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Ft Wayne Journal Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 8 1899, Page 7

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Ft Wayne Journal-Gazette (Newspaper) - July 8, 1899, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne Worning journal Gazette saturday july 8. 1899. A Stoat lower fore uhf markets and heavy receipts the cause. Too much of the Cereal to handle con Fol Lewisd tub Lead of the Oveater Market and sagged below thursday s level. Chicago july i lie weight of lower foreign no Itkes. Heavy domes tic receipts Anil weather wheat was weak to Day closing with a loss of acc for thy september option. Corn followed the greater Market. Sep tember closing with a loss of a. Oats were lit m closing a with u gun of a while provisions closed practically unchanged. September wheat opened vie below yesterday s closing Price influenced at the Start largely by weather conditions. The foreign markets were weak and lower and Domestic receipts were too heavy for demand september at against at yesterday s close. July ranged from in closing at latter Price Ami de Cember sold Between und in Isth ing at the. High la guru. Was Dull und easy. September opened a lower at sold Down and closed a below yesterday s finish at september Oats opened unchanged Al there was considerable demand from shippers Aii inst Cash sales mad to new England for Export however and the Market rallied closing at the High Point of the Day. It re .were1 steady after open ing a slide than yesterday s close september clued in. at wbb lard higher at a Law unchanged Al . Ostl Malkeil Whitt. Lov cars Corn. My outs. 1 Hoch 24.wtt head. Cd Yemc Crnin yesterday unit ruins a july. .72% f ,71% .7-jm j .73% .73 a .t3fc .33 .32u ,33 .35 .32% ,33 .3514 july .hswi1 k.3r s.35 if la. Ft.3 5.31 5.z2v. S.3t 4.v 4.w 3 of i.-. 2 a. I 1 of a ttys. In tax no. 1 Mon track. 3 33 howl or Cloete rolling ill ail readily taken Ami Liell firm. Sates on to ask Choice Timothy a my 3 Al 111.75 in. T at 2 u it in tar Hinn. T til i it i by i. A Al medium. S at 3 it w. mud Rorm Rye. When. We. The Globin a if Ozbek citxe8. Follow Attr Scro Trio or Lex i hrs let bar. Filic. At. Louts july. 7-1 we Ucic Mhor. Oui Tii Cuish. July. Srp Leshor of Arnm Chinh. July. Sep Limhi a. 7 Tovje. In Ali. To tic . . 7t a her. Etc St. Srput Bur. 37visc , Toledo Obain Market. . Only. July lower and Cash Jintle july lower no. Mixed 35c. Dull no. Miso. So Fec. Dull no. 3, we Dull prime old new oct. New York revisions. New York july run cinch. Bush. Chi arts Bush. Options opened weak and declined most of tile session Nandur Moro favourable Spring wheat crop Izui lower a Miklish cables. Receipts Bush exports. Bush. Steady no. 1sic. Opened easier with wheat july sciit., ate receipts. Bush exports Bush. Options Dull. Market lorm Cut meals firm pickled Liams. Market steady Reli cd lorm Market steady. Receipts fi.211 packages mar Ket firm Western Creamery receipts k.-1s3 Ita cases tar Kel. Steady White and coloured. Receipts packages a Cal 1 of hons steady at unchanged sides include Iii aug., vex a-i.7.r. Sept., -i.s5 oct. .i.1ki . 4.95 dec. Via i eli., 5.411 lire i. A la. Spot Rio. Dull mild Dull Uncle steady. Raw steady to lorm real cd lorm. Cincinnati produce Cincinnati. July 7.-Vvhmit-Markct Juiet no. 2 red. 70c. Term no. 2 mixed we. Quiet no. 2 Max Tel 2s in. Nult in new Yoke Stock Market. New York. July 7.-senliment on lilo Slock favored lower prices Dur if the greater part of to any s session but tile full Llor a Hanifi d in he Lalo Deal Ings and prices were brought Well jul top yesterday s level before the close. The Lute strength originated in the Southwest Ern group of railroads Missouri Pacific. K. T. Preferred. Wabash preferred. T. V. And St. Louis southwestern preferred All Rose Between 1 and 2 Points and aroused an Active buying movement i other portions of the list. Part of this buying was said to be to cover Storts put out yesterday. Ate i son preferred led the late Market in Point of activity and strength rising Twenty above tile Early Low Point. The upward movement in 1 inn Sylvania and new York Central at tile opening on a published report of a plan to consolidate did not hold the general Market though two individual stocks maintained tile and Vance ii Price pretty Well. Railroad Bonds were Only moderately Active and showed mixed changes. Total sales were United states new 4 s advanced 5i in the bid Price. The total sales of stocks to Day amounted to shares including american Suwar. Xvi Oil american tobacco. Atchison. Atchison. Preferred to Brooklyn transit. S.7ot c. Of. 3111. A. 15. A. 21.20u c. Q. Uig four. Manlia Taii mis Souri Pacific. 12.5w new York Central. Pennsylvania. Union 1 acidic. Live fool Kashket Liverpool. July mixed spot old. Steady at 3s Kun lures steady july. Oct. Dull july. Sis id sept. Lid dec. Us no. 1 red. Northern Duluth. Is 54d. New York dry goods new York. July business in Cotton goods is without Nuit Erial Lou siness in print cloths in Small Lols outside of fall Kulver at for regulars. Odd Grey goods Dull and unchanged. I rings firm. With 1 Weinand Gingham firm. Iii Job Stock. . July cattle Market was a Little lower to Day prices dropping per 1 w in oulds. An unusually Large number of Cuttle for Friday were received. Hog receipts to Day were fairly heavy. Lilit hogs brought mixed Lols. Heavy. Pigs. A Toms culls. The sheep Trade was fairly Active to Day. Receipts consisted largely of Spring a tins. For sheep the ruling prices were with at jt.23. 5.iwi head hogs. 31.7to a Cali sheep. Head. The of. Market. Towson. Ollo. July m " ii Imp to Day were Tui "11 Solo Oil j 1 Oil. New cattle a North bit Tia so ult i Jim Indiana a stocks at Chicago. Chicago. July ism Chituc amp Laww wait que act a talk Mii Bluh at i hat it re Titan Bjorly Nittle ranging 45 to null her Buchte or t i Pyp sem Meviin tit Urnette. In the my it us a Vijeh Livit land it our White filters they Taisir Utu up Friio of Miloh in much Llma. T doubtful if the Bank Clr Arstiks for week ii it it 7, with and de crease. Jim compared with tile correspond us i of last year new York. To Stenti. 124.ol7.wiu Chicago. Philadelphia. St. Louis. Pittsburg. Hall More. San Francisco. Cincinnati. Kansas City. New Orleans. Minneapolis. Cleveland. Detroit. Louisville. Providence. Milwaukee. St. Paul. It Buffalo. Omaha. Indianapolis. Columbus Ohio. Grand Rapouy. Lexington Ivy. Kazim Sizoo. Akron. Canton. Toledo. Youngstown. Svans Volle. 21 .2s2.-i2s 20.sk.lir7 13.ki2.wio inc. 27.il inc. 27.0 lnc.fj7.k inc. 3.0 inc. 0.1 li.rtt.2ix .i.1i22.ms -120.11111 inc. .29.9 inc. 3.1 inc. i 39.1 inc. 12.5 inc. 2.1 inc.-i3.j.l inc. Inc. 50.1 inc. 7.7 kites. And i.ss5i. Commercial Bills. 4.s5. Silver certificates bar Sil ver. Mexican dollars. 4skc. Government Bonds Strong state Bonds inactive Railroad Bonds. Irreg her. The foot Wayne Market pour and fiord. Minnesota hour. Per bbl win Ter Patent. Per bbl family. . Per ton shorts. S1i.iw per ton middling. Ji3.00 per ton Oil meal. Per cwt Corn meal unbolted. Per cwt bolted. Per Cit Meeked Corn per cwt produce wheat. Tae Corn sue Oats. 25e Rye. S5c per by Barley. 23c per by Clover seed. Per by Timotny seed. 51.00 per by chickens per in Spring chickens per in dressed chickens. Per in ducks. Per in dressed ducks. 12c per in turkeys. Per in dressed turkeys. 13e per in geese. Wii pm in per in dressed geese. Coun try butter. Per in Creamery. Ls5ic per in eggs. La Iwuc per Doz rugs. 75e per Ewt becs six. 20fit 22c per in Honey. 12w1ic per in tallow. Per cwt geese feat hers. Per in dried apples. Per in Wool washed. 2w_ll25c tier in unwashed. Per in onions. Of Otic per in apples. Per by potatoes old. New. Ool Gooc per Bushel. Live Stock and hides. Pork on fool. J3.00 per Cal dressed pork. Per cwt Green hides. Per in cured 9c calf hides Green. Per in cured 115ie per la Niay Market. Old Timothy Hay. St ton new Timothy. 10.110 Clover Hay per ton nixed Straw wheat. Tofu co spit Mioko Lour Firth. To quit tobacco costly Ami forever be Moj Colic. Lull of lire nerve and vigor take no to Trio wonder worker thai makes weak men Strong. A curve Uranin teed. Tool tact anti Sample free. Adore is Sterling it Moity co. I Ixcaco or new York. Of Jet Ontl Ali no l posit 7 of tort medical officers. with this till t num1jkk. July Dent completed the of Inett Ideiil serve Whlig the Ini enly of pc Munterr tuft entry. He in the Ali stunt with the rank Captain think w. Roxworthy. Maui Toni Truta Yuhin Teilh 15. Late to ill Ohio vis. With the rank lieutenant Luis Ali i Niter. Gure Emi Hecotr l ill Earp. Albert to 151 late yur. 3sui Washington. I Ethi we Ikea by the Tok in Nett who re will 1m Tiu Twu. By. It ohly. Kentucky Ami u Castor a for Lauu Ltd Chino. The courts. Air. W. Own bumpy in Ilir. Of Chi Only Kroon err Fer urn any fifty smrt a Jirs in Hie Allen of july Hui Iii the Eini uly Bend of review in Ter viewed i he it hurl a Jill Fruitt Doii icon yes Lei duty. Sheriff will mend Alice in Hokk Hmoih i Wyluna tin1 Slnlt i is Hud i lie mount by ditch in township und pm re Nion Trancu in the. Miller of Trio Itu Lnu ditch. In Terry township. In the Canso of John 11. In Richcr Jimj inst Stephen a. Thornton to a Over for Rel Juller. Superior court jury found for the plan in Urr. Jul pc Llonch Hoard the evidence in the divorce Cense of ice Tonsi Riu Ihrie against in Lirie and the cause was Tunkun under advisement. John r Kolly sues on Newton on account for j100. A m. Honch is it Lorney for the the. C. Cunt Lvir Crew intr com Pany sues Huber for on Jie count. Al. C k. I. Hannu Are Al torn cys for the h. 1. Smith of Tho of site of Caroline Neu Haigh. Suns Floo. Sch Loncker it us. On u note for j. K. K. Franco Aurtency for the plaintiff. Simon fre Stoffer it Al. Sue d. S. Johnson cd Toriuio title to into. A Shambaugh a attorney for the plaintiff to Tula u Tot a fills of now York. Montreal. Winnipeg. Halifax. Tlam Luon. St. John. Vine River. Inc. 11 inc. Ire. Real estate sales. Transform of Roul a state compiled Liy i John c. Lac Lucr on., 3.1 j Alvin Street v i c1tv. J Limma u Dickinson to Allon county loan and saving Nhuoc Lottion for of 2ft, in Limyr Alfild s add lion Burns to Allon. Comity and in Vlnar association for South. V lot in s addition. I to. ,1, a Iohlyn to John c. And mini y 9. J Wilson for North 20 of South Loii i feet of lot 515, in Minimi s addition. I totals. New York financial Market nisw1 York july on cull per com. Prime Morcan Papor per cont. Stor Llor of Chiiko weak with of Ulm Honsl Ness in hankers Hills at fur demand and at for w Days. Posted Charles Civ for i Northeast i country. To blur Traum acres on West Milt West a and Oast Nori invest. Township. A Joubran. Dealers in Hay Straw Corn Oats and chop feed Columbia Street. Home phone me Tom wife s. Steady o quotations of xxi outs of cub Scalt Fau in Advance of Ubau Akk doing both in Ikon. New Yolk july report us to prices Iii its to a steady Eris Thenny of no Staples and few Tierce uses in prices registered in june. Another Strung situation is Fuyuno in the Wyolen Trade Fries a better us have been a Vanecy this week on Active menu ind from dealers and to Ait rust users find in sync Pithy with the ail Tinee at Lunnun. Industries who a report More cheerful Outlook than fur some Lime past is Anthracite Eual which was advanced a ton july i. Mure strength is Duteil in Hulubei at Many liar kits and the same is use us leather for a huh it is understood the is i the mint Ket for Otisi durable quantities. Wheat including hour Shipin tits fur Hie week Ajir restated bushels against lust year Corn exports 4.1w.h4 Bush. Is. Against 411.273 last year. K. G. Dun co. New Youk. July c. Sun cd s weekly review of Trade a Zuur run will say und prices of Iron us products can do longer be reckoned of times. I the Yiyun Guttko Valley fix Iive by a. St Iky for per a tit. Nore wages and minor Mai Kirs arc to Lior led it various ii Oti works. The tin plate yrs Tessie my Voitik Well and in Woolen sums prices teiu.1 up with a better demand but were a Monty to Utu it str Vlf. Pound May Iti not heavy the volume of i m the first week of j try been tier cent. Cor the week have been in the untied of Tuoi. Asu Liu run a Anil in 1" i Luna s slayers acquitted. Usaku 18 in to Biily p. Tahiti at the of of tent Al Lite Lead i do he Hesmin Upo by the of third Jil ambit Kiltti it in ehred. Ilir were a i it Tail Foud 1 of Tjay Chi Wirtl i hem win a ilium i. Of Ami i Kilt Akilina heft ant Malto litha dicta Tor. Jiuji m Icah Srnis in have red Akuin Sililo n for Hie time Niia n Are Tow Wardly Loyal in Aktiv Talon. Have hold Many different Les but none has Hclair r Al Iii than pays or. Llola Hiuer. Newark. N. J. "11 perfectly sumo and can to relied upon in All oases of a mikes in hoarse Ticon. Sold by drop or vie Tilro. Drunk Fatm. Base Ball sunday Al Park. New gits to is. Kurt Jim c Ceil evil it o Concu live i Iii lorm Natl allow in 1c. Col till. Pennsylvania to Chi Cago and return Sun Day july 9th, for train leaves at 4 . Returning leave Chi Cago at 8 p. M. Or . Absolute Security genuine Carter s Little liver pills Bear signature of wanted Boa Itu Curnc . Ici ctr works Privalo Nir Lily inv suite Kris. A. Ullic. Fee Fyk a Lille wrapper Bouw. Tory is to Touko As barter s ittle Fob headache Fth harness. For . For Torud liver. For Cost Pattom. For therom flexion manass cure sick headache. A re Husli of a Story no Blishel some time w. R. Callaway. of the new tvs k cent nil. Declines to the matter. Spi Cikic do Naju of Jitter in the Day president Calloway in Yudel this statement there is no truth in lie report. Or. Cussatt president Al the Itai Road company was not present at any of the new Turk get ital or Dir Lui a. Mis Prew Nee i Lily City at the time tie new Turk it to to ratify the and Albany wis simply by a co ii wants wanted All the l.aimk8 to us tiny Cayo one Liu Iliin to calling Cauls. Aldine i Lun Lnu Lull Sio. W. O. A Vries. I ruin. We want to furnish you the Al Artzell ice Creati. Made from spa Ditcu or can and tie Best in inc City. Ollick w3 Eust Wayne St. Buth i Liunas. L a pm Coop Man to cd licit and solicit life insurance first class Tuscul rare Rencs required salary and commission. Address caul Sauk. Suit. 2-1 Bass Ulock. Tort Wayne. Hid. K-17-lm help a Mork min and everywhere to distribute to pimples of i Jenieva Tea at a per Hou Yanil. Setn.1 addressed stamped envy Lupin for Hill in ainu Ini porting co. A Falki Impi la. A. 2-1 for rent. For Kent with Isoa Kix to Juci Fin Lily. Itne Larse Well furnished Frt nit room Sulla blk Tor two. No West Lewis to. For rent a Fink Imori he fool lot All Trio tit Rte opposite sol Inonu invent. A k. Pol o. For rent Nous in Ith i earns of land per try it truth on Street line. Apply at Hoston Story. An epidemic of diarrhoea. Or. A. Writing from Natii Fla. Lilys there Lias been Nulle net ult it Urc he Linn m attach and was i y of it they Gay it us Best a sol. Fur by in c him of Oitt lion Jav notice to the Public. Wal in pea Impi Youon the Piil Dit Durbit twin ovary hat in tin y Groin j film r pm. Att 1 s to from h. Tii to i i. An Mitre Idani will in we will of j. N. Let Rel. In Wabash excursions. Y. C. 15. Inc Rolt mich., re tilt tick. I july Kozoil id Tili ill july isl i. Ana Ivy Rani Tumens to till a twist i la. Liik Rale either full or Steamer from Toi Eilo. National. . Also. Etaf a brim. nil Btij Var Lahlon tickets Oit Sale june 2s to july Good to return to Lilly selic Mhor 41 h. Ekht. Ali Al Ami in Isril Tsien Lily of month. At Nitzl of omit fare plus for Rouneil i rip. Tel urn limit Ilak. Mill t let in i a. Every Sim Ilay. Toleito i lil Lii Jay Rii unil Alto Init till Lothat t.aki9ei trek try now on Nat it to Mae Kinai Inlall. Lev Llanil. La Piralo. Dell Llull Ahil Nti Iny uni incl trip rate to Mackinac Islania. Via Toleito Anil a c. Steamers Only . No Pliml. No smoke no cd Nileth a urn Vitt. Is i arts. No Koljo. Tiu wooh is hints. Salt i.ak1 Hajdun Utah. Tilths on june 24th to Only a Lith. With return limit Delotter 1mki. Vim a Low Roill trip rates to the Uhova Points. And 1 ticket sound 1 Points Honl trip tic lets will he Solil june to Only my at extremely Low rates. Het Rii limit sept. 4th. Telephone no. C. 21-10t tin it to Only it. Tin . 1 1 111.1 lit c Lilli Oisiu denies bail Boad Combine. Application Fos Liq Tob License. To the cil Izi is of Wayne township Al Len county notice is hereby thai the Uncle signed will make application to the Maril of county commissioners of Allen county Indiana at i hair next it Hular session in August for License to mall and vinous lip ions in less quantities limn live Gallons at. A time for the Tern of one i year at his place of business situated in i the front room on the Kro Miil floor of tin Throe Story Lull link Nam her forty nine last main Street in the City of port Wayne. Allen county. Indiana. Joskp1i . July that the 15 n Kwh York Penn set Vania system had become one is july who Story published in a now York 1 paper that the Pennsylvania and the new York Central formed a in Patu and had practicality become one system. A prominent of Lucial of Iho Pennsylvania says Tho Story is Loo Alt surd to receive any Onsri iteration. There has never i been any thong lit of the i two systems. The a simply application Fob liquor License to the citizens of Wayne township. Al Len county Indiana Nolice is hereby riven that the under pinned will Rte Itic application to tie Hoard of county commissioners of Allen county Indiana at their next regular session in August for License to sell and vinous list ours in less Itu utities than live callous at a time for i he term of one year at his place of business site Alv a in the front room on tie ground floor of tile iwo Story Hrick Hull Foi a no mtg a two Hundred Twenty live r22rm Street in the City of port Wayne. Allen comity Indiana. J . Mule s-1.v22. Fob Bent Affett . 1. Thuu floor it Nii ulc Wick Cor. Aug a Larry so vets. Now ecu Nopil by the Standard inquire at Olaco of jul. Ii. A Lnda sons. 43 West carry St. Is to for Sale. Fob Sale stamp s pair i. All Hili la Tunu k to i order on Short notice. Skin tiny Hovsip. W. For the Hollor Tinong them Corral Pimlot. Contile saw tooth Ami vellor Money Money Money you cannot a Toril to borrow Money on any Edher than the trl state famous Dollar monthly 1 Itin. Because there is no commission you can pay fast or slow and you Only pay interest on balance due each six months. It is easier to pay a debt divided in Small amounts than Allut one time. Do not sign mortgage payable in Gold. Investors shot ill at our office for full Par ecu airs of our new plan which is the Best i the stale. Matured Ana paid to Stock holders in 20 months. Frank x. Schuhler St Etc 25 court Street ground floor. To lion no. 516. Fort Wayne incl the fort Wayne building loan fund savings ass n. Win Lonn you Money at Low ratio. Xio Tik it Short Loci issued daily to inv tors. O. B. Bradway. President. C treasurer. P. J. Secretary. W. P. By bin Hobt. _ on Monet wakor9. Etc. M property with you. Monk mints. Business Monet. It Loil co room 71 Block fourth floor eve Flat it Illonal Luik. 77 Calborn m. The Allen co. Lou Anocia Tiomir s2 East Street. a incr to loan at All at Sana he rates. St pfc i cd m without fees. Daily t a. M. To t p. M. White National Bank. Comer a sync Clinton Timte. Cattal s900.000. Mar Tom pc Fol for rent. Hamilton National Bank. Amtal . Two per non us will i on of Depolt if ten torn Monelta. W. Cur ii col him Ltd worry 9u. Bonnil ii rail Hohil. Cashier. Olivor i. Morgan. Vico a Woolworth Ca killer. Private Hospital and maternity Conner unit sixth to of to and of women. Or. Derbyshire Thorn 1236. J. C. Peltier undertaker and embalmer it West Wayne St. Plumbing and Gas fitting. Steam and hot water heating. Art Lutlo Wood fire place Nurali Hanft tile floors and Wainscoat Knofl. Vrcic Carlo wiring and Gnu and ele Irlo Flotum. 46 and 48 East main St. All kinds of Legal Blanks Fob Sale at the jotoha1 01 fice

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