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Galveston Civilian (Newspaper) - February 4, 1879, Galveston, Texas Sunset 1 Niit w \ i. Piilini slim in in i r it .1 . I1 redtl61 Mil on n Lair Lii Iliili i ii a i i Lis in in i in d i to i in i in Mii to Beroit Lieng Llic i if Len. it Liam he i Liv Radii flu Ilii Gubler of i him Ami a i l l to ill who Iii Giitl Ini i Lou Uri Nis Ami of i i Ali i i i i in , Emily Ilc a of u Kiili Cuil i w ill a reel a t i. 11 w i j Curt you Fivi to ofc11.y in. I Hii kit Iii Linn la by a Iii in South i i is m 11 in s til i luvs. I. In t i i v i v t i . F fit it i Home Weir York Jilji. Chord of Terric Mauro Tut t Oll Owhi i Juliu Nulli civil Itok of Trio Bitici minimum to . In Ali Saiy us l to Ilie signal is Iii i inn Nii Washingion l a Mil Riciny Oli Seiver or the Sionil is Ivice i in this ii a vol i. It ,1.,. I ,1. I1. Lies a. if Jou j 11 Van 111-Kj 15 a Al 10-1kj 17-y3 is w 10-88 20-s8 21-85 22-s i 23-ss 24-82 25-so. 20-91. 27-9279 2s-9382 29-9gsl 30 a so t-4____ Matig. 1-97si 2-97 3 95 4 9-1 595 4. So. .81. .81 is. .787982 .8279so. 78. So. .82 .81 .81 .s3. 75 7873i. .73 .78 ,. .73 78 85. 90. So. Is. 89. 91. 92. 93. 90. 93. S5. 93. 94.4. 95. 91. 91. 92. 94. 87. 89. 90. 90. 80. 93. 93. 91 94. J. .80 .81 .82 .s3 .83 94. 90. So. 88. 90. 91. ----70 ____7075 7313 so ____82 ____81 i ____8278 so 81 .8182 is77 ,. ,81 ,.-.�.81807s78 .81. .83. .83 .s3 .03. .8277. .80. 79. 70 .-81. .12 i3ept �1 7 .92 s3 81. 8 .93 70 93. 9 .91 ____77 91. 10 .93. 79 92. 11. .90 79 so.". 12. .93 89 88. 13. .92. . 7? 89. 14. .90 79 90. 15. .92 til. 10. .88. . ____70 91. 17. .91. . 79 . is. .s.j. 7o 88. 19. .90. .70 i i. 20. .90. . ____80 89 21. . ____80 90 a a a .89. . ____70 90. 2t. .89. . ____70 90. 24. .02 81 90. . .81 25. .91 us. .18 20. .93. . 87. 87. 27. .89. Is 87. 28. .89. 75 89. . .78 t. 1. .93. . ____82 87 . 78 a .93 . 89 85 .70 3 . .89. . 85. v. 70 4. .91 ____82 84. 70 5. .88 77 89 78 0. .85 73 s7. . .78 a  70 .90 70 s9. .-.79 9. .91. Of . 88. . 82 11. .91. . ____81 77 . Of 12. .89 82 73 . -. 02 13. .90. . 81 77 . -.01 14 .91 , 79 77 02 15. . 90 81 79 . Of. 10. . S3 .82 s3 17. . 78 .71 80 . .78 18. .77 .05 85____ . .77 19. .75 .00 84 . .78 20. .78 . 05 8". . .78 21. .51 .07 .- 70 22 .�0 0 79 09 23 -81 70 so 09 24 -92 .72 80____ 77 25 -82 .�4 80____ . .77 20 -82. . .74 so 77 27 -84. A. 73 84. . .78 28 �87. . 73 so . .75 29 �8 . 75 85 78 30 . . .70 80 7s i Riri. Ii. You a. M. A skin ans line a i n us a re 11 in 11 i up . I i i of Iii in note no month m "21 n it in i hah n to m of by Tum Tacui mid Twenty Thyril a Rucks.  t .it.iis. Ans. Mifu county Del into. Julia a q. Re Iti it. A i Ohil Duil a Vii e pc the r. 1. M. I i 1 Inton j to 11 r l i n i Rrt to y. Our o a Ial a jury. 1 ii Rik Kcal Trici Eicr st. Mart i a. Aiu Iuni Nick and uii tvo lev  so i Iati a. I inv. A. C m. Cd Emu i Fri at Der sch a 1. . Jena a Fox inc pc i ent. P ii. Poitr Villott. Try a to a. 15 Loti Tii a. A. I to. A a. in n my sure tar. I. . . Kays Orrt iut at Varna. Cots Mil of sum Jiyu eau a Inoh. So Pat a i 2 t. A. A. Rev l. Iii l f Irei Tor. L in hols. A Esh Leot. T. Utt i mrs Vii a j pc inc t vice Cut. J. I. e Ary. .1. M. my Eta every Stid i y Ai Ter the High Aid.3 a the Ca thedral. U. A. 0. 0. Meet at their Hall on maket Sirlei Tircui Iii Twenty it Utu tick. Vvxh3 Ruve i a. Meet he lira to und Oiin i Vii Luy in o in i Minth. Iivo a Tiro 6. . T Iho Ticcony and fourth Friday in Ach . Hall on Side i m irl to a tract he tween i it i uni and i Wei to your Ali. Solus "l.ii-iiin.unnt, no. Heui the first and pc and tie. Day in each month. Orm conclave no. 1. Mot every monday Etc Iii 1 conclave no. 3. Inee very Friday even a 1 a Star t on Clave in. 4, meet the Pecoud on i i Ursa in a h u nah. A hews l of , no. t a i by i Rida ovo Niny. of by i alias. A ial1 of n no Side o Market Street Tremont a id i Weny be Ween t City a Csc no eve tin. Uie very Loilo no. 5t meet every wet Unesda of Nin. Lodo no. 9 meet every Saturdino eni irl. Associations. I Sculti Rau Hoki Ici Lukal Anlo meet the firs the j 0. W. Ii minors Ruibai pcs Day in every , in Ley ii. Co. Mth Afa Drmic Kvak. Hijo Limin our of tin Ridln i and ii in to Liani Iii he i Rule vral a Sumii h in Paiik Fth a. In the la Art of if Hini pm tie cram i on try in suit Kim in Tity to i-., a Lovely Valley lying a r of a phial it and Rene a i y Plure a in Acu Trimp Tittor it and Vantas a and indie Litvin of ered at till the most Usu a Pui Nib in our country. Met Ken Memi jars in the faculty n nmn let of whom have Thi highest National Rem Latium. Hath As Teebi a and null Iwuh and will by increased to Twenty live the next read Sinh Vear. Tub five schools of Tilk Coll us col it a. T. Is Hool of Hunu Wiilie. 2. " a a in r it , .1. " a maths tralies. 1. 11 " Philo of he. 5. 11 " history a d More. Science. 1. Preparatory is Luul. A a i. Normal . I. Musi . It. Art Kvool. 5. Sef Uiol of to Leru Long Ngea. Ii. A Rieu Tural . A 7. T of inertial Seoul. H. Law . The next term will begin on the int of Foh Ruaro i 8. New students Are in Quested to enter Estly in january. I Board. Littion fuel Wasj Jing. A one term. ."00 Twenty thousand catalogue for gratuitous Lis Tributino. Style Ali can tit and pm Aptil to. Methodi to r Iii to in Prezby Erinn or Cath ii Chure Liei Slu dents received at any degree of and it any time-,1  a a a a Patricks a a to philanthropists a where. Arc requested to consider and enc our a Cihi in Vii in a. Twenty $1-000 Al id 1.000 $100 Srihn warships to be Dispi cd us. One Hundred thou Aud cop 9 of the next illustrated annual Crofta Osiier. Containing ninety p yes each will he it red thirty tix a exit which Are Oil i red to lie Public Nija Nadvee to medium. For i at Aloigue address l i inti i Rit vat tic a mild free. -3 i Irmi 11., .1 1 non Tikki. Ale an d pc Galveston Harrisburg and Antonio railway. San Al rail Bonte to an Antonio this ouch to press West leave Houston it . A Krivop at Columbus a i i.11. Annizu at jul to at Jiuu p. Ii. 1 ahr1ves Ata Isak a Tonjo Al a i Mill r. .11. Taij Couoh express East a Cave Ian Antonio a it colu11bum t Hodston it Houston it Salyk Ston to Leavai a Kava. A a Hivko at i Cavil ari11vkb at 8i3l a. Tia p .11 it Date p. Ii. A Fis v. .11. 1i 30 1 .3i. Administrator i notice Imit inks Noti i 1 h la i n a .p.nt. I in in i min a in a Iai  of m a h. A Aii Iii . no wiil it. Nut y. A from a. N Inbi a i a. In. Lit of rant tithe a r i in .1 within that Ini Hovi a j in u wll fuel v. 1 a of the Keuler u a. A suy is. To cps 11 Bartlett the photographer i i. Ne8t we in the state Avail picture flushed la lha log hcs a i Taloo the Art. of Marino Scenic dackjzroun4, studio on Twell a Ccu and a trait Romh at Len Ricl to. Alvk8ton. Texas. J�30 _ visiting r in ii s Are especially inv Tuil to the cd ii i us talc Hall. Frau Imper Hable fragrance. Murray 4 Lanman s Gelli stated Florida water the richest met1 a Ftp us to i Lic Teol ill perfumes Lor ii on he it i j toilet and in the Iii taif do ride w i or prepared by tin soil prop -tur.j, a Cru of Ltd Waii & Kemp new Tutu. Formally l Erl Uinam h. Dpi mists Natl Faey Geom Iii i i. Moyle. Charle Weber Type tuner Galveston Texas j in to a . A a. Or a i id r. V Tel e 1 . Ill .11 11u ill kind of Wajdic needed for printing purposes Eastern prices. All orders p amp. V at rec re to. And work pc int cd. by mail. Charles Weber a a Cuie civilian off meet at Cisiro ii i on Street be Ween a a tar an i -2.l, a the i . Jun Scute Illier and . Fih1men"s Helof of cd. Meet at Onirine indie. On Sirwet. Of tween Tran unit Anil i Verity fourth the Laal wed neatly in Taeb u month. Mukund chaff Nus. Meet at Turner Hal in Avenue Between can caledonian 15kn vol ext. Lect a cast mar it Street 2d floor thai first monday in. C Lich Mmith.  Herman b be Volant. Meet a Turner Hall the fist Iaun Dav in Pauli month. H Niika bin is , t. M eur. Syn Asonat Tho Corner 22d and a venue i the sunday in february May mud no vomit. A ill benevolent. Meet at no. 5 or Ujjin House on pos Tot fico it. Between Tremont and Vic qty fourth the f st in carb in Only.  " ladies Hebi Jiw b nevoi.eni1. Moat it Tho Tho fir3t,v, dec Day in . Ajril. Jul v . S c u e w m a x a n k v l k n t. Meet at Sou to incr of twi Tinelli and strani2d 11 or. The second Aad fourth fridays in month. St. Vincent 2bii Elf Lent. I meet at .jo.-R.P,i , i a first sunday in each Monifi. Jitt o c Nek of. M. 1 Young men s "chkisti/.n. Meet at"/7.east Stre. To 3d tour Between Center and . M a i skin .imei."s. Meet at Turner Hull the first wednesday in each . of edict 3alv6ston a Dree no. 1 i. F. 0 the .1 Jac c s Guildi a third floor Tiv Euty a find and Trinon . U. S. Circuit and District. Meets in co Utic room second floor of Porc Fiji. , in i Van Kielh treo Tho fir ii Mon Days til May and december. District. Met to at court Ohio on to Wentlein Street Thi firs. Monday in february april Jane oct Ber and december. Criminal. Meets at courthouse twentieth Street the firs monday in january March May july. Ternberg anal november.  we pro use to make this place the rendezvous Ana when a a j want Auvon look for him Here open Day and night k fit Alexander apl6_� t. Malinger. Joii off Igic 31 us. Reme god lies. Teacher of music and fainting. Residence no. A Avenue ii., Twenty Tafth and to cuty birth streets a terms moderate. Feb7 Rittle i Westt t Lek c . Lewis paper advertising Rivetti ninth edition. Coit Taiulu a Rani plot lint of nil the Howish in the trilled suite thu j Crri tories and Ilic Dinnini nol i Uunila Havivi 4 a population Wratni than 5, Ai-rnnlln�4 to tin lat it ii Pic to i Thor Ullh rho names of the in or Pai Rrt having Llic in Yaft Lojo Cicala i in in Tyiesh of the Ila Cut named. Also Aich it Lojo no of Iii a Fript i h which at a Mulei Hhd a of n in Clit or a a Givi Iii a Catt st value h. Pro porm n to Pri on Horn uni Lowny for at. , he Congo now Verk and nil a oink Ewi. Cheapest shorts Quick so and in so route a Points in Western teas the Only Jojne in Texas running la awing room coaches equipped with Al Nir Hyrnko Aad Miiller h plate Ornis. He Vav Imi uii to a a Luftie Hun itch tiring malty a a 1 Well As Reinfort. Re Pickol Fot Baio it All of Inch in the United mates. I n w. Dickinson. Superintendent. C. C. Gibbs. G. V. i a Enfer a genl. 11 15. Audit los Jei general Muna intr. A card. Or the civilian. This Olton a Bow prepared to e ecu to with neatness Una dispatch and at cab onnely Low prices every Var cry of Job print co. 15 la Heads Bill , statements. Statb1ients, lbt kit Iii i or Heads vote Heads n ote Heads w Al  la we inti Alc or my inf untie in . Wet in Mihlon to them lilt Ili a i Midi u n pm i to cover Iii Mee i icily1. I l i inc a Trivi i in . Tusit i i i c ii Toni in when d in i no Porter i it Friiss Home ii in in in York i my reference re in to the i ill la Lillie " 11 Willil ic1111. A a Scilini i Nini i n us the Nui Thund ivc to Lien Intro Anceil Szutu. Apply i. Neri ii or l y letter to Czetl 1. C. Iowan & re. Rework and menu tar a. 5 ii 31 st Biel i Jui orbit yer Blessing & bro., state at Lents d 1" Trevino it st. Inv Aston. Alameda House alarmed Street ii Muffi Biu i it. Proprietor. Ban Antonio Texas. Gonril my per week i Larrt per week .$4 do t Ravi Lini l Lilic will find yowl acco Niroda a a i a i in. Is my envelope heading envelope headings in til of ill Ulm a business cards business cards Pamp lets , pit00 ram m a . Abi i a of nil kinds Ailet of All k ids Leda Blanks Leo a a Banff s3 or je55 or a i in the pm. Wor l a err Tjom Unitt. Mini outfit from in aural. Forteno a Klafs Towl Lattim Adver bios cards Jmes to t Ards. Milroad v1lrcad 1.ece1pts, insure Jice statements Insu Raji be statements Bank st , Bank a Arret reports i Niki reports labor checz3, labor chec fre posters t a. A i no ravage and storage. U. 1. Sargent so co., f a general Transfer agents Aid warehouse Iwen Are no Noerl to twin Fer " sworn nil Kinu of ii it and heavy Lier Chainie a. Moving of Holli run i vim Saf june in Iii by a free int. and a Vare Hou to Raul s to n i. To it or Iii tilth nil Vittli of Lri fat. Tori Lei a left a a Lihi a Moore , 1ji any f he Rusid. Lii m it pro dipl attention. Jim it t Mihk an soft a is cos Motamo a Boyku idol is now i a. F3tei3st ept4.j1.0w8 u. . A h co by we. T. Austin Deputy clerk. . A True copy i certify c. Lol illan sep to Aid sheriff Galveston county no. ?7l. Fin Alt a Coo Berphe state of Texas to the site fill 1. Or any Constable of Salvo Stop county Ureal lug a a  a Isabella a a. Our Ilijin of Tho a state the minor Hosanna o. A and having Lyle in in our county court her Lynnl no count o the mini Tolian Sulpot the a state of sol Iliili or my thur Willi an application to be Elk Cucui a cd from staid ii Jill ship you Are lie Reby commanded that by for three successive weeks tit a ncw.4 pasur a i i ii1iirly imi1ii1hii.ii in the county of i�1 v 1  top you a due Uhlee to All persons Iii Terete d11 the Wardiii Uhlin of said of state to Lyle Luiei Oli cell him thereto if any they live i or september term of Sald loll Ltd court commencing mid to tit the courthouse of mild Coli nov in the City i. Ulv Caslon on the third monday u september a. 1\ ks7s, when Snail or Conns and will be co Sld ered by Aivil i i it. Wet Liessi c. T. Mcmahan Clor of the county court of la Preslon county i. Liven Audi Niv hand mud Sei inf i it i . Court it my office in the a Ltd of ill 1 ton this 14ili Day i r july. N. In7m. " c. T. I Mallas clerk t. A u. C by we a Austin a Puly clerk. The a Heistman Harmon new Walkki. A. B. H. " splendid Hook for choirs . Schools Etc Conti in ii. A miss Vic Joh Eim Ai ilk. New Vok the Illust in the i lives inive.-,. Sul of ii a Lon w o n i v it l i Economy in lbs. To i Treuil to Btl l a i a tales it Tir. Hitchn saves milk Nikkis & Sells lit Jukes Jair ski ii Pirn ii in Leo. V. Ii a to co of Dumauf Street. New Yorik qreen&v1llb Dowell m. X. Star Leo or. Hoce. Washington Fotel Cornero Trucmon Tinl a a tunic. Streets of Alveston Texas. Medical and inst Mentor Hale it i y1 Ulm i until i ices. Glass eyes All colors inserted-$151 o $00 my i be lift will he i eve j nil instruct ii i special in. Us Well is in .-.-., of tie kit Hijii t t t. With models Anil Ilia Zirimis. Ile Eil re Kajs uninjured by the late fire Sweet chewing i1tt tote High my Prim it ctn Nusl in a of la a re a a. Chm mind Quazim Shim c ii to Sam we b a mar Alwe fill cannot be Obi Allied at your inca eat store Sendl cents to Tua Amlin Fhle i Sikl ctr pills shall to tent Post paid by ret Rii Mulvill i Hya clans sup piled by mall Al Par thousand in bulk. A this it lint tilth More lean half Price Lor Slung Laird pills by the Cash. Mut no Corpany tin order. Tie Itce Iii will be Lonny a phys clan on apply Callon. We will Deni Parson s tills by mall to responsible parties of commission Al of i per dozen Sample Dusett at , cat Wilu the Jer a i . Where Sale Actu bios.   by. Oala a. W. ,ionk�&co.,   . E Haet a co.,   new Orleans c. To. ,.ttto i of min a a a warm in band and Orthat-tralra4ultn0oms o. 3111 Kos Moreau r. Brows., m. D. Physician and surgeon. Ornon and .Aepino Apa a Tate potato Fulst Street Between two it nest nod Twenty Serbu. . Emf a. Walt Fik l. Or Babar attorney at Law Ballenski /4mc-h a i
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