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Galveston Civilian (Newspaper) - December 10, 1877, Galveston, Texas Established 1&j8. Molid a afternoon feb Ajaib Stoll it Bilton. Be be a la it trat scr in Pat Meta coequal part. In the grand a i argues that f bin principal reason Wuy a a a a a a a a a in Uit a. A. A. P4imcob cd. . Editor. Monman. I com inklc.77. The be ibid Amblem. At a Lime coast defence it is 4 a a that the will Nee in in the same Light provided there Are not too Many similar appeals to the j Public Simf arising from the Mil a Liiv Railroad " fever now racing in j our Interior counties. Yve can t All of Natur in oar o when grave dissensions have that kind of a Road and it our exist Between men with regard to i cities ill Only yield their the conduct of an Enterprise it is claims As Termini to Galveston col. Esse Nutt. To the advancement of tha. Jefferds May Enterprise of Mere line Persona . That a Nie Aii of reason be assumed by conflicting elements human nature. Aud those persons who posess a tangible interest Golf Colo Rado and Simik be railway should sit this present eschew All personal feeling if a banish from regard All passion and prejudice to the end that this Road which and Miff counties a hic a Are traversed by the line Al stunt a earnestly desire to sue built. How May this be Donea mass meeting is talked of Cui Bono jvliss1 meetings Are assemblages of a populace possessing not equal interests in euterpe i is of great pit i and moment Bill equal,.rights to have a noisy say Pou any and All questions " birth Niay come before tie if is to be doubted if a mass tree Tang would 8u fir Fri in helping not awake matters noise than they Are and Are they not b d enough to cause such a memorialized regret upon the Pari of Many estimable citizens without i Piedi potent either As to the old 01 new in the Santa be Foad circles we Are honestly in favor of t lie Road in Esse or should we say in potential and desire above All things old and new to see the Enterprise take definite shape Well ironed tied and stocked to suit the jines of Uleis. A j j. It appears to our mind so freed from All. Personal Bias that the Way out of i lie present undergrowth of the Pinsent difficulties May be made easy to parties personally in Geresti Das it is Plain to us,.who stand without in waiting Tor the conclusion if tin honorable peace within. Itiat Way As Jtj think is afforded by the Soffer or suggestion Niay hound better made . T in oui Bonn of directors with regard to the holding of a new election. And who can object to be plan proposed the con , co minis blotters Are invited to inline eight persons As equivalent directors to rep event of Stock . The county the other five to be elected by the individual if As it seems the main object of the commissioners courts to wrest the management of the Road from the hands of. Tie old Board for purposes its Are alleged of the Public weal there should be no hesitation in accepting this very Complete method of obtaining such summary satisfaction. Eight to live is even a better hand the fable of political and Railroad cards than eight to seven and the Reebok Recti of of the Issue of the tial  draw last March is Mill s flesh one in the american mind. The pro Torii of of Stock held by the county should be better Satis fled by a Cna Jozity of three a in the Board than the outgoing directors who invite such a succession to their places in the meanwhile no election having been held the old Board remain in office Aud Are assailed on Nucy sides with charges of incompetence negligence and worse Ihan All these with being a Rump of Pertina Cious Proton , would the county commission ers Best Subserve the interests of the people and tag papers they a Little Frorup a position More pugnacious thai dignified and take the easy Steps to Ward the control of the Road by representatives of their own choosing. Completion. Be Able to Ili through to a Happy the penitent Lafi lea3e ii the.15th of this Mouth Trie site at Huntsville in to be Lei oui under proclamation of the governor Tor a permanent lease for a period of Jive years. Under the lease to Ward Dewey & co the cruelties upon the convicts and aroused a general indignation i state. The Riding the a Poilu horse a Peg driven into the Wall upon we sch the re Tiac tory Bouvet was for died to sit for prolonged periods bound so As to admit of no change iu., position was one of the unnatural Aud abominable tortures instituted by this . Convicts at work on railroads were or leu half starved and bait Clad till in sheer exl aug to they would fall helpless and prostrated these a Eye flatters of co instant and notorious occur entice Kiliany Meu perished in the Tocks till an outraged com inti 11y throughout the cried out in ones nov Cefoli the governor to resume coi Tirol of the Pei Tenolar and. To i to from a shameless and minister Alioti that so abused the Confidence of the state Lite Power to longer in Alt Reut i lie Ufi fori Uwate creatures who Liy Pulitic Law had b i consigned to . In obedience to this uni yer big used control Aud made a Tempo Rary lease to big Intel & Kilpatrick Iii cd which we have heard of no complaint of mistreat Keiit of convicts except that Winter doth-1 was not furnished a Early As it should have been and in this we do not know that the present lessees Are at fault. Upon the other hand we have accounts from All sources that the convicts have been humanely and very kindly treated and there i a total absence of com plaint acts hat were so frequently before brought Tor temia to. A by Lek a a the new lease to be made sex Avci of Iov. to see that the Meir guilty of former outrages Chali not be Reivi Saied. 5 it breast. Gradually the plating new red the Tipper surface of the Soo Peru limb of t in fair Luna phone shape was in Tho narrow recent of her fourth Day through Thor medium of the Telescope tin observer was enabled to accompany the hesperian Star unto the very threshold of our satellite s estate and i Hen bidding her a m Revoir to await her re traps Yearance Beti eat i fro i her hiding place jul the lieaveua., the Star Disapio geared at ibis Pitit at 5 h., 47 m. And 30 8., rem4ie hr1�� to. Do . Ithe Triue and int life Lipf la event of course vary with the Point off observation. The relatively Small distance of the Moon and Star from lie. Earth by ing taken into Ify Mircu Lari account. While in Galveston we 4 Ltd see the entire process of the a Cutilla Tiomi the mists not having gathered in our Hutli a atmosphere until after the liners Iota of the planet to those living on the atle Vitic sea Banj the Moon had set before the conclusion of the heavenly Cere Mony. . For the information of those who4 Vaiuli 1.8the tue Piug of any Dep Niit from the for a air Ai a Ziy my Moon Abd stars and the Benefit of those system. The at a by in pre noon cd st Maeb would loj bulling to in in be w t jul Waul Mia Al tout air who Aee therein botnet Jug bldod.\,o, merely a eth ii a in the weather a shall Endeavor in the a met us a prepare theuiiud8of a Perth men Tor changes in Imp Pluue-,y,10wmmtofcymmne utter uial it us a oium of a with . Ulnaty tour it tto a Ytem a alarm by pop aia r�uie4h Puiu Sauad and or Afir Plaul rat Ives Root is Onatia. Aad Attao to m iioftheba4aero j4 kidu�.?�, a Prem lug Ito Aag lit out of event in the Home of Ham. Ilton. Smart esq., occurred at o clock on Saip Day night Las moved son Hamilton called isffc.�. W. His a her Day of Mia 11jjg Jeff Ink a Brig Tesi Vispas aged Nineteen Tevi a Ujj Hje be a a a be number Tom on the  i ,. Ducket of wild a it a Tai yielded up his spirit to the its silk Alfet Oatt no Anil Eai if t die witbin3 keeping this Good Sou Aud a i it Friend not of i to take the Deao Aitola or much int enet. 1 nature be yet -1 Sci ipod . I dressed his with a quiet tense of his Tiute Yorth and enjoyed the Universal rest sect of those with whom was brought in agouti it. This health was always considered Good Aud Sekiu ugly pos8esed a. Lair . But the Vays of Providence Are y Tsuru to in ble a Wise detente that we should not Nierer the veil of time since,1 feeling unwell Ati i at. They was been engaged Down the Island be same Horibe a few Days ago quiz e ill with typhoid fever the 5 evils of. Which disease took grow and Oie the Tuit of a soul released by death Fiorin the pit son which a. E. Erlb Droh new Orleans Cigar depot 213.juaijkt st-t7-.-Etnfeen twentieth Nad Center. Keeps Oon subtly on bind and for Blile the Larbert actor Patent of new Orleans brands made of pure Leaf tobacco. Ilk and Tex cent cx0ab9 import by Cigar a Fok a Box two i Fob is cats up. I Rab Figaro a e 1 and 6 Inch Plantation for b Els beat and cheapest a. Fall �, t-c3l5ibl Tokiji monday u november a. If. When Mac cwt and application will pc cinch off the cd Monty of a . Twat pm the highest and feast Call the attention of the 0itt Trarell of Public Gar really to on Large and Well Telma Edyk of Kelts Smokler Altage pb31s. 490 Levei Itteera hat8f Caps Umb la Toto which we Are hot Anfe at baby Tims pm Udall. 1 a addition to Spaet j Ai Kobe a a a a. Tom Lac. Fori flu Elpetha 8oeeesaor,to will f. Bore. Ca bin to makes and uphold feb Bler Duklai and removing goods of All kinds sold of in Mamlon. Pm twentieth Street next door to Peato Fulca Woodow. Isl Veson Tossis. Out hmm. Or Laer 7ursitvbb rep f and Wade to of Fern Ladrea specially. Commission wanted their eals Atad 0l4, on pos Tottos Street. Oalvrston.tkx��. Story solved state is prepare Dodo lint Mew a the great i to Edical Triumph modern tint 1 my Terumi change Ltd it the 1 Isoo dered. And certain cure i rolled. , aft bowels the Center of of Rule Atie pills. Sight while the Telescope or opera lulls a Glass even revealed Khe course a of fooled blockade of tbs port i 1803, la the Galveston and Gai Nargo rail Road project receives the general Commeau Daviou of the press Aud peo pie of the interested portions of this thing Are the Resnikof Long continued Scle Tuc invest Gostion and be my Ltd " 4he bowels j ate hew a Taa Amir i l. Aatu her a fire. Bra Alzaaa my All kinds of work in Tamatea far Kintino pump Obb e.48tkrn Prii is. All orders promptly Atta dad to. And work Nar anted. Address by mall _ ,.,, be ill care c Lavaum office. Heller Ai Galveston City directory yep a s Adte Atay re aah two Etc us a Laatt Stu my sew Iii my in t78b a Iii a Ajuis a Warde a we last a a a. Hold of most hot Fawn in Trtat hot us a bloc take of Idith port you of a. Vire through the glass., their Glaucia , a id making hah a Sint Lassk turned Beaver Yard Abb Aav a i 11.11 in Otoi. The Salt Idi a vow were hour Long before the popular Attu Harriet Wue was a Revenue Steamer Takt Bot Watt Lambb Tipu had been directed to the sight captured Freu the Federal forces to Moat Eoa Pitte Foj fit that even the vulgar Aud. A urdu dung the occupancy of this Citer Cut supp us with Ca i i Watt advertisers by Wertag map person. I Tours truly a w a directory Publ liver Anim. 333 East avoid Way. Oat Patton a i a e a even the vulgar. To to w rated could not gaze upon with by Gen. J. Bankhead Magruder Auw Istook ?2.xatto utter there is some incident of jew year s Day in 1863. A a a a of off Rzar about the to Verpeut of capt. Barnard was in Bis sixty a a Mantac tacit Bangor a a a. $1206 pm at Iff. A 1bt 8amar1ta9 of Fly of m au7aakjacwto. A a set Jim. V to new i j if
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