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Galveston Civilian (Newspaper) - December 12, 1877, Galveston, Texas Established 1838. wednesday Kurtos i h. Pa8c�i� it c4k Paov a in Lii. V Bui v Blyn Lupi Wlad Neslav. December m ia�7. Ii Lobo a Tykot son glided . E therell into a i Ter Day by Virun . County cosh Tina Attybe a Ami Tail Tik Klitin Uleis Woin Pilitt Al void de by the out Friar to or dividing the dual i id a it i Drady a Banta of a railway we Titi Vav ill Tail hailed with a Genet n i Teel and. H Pill ii Eiho Hlll of pm Umich. Tie Liiri Yeii be Iheme ii until to yesterday Ami Adf elected in stot Khoii Lern Lin Eniy failed sit.11 Day Tunit i a. Ken tit it in Al til mini 8.� Tneia of impurity. Six of to lieu my ti011  a Tiff i ii reit Lei air n Poi Icin v11 Ritj. View Rii Law a i no ii Wever we. Utt it a tar Tnp a Olio will Rearte. Tue to Ltd Al a Eivis if tits Nti Tengei uii and Forward the Active Ernst Euti of the work of , destined Siuw Tii in hit important Teener id i Ereial life. Wait inn that the agony of a Proir Titi in Tii org Glt Lor a of Jive Mastery it Overlie Ever #elj��1nlifi if the wite Riise Viii tribute All the Lille in Hie pow i mtg to still Issue of the Pri to pit ill the in lire of i agreement his no Cribe be stain re Miriiam Foi lie Hist mortgage of the Youil Lii e rtj1 Lieut in be binding Only when the 8iiin of 5l�6,6tmv by Tut in Aliw scribed. I. K Urt be Utlz lie list with #i5, a air. keep Idun this admirable motion " to Lite Vuk. Tent of a like amount. Tiati idled ii aint s a noun Vii i h to this will bind a Tootsi put which would Dot the aim Cotilli Sitf an Nilmei of i lie Niti Milioti Morlyn in to a a ii Fie it in in Kili Tilv thai hum Nali eation id re Joanl will lie iv�,., h8 in Annii Hirial t111 in the i ble in fuel. Krissian Hei Iez Bine Adoui Weill in the Loudon 8 Onk limit of in the face ill lailt1 Cleft Trouti ii lie Market. The is edit of i he great pipe i a Hii i c at inv nit in a 111.1 411 Fly int in in ii Attitio la. of  , if a to. i. Bat Liniai a. We Are bail n in m Eal. A a All me Eiml i held i  it a i1 , lit or Airt no i Emini. Us in t lie 51 Only a. A gift ill he Lii ii key ii Aid 3 he via Lia i  . Ial la Lii  v a 4in e Asi Mihai ii ii id w. I Villinis All in Mckeit i la fit r. Taif Iliin Towl a kit Krelll Lilleli a Tittl role r uii it easily be. Ubi Ivine d la i1ib City or the Xiuhe be a tbs to bribed Ity even w left ii amb. T f signal Lii a. ,. We Ronsi this Bleu Nav w shirt Ted the Earnest thong at Lea at ii. Deseive in i be la ids of men id Lueana. Ap081l.b 8pocin8l be if. Y. of be Ibish in Lourim Inq lire he u Oil Gin of the uii Nii Toi a a i a i.8 use were fort Tueth the Gilt Oil to Oiivia Ihei go Ali lieu at a Nival and Tveite to called from .lit1 Limea of Pitt bi�htle8 carved on me Loo of me Liandi 8. Ziehm ii Kim a i0k� tile 8ilpi of rhe nor air untie Wuting. Life he reit Eiveri gift Niue. File i Sibirt was very Ai Leiem. Tilott in inn an��ial8, iia a 1,037. Stan mat origin Attl ill lie Ingeni q Een k Bill a Aie to a Lei he of 11. Mini to mlle a left be Jiu ithe a la ease Lefer to the Fasli Vyvn Anil Ilie Miyai Ziaei Siisi a Man Aii unions toll lit Villi. be claims no. Tour his tub Tyoa for to i be Young .  Al 8 a in s i in i urn o ii Rivert Art Lii 8i a k Disei. l .8t h our Ilia lie Wiilma Bei i show Oliet egg i j Adda s n Disney limn in ii i Xiii in ill til. S nine we , of. A i to oni . Tiai Teitt ill Biol. To a . A. R cd in. J m Mii dii8, Tini i Zoitan i ill Toi a i Tut tithe ,�-i-, Init time a i pm . Ii  it Elwa Livie a to Toni s Ott bit 1 g , Lite tit i Best a r. Wiil a 11 tto Tilty 0"a in Iise. Id a no Yeti Ziy. Call a a1 m till Etui to a a old Owril of i Kiel Tom Tif t�5e a my i Shiiki it Lowny Ctm nilhi4t hi8i even no a Lemm Toimi Ai tip evil. To Almun n i�4ri of Stihl Liol Pleitt at the Olve of Imez Torii my on , will in kit to a a i Jim k a. For the Nir a Hie Mali i Elt Tiou Lif thirteen of the a in Highto Fefe via in part of Ible m in leu the. To it fms a Oaing ii he Jfe a turd Alum Imp �8i evil inti Kim l Lwy a a ,te�0� Emilei Imit 1 he entire Itter triv a it of 11 m to Lipil Reimt b a id. Thaw Intili of Llee Illel t Kermit it in a a h ii amid Ala tag any Albi old tit t k i Ripe Chi of yesterday a f i Vieni f Ilia Init it yet linger in Sublie. List Ute. In vie i a it verti1 lie Rill pm of 1 Bat , nne Dii Trail not Bill a i lie to it nary Hie Skuld ii met ii Tonii Ileal i ind p Oiiniiiim a hods to to Ven Wii ii Ali 8i Aiti Nivea ill the a Drill a a lie natural Pulc Edilie. Bit Mill it i in rate the b in Jim tax to that lit Ott hid new tire in Ai Fumii a Hin be a 1i4-tt, of tile Danta a a of the of a in inn e a Art land Ufa Lii Tilei of to . Din i Idlitt Wil no Dee Tiia ii is8wild Aziet Tiati lint lit a. Id Ilpo ii altar by Dagit to Nti Lutil a Alile of in 1 Crest. My a Ftp Lei am Tew Iju Duel j Dpi Mikii a i b. A # i Wizir ii we la orderly eur finer a�8anltliif Shii wide a continued. Iral pref ha1bndiph�,t f v Ideiil in be uric Hiya �tllii.ljp�llll.fkliy�,, w talk Mimi n Aaili Towl 10 t a i nut Ufim a my to or let my Ati Miami  do t to Jef in. A him. 11 in of \ a 1 i eat Caudle 111 Tea a he m of at Loetia i Lii Antii ipi8 1. Semi it Ati . I1. I ii ii nl Mih la 1a�l 11 inn dial delis go Frt cd flail 11,11111 Oil a . Era Ines Ropitis .s , o. Toni i made Meie ail git. Ii Stine .Reaiiug 1 it i ton by an Exline, Tsegini a Leal ill 1i8.b1i. " a a i a la Ell Illif in leu i Lim. P it appe.118 Lull .1 lie Pian if i ii. Ii in a ii ,. N Giand 1ft la nil i i8�t Opra la Inai i y i  lil i in ii Tizio .11 Lliel a Lathi .11 mime in vile i a 1.1 it no. Tit i tie ii in Tel la ill. A a no ii f 11 8 a t of by. I an,.�� jul. it to Filiai i Lyl .Tii it of in in h Lei i ii in and movie Mejt a ii a i 1 t .,.-. I  is i if. Lie a is. Lit i ill is 1 ii i.". E. 1. Nas to la Inist try pel"8oi Lellot la i a Kilt Tell Aila s eem.- in la i Hpil. ill Millili h in a a Nair h ,. Shift ii Iiene 11.18 Lieen 81 i .1 i it Iyall 1 in 11.11 ii is Leen Nitie used ill ii tit ii Fie. ,n\6 to Nel. D n lib Ritj Iest am i to \ i. Ting -.s Lii Dii Gill 11.11 in lie . In the wok 1 is f und Ilia Hie ni. Di Vougt Viniss ii Vilt a i in he i ii try 1 lit a 6 r g Moi slim b i Oit Tinkl Looi Ilton c i be obtained Vollia use Uli i Nave ii hell ii Lili Migd 1 i a Ceiba d Relief ill nine Fie Ftp i will s .ffr grail1.1 h r Laii apply Fri Ilell a nit Benge n i ally in Lei ne4l$reotiliret Oes l4tai a d Witri Dolfl a Cru i into Ruit Diciur. 1. Nut Haw ill Tif it it a Idith food Liy the Uit Dlos la Ukwu Cha prom. It Lute Fetro i Buu a ii acid with Wundt Timmer i Tynni Lei Ijmte by i and Llvy re Arti i whih exam lbs. And aft. A. C Faud Luloh. In ii it 8iut in the Airt it a y i 1 Bia Vise 1 tag Alpen a Libia that Mii it Lead 1.1 is Itin 8 Lea Kilts i am said stated ii Vav i d 11.h Dii at a i in the no Tiht in 11 t re Kiir Suei to if. Mii8 to  wiil Lille a i to be 11 a a no to kit any great .11 liter Fiona Hithia a it Idt i taking m mole it i 11 Baim Kwa Wmk my t Mumk. Jim and tvs Pkt Ciao to Chr big Inbum two its tit car top. Kif lib. Few Hytt of we a Bosit Kua at balms am car Lack to or a by a lift i Lue in  i Lei _ la i g . Lie no ii. Inn King it a pits in in 8 eith bit apr e ii Issi j i in a not be read uni bin lie Sii it by it. T n,i.iaii of tile a a d no 0�. if i 1 ii 1 id. M is 1 Vila .ifter-11.1 in  Ivy 1111 vill to one of 11 web i 1 ii i. Oil i vill 11.1 Ivy died i in. Ii Ilii a in Dun is. 1 h , if l i 1u of Tuimil a in a a s trait o.npaiiy, the j 1 ii Titi Al be diet 1 1 4 ill 11i Civ ail. I i a. Bill after the ii tie d tug 1 or if a Ilii Milf who was i Oti a Tad hint by one if tilt. Sit i a ifs to t Apt i 1 pity. Am to it Nortof \ i Mam. Wai aaa. Jwj a 6 st Catir Ana Faafia Zartl Fem Kaaba o0o8. Aa4 Taa i Shaaw avs l. Fabrel Pata Tom and Maltor act drab of ser Tod and sewed shows iter Leo dim and of Hilton or Dajc Eva team tied. . -.i it. L in \ i .Tii i la i ,. O.,i Dir e fut Ifaf iia a acid Trie rtt weird t Dii i Imit if iia a Anil vol far Rte Star Mitol tvs Iasi a Dmitru a mix lir . I , vat Titi re. Taal no War. I inns t r in 1 .-�, Wifler am King a Taw Kaaawa i a f i it it Jiin Tig Tad 3ut v _ it h i n Limihai were fed Ait Talu u.,. Eui of with but i oink and wit i f1i of flip 11 Pih v la 18 tli1 4  to i in be v a Ami ent n 1 be Kyle Tai test Elf fat mom Wal to do Ettl to pain ii lit or out i in kids if Xor f 1. a a aah a Ai aui9 Imbu la add Tola to to rift Mio of 4k, in jul Natal m l a per Jirar Oil str Hiim. A a a a a of to Ihirg Talaio vomit. By a a a Altai Aadu re Yeii Titita Apple Nen a iii8 if a Tail div in the Aji Rinn. Fit Bay Al.m�-, Oak eth a Eie met Popeil. have  i Tofelt lad and Une Nikiti i i�s53ptm"", t  a a to a a a a Iitli.Ͽ�Lwam a a Lite clip any Tor did Ai. hdvia.8 a in. Mrm f or Cottu and . Year Ljusi i8 Enny a split Lyme Lea Iga Iusi nip of ent Ruml the by flu of m Iaiser Vovie in o Eiki to Ifrain ind Wii rns Tipeni All Gylte Wii the picture of tit. Thai the a Nisi Laie has no Tunda .0 the it be Bud Imoneil John i Tjie i8 ail engraving of ii 1 Anster Niide e q in a 18 . The . Full set of .se it his 1 in in of Snell , unable to ubi ii lie s every 1 a hmm vol. 1,. A Ork Ami i Siukue. Page 170, Tel Ineil it to Iteld Pav some a Uia to Atta Atal Tara at Bynm of wok ata�4at la foam to a Batik Liat ttactiauf4paic t8. Sewing if tout ii i Cunt Neppl Ifelo Omilli Alwil if Rel m i Izier with to a Ian Yentao Teof die in Mitzit it and inti Lenin Al Jabaji 4bv Vox Tabhan Tofoi a boat Tatami at Tat Moet of i to Nar. Jpn Valr Mem hmm. A Ami fam t a Baa Farmta and or Abba. Jami Fiat a Ayala Patti Kwh Faa Aat. Mirat cite. Imam Tobt Etta a be Uaina Max Tobt i . To Voltam a Tell Tea a a adwoa Watek win Aura Tea Olrage Torr Flora a Labia Tara and but a a Ubal Ama Saau Wilt amt am a Tom Traer. A . . By kml.ltaa4wf,y on Ion a alb Ina Fribo Tauti ii a t. A. Is. 4,w. ,.,-., it8 at .s.ippear.i. of an �19 a a it two a j1h 1 l 0 a is i Tii inf no a. Trial peek Van. Xiv. To t. A town c file i Kinclo a i Wii Milf c Elf of. Miu Wun w. Am blood of a Lek a
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