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Galveston Civilian (Newspaper) - February 3, 1879, Galveston, Texas Galve civilian $777 Fra Atli i buy an a Baroir am it cur Htow Clit a h lady she did not pm ugly a year the cur Mug cow Vul in and or Uja a nil. A Mau who we a Riding i platform put Lis head Mio Ilse door called out 44 Sunset Boute. Adm la in Trutor Yotis d a cd. Acclaim isl a. Uerey some o men Lau h fat. Feline. Film. By , v i.-.uv.,.rro.pondinj c Cre re a a. I Amine. Up. Do a pfc for were Counselor. Mocking Aud her a nuttier but and almost Klioze to Ufali 1" the uii in Towi Turli uni Tom lady hot Iutva h set but the glance Iri Eijiu would have turned a Loutfy Bour. J. Darrouzet i P. Own isae " on i 6i a p. Al the Ptah in the it Fatui t0topab Kyj forbs Bam a third Eire ets. Jas. A Fallden. County Del Anfe. Jphn it a Epresi Dvor. Non Lutfe vat pre Ide to. July 3 .81 1 .81 .81 6 .81 7 .78 .70 10 .8 3 11 .70 -04. .80 . .78 a i. .81 15 -01. . 8jj . .81 17 .81 . Jet .75 ."134 .73 .72 s5 7fijp. M. 0 onnome., i Eft Fary. Leo Rise m Ial acre try. Piari i k k a a a t re a user. I jeep l. C. M. Uit to Roctor.  a m Nerney Geothe Fox in 7 \ 7iw apm sol a my r. A p. N. Litso . All b Otura i a outed in to he great Hyl a a tweak rr�ip4 Trp re a mfg .u a c Uway Bero a or We. Serny a. . Wac. Be y Sor a it i at arms. I jts 1st and.3d sunday a at a month. St. 8 to. A. A. 00. F 7gi1 direct. -7 h. R. Pri Hunt predent. 81,. 7i 8073 . B Sci to. or am it my it o Elo k p. M. In Tho it Ana a Sun Tail 1h Art in k v v a-w____73 25-80/.73 01., 80 1 a . 93., 85 93 91 95 91----.81 a t a.  r ? i i 92______81 081 87-.-80 v a 37 .70 .28 �"03. A 30. 93. .81 3u .81 -97. . 81 -07 80 3 4. 91,.f ,.,82 5. .05. ,83 .01. 8. .70 9. .91. .77 . .70 11. .79 .93 13. .70 11. .79 15. ,80 10. . 70 17. .91. . 79 ,18. 10 .00. 70 .90. .80 21. .85, .80 23. .80. .76 21. 25. 0,1 .80 26. .81 27. .80.  80 28. 1. 75 .82 Obj .80 3 a.  .81 .82 5. , 85 . .77 by  .73 7. .89. .77 .90. .79 10. .88. .82 .01. .81 12, .82 13. .90. .81 11. . 01. .79 15. .90. .81 10. .83. .82 17. . 78. .71 .77. 05 10. .75. .00 20. . 05 2l. .51. .07 22 .50 .70 23 -81. ____70 24 72 25 -82. .71 20 -82. .71 27 -81. ____73 28 .73 20 -83. . .75 .76 ,82 ,811 79 Foyut h Tuioi the. -,2 sir eth Ckner Dju Patt 8. 78 very a a. L. C. M. to l i ire Tor. A i xvihols.,.j mid ant. .81 T.Uttu#V/.L�Ird. Vice Premie t Jjo . Second vice pre i int " so ,. I m to efrb., .v.trearfurvr. by a i a .�.--. Druids u. A 0. 0. I meet at say irl it on Market Birueta Bot be. Tren out and Twenty �.trjbti�. Thorn so. 1 meet the t Iraq " " " " b t i 8� Lon by Cuini i Iii it the first a lit to ,. ,ot5 gac.o0,i tuesday w each in Wii. 9103. 91.,.82 Tuii Conr Luff. Jav 0, 1. Dict Alary monday 91 77 v0din 941180 Tuk five tub Colt Fig Coyi to i school a Mantua. A. " 11 ancient ii co ice 3. 11 " min the i Natl a. 4. 11 to Philo apathy. I. " " Hia Tury and Mora 1. Proper airy school.2. Normal so tool. 3. Music school. 4. Art school., a it. School Modem Langu Afie 7, commercial school 8. Law school. "  the next term will begin on the Jet 4 pc Braj fh7b. New students arc requested toilet Early 4410 x v Waif i88b9t & co hof.k8ai.e Board tuition Puel. Wasj inn a Rhine a poet Aud Havana cigars 4gents direct Cove a Culna u info a Staa wort 1 f�4 to a a for Airall a4 Jno inf tour for Mil. Eat a new Yark a�4 Fps for at. Csap Catt bust boots to am Poi Ift a mfg term to Cist warm Fly Steff Werten North a Navy open Tob the re cd a tips seeder a Dinnall a. To hts Orelj Plaez i Nita two in the a Tantia a Nev 0 the Frt Uch bread to it eight to a a a % . We Hare a Fine band Pic fart Fri Narra Ata Tut All Tolhur in be fou a Trot cd no a Winter tug place four part in Uicab apply for Denar Iyawe pm by a . U. Now Kutob. Alas in _ 1042. Rinal account the state Guf Tex air. To tub Flwler or any coup Tabias or a Weikun \ Only patriots and 8r b Pattten Twenty $1,000 Scholari hip and 1.000 10n Tagubar d painting Walton to a Ween Twenty fifth and Twenty myths Racu tac on a Xinu in tew9 running thawing Boom Toache Jan Tepni with we Trio rho my afr Brake i Lucr platform. Have by co put Ofaf thus Iii Orluk Safe a a Al Comfort. Fir ticket for Aalo at All Ort Les in the in Tai a. W. Dickinson superintend. C. C. Gibbs. Q. F. And pair Fer agent u b. Andrews it it Oen Cral Manaa or. A land. In Laifi Bunje admin Lormor or the Al a Tosh. It need hit Lux \ apr county court Elk account the the a state a1 4 a Adita 8n w a an Appl Ivalon to to a la i in n fir a on my or Imp Watt Tor Twenty tuyt a regularly i blinded in the a Mishy you glop dip not tee tit All be pump Tiloi hdm Iii try i itt a to i a staff. Ijo in join acc ii Kirkby comma it Rte Typl a to blk Oft. Yatwa , it a a a Apap Valv Catoo treat to nth Lite their jew Mon thereto. any Bej h dec on Orbe Zoretha t up re to lab or in my Day Froit i Date Dorlag Capri Kcuik hop Ember term a a id a paty court Siuw a Aey Aion to the on Rifton a Tate county in Tut a Ity i Alvaton. Whom mid account Aud Apuli ii Tion syium be considered v naw court. Cark Tio t a to court Law oaten Coyoty. Given under my Haw we Tmima to m�\4h court at qty office. 10 Ftp City Calva tub Whlig known 79 i 90. 80. 90., 91 Obj. T 91 92 .80 88 ,89____ ill. 91 91 89 88 39 8990 .90 .90 .90hi 8787 8775 .8978 8778 8570 8570 8470 8978 8778 79 ____79 79 74 7708 7362 77 .01 7702 7908 or her coital i Jho & Jii Votry a to a even   a 70 tul in Star Cunt Lone . Tut the .s, a. Fury a a Triy Obdu in each but pro. -12 Mai Beirs Bise to Etc a i Idaj Bycul a action greater thug 5,00�ac-Cordtuato thelam crap no Tomother with he at me the new paper having 1b a Rgee to a in i uhf be ply a a unwed. A a a a Cata pr1ivt ers and paper dealers or to a writ for thru to aug cd no we ret a Erial Clara very Complete rata. To-1 Geiger Aat it a Reir a a i Howins in Anu Over thin with a begin for in Odvert Ihui would like to Kuuva. Andrett Geo. P. Naweli k co _dec6____41 Park York 1x7 a at in w to the advert Eera would w cow i re give the Side Agency their celebrated pvt Feock ale and Porter in tha i Wood in Tagu Otte Kible Wobu Mckale grocery g Zwic Jure we Windy cited to the Orla or Huus Cin Neaton. Wet icon ainu to the aim Tein and hey at lat a Price to cover Intorica we pro owe to make this place to rift it %1tff Ava Ken first c.ls9 bom a Nyu York City reference e re Wuco Vulus applicant. . And whom to want vote. Look Tor him or la a open Day and Nighti Perthou 9rby,, Ivan guru each Iti Aue. Aiho ail tue Reid Sioui Aarau Lutral a i a a a a. I it i a i Tii h s0 Fern Lehr with Adverl Mii Many table rate Aho a Ibi uii Unni hta Tosi by. Club&c., by in Lvang to tace a citing Rev use b Ethey Wayt to use it. Curt arid sex pens. P Eft a Tice Gicu to that have cd Toht who d Oil in ale Aud Porter fa.c1ut1r8 Aud Low Furuya for everything it our spa Scopo to Gaiu Many new customer. Q1ve a Tki Ali very respectfully Vwg it com courthouse Atad on the and by mid i it. Tit Nova c. T. Mcmahan clerk this county court a to Vinton my bund and Neu luf it courts at or office in the City Qixi or iwo a. This 34th Day or july. I. C. To Al Mahan cd ffcjc.c., a. By act to inf bout to b411., t i. A Lutc Ulkus i John halt .88. .89. 83. Casim. Meet at Cis to Hal on Wione Btry fat Befi Reo Cinter aon 2 i a the i Matvs Klill fuse. \fo0tat Retif Cine Hon on log Oitice Street be re Oil Frei ont Aoa Twenty fourth Ibe last we due Day in each in i the. Joii office Dewem and Malster Alam o 532 a st Ort Tyne the Pistun a emos we. Walk he. A. 8.� mimic Rook for hot cite , Conort Andiff tto pase Pius Van character no ten by which % May Ball hutchjng8 i co. The civilian Lowb Destreet merchants Bankers draw its in Texas. A Rii to in mimic and m n rat la jail Rentt Lrea by the old Mel Curtla. Bora l tied Nice Mcwith to title tea.j8 .78 .77 .78 .78 ,70 .09 .77 8077 8077 8478 8075 86.,78 impeachable fragrance celebs Abl Freund cuff pts bund. Meet at truer Ila u a renew Beta Reaa can a Tufik n v v e \ treets a cast mar it i 2d floor., the first monday in Cidh months German b novo Towt meow a Turbo Oll tbs fit st for it to cd month. A Eta Kinaj at tube Corner 22�1 and a Van the first sunday in Fei Druary a a unit and november. Meet at no. 5 Fitusi Huseton a Oatt fico st. Between Tremont and Twenty a Tab 0� to Friday in Norh month. Ment at the synagogue in Firat v4naj a january april Siuw and october scr week by nov Lka a. Meet at he fast Fornor twentieth an4 Stranc 3d it or. The Sec Aad four Jarl a Day in each month. St Vincent be$kn0l, meet it. Joseph sea to b Kust sunday a a each Mon in. At a o cock a m. Soft thu Man chri3wax, moet5t ,ea8t Marko Stre and cent i a a . My it at Tintner Hall the first wednesday each month ten Pernace Rio Tley. Galveston logo no. I i. O. G. To. j every monday 8 o clock. To it .1-Hall, Corker and l�o8toffic feet Lono Star Lodge . . O. S. P. to c in uj5ad, 4 fixate my to a kids u Klaffl a ilger9 proprietor. San antoxi0, to . Birdall lodging Prei the and storage i r. P. Sargent & co., Genshi. Transfer to tents and a a Are prepared to to Onufer orator All kind Leht and Iii Ivy Morcha Dihe. Moving Boi a Jed new m17sio books. Fth Afkin 8 Chara Cikk note. A new h78tem. Tie Temple Iivari. Vaiala a Ptah Una Tad w ice at .00. Melt my Milf a publishing Bogitsk 0 9 i and la it. Ila to a. Parson Pii Gaws pills and Tju take one it my ,rw4 not u in tabled with pro or and a a no Ilner arum a favo nor Nill new it to be Deliea eared Sultini from Mumi tic to Effiom Wonhi , ii. I Kai i and 1eiii vhf a Viiar a a 0 cannot be Obi Laed at Yoju nacre in. A Jajw at adj Ceuta to the Obj Ike Abaire paid by Skrlin it mss Nii i my by the to mud cajun order. The recipe will a a Raj i Batton. Fwu business Cajidos Machir depot pm pig 1m it trend. A to Jewelv prompt attest Louii -3i a Mericas it c a?hulk4 8 a to Xiv outs now ready. A and Flieda  Row to he Tor a. Muu a. ,w or i a a Best in the Pott cd k#9 a jul Jhu a trip to film Ivetti unt Viu Aal hair action. R wonderful Economy a pay 4liijsr 4 r Babf, All Ems facts. to tit. We bread to toot. Flour everybody praises Foft hot�hter4weezer. Loher aves milk. Fuggs a Lotc Ake 8iwp Fiji c i i to Geo k. Rostz a co. 7v Buff cute Street and a up piled Man at .m per a ii wild i balk. ibo 1� v be to fax a aftic Tor in dds rear. N i Anjer the phys clan appt Atbin. A Efu Veia Pat Piula by mall la Teapo Nettye pm a Tami on t o Imus Ion a rje7 wbk Uay la Fco to c. Bir Andrau All Odua to t for mfr inc. Roku agora iks Ani instruments. Oil Sale at pub a Herb and manuf Cutrera i teen. Glass bte8 in cohort inserted a 10 Yaj u Lent a received and instructed in my it re erased to a cow ats the Nobuo so but. Hoarders traveler Between and Twenty third aug a a. A. Pm Autti m p2anos. Ojbqa2is1 Vit Vulf sep monday to january. March May. Juljo a to tuber and Noreem e Sweet Cie Wii Hay re Durex rates u cd nut Bat Ito far Tat awl i amt labor checks labor checks to Tfir mtg in. Foi Tuum .r�od 6, 2t on very tall comm my Mem fwd let to tv1 a a Kapy car -4ri. Fum a a. For Bent. Waits t. Obj Bat Atine hey at Law
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