. 67� 14. 63a same. 10-4on 12. Loui it Aua k i levees 70. New Yotty feb. By flour Dull and drooping. A gear quite heavy. Corn Dull and heavy. Pork Dull mess �25. Lard Dull at 15jal5j. Cotton Dull at �5. Tur Pontine quiet fit 43. Rosin Timi at 20 tor a trained. Freights Dull. Stocks steady. A Money easy it 5ag, Exchange Long Short do. Gold 62 coupons Ouw Csc. . Old 70, now 674 levee a. 70. Is 65. Alabama is 94, 5s 62. Georgia is &7, 7s 92. North Carolinas old 44, new 25j. South Carolinas old 86, new 85. New Yolk Fob. 8�?Money easy 4ac. Sterling quiet. Gold i Ion. Governments quiet. Southern securities quiet but steady. Cotton favors buyers sales 1700. Flour favors buyers. Wheat heavy Winter red and Amber Western �2 04a2 07. Com heavy 89au0. Pork heavy and lower new $25 50. Lard Kettle 10jil7. A whisky rather Intro steady at 9da99. Groceries Dull. Turpentine Kosiur $2 10a8. Freights quiet. New Yolk feb. 8.�?ois 14?. 64s 14fl. 65s same Nav 13$. 07s 13�. Of is 13j. J0-t0s 12j. Louisiana a 70, new g7. Ala Llama 8s 944, 5s 02. Hevr York feb. 9.�?stocks. Strong. Honey easy 5a6. Exchange Long 9, abort 9j. Gold 120$. 62 s coupons 14j. Tennessee sex coupons 5g$, new 49j. Virginia sex coupons g2j, new 68j. Louisiana old 71i, 71j, 8s 78j. Alabama 8 95.5s g2. Georgia 6s 82, 7s 92 North Carolina old 44, new 25�. South Carolina old 86j, new 84. New York feb. 9.�?flour Dull declining. Wheat quiet without decided change. Com Dull heavy. Pork firmer mess 525 75a2g. Lard quiet. Cotton a Dull 254. Turpentine quiet 43a49. firmer Jtj 22a2 25 for a trained. Freights heavy. New York feb. 9.�?Money easy 4a0 on Call. Exchange quiet but firm 9a9j. Gold i20j al20j. Cotton steady Uplands 254c. What la better. Corn heavy. Mess pork $25 75a20. Lard Kettle 1 5 n7c naval stores quiet. New York feb. 9.�?i.ouisianas 72, now 67. Leveo 6�?Ts 71g, 8�?Ts 82. Alabama a so a 95, 5�?Ts 62. Sub Treasury Balanco $d2,927,0<m>, including $5,878,803 currency. New York Fob. 10.�?stocks Linn. Money easy 5af>. Exchange Long 9, Short 9j. Gold 120$. C2�?Ts coupons 15. Tennesson of coupons 5gj, new 49j. Virginia sex coupons c2jj, new 67. Louisiana old 72j, new g9. Levee Fis 72, 8s h2. Alabama 8s 95, 5s 62. Georgia 6s 82,7s 02. North Carolina old 44, now 25. South Carolina old 80, now 82. New York feb. steady. Wheat less Active and without decided change. Com Dull. Pork Dull mess �2 1. Lard 15 al5c. Cotton steady 21 Tur pc Tiue a Toady 48 Kosiur steady $2 20 a 1 25 for strained. Freights Dull. New Orleans markets. New Orleans feb 8�?Cotton quiet at 24a24sales 5200, receipts 11767, exports to Liverpool 3360. Pork Dull 29$. Oats advanced to 80. Sugar firmer prime 12jal2. Others unchanged. Gold 1211. Sterling 31$. New York sight Par a discount. New Orleans feb. 9. Active and firmer Uplands 24�a24 a sales 12,201 Bales receipts 4192 Bales exports to Liverpool 3755, Barcelona 909, Havre 3357, Vera Cruz 375 Bales. Flour $5 40, $5 85, $6. Com $1 10. Oats 80 cents. Bran $1 30. Hay $28. Pork $29 50. Bacon 17jal8 Lard 16 al6jc, Keg 18. Sugar easier at 12al2c. Molasses prime 73a75c. Whisky Dull at 90ca$l. Gold 120. Sterling 31. New York sight Par a Dis from Washington. Washington feb. 8.�?revenue Quarter of a million. The ways and Means committee favor three per cent on incomes and exemption of two thousand dollars salaries. The committee on foreign Afla a report in favor of Sickles confirmation to Spain. A number of Treasury Cotton cases from Tho court of claims were taken up for argument in the supreme court this p. M. These cases were brought under the captured and abandoned property act of �?T63, and involve various questions besides the question of the close of the rebellion. There is opposition to Bradly Strong. The opposition want a judge from the South. Resolution of the Massachusetts legislature in favor of the pay. Ment of the French spoliation was presented. A Resolution to consider Indian treaties in open session passed. Trio Senate Bill number 436, passed. The census was taken up. Adjourned. franking privilege and contingent question were discussed at great length. The proceedings Are in important. Washington feb. 8.�?the toll owing names Are added to the disability Bill which passed the Senate to Day e. B. Tolue Leodolph Verbois we. Dix p. A. Barker and j. A. Dutilley. Washington feb. 9.�?the new England senators will join the Southern senators in opposing Bradley a confirmation and favouring a judge from the South. House the House is considering the Covode contest with prospects of a Long discussion. Covode was seated by a strict party vote. The legislative and judicial approx Ria non was discussed without final action. The president was requested to furnish information concerning the recent murder of Ames in Havana. Senate a Bill was introduced increasing the number of supremo and circuit courts. The j judiciary committee was instructed to inquire whether the Georgia legislature was reconstructed in accordance with the reconstruction Acta. Morton discussed neutrality. Washington feb. 9.�?the judiciary committee heard fifteen georgians conservatives. They took the ground that the present legislature is illegally constituted on account of the admittance of the minority candidates and demanded reorganization. Bullock and others spoke briefly in opposition. Senators Carpenter Edwards and coupling remembered at a former hearing that gov. Bullock said that the expulsion of negroes and seating minority candidates in their seats was sheer usurpation. The committee will hear Georcia again on saturday when Bullock will be allowed to explain his apparently contradictory position. Nothing from other committees Washington feb. 9.�?revenue today $247,000. No Southern nominations to Day. The retrenchment committee will report in favor of placing the educational portion for the freedmen s Bureau in the bands of the commissioners of education. Senate resolutions were introduced directing the judiciary committee to inquire if then has been any violation of Trio reconstruction Laws by the Georgia legislature. Morton spoke on his Bill to prevent military Aid being rendered in time of War to the revolted subjects of any foreign Power the census Bill was Laid on the table. Washington feb. 9.�?Tho guests at tie president s Stote dinner to night Are composed altogether of senators and representatives with their wives. Washington feb. 10.�?the House is disc Wing the fenian prisoners. Tho ways and Means committee heard Tho whisky delegation in favor of extending the time for Bond representing that 13,000,000 Gallons Are now in Bona and w ill nut be ready for Market under three years and that the present payment of t would involve Many holders in ruin. The arguments seemed to impress the committee favourably. Senate Many petitions for the removal of disabilities were presented. A Bill was introduced withholding government Aid from agricultural colleges which make a distinction on account of color. A Washington feb. 10.�?it is blowing agile. Wilson of Massachusetts and several other new englander and three 8onth- senators will vote for Bradley. His confirmation is becoming More probable. There is no present doubt of Strong s confirmation. Huttl Lyubou. New Orleans feb. registration Bill passed the Senate by yeas 15, nays 12. A the impeachment trial of Wickliffe state auditor commences to Morrow. This mornings bulletin contains a statement from judge Cooley charging state treasurer dub Leate with defrauding the creditors of the state by discounting their warrants and using the funds of the state therefor. Montgomery feb. 8.�?the Alabama Aud Chattanooga Railroad Bill finally passed both a houses by a Large majority loaning the credit of the state to Tho amount of two millions. A dispatch from president Stanton at Boston thanks the legislature and says the Road shall soon be built and makes great promises that Alabama shall be the beneficiary instead of the loser. Boston. Feb 1.�?a singular Legal controversy threatens to originate from a recent fire at Somerville growing out of cutting the tire engine Hose Waluch was Laid across the Richburg Railroad by a passing train. The loss by fire was $25,-u00, and suits Are brought against the Fitchburg Railroad company by the town for damages to the Hose and by underwriters the latter for $22,000, which amount they claim could have been saved but for the cutting of the feb 4.�?immense excitement was occasioned this afternoon All Over the City at a direct statement made in the commercial advertiser the leading Republican paper to the effect that the Hon. D. S. Bennett had obtained eight or nine thousand dollars from the Banks on receipts from the elevating association for Grain stored in the elevator belonging to said association and then privately sold and removed said Grain from the building. The commercial also charges Bennett with paying insurance on said Grain for months when there was no such Grain there. The commercial also says that the discovery of these transactions caused Bennett a speedy return from Washington to Settle with the association and Banks. The commercial styles this act a villainous transaction and a colossal piece of swindling and says it is prepared to substantiate its charges if disputed. New York feb. 3.�?a gentleman who has just arrived from Mexico says the Crown jewels of Spain that have been missing from Madrid since the expulsion of Queen Isabella Are at the National Monte de Piete in the City of Mexico where they Are held in Pawn. They include the jewels which were pledged when Columbus was outfitted and those which have been added to the Spanish throne since that time. Boston feb. 4.�?the Massachusetts supreme court on the question of the right to summarily destroy gambling implements seized by Legal process has decided that owners of such articles cannot constitutionally be deprived of them without notice actual or constructive and an Opportunity to be heard and the court cannot lawfully cause them to be destroyed without giving reasonable notice to the owners also that Money seized on such warrant and returned into court is not by any statute made subject to forfeiture. Dayton Ohio feb. 3.�?Tho new rail read project of uniting Sandusky and Louisville ky., by an air line Railroad it is feared is Likely to fall to the ground. The Road if built would Pasa through the Northern portion of this county but owing to the fact that people and especially capitalists residing along the hue of the proposed route Manifest a backwardness in subscribing to the Enterprise it will probably end in smoke. It is said that the City of Louisville has refused to lend the proper encouragement and that another outlet or terminus will be selected and another Effort made in behalf of the project. Should the Road be built it is thought it can be brought to this City. Fort Monroe feb. 7.�?passed out Steamer Falcon tor Charleston. Put in for Coal Steamer Gulf Stream from new Orleans for new York. A North East storm still prevails. Trenton n. J., feb. 8.�?the Senate rejected the 15tb amendment by a vote of 13 to 8. Trenton n. A a a feb. 8.�?-the legislature has adopted resolutions requesting the congressional delegation to urge the recognition of Cuba St. Louis feb. 8. A mrs. Amelia Hobbs Bas been elected Justice of the peace for Jersey county. 111. Baltimore feb. 8.�?a heavy Snow storm checks business markets nominally unchanged. Wheeling w. Va., feb. 9.�?the legislature Bas passed a Bill abolishing lawyers and teachers test oaths. Portland me feb 8.�?peabody�?Ts final interment occurred to Day. New York feb. 9,, steamship Gulf Stream from Galveston from Cabo. Havana feb. 7.�?yesterday four citizens of new York named Henry k. Foster Hugh Johnson Isaac Glen Wall and Gardner Wells visited a photograph gallery to have their pictures taken. They All wore Blue neck ties and when near the Tacon theatre were stopped by a Man who pointing to the neck ties addressed them excitedly in Spanish which not being understood by the parties no answer was returned. The spaniard Drew a revolver and fired on the party. Glen Wall Foster and Johnson were wounded the two latter Are in a precarious condition. Wells who was unhurt ran followed by a number of people but escaped wounded. The party who assailed them disappeared. Declarations of parties and witnesses to the affair Are being taken by the Legal authorities in the. Presence of the United states Consul. The Captain general is very indignant at the outrage. The people of All parties denounce the act de Liodas offers a Reward of one thousand dollars for the arrest of the culpable parties who if found will be tried by a drumhead court martial and executed in two hours after the passage of the sentence. Washington feb. 7.�?sypher addressed the ways and. Means committee to Day in favor of sugar culture and in opposition to a change in the Tariff. The committee bears Sypher again on Satur a Hep Public lands committee a considered the Bill granting lands to the Chattanooga Railroad. The chairman of the committee called on Cypher for information on the Bill. At the conclusion of its consideration Julian is stated to have said that the Bill would not be heard of again. In the Case of Texas is. White and Chiles Geo. A. Stewart was ordered to pay into court the proceeds from four Bonds cashed by Boutwell since the pending Case but before process was served. The Bonds Are worthless to holders unless endorsed by the Loyal government of Texas Tho volunteers who took a prominent met in the disturbance at Matanzas have teen arrested. By order of the Captain general and await their trial. Havana feb. 8.�?steamship Bavaria sailed for new Orleans. Havana feb. 9.�?oveido, of Diamond marriage notoriety is dead. Official reports from puerto Principe say the insurgents Are extending their line of devastation. Incendiaries approach so near Tho Walls that shoulders from burning houses fall in tha uie Saie. Frankfort feb. 7.�?Bonds opened Active firm. Paris feb. 7.�?bourse opened Flat. Rentes 73f 27c. A London feb. 7�?evening.�?Consols 92j. Bonds 87. Tallow 46s a 46s 3d. Paris feb. 7, the corps legislate to Day Cre Luix made an Appeal against the arrest of Rochefort As a wrong to his ase constituents. Oll Lylei Ftp la a d and after an excited discussion Trio chamber by a vote of 599 to 45, adhered to Quot to views of Olivier. Up to 8 of clock this evening Boche Brt had not Geen arrested. London feb. 8�? noon. A Consols opened at92j, Bonds 87j. Sugar 39s. On the spot 28s. Afloat. Common Rosin quiet. Tallow Dull 46s.�?T3d. Liverpool feb. 8.�?yesterday Cotton closed firmer but not higher Uplands old Orleans la Jallad sales 10,000 Bales. Red Winter wheat 8s 3da8s 4d. Coin 26s 3d. Lard 72s. Bacon 57s 6d. Liverpool feb. 8. opened steady quotations unchanged sales 10,000 Bales. Paris feb. 8�?7 p. Rochefort editor of the Marseillaise was arrested at Bellville in the Eastern part of the City at a Early hour this evening. His friends and partisans Are assembling in great crowds in that Quarter. Serious troubles is expected. 55 a. troubles at Bellville Are serious. The streets Are filled with shouting people and barricading has commenced. A detachment of Imperial troops arrived in the Vicinity at 11 of clock. 3 a. have been erected in the Rue de Fauborg do Temple Rue St. Maur Rue Grange Aux Belles and other streets in the Vicinity of Bellville. The scene of the disturbance is near the Northern and Strausburg railway stations. At halt past 11 additional detachments of troops arrived but up to this hour no firearms have been used. The troops in the Garrison of the City have received orders to hold themselves in readiness to March at a moments notice. Such Are the precautions taken by the police and military that it is believed a riot will not be attended with any serious consequences. 7 a. troubles at Belleville lasted All night and have extended northward to la Villette the extreme northeastern arrondissement within the fortifications. The troops have not yet resorted to the use of firearms. The police Are Active and Many arrests have been made. The rest of the City is tranquil. The government still continues precautionary measures to prevent outbreaks elsewhere. Paris feb. 9.�?disorders were resumed at Midnight in the Vicinity of the former disturbances. Several additional barricades have been erected in the narrow streets. The troops still Reserve fire. The police made several charges killing some of the leaders. Gustave Flowers still at Large 3 p. police and military have the riot under control. City tranquil. London feb. 8.�?the Queen opened parliament in a highly conservative speech. Paris feb. 8.�?the police attempted to carry the barricades in the Rue de Fauborg do Temple but were repulsed leaving one killed and one wounded. The barricades elsewhere erected Are not defended the troops axe out in Force but have not used arms. At this hour All is quiet. Many have been arrested mainly boys under the influence of liquor. Liverpool feb. 8.�?bombay shipments for the week ending the 5th, 18,000 Bales we inter White 8s, 7d, lard and pork declining. Havre feb. 8. A Cotton quiet but steady. Paris feb. 8.�?bourse closed quiet. Rentes 73f 20c. London feb. 8.�?Consols and Bonds unchanged. London feb. 8.�?rochefort�?Ts arrest and its consequences causes sensation. The rumours afloat that the troops fired on the people Are discredited. Paris feb. 8.�?Rochefort was arrested on entering a political meeting. He made no resistance and no Appeal to the crowd. When the arrest was known at the meeting the wildest scenes occurred. Gustave Flowers who presided Drew a sword and fired a pistol declaring that Tho insurrection had commenced. Barricades were commenced and omnibuses and other vehicles from the adjacent stables appropriated to the purpose. The commissary of police who accompanied the guard which arrested Rochefort was carried with the crowd and maltreated. Tho District lying Between the Rue Faubourg do Temple and the fortifications a distance of about two Miles is held by the rioters. The insurgents pillaged armoires at 3 this a. My Over 300 arrests Are reported. Gustavo Flowers ism custody. ? a Paris feb. 8�?evening�?in the corps la gis Latif Keratzy Liberal demanded Why Rochefort was not arrested before 5000 partisan bad gathered. It Ivas not necessary that this meeting should be disturbed and the people participating aroused to violence. The conduct of the government was provocative to a disturbance. The ministry replied that the arrest at the Chambers was forbidden to avoid the scandal which his arrest Here would cause. The friends of Rochefort were prepared to make a demonstration which Thoy had made and upon this fact Tho ministry would rest the responsibly of what had occurred. London feb. 9�?noon.�?Consols 92.1. Bonds 87. Afternoon a Consols 92 Liverpool feb. 9�?eve. Yesterday. Cotton closed firm Uplands Llyd Orleans la alled sales 12,000 Bales for Export and speculation 3000 Bales. Noon opened steady and unchanged sales 10,000 Bales. Later a Cotton firmer Uplands 11 and Orleans la feb. 9.�?All the editors of the la Marseillaise have been arrested. The Printer refuses to put the paper to press. The City is quiet to night. A Large police Force is patrolling Tho streets. London feb. 9.�?an act of parliament is proposed inventions sent to the workmen a exhibition Here. The merchants of Cork complain of loss of prestige to that City by the Transfer of shipment of All foreign mails save one to the Channel ports. Paris few. 9.�?bourse opened Dull. Rentes 73f 30c, and closed quiet at 73f 22c. Frankfort feb. 9.�?Bonds opened firm but unchanged. Havre feb. 9. quiet. London feb. 10�?noon.�?Consols 92. Bonds 87. Tallow firm 4cs 3d. Turpentine 3us 6da31s. Havre Jeb. 10. opened quiet on spot 13q afloat 136. A Liverpool feb. 10�?noon, opened steady Uplands old Orleans la alld sales 10,000 Bales. Later de Western wheat 7s 4d, com 26s 6d. Pork 97s, lord 70s. Gasse Romju Esmai dispatches. New York feb. 11. Gold opens 120. 10 30 a. -120. Cotton quiet but steady Good Ordinary 23 c., Low middling 24 c., middling 254c., Mobile 25 c., Orleans 25c. 12 15 p. 120. Cotton quiet but steady quotations unchanged. 3 p. 120. Cotton easier sales 1,400 Bales Good Ordinary 23 c., Low middling 24 jc., middling 25c Mobile 25 c., Orleans 25jc., and some sales lower. Sterling 9a9g. New Orleans feb. 11. 12 120i. Cotton steady demand fair sales 1,000 Bales middling 24ja24 Exchange discount. 2 30 p. 120. Cotton demand moderate prices firm sales 8000, middling 24ja24. Exchange j discount. London feb. 11. 2 p. 87$. Liverpool feb. 11. Noon. quiet sales of 10,000 Bales Uplands 1 �3, Orleans old. Weekly statement receipts 65,000 Bales of which 30,000 Bales Are american sales 65.000 Bales exports 6,000, speculation 9.000 Bales Stock on hand 352,000 Bales of which 157,000 Are american. 2 p. M. quiet quotations unchanged. 3 30 p. M. quiet and unchanged afloat 262,000 Bales american 127,-000. A new explosive von Scheliga and lieutenant vont it itt mar both of the prussian army and the latter the inventor of the explosive known As Dublin have been giving a practical test of it Quality at the Hoosan Tunnel which has proved very successful. The experiments included trials of its Power upon l Ocks simply placing a few ounces on the surface Aud covering it with dirt upon a Boulder in Tho open Field the Hole being drilled in the usual Way and the Dublin lightly tramped in and in the regular wiry to of the Tunnel at the West and Central shafts. In every instance the explosive did All that was claimed for it and proved itself a powerful explosive agent. The same weight of the Dublin is More effective than Nitro Glycerine while it is also considerably cheaper and is absolutely Safe in the handling. Its obvious advantages Over Glycerine Are so great that a considerable Quantity of it has been ordered already and it is probable that it will soon be exclusively used by the messes. Shanley in their work on the Tunnel. Its great advantage is in a the safety with which it can be used even allowing for Accident or carelessness. Wilile possessing Many a of the properties of Glycerine it is so prepared Ana combined with other substances As not to be exploded by concussion us indeed when not confined and fire is applied to it it does not explode but simply bums. Lieut. Dittmer brought Over with him from Germany 100 pounds of Dublin in a carpet bag and we Are sure he would not have treated Nitro Glycerine in that confidential manner. There have already been numerous fatal accidents from Glycerine at the Tunnel and any explosive that will be equally effectual and yet Safe to handle will be a real Boon to the workmen if to no one Springfield re pub. 29th ult. Captain Hall proposes to again visit the Northern regions and if possible get to the pole and tie the stars and stripes thereon. He says a i now have returned to my country determined to devote my hard earned experience in the Arctic regions to a Feiner one More voyage and this for the special object of geographical discovery from latitude eighty degrees North up to the North pole by Way of Jones sound at Smith s sound Purposing however to make trial first up Tho former. My plan in Brief is to have two Small vessels of about one Hundred and fitly tons each one a Steamer the same to be sailing rigged the other a sailing vessel and each office red and manned by twelve men. My purpose is on getting into the Arctic regions to lose no Opportunity of acquiring the fresh provision of Tho country which course will insure my command against All possible danger from that curse to Arctic expeditions the scurvy. As a general thing my Staple diet and so of my com Panyk will Baas formerly raw meat and train Oil. I confidently believe j will be Able to reach the North pole and return in three years but should i find that it would require one or two additional years to Complete the object of the voyage and travel i will continue that time. Receipts of copy Tai pod vib Luter fit a Texas. Editor flakes bulletin Pascagoula mas., Jan. 29,1870. The Pascagoula ship canal. Company have finished their canal a which is one mile and a Balf Long and affords passage for vessels drawing seven a Quot a a half feet at Low water and opens the in the no timid yellow Pine forests / of Mississippi to whole South. _ vessels Caa Loaa at any of the Twenty Mills and pass oat Over tax bars without any delay. A Large number of cargoes have already left for different ports m Texas. Large quantities of lumber have been sent from Here annually but on account of the shallow water on the bar the shipments have been made la Small vessels and new Orleans been the principal purchaser of our lumber Captain Many of the electric Well known to Tho Cid Zens of Galveston sends the following y Quot on Board sch a electric it january 27,1870. J a slam Well acquainted with the improvements made at the month of the Pascagoula rivet Mississippi and have sounded the depth of water and find Arevea and a half Fet at Low tide and vessels drawing eight and a half feet would find no difficulty in going out at High tide. A the canal will prove of neat Abw to the whole South As it enables vessels of the size of the electric which is 100 and drawing eight and a half fee v loaded to obtain her cargo at the Mills. Hobert Murry vessels arriving enter by the Western Side of the channels our Mills Are now All sawing Laigo amounts of lumber for Texas Ana we de Siro to extend the Trade and the opening of this ship canal will help to Supply your state with this important article. L. Texas news. Folt the week exd1ko Pridat feb Bubat u. Feb 5 Steamer it Idelair from boo too 203 Bales Cotton 280 hides 1 but a skins t bbl tallow 144 Tea beef a Tui Road from Houston 823 Bales Cotton i Bale Wool s33 hides 1 bbl tallow steamship w g Hewes till annal �1 Bales Cotton a pm mix express from Haas ton 30 Bales Cotton 7�?Steamer bad by from. Honston 113 Bales Cotton 11 hides 1 Oul tallow steamship Harlan from Indianola 7 Bales 3chrborkliardt, from Cal Aslea 43 hides Schr ammo from Bra Moat 83 Bales Cotton ii hides Schr Luna from Concord 55 Bales Cotton Hebr Cora Price from Sabino 179 Bales not ton 18 Fettas. Railroad from Houston 853 Bales Cotton 867 hides. 8�?Schr florentine from san Bernard 100 hides Railroad from Houston 473 Bales Cottam 16 hides 9�?phoanix express from Houston 18 Bales Cotton Railroad from Houston 43$ a Bales Cotton 10�?Steamer Whitelaw from Houston 17 Bales Cotton 4 Bales Wool 1559 hides s bbl tallow Railroad Rorri Houston 1210 Bales Cotton 35 hides Sloop son of Tho air from san it Bernard 50 Bales Cotton 10 hides Sloop j Alia from san Bernard 41 1h1m Cotton steamship Clinton from Indianola 53 Bales Cotton 1290 Holdos 100 bbl tallow Phoenix express from Houston,30 Bales Cotton a ,. 11�?Steamer to stick from Trinity River 379 Balsa Cotton 150 hides Railroad from Houston 333 Bales Cotton 706 hides 39 bbl Beof Sohr Fontai Ubigau from Sabine 161 Bales Cotton total Cotton gc81 Bales Wool 5 Balsa hides 5g01 Bill skins 3 tallow 104 bbl is off 144 pcs 39 bbl a Bec Eipp a of Lamb he it for tue week Endino of Bidet 11. Calcas Xetta feb 7�?Schr Leo Burkhardt 33ai feet lumber. Orange feb 7�?Sloop Young Italy 105m Shin Ulos oor Farmers Are All on the Alert. We hear of a number of farms where All tha land is broken no fences repaired new Fields taken in and everything indicates a determination to work Early and lat and if they do not make a Good crop the fault will not be Theira. We do not tank. Their labors will to in blessed Lagrange Era feb. 4. We note with much pleasure great improvements in the episcopal Church. A new and Beautiful Chancel Lias been ene ted which adds materially to the appear auce of the Interior. This Congreve Quot though the smallest we believe in to. Is one of the most zealous and Active _ working together in a spirit of Christ air Harmony for the Good of the Waco examiner. We learn from capt. T. Loyd commander of the dredge boat that he has recently been visited by a committee of citizens from Jackson nifty who Are desirous of making a contract for the removal of the bar at the month of the Lavaca River. Several thousand doll an in Cash has been raised and a disposition manifested to subscribe any and requisite for the execution of the work. Captain Loyd has promised to inspect the bar with a View of ascertaining the amount of work to be Dono and report to them its probable Cost. The enterprising citizens of Jackson county deserve great credit for their efforts to open navigation to Texana. From what we can learn there is very Little work required Tobe done in the cons traction of a Channel at the month of the River. And with this adjunct navigation will be unobstructed Between tvs City and Lavaca com. The new York doctors am their brains Over a new fever Call the relapsing fever. In Sling he they von b1bten Nichols successors to Gungler a ton Hutoka wholesale qboceb8, Ana Dearn la West a >w4bm, a quote so altar Akkad pm Aie established at the old stand 808 pfc 3�st a strand Galveston. A Teri a mercha3�t8 a pl�tttkm9 win find the above form Zahraa ready to Reo Elve their produce and to Amish their supplies on the most favourable terms. Von Harten amp Nichols Ore the a up of the Texas or Sjo. Culture anal Ian com. Pony. It blk amp a A a a Hai a de Aida my a Sreu Canta a a saddlery Bossier no. A strand Gale stun tbxa8. As every style of articles Bel Eaglan the this Branch of the Bola a and every variety of Saddle by habdw1be. A. A Toby a cuss Especial attest tsp tote new styles of ladies sad saddles and to the Abbott Jauari and Gorham Cord buggies Asan teared especially Tot him by the very beat pm Psi a Loho Oli books am s t a to it to e b y. Keep on Banda full up a weft Vollbr to dealers at very Low Ratee. A octet Sallo ted. Feels so Birck to mar in treason t St a . no. 6 a Sta Vii . 2? Toto bit ooze Trouy on hear the he is he cab1h bixtkb8 for to a a play to a of Kif Taouil cases. A. Him Tjw a my Cotton factob8, and whole Sale Greere Sticsa Tamsa 1 Herek sats St amp and 1ia.ih St Kurt Galveston. Houston fam3m
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