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Galveston Commercial Bulletin Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1870, Page 1

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Galveston Commercial Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 5, 1870, Galveston, Texas Yol. , saturday february 5, 1870. No. 23.telegraphic. A associated press dispatches new York markets. New York Jan. 28�?noon.�?stocks unsettled and Dull. Money easy at 6a7. Exchange Long 9, Short us. Gold 21�. 62b, coupons 15. Tennessee sex coupons 54, new 45j. Virginia so coupons 57, new 62j. Louisiana sold 70, Leveo 6s 634, 8s 77. Aiabama�?~8s 93, 5s 63. Georgia 6s 804, 7s 92. North Carolinas old 418, now 24. South Carol Iiams old 81, now 784 flour Dull with a out change. Wheat Dull without decided change. Corp Dull and drooping pork a Dull mess a to 75a27 75. Lard quiet at local Gajc. Cotton quiet at 2ojjc. Turpentine firm at 464 Rosin firm at $2 15 for strained. Freights Dull. quiet sales 1500 Bales at 25jc. Flour moderately Active without change in prices. A wheat less Active heavy Winter red and Amber Western $1 29al 31. Corn heavy new j0a93c. Pork heavy at �27a27 25. Lard heavy at 17jal8c. Whisky 99c. Turpan Tine 46a474c. Rosin $2 074a8 freights quiet Money easy at 4a6, Somo Loans made at 3 on governments Primo business paper in demand at 7a8. Sterling heavy a Gold 121 j. Governments firm. Southerns Active and generally firmer. New York january 29.�?stocks Linn. Money easy 5a6. Exchange Long 9, Short 9g. Gold 121 j. 62�?Ts Coupon 154-Tennesseo sex coupons 534, new 45$. Virginia sex coupons 584, new 63. Louisiana old 70, new 08. Loveo 6s 644, 8s 774. Alabama 8s 94, 5s 634 Georgia 6s 80, 7s 93. North Carol in us old 43, new 26. South Carolina 7s old 83. New 80. New York Jan. 28.�?flour Dull declining. Wheat Dull favors buyers. Corn Dull heavy. Mess pork $26 75a 27 25. Lard quiet 16jal64 Cotton lower 54. Turpentine firm 464a47. Rosin firm $2 15 for strained. Freights Dull. Havre Jan. 29.�?Cotton quiet but a a Toady. New York Jan. 29, easy at 4a6. Bank statement very favor Uble showing a Large gain in Legal Reserve. Sterling nominal at 8ja9. Gold steady at 121 jal21j. Governments firm. State securities fir inor. Cotton lower a a ales 1950 Bales at 254?.flour drooping superfine state and Western �4 60al 85. Wheat Dull and declining. Com drooping. Whisky heavy at 99c. Pork steady and Dull. Lard lower Kettle 17al7c. Naval stores quiet. Turpentine Dull. Freights Dull and drooping. New York Jan. 31�? stocks unsettled. Money easy at 6. Exchange Long 9, Short 9j. Gold 121. Tennessee a coupons 53j, new 46j. Virginia of coupons 451. Louisiana old 68, new 65, levee 6s 4k5, 8s 784. Alabama in 934, ?3. Georgia is 82,7s 93. New York Jan. 3i.�?flour Dull and a drooping. Wheat Dull and rather heavy. Corn quiet and drooping. Pork Dull at $�0 75a27. Lard Dull at 16jal64c. Com Dull at 254c. Turpentine quiet at 464a 47c. Rosin firm at $2 224a2 25 for Good strained. Freights Dull. New York Jan. 31�?evening�?mouey easy at 4a6. Sterling 9. Gold 1214. Governments quiet. Southerns weaker on Tennessee stronger on balance. Cotton Dull and declining Bales 700. Flour slightly favors buyers. Wheat scarcely so firm. Cora declining 85a92. Pork $26 75a27 25. Laid Kettle 17ial7f. Whisky 99c. Naval stores quiet. Freights Dull. New Orleans markets. New Orleans Jan. 28.�?Cotton easy 24 a25c, sales 3,900 Bales receipts 9,541 Bales exports to Liverpool 6,707 Bales Vera Cruz 353 Bales. Spain 821 Bales receipts for week Gross 45,200 Bales net 43,759 Bales exports to Liverpool 23,909 Bales Havre 6,914 Bales Bremen 3,715 Bales Spain 2,744 Bales Vera cruzij353 Bales Coastwise 2,596 Bales Stock on hand i8,243 Bales. Flour quiet at $5 15, $5 75a6 i24. Corn $1 05al o74. Oats Tinner at 70a72c. Bran 813/4. Hay easier prime $29a30. Pork weaker at $29 75. Bacon scarce at 14c,173cal8c. Hums 19al94c. Lard Luj Julic. Sugar Dull and decidedly lower prime 11 jail pc. Molasses firm Priatno 68a70c. Whisky 95ca$l 05. Colter firm 15ial?4. Sterling 314. Gold 121j. New York sight discount. New Orleans Jan. 29.�?Cotton very Dull and nominally pc lower�?24jc, sales 1600 Bales receipts 4477 Bales exports to Havre 3878 big is to now York 1790. Flour easier at $5 25, $5 75, $6a6 124. Corn firmer. Bran $1 35. Hay lower at $28. Bacon Dull and easier at 14c, 174a 184c, hams 18al94. Lard Keg 18c, Tierce. 164al6c. Sugar Dull prime Udall pc. Molasses 68a70. Coffeo firmer fair 154a 15 of Primo 174al74ci. Others unchanged. Old 121 j. Sterling 314. New York sight a discount. New Orleans Jan. 31.�?Cotton unsettled and lower 24a244c, sales 4500 Bales receipts 10,674 Bales exports to Liverpool 3312 Bales. Flour lower grades firmer $5 35,5 80o6 124. Com $1 074a 110. Oats scarce 72a73c. Bran $1 34a 140. Hay firmer $30. Pork mess $29 50. Bacon Dull 14,17�al8c. Hams 18a21c. Lard Dull Tierce 164al6c, Keg 18c. Sugar Dull prime ljial4c. Molasses steady Primo 68a70c. Whisky Lal 05. Coffee fair 154al5jc, Primo 17iamef Gold 121. Sterling 3u. New York sight i discount. Tapping work in tue Navy Yards new York Jan. 29.�?five Hundred men have Boon discharged from the Navy Yard. Philadelphia Jan. 29.�?one thousand Ono Hundred men have Boon discharged from the Navy Yard. Boston Jan. 29.�?one thousand three Hundred men have been discharged from the Navy Yard. Washington Jan. 29.�?porter has a million of dollars unexpended for appropriation which to Hopes Congress will allow Lum to Transfer to the construction and steam engineering Bureau which will enable the Navy department to rein state the discharged employees from Washington. Washington Jan. 28.�?a somewhat sensational Washington correspondent says regarding corbins evidence before the Gold horror committee that or. Corbin admitted that he was engaged in speculations with Jay Gould and the impression produced on some members of the committee was that he led Gould to believe that to had influence with the president through mrs. Corbin the presidents 6ister, and thus get Gould to embark in speculation. Revenue to Day five Hundred and ten thousand dollars. The territorial committee agreed to re port a Bill to abolish polygamy in Utah and empowering the president to enforce its suppression by military Force if necessary. The Steamer Seminole is ordered to Samana. Washington Jan. 28.�?House.�?the legislative judicial and executive appropriation Bill is up. Voorhees made a Long speech upon the financial question and National banking system. Butler made another response to Dawes. The latter replied that to did not desire to qualify anything he had said and was willing to let the country judge the claim of Simpson elect from the fourth South Carolina District was Laid aside lie being unable to take the oath. Tie committee on elections reported in the Case of the claimants from Georgia under the elections of april 1868, declaring them not Cuti led. The session to Morrow will be devoted to debate Only. A Bill passed providing for the election of the Public Printer by both houses. Senate the following proceedings occurred when or. Johnson presented himself Willey announced the presence of j. M. Johnson senator elect from Virginia stating that his disabilities were removed and to desired to be sworn in. Edmunds suggested there might to Somo further legislation necessary. Iio had been informed that the disabilities of this gentleman had not been removed. He understood that the disabilities of a or. Johnson had been removed but whether it was this or. John w. Johnson to was not certain and the identity of the course ought to be established. Wiley read from one of the acts re moving political disabilities where the name of j. W. Johnson of Washington county occurred and this was the gentlemen Here present. Sumner said there would be 110 objection of course if this was the fact. Tho senator elect then advanced and the oath was administered. The Bill alloying conscientious virginians to affirm passed and goes to the president. The Bill abolishing Tho franking privilege was read twice. Ramsey moved its immediate consideration. Drake and Vickers objected and it was referred to the committee on Post offices. The Bill involves a he abolition of free circulation of papers Jeri bin the counties or parishes of publication. The judiciary committee was instructed to inquire whether additional legislation was necessary in relation to Georgia. Discussing an a appropriation for the poor or. Hamilton said a and to the credit of Tho jews be it said that while they have contributed liberally they have supported their own Tho currency was i sensed to adjournment to monday. Tho House Lias passed a Resolution making the Public Printer elected in joint session. Gibson was seated from Virginia. Washington Jan. 29.-�?Tho Virginia senator Lewis had a Long interview with the president. Canby is at the Ebbitt House. Butterfield was before the Gold committee. To contradicts Fisk. Tho ways and Means committee will report the Tariff Bill 011 tuesday. The duty 011 bituminous Coal is the same As Anthracite free. This Only affects California. Tho a Lantien minister has declined the presidents invitation to dinner stating that his chief Salnave was executed and himself banished. Sherman will construct a now military Dopart Nicot Fot Canby which will include Virginia. I Rinco Arthur has departed northward. Washington Jan. 29.�?Tho House As devoted to debate during which Wilkinson said that in his judgment Congress had the Power to take charge of railroads in states that formed great commercial links. This Power he said to believed was vested under that clause of Tho Constitution which declared that Congress should regulator com Marco Behy Cen the states. Or. Bird of now Jersey enquired whether Tho gentleman believed that Congress could take for instance Tho Railroad running through now Jersey and control its freight and other charges and regulate them or. Wilkinson had not tolf least doubt that Congress had a right do this but that it was its duty to do it As a rebuke to new Jersey for fostering this monopoly. Or. Wilkinson hoped Congress would take speedy action upon this subject and he gave notice that to would introduce a Bill declaring Tho policy of Coner Russ a non this subject. Washington d. C., Jan. 30.�?the Secretary of Tho Treasury directs Folger to sell a million of Gold each week during february and Purchase Alillion of Bonds each alternate week on account of the sinking Funk. T Washington Jan. 31.�?Tho Senate Posto fico committee has resolved to report a Bill for postal Telegraph. Tho members of Tho committee suggest an infinite number of details perplexities and difficulties indicating that months will to required to completo the initiatory machinery of Tho scheme. Washington Jan. 31�?Tho supremo court by four and four affirmed Tho decision of Tho lower court compelling Frank Blair to Tako the test oath provided by Tho Missouri Constitution before voting. In the House the Resolution ordering the banking and currency committee to report within six Days a Bill increasing the National banking currency forty four inf lion and allowing postal Telegraph committee to Send apr persons and. Papers Woro Defeated by a Large majority. Two Bills for Tho restoration of Mississippi wore introduced Washington Jan. 31�?it is stated that the will nominate judge Strong to Morrow vice Stanton. Tho Gold investigation continues. Of Dyko testified. The joint retrenchment Cem Mutee considered the Transfer of the freedmen a Bureau education work to the Board of education to which general Eaton was recently appointed. In the Senate the postal committee reported the postal Telegraph Bill with amendments a and a recommendation that it pass. Morton introduced a Bill restoring Mississippi. Revenue to Day Over a million and a Quarter for Tho month nearly twelve millions and a half. Tho president has nominated Lloyd Moore As collector of customs for Cherrystone Virginia and Francis a. Walker of Massachusetts commissioner of census. The Treasury hereafter must swear to actual outlays for mileage and expenses. The government gets the Benefit under this order of courtesies extended to officials by taverns and railroads. A general order creates the department of Virginia Headquarters at Richmond Canby commanding comprising Maryland Virginia and North Carolina. Five Hundred men were discharged from the Navy Yard to Day. Washington Jan. 31-�?Senate.�?a Bill reorganizing the Marine Hospital Laws was introduced. Sherman presented Ohio a ratification of Tho 4.5th amendment. My ten s Bill admitting Mississippi in pose Julie Virginia restrictions except that no oath is exacted of the state legislators. Tho currency Bill was resumed., the Senate will vote to Morrow. The Bill among other things provides $45,000,000 additional Curry Lucy to the South and West. Several resolutions of inquiry regarding Georgia were introduced. Adjourned. Resolution declaring the 5.20�?Ts payable in greenbacks and censuring Tho administration for buying 5.20s at a Premium was tabled by 122 to 41. The president was asked for All the papers in the Yerger Case Ayer from Virginia was seated Mckenzie after contest was also York. _ it. New York Jan. So spirit of the american to clearly evinced at Stock Exchange to Dayre the financial representative of the daily Eress were allowed to be present at a us incas meeting of the Board a thing without precedent in the history of the new York Stock a Exchange. This institution has been a sort of Spanish inquisition from its foundation and heretofore whenever the Board went1 into executive session Tho members of the press were Given permission to retire. To Day they were Given permission to stay. This wonder jul change in the temper of the Board is due to the1 infusion of Young members institution. A quart top now going on Between the Stock Exchange Ana the Rock Island officials which has deprived the Public of obtaining information with respect a. To transactions in Rock Island shares by Tho usual channels Somo Fow new brokers have appeared on the Street and after opening Bank accounts purchased railway shares and requested the same to., divided up into Small certificates. The parties Havo been traced to a connection wit i Somo former certificate raisers and the brokers would do Well to keep a Sharp Lookout for a new swindle. It j 7 Tho directors report in regard to the Itani Iqbal and St. Joseph Railroad created considerable talk on the Street today. New York holds Tho bulk of the Stock and Boston has a the management. It is Tho report was made As unfavourable As possible so As to enable Boston to outflank new York Iulio Possession of the Stock. A 1 a \ there was a Largo attendance at Tho executive meeting of Tho Stock Exchange this morning larger probably than at any executive meeting for years past. A it evinced the interest Felt on the Street in Tho matter of the expulsion frock Island a Stock from Tho Board and Stock Telegraph wires. At least 400 members we represent. Or. Wilson president of the Board presided and in opening the meeting explained briefly that it was. Called to give members an Opportunity to discuss and vote on Tho proposition made yesterday Viz that members of the. Hoard that Tho governing committed rescind the order lately issued forbidding Stock and Gold Telegraph companies to quote Rock Island Stock on its indication. A or. Hart Home who a stood in the pit was understood to say amid Somo Corfu Sioui that to did not see How Tho matter of quotations or non quotations of Rock Island Stock could affect the Honor of. Tho Board commotion and loud cries of a ooh of a a hero or. Seymour speaking of the Over Issue of stocks brought in an allusion to opera houses Quot which literally brought Down the House to contended that the Stock Telegraph was a part and parcel of Tho machinery of this Doard and it devolves upon us to prevent any part of our machinery to he used to record this Rock Island Stock with a View of putting it upon Tho Market. Rock Island Stock was never properly registered. To thought it was. Lot them give us a proper guarantee and proper notice of new issues and Register their Stock with a reliable institution As Erie did and i have no doubt the Board will readmit the Stock i Liopo that Tho Board will support Tho action of the governing committee or. Hinckley std that when he introduced Tho Resolution yesterday its terms had no reference to Rock Island. Or. Seymour mounted the Rostrum Ajja said substantially As follows a it is Well known Why the Rule require that the Board be notified thirty Days before a new Issue of Stock. This Rule was not passed by the governing committee but y a Large Voto of the Board. It was adopted because a corporation had issued in it Mense. Amounts of Stock which were hypothecated for Loans and sold in the Market. Of course members were afraid to Ioan Money on such Security when they Quot discovered its nature in this Rock Island affair. I consider that it is incumbent on the Board to protect itself by sustaining its rules thus protecting the interests of each individual or. Seymour replied that the affair bad naturally risen out of the Rock Island discussion. Loud cries of . Or. Hudson called the members to order and put the question As to whether the governing committee be sustained in its action excluding the quotations of Rock Island from Tho indicator. A show of hands demonstrated that 343 of the members were in favor of confirming the committee s action while 43 were against it. Or. Leroy Nichols moved that the members be requested not to resort to the National Board to Deal in Rock Island but no action was taken since it would have been a virtual recognition of the existence of that Board. New York Jan. 30.�?a collision occurred on the Erie Railroad yesterday afternoon just West of Bergen Tunnel Between the passenger and Oil train. George Banneker Carpenter was lulled and two others slightly injured. Two men and women fell into the water while climbing on a ladder to a Schooner at Brooklyn and were drowned. Their names Are a ascertained. New York Jan. 29.�?the Steamer stars and stripes Quot which arrived to Day from port an Prince was detained at quarantine. Two of her Crew Are Down with yellow fever and there had been one death on the trip. 1 new York Jan. 30.�?the Spanish Consul officially contradicts the reported defeat of Puello by Jordan. The stars and stripes reports much agitation in Hayti in relation to the cession of san Domingo. The provisional government will assist the enemies of baes against his schemes in ceding Samana or any portion of neighbouring territory to the United states. A French War Steamer had lost 40 of her Crew by yellow fever at port a Prince. Quot from new Orleans. New Orleans Jan. 29.�?the steamship Juniata from Philadelphia ran into Ana sunk Tho towboat Sunflower this morning. No lives lost. A Resolution was introduced demanding whether article Xiii of Tho Constitution relating to the Equality of citizens on a steamboats steamships and places of Public resort has been complied with. Adopted. New Orleans Jan. 31.�?the consolidated Bank of Louisiana was robbed of nearly 50,000, evidently the work of experienced cracks men. A peremptory mandamus has been issued by the fifth District court requiring the slate treasurer and auditor to receive Only lawful Money for taxes licences etc., and ordering sufficient to be set aside to pay the constitutional officers of the state. A a Culia. Havana Jan. 29.�?letters received from puerto Principe of a late Dato make no mention of the taking of Guaimara by pitello although they state his troops took a Strong position in the surrounding country and occupied Guil Tiara co Parica the old site of Guaimara the Diario publishes the report of an Eye witness of a heavy encounter on Jan. 1st, which resulted in a great destruction of life. During the night the insurgents constructed a line of entrenchments and the spaniards who were not aware of this fact were surprised with a Volley of Cannon and musketry. A the troops then stormed the rebel in Trench ments. The rebel loss is estimated at 300 killed and the Spanish loss at 200 tilled and wounded inn Cipalla wounded. Gen. Puello remained on the Battle Field a veral Days. Quot a Lana Jan. 29.-�?the, Diario Anees the capture of Gua Moro the Cap tal of the insurgents by the forces a under Puella after a severe combat. Pella is now resuming to the coast on account of , of provisions. It Havana Jan., 31.�?Spanish gunboat no. 3 is completely wrecked on Colorado reefs. The second Fleet of Spanish gunboats from new. York has arrived. Defeat or the indians. Helena Montana Jan. 23.�?�-four cavalry and Ono infant in compari ies under command of col. Baker left fort Shaw a captured Bear chiefs Camp of thirty lodges and killed the men women and children Only eight men escaped. Uear chief a was killed. The balance of blackfeet tribe. Havo fled to the British possessions. It is understood that bakery a expedition Liao permission to Cross Tho lines in pursuit.0 miscellaneous. Kev West fla., Jan. 29.�?gonzola Caus tenon editor of Tho Voce de Cuba arrived Here from Havana this a. M. It is reported that he comes to fight a Duel with the editor of the key West Republican. I Portsmouth Jan. 28.�?six Hundred workmen were discharged from the Navy Yard in account of exhaustion of Appro-priattyxjs.,. My a Pic is Jan. 30.�?j. , a Well known citizen of this place was murdered by negroes near Cherokee miss. Montgomery january29.�?Alabama entire Day Way was consumed discussing a memorial to con press for the removal of All political disa Wilities. The House was occupied 6ix hours Over at solution to expel or. Randolph1 of Tuscaloosa on account of a letter he wrote to his paper concerning Tho legislature. Debate on the question to be continued on monday. Atlanta ga., Jan. 29.�?the Senate to Day received a communication from general Terry through the governor declaring two senators ineligible and Tho seat of Jitu other vacant. A Resolution passed seating those receiving the next highest vote under which two White and Nie negro were sworn in to fill vacancies. Savannah Jan. 28.�?the Green line excursion party composed of about 350 delegates irom Cincinnati Louisville and Nashville and visitors from Atlanta and Macon arrived Here to Day and were met at the depot by a committee of friends in the City. In the afternoon they were entertained by dinner on Board several vessels in port. To Morrow the excursion lists will visit fort Pulaski and other places of interest. From Mexico san Francisco Jan. 31.�?advices from san Luis Potosi report that a petition for the secession of that state has been numerous by signed. The citizens Are enthusiastic Over the declaration. By the Caile. London Jan. 28.�?the pall mall a. Zette states that the Alabama claims negotiations Are suspended. Peabody�?T3 lands recently seized by the Crown have been released. Tho Cotton spinners at Wigand and Lancaster Are on a strike. London. Jan. 28�?noon�?consols 92�. Bonds 87�. Tallow declining. Paris Jan. 28.�?bourse opened firm. Rentes 73f 85c. Liverpool Jan. 28.�?Cotton steady Uplands old Orleans 11 a sales 12,000 Bales for the week 97,000, exports 13,000, speculation 27,000, Stock 300,000, american 14,000-, for the week 28,000, american 8000. I Quot Liverpool Jan. 28, steady. Uplands 11 a Orleans l�al2d., sales 12,000 Bales for Export and speculation 2000. Bread stuffs Dull. Pork firmer. Bacon firm. Cotton afloat 262,000 Bales american 16,000. London Jan. 28, firms. Common Rosin Dull. Turpentine firmer Havre Jan. 28.�?Cotton on spot quiet afloat at 148. Paris Jan. 28.�?the corps Beegi Latif is much excited Over the English commercial treaty. Clarendon is Here to watch the Progress of events. The present treaty expires feb. 4. The la Creuzot strike is ended. Schneider president of the Senate and chief proprietor of the. La Creuzot. Works at tributes the strike to English machinal tons. I Paris Jan. 29.�?Tho corps la gis Latif supports the governments commercial policy by a vote of of to Munich Jan. 29.�?-the bavarian parliament demands the resignation of Hohenlohe and his Cabinet. Rome Jan. 29.�?the archbishop of Algiers Lias gone to Paris to learn the emperors views on infallibility doubts. Regarding which causes the Pope some uneasiness. A j a London Jan. 29, 924. Bonds 87j. J Paris Jan. 29.�?bourse opened firm rentes 74f.5c. J to. Liverpool Jan. 29.�?Cotton closed Dull Uplands llgallfd., Orleans ll$d., sales 10,000 Bales for Export and speculation 2000 Bales. Pork 102s. Lard Dull Liverpool Jan. 29.�?the receipts of Cotton for the past few Days has been unusually heavy parti cml a la from the United Jan. 29.�?the morning telex graph to Day exalts in the Success of the Erie shareholders Here in circumventing Jas. Fisk jr., by having shares stamped before a fresh Batch can arrive. A 2. It a it. The saturday review has an american affairs to Dav. The writer thinks the confirmation of Edwin m. Stanton by the Senate proves that the National Constitution and Lederail courts Are Asfe Tilty As those of new York state. Extreme partisanship is the test of qualification in both cases. Paris Jan. 29.�?m. Emila Ollivier prime minister Lias addressed a circular to the procurer general on the Quot subject of Tho press. He says polemics Aro to be free but attacks on the emperor apologies for crimes attempts to turn soldiers from their duty matter that tends to cause disobedience of Laws and All libels Are Jaq be severely punished especially the late ter with a heavy fines.1 he also enjoins the Observance of Gife to vigilance in the matter of political meetings a London Jan. 31�?noon�?consols 92a. Bonds 87j. Of Paris Jan. 31.�?bouree opened Firmi rentes74�7c. 1 Liverpool Jan. 31.�?.cjptton Dull Uplands had alled Orleans a Ltd it sales 10,000ti ales. I a later Cotton Dull. Uplands Olga leans i alled. Pork Dull. A a it a Liverpool Jan. 31�?evening.-Pcotf ton tends Down Uplands ill or Lubana in Laid for Export and speculation 12000. A a a Madied Jan.31�?in the Corte Figue. Ros defended the recent insurrections As an act of Tho people to maintain a i Eilf rights asserting that the so called insurgents killed by the government were simply assassinated. A retraction was1 demanded Figuero refused and a Duel is Munich Jan. 30.�?in. Tho House of deputies al Prince Hohenlohe declared that he would defend Tho government from the Ultra Montanes. He pronounced the confederation of the Southern German states a phantom but objected to the confederation of trip North. T specials to the new Uriens times. Washingt6n, Jan. 29.�?the Senate Posto fico committee has considered the postal Telegraph Bill of senator Ramsey and agreed to report it Back to the Senate with a few unimportant amendments. Well informed Treasury officers state that Secretary Boutwell will not alter his present financial slate with respect to Gold sales and Bond pure leases but will continue it through february. Thib is opinion Only. I. Tho Board of Trade of this City favors a territorial form of government Lor the District of Columbia in the interest of siness. A a a \ Texas v the Denton Monitor thus advises Emi Grants it la emigrants coming to this part of Texas could save Money by bringing extra wagons and loading with lumber on tha Paa so As to be enabled to construct a shelter immediately on arrival. Fire last few minutes be fore h of clock last night a fire was. Discovered in the fancy dry goods store of a h. Kuttner in Ais Tyne building Corner of Ltd ii and Congress streets. The alarm brought Hook Andla id to the spot closely followed by Stonewall engine no. 3. Tho door of the store were then broken open an4 Tjie Stop in will boys went at it Watn a will in quelling the flames Befu re the Sto Aih Firo engines we re fairly at work. A j a / the value of or. Kytt Tiger s Stock was probably Between ten and fifteen1 thousand dollars and the damage by fire May be estimated awfully 1 two thirds of that amount. The St Cut was insured to the amount of $10,000-1 -$5 000 of which is in the Phoenix of Hartford Conn and $5,000 in the merchants Mutual. Of. Gal Quot Vestuti a a. A i the building is insured to the. An punt of $40,000 but tie damage to twill probably not exceed $500.�? Houston times,30th. Rora new article for the cuisine was yesterday offered for Sale on the . One Hundred wild turkeys killed recently neatly dressed and salted Dawb in barrels they sold at to bits Efton sin Gle with the Oft a of heavy discount to Largo buyers. Epicurus a pro them , l quote heart Tiit prices of cattle a Aro looking up along the san Mighel As much As $16 having be a pm Aid ret Nutly. There will be a yer considerable am orint of driving from Liis Section next Spring both towards Kansas Colo Rado and cd life mini and we think we a already1 detect a decided upward to nay in san Antopia Ostarr. Iun . A or. O. Canu Teson we let a that the pm of dry j. M. Griffin of Hill cd Ute to was burned on last thursday evening. It was ignited Quot by spa kit from the smoke Stacki a three Bales Quot of ginned Cotta a. And room Ftp seed Cotton were destroyed. The Gin stands andtf��sr"we��7saved. Irlpss7ieb.nfl?ated at $500 ginning would on the morning of the the 1 the dredge boat under its energetic a commander Captain t. Loyd resumed work a in 1 our Harbor and . Welc has excavated and Rem Oyea to a re Mote distance Byitte Aid of the tenders about eight to Roeii to is of Earth daily. The Wori pm Usheff Fomaida to an Early completion a Rhent lib my a go steamships Waw Ltd a shared will to Ake regular Lavaca cot Tiffin racial Jan. 26. ,. A the Schooner Man Antico came up without difficulty on aloft de a of a off eight feet water the report-reseaf�ypm0 0f a Schooner r grounding for. A a tuner of Days in cleaning. Fri i Here was incorrect. -rcibid., to learn that Tolj a school Horn use near Caber Jjo Creek a a a t1iis a a county been Hurt Sowri tie Quot third to my we mean fat the thied abuse a Ruilt in the same Neil lbs rho of for teaching a school in was Burnt Down one Day last week,.while the most of people of the. Neighbourhood had gone to see Noyes a Iliad Guardjr in 25. >>�.j,. For Many years Given. a aves weight iof. The Bales of Cotton received at this port in opus a rat a of. A Septena to or a Faraj Stote a Nenton avem1 weight of Jurf Bales have do in slowly a for Somp Nejus past and. Season 456 pounds and All estimates therefore on Tel ebb a is of 400p�t�n to a the Ole must either be made in entire ignorant of facts Hvisch to Allut rho presume to write on the Subj e it in a a re sied motives a la in jip52 a Tolfe jteverag6 weight of the Cut to to >�16� imported into Liverpool was As follows Mobile 504 poundsmnew1 Orleans 455 Upland 390 sea isundgyp�.245brazil 182. A a a of Commerce a published in ,1855, a a Ivy of to re weight of a Bale of Cotton from 160 to 500 pm teds he heaviest being a from Alabama and Louis a wait in lightest a a a 179q, 4p, of american Cotton was,20,0 Pound a ,18� to averaged 266powd8,Aii 1836jt. Was 319 pounds., , in 183i,,average Bale was 361/munds.�?zina&yo the Bale of american Cotton is if do it Tood to be Bales of Tny to weight a in infer do a it is a cheap Dev Eek to affect the a to Ift Sec to insist upon official to to miss a who Csc a Voty the a a Uit trip t�atet�an3f4ftsrflhwt� a by Ven by the a trip trn ill to in Afif easy matter. To increased,700o,00oto 3iooo, hand then say thai the Bali we it to Ndu do Winot the Bali of which you is a the Bei Fife the of Quill is disc Tei edit a Pabis. Pm. 29i.ttj?n the de in on cd Affif Mercial tree up is legislate yesterday the pop us put of a a plenty and there were some Stormy scenes Dut the government developed Quot Tfir a i petted strength.,ta-d9yhe 4ibiwqnwas continued. Ollivier made the closing speech. He created a sensation by announcing that the Cabinet would to treaties but that they were Iii Feivor of the freest Dis Crissip a ,wa8.their Pur p Ose to afford Etta i Protection Jug All. He added it Hab that mini tear paired to conduct the sustained by a majority of the in was the real expression,, of Tiia tion that the majority an ent Grant but part of Tai amp a Emilj a tto Jung the policy of the Cabinet pot Quot Becat tse it was an acc Jpn a. But. Witty the firm intention of Maini Aminoff. The. Union. Jie would Bayt not in a ooh a to Ftp 5irit� Bat with mid a and Fli in fyn tha toe gov the aids id All but neither solicit nor a a pc to the Protection of any. The ministers speech was received with govern ment a was Sustar no a by a tote of 5j0ji ag�inst33, a a
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