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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1870, Page 2

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 5, 1870, Galveston, Texas a Sas a telegraphic. A a. A a a associated press dispatches new Yorlli Marucs. New York feb. 1 a Noomi stocks a Tran Quot Money easy -ca7, Exchange Long i Short 9g. Gokl 121j. 02�?Ts coupons 158. Tennessee sex coupons o4, Neil 47 Virginia sex coupons Olla now Louisiana sold 72, i a v l cg4 8�?Ts 78.4. Alabama 8 s 04, o s 03. Goo rain 6�?Ts.80, 7�?Ts 92. North Carolina old 414, new 24\. South Carolinas old 844, new 84. Flour Dull. Wheat rather Nitro steady. Corn Dull. Pork Dull. Mes s2f> 75. Lard quiet . Dull 25ac turpentine quiet Rosin firm $2 15 for strained common freights Dull. New York feb. In Etc Mug Cotton Dull and heavy sales 1200. Flour heavy and unchanged. Wheat closed la2 Botte with Moderato of part and milling a Nail Winter Rod and Amber Western $1 1 31 Corn heavy new 77a78, Wester a 88a�?~ l. Pork Dull $26 50a27. Land heavy Kettle l >5al74. Whisky heavy. Groceries steady turpentine 4cia47. Rosin $2 15 a freights Dull. Money easy at lab. Discounts easy it 7a8. Sterling weaker at 9. Gold 121j. Governments firmer 15a. Southerns Strong. New York feb. to 154. 64�?Th 10.1. G5�?Ts same new 14j. 07�?Ts 14�. 68�?T� same. 10-40�?Ts 12�. Louisiana sold g8, new g6, levee s of s 78. Alabama new York feb. 2.flour Dull and a rooting. Wheat Dull in buyers Lay or. Corn Dull and declining. Jork quiet mess $2g25a20 70. Lard Dull at a Ganiec. Cotton easier 25jje. Turpentine steady 4gja47c. Rosin Linn $2 Loais 20 or strained. Freights Dull. No Call Lor stocks in the Hoard this morning m consequence of the death of m. W. Lio Geis. The f following prices were Obi aim d from the Long room stocks Strong. Money 0. Exchange Long 9, Short 93. Gold Lily. New York feb. 2.Money ranges 4 a 7. Prime discounts 7 a a Sterling in clanged. Gold stronger at 121 jal.21js governments steady l>2s 154 southerns lie Iivo. Cotton heavy and lower sales at 25c. Flour Dull and 5al0c lower. Wheat la2c lower w inter lied and Amber Western �1 28 a 1 31. Com Ilc Clink Duew mixed a Estrin Bojuc pork heavy new $26a2t� 25. Laid head Kettle 17al74. Whisky heavy 98a$l 01�. Groceries Dull but steady. Iii pc Nemo 4gaa47. Kosin $2 Lff i. New York feb. 2.Wool Brm Domestic fierce 4ga54c, Texas 21e, California 17a2ce. Slides quiet. Freights Del lining Cotton by steam a by sail 3-1 <1. G2�?Ts 15j. G5�?Th 15j, new 144. ,7�?Ts 14.4 lib a a 14. Huo s 12g. Loui Tanav old Gil new go levee g7.j, 8 s /9. Alabama 8�?Ts 1 4, 5�?Ts 63. Ives a York feb. Strong. Money easy at 5ac. Exchange Long 9, Short 1 3. Gold 2m. 62 i&3. Venues gee sex coupons 5-1, new 49,. Vurlia i a coupons 2j, new in no. H , la. 8s 87. Alabama he 93, a it a. Ltd a so 7n 92, Louisiana is o<3 a anew g i. North Carolinas old 43-, new bit la Carolinas a old he new . Flour Dull and declining. Wheat quiet without decided Chaude. Com Dull and heavy. Pork Dull mess �2 i. Lard Dull Igo. Cotton Dull 25jlc. Turpentine firm 474a48c. Kosin quiet $2 kia2 20 Lor drained. Freights Dull. New , feb. 3.colton quid 24�za244c, sales 4900 Bales receipts 7 i >4 Bales sex wit to Vera Cruz 450 Bales males. Corn inner $1 Ltd a al 10. Hay lower prime $28. Bacon 14, i7al8e. Others unchanged. Old 1214. Etterling 31. New York sight 4 discount Captain Blakeney of steamship Tappa Liau Nock reports 1 feet water on pass a la a utre bar. New Orleans markets. New , fell. 1.colton mar Ike a Leady i demand Good at 241a214c, a i ale 7700 Bales receipts 8g�?~.�?T>7 Bales a a ports to Liverpool 3015 Hales Coastwise &2 Bales. Oats 75c. Bran �1 30. Play Linn prime $30. Pork firmer mess �29 50 al w 00. Sugar Dull Atid lower prune Luallie. Molasses prime 08a70c.�?~ Atli it re . Jold i Jim. Elfin. Y. Sight o 4 discount. New Orleans feb. 2.�?-Cotton, i Viand fair prices firm middling21 ja244c, by Jeg 7400 Bales receipts 7462 Bales sex North to Liverpool 18 baht Malaga .>07 Nales. Flour firmer 5 40, 5 8t Ati 124-Corn Eiith it re Oivo ref Irinio a too. Loran 30a 1 35. Hay firm $ a. Piork earner less ijf29 25a2 j 50. Hair no 14, Lyial . Lard Dull Turee will Gajc Keg 18c. Bit go a prime iijail4c. Molasses prime 08 i,70u. Whisky Lal 05. Colver 154al/4e. Gold 121. Sterling 31 a. New York sight j discount. New York feb. 3.Money easy at 4 ii Cir. Discount s at Sterling Rij. Gold 30$ft203. G governments heavy. L>2s 15.�z-Southern get Merally Sung. Cot Loi unchanged sales 1k00 Bales at 255 l Lour Dull and declining Stipe Fly be state $4 00 a al 00, South Kern common to fair extra 95 6<jag 10. Wheal Winter red and Amber Western $1 a a. Pork lower $25 70a 2ti 25. Lard heavy Kello 17a 174 an Lusky Doc living u2a924. . Naval stores firm. Freights a trifle lower. Walil Nutua. Washington feb. 1�?the my Wah a claims commission has adjourned to tie 1st monday 111 june. Thu time required for rebutting evidence requires this Long . I11 a Caso from Missouri which involve liar Lilily for seizure of i properly by officers tie Sui ireme court holds that n slate May Intuit protective Laws when not inhibited in its established Constitution and not in violation of the provisions of the Federal Constitution in relation Loci joint Fecto a a pm debt Hau decreased $3,933, 504, Coin balance in 101,g00,730, including �50,000,000 Coin certificates currency ill the. Treasury $8, 590,8000,. Purchased Bouda and interest $97,082,381 3i>. Washington. Feb. 1.Revenue today jjl084,000. The committee on l Oivinn a lairs of. The Senate discussed the acquisition of West India a a or Story hut took no action. Tito steamers a an tie. And Swatara am ordered to the West indies. _ a Louse Hooker from Virginia wan seated after a Sharp contest. Tho Tariff Bill a wan reported. Schmidt explained that Tho Bill was merely amendatory of Tho former Bill. It converts and Valorme into specific duties wherever possible. It is also very much enlarged mainly 011 raw material entering into manufacture. Tho Coli Mittico endeavoured to keep in mind these things Revenue pro Toction and consumption. Brooks opposing the Bill in Baid Tho a reductions in Tho Bill had been ingeniously made up on Mere Revenue articles such As Tea Coffee sugar Brandy spices liquors Etc., thus reducing Tho Revenue in order to Havo an excuse for raising Tho duty on Iron steel jute carpeting and even on old Type but what was not done in Tho Bill was far More a insurable than Liat was done. The objectionable duties stood upon Coal Salt Lead lumber hides Etc., Etc. Finally after much squabbling 1 the Bill was ordered to to printed and made the special order for tuesday Tho 15th the House considered Tho appropriations to Tho close. Ava Sivington feb. 1. A Senate a Lamsey presented and advocated a Resolution which was adopted looking to the mediation of the United states for Tho settlement of Tho difficulties Between Canada and Tho win Ropog territory. Senators Lewis and Johnson of Virginia were assigned positions on stand ing committees. Anthony introduced a Bill to discontinue Tho publication of books Jay the general government for popular distribution and to dispense with newspaper publications of the Laws except those of general value. A Resolution was introduced by conk Ling declaring the state of Mississippi entitled to representation in Congress. Tho Chi ency Bill was amended by in creasing the proposed additional volume of circulating notes from 45 to $05,000,000. An amendment by Saulsb Viry to repeal the ten per cent tax upon state Bank is sues imposed in 18g4, was voted Down. Ava Sivington feb. 1�?the a a reposed thrill 011 tears is 20 cents on Coffee 4 cents 011 refined stove dried on loaf Lump crushed pow died and granulated sugar 4 cents per Pound provided that All sugars Oiler than refined stove dried which has in i he course of manufacture been advanced in Quality above no. 12, dutch Standard in color by being boiled or Crys Tali cd in a vacuum or coloured or liquored in Moldo or purged in centrifugal machines or by vacuum process or filtered through Liono blood or its equiv Alent shall be regarded As clarified sugar and provided further that Tho Secretary of the Treasury shall by regulations prescribe and require that samples taken by inspectors shall to from the Middle of the packages so As to got the True average Quality and that the weights of sugar imported in casks or boxes shall be marked distinctly by the Customhouse weigher by scoring Tho figures indelibly on Cali package. On molasses from sugar Cane five cents per gallon tank Bottoms syrup of sugar Cane juice Melado concentrated Clado or concentrated molasses our it and three Quarter cents per Pound Proi Vidd that All syrup of sugar Cane juice Melado concentrated Melado or concentrated , i tiered Quot under the Danio of molasses shall to forfeited to the United Stales. Ava Sivington feb. 2.�?-it is stated that Sherman telegraphed to Terry by order of the president that a the senatorial sections of Lloil and Miller Are regarded legitimate Here. In effect his order forbids the Legisla Turo electing other senators. Geik Gia affairs Are having serious con Side Atilin High executive and Leadin senatorial quarters but no Flung in absolutely known. The principal per surf de Dinu authenticating rumours a authorizing any publications. Ava Sivington feb. 2-Rtho Iio Uso after a private bills., were disposed of is cussed the Resolution for the Relief of fenian prisoners in great Britain. Then was a very warm debate which is still progressing. Bill wit1 reported for an associate judge with judge ant Ratip of Quot Vas. The committees did nothing. Action regarding Mississippi will not be considered by the reconstruction com Mittee till Butler returns though the Bill before the Senate May pass any moment after passing the Senate. Washington feb. 2.Revenue today $6-ig,000. R. The Senate in special sesion to Morrow will consider the inning Bill. The foil Ign relations committee will report against raising the China legation to a first a Jass Mission. I it is slated that Anthonys Gill restricting the printing of Public documents will ave one million and a half. The census will to taken under Tho regulations of 1850, the time lbs new regulations by Congress having expired. Statistics wiil bit collected by liars liars with such changed regarding negroes As the changed i cum tunes Render imperative. The president has approved the Hill extending the port of now Orleans. Ames conduct excites unfavourable comments at army . Arnes must resign from the o army. Senate five Hundred copies of the Chart of Tho 1>ay of Samana were ordered to be printed. The currency was resumed. A Hill was passed providing for Tho Issue of $45,000,- 100 of additional National Bank circulation to banking associations to be organized in a states in whig less than their proportion under Tho present apportionment of $300,000,000. A new of a be hued Guintu the census of 187.0. Section 2, provides for retirement monthly of an. Amount of Tho 3 por cent. Curti Tioata qty Ivaloue to the Issue of circulating notes. Section 3 authorizes any Bank in to slate having an excess of circulation to remove to a state having less than its proportion with a View to equalization of cd Proucy through out the country. The Renusi Piug sections Are for Tho establishment of Banks upon basis. Tho of Tho currency is to Issue to them circulating notes not exceeding 111 amount 80 per cent of tie value of United to Tats Bonds deposited by them in Tho Treasury. The a Banks Are to keep 011 hand in Coin 25 per cent. A of their outta dinging circulation provision is also made for i to withdrawal of .$20,000,000 of the present National circulation from states m excess of their proportion Alicr that a $400,000,000 now authorized shall to exhausted. The Bill passed by 29 to 33. report was presented from Tho Chi Mitzee on foreign affairs in reference to the imprisonment of american Cit Izorah in great Britain for political of Lancen closing with a Resolution that the president communicate information con t. Coming the subject _ the comic litter expresses sympathy with the subject of the Resolution. Speeches were made on both sides. The Resolution went Over because of the expiration morning hour. A Resolution Wab adj ted instructing the foreign affairs committee to inquire Why Cuba was not recognized As a belligerent. Trio Sunato Bill appropriating-$30,0�kx. For the poor of the District of Columbia allowing $10,000 Worth of condemned army clothing to be distributed excited considerable discussion Logan arguing that it was not proper to appropriate Money for the i use perhaps election Pur poses. He said it fashionable people in Washington would Devoto the Money spent for receptions and ornaments to charitable purposes there would be no need to Call upon Congress to Aid the poor. Knott asserted that the effect of Tho Bill would to to draw negroes Here from other states who would outvoted the resident citizens. An amendment by Logan for issuing rations by the War department was adopted. The House adjourned without disposing of the Bill. Washington feb. 3.ames is before the reconstruction committee Torday regarding missis Sipma a reconstruction. A Ashington feb. 2.the House is discussing the fenian prisoners. The judiciary committee of the Senate not having official papers from missis Lippi took no action but will Havo a special Mieling on of Tho . The reconstruction committee heard Ames to the effect that the admission of Mississippi would probably result in yer germs discharge. Answering question whether if the state is admitted she would remain Loyal he replied in effect a a yes for several years at least in addition fico carrying out the military provisions of Iho reconstruction acts he had selected civil officers who would protect the rights of All the people regardless of race or color. Finally with Butler in the chair the committee adopted the Virginia Hill Lor Mississippi merely changing names when necessary and adding a clause that conscientious people might affirm instead or swearing. Abbott introduced a Bill in Tho Senate pre ambling violence in certain states and providing a National police Ava Sivington feb. 3.Revenue today $804,000. The banking and currency committee Jamini d the Teleg Raphers through whose hands Boutwe Llu a order to sell four will ions of Gold passed also or bout Wells his private secretory 6p far no Between Boutwell and Butterfield. Tho Teleg Raphers who handled the dispatch at new York have been sent for. The Secretary of Tho Treasury in a communication to Tho House called attention to the immediate necessity of repairing lie Customhouse at Mobile and Savannah. General Terry Lias been ordered to Washngton of important business after attending we Icli to will retain to Georgia. The agent of Frazer Ronholm amp co late agent. Of the confederacy is Here endeavouring to. Induce the government to acc put 80,000 promissory notes and dismiss All suits Here and in England. A in executive session the Senate voted again adversely to Hoar for the supreme Bench by 34 to 24. No confirmations interesting to the some. Jug nothing confirmatory Lias Benji received of the following published by the cubans in new York this morning. It is most Likely a canard Ives West feb 3.intelligence from Lla Vana has been received that zip to 10 of clock sunday night about 350 persons have been killed and wounded by the spaniards in a tumult growing out of the Castanos affair. At the latest account the carnage had not ceased. Tie cubans seem to have been murdered without any respect of positions. This news has just been received by the agent of the cuban a just re Senor Ramas. A Bill was introduced a reorganizing Marine hospitals Aud providing for sick sailors a a Abbott offered a Resolution setting Forth that violations of the Publio peace Are of frequent occurrence in various Southern Stales acid that Protection to Lifari and property by the general government Are the right of every citizen and instructing the judiciary committee to enquire what is Tho Power of the general government jul Tho premises also to inquire into the constitutionality and expediency of establishing a Nat ional police for Tho better enforce ment of Law. Adopted. Ferry offered a Resolution asking for information regarding Tho late postmaster at Augusta ga., Foster Blodgett acid his claim tor salary Wanlo suspended. Tho Bill til owing the Secretary of to life Navy to Transfer appropriations from oni Bureau to another was amended for bilk Ding Navy Yards paying higher wages than ii Stoma Rin the locality. The Hill a Aid Over Carpenter spoke in favor of the Bill repealing neutrality Law of 1818 to ii Joum ment. A Tho Mississippi Hill As reported atnoon7 passed after a Long discussion. The appropriation for Tho naval engineers was Iuca Cisco half a million and for constr notion one million and passed. Adjourn red. Hoober Tho new York Cigar makers for a Dollar per Pound and fifty per cent and Valorme on imported cigars representing that few cigars Are in adhere from imported tobacco and Many work Mon Are unemployed. A Bill containing 3g sections was reported by the committee on territories Fig inst polygamy in Utah a the committee 011 Public land reported aiding a Railroad from Nobilo to the a Western Boundary of tax Bill was made tie special order for of March. New Orleans. New Orleans feb. 2.the steamship Cuba hence 011 tuesday for Baltimore Broko her propeller and returned for repairs. To governor Warmoth has appointed Jas. Graham state auditor vice Wickliff suspended in consequence of articles of impeachment brought against him. The grand jury Havo found True Bills against Perry Fuller late collector Atad his associates a. C. Gray of a. Dewalt Robert s. Sproler car. A. Avest and w. Dinkelspiel. Five affidavits Clit go him with cons Ping to defraud the revenues of Tho govt Rymunt. Or. Hava a Jiromi deut cuban telegraphed to key cot to ascertain if it was True that Castanos editor of Tho Voce de Cuba had been cowardly assassinated by the cubans As reported. The following is the reply new York. New York feb. 1.Tho building of Cyrus Olmstead containing125 Bales of it Cotton is burned. A new York feb. 2. A Ockershauser Bugar refinery a on Rose Street with a heavy amount of sugar is burned. Loss $500,000. . Kev West feb. 1�?-the editor of the too de Cuba who came from Havana to fight a Duel was killed in an affray. Harrisburg pa., Fet. 1.the metropolitan police Bill for Philadelphia has passed the Senate Toronto feb. 2.the Dominion is constructing a Lake Fleet to proceed with troops to the Winnipeg settlement in Tho Spring. Key West feb. 2.Tho residence of Tho Spanish Consul located Here is guarded at night by a patrol of United states troops in order to prevent any new outrage. The authorities Are quite Active. No More hostile demonstrations have been made in the cubans. The United states Flag ship Severn with the monitors dictator and Saugus have arrived Here from Matanzas by the Cable. London feb. 1�?noon�?consols 92�. Bonds 87. Turpentine 30s 6d a 31s. Liverpool Fob. 1�?noon a Cotton Dull Uplands if Orleans lib ally sales 10,000. Havre feb. 1.Cotton opened quiet Paris feb. 1.there is a remarkable increase of Small pox within the past few Days. Paris feb. 1.the Popo had an epileptic fit but it is not regarded fatal Havre feb. opened quiet. Frankfort Fob. 1.Bonds closed firmer unchanged. Paris feb. 1.bourse closed firm rentes 73f 65c. London feb. 1.the Anglo american Cable company has voted for amalgamation with the French company by a Large majority. London feb. 2.the ship Melbourne from London for Savannah put Back to Falmouth leaking. The lady a Shields for now Orleans is at Falmouth with six feet water in her ii old London feb. 2�?noon.consols 9g, Bonds 865-owing to derangement in the Liverpool lines the Liverpool markets g re de Liverpool Fob. 2�?noop. A Cotton opened Dull Uplands Hall i Orleans Lold sales 10,000 Bales. London feb. 2.captain Cochrane commanding Tho ship petrel cruising off Tho african coast Wrt yes that or. Livingstone was burned As a wizzard in the Interior of Africa. Vienna feb. 2,-7-Tho Arch Duchess Elizabeth of Austria fled to America she embarked at Hamburg. Jjo Filoon. Feb 2�?noon�?consols 93j. Bonds 86$. Paris feb. 2.bourse closed Fiat rentes 73f 42c. Frankfort feb. 2.Bonds opened firm 92a92j. Havre. Feb. 2.Cotton opened heavy Paris feb. 2.license has been Given for the performance of Victor Hugo b dramas Madrid feb. 2.castillar addressed the cortex in opposition to the payment of the clergy by the slate. Paris feb. 2.yesterday a Sharp debate occurred in the corps la gis Latif on the decrees for temporarily admitting Iron and Cotton fabrics. On a vote being reached the government was sustained. Havre feb. 3.Cotton opened quiet. Paris feb. 3.letters came on time but american newspapers Are much delayed by Tho failure of the mail treaty. A proposition empowering the officers of the French legislative Chambers to demand troops to protect their deliberations was lost by 217 to 43. Pavana feb 3,caatanos�?T funeral was the largest Fen Ovyn. Volunteers at Matanzas excited by the Casta nos affair demand acco Oda and Hernandez imprisoned Lor having concealed arms. They fired their muskets in the air but failed in getting Possession of the prisoners. London feb. 2�?noon.consols 92 a92, Bonds 86j. Paris feb. 3.bourse opened firm rentes 73f.50c. Liverpool feb. 3�? noon. A Cotton last night Dull a Uplands Ili Orleans algal Ltd sales yesterday 10,1 00 Bales for Export and speculation 2000 talks. Turpentine 29s. 6a. Common resin 5. O Wing to derangement in the Liverpool wires today markets Are delayed. Commercial dispatches. New York of Brunory 4. Gold opened at a it. W 10 30.Gold 120�. 12 my Gold 120, Cotton easier Good Ordinary 238, Low middling ,24j, middling 2�zmobile 25<, Orleans 25. V Liverpool february 3. Weekly statement receipts 91,000 Bales american 60,000, rules 51,000, exports 6,000, speculators 10,000, Stock 348,000. Toj�ys1 markets delayed caused by the Transfer of the English Telegraph lines to the gov emment. 5 p. steady sales 10,000 Bales Uplands la amp a Orleans la Dall a. New Orleans feb mail 4. 11 30. A. 121.1 Cotton steady demand fair sales 1000 Bales middling 24ja24$< no a York sight i discount. London february 3j 5 p, 87 j. Exp Obj of Flun tit prod pc for Tiik week ending fed. 4, 18.70. Jan 29�?ship Leahnore. For Liverpool 1804 Bales cot Toi Olton far new Orleans 183 Bales cotto4�?o 3 Balos Wool 30 hide a Bdl Avins. Storm shop Wilmington for now York 889 Bales Colton 1w9 hides 3 mis skins Folio once a Don Loko for Boston 1157 Balca coition 834 Hilca 13 bbl tallow Solio onor we Wilson for Boston 674 Boles Cotton ill a Camor Analu for now Orleans 1g Bales Cotton 400 bbl beef Fob 1�?beboonor wn81auir, for new York 1306 hides 583 bbl tallow a steamship Agnes for now Orleans 50 Bales Cotton 3390 ,612 Tea beef. 50 bbl do 2�?suiamablp Morgan for now Orleans 178 Bales Coupon 500 bbl Boef Baik Iron ago for Uvo Pool 1857 Bales Poitou. A 4 Brig foggy for Liverpool 561 Bales Cotton hark Eva for Liverpool 916 Bales Cotton total 8384 Bales Cotton 6834 bides 5 Bdl Sklina 597 bbl tallow 613 tos beef 950 bbl do 3 Bales Wool Texas in jews. Cotton is becoming common a pig tracks in Calvert Ana w e Leam there is a disposition on the part of buyers to leave the Field not because of the decline in foreign markets but because it is impossible. To procure shipment below. Huriy up the cars or. Central Cal Vert Enterprise. �?---.,�? Are satisfied from our own observation and by the it statements of Well informed gentlemen that there is a very Large amount of Cotton in this and Nacogdoches county yet to. Be sent Forward to Market. Many estimate the number of Bales raised in Cherokee this year at 10,000, of which it is highly probable that not exceeding 3000 have gone Forward. The recent Rains have made the roads from Here to Shreveport very heavy and teamsters Are now demanding $2 50, specie per. Hundred. Of for a Railroad a we heard a merchant sigh the other Day on a teamster demanding the above rates. A Rusk Cherokee observer Jan. 29. sugar every year affords new evidences of Tho adaptation of the soil and climate of Cherokee county for the raising of ribbon Cane and manufacturing of sugar and a Blasses therefrom. The latest proof of this is a lot of most excellent sugar Bright dry and free from dirt and made by our old Friend or. Elias Nelson Lour Miles from town which he Lias presented to Liis office. We Hope to see the business of Sugai Hiaring increase and Tho Money now sent from the county kept at Home. Success to All such enter Quot Prises and Especial thanks to or. Nelson tor the present with which he has honoured Cherokee observer. We Are glad to Noto that within a few Days we fire to Haye a daily mail from Columbus to san Antonio this is As it should be and we look Forward to the amelioration it will no doubt bring us in the reception of our mail matter. Thi amp is Tho most important of our mails and next to it is the Elpaso mail which we notice is undergoing an improvement in the matter of a More thorough stocking of the Liuo by its energetic and go ahead notice manager or. B. F. Ficklin four horse coaches Are now employed on this line. San Antonio Herald. There has been More Cotton on its Way toward Tho River in the past ten Days than we have seen before this season in the same space of time when our Rivers Aro navigable they Are prefer Pablo at All pipes to railroads. There is Cotton now Kjep Navasota awaiting transportation that was started for Galveston last november experience like this teaches them Wisdom and has a tendency to turn their attention toward tie Trinity and the Neches. Hence they Are crowding their Cotton to these streams As rapidly As Crockett journal Jan. 29. The Trinity is now in excellent boating order and report says a a Hig ii so is above coming Down if this proves True hurry up. Your Cotton to its Banks without a moments delay a Crockett journal i Jan. 29. The Schooner sea Bird . R. Pascagoula to this port was lost at Arkansas on the 29 the inst. Capt h. Paid us a visit on monday last and from him we learn that to blame could by attached to the Pilot in charge. There was a heavy sea running at the time and As she approached the bar the wind died out. The consequence was she was drifted by the. Tide on to the North breaker arid is now a total loss. Every Effort was made to prevent the disaster Hext without Avail. The vessel was loaded with lumber consigned to or. E. D. Sid Bury of this place. Cargo filly and vessel partly insured.corpus Christi advocate. Last monday is not the Story he told in the committee by any moans. They Are to examine general Butterfield to Morrow. The Cash As it now stands is against him but judgment must not be entered1 up till he has been heard in his Sowri defense. Gen. Garfield Hopes to finish rip the investigation by tuesday or wednesday of next week and will make up his report As Goon As possible. Heavy burglary in few Orleans. One of the burglaries expected for some time from the number of scientific cracks men there Are in the City arid which in some of its details of plunder remind one rather of the Story of the forty thieves than of a police history was committed on sunday night and what was almost equally remarkable remained until monday morning without discovery. The scene of the burglary was the old Bank building generally known As Tho consolidated Bank situated on Toulouse Street Between Royal and Boris bin. Tho Bank has Boen in the process of liquidation for More than Twenty years and Nas consequently. Done no banking business during that period of time. The building was under the charge of or. By. Pairie As liquidator and cashier and was used by a Large number of the wealthy families of the second District As a place of Deposit for moneys jewelry and other valuables. The vault of the Bank was very Large was guarded by two plated doors of we ought Iron riveted by steel bolts a they were however such As were made Many years ago with none of the recent additions of science and were easily forced open it is supposed in an hour and a half. Ti10 door to the vaults had been forced open and everything turned Topsy Guivy. Some sixty or seventy tools were found lying about the floor of the vault of the most approved pattern known to burglars made of cast steel and which could not Havo Cost Lesb than $500. In the vault some Twenty or thirty of the tin boxes ordinarily used to contain Money jewelry and papers were scattered Arounia with the valuables All taken out with the exception of the papers. A subsequent lot of about ten boxes we amp found containing a Large amount of Money Silve Wero and outlier valuable which had not been opened. One of these. Alone contained something in tli6 neighbourhood of $500, and belonged to or. He Rory Pairie the cashier of the Bank. In the front door leading to the Bank the lock was found to a a a a Quot a Washington Jan. 28.the examination of Corbin of the new York Gold conspiracy was continued to Day before Garfield a committee for four hours. He was very reticent ,.somewhat-evasive yesterday when inquired of about his operations generally hut spoke More freely this afternoon having evidently come to the conclusion that he could not escape the searching inquiry of the committee. The members decline to give the details of his evidence j but permit the statement that he has entirely exonerated every one in the White House from any complicity in or knowledge of the operations of himself and his associates. He does this not Only on his oath after the most thorough investigation but produces Liis books and shows what became of certain sums of Money that Fisk and Gould said or intimated went to the Ahito House or to the credit of some one living there. The inquiry on this poin has been exhaustive Tho committee boing determined to get at the facts the record is. Now made up from the testimony of Fisk Gould and Corbin is entirely conclusive As to the innocence of Tho president and his family. Whether the whole or Only a part of the Story of Fisk and Gould on this head is a deliberate falsehood remains to be made known As it also doo3, How far Corbin really went in assuming to represent the president in his dealings with them it will not to strange if the publication of the test Ciony shows that Corby rated to them Only Lesa than they have lied to the people but the committee do not yet see. Exactly How the matter stands. A or. Corbin was questioned about the letter of fits. Garrit to mrs. Corbin which has figured Sorn Nch in Fisk a Story. His assertion a that mrs. Grant said she hoped this Gold business would be Over As soon As possible because it made her Husbard very nervous. Whether Fisk or c6rbin is responsible for this version implicating the president is not known but what mrs. Grant actually wrote was a the president is distressed to Leam by the sports that or. Corbin is engaged in Gold and Stock there is reason to believe that Corbin withdrew from Tho ting before the crash came. He has submitted his Bank books and these show that he did not make very much Money out of his speculations and there is evidence that he declined to consider himself in the business. At one time when Fisk and Gould supposed him to be in full Fellowship with them it seems to appear from Tho testimony that he beat Fisk and Gould at their own game and led them to believe that he was dealing honestly when he was quietly cutting Earth from under their feet for his own Benefit. The committee had some debate to Day about giving this evidence in full to the Public at once but concluded finally that this was not advisable. They authorize the statement that the late Story told by Fisk to the reporters and printed contain Small particles of Wax. The inference to be derived from this fact was that the impression of the lock had been taken several Days before in the courtyard of the building a chair was found so placed toward the Wall As to be useful in Case any alarm should be Given in the Street. Coining now to the manner in which the doors of the vault of which there were two were forced open one Hole was discovered bored in the door six inches from the Bottom. The first intention of the burglars was evidently to blow open the Safe. This design they were induced not to persevere in by discovering that a fell of the locks and bolts were Ruby. The burglar thereupon commenced driving in wedges some of which were imbedded in the lock. The first of Pliego was a out a Inch wide As Fine almost As a Sheet of paper. These gradually increased until the opening was made sufficiently Large to admit a truncheons or Miriall slides of Metal which would allow of the Entrance of without any friction against the sides of the Safe. The opening was made an Inch wide by driving in with a Leaden Hammer Liose sound was further deadened by the use of India rubber jimmys l shaped prying levers with a heavy Iron handle a Yard and a half Long capable of being lengthened to six feet were now brought in play and so heavy was the Strain made that one of these was broken. The second door of the Large Iron plated door was proceeded with in the same Way the handle or a portion of it was carried off in a trunk which was missed from the vault. An affidavit was subsequently made by or. Pairie before recorder Gastinel but thus far no other clue beyond suspicion which listens the guilt upon and party has been obtained. Ccopr.3 special no. 71. Concerning new form of books for wholesale liquor dealers rectifiers and distillers. "i/7 office of internal. Revenue ? Washington dec. 29,1869. It the form of Book Jas exhibited in the new Blank form no. 52, is thereby prescribed in accordance with the provisions of Section 45 of the act of julv20,1868, to be. Used by wholesale 1 liquor dealers and rectifiers instead if the form Book now in use As Prevc tired in Blank form no752, a Ljula Tlam series 5, no. 7, and in actor Arice with the provisions of dece Niber 19, of said act. The said new form no. 52 is also prescribed to be used by distillers in edition to the books now required to be kept by Ihone in which to seep an account of All spirits withdrawn a nun their distillery warehouses a Dato Rhom and How such spirit Are dispose of this form of Book will go into the first Day of february next on and after which Date every distiller who Wesalo liquor dealer and rectifier will be required to keep the accounts As provided for Sta said sections on this form of Book and none other. Officers of Revenue Are requested to Ai tipi every facile to secure the distribution of the Book tor use by the do Tav amed. J. H. Pooo%a88. Acting commissioner a a Quot v. A r. If tis Quot an easy and practical to. Route for Tho Darien canal has been discovered by. Which the Waters of the Atlantic and Pacific can be United within five Yean. The proposed Lino is outside the limits of the Panama Railroad Oompaul a Eastern eur trance at puerto and Condado where ves sols can Anchor in 17 to 40 fathoms wat a and Tojo West a Entrance at Santa Mari. The real distance Between is 3ftj leagues estimated expenses seventy millions of Doli airs. Tho now York times8ay8 the heat Coats in Broadway Are in of penniless fops broken Down merchants clerks with pitiful salaries and men that do not up. The heaviest Gold chains Dangle from the fobs of gamblers and gentlemen of Verr limited to nears. Costly ornaments of Niass Inis Cate to the eyes that Aro Well opened thai a fact of a silly Lover or husband cramped for .1
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