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Ft Wayne Journal Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 6 1899, Page 2

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Ft Wayne Journal-Gazette (Newspaper) - August 6, 1899, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne mowing sunday August 6, two decor Moriis audiences wit Ness inc performance. Estimate places the number of spectators at Twenty thousand. Day and evening. Thousands unable to gain ajd.m1ttancb-th13 greatest show of the grand panorama1 of races magnificent exhibitions of Horsem Alf shop thrilling re presentation of tub san Juan fight. In on the it is impossible to estimate exactly the number of people who witnessed Buffalo Bill s wild West show in fort Wayne yesterday. It is certain How Ever that it was far Lite blog Cost crowd that Ever attended n show of any description in the City. The rail Trade Brough four thousand from All from the country within a radius of fifty Miles but thai was a Mere to those who came wagons. Tiie Columbia City and other papers last evening told of Farmers from the Interior away from inc rail Way hues who started Tor the City in wagons a fact which certainly is of the advantage of judicious and Liberal advertising. Iun crowd never seen streets on a show Barnum s allow and the big aggregation to Bear the Palm. But yester Day cell pert them. Tho Down town streets were thronged densely at an Early Iwer. Parade which Meinl Al it o cd Tofu. Passed through a trawls Aminea with humanity. It i Ettl Femc Tut the strangers in the City numbered . At least. The of big circus say that nearly people witnessed the exhibition. Of Salty of the tent is Tel fwd Muff hew. To Ana it mini m in the afternoon two thousand people were turned gain admittance. The Street car company with the inert service available was unable to handle the crowd Ami whips one person managed in he to clip a half a int to walk. Tilk tile manage Lent of the show Esti mated the crowd thai was Lur Ned away to in tween Ami 3.ww people. The crowd stir gang into the enclosure 1 rimmed Likely after the Parade. At Lent half filled. At s o clock the hour for the my the there few Vaw flt but on the common there were crowds Walling yes begging for admission. The Field were Wack with people men. Women and children who. Unable to get inside the Gates were standing disa pointedly on the Subj he. There were some reserved seats Irful. Perhaps Hii Odrid of Hewi thai hour. Most of the Lale cuffies did not. Care the Price for a seat n Dollar and Well Uway but Afler 2 it Elk there were lust rated scenes from the Plains the War dances the indians All appealed to the admiration of the audience and got it in the fullest warmest measure it was a Panorama of National scenes a Kaleidoscope of National traits and pastimes. It was a picture of War and peace the one following quickly upon the other. And Eracli and All received the admiration they deserved. The realistic charge on san Juan Hill brought the Midk nce to its feet in a whirlwind of applause the magnificent Evo Sullons of he soldiery evoked the most tremendous cheering. The Frontier scenes were thrilling and real. The painted Feather bedecked with their shrill War whoops recalled the Early Days with a distinctiveness that no Story Ever printed could have dime. The other Frontier scenes the daring Riding of the cow boys soldiers and indians the Magnet icel horsemanship of Cossack Arab. Mexican and Gaucho were pictured by men to the Saddle born so to speak. The Blue coat Gold trimmed of the United states cavalry the troopers mounted on Iron Gray chargers Wilh old glory borne at the head of the column was a. Glorious spectacle. The artillery Drill was a splendid ton of perfection of Man and horse and machine the audience was kept inter ested and Entliss Maslic throughout the display. It was an Ever changing Pic Ture of the world s martial achieve ment and martial men. The red rocked Tro Ofier of Britain the steel coated Cui Rassier of Prussia the russet garbed carded men of the Steppes. The Savage in paint and feathers and the Cowboy n Buckskin the tinsel decked mexican and the Brown coated Gaucho and Reed mantled Sou of Hawaii the wild filipino rider halt Devil and half All passed in review a procession the like of which has never been seen outside of Buffalo Bill s world famed Congress of riders. The Battle of san Juan was the chief feature of the show always excepting coup himself the Genius of the at the far end of the enclosure was a House situated on an ele vation with the Spanish hag floating Over it Swarthy faces looking out from behind the ramparts. Then from the came an artillery Suud with a rapid Floc gun. And opened fire on the mimic fortress. Amid the milling of the calling the rough riders and coated infantry came in at double Quick and deployed across the Flekel and the advance1 began. The infantry opened a rattling mus Ketry tire and in the Roar of he guns Gudt a the ominous1, Dull booming of heavy artillery farther in front. Infantry advanced steadily now ing the ground then running for Ward Florine. Dropping and firing again at one i Idi the rough riders. In irregular formation advanced a. Als running in a minute every sense was in the continuous wring. Veils of Bung the columns the fort. Lifted wid scene to the View of awl twice Forward end and there were few sous left in the reserved Section. In the other sections Inre were none left. Tkv cry sent was link ii Ami people sat on the Grans in inc passage Way. H was inc biggest audience Ever seen it a performance any kind in Kurt Wayne. To attempt to depict Ullh words the of the Buffalo Bill show is like carrying coals to new a Aslly. Or Dunn Cong the touch of a Brush to the Insler Ricee of a Murillo. No words can fittingly describe it. Tor us uniqueness. Ill Granitur. Its wonderful features must in witnessed to lie understood or appreciated. H is a compendium of history a picture of National traits n study of human life a object lesson such seeker after that marvelous Ever dreamed of until Buffalo Bill dreamed out his project on the Plains. It is his tory in its most attractive dress with. All the brightest most glittering Fea Tures yet without vaudeville. It is real a True presentment of is they Are of things they Are and have the Onlo Iker. It seethe j a laugh the old Emblem never locked Beautiful As when the Samoa from the guns was breathing and Eurl ing around it. The Soldier May not re Bard it that Way to Spectator who but a lilo we o War. The spree taste of half Flen in Wai All h made the ashamed 1.1111 himself Cut considerable of a. It tire in the rest of she show. Appeared at the head of the cow i Xis in the sports of the Plains gave an exhibition of fancy to Hoolih. Which show ii that figr has nol dimmed Eye by unnerve if his Nam. And Silt on horse like on later age Centaur that he is. He is in trifle older looking the late col. A. L. Hawkins. Hero of the Gallant tenth Pennsylvania. Wekly enough lauded. And the. Crowd no a code Aux Dot. He was once an by std in foot Watib Anc and paid a find. Tutere is an interesting bit of local a Story in connection with colonel Cody my his wild West show which will Havu out of memory of the most if fort Wayne Harty years a fort Wayne pow Jig with a which produced play under name of the Prarle the Iron ii was not a. Small to flt. Compile song Almut part of them Tottey showed Here under Cai t. John a. Who was then manager of theatre. The Advance manager of the show and Captain made contracts with ii Ideal hotels for he for i . After the play one of the hotel men brought suit for in is their Caw the me As that of the filipinos who have Ever formed any voluntary part of our Nion. And who have come under our Only by Force and Conquest the difference in the two cases is the Lighty Dan Vrat nce arising from n Petit principle the principle Taku Ruments their first Powers from lie consent of the governed. Take simple lest of the a Lyle nest Ion. Mint me Canada had re had Long ago. Nearly the colonel in against colonel Cody charging contract in distributing of the patronage and the Justice assessed a ban of m and costs. Or. Feoli was a we Tow. Cody at nest in Appeal de ol-Le-1 thai Cowap a pay. Which he did. The Amott was tin it is alleged that the Man of the Plain d interest Lotf things when yielded up i ipe Balisi. Continued Tomt first been divested of Tho unreal halos that distance or time throws Ghoul them. To say that the show is thrillingly interesting putting it mildly. The Spectator is held enthralled from the opening to the very feature instructs and Many of the pieces Are calculated to make the patriotic american Rise up in ills seat throw his hat in the air and yell for pure Joy that Yankee blood courses in his veins and Effe Vesce with Pride that men of Yankee blood have done the things that Buffalo Bill s Genius has into pictured reality for posterity. The Cowboy hand under the direction of William Sweeney opened the enter than to was last he wan Here. When he rain Rivas his Sombrero the ravages of Lime Are seen in his hair but the abundant locks still a Jig Over his shoulders lie however lost Nonu of the activity Anil alertness of old. Lar is thu same Murrain null us apparently. In spirit when he hunted indians and and guided armies across the trackless Plains of the West. Notes ii was stated last evening that there were people in the tent at the afternoon performance and thai the management refunded Money to 700 per sons who had purchased tickets bul were unable to get scats. Among Iho men in inc mimic to Lyle yesterday was Tom Isbel of Loose Vclav rough riders who tired the Al Rel shot at Siboney. He got seven bullets in his body in the Bailie Asil return compliment front the spaniards. He Sidcup Isbel. Other soldiers who arc with hut Fain 13111 Are sergeant Gerald a. Webb Walter Cook Walter a. Wood and other veterans. Al Muncie the superintendent of the Street car lines attempted to run a car through the Parade. What the Cowboy and cavalry men did to him was plenty As the boys say. The police and a riot was imminent when the chief of police delivered an address begging the men to refrain Fromi blood shed. In this manner the trouble a. Averted. All the railroads brought in hundreds. with the Star spangled and following this was the grand review the representatives of the rough riders of All the world sweeping in varied pageant before the great a As he last horseman in the varied column disappeared Al the farther end of the Field the next attract on and so it kept up without intermission or delay until the sounded the recall for the last trooper at the end. It was not such a show As contains a. Feature Here and there to Challenge the interest or it tension of some particular person or party. It was such an exp bilion ovary feature claimed attention and challenged Mem Lention. The races of the cow boys cos sacks. The marksmanship of miss Annie Oakley Johnnie Raker and Hill the artillery and cavalry drills the in of excursion lists for the show. Pennsylvania had Soo from the the Wes and 300 from the East the a it. I had 250 from the South and 435 from the North the Wab Asli had 300 from the West and 200 from the East the Nickel Plato 400 from the Casl and 20 from the West the Findlay brought 20fl and the Lake Shore and Lake Al about 500, from North and South. When it begin to look is though Shower was imminent during Tho performance a Farmer and his wife go up to leave. As they were passing the reserved seat Section the indians Cam galloping across the Field. the a wanted to Wail a Little . His bet Lor half insisted on1 his going. He a obdurate. She settled matters b swinging her right Arm like one to the ring Horn and landed a stunning cd on his jaw. That settled it. He Wen front Oren Urit Aln. And a session it All the territory to North Hucl Sec and Montreal. Then Stipp Nev we bought the right of sovereignty nver the by inc to great Urti Aln. Would the face to the meeting canadians who had swung ver the Region from he St. Awrence to Circle i re Lollon am otitis in the manner in rho a lie Stales my Glt rebel against far form it. We Rovi 1 be Able to claim control Over the Canad Alan. After we had reduced hem by Ragm the same right of the Swwila with which Spain held Low this. It new Ming the in Over a mow has the a steel of time w split of Greet and in Plain Jungle lion. We Are r the Philippines on the Highway own s that might makes right if ii is wrong to subdue we Ltd thirty thousand men his quite so wrong to do ii with one Hundred thousand the position f those who admit the War is in Jusell Bible. An4. Yet hold that we must keep on until the natives Are sub Dued or exterminated is Stingely Luj not hesitate to plead the cause of the Well As the cause of Liberty to Brown and White All the and combinations the country possesses. Force never nude right nor has. Power even been Able to stifle the voice of Liberty and Freedom. I say save our sol jeers from the deadly climate and from death in. An unjust War of Prev gation. Protect them from the Back fire of selfish politicians. If they Are using them their own political prospects if the War were stopped because we Are in error would h effect the Politi Cal prospects of certain persons let each one draw his own conclusions As to Why the War is continued. If the policy in the Philippines is being settled largely by its influences on the political fortunes of any set of politicians then they should have no mercy. Let us apply a simple test. If the War were stopped would to in any Way weaken thu Force of the great principles of Washington and Lincoln of course not. We Are her to night to strive for great principles not any per Sonal Fortune to protect fhe free inst Sullons of our beloved country. Irrespective of the effect or our works on the future of any politicians or of any aspirant for office. It is in this spirit we demand unconditional surrender to the forces of Liberty and Justice. We object to the attempts at suppression of free speech and free discussion. The essence of All this censorship of news from Manila this organized Effort of the parties in question to abuse those who differ from the existing policy. Is the fear that it our people thoroughly understood the fact and the questions of right involved in this War. They would not give Hearty sup port to this policy of Conquest. For we May Lalk Aboul sovereignty and carry ing civil halon to the East until we Are red in the face but the horrid fad con fronts us that we Are shooting Down men who Only crime is thai they Are lighting for Ihler Liberty. We cannot doubt that fact. We Are Here to night. I take it. To insist on carrying Oit the the forces in the held Are to be supported every True american should be ready to Volunteer and we gather under the nag with a reverence like thai of the soldiers of i. Whal War is ii which we propose to carry on so Long As we have breath strength a War for Conquest. And the negation of Liberty to cubans and filipinos no. Ood for bid. We Are Here to insist on carry ing on the War in defense of the Bill of rights of the declaration of ind Epen. Dence. Of the Constitution of United slates of Freedom to All men in All in teds everywhere of Liberty to Brown Bajck ind White alike1, of free speech of i insanity and of Justice and Equality of the Soldier against the poll to Cut. Of republicanism against Imper multiple by. A labor Leader claims for libel. Cleveland Uli siness men denounce the Boycott ant the strikers Are losing the mayor scores the Cleveland August Vio Lence of any kind has occurred in connection with the Street car strike for than thirty Stic hours and As a result two additional companies of Mili Tia were relieved from duty to Day. That the Boycott sentiment is on the decline there is no longer a Dot Rbt. There is a marked increase in the turn or of passengers carried on the Triy consolidated lines each. Day. This is especially True along the Broadway and Brooklyn lines where Boycott move ment has been most pronounced. About two Hundred and atty representatives of leading business houses have signed resolutions denouncing the Boycott and these resolutions were adopted at a meeting this afternoon. The business agent of the strikers is sued a statement this afternoon in which lie says the strikers Are not Back of tin Boycott movement. He says they Are very grateful to their sympathizers who have refrained from Riding on the cars. But they Are not in favor of using lie boy Cott to punish people who Are willing to ride on the this newspapers contained a statement from mayor Farley about fro full anal labor in which no Namex were mentioned but in which the mayor severely scored the agitators. This after Peter Wilt a populist orator. Brought suit for damages against the mayor and each of the two drapers that published the Sla Lement. Unit mine Hull the mayor referred to him. Mayor Farley says he does nol know will Anil never saw him. I was troubled Tor in years Wilh my Back and kidneys. It Cam. Fro i i Cay lifting in the Sloop. The wis Naglit across the smelt of my Lack and was at Louic ssh bad that when 1 1 coulis hardly Rise. The pain used to cd cml from ulc Small of the Back Fiji Duyrl and it wore me out so that Vilf the Lime i did not feel like k j Mif to the morning. Since 1 began to use Johnson s kidney pills the pain has entirely ceased and where 1 used to get Irp ten or fifteen times during the night 1 now Rise Only ouch i Cut honestly recommend John son s kidney tills to others after what they ave done for Parker Vicksburg miss. Wholesale agents oboes pollens ant deter it clothes that have tone Yon want your Clollis made to 81 the kind that hang perfectly Anil in he Iii Stylo and finish. Tiro Way Schmoldt cuts Rittir Are the kind All Nobby dressers want a. Clothes for both ladles and k. A Terr g. Schmidt Horn Hail tailor to Mew run by or Oertl to Law from it. Wayne to Arelva. And Chi. Am no Plymouth and Chi am 735 pm Chicago am pm tit f a a Chubb. from first Page Ern Europe enc Epi Ali Hon the Arctic circle1. Richard Croker. Before leaving ism Don for Imit Hampton. Whence Tor Tork on or Ned the Chicago St Bike. Thi5 to Lades not yet called out. Chicago. August the of ordering a. General Trike Amone the Inions composing the building Trade i Inin Vil. Out of sympathy for Brick taker Alliance. Is still held in Abey Ance by the committee . To Alk matter Over with the South Side a conference of the was held for the purpose Ascer Taining whether or not of Brick m the South Side had refused to deliver their product to contract trs on the North Side thereby favouring the Brick making in the latter disarm. Where it non Union is employed. It be the no Milf. Side makers had delivered Tny Brick As alleged Anil the Confer with in an Indef hew York and Wash. Am am Wigt town and thu am am and Uma an Law pm and Chi 1 1m am pm to in Able to apply to Civ there. It provides new position far politicians and their retainers. Omny Mon lieutenants so Many Moi Dangle before the work is on the eve of another election. The Lack arct step in civil service Reform Only a Smirl of Thi same work a Elding of the principles of k great Mirly to the Wolf and the Hawk in pol is. T object to expansion because it a pals to the lowest motives of con West and commercial Kab in As against or duty to Liberty und free Mictil t object to ii. Because ii Fiat our people have no principles against the base gains of and Flou. And that americans arc really Nici despoil and indifferent to a Gutling for ill try. When in truth. It nation was Ever More ready to help struggling people against a despotic Onn Seror. Although we have the International rights in the Philllp incs. Whiteh Russia of Germany might scr close if they our place we Ould nol As a Republic do what would permitted to Imperial itus Sla or Germany. Some Tell us that we can do what we please with the Philippines because Over belongs to us in treaty. So. Also when slavery was in the United slates by Law we were Able to do what we pleased with the slaves we owned1. But after of turmoil and agony we decided lot to do All that the Law allowed Hilt n the spirit of right and Justice we set o work to remove our unjust Legal enactments and to give Liberty and in dependence to the slaves. Are we. As and free nation justified in doing with the filipinos All that inter National Law would permit to any monarchical nation god forbid if our to tical principals arc anything else than than hypocritical falsehoods we have no More moral ground for demanding the unconditional surrender of the natives Ihan we should have had for the continuance of slavery under cover of Law. Right and Freedom Are above All technical Legal enactments whether National or International in the pro Gress of Mankind Laws must conform to right. We Are told that Tho subjugation of the filipinos differs in no Whit from the eduction of the seceding states in the civil War whom we forced to accept a government against their will. There is a great difference. Did the filipinos Ever through their representatives in a constitutional convention join in form ing our government to which they after ends Voled to accept is did Oil states did the filipinos Ever create a part of a Union by the voluntary consent of the governed As did Georgi virginia.? then when the Sebec Dong states tried to dissolve a in Mac which they helped to construct no to break up a Union of which they War Nti integral Parl thereby putting them selves in insurrection against the a logical. Moreover it directly contrary to the very principles on which int parly in Power established. Jii the Osie Iid manifesto of our ministers itch Funani and Souie in. Europe that Culm. Bought it the Price was refused then Inke it by Force. Whereupon the Republican pl.1lfi.r5t lit hat to highwayman s Liml might i docs Reghl in inc extend inc ulnar wait lit every resist in in orly of american diplomacy and bring shame and Dishonour upon by government or people that gave it heir Sanction. But what precedent could More exactly apply to the Philippines am i Radical in denouncing the policy in the Hlll Pines is Highway robbery hut have used Only fhe words of a a caulk lean platform. The parly of Lincoln into being to fight the cause of in cry against subjugation and now hat great party is being used to re Luce to subjection a race that is. Wiling to die by thousands for their Ullh dirty. Shame i say on such a perversion of a great political party. Finally let. Be sure that there s no Back lire on our soldiers. A a of the associated who asked him it there was an truth in the report that he had Pur. Based the takes of Killarney i Nev. F heard of. Or know anything about any Sale of the Lake of Killarney or toss Abbey until 1 read about it in the English newspapers f expect to come Back Bondon nent Spring for the usual months racing. The new York new Spatera wont allow me peace in my own country and i am compelled to come Over Here for it. To Khz land the newspapers do not meddle with a Man s private to was driven Sway from America tin my pleasures lid then accused of invite Sham. York about to Union men. own. To Tib non Valparaiso and Chi pm and pm i Plymouth and Chi pm Uma and Crestline a. York end Wash. No pm its Borg Phil pm w and Wash. J35 pm am Inborg and Mill pm to of Bax a it outta . The off fort Syna m. Effect Juno 1w. Hoath hound. A Raml it Toms and fur own a it Topkis North. Hrar grand Kooms and North. Pm my Psi Itkin Yund Booth bound. And Cincinnati. For Richmond huh Mobil sail Cincinnati Aram Kams arrives Tahr big try am am pm being in american i come Over for a Little Resl. No iwo Floity uni lined with i Lent Here. 1 have ill won Many race Thiis fur. Hut i am to by my sin Len. It lakes ii Long time to form t Good a Nellig Sylble. Item Siuse the Only any 16 gel got id horses is to Breed them yourself. I exp Tiol i Breteil Sonni goal ones by and by from and Amer Actis Anil 1 shall keep on racing lust inc iame win or Aslo local new York politics. Or. Can scr said it was not i run thai he Hail Given orders he left John Fth Echiri was to to Defeated to own District. Thi turn Billly Lei ukr added that in never interfered in local mailers. Or. Shechem s sold or. Croker is not to the Oiw Sollon is to or. Shechan in his own new Yolk. August t lives of typographical Una ii no. To waited upon assistant business Man Ager paddock of the new York Hun to neg he. To ask him if he would aside by the rules and regulations of the typographical Union As present in Vogue. This action was the result. It was Walil. Of rumours which reached the members of the Union of proday that Charles w. Rewards who is said to be in charge of the mechanical arrange ments of the Sun office was Boul to replace the Union comp Sollors and non Union men. Braver army a More patient army even when badly office red and badly Ted. Never lived. We Are proud of their duality and of their deeds. Therefore when airy moral and official Delin Quency permits the. Purchase of unusual and untried rations which us Loraine the strength of our soldiers in the Field i. For one am. Proud to plead the cause of the Soldier against the nor Isufi of politicians. When the the time that this conference was going compositors eight Lions and ten so pied work but remained about or Ahillen. All in Fiji Matlon concerning the i Rattler was re fused at i Dot Oral rooms and Tho business Holce of the Sun to neg he. A.-40.h77 is Worth at thou bin Patterson s. Tupta effective june from fort Zoino Bast. 1 fast Eastern flatly new King Lino fast mall Dally m Alt silk is pros. no. M Ace my West. T Kamm City Cannon Bill vast Jal no. S a no. Ii Aco. Dunday Only.1131 Bell Home no. 1 Man who is admitted to have sent our divers food they could not eat is Given years of Van ton on full pay i Bay this Back fire on the when i read of trenches filled with Al Ladinos dying in Battle for Liberty my soul but when i read of our Brave soldiers in Luzon dying in Batlle a greater pain contracts my heart. The most glorious end which can come to a Soldier is Dyons for Liberty in. His country s cause. This is the Mead of the his Reward. But to the indomitable american the Best fighter in the world what is his Reward when dying in a War of Conquest he despises the pay of the mercenary. He closes his eyes on god s Green Earth. Havins is his Only Consolation that whether his cause be just or not at least he has obeyed the responsibility for the righteousness of the War must rest on. Those to whom our government is for Tho present entrusted. There is lab try Loving soul goes unsatisfied from its earthly Tene ment to appear before his god. If the a r is unjust and wrong then. I say let us save our soldiers from Tho re sults or this injustice and wrong. If the War is continued because to Stop it on the i Rouart that it wrong a and would be n. Can i Splon of weakness and so in Juro Tho personal prospects of one set of our politicians then for one i do of fact or the Law. Morton lib Kex cml Tion wili., file Ducio dump cat in in Diana. Indianapolis August state Hoard of tax commissioners heard several appeals yesterday morning and Dev Otool thu afternoon to executive session to con Sider the Nore sements in counties. It is thought by the Board or at least by Mem Bers of a that Tho mortgage exemption Law will reduce the duplicate St this year and that the total will to in the neighbourhood of us compared with lust year. Tho Mort Gago exemption Law is being taken ail vim Tho of gon orally and in Atlon county the taking advantage of it lend to the discovery properly to value of Coo which Tuuli escaped Luxation hereto of events photographed from life pictures arc All of Wilra length appeared for fore. Senator Newton Gilbert Stan bin county yesterday. Me that the assessment of the county should not be raised. The county he said had 117 Inkes and More in scr than any other county in the state All of which was non productive land. He snid the valuation per. Acre was Between Sis and which included All the lakes and inn covered with water on which the people were pay ing taxes. Lie sold there was not a bit of gravel Road in the county. The assessment of William. Brown of St Ruben county was considered. He has Money in the Bank at Angola and the county Board filled to compel inc of flyers of the Bank to show the books. The state Board took the matter up but the Case was continued for a week As Sena Tor Gilbert pleaded Lack of sufficient no he footed the surgeons. All doctors told Tenick Hamilton of West Jefferson o., after suffering 18 Ntontos from rectal fistula he would die unless operation was per formed but he cured himself with five boxes of Lii Ecklen s Arnica Salve the surest pile cure on Scarth and Tho Best Salve in the world 25 cents a Box. Sold by prefer bro., druggists. Talk did of attraction. Malt Cir ass and Kinod Tomk Pic turks at Wmk Park this a wok. Tho chief attn clean in to Bilson Park this week will in the Kulti Odronic. Which will be operated by j. Bellot Cal Cirigo. This won fearful machine eclipse All the other of such a nature. It in the largest of Tho kind in use. The Pic Lin Elk it shows Are nil so True to life that the spectators imagine thai they Are watching the operation of live objects instead of a rapid1 Panorama of lid and vary from nine seconds to four and one half excepting the Sharkey fight which about sixteen minutes. The Bull fight As reproduced by this machine is one of the grandest sights Ever thrown onto a canvass. The storming of san Juan Hill is an other realistic picture that is made exciting As All the fascinating details of that celebrated charge of Uncle Sam s Brave troops Rwm the Spanish fort Are accurately in addition to the highly inter slip scenes As de scribed the will show numerous other scenes. In addition to the machine several first class Vaude numbers will be Given luring the week Dean and Jose America s own travesty or Testa will appear in a new sketch entitled a satire on society s 400." the act will end with their Chal Lenge cake walk. The act is a new one and sure to please the most critical audience. M Ile Irene and Anza the Peerless lady contort Lonist assisted by the trained dog1 zazen appear in a twentieth Century their act has created a regular sensation throughout Tho circuit. Arthur ams Den. The versatile instrumentalist is n Wert known top Notcher and he needs but Little introduction As his reputation As a entertainer has proceeded him. Morris Are a Clever specially team who Are billed to appear this week. There will be it Large Croad at the Park to Day owing to a Verai excursions being run to that All inn wit uhf i Mem or hts item. Uhf Othyl Aubol is Mil eur. Welsmon i Namh Tomas. To wiring Len Sean draw Nir it Nom Blip unit on Ltd to cloy Gind. Brio Len Len of now York ind Nolton on Noj. Nisi ii local Ikon. Mini Usu and in Nuckol Diu we cure at Opik Tubb Mil Liwra. Ake Erie thex table. Of time sunday oct. If off. Leavea am uni pm Aiu arrives. South. N except sunday no. 41 except flu Nilay no. 45 us Tunny so. 171 local freight North. To. 40 except no. 43 except pm so. To local freight pm no. 44 sunday Uii place. Tho City band will give a concert in the afternoon and there will also be bicycle races. A Juke Shore a Michiah Southern. Fort a Jim do Villon from North. North. Am can Cinnoti Detroit exp Rew pm pm Way freight am All trains Dally except sunday. , Wayne and West Bow railway. Effective november 20tn, ism. East bound. Fort am arrive am arrive Toledo via c. H. Am arrive Columbus via t. It A port pm arrive fun deny. Pm arrive Toledo via c. Ii. Pm arrive Columbus via t. O. A pm West bound. Lav. And Lily arrive port Wayne am leave Toleito via c. H. A beam. Arrive fort am Pendlay. Pm arrive port Wayne pm Columbus via t. It Am arrive fort Tai Alitra

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