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Galveston Colored American Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1920, Page 2

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Galveston Colored American (Newspaper) - November 20, 1920, Galveston, Texas Page 2/�fl� coloured american t h e cd �?m.,r a a paper published every saturday it the interest Quot a a a a a fhe Prin lir of the Nebro Rac a by a 272 Marosi Street a company Telephone ? -3tort-Texas j21 i subs one year. Six months. All. Option rates .$2.00 three months. A $1.10 one month. Subscriptions paid in Advance. T .60 .25 s. H. Simp Irvin Jon. Owe. A. M. H. Ellis managing editor City editor travel Inge agent notice to agents and correspondents. Correspondents Art requested to write Side of the paper and sign All communications even if a nuni de plume is used for publication. Unless these rules ate complied with communications w .11 receive no consideration. We also invite our readers to Send or bring in any clipping or news which in their opinion will interest the Public subject however to our opinion As to its value As news. Quot a x. A a a.  -.->�-====entered As second class matter at Post office at Galveston under the act of March 3, 1879. A. Veston Texas. A saturday nov. 20/ 1920 a a a a \ not so with Central prof. W. A Janies White principal of the Ball High school of Galveston. Reported in thursday s Galveston morning news that All graduates of the Ball h ugh school who Atte Iid colleges and Quot universities of other states make splendid records attaining an average of 5.44 for class work indeed this is a signal Honor for Ball High school the faculty and Galveston a school system As it concerns the White schools. But no such Good news comes from the coloured graduates who graduate from Central High school and enter colleges and universities of other states. \ we would that it w As so but amp Las it is not. In order that the. Blame for this unholy set Back to the coloured graduates May tie Clear in Tjie minds of those who read this right Here we Are going to Tell it. When it comes to one Hundred per cent efficient teachers Central High school has them equal to any in Ball High school or any other school for that matter but the. Two sided bumb Messy curriculum As mapped out for the coloured schools of Galveston Are to far below the Standard of the. Curriculum for the who t e schools that it makes it impossible for the coloured student to make a decent showing compared with other coloured High schools of Texas. In Quot the Ball High school the students have available every thing neg Cesary Well it Ted Hattries and Etc. Science school., All of these particular Are not Tai ight it is optional with the coloured students which they will take. And lest you Forg it the coloured teachers had Noth ing to do with making to the curriculum either so they a a Are not to blame. Aside from the above hindrance mention there a the miserable Over crowded school rooms and the double session All of which Over taxes the teachers shorten the period of study for the student which hinders them from getting a thorough knowledge of the various subjects they Are studying. A what we have said Here is not a protest in behalf of thie coloured people of Galveston no Noton your life but we simply wanted the facts known for any other coloured people but ,.these in Galveston Wou a take a determined stand arid contend for these things that Are rightfully theirs or the y would at least do some howling to the school Board about the Mattei. There was a time when Cental High school was f to is for the High ratin g of its graduates because of its Strong curriculum when we were barefooted chasing rat. Bits thru the Fields of Victoria our dad heard of it and wanted to Send us Here. Far and wide when the question of a Good school arose Central High school of Galveston was recommended. Maybe when the school Board slices off another piece of. The curriculum and because of crowded conditions students will be forced to hold their class recitation under the school building then coloured Galveston might Wake up with a Gap. It is no longer a question of what the school Board will c?0 for us but what we will do for ourselves. It if a coloured student is Given Only a half a Day in school and the White student is Given a whole Day with the curriculum of the coloured school a Messy feeble collection equal to a Well Grade county school while that in the Whie school supposed to be the. Same system is equal to a College curriculum How in the name of. Moses can the coloured student compete the Law of to e a survival of the fittest will decree that jul coloured student must go Down in detect before those of Superior training. 7party won a Victory. The latest coi Mient coming from one of Quot the a sick chickens of the Mcgregor incubator was uttered. Last week in Dallas by j. G. Culbertson Defeated candidate for governor on the a Lily White ticket. After blowing off at the month in or no sensible things he then puts out his Chest and utters these words a Zijun not surprised at the outcome of the election. We live put the Republican party bade on a clean White Many a basis a and Are going to build up a solid Republican party in spite of the am rican in spite of the Black and tans. We have , a big gain in the state and the final returns will show an eve if big Ger increase to. Our ranks.�?�. A different from the test of the a Lily White clan or. Culbertson had the moral courage Tjit he. Was surprised at the miserable defeat of his party us in the same Bratli he says a we have put the Republican party Back on a clean a White Many a from the time Cecil Lyons took charge of the Republican party in Texas and injected the a Lily White the party Down to this very minute it a Beeh on the Southern White Many a basis but As far from Lei Clea is a country hog in a Liuddy in in a hot Slimmer Day in August. As to building up Tjie Republican party in Texas for a truth it will be built up in fact the building up has started it Begaii on the second of november when the. Black and tans stormed the a Lily White efforts and planted the Flag of real republicanism in every Nook and Corner of tejas.,. Or. Culbertson and the rest of his a Lily White Bunch must bite the a dust a the growth of the repub1icati, party in Texas will be rapid and wide spread the principles espoused by Grant Lincoln and Doug Jass will be the principles by which the party will be or previous condition i servitude will Chin q ice in conducting the affairs of the party or. Culbertson and the str st of Kis a Lily White society will not lie molested by tie pc Ojord up Tern Texas now henceforth and forever but with revved Bull dog tenacity the col eyed voter to unite and Pool their forces and a fight jts. Way upward Side by Side with those humanity Loving White men of the ilk of Hon. Harry Beck cappers and others who have White hearts filed with a spirit of tight Justice and fair Pla Jeffor the coloured american equal to that accorded any other race in America now so Long Jem Rhie. A Ltd it a Tike Oil ugly and a Zepie Etil Jeon diet there is an ele Merivot coloured people in Gaveston who would add much to the respect arts Good will of the rce if they were to Lake Lii their conduct on the streets especially on Twenty gift ii and Market streets Ori saturday nights. Blocking the filers crowding in front of Public places talking loud and Yelling i inmates of an insane Asylum Are some of Trie stunts pulled off these streets every saturday night. A y Quot ref and �06among the higher ups holding up men and boys begging and bumming Money for pictures and not fish and oysters Somp of these Weir matured old women and tender Young girls swing and pull at men and Bays grinning and begging the sights of which Are most shameful and disgraceful. 1 Slich fool stunts end Monkey Capers As these acted by coloured women and girls Sho Iila by Catt foist. It reduce the respect of these Nen and everybody else who a s any degree of modesty and race love in them. There Are few other things More disgusting to the a Tor d taste of decent Nieri and women than to see a a Matt or girl of the race act common Oti Quot tiie streets. ,. The race can not Rise higher than the Standard of its women True womanhood is the greatest asset to the race but these sort of Hasty ugly immodest wretched and unholy acts carried on by Vromen and girls of the Raee Oit the streets and in it Wii places lower the a Standard of worst manhood. Thereby Rcd Ciri a tie respect of the race. A a a or it now. Frice a Aga Ife sawing. Ii for Bat set be a a use Hete to greets for a a handful of give me i for this cause arid that cause there should be some system to Liis Street begging with sore Bona Ide Gilt Edge authority at the Back of it. Fathers and husbands should come to Taw and pay some attention to some of these Waves and daughters who Are forever up and own the streets begging and much 6f the commonness among Many of our girls and women would be at an end. Come to town of night and see it for yourself and then act. A. . Brim full of 1n-Teresting wholesome 1er a j a hero is fallen. A Bishop Evans Tyree m. d. D., is this was the shocking message received in Galveston saturday this information fell like great weight upon the ears of co Joref Galveston where1 Bishop Tyree had endeared himself to a multitude. In the death of Bishop Tyree the Racel Jias lost one of its most ardent and fearless defenders and the grand old african methodist episcopal Church one of it strongest pillars. There were Many who made More noise Juji the ranks of the a Hurch and race than did Bishop Tyree but foresight were the sources of the Power wielded by Bis Liopo Vree. His deep syn Pativy Wise counsel and abiding Confidence were Strong pillars to the race. In his body he bore the Burden of his race and it yet a with his eyes a the vision of his race working its Way upward to the highest Pinnacle of Success and be cognition. I be w Anion us knew the great and powerful factors that he was i the furtherance of the kingdom of god an let the advancement of the rare. Quiet and unassuming he worked without ceasing for the Irr Imis Tanumi Spilin of the race from the woeful afflictions of f ill in i v. Lias finished his Chi Ursey a mighty Herp a Strong pillar in and the Noble statesman of the race has fallen. With Douglass Turner Mason and others of his ilk the face Ifill mourn for deeply. 1�?~eace to his ashes. And i a. Allen Dies 9m Brazen eff Nery after the must shameful defeat of the a Lily White Quot Herd of thu Republican party in Texas in tuesday s election. Nov. A it. There Are a few Down Troden lame Back feeble minded person regaining strength enough with to comment on the election. Some of him have Gall and1 Brazen effrontery to attempt , before i he Public by claiming the a Lily White a or putting it in their own phrase., the regular Republican until the grim monster death relieved him of his sufferings wednesday a sgt. He wafer Strong member of Reedy Chapel a. M. E. Church h and i b. Of. Lodge of Odd be lows he leaves a wife and sever Al child Reid along with a Host of grief ads Toino Urh his lost. Funeral Servic will beheld sunday a Ftera Ioor. For Reedy Chapel a Orth a a ,.>�?� the a i g mock association will open next thursday night nov. 25 at Wesley Tabernacle m. E. Church. Get ready for this big event. A Rich program is % or. Alex Allen a highly res i acted mind Well Knort citizen of Galveston died w6dne�day night illness of a Short Dura a a. A or. Allen had been a failing he filth for several Moths from the effects of a Hurt sustained when he was run do i by an automobile however lie improve 1 enough to Lestum to work Bat was never the same t n health. 1 i effect of this Accident left him a realized in one Side f several prepared for your enjoyment. To take his bed where lie suffered done to miss it. Subscription rate 1 year $2.00 6 months $1.10 3 months .60 no subscription mailed for less than 3 months All subscript ions ust paid in Advance 2-0-2-1 the coloured american printing. Co. Y 2712 Market Street y Galveston
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