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Galveston Civilian-Extra (Newspaper) - January 14, 1862, Galveston, Texas Lit . Hale a a the .1 Jurj tin the i re ii ii with to a t ran Mit i u this gov . File -11 a. Jul a a .i."l, pub i in rest patches Winch flu mint great Kinin relative Tot Tiei. of Mason Ami Sli loll ski j dupa Lehus to be communes either in " a executive session As May be deemed up. . Sumner objected. . Title Haid he Hud a stood from the Public press and those who had Mure intimate relation trite the administrate than himself though the absence of the intimacy it As not big fault la he was willing to confidential it anybody that for two three Days past the Cabinet Hai Hud under consideration a proportion fraught with More evil to the country than anything that hag ret marked its history Aud that was the surrender of mass and Atli Dell to Ureal Britain. By doing this we would yield All we bid gained in the War of the revolution and be hotniliaten1 to a second rate Power so Man Gould go further than Tiiu fur peace but to would not submit to National disgrace and Honor to obtain such a peace. To would favor the arbitration of another Power but if a demand Baa been made for the surrender of tits enemy at lit Loit. We Are indebted to . I radar of fail ii i of Tea Folio Winier stat no Trot of what occurred at b Toxi in the iippr\.s. B of tin e uni i and a a u a place at to i in �\.arv, a i to my. Tree. J Ink t a w.,i e Ltd j toe pais. T of Oliie i i. J landed mud t a dig of truce and l lit i state i i Ija. Gen. Phelps and capt. Smith. They j demanded a birr Reader of the town from the 1 mayor James of Tarot. We nuked two Days for coimidrati.3. They replied that they would i an hour and if we Del not surrender the town a shelled at the expiration of Oneto. Forty hefty marines lauded and look pime Ision of two guns which they took on 1 Board the Steamer Lewis they captured on \ Schooner capt. Spader loaded with lumber i they said they would take Possession of All the adjacent water and All Craft on them. Us a. Butler capt. Smith stated was in ship Island with a Larre Force and up Ted to land immediately i ire ships crowded with soldiers were m front of the town when up ape and Smith landed in position to Shell the town if it was not surrendered. They said they would protect l upon Feci Aud their property and they hoped they would Miiko us All Cupoo men. Taoa of Veste bar. will Advance. pro Kent Ricky. A if a a departure if our a Linin ters l alb of cr4ii. Mcleod. Tub War . J t in in hoi Otth a the f c us u ii i i w hit Luck t c. heretofore Exetta bet fat y,.r. Tilousi i Bof u�5. persons Arrit inf at fan a Acola Are required to Call at the Provost marshal s office and Register their names. We learn Mason and Slidell by great Britain War should i tue report of the Provost marshal in the be declared ajar just her instantly. Observer that enl. Bragg and wife he would make All honorable concessions for 1 there yes Rudy and did not so report Thum Tierce but a involving such a surrender i selves. W a suppose the Joe izeral was too and would be i Cuit by worse than our. His Friend j i""1 to see Bis lower batteries to admit of his from Indiana f . Lune had remarked this thinking of an important Law of his own Mak mor Diimig that Bis Sutu had now nun in us the Provost marshal however. Virv p.o-tt�. A jul Urie to it number to Perty performed his duty by publishing the in fintain Tho National Honor. If this Senate fact thereby showing that he is no Rea Pector of should go a Nice after Audi a surrender and persons while in the discharge of his duty. A Imilia Iuni i would be subject to the scum obey orders if you break owners says the Aud indignation of Tho country. He regarded ol11 i ail. The arrogant demand of King loud As a pretext " for War. She was determined to humiliate us first and Tiger. Us afterwards. Let our cities j and villages by buried but let our National j Honor be preserved. Francis 1. Said after the Bittle of Palm that t when called on. All was lost but Honor. Thous us would yet1 very near. Ship Hoodie to the held to defend it. If this surrender was nude the administration would meet with such a tire la Liay. 1?81. The Ute re ii master. Ii. St. E. A. Whitlock co. Baa in Qualia i la in turned Over to if. A Tut str 0. Rei Eli . A full. The undo Mir no la i Tusci ail this Abl lines of Tow Lite firm aul we Alcoa Litique the bustnes a thaw a stand. All letters to m air a is it Leitos. In reference to tie old a 5.--. Lara attention. " James t. War a i Ilva Tob do Erna lit 1381.__ jul i voile. Ball Hutch n09 k co tie temporarily in Houston a cola a Den a re a ins Ivyng a Mej "ptce0 Back the enemy h considerable 1,h3 under -0.0,�" a a. ? a guns on shipboard. Our men Lardner s Corner is it was. Have opa oed an i Lett i Tea Salij the London times denounces Stine Block Ades. The Battle Inear port Acpal. General mar news. X Northern recounts. A Tierce Battle ensued a old Lull jji1iipj the cover of thei fifteen wounded. One Federal was taken Pris Oner but at inst accounts no definite information bad been obtained of their loss. One Man to our aide was killed by a shall at a Point two Miles Distant from the Fleet. Yesterday a Large body of under Oen. A vans was sent to Ooi Duer s Corner and As firing re commenced about 10 o clock yesterday Forenoon in is supposed another Turre Battle took place though at the we write nothing definite Bat been re hour Cei vet from Power. If we had a War with England i twelve Miles and other settlements on the it would be for the Juie cause that had sent Una King to the Block and another homeless and homeless Over the world and one that would Appeal to men wherever the English language coast not much further. From the nature of the country any expedition against Mobile must land at East of East Pascagoula and therefore must encounter All the insuperable is ipod ii. To believed too that if Napoleon 1 difficulties of approach to had one desire More than any other it was to wipe out the Squiti of the French in Waterloo tue t . Virginia has 10 generals in the Confederate s a Over of there were thousands of it Rou l l to us a land 4 Alabama 4 Mississippi Texas t Arkansas 2 Florida 1 Missouri none. The following were born at the North though previous to the present War they were citius of Southern states uen. Cooper born in new York Kipley in Ohio Pemberton in Pennsyl Whiting in Massachusetts Pike in irishmen who would Rush to to sustain such a Nusi us ours. Our principles were our great strength and if War must come he would say let it come and thank Gud that we Are the instruments in ii a bunds to work his own caul. From lust Tomies Sei. A correspond t writes the Nashville Banner Tuder a late Date from Knoxville its follows during the last four weeks j Hare a in in Many of the upper and lower counties of. This division of the mute and have availed myself of every facility to inform my mind of the Public and can unhesitating declare As Ziy opinion that vast Tennessee is regenerated Aud redeemed. A Pruiti Iii ent Cit a of Amler Suu county writes under a to of Lle cuber 27 the _ your friends Are coming up nobly in the cause of the South. 1 urn surprised it the rapid Chiu Ige in sentiment. 1 am Loid not a Union until Cau be found in Anderson county. I know of none. A Gobi Taleui to writing from Sci Oice Bur 24th. Varia Massachusetts muggles in Massachusetts Blanchard in Massachusetts French in n Jersey a so i . Is stated i Thelon Don times that nearly every hip loading Foi now York was taking out surge quantities of Lead. Lead is not mentioned in the Royal proclamation. The american operations in Lead in the Market Ilat from the i. Anime Cement of the War. In the German markets they commenced in october. As almost All Saltpetre used throughout the world comes from nude the English have practically a monopoly of the article. Tits . County a writing self Lincoln s message and c Usu Ron s Ruport Are i bringing the reliable to our Side. Tamuty of have Becu introduced in the South Carolina legislature recording As infamous for the execration of posterity the names of William Bradford Sam Brick a Turnelius Stribling captains in the u. S. Navy Percival Drayton Henry , ,. John j. Missroom Charlee Steedman Edward 1 a ulivo a i mid Lulon Henry , commanders in the considerable majority id Tho citizen of Sevier u. S. Navy Henry 0. Flagg John f. Hammond c. S. Lovoll u. S. Army. These men still Clairn to he citizens of South Carolina. To four at ship to the correspondence of the new York Tribune the fort at ship Island now mounts sixteen guns of Large calibre. It a the intention of Gen. Phelps to Complete the work and make three tiers of guns which Are to be sent from Pensacola. The fort fort Massachusetts formerly fort Twiggs is in command of Lieut. S. Reid Buchanan and capt. Fountaine of the Navy. A Stoel 12-Pounder belonging to the Battery was lost in transferring it from the Constitution to Tho Lewis. Of duty Are now with Tho South a gentleman writing from Blount december both says in replying to your interrogatory i am pleased to say that there is a wonderful change go by on Iii parts of this county. Many who were acct title in favor the Federal government Are now enthusiastic for Tho i me Derac states. The quakers having abolition proclivities Are of course still against us but they won t tight. Brownlow s Case came up a few evenings Iii Lej Blure the c a federate commissioner. Owing to indisposition Brownlow was not in attendance. The to racy general read a letter from . Benjamin the Secretary of War breathing a proper and generous spirit. At the intimation of the Secretary .,Brownlow was discharged. Subsequently to was arrested by the military authorities and is again in jail. 1 sumo this was done in order that the nov rement might carry out in Good Faith its Lirst-1 intention. Brownlow is snid to to very unwell. I Liis family visited him on . I i he Richmond enquirer of the 1st iust., professes to have a pretty Well authenticated re port that the committee on Commerce in the provisional Congress have reported against a suspension of the Tariff during the War. The Charleston courier of the save 1st instant Awo Tiku is i of late movement of uen. Thompson n need in our columns re lulled in the , of a Largo Quantity of n clothing etc., from the Federal depot at com j Koiv Rearce to. Gen. T. Was forced to leave his. on the line c. March in consequence a Tho wretched could turn of the roads but with his email Force to ensured the town and at Luce proceed dim to t us Possession of the enemy s stores. The Steamer City of Alton attempted to Laud but a warned some of the unionists in tiers lop event her rapture. Several shots were fire into her with Small with Wlibur result a 4 s hot ascertained but she Suci of. Led in escaping. The report of her capture circulated in the City yesterday afternoon was incorrect in. Thompson and lib men returned to new Madrid on monday afternoon unharmed with the exception of being fatigued after their m Rich of Over one bundred Miles made within i Appeal. _ a valuable cargo has Beau safely landed in a Confederate port. If any of our exchanges learn the particulars Thero a no occasion for publication. The Yankees am still growling about their fun. The Chicago Tribune says Taf Jin Giuri thu is. Are we to have a end of the severe and Daug Emu t swindle the belgian muskets v an inquiry should be instituted As to How Many of these Duomo acting a hooting Irons we have in the Ruu utry double acting because about equally dangerous at either end. A Good Story is told of one of our Illinois colonels Ivlin was heard praising Tho Arm. Suys he in platoon tiring with the belgian Musket 1 can Tell what 1 cannot with any other and that ii How Many pieces Bave been tired. How Cau you Tell that of j Fuu the Mth i the. Is. The Northern Biuk of Kentucky Hai suspend in. The people s Bank formerly at Bowling reon is re organized at Louisville. The mors of Southern engagements in Kentucky Kijuu reliable. Urn. Buciskk1. to. Cincinnati dec. 31.-Bjkner s cavalry on. Yesterday were near Thi of Floral pickets and i. Is supposed he Iota i lacking Mccook in Force destroy Green re Bridges and then retire feb Dubai. . Washington dec. 3.-Federal recon ois Sances show that the code rates have Strong picket guards beyond wrap Seville. Further thai the confederates in moved their outer ii Tea backwards a few Niles indicating that Bev Are going into with cum ters. The Maryland l Villare has met. H. Winter Davis Reverdy Johon Aud this. Swann Are competing candidate for the Federal Senate. I and slabs la a Joute i Zvy Kos ool. Digh m Bill Anil. Richmond Jan. 6.-t body of col. Hugh Mccleod is in this City a out to Texas. He d de at Dumfries on the inst. Co. Mccleod was a native georgian id commanded the snide be exp Ion under president Lamar. A a Lunus. Kic Sion iian 6.--1 Congress to Dav eulogies were delivered . Ochiltree of Texas . Johnson of Innas . Bovce o South Carolina. . Valc of n. Carolina and . Price of Virginia the death of judge Hemphill of Texas aft. Which appropriate hour tint were adopt Liim a Romm Lucr one from each state App led to arrange the funeral ceremonies Icheun ral ceremonies will take place to Morrow f 1 a. M. From Northern papers of the following iut Elligette is take. New Yoke " 3n h not the dec. 20. The steamship Empire City has arrived from Beaufort no the 24th and port Royal on the 26th. She came out of port Royal by the Southern Channel which has been cleared out and which bus not less than us feet of water on it. The 7uth new Yolk regiment had let reconnaissance Al Fineu Miles from Beaufort and captured six rebels. Our troops were still building entrench meals on Tybee Island while fort Pulaski kept up a continuous Are on them without any damage however. A rebel bit came Dowa the Warsaw Channel on the 23rd from Savannah to see if the was Way was Clear for the end lisli1 Steamer Fingal to get out with a cargo of Cotton. The boat was chased by a gun boat when the former was run ashore and All of her Crew heal estate . Candle and Oil. We Are prepared to furnish a Good Artiola of a United states Aud Grei Britain an possibly France. There is a be Jiral express ton of acquiescence in the Caius of the guv  Ern ment while the despatches t Secretary Seward Are viewed in the Light if the highest statesman like manner. J Detroit Doc. 28.-Arthur Kuikit And colonel of lancers deeming Lurcher connection with tie United states improper in View of our present with England has resigned his Coin Ailinn Aud will return to Canada. Congressman Ely ally brings a list of 2700 prisoners. He states that there is no doubt of an and deep us too feeling in Richmond and that if the National were within ten Miles of Richmond our Flag would be Hung out from hundreds of win Down but at present there is a perfect reign of terror. Exit two escaped Board the Wabash the latter were put a the officers and Crews of Twenty of the Stone Fleet now sunk in Charleston Harbor Are passengers on Board the Empire City. The examination of the Case of Foster the member from North Carolina before the committee on elections shows the whole affair to have been a base fraud and letters written to the Northern papers about the uprising of Union sentiment and enthusiastic meetings there were manufactured for the occasion. Washington dec. 29. The treaty proposed by sir chares Wiek the English minister o Mexico fell through in consequence of the refusal of the mexican Congress to ratify it. . , who was acting with . Wiek when the treaty temporarily fell through has however set on foot negotiations and has submitted to Mexico a project for a treaty of the same purport with that before sent. The Neotia tons cannot however be completed in season to prevent the Allied Fleet from Comuni Eniti op-1 rations. Pm lie Washington Star. Prominent members of Congress Are Cousido tinn of the eng a new proposition for the e its a and i Esti a in we avoid the part n Kipps a crowds of slaves in Idle 0,ear pm a a Lve to sport Bieu Fob s of the Best double barrel fowling pieces in taxis with sole leather Cue and All tin a leading apparatus Complete will be Gold for Cash of a Good sit shooter taken in part payment an on wanting a Sood gun Here is a Chance to Trade. The be Een at c. A Eider opher a Gunsmith next door to Broil gauge Saloon Mechanic Street Jan lit. The state of Texas i in pc Eric a cum county Galt Satoji precinct no. Ii. To the sheriff of Galveston county creating whereas. A. Harris has made oath in Wilt lug before me that messes. Ladd Amory & co., Are absent from this state and whereas k. A. Harris has commenced suit before me for t 78 75-190 dollars o i a plea of debt which he avers la just Ana True. You Are therefore commanded to Cit said i Pendant to be and appear at my office. In piece not no 3, in the county a Alverton on the first saturday in february and the first of said month a. A. A Bush by tween the hours of 10 a. M. And 3 o clock a In three successive weeks before the return Day thereof. Herein fail not. And due return nuke of this writ witness my hand this 21st Day of december a is i. Walter id Len. J. P., 0. C. A True copy i be Roll v. C. A us sheriff o. C. Home Guardi attention i the regular monthly meeting of this company will be held on wednesday the 8tu january next at bail past 8 a m., at their armory. The constitutional requirements will be strictly enforced and All who May have been absent without the proper excuse their names will be stricken from the Roll of membership. Liy order of the company. Dec. 2b, 1861.-td S. Deats 0. S. Til raw Berry plants for male. A Anil i Liri,.kluw.4 fl5 is a i territory West of Louisiana and Arkansas was i ceded to the United states by treaty sum cer j Tain conditions. Without provocation they have violated the treaties and Levio War of the United state thus rendering to la treaties full and void. I it is proposed to apply the principle i i Ben ton s Florida armed occupation act and Send All contraband to this territory and Appi entice to bpm to the settlers upon these Cotton inns leaving the question of their final disposition to la settled by Congress at the close of the Wir All contraband As fast As they come into Cap to be promptly forwarded thither. " lie country is approached from St. Louis through Springfield a distance of 300 Miles. The remainder id the Railroad from Kolla through Springfield to fort Smith can to completed in twelve months. It is said that the imitations of the choctaws and chickasaws alone could Supply the american Mills even the first year of the Experiment. The counties thus reverting to the government embrace the valleys of the red Arkansas and other Rivers and contain about 20,000,000. At his Nursery Mouth it Clear Creek Galveston Day. Will sell a few Choice plants it Tulp frill Nurit Cotua a tjrq�.a�a41t_ Llovy healings l Maia and Crescent per doa too orders left with . Strickland at Ual Veaton . A Wiloughby. Dickinson station a. D. & b., will tie Pru utly attended to. Jantje u itch Eivir h male of Seq Estrates goods at Houston. For sole Ata percent covering Cost and and expenses to Houston a Large Stock of go eerie Lluu ors wines carriages buggies wagons Carol Wood work for wagons. Saddlery and Carriage hardware and trimmings. Harness chains a luge lot of Hall s plows and Peoria plows an invoice of hats a Large Luvoise of books principally the beat school books acc. Per Sale As above until wednesday the Vii Dif of january when the remaining Stock will be sold to auction at the receiver s Ware House at rent Ash commencing at 10 o clock a. M. Terms Cash Baui Ingiba. Jan to. A. 8. Sci Cir c Hauffe of time on Oal Seetom. Houston Al Titi it , Jordan at co. T Tii Ilu it i Villa Ruma & a Highlund in Alveston. New Oreaun. Is. 1. 1. merchant Cotton Factor Niata moras pal Chico. I by a to Tjw Hili Liessel brow is j . Tel a. A Kutus Galveston every saturday tuesday and thar Lay at ten a.m., connecting with the can at a Whf. For Beaumont and Orange Thenia by Stag time Wii k a by it a version. July 10. Irod. Only la i psf. R. T. . Mccall Aii v norm., new orlka2 .1, i it. M. I Loksik a co., proprietors. I Price formerly with Briggs a Marti a  Tia Veiton is now connected with Tuic eur Ablis quient. And will he glad to see All his old tens Friend whose comforts he will study to promote to the Bat of his ability. Ad�0-tf the Southern House i Camp str and Lai Taitts a a a a a top Osite Lafayette Square new Orle Soui. Justin son proprietor. Plus House has. Ilieen entirely refitted and is now open for the season and is situated in the info Fly i healthy part of the City. In a Price of Board two dollars per Day. Oct it idiot Al Era Shear City la. This House is situated at the term tub of tin new Orleans Opelousas and great Western Railroad where this Road connects with the Texas line of steam slept. At Berwick s Bay. Of a Imp to j. A. O a Bill m j
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