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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Feb 12 1870, Page 1

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 12, 1870, Galveston, Texas Yol. , saturday february 12, 1870.telegraphic. Special to pm Akpu Macii Ullern. Austin feb. 4.�?Many members litre arrive mostly republicans. Yesterday j. Ii. Thomas of Liberty contesting for a senatorial Soat with e. B. Pickett in tin. First District and Charlea ii. Boatwick United Stales detective were thrown from a buggy on Trio Avenue Titomas was killed and boat a Iek seriously injured. The military Institute now it Bastrop will be removed to Austin in time for its next session. Ten thousand dollars have i been subscribed As an inducement. Austin feb. 5�?the Tracy caucus a called to Day was a failure and is postponed to monday. Bostwick is expected to die. Frank Hamilton Book keeper of the Treasury department has demanded of general Reynolds an investigation of the Treasury deficit. Lieut giant governor Flanagan arrived yesterday. Many Railroad agents Here. Epperson Camp a Barnes and Throckmorton Are of suited to night. K. J. Austin a fell. Go numerous aspirants to legislative offices arc doomed to disappointment. It is asserted on Good authority that it a fral Reynolds will appoint All the officers of both houses of the legislature. Major plan Truey of Galveston has been a offered ithe speaker ship of the House there is no doubt of this. Senatorial candidates increase. Bostwick still living. U 1. Austin feb. 7�?it is now understood Aliat general Reynolds will appoint a vein Hgt Rary speaker of the House. Plum Ley has declined the position. It has been conferred on Butler of the fifteenth District. Nothing done in the Iio Uso caucus . The senatorial caucus nominated c. C. Allen of Galveston for Secretary. A. I. Associated press dispatches. New Fork Market. New York feb. 3.�?62 15 of a 14. 65�?Ts same. New 13. 07�?Th 14. 08�?Th 14. Kmon a 124 Louisiana sold f0, new 65, levees 68, swi Alabama mrs 94, 5s 63. New York feb. 4.�?stocks unsettled but firm. Money easy 6. Exchange Long 6j, Trout of. Gold 520. G2�?Ts coupons 15. Tennessee sex coupons 54g, new 44. Virginia sex coupons 024, new 004. I Nisi Aaan sold 70�, new 05, levee cos 694� 8�?T� 81 j. Alabama 8�?Ts 04, 5 s 61. Georgia 6 s 80, 7�?Ta 92. North Carolinas a Gold 424, new 25j. South Carolina s old new 854. Flour Dull and heavy. Wheat declining. Corn quiet. Wheat without decided a change. Pork quiet mess $26. Lard quiet 15jalc. Cotton Dull at 25. T in Pentino firm at 48a48j. Rosin quiet $2 15 tor strained common $2 20 for Good trained. Freights Dull. New York feb. 4.�?Money easy 5a0, business notes wanted j. Sterling 9. A Gold 120. Governments steady. Southerns generally Strong and higher. Colton favors buyers sales 050 la ales 25jc. Flour Dull favors buyers. Wheat drop it ing Winter red and Amber Western $1 25 no a Kyj. Com unchanged. Pork $26 25 a2� 50. Lard closed heavy Kettle 17a 174c. Whiskey steady. Groceries firm. Turpentine 474a43�jc. Josifi $2 15a3 freights Dull. Tiew York feb. 4.-62� 15. 61s 14j. -65s same new 13. C7s 14. Oss j4. 10-40a 12. Louisiana a 704, new ti0, levers 71, 8891. Alabama 8s 84, 5s 62. New York feb. 5.�?stocks Strong. Money 6. Sterling Long 0, Short 9j. Gold 121. ü2�?Ts 15j. Tennessee sex coupons 65, now 49�. Virginia sex coupons 62j, new 601. Louisiana a Sid 71$, new 07, Loveo 0�?Ts 714, 8�?Ta 82. Alabama 8�?Ts 94, 5�?Ts 62 Georgia 6�?Ts 80, 7�?Ts 92. North Carolinas old 424, new 20j South Carolinas old 60, new 85. New York Dull and 5c lower. Wheat Dull and la lower. Corn it mint but firm. Pork firm mess $26a 20 25. Lard quiet at 15algc. Cotton Dull at 25jc. Tuvic Niue steady at 48c. Rosin quiet at $2 15a2 174 for strained. Freights Dull and declining. New York feb. 6.�?Cotton Dull and heavy sales 1400 Bales at 25jc. Flour Dull superfine state and Western $4 55a 4 75. Wheat Dull Winter red and Amber Western $1 28al 29. Corn a Shade firmer. Whisky 98a99is. Pork firmer at $26a26 60.�?T beet steady. Lard heavy. Naval stores firm. Groceries quiet. Freights decidedly lower. Money continues easy. Sterling quiet at 9. Gold firmer exports for the week $249,304, mostly to Day. Governments decidedly firmer. 62�?Ta 144al4j. 10-40�?Ts 12�tal2�. Pacifier la All. State Bonds Strong than Advance. Virginias old 621, t>7. North Carolinas old 42, now 27,4. Georgia 6�?Ts 92. Louisiana old 714, now 67�. Lovee Gas /04. Alabama 8�?~s 84j. Railway Market firm and closed at Tho highest Point of Day. Imports for Tho week dry goods $2,936,001, general $3,439,-481. Sub Troa airy balance Gold $75,552,-002, currency $5,355,314, general balance $81.156,217. The Bank statement shows a slight loss in Tho total Reserve but is still favourable to Caso in Money. Tho excess Over the Legal Reserve is still $35,000,000, Loans increased $4,189,080, specie decreased $1,478,408, circulation increased $34,191no. 2�?T4. Deposits increased $4,583,266, Legal tenders increased $1,206,218. New York feb. 7.�?stocks Strong. Money easy at 5ag. Exchange Long 9, Short 9j. Gold 12uj. 62�?~s, coupons 15�. Tennessee sex coupons 504, new 494. Virginia sex Coupon 624, new Msj. Lou , old 68, levee g s 70, 8�?Ta 814. Alabama 8�?Ts 94, 0 s 62. Georgia 6�?Ts 80, 7�?Ts 92j. North Carolina old 43, new 254. South Carolina old a i new ssh. Flour Dull 5c lower. Wheat Dull la lower. Corn steady. Pork quiet mess $20 25. Lard quiet 15j. Cotton quiet 25j. Turpentine firm 48a48j. quiet $2 15 for strained. Freights Dull. New York feb. 7.�?Cotton drooping sales 600 Hales. Flour 5al0clower, state $4 50a4 70, common to fair extra Southern $5 35a5 90. Wheat heavy and la2c lower Winter red and am Western $1 25. Cora unchanged la Ork $25a20 25. Lard heavy Kettle i64al7ac. Whisky heavy at 98a9ri.jc. Groceries and naval stores quiet. Freights Tinner. Governments quiet. Southerns generally Low. New Orleans markets. New Orleans february 4.�?Cotton in fair demand and firm at 244a244c> sales 6400 Bales receipts 11,724 Bales sex poits to Liverpool 2031 Bales to Barcelona 828 Bales to Malaga 399 Bales Coastwise 4000 Bales receipts for the week net 47,808 Bales Gross 50,338 Bales exports to Liverpool 11,3/3 Bales to Havre 3878, other foreign ports 2184 Bales Coastwise 2096 Bales Stock on hand 212,650 Bales. Flour Active at $5 30, $5 60a 0 12j. Corn scarce and firmer at $1 074 al i24. Oats 75c. Bran ?1 30. Hay $28. Pork $29a29 50. Bacon scarce at 14, 17alijc. Lard Tierce to alg pc Keg j8c. Sugar firmer prime 11 jail pc. Molasses a Shade better prime 68a71c. Whisky and Collve. Unchanged. Gold 121. Sterling 30j. New York sight j Diw count. New Orleans feb. 5�?cotton�?lower grades easier better qualities 24a244, sales 4600, receipts 1657, exports to Liverpool 3139, Coastwise 505. I Lour lower grades firmer $5 40, 5 95t6 12a. Corn firmer at $1 Loal 124 Oats 75. Bran $1 30. Hay prime $28. Pork $29 50a 29 75. Bacon 14, 17 al a. Lard Tierce 164algj, Keg 18. Sugar prime 11-Jal j j. Molasses priine70a71. Whisky 95a$l 05. Coffee fair to prime 54� 74 Gold 121. Sterling 3jj. New York sight j discount. New Orleans. Feb. 7.�?Cotton, demand fair prices firm at 24ja244c, receipts since saturday 16,635 Bales exports none. Flour $5 30, $5 40, $5 80, $6. Corn $1 10. Hay $28. Pork $29 25a29 50. Bacon easier at 133, 17,18c. Ilard Tierce 16al6 a Keg 18 cents. Sugar Active and firmer prime 12al4c. Molasses inner prime73a75c. Whisky Dull $1 10a 124. Coffee Active and fair at 154al5 a prime 174al74c. Gold 121. Sterling 314. New York sight Par to 4 discount. From Washington. Washington feb. 2.�?senator Harris of Louisiana attended an entertainment last evening Given to revels the negro senator from Mississippi by Downing the coloured caterer of this City. Washington feb. 4�?senate�?a Bill passed ordering the Secretary of the Treasury to withhold monies due defaulting states. A Resolution passed calling on the president for information regarding Georgia the franking privilege a up. The House is discussing private Bills. Tho committee on appropriations heard Boutwell. Nothing has transpired. Washington feb. 4.�?Gen. Win. Clarke member of Congress elect from Galveston District departed for Texas. He will canvass for the Senate for which it is confidently said he has the executive endorsement. Wahhim ton feb. 4.�?Hoar was positively rejected by the Senate and the office is vacant with the president. Conflicting factions North and a steady front from the South which is probable will secure a Southern Man on the supreme Berich. Washington feb. 4.�?among the nominations to Day is that of or. Sam. Bard late of Atlanta Georgia Lor governor of Idaho Blocker assessor 3d North Carolina and Gobin District judge for Florida. Revenue to Day Over one million dollars. The seizure of a Largo Quantity of whisky removed from the distillery of briny Ham amp. Barton is ordered. J. Durant is again urged for Tho supreme Benfer. Washington feb. 4.�? per Institute of new York asks for the recognition of Cuba. Several Bills affecting the District of Columbia Trero reported. The franking privilege was resumed. Sherman moved an amendment that the Bill should not interfere with the free circulation of papers within Twenty Miles of the place of publication. No action. Tho census waa resumed but no action taken. Adjourned to monday. committee on military affairs was ordered to inquire what members of Congress had effected for the Sale Quot appointment a to the military or naval demies. The following important action shows a softening with regard to the test oaths reported fully or. Bingham from Tho judiciary committee reported a Bill to relieve Francis e. Hobor representative from the 6th North Carolina District of Tho necessity of taking the Iron Clad oath and that Hobo admitted to Hia seat upon taking an oath to support a Constitution Etc. Or. Paine Mado Tho Point of order that this was not a private Bill but it affected Tho organization of Tho House. The speaker overruled Tho Point of order. Or. Paine appealed from Tho decision. On motion of or. Cox Tho Appeal was tabled. Paine said flip matter was now before Tho election committee and this purposed to relieve or. Sliber of his disabilities. Bingham said the judiciary committee had investigated the matter and was satisfied that or. Shober Laboured under no disabilities imposed by the fourteenth of b Aca it amendment to the Constitution. To was a member of the North Carolina legislature and could not therefore take the oath but Hia course had always been that of a Friend of the Union. Deme said Shober was not subject to any disabilities under the fourteenth amendment. The chair in answer o inquiries stated that the passage of this Bill would not prevent the election committee from fur tier examining or. Shobert a credentials and reporting upon his right to a seat. Amell of Tennessee moved to Lay the Bill Pou the table which was agreed to by yeas 98, nays 78. The Bill for the Relief of the poor authorizing the Secretary of War to Issue rations passed. The House meets to Morrow for debate Only. Washington feb. 4.�?official information has been received Here to Day showing that the policy of the North German confederation is in Accord with that of the United states and that count Bismarck equally with our government is opposed to All who would weaken and degrade the Central government of China by the application of Force at the discretion of those who command it without reference to Pekin or the Home government. A Telegram to the Navy department from key West announces the arrival a Here from Matanzas of Admiral poor in the flagship Severn accompanied by the monitors Saugus and dictator. The Admiral telegraphs nothing of Tho reported massacre of cubans at Havana. The Swatara will sail for the West indies to Morrow. Yellow fever has broken out on the Seminole at the West indies and that vessel has been ordered North. Washington dec 5.�?Revenue Over $500,000. Crumback declines the portuguese Mission. The president has promulgated the chinese treaty. Hugh Ewing will be recalled from the Hague. House in general debate Sheldon of Louisiana spoke on the finance and Tariff arguing from facts and figures in favor of retaining the present Tariff on sugar. The Senate committee on Commerce held a meeting to Day and considered among other things the levees of Mississippi. The matter was finally referred to the sub committee of senators Buckingham and Kellogg. New Orleans feb. 4.�?in the legislature the Senate Bill passed providing that All Laws passed by the general Assembly conflicting with other Laws shall in All cases take precedence. New Orleans feb. 5�?a convention of the conductors of conservative newspapers in Louisiana is called to meet Liere on february 28th. Washington feb. 5�?internal Revenue receipt to Dav Over $500,000. A Cumback declines the portuguese Mission. The president has promulgated the chinese treaty. Hugh Ewing will be recalled from Hague. A Hon. Truman , a representative from Ohio died of pneumonia to Day. Washington feb. 6�?-Hoar will be retained in the Cabinet. Washington feb. 6. following gossip has been telegraphed North deep interest a manifested among ii Public a leaders Here in the election of exase a senators. Gen. Reynolds is understood to claim the senator ship in consideration for deserting Hamilton when it is a known Here that his change of front was the Quot result of an order procured by judge Evans of Texas from president Grant. Senator Wilson and other Republican senators express the opinion that Reynolds election would be a great misfortune to Texas. C h. Blood of Brownsville testified yesterday before the committee on Commerce on Revenue frauds and stated that he knew that Quot Worthington had defrauded Tho government of Large amounts while collector at Brownville. Washington feb. 7.�?bullock, the leading one and Bryant another one of the Georgia delegation have arrived. Both claim to be republicans. A Peter f. Washbum governor of Vermont is dead. The president has nominated Joseph p. Bridley of now Jersey and we. Strong of Pennsylvania associate justices of the supreme court. Washington feb. Go House is discussing a Resolution that Tho Tariff should be for Revenue not for Protection. Senator Morton presented documents declaring that Georgia adopted the 14th and 15th amendments. The Case of he Bora is Griswold brought from Tho court of appeals of Kentucky involving the Legal tender Law waa decided in the u. S. Supreme court to Day. Chief Justice Chase delivered the opinion of the court sustaining the decision of the court below and holding that a contract Piade before the Legal tender Law could not be discharged in u. S. Noteis. Trio opinion is very Long. In discussing at great length the Powers of Congress it holds that Congress had no right to make government notes a Legal tender for preexisting private Debu. It does not touch Trio question of contracts Mado since the Law waa passed. This opinion was concurred in by or. Justice Wilson Justice Clifford and Justice Field. A or. Justice Miller delivered the minority opinion concurred in by Justice a by syne Ana Justice Davis holding the Law to be entirely constitutions treating it principally a an incident As to War Power. W Asiu Gjon feb. 7�?revncjie $847,-000. Twenty seven cases of yellow fever occurred on Quot the Seminole. The fever is abating and the cases Are Milder. The Seminole leaves key wrest for Portsmouth. Tho Senate judiciary committee will hear a conservative Republican delegation on wednesday regarding Georgia. Trumbull has notified the Bullook delegation to be present. The election committee has indefinitely postponed Segar who claims a seat irom Virginia at Large. introduced a Bill to repeal the act prescribing an oath of office. Abo for removal of disabilities from the people of Virginia. Weeker introduced a Bill to discontinue the Freedman Bureau. The. Resolution offered on monday last declaring that constitutional authority to Levy taxes does not include any Power to impose duties other than for collection of Revenue a and that a Tariff levied for any Ether purpose than that of Revenue especially if levied to Foster and encourage one Section of country or one Claas of citizens at the expense a of another Section or Claas is unauthorized by the Constitution and unjust to a great body of people and injurious to almost All industries and directing the ways and gleans committee to prepare a Bill accordingly was Laid upon the table by 89 to 77. Tho Indian appropriation Bill was reported and made the special order for to tuesday. It appropriates three million dollars against six millions last year. The amount estimated for was five million. The death of the late Hoag was announced in both houses. Dispatches to fish from Havana say that one american citizen was killed and two wounded yesterday. No particulars. Senate petitions were presented favouring additional amendments and granting female suffrage. A Bill was reported to encourage telegraphic communication Between the Eastern and Western continents. It gives the american and Asiatic companies the exclusive right for fourteen years to a Cable from Points in Washington territory. Government vessels will assist the Enterprise. A Bill to protect congressmen from Importunity and preserve the Independence of the several departments and also the Cen Stu Bill were discussed without final action. Adjourned. New Fork. New York feb. 4.�?small pox is decreasing Only eight fatal cases this evening. New York feb. 4.�?-a motion was made by the prosecution in the court of general sessions to remove the trial of Mcfarland for the murder of a. D. Richardson to the court of Oyer and ter Miner on the ground that Tho Case would occupy too much time of the former court. Tho motion was strongly opposed by the defense 08 prejudicial to the interests of Tho prisoner. Decision reserved. Prince Arthur goes to Boston to Morrow to attend the Peabody obsequies. New York feb. 4-rthe Poat pronounces unfounded the reports in the morning papers of the discovery of new Frauda in. The Customhouse and the discovery that Silks had been certified to As Cotton. New York feb. 5, news says a Rumor reached the police last night that an attempt would be made it on the life of Prince Arthur. Police were detailed to watch the Princess party a they proceeded from the Brevoort House to the residence of judge Houghten 5th Avenue and 17th streets. A party of raffia is stationed near the Brevoort House approached the officer Drew. A revolver and told him to a the officer received reinforcements returned and attacked the ruffians and after a severe fight arrested we. Murphy Pat mul hide Charles Gardiner John and Mica cd Mcnulty. Left Leta an englishman and Gardiner native of Yonkers. The party refused to make any explanation of their conduct and will be arraigned before the police court on a charge of assaulting officers there being not sufficient proof to establish a conspiracy against the Prince. New York Jan. 5.�?mr. Stoughton of Prince Arthurs party de ies the assassination a tory. New York feb. 6. see am a Rhein from Bremen via Southampton arrived to Dav. Or. Orton pres deut of the a Western. Union Telegraph company is a passenger. Cabs. Havana feb 4-�?two men were killed Here on wednesday night. I Havana feb. 7.�?-general Gaye Nocho returned to puerto Principe. He a report the capture of two pieces of artillery and Many prisoners., sugar Little business. Prices barely maintained. A from new Orleans. New Orleans fed. 6�?in the legislature yesterday a Bill passed which a amp amp is metropolitan police warrants receivable for taxes. A. Tho House passed a Bill authorizing the Issue of three million dollars of Bonds to pay for work heretofore done on the levees under contract by the Board of Public m. Nelson waa drowned lat evening by diving through an open draw of a Bridge into the can i the child Acconio paying him was sugar fraud Case involving 855 boxes was decided by the United states District court in Ivor of the government. The sugar was imported under false invoices As weights. From Mexico. City of Mexico via Havana feb. 1.�?an attempt by troops to assassinate Lerdo d. Tejada and proclaim Santa and a has been discovered Here and frustrated. The ringleaders were arrested Aud lodged in prison. Order has been restored in Pueblo. A the authorities Ina Michoacan Are arming troops the real purpose la unknown but the pretence is to preserve the peace. Troops have marched from Vera Cruz a against the Orizaba insurgents. General Echegaray has joined the a Battle took place in san Luis Potosi on the 4th ult. Between the insurgents and government troops. The insurgents were victorious Cap tuning Twenty pieces of artillery and compelling general Decheca to Fly in haste. It is believed that Gen. Negrete is concealed in this City working in favor of Santa Anna. Nan Francisco. San Francisco feb. 4.�?a Bill repealing the act prohibitory to the carrying of concealed weapons Baa passed both houses of Tho legislature. San Francisco feb. 0.�?a slight Shock of an earthquake was Felt in this City and Vicinity yesterday. The Golden Gate Iron works were burned to Day. The Branch mint at Carson City commenced operation yesterday coining oily Silver dollars. Trouble is threatened at the Ely Silver mines Nevada. Parties having jumped the Roche mine a company of armed men had been sent to dispossess them. It is reported that the mormons have .1 taken Possession of ranches belonging to the gentiles in the Ely District and announced their intention of holding them at All Hazard from the West indies. Puerto cabello Jan 20.�?Tho revolution is spreading. President Moragas has taken the Field in person. Many of the banished dominicans Are Here. San Domingo Jan. 20. revolutionist headed by Pemelia Are marching Northwest. They have captured Georgetown. North Carolina. Wilmington n. C. night waa one of Tho most terrible Ever experienced Here. A cold rain was falling and a storm prevailing All night. Thus far Lour Marine disaster have been reported off our coast All occurring yesterday. The Schooner Ellinor from Baltimore with a cargo of fertilizers consigned to Parsley amp co., of this City was blown ashore at 4 p. M. A few Miles North of fort Fisher and immediately went to pieces five men supposed to be her entire Crew were drowned. When the vessel went t�?T6 pieces these five men were seen clinging to portions of Tho wreck but in a few moments were washed off by the heavy Aea and lost. A a the other three Vessela Are the Schooner Samuel Ceborn Captain Farrow of Hyde county Schooner racer Hatchell of Elizabeth City and the Schooner Ray of Hydo county All having cargoes of com consigned to Mercia its Here. It is not definitely known whether the vessels Are a total loss or not. Some Hopes Are entertained for the safety of the Ray. No reports have yet been received of the result of the Gale last night but it is feared Many live and vessels have been lost miscellaneous. Memphis a feb. fast freight lines Are again in trouble. A the rates Are now on Cotton to new York 90c, Philadelphia 85c, and to Boston $1. Fortress Monroe. Fob. 4. has been blowing a North East Gale All Day. Newcastle del., feb 4,--two negroes named Jones and Carpenter were Hung to Day for rape Montreal feb. 4�?-Bishop Lache of the eed River settlement arrived in this City last evening from Rome he will leave for the Northwest to Settle matters. Terre hate ind., feb. 4�?the Moat intense excitement prevails in Clark county in consequence of the discovery of Gold on big Creek about Twenty Miles from hero. An investigation by expert i ended parties resulted in the discovery of Gold in paying quantities. Tho people of amp wild with the Gold mania and Are leaving their business to search for it. Philadelphia feb. 5�?three fires occurred to Day loss $20,000. Louisville feb. 5�?prentice will be buried with masonic Lyonors to Morrow. Tallahassee fla., feb. 5. impeachment of governor Reed waa killed in the House last night at ten of clock by a vote of 30 to 21. Tho minority report waa adopted. Chicago feb. 7.�?extensive smuggling by mail has Biea discovered. Among the packages seized were twelve dozen hymn onks Brigham Young a e. Cinc or. Feb. 7.�?dobbins�?T distillery at a ton refuses to pay taxes in order legality of the forty eight hour fermentation Rule. By the Cable. A Liverpool feb. 4.�?Cotton Dull sales 10,000 Bales receipts for Trio week 90,000, american60,000, sales for the week 51,000, sales for exports 6000, sales to speculators 10,000. Tali Stock of Cotton of All classes a ii a Sjo Oas 348,000, Stock of american Cotton at Liverpool 155,000. Liverpool feb. 4. prices Given herewith Are the closing of yesterday. The markets this morning Are again delayed occasioned by the change in Tho telegraphic system the government having taken Possession of the lines on the 1st of february. Cotton closed steady Uplands 114, Orleans Legall Salee 10,000 Boles including 2000 for Export stud speculation. Liverpool feb. 4.�?Cotton opens Dull but unchanged sales 10,000 Bales for the week 51,000, exports 6,000, speculation 10,900, Stock 348,000, american 155,000, receipts for the week 9000, american 6000. London. Feb. 4�?noon�?consols 92$. Bonds 87. Tallow opened firm at 46s 3d .6d. A Paris feb. 4.�?bours? opened quiet Bentes 73f 55c. Quot Southampton a feb. 4. A the steamship Bremen arrived yesterday from new Orleans. Alexandria feb. 4.�?vessels drawing Over 174 feet cannot safely Para the canal. V pair. . A Lii Igo a Law Ceria eur a Gia was heard by a disorderly audience. Paul de Cuso Gac the author was hissed. London a feb. 3�?evening.�?consols 92j. Bonds 86. Paris feb. 3.�?bourse closed quiet Rentea 73f 50c. Frankfort feb. 3.�?Bonds firm 911 �92. Paris feb. 4.�?dispatches from Romo state that the death of the Arch Bishop of a Lyons is momentarily expected. A. Rome feb. 4. Pope announces that to will decline to participate in Tho controversy respecting personal infallibility. A a a London feb. 4, is reported that the Viceroy of Egypt and Greece Are in Alliance. Paris feb. 4.�?bourse closed quiet rentes 73f. 67c. Frankfort feb. 4.�?Bonds opened firm at 92.j London feb. 4�?a deputation of leading English Savans waited upon the ministers to Day and asked for endowment of scientific schools by the site. Despatches by the Overland lines confirm the announcement of the arrival of the great Eastern at Bombay. She will soon commence the work of laying Tho persian Gulf Cable to the Mouth of the red feb. 4�?colonel lug i has come to this City to Challenge Senor Figueroa for insulting him in a recent speech in the Cortes. J Madrid feb. 4�?official Havana advices Are received announcing the defeat of the insurgents by the National troops. St. Petersburg feb. 4�?the Jou Rusi of this City officially announces in View of the Montenegro question the anxiety Russia for peace. London feb. 5�?noon.�?consols 92 Bonds 87 j. Liverpool feb. 4�?-evening�?�cotto� closed Dull Uplands la Jally Orleans Ilg sales 10,0u0, Export and speculation 2000. Turpentine 30s. Madrid feb. 5�?it is reported that the Duke of Mont Pensiero a candidature for the throne has been abandoned. Prince George a Catholic age 37, son of the King of Saxony and Prince Charles of Prussia Are spoken of. The clerical estimates passed the Corrca yesterday after much strenuous Opp Oei Tsionis Marseilles feb. 5�?two houses fell crushing 12 persons. It is not believed that All Are killed. Two have been taken from the ruins. Rome feb. 5�?the ecumenical Council met yesterday. Five addresses were delivered. Liverpool 5 p. opened steady Uplands a Ojalla Orleans 118, sales 10,000, receipts for the week ending thursday 90,000, of which 60/100 Are american. London feb. 5. times has an editorial this morning on american legislators and legislation wherein it comments on the composition and the peculiarities of Tho houses of the United states writer attributes the faults in american legislation to the her absence of ability in the House of representatives which is the natural consequence of pop ular elections. The Senate the times Thinka i8 better because its members Are a otherwise chosen. A the manufacturers Here Are preparing to a take advantage of the expiration in March next of the Bessemer steel patents. The Moat extraordinary scenes Are occurring at the Telegraph offices in England. The dissatisfaction is Universal and the complaints of delays. Mid errors have been multiplied since the new i Range ments of the government went into effect in this City particularly crowds of people surround the offices and the pfc most confusion prevails. The movement for the abolition of University teats has been renewed. A meeting was held at Plymouth yesterday and resolutions to that end were unanimously adopted. Other meetings will be held elsewhere. The fall mall Gazette protests against the interruption of the indo chinese Trade in opium As contemplated. _ there has recently been an improved demand for american Bonds both Federal and state. Rome feb. 5. Culta Catholic a paper published Here Hab a remarkable article entitled a Les Etle after referring to the menaces against the ecumenical Council establishing decrees contrary to Modem ideas it says the Bishops despise menaces. If governments make Laws at variance with the decrees of the Council the subjects will not be held to observe them and to exact obedience to such Laws would the odious tyranny. If governments separate the Church from the state they a but expect terrible evolutions . France Alono has been True to the concordat and the Council will Bear this lit mind. Madrid feb. 6. due Between Figueroa and col. Lug i will probably be fought As the former will not withdraw his offensive expressions. Quot in the Case of Henri Rochefort no a i peal having been taken Tho sentence becomes final. The ministry is determined to put it in execution and defendant has been notified to surrender himself to the Jotun al official publishes a decree removing Leverrier an eminent astronomer from his office As director of the Imperial Observatory for taking certain a Csc tion in the Senate he is a member inconsistent with his duties As an ofe cer of the government. A "1 a v London feb. 7�?noon.�?-consol�92j. Bonds 87a87. Sugar afloat 28s 3da28� 6d. Kosin 5s 6da5s 9d. Tallow-46s 3d. Paris feb. 7.�?bourse opened Dell Bentes 73f 30c. R a it Liverpool feb. 7�?noon. A a Cotton opened quiet but1 steady Uplands old Orleans Hall fid Sale wooo Balea. Flour 19s a a 3 / Aparis feb. 7ssgeneralheime departed for Panama to conduct the diaries ship canal exploit in is ther Marseillaise h Fri Hob Quot forts. Journal App Ejus this morning witha characteristic article Over the signature of Rochefort himself relative to the recent notice ordering him to constitute himself a prisoner in obedience to the sentence of the court. He declares boldly the a he will not surrender himself and if the minis ter want him they my St come and take him and furthermore they must come prepared to use Force. The new postal arrangement with the United states applies Only to pre pud matter. Madrid feb. 7.it is. Reported that a treaty und the Spanish t Republic will be signed immediately. Valentia Ireland feb. 7.�?thp.irish, telegraphs eastward Are Cut off
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