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Ft Wayne Journal Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 3 1899, Page 7

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Ft Wayne Journal-Gazette (Newspaper) - August 3, 1899, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne morning Journml-6azette, thursday August 3, cured by Johnson s dyspepsia Tibbs i suffered Over two years with incl Kesic Rathl nervous dyspepsia unable to cat or sleep. 1 if icel several physicians and different remedies but they Only helped me for a Short time. A Friend advised me to take Johnson s dyspepsia cure. I have taken three boxes and am now feeling better than i have for two years. Have a Good appetite sleep Well nod have none of the symptoms of in digestion or while i have gained ten pounds in weight within t couple of months i Ain taking pleasure in recommending Johnson s cure wherever i and so Wepsic of my friends Are taking it with marked re l. A. Arnold Cincinnati. Johnson s cure is in Tablet Forta cts and pleasant to take and is prepared at the celebrated to Nam Pat Mittl. Phat. Kor Sale Beall druggists. Box so rents turn wholesale agbnt8 Gross pellen3 and Dreier Broo. Clothes that have tone Yon want your clothes in ado fit t kind tha Hanx perfectly and ii Hub in tin style and finish. The Way Schmidt cats by Nurutsa Retlic kind nil Nobby drawn want lollies made fur both ladles and font Coic i races no Iii slice than it hib Jurado tailors. Bdl win i Xiv. K. Berry merchant tall iabiet8by Telegraph Chicago August Nilly in fun Elf to markets Ami estimates Iff a runs Ltd Rawe Semi ukr wheat crop u year ago stopped the Del Iii in wheat to Day Ami sent irises to a Phil ii Uva yesterdays close a Vars a Rainy were also stronger. Cum unused and uni red higher. Provisions wheat was inn at the open Tiu ugh interest in the Market but Littky increase Linail and rain storms were reported All Over the Northwest the area Alf cited being placed As Irish Avres. While complaints of drought also Hume in from some sections of the wheat Bill. Northwest re continued to show a railing off. An a the proportion of i Niueli smaller Apolis and against 75 Duluth Yew wheat arrivals we year ago. Minute reported receipts at twp Elf a cars 3? of contract snide. The local receipts ii cars were of of re Lori inactive throughout the session tier Miu Witzig continued heavy receipts Al Rio Ami Santos. Closed steady and unchanged to 3 Points lower Gates. 30.30. Bass. August. -1.35 Kov. 4.45 dec i eb., 11. Miry. 3.10. T Dull mild quiet. Strong and held higher re Stead v. Oct. Flaxseed prices Chicago. Atuk test tiring. With options his her Anil sept. Mac oct. Usu no. 1 Wiur thai. No. 1 regular. We bid on track aug. Delivery Iwic the of. Mab kit. Oil City. A. August bal Iris. Ceirtil Deatcy Ope Neil ?i.3s Eloseily. Sues. 2.wjo Harry is Cash Oil at shipments. Barrels Uver of Jim barrels runs. Barrels average. S.u32 barrels. Tqu5do. Olill. August 2.-tiie Oil quotations to Day were wheat. A a also showed Burnt Advance due i or to unfavourable weather in England and Lic. With some de the Markel eased off a gift Cion. to Taco Zittra by Central time from it. Wayne to Leare. A Rev Clatl. Am Ai Plymouth pm am m Cal Lonco am pm York and Wasli. Ant twin Slown and Pitts am 3 and told Ompton Ana Al Lii Pra Valparaiso Chi t t3d in and Chi pin pm Crest Lam and Pitts pm i Plyn Siuth Chi pm anal Crestline 1 to am t to pm hew York and Wanh. Punj pm tub birr and Phil pm pm Tork Ami Wash. Phi pm Sih am it Tuburi and Phil 13 Obard rapid a and to Bra for Kurt inc june 15lh. Jim grand rapids and a a Rah. .1148 if to Abr Ora i Itai dds and North. True grand North. Pra it Imol a bout i Douro. Itle Hmoih and Cincinnati. Inter Tvr it Chron i Ami Cincinnati. From Orand Kophs. To Dolly. Except to Law Erfe Ellve june 1 a torn fort Weyhe. Gold to East. I fast in byte new Brikland mall rally Lliam 14 Atlantic Dally. No. W Ace my Wojno it that. T Kasm City Cannon Ball to. It outer ment Fust Mai pm no. St. Louls . Pm no. H Perm Ace. No. All Arraf Oviand Vna Hii a Trout Lildon cur Tel attend Mih in a Roihl Cli curl Day co Anttn Riiff it Mienl Kimm is. It. On Lii if on it Iroini traint Rio till earn Ennit tto. Tat a Frakt Aat ii 1700 Ruth or. Wavak. Through drawing shot Pluff cars uti no unit 0 to Movold Nril Grin Len Ltan now Lark Nihil Ito ton on Noh. 1, ii him q Toyli Intro. A flails sorr Iid at. I to Daie Lio Iii Ami in Nickol dining Camut Oppon Tui Moul Ligoura. Too lakh we steam table. Cd Tim of time. Sunday. Oct. Tutt lint. 80uti1. No. It except bum Lay am no. 43 Lori it Sanilay no. 5 sunday Only pm no. 171 local freight North Arr vib. No. 40 Eit Cerit no. 42 except sunday pm no. 170 local freight up no. 44 sunday Only am Lake Shore Mich Qaji Soto thew. Port Wayne old upon from North. Quinn Norta. Arrive. Detroit i Urbam in All trains Dally except sunday. Port Watib and Western november 20th. East bound. Fort am arrive 9-50 am Arrovo Toledo via c. It. Am arrive Columbus via t. 4k o. A fort Wayne. Pm arrive Al malay pm arrive Toledo via c. It. Pm arrive Columbus via t. A o. A pm West bound. Leave Al malay am Arrovo fort Wayne am Toledo via c. H. Am Arrovo fort Wayne urn leave Al malay arrive fort pm Columbus via t. It o. Am arrive fort Wayne pm tul to nah Aall Lunday. Parts of the continent. September closed higher at Natal from shorts. To and rallied to absence or Export demand caused prices to waver for a time every Little Advance bringing out tuns wheat and encouraging Short Selling. Tie Large clearances from Atlantic ports however a total of nearly u7j.ixd bushels from All Points caused considerable see Pic Ishii As to the reported absence of Export demand. Closing Cabins were higher and reports that famine was imminent in India on account of the absence of the usual Monsoon Rains caused the Market to become unite Strong late in the session. A Factor in the Advance was the estimate of a crop Export putting the Spring wheat yield to Bush Els or bushels less than previous the european shortage com pared with previous crops was also put at bushels. Total primary cells were put at 723.ijw bushels a. Ice bar advanced to and closed i Corn was Strong and closed at to prices. The weather was favourable an primary receipts were about w per e larger than last year bin clearances rec and the Cash demand was Good. Eal ree Eirls were Short were buyers taking the new crop Sutlin. Freely on complaints of hut weather Troi Kansas. September ranged from i t 4c and closed at Oil Barnes Villa Oil Corning . New Castle Oil North Uma Oil Snith Uma Oil. Indiana Oil .1.10 1.1b Uve Stock. Chicago. Aunt not Jeci lots of cattle were Large to Day and sonic Early were St reductions. Utter the Market Linn the demand Rood All Day. Good to fancy cattle sold at common. Stokers and bulls cows and heifers Taxa steers. Calves. 53.75 hog prices Irre Trular Poud lots the than yesterday heavy. Brought. Oals were firm and higher on a s amount . To War was a fal so demand at lither proc vhf and the i in red Sci sort sales there was considerable Elia Telin m to May ears. , Al it Frol a i and in wnr., fairly , the Markot a g. Broka1 bin indy Oti of Itaf Cash of yellow fever. The report dental att steadied wit brain but ,11. Show mini a any fair Lull wan l fur Al the Clow Holsher it in Init Lier w.27j4. Mid Sei tem Lii Eivir Al lard 4lu wheat. Kelli hra.1. Feitl tag a need follow. A list nil tis Corn . Ifim. May. .70 .72 Low. Cd w .21 .31-Ti 35% Mii pot h. Per bbl. It lard. 1w Hli url hip. Her i 4.w Titan Zalloni were As Roy n i. 3 up Altig wheat. A no. 2 Reil. 7le no. I Cairn. A. 2 yellow. Nil. 2 main to. .1 to tile. Jyh Wasir no. 2 Rys. I Vic in. Harlgy. No. 1 Ocul. Jill Pronto Ilist Silhy inn., re. Per wit. I7.4vnii.iiij lady. Per he. Re Jet. dry nailed Shoi Ildeni s Celear Side who try. Ilis Leileni guilds per Oil i he Rod tick axe Latike in Day Antler Nark re was Lirlin Dairy. At at tax the Clelle Wel e Ali citiki., la is. Aii Luxl Al a it tote la in Ndu r. May. Ali Cima. Is ii Inlet. Cash sep Millier. Tuff Wafic Ondl. 7lvie Scute majr. Us her. 7iyn-. Cash. r. St. Ait Kurt. Hon Tom Ati Kint Oish a sync september 35e. Toledo Grain Kab St. Toledo. Of. Ally Lisl Murket and Linn no. 2 Cash tie Hept steady no. 2 steady no. 2 Market Dull fixed. By. Market Dull ipod. Air. Markot Dull Civish. Oct., fi.4 new Yolk provisions. New York. Auguat re its Buah exports by shh. Lot i Lorn no. 2 red. F. O. H. A float my no. 1 Northern a tilth. No i ird Duluth. So pc f. O. H. Afloat to pc no. 2 red elevator. Options if Nort at Vic Advance on Hoffher Hies and hailstorms in the North oat. Lir Onuosa and a. Sharp after Ion Advance were attributed to reduced Copenn crop Esu Montc a Mang . Northwest and foreign Yang and continued crop damage news Ito Mhor closed Doc. Non inc celts , exports. 074 hush. Spot lorm no. 2. F. D. Loat elevator. Opt Lonn opened culls caused a v Market. The report that valuable properly was about to by acquired rust the Trimle lines favourably affected the Koivik into effect of the higher freight rates on Jerrain to tin Board. The higher Price s i Nti jilt out realizing Watt s and there a break in and Brooklyn transit tile latter dropping Froin the Best. Yaeka Wantt fell Points on in mrs of a projected strike. The grangers were weak on bad crop news. Closing Dull Ai heavy centrally below last night s Ittak. Tie apprehension the Moir Outlook was caused the Advance discount rates in London to a print Abo the i Ink of England s minimum rat the bulk of the Call Loans in new were made to Day at cent and Eners allowed themselves Ondisim Seii r new time Loans at current tales. The has been Seine outgo of funds front Ali Center to Montreal in account of strip Seney there. The Boud Market was irregular. Sal were United states .7s dec Tai in the bid Price. Clos ii Siles. By .111 .2so5 Atchison. Atchison pad. Balto. It Canadian Pacific Canada Southern. Uni Central Fri civic my Colusa. Ohio. Sut Chicago great aves Lern. Chic. Bur. Chic. Ind. Louis. An Chic. Lud. Louis pad. _ Chic. East. Illinois. _ Northwestern. Liln Chic. Rock Island a. A. C St. Nulls. Inn Colorado South it 11271 Colorado Southern 1st pad. 1st i Torado Southern and pad. Itt Del. Hudson.3131 Del. Tuck s Western. Denver k. A. Is Denver r. G pad. Brie. _ Erie 1st Ltd. 4ia and lambs so lots. Common fancy lambs 17.hki item to Boer. Head sheep. hrad. To the Lornal Maze the Stock Taus. Clrk Ebband. Ohio. August keep lots. Is cars mar Kel Active Anil be Haj run i on mediums Bill Slady for workers and a Lars mediums. yorkers and pics. Jill Styes and Rousha. Trade clop diff steady All sold. Special in tin journal Gazette Bast Nikita Law. N. To. Narnst l. .1 cars steady. Len up and Juii Tbs Itce Ellils. T car Market steady at monday s Jirec s. . Ill cars Market Low. Pits. A in Luton. Me Illus. Heavy. Toek Nova Stclai Aux it new Ronier. 2._munry a. An at i ent loan. 4 por cent. 1 Rutn birr Nantlle paper. Kit hit no clone in Javy. Ullh actual big Sinex in it Lek a if for demand t so of of o in pod and commercial . Ivr lit dec. Per Silver Solvorn incl United United go alas to Rikh Terril. Iii i ten lord us Diml Lila to un.1 go Lliel 4 . 4 tinned Mislock e it Olle a of Wool we. .121 in Angus american Wool and Cimon Lle Norter will say to. Norrow altho Iuli lire train of the Wool Martlet i a demand. The or enl cloth Markel coi Ulues lifeless. The dem Anil for primed fabrics been fair with reports from jobbers very encouraging. Printed fancies of All patterns have enjoyed a widespread inquiry at unchanged prices. The foot Wayne there in the have Loc it been no marked features Market for a week. The tendency of prices is slightly lower. Own to the immense Supply Creal quantities of produce Are in tile Harvest is Bountiful and the crop reports from ail Over this Section Are of the same Tenor. The outs crop is nearly All lit and it is inc blog Rel in sars. New Oats is Selling Al 20 cents. The Corn prospects Are now past doubt and the crop is info to he the biggest known for years. The potato crop is source of in totality of plus. There is an old saw Anu our the Farmers which says that we crops Otap Ples and Polales come lok Ethet. It does t Lipold Good Liis year for tin. Yield of apples is Uund but. Ter is scarce Siviy the in ii and grocers. Mure and Mure people Are asking for country butter but it in hard to Ket a tint Elasy article. Is com ing in is Brin Jinjr it and 17 cents. Flour and fee0. Winter we Petit. Spring wheat. 1.25 per bbl family jb.7n5r3.55 bran. W4.w per ton shorts ji4.w per ton do less. Per ton Oil . J1.3i per cwt Corn meal unbolted per Cal bolted jl.20 per cwt trucked Corn per cwt. Produce Market. Wheat Corn. Cats new. Old Rye. Barley. 25c Clover peed per by Timothy seed Socin per by chickens old 7c per in Spring chickens Joc per in dress a chickens. He per in ducks in dressed ducks. 2c per in turkeys. Per in dressed Turkos. 13e per in Gecic. Per in dressed Peese. Coun try b it tar. In Creamery. Is sic per in eggs. Hic per Wakiji 75c per cwt beeswax per in Honey. Let per in tallow j3.iwtra.50 per not Keese per in dried apples. Is life per in Wool washed. Per in unwashed. Islip Taluc per in onions. 4-Lv per big apples. Per by pot Loes. New. Per by. Live Stock and hides. Pork on foot per cwt dressed pork. Per cwt Green hides. Per in cured calf hides Green. Itic per in cured per in. Hay Market. Old Timothy Hay. Per Ion new Timothy Sifft per ton mixed Straw wheat. 15.00 oat 15.00. Lui whether Tim t tie cd Cru Tor w wants wanted Eneix Jotic Jian to por ii cd by Siik s Innis Siuri or Ruuk it Iofi Reik is. J. L loss. Log our ital Counis main and court its. Perc but. I in farm and City real Cut to at u Imp Ruth us Iii crust. Acts As Che cuter administrator. Assignee receiver. Trustee and agent. Ixi3jvicy c. Paul president. Wanted to Kent. A Small Hui if a a idiot ii turd to Over Init we must live for Lieal ins. A Levsy k o. Sti. Of tort a Jiyu. Ill. Vii wanted to cores pull with every i Furt Wayne. I refer you to a parly whom be clips you know Ami whom i have cured right at write to Niay to Jur. A. Sipui acid. Colorado so risks. -2t to Titan spot tar Luh a wit. To quit Vitacco easily and Loreter. Iwami full at life Nurto and Lako no to Dae. Trio wonder Wurker. That Cak went All . Booklet my Kinin la free. Address c item cd co. Chicago or new York. Foutt Watib consolidated Kail Way nol ice is hereby Trivin the under ilgner. Huwell c. Rock Lilia. As co receiver if the Korl Wayne consolidated railway Lom Imily. By Verlue of an order of the Aien Clr cell court. and entered on the he Day of july. I5s9. In to. Of or Ait Roll. Al Olson is. Vert. Wayne Consul dated railway in Spany. Will on lie j7t.li Day of at 2 i clock p. In., the North of lie fort Wayne Anil the i Jonty t Allen and slate of Tondl Pitnu sell at pubic aug Loii to the Hakh Ifie bidder for Cash All the real Persona and it Iii said furl Wayno cons ii latest railway company. Helm Dunk All its railways. Power ear i ousts. And hit i we left Thi Art. Set True. The Anil known Bobbi on Park and All the or Raul Owril by company and re Kali or of Way licenses fits Burkli its. Ernet ions. Super ires Trio Chine so miss. Maek Smith Rolls. Fross. Vii tilts. Rull Lnor Slali. In. I Tinct. Machinery ears Hurwit. Niiles. Motors. Trios. Wirfs dynamics. Tools. Clip Lles. Elect Fucai Hapij trains Rizir Atluri Mil supplies Oiler Stan yes and Mac Alai in band. To kooks. Paters. . Money ill Lla Iid Anil in the inks Egglin of Olvir of Eom Imily. All o Lyrer Hines in any Beloti Hiir or is in Ristl fronds or . Ami pricier by belong Iii to the said Rort Whyno my or in tie Possession of receiver Hereof also All tote Donn rate re kills. Hikers. Rynne Vilseb and pro Veleres of Hie furl Wayne consolidated railway i Ninny. Ine Fletis of Necen sury to Iho Riner Lilii. Or opera let Ollie said railroads or railway and prop Ray nov ovum. Loket Lier with All arid the letter ends. Tiered laments Ana into same Lillini Klinc t in tiny Wise the re version or reversions Rema Luttier or Malin lers Renis. Issues and there f and also All the estate Lluhi. Tilte. A Lerell. Pobu Loii. Claim Lemml whatsoever As Well in Law n Elul in. Or the said fun Wayne Lii Kaleil Iii Elway eol Nimby Lii and to the Skive desc Allied premises and properly nil every and parcel Hereof. Reference is hereby Niada to the decree my order of Sale As entered in said Fiir Lii a s. And for a Molt in Ellis of the properly Lohn old and Alt bidders Are required to fully c la Alt Tecl Selvi s Ullh All the in Dillons and of said decree and order of Sale. All of said tire Moses and properly will r sold As an enl Trety. Wilb Otil red Emp on. To the Hillies bidder for Cash. No bid for said premises and properly Iii be accepted from ally bidder Hall nol Al the it Tii of Nia Kizik Ille bid. Up null with the As a pledge inn said bidder will Whalie Good his bid accepted by i lie to girl. Ille sum of Well a live Ilion Sand dollars in Miley duly Cyrll Llyd Check Union a. National no in the Elly of Poi a Wayne. In i be Elly of Cleveland Ohio. Wanted Ata tub ladies to conic and see the Fine aluminium curd Case. Adj Erwe printing House. W. G Bates. Prop. Wanted to Trade Columbia Chal less Bleyle for Rani Insign or Smith Premier typewriter. Address j2. Jour Tel go Letle. We want to furnish you tug i Martzell ice Cream from Sepa rated Cream and the Best in the City. Of acc 103 East Wayne by. Both i a pm for Sale. Money Money Money you cannot Tutor to borrow to none on any Ouier pm Titan the trl state famous Dollar monthly finn be Cauca to litre is no commission you can pay fast or slow and you Only pay interest on Balante due each six months. It ca3icr to pay a debt divider in Small amounts than All at one time. Do not mortgage Piyak in Gold. Investors should Call at our office for fall particulars of our new plan whack to the Best in the state. matured and paid to fat Oak i Oldra in 20 Fob Sale Tiik m just res Deliee in the Elty for Ali Slepian or dentist Central new. Mojor and Cott Huilete practice established. B. Jul u. Absent. Sale and Honzie on Wayne Street be Broadway splendid location Price if sold in leu Days. W. B. Don new residence two Merles Erht by Wiki in. It i exc to Iruh Ettli location . W. 1c. Tost. Sale Nob. 3 and str Winti Street is. One and Onn in Story Frame houses 7 wins each i Good Coll lion Price very reason Tel Wonky loan at 5. i Cen o. W. M Kkt. 3 k. Berry Street. Kale Nui Aljen Istar Alki. All Kiln in of Rubier Flat Nim mad i order on notice. Aldin House w. . Mates Fri 414 Bell. My. Iob alb mkt ots in Coluso place. West Wayne can be Eirts Nihro Bibl this Agency reel or Enricci w. B. Ton at Cornel of male and Cherry streets lot Ani Ullh i Tero build hic 79 feet look. No. Towel Llor Bonke of maven Nhim and Kitchen will a. Main Street. Sale at Schuman ii can ton Street 1 mall wife. 1 i stir or har Nimi 1 or Collar Irrl lbs 4emw. Air Light Mimi that Burn their own ashes lie Best hit or move. In the Elly. Call them. All of fun Rolter Iii i car Pels. Cowl dip Billiy for my nnic.1. A for rent. Fox Kent Rosaw Sill Lable for la Tell Init dry ill Holti iian Streel. 3.2r Tob Bent a kini8 10 Lioom Tiftic ii lot i Moi icon enliven be ticks. Opich i Llo sol doers Mozuin tit. W. Is. Iii to 1ob Kent Auter nov. I Tell Ltd floor of Ninde Lilek. Cor. Llor Alnon Kerry so reel. Now no cup by Tho club. Inquire at office

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