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Ft Wayne Journal Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1899, Page 6

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Ft Wayne Journal-Gazette (Newspaper) - August 4, 1899, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne morning Friday August 4, 1899. British medical Institute fruit House Block. Fort Wayne. Ind Alloi men Ted Keh restored to vigor and vitality. Organs body which have weakened through disease overwork excess or indiscretions re stored to full Stre ugali and vigor by our new and original sys tem of treatment of testimonials tear evidence of Gootel results obtained from Gur method of treating All forms of chronic disease. A rect cure Catarrh bladder trouble. Ash que of vitality Bronchi tvs. Dyspepsia. Constipation. Liver complaint tutors. Notes. Fistula. Female weakness skin diseases. Heart disease blood diseases Ftp Hills Youthful errors. Nervous troubles. Sterility. Weakness or men consultation free. Charges moderate. Hours 9 to 8. Not open sundays. Special notice those unable to Call should Send stamp for question Blank for Home treatment. Stop look at Bea Tirui shirts in our show we mows. Hav on kids to ail and i numb air nov Kovar. We. Meyer bro., Park Ideal pleasure resort bictcw5 track. Thack iwo pro Guam. Jim ten Ait i Wii cow rim t. Anna Ana or. T Mlp Mamiem tar Wii Clam Vaud vital. Of in Gnu my at Avellis Sale of unit jars. Hull Hron. Menu am inan4m4, my me. Fruit Cam to tin top Jelly Kmim. To fruit he each. In m each. Cat Usta Send s.ganze1. Prof Tel in. Cd tet r men and women in on of imm Siuw i to Turtle if exc mkt. Ttt., we at Nett m Attr Emmot. Wonk in Milf Tom nor. A Salaam Frimi Jarl of Palau or Nutzul to right. A Tver nil to Ite Thoi by jut your Chi Ivlue a Oft to jew Iii full Vidros or jul limit or a Njuty Fuit jmj of Rcpt. To Soffor you a tint sock and Liat m it write to afterwards won. We. F. Cody. On Plains with Buffalo Bill America s greatest scout and Indian fighter col. Prentiss Ingraham that Man cannot be Buffalo Bill for be is not Lifty years of age and i have mud of great scout since i was a by forty years so said an Eastern Man. As he gazed with interest upon tall form Manly and daring face of William f. Cody and his words Are voiced by Many who ail to recall that William f. Cody be a to make history for himself Over to score years ago and when he was a boy of ten. The greatest of Border men. Almost constantly since his debut As a boy Buffalo Bill s life Las been one Long daring deeds Ell done thrilling adventures deadly peril and an upward climb to Fame Ortune. And writing of his name Pon pages of Frontier history Asne of greatest of Border men. Daniel Boone. David Crockett kit Carson and Fremont Are known to All americans but name of Buffalo Sill has spread across every Beeai to very land and Winever be indelibly enticed with Pioneer life of Ltd wort of America. A Quarter Century ago there was a rail Vail beyond Missouri Ivor and All supplies that went to ii bad to by Plain and by sturdy 1 . By Darins Pony to in Conkey s Home journal hold of his loved Home in Salt Crowk Valley. Educational advantages in those Days were crude and will Cody preferred a Rifle to a pen. A Saddle to i Book so when he signal for his first Money earned be had to make his and it May be said truthfully that he bus been making his Mark Ever since Only in a different Way. First earnings. Remembering his Mother s distress at his being unable to write boy set to work to study and never again Iii Tuk m Mou ii ii i tin Jii Hii at i in Lii a l of l Aad i Iii old is. I. it Ltd i f . Is Jurj thai Iain f. O by. A of him. Up. Fur in mini i f .1-1 of Liln my tit my ice Ali in. Talk Nivone in Sau or. Iru Iii Bud with i Mil in. From to pkg of Wippl. Above Davenport town and in after. In Kawyn he Hail at Tow hindi in nun Jln. Am hug in. had icon la protector of Lite Mother and it Weller my tit to train boy in. That who Lite in but of Hli to wow am wan of i i for m ilm ii Warit. To High Rel of Fame. Start tins Laving determined to for him. R. On Pony w of id text and Bowly Mitred for work. Freighter Cal i Bay Cotol and Why i cum Boot am revolver or. Orlov Tux hint folic it. Ait i with to Eim a Money support my Mother and rear in. Bring i tits from your be to your going with Waylon and if you be work i Lay out for you. Yet ii Hall inv replied colonel a Kirn by determined am Manly face of Hoy. Afler much Wilf Abiy. Will Cody tone it bin Cimini Anil was a ride from Wagon train to train on Wem Wir. March bearing duty of Dan and hardship. Act Mia Thuc i tans. Soon after wagons pulled out for expense of another s life or suffer ing Aud his. Word no Man Ever doubted and h stands to Day As his Bond with ail who know him of course a Man lending life lie has. Could not but become hero of Romance us Well Man of history history of tile land of setting Sun. Of Indian wars that will never be effaced further we get from those Days unit tried men s souls More Glamour and greater interest will cling about them and tile Light of heroes of Border Wilt but Shine with greater radiance ave r courtly in bearing wit ii no affected mannerisms generous to his own Cost a Mun of brains possessing Gratis tide to Thos have i friended him. True to an old Comrade As tile Needle to pole he stands to Day As an american Knight. Wrote his Kami every i Ike. When he Glrst began to write his name he was wont to use Burnt end of a stick and lie wrote it on tents wagons in fact everywhere lie could find a place to inscribe it and it May that boy then bad ambitious dreams of making it known throughout ithe world. Hon. We. F. Coot. Lii w feel a Ortenca Bli pay for he to have it in my Var Imdorf and to miming it Rifle wine treat late Ilila Isip an fort that Node him Hap Lett boy in o William a e Lolly it of came Wilt Bill tale or Thor next a Ydjie than from Indian re filter shiny of tit from Slayer of but Raiot William Cody entered upon which no nmn Over All Otto h Iii Lite h us Soleil boil Tonii brother and Bow with h wife mi4 two he it Long Little kit cart Kitt Gody Only son. Out when mail boy and a Tow Okiw th.? Ruthir. Who for hta Lleti Ora Ige Corid Dpi ibid a Way i much he Cody Honor in Stirt Nghin n ice grief hug Liepart. his family wife two of Hie aria of Wyum Liik and Trina who with her Mother id mid Koicic Cody Maxtion. In North plate. I very Over Wiloh. In Long will limit v. In theil by in then i Hlf of i i Niit tally and Iii courage and United Hunton told Crit in Pursuit or nation of or undaunted Klmle. A Well hox Tlle an through Lurt i with tin-1 of such rim Row Long in known from North to he Crown a Herilan. In i Nouth Una through Hsi a. Miles Host of Oil icon in in Hij Grent West from Hender whom he served William f. Cisly of Tow Mem whirl to Halo is through a flt wild went Euter free Little men and women and baby la i Magazine a have been inter a a Page Book and i Rio Duck from to i a tents a it is a self Nold Magazine for Chil Dren from two to ten years of we want names and Andreg Refl of of children of above Ages and Cor a list of fifty such we will Tsend Magazine to you one tear Quin Victoria and crowned head of Europe always being just what lie is. Buffalo american in set died by flattery and honors ii aped upon him. Known to writer. To Lias own writer s Fortune to know Buffalo Bill for thirty years. Having first met him on Plains and under circumstances that proved his Worth As guide and scout. At that time Tow Grain scout had never been East of Missouri River and was indeed typical Plains Man and 1 was not ions 1" discover ing in him a Bwana tide hero one that would be a. Star in romances of Border. 1 have even Buffalo Dill Lead on hostile trails have beheld him in so to speak have followed his cad. On darkest nights Over trackless Mountain and Plain have slept under Tiu same Blanket with hint been with him in danger hardship adversity Sor Row Good Fortune and Ever found him sunk on Plain Iti Juan. Or in marts of Busy world t civilization and to Day As 1 know him to Liao passed Trio half Century Mark in years and hence begun to descend tile Trail of life. 1 can still say that he stands before world every inert a famous companions. From earliest settlement of our country there Lias Hung Jib out in Dian and Border Man a certain romantic Halo and old and Young. Tiie crave and Gay scholar Aud mail of Little education have All loved to read of wild life and those who became heroes of history of Plain. There were May Boon companions of Buffalo kit Carson. Wild Bill. Texas Jack. Frank Powell surgeon scout and other scouts guides and Hunters of More or less but William f. Cody justly earned Royal of King of Bordo chivalric appellation of Knight in new i won his sobriquet. It n of know for f von Alrui Ali in of to bail a. Name a Hunter of bit and from will Cody. Boy Indian wild Pony Kip re boy Stanise Driver of Tow ther into that of bit Tajo by which known Werkl Over and will in Emory and of most but Matirn to winning Hie m Buffalo he Lliter it i have in hug with Kan g a Rifle Railroad Back in Etta cd at per month. To furl ii -1bwr for and it to Akl i his Jarl of rom Treytl. Untold Hant nip. U Tadly and from that with let w Wii lop of other we old Resli into air. Or. Lajo in item. Unit to Twy a null Fol vol Florl i workmen become of Btl Falu Bof. They ire Adcul Elthy of tile Hulter and him Nome Tinei Wotli a All ailment Lam by no Ine hit . Tsotigh Tlell deftly a Iii pm Tiv. Dot t. A record of in Ikon no of Lilly Ivlin indians Dur ing if Vovk Ibn Khz Kimii i null i would lilt h volume Ulm. While it if Matthy it Torii tin n Reoul would it rut in of. Crown Chi following Warll shown sen dial optic Cru no twi Slaton Rainy whom lit univ ii mid to whom i Iii it valuable War Vire. In a4i Iii Strong eat and Ira inc Man my Ildau. Nili in a. My Lii. Crook. Omarr Carr. Fri Rotl. Emory. Kornylo Funk Heinit. Fry. Toy null. Dudley. John it Klohk Hildri him a Overheir . Of Nohrn Kkt. h it tin Igor pc Terrhi of tin in. Loimil i Natii n of troops front Nix War and winning sit Toliu r ton in at Bolt Lucr and famous Indian Huhler. . Nelson a milk for her Vliem Rendi nil. Tho in Tolu of. Wounded killed Little xxv and wok by co. Prov. N. Private he pistil and mite nity Corner Casa and stat i limited to and of women. Or. Lulu Derbyshire ims. Cin. Albert Sidney Anny. Liv a in Liat known an Mui axum Toni ii Ira Flink. In Iii Twenty live to forty Miles apart better to make Camps where grass acid water could be fount for cattle and it was from tile leading to rear Wagon outfit that William Cody had to make his rides. As Trail led through a hostile in Dlan country there was constant Dan Ger on tile Way. While hardships were treat indeed. Foundation of his Darbeh. Though Andy family had travelled Overland from Iowa Kansas and Billy Cody had thus gained much experience a a boy. In wild life expedition with freighters to Tutuh was real foundation of his ave Alful career for his adventures were num Erous and Many Long months passed Ere he again put foot across thres my theater of his adventure Pius Lily. J Kkt act Type of plainsman. Lie possessed inborn gift of. The perfect Lyne of plainsman leading armies across mountains and Plains through deadly deserts ferret ing out hostile indians in their re treats arid standing As a shield he Tycon Pioneer settler and his cruel Redskin foes. Though an fighter terribly feared in Battle to yet gave red skins his sympathy and was Ever ready to Bury Hatchet and extend hand of Friendship to them thus winning their respect and admiration and Kain Ink an influence Over them no other Man Ever possessed. Never known As a Wil Liam Cody Ever avoided personal difficulties never was Knou a to seek a quarrel or Lounck Down in once of death while in discharge of duty. An aim Imuan Knight. He never sought to play hero at prise an educator. Tor he enacts in Elmio exhibition scenes of wild life upon i lip Plains All of which he has passed through and knows so Well. In each of is callings he has deservedly won As boy messenger Pony rider stage. Driver Soldier in civil War Hunter scout and in Dian went on stage As an actor and. Made a Success and More made Money. He la Only Octor who his own role him self. A Fine oratory he impresses an audience with his magnetism As Well As his words for n Good Story. Is witty and what he has to say says . Urged by to enter into lie. Rich that is True to which he knows so much. An he has Tifton All Over ills Nativo cmdr crossed Ocean several times and appeared. Before in All of army upon Frontier Ulnic sixties Buffalo him ban been h conspicuous a Leturc and to recount bin Moat valuable mid and would he to rewrite pages of history of our Indian wars and children of to Day know him a an Adcul hero while bin scout ing expeditions Bunting Degaw Radores encountering with Road agents guiding armies Over trackless Plains Duel with Indian chiefs and other number adventure a cause Many to him As bearing a charmed life us Well As having led a phenomenal one. To Fly every army officer and Soldier who Lias served with him upon Frontier in his admirer and Friend and Semi loves boys in Blue an tuvo have been written William of Huw like lot Lei they a practical Reid him though in truth has not been told for modesty of about his own deeds is one of his greatest Charma and he never cares to talk of bime Elf. A famous ride. A ride that Buffalo Bill Madei on one occasion it May be. Well to mention Here in this Short sketch of his life for it will give an idea of his wonderful endurance Hia skill As a plainsman undaunted courage and willingness to Daro every danger in discharge of duty. It was in Spring of fit breaking out of Indian War of that , that general Sheridan dispatched Buffalo Bill from Hays City to fort lamed and in ride he had a close Call from capture by indians and a race for life. Arriving at fort lamed com mandant at once scout Back Over slyly five mile Trail to report to genera.1 Sheridan situation there and it was a desperate Gauntlet to run through hundreds it foes c ride be ing made by night. General Sheridan was anxious to Send dispatches to fort Dodge ninety five Milci from Haya City and not purely vegetable mild and reliable causes perfect digestion Complete absorption and healthful regularity. For cure of All disorders of stomach liver bowels kid Otys bladder nervous diseases. Loss of appetite sick headache indigestion dizzy feelings female complaints bilious Ness dyspepsia. Perfect digestion will be accomplished by taking i Silway s pills. By their bilious properties they stimulate liver in die secretion of bite and its discharge through biliary ducts. These pills in doses from two to four will Quick in regulate Tow action of liver and free to we frown these disorders. Or two of Radway s pills taken daily by those subject to bilious pains and Tor Pidiry of tire liver will keep tic system regular and secure healthy digestion. Price 25c per Box. Sold by All drug to. Radway co., new York. Refrigerators. The Sitka. A Hora Wood. The beet in Market of latest cell it h. J. Ash s and Price them. I i i i i i i i Al h i i i i 11 i i Lawn Pride Ulen Mower High wheel not bet Ter no Advance in Price. Don t All to ree them at Ash s. 16 e. Columbia St. A scout or courier at Post would venture to go Buffalo Bill volunteered and off he started without rest mounted upon a spin do horse. It seemed miraculous that he Gol through but he did so. And almost immediately after started to carry Dis to fort burned no one else be ing willing to take chances. Mi8 . Mounted n. Government Irble Strong so Loti and willing to go. He had Iii Ort listed half Dis Tance when dismounting to get a drink his gave him slip. Started on Trail for lamed. Just ahead of scout he kept every Effort to catch him being unavailing until after is tramp of thurly Levu in liw. Horned came in View Anil was by his nil ship with a Hork or i nut it Ali vat. Tired out in i woo. Re Tirol Bill resented my arty of mule by n Bullet through brain in pc and bridle scout continued on to fort Anil after Agron a Volunteer to carry from Lla Seii to Sherlynn. Wiloh meant in other ions do comte tide but from which he lid not flinch. Rail plier Man trip much to Buffalo Bill Al rent Law Ore hint and learning joint what lie had it feat never Seq when. And truly it for. Enforced walk of thirty live Ridden three hundre.1 am Nutly five in fifty eight Riding hours end hot igbo territory having to swim time Mike in also country wac Ajob or scouts. It for feat that a Lenerel flier loan to Iiralo chief of of fifth cavalry a that tour died out for United and coh federate armlet Reg Pec very a Tiole troop of Genie two with following from Sev. Of Many received from Siroin Lent i will close my log Raphu of William f. Cody cull a Lallum f. Cody in my command for always Rowdy for hut. Coel Brave Man character t ple Uuro lit Coninie idling him for Tiro in my me rendered country we Wise respect for Many Manly h. Tho of William v. Cody to army ind great went were in valuable. No lion general w. S. i take ii Ianurr in Lent Fylling to Ith rent rendered by w. F. Cody is 11 scout in Sioux Campaign of 187ii. Kook go Cook u. S. in Iii experience of thirty Yuan on Imu Plains Tui pc if to u great Many ii tvs scouts to Hillern and Hunters and Buff Iilo w. F. Cody is King tit them All lie nerved with me in Many Bat lab and his service have been invaluable. Eugene a. Carb Brevet u. S. such is Man and record. To cleanse effectually yet gently when Ostive or to permanently overcome habitual. Constipation to awaken kidneys and liver to a healthy activity without irritation or weakening them to dispel headaches colds or fevers use syrup of figs made by Cali fornia Fig syrup co. Wasted to die. May Swallow it prison. Yesterday morning or. Charles Stults waa called id Corner or or Chard and second streets in Nio Oming Dale. Thera lie wast asked to attend n Young woman who by inc name of May Brickson she swallowed a Polson we lev suicidal intent. 1 doctor quickly applied antidotes and was Able to save her life. He was unable to discover what Poison she bad taken or just Haw much but lie said it must have Boon a food Deal As she owns very sick. The woman has been married her husband s name being Miller. She has been divorced from him. Nels Bors Al lege that she is in love with a Yong Man and that to wrote her a letter which caused her to attempt to end her life. She Hart Bec a crying Day. Who is women is Well As men arc made miserable by kidney to aril bladder trouble. Or. Of aut7 Kilmer s swamp Root pm faint. Grant Kiln of remedy promptly euros. At drug gels in forty cent and Dollar sex gift. Toll my have a Gumplo two to by mall also Pamn Hect tolling it. Acini Rofer or. Kilmer co., Binghan n. Y. Business cards to Koew. Fitch s sons. True Muice it enl Neil 80 Calhoun Street. 13co res., 452 South. Do Yon if not Why not remember when in need of Coal or Wood. A postal dropped to be to Day will bring prompt delivery of or Wood. Attend to u Dow for get h. Leo. H. A mop both us. Or. S. H. Havice practice limited to Eye ear nose and Throat office to it aa4 from 2 to i v. X w. Mym Street. Fort it. Or. Bulson of he u new 55 Wiume Street. To of atm Bab Ait Throat. To 4. Telephone. Main 411 cha5. Q. Fox of for Tayloff Robert Klaehn n went main. Undertaker and a Maht. Own Day it Muir Jura Evno Xor. Rant Wayne and at it Vei t k. M. To i p. In by Tram any part it will in Attu avd. Meyer Stock Anchita Ctol. Plan and farm Hwy on pm Catlon. And Patron in cited. Incl a us 1os Calhonn t j. K. Mccracken and Money to loan on accept abm lint mortgage real estate a Carloy. App can but holed without office m Kaat Berry at. Over Klinken Berg i draft Tore. Lawyer abstract or of insurance and loan James e. Graham. Room it Bank Block. Steno cipher and notary Public in phone i. Tou should see our bicycles at above prices. We paid More for Home of them but to must sell them. To Here they to. I2.2s buys a guaranteed double tube tire a a Rorls reduced. Manson agents 3v Clinton St. Young women s Christian association. Hook Best 61 us 63 West so butt in. Cheap meal served. To Wonea. Brea Kantt to a Lojiw u to v by Pix to 7

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