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Freemans Chronicle (Newspaper) - September 26, 1812, Cincinnati, OhioFREEMAN’S CHRONICLE. AMEBIC W    "I IN DEPEN DEVI E * TlllKTV-SEVENTH f \EAR.    J •'KF.LV MÍALI TFK    TJtT    PrnTlT S V.'.^V.T^ líMVTAlí», “ i wv'n i'. i\Ti,ví\< ». A.»:n vvBí.is’n i i    : *• HM.’ VBir.1 T TKriH US t.l vklOlS rRl^iT’S U/.ATT, •* rLr.üü’ií io li íj¿jo\, t-ituMit. Asp L. m ” r FEDFn KL ' r.ÁA 1 UN a.I .NT T\\ LM \-I OVR i 11 t    ^rAl: sr J.fv/s A. GJh'DLvj^R, .ir / awaa '/Ars.v, iJ.'jvK’j' cr,r.vr^\ sr.ír> ' gji. Volume 1.] sA'rrHüAV, sErrK>iiu:R i:g, isia NiimUe?- 13 1 HE WAR. From tlif bfsi Í!ifi>rnii*lioH wc can cUIcrt, the follow me is the foitc that cov posrs ihr N'nnh Wtaicin Army <>ur puiiB. douhlt shotted » uh nimtd indrr her ton-sails, and ftih with the vindontbr qnartrr. 1 iomicdnuclv made sui! to bvine the sinp up w i-h her, and 5 minuu s ht for». 6, P. M hc-ine alone side within hall pistol ‘hot, we cotnaicnrcd a hcavv fir* from all uiidci Gen. HarriiOi : fr'.m Arre'L áL—t ul. Anrn's Kr-piiiHta 65-A—Scoii’s do. —Lewis's do. f5 J—Poaeui’s do. f*4U—Uarlart's dp 64o—Jftniiti^'s do. fc ’ '—M uiitcd viduiitcers for a sl.on jjtrind bJ\i— r.ciruLrs under tol W». l]*s 4    —Coi. Sircral’s retio.ent of hors* —CLpt. iiarrard’s tioop of hoi str S J. Toul J rrm f-H —f'nl. Sutton's repitncT * at Uibanti u y.jU -Í <.i. AcLr.i’a da. ou their n;tTch to Fart Wayne — Altutited \oluitt«is for 3 ■ ójvs'*^e^--tire, not known,supposed I'.'.' —Caj- and ^rape, and so w t U direcud wt rc they, and so warmly kept u> tiiat in 13 minuu-s hi* miacn-m,.st wrul by the board and 1. s main-yard in inc s’.lnjts. and the htiH, ri^cmg k s-iis \iry much lom to pieces. The fij-e v.c.a kept up with equal warmth for fifteen niin.tte3 Iniiirer, «11011 his inaii.-JUust and fuixMuas! went, lakini; with iheiti etcry spur, csceptinfj th.’ buw-tprh; on stfiiet this we cvused so that in iiufiitrs alter we jjot liirL nloii !-'dr the cn”:nv sli*. sunen-(ie’ed. and h-d n .t a sjiar s>^n(l;n;r, tutd her liulib' l w a d a >ave w-itr prt vlott* to her tneetirtr tiit Consthu- ti'AM. ail'* r.ip’. Darri> w rou: the t d-lonin,; 1 nalicn rc on the rcj^ister of the John .Chains. *C uptuln D.,rrcv. eonimardcr of his r»ntanmc Mujesiv's ln>t,.u (iuer.»» of 44 pUTis, presents his cnir.p:’iui ■ s tc. foti.oiodort Kitdirers. of tot I T 'i *statfs initutf President, and t ,?1 be Ai'r» iinjipv to meet liim, or a; y otoer A.11» ’ifan fri^ute of ttjual to t * the Ptesiden:, i fl Sat dt liook, .»»r til * purpose of liuviag a L» li 1 t-A I LI E «•-— --r-io:© »- •• :" •— s\v\GE cHLEi rv.:: jlf-. T- n^cp C u:vfurdy Kihtor f lain’;haT: 's con punv of regulars w aliatlercd, that a few niorc broad- It'.'—L'tut. Gwyni.fc’s re¿uLis — Total 252b. in addition to tljc above the Governor of Peiitisyicania has r« ceived íom tnr Secictani at War a ri quisilion J»tr I >00 n<en, why «it* to tvndfzcyjs zX Pnisburji on the id uf Dctobcr, aud Lom ihencc join G'-n Harrison. The Goven.oi ol Virgima has also called out laOU men wlio are 10 rendezvous at i'oint Pleasant nearly opposite Gaiiipoiis, and fruni thence join llie arniv o our ftonlier. tveiy ai-trtion is making in Virginia for the iniinidiaie equipment of the men. It is probable they will jiuss through thi piate in a slio;t linn —■'¡r;/./ trtrr. (lOv. Shelby of Kcntuckr. iu » ons* • quenrt ul the 1 epi c sent jiio^is Gvn. ll. mson, h,is issued an oddu»- rhll-iiig lor ntouMed \ohii;trer«. They wtre to rendtzvous at L«ul=vil> tiie lltli iiisl. and will march inotc-di-ately to Vincennes, wbt;t tiny v>ii: U joined by Coi. \\ ih c xN i ecinit ii. td 5bb men, and col. Miller’s rrpia.t c»l 700 men. The whole ioict. win is coincted, will amount iw about >' , tiid will be uitler the coniiiujitl of Gen. Hopkins, who, it is exp. . t»d, wiil march against the \\ abatb Indians. <uid thtucc co-opcralc with inn. Hum son. 1 hat vtreti.ble revoju’iotiarv pat-liot GtneraJ b*Mm Fixntv, lift t hilluoihe on the 7ih inst. lor the pu’’-post ol jmi 1; g Get- Ilar-ison in h's fcoiit* n p.u’t'1 exp» dr ton; ac< onipatt'i d b> 15'' Tnouiiicd r.fitintu aiid inusLcl-ters.—í‘¿. Copies of inters Foui cant. Hull to the Secretary of the Navy, t’uted U. S. liigaie ConstJiutieu, off B .s-Ijti Light, .Au 3j, )t>12. SIK—1 have the hotiour to iniorni you th„t on the 1 s»lfa instuiit. . r. >i. in lat. 41,42, and long 55.4b, vrh the ( oiisiiiutiun under my ct.iuniuiiu, a Sail Was discovtred Item ihc mas’-liead, bearing E. by S. or L. b £. hut at suth a distance we could iiot 1» ¡1 wLalvhc viwtM All ealj wai instuniiv IT ade 111 chase, and soon ioutid v. e came up with hei. .At 2 1. M louid plan ly see tiiat she was a ship on the Blarb< afd tack under < a-y sail, close on a wmd; a*, hall past b e. m. marli lid < ui to U a iiigat*-; roiitinu* d the • has» «'I 111 wt VH.U wuhin ubou’ 3 n.Oi s, V het. 1 Ottieted the light sails tak* n in, ibt coiiises hauled up aiiu the sliip < M art d lor action. Ai this liiiie iiic cluivt had butked his iiiuin-top-sail waiiii'g fur us lo eutne uown. A* soon as iht Consti'.ut'vHi was ita* dy lot action,! bote uown with ati in-tention totaling him lo close actioii iinti>edi«<t iy; but uuout (utiung aith-in I ut. snot, silt gave us a btowdsidc ai.ti flit t: away, at <■ wire giving us a hit.. t -ide on the otiier tack, but with-ou ' fftct, hit slioi tailing short. She coniii'Ueii wearing and tnana-uvrifig iui about ihtce quarters oi an Ikiui, to gel a raking position, but fatidin|; gilt kwttid uui, aiit bulk bp, Mid 1 an sides must have carried her down. After iufiirming you that so fine a ship as ihc Gnrrrierc- toniinanJcd by an able and rx]*: i umií ed offi vr, imd been totally dii-iuaht. d. and othfrv»isc cut to ])iert‘S so as to niaKe her tit-l worth tor.iiu; into pon, in the sltori spare of 3(* niinuies. you can have no dou'it ul tbt i-aliantrv, and good conduct of lilt oiTiccrs and siiip’s conipa-i?t 1 have the lion:ir to cn i.inand, i only rtiiiLli s tluiei *5f ¡U :u; to as ura y u’hat hiy -.i ¡..u    » witti great bravtrv; ,iiio it yi'-'!» 'n-    ..    p.>y- nie »o vav t'la,    in.    s; boy in thi shiptuUie oiut si    uoi a Itnik of uarw. s seen Tney aii went into ac*:nr>. gi.iiig ihrec cneers, a>.d rt.»!UcsTing ’0 be luid tlose aianj s;-t the enemy. Eoch.»scd 1 i »e the honnr to send you a liit f.'l' kill»'1 and w uutiO'.d on b'»ard the Co!>sitiu’iot), and a rtpc.“l oí ihc riani.';.r"s sn has s'l-tainrd; :J-soaii •'»! hi.i da"d wou-iCicü .>r. uaai'd tht I nt mv, w iti* f’l*-'ju..'-;» r biii, tac. 1 havt the honor to h«, v i ■ 1 v great rtspicl, kit. vour of.rcu lit f iv.^ i 1‘^A \r HI LL. 77/f koK. I . • JluJi.:. ^Hert fuhows itu uuni-»er "f killed cTt J wotinütti on boaid boili v»*^sil'»— a.i. tuninig »ni O'lardtiK i :ji.-'.ituta<ju I'7 llleClandT v < *:;!»»:; .,iiu ou Ixiatu lite Guf nit;» to I5 kiiiiu, * 2 W'-uii-dt d and 1.4 li i‘*-tng j Lkiracl ol a It ittr li .tw rape Hul' <d the fiig. te Co. ^ J utivti, to ‘.m mc-retai) ol ihi* N„.y, ‘I Caiiiiot hui niakc you ; qiiuinud •viilh the very gr<, u' r- . iceeiv-td irom th.t vaiuaoit 1 ..ut.utit Mortis, It! b-t"vji¡¿ I',,    into ac tion, at.d it ttoikitjg her ui nsl «J01 p tide the enemy, aiifi 1 am ixttemtjy sot . y to state that lie is bad.) woutiilid, bt mg iiliut tlii'iugh tl»e botiv, wt have yet iiopts cf his it tove.'y, when J am fcuic lit V.ill I'ccive the tnatiks and gratitude ol hm'.outiirv, for tins and the iiiai'V gafl.iiit at » lit has Cui.t :.i itssenuf. U’t ff 1 i»., n one any p- -lifcular officer as lia\i?i ’ l.< < n m- it Us»ful than tht rest, I simu li liotiietu gre *. itijusiire; they a.l 1 .u-h» hn-vt-|v, ai'J gHvt me t nv po' sinU a* '--laiiCt that I could wvn | ,iu¿ ex-trt nieh sorn lo stall u yu in* 1*j"s of lif ut. hubii. ol Marint ú h« i»li .¡t iht ficad ol ids Ill' ll 111 "t tin:-to btjaid the eneiuy. It. out e<itin-trv lias lost a vahnitdt . • ! ntav» ofiu t r. Att'flhe Ldlullieut Lu I.. In ut < oi-tte, ol ibt eu.j:.. ! -L f nm^od ol the MaiOii s, atio I h.ivr ]o .. le l.i tayftj. that his tunu i' t r, ti;.;* »>f a brave k g»x,'Juf!i' and iiie 11 «rini , b* havrd wjU, p*' .<• o< in., * ■! 'OUt-ag»" during tin . •; ... t ,.?i e-y the ctiemy very mu' L w í . : ?iit » - u..-der our sten*.* f *■    - St pe ? CM»T 'JAÍ Uf. . t li I sLL. '1 lit bri}'Ji/Sia \ Di., c«pt. Ja-1*. trrivt c' at 'nis p--*    L ■■v»po *i on Fiiday f •. el 1: ;y •u* v .• t-'ia? ncd by Uit Guctri''.'L    . >‘r . d> s Si . Vc-terd-.v M .m'op ve were alarn»-e»l ‘jy a Urj>ort oi datr.agc t.eing doiic at a plarr c. ll’d l ie I’ui’■« *«'» Uoos*, i!h<iiit !. iniies íifini (. r...rlcsio\vt, 4 l.i'k C 'U .:y, by the 1;iU*jjs. i'ol. Koiiiiiaitii iasLaiitiy Call’d tlie niilitia. «- t *e air. lunt of 1 Tuev arn v* d a the ; lai .* about l-o'clot k, w he 1 .. sight iruiv dreadlui presciited itse í t ’ tm-m. Tiiire of tut pania of 4 'diins. and one named M m-i' , one    k one not lecuilected « ^ butnhered ai dispersed 12 persons fuuiiil a’ one house, scne bunicd the otbtTr. t(im..haUk'U aiid fivc at wii Other ]*iat c Hi liie asues ol tiir b».ius., hum: U[i- \Vi.- ottvcr can.a i» d-*i -we ¿'lilt k’i- w. TCeil hf p;.. tv art yel t .etn; w .itn .ei‘ -ole 10 fi.;t,t ,;i* in o. iti I, W» do to A 1 lou. At \V I'.-k’s Í r”v re art nle vno rt ,i t . tv UM k} h’v' et. un ; Yon tiiav . li* . e ar i uun-- atia- *i li«' e .i,i,,ny «t,    ul Ol Uit nitn w ii-'he i. i.ioies art »,.ut i< r-ed. a t nw‘. at Vi‘ * <-,!*ii--,. Call’d m» t -ietitr of :h,.it f. .i. 'i i.e viioat of liie arms ul i;ie m.''.ijoiiiood i ;e L- there of so. .At f;y *Tuu5'-.-”,11 at M’. JNidu ’s abou: T niois oisoiM, i.’tt n’g-i » e asst Died Ihj P» I'sOii*. w tin 5 g' “S at t ach jiiacc. We oi v in I.ope s. a-, a niimbe- u! men are coining iroin is .1-tti' ky 10 tl mild tl;t Tenii., ry, r .-.I liiey wiuiusUiiliy a’.’.t*:ni lo our j o-lecuo;.    JuiiN V\ U:í¿ L'tut. W hi'.lock fctrivtd in io.*n las' t f om ^ sm.» iiucs and s'a • s t!;a' soit.e tiinc last w . L. a party »il ILiigei - a <'lit 11, w rit on lii- ii y jy to ioit il..rri..on *Uid wL-i. 111 L-gi.l ' f the Ion, u. y wete i.iftl on uy son.c liitiLiis tnat rrrt: cntaiup'd lutic. anULlinU .wool ine it- r„: i a;»-pLaii u *0 tn*. in innn iht siifVe a d I', t ol h;es they s-w ihal Ic t Hat .iS'ji. Wa- i.f ,1 iv siiVi'»!!. a,, d ov tlic liu.Iolis. lii about iiliie- lit» it' it fi Ihe tune tin V VV» ! I Í1I» d oii u\ tnc l.ihatiik, they al.iMU lu V tn-eiiuek. It is w ith ph- '.01 V. e aTinouuce ti.e Í” Jial of ,M .. Wtil?^ liao 'liter >i ( •A (j‘ige?.in< I t "• aiiu ul,.nurei.-teu p . r.ut—^iie arnv u bet e vi un ; lu„i.tti» : V I'll litr two iiiiaul ch.idie.i boiii i fift Wayne, w. jtner she wa-lo;* I t! tw hy .Augii*»! „ in, n.. vii;g l 1 I'-nui.att iy but a it* days 0» lot» , v h' J iiI' - aliU. 'Cupt. Vt III t\ t 1.W iiO 1 11 nubi) hphu.o' at Ciu.i^D. Moll. Púc, tl.e rir^uwarfurir cMtf. nt'TT In tilt svrvut 11 tht Riuish. >tm : winr.puin 1»» the li.iiiaii loicts *oJ- htii .i un ihf lunioJs nvt r, ri,,m-s:u,g th»n to tonu on u* M-iden, u,.,t 1.;-. li óish luiioT lias had iw .» halllt s w it;, tne A:in ru-iis .iivd w» re sutcissh.., i'. Th* y rtiuiii'dfor Ju.sutt, th* y rxpien'd ev«ry «by iv: !»*• attatk-' Ü by it.t .An.tric-nsand must delvnd :!;»il viliajjt s V. * nin our Tcn uorv the re is lia: d-!y „ ah f n. bar atiL>, «tvo ha-. Il.»l ailactn d tiíUlsLÍ^ to Siauiw Vviluii. t reotnpam. Sr. 1,1.uii h .at:s of one tiimp ,.f Tl..fse ,i..iu    .ic’.ikc    ou    y tMi the i wtifi-s. out m p my ol ilill niro f ... losa.ii a .'ail. V i.« ar i.hc luuurh e»i me ii;»:;t¡:*,.; (p.e (ein.'mny uf Artn-i»i,. i.i.w «ligar.i¿.    one cuii.jiaiiv oi It.i.ii.ti V, and a V . 1» taii turp-, fipici-U I uJiiijkting I'l un I.    the a_c of 4)'I fvüütlj; '. St. vavs the V'’irrr.T>es F*ui. 1.1 >■ pr. K—‘‘.u ec'uiiss ariivr.! i . .owii ¡rent 1.1 s. _ii ¡ a.m. w !iu hao i ..I li w»i:r fTj an f;pr,-^s i>t |..,ri ii. iL.un litiu u , So u. y nior::it;g im ensi I» o.rtiM-.i atiin d in lo .* 1.. 1.: i.i^^ -J g ibe I ' inifihge ic*. ol ttu-Iiniiat's ittvi’o; ! ..u_td lu-t ( ... he liad —v-li. . .1 a Ihi.» ti.iii a *1;... pirhaps i.taii! itu iurr, v lu.i I»» a. . fin d «11 L, liu i:.a,.il«S, Uli » p OH liuit.*.j ah t thrw im., *. a .e cJLbrr ki'ied i.rt«...k > * j m i» pi-,-o:iers-'Jro II 1» ty o*.-*ria io.i tti tould be in....* .a ¡i.e • i    hv r .0 j i.ot riuüj.» 1.It 111 .1* ie-4 in-u ; m« —i .i , b-itn g. *. .1 Pen» ' J on ¡•i»'V t'l rail' I i-, --i • i.-*iie-_, V. s b_'j J. fs a;.d N i. ; S.n li N it 1‘, h .—Wt ii-vp d**P V t!ie ¡'ii'il!.'. I. 1.1 J. ¡«k'Hi Uiiui . mariilO" lo , IV» l!l* •« «US oi " V I i    V t.l ii la.JllI lie liirt.j-    t    v ta] 1- llini .J* j;.t 111 r._ii !3    J'iov SI .riid L .<‘ii an *-•.p t-.s    u;. is-    .    . bsi tor ii. rriso!.—ria; i*    iun'o    » ■    » iv.iiiitg lo liiP iioir.iei st'lj 1 and :..-iii in -n i:¡>it'.s, hv w 1. *, app* a’s iJM V liii. i.i't (/ t n.iM ii . *    • ■«.-ill .*• iiii.t* OiloJt t.ity »tit d.» tJ'C -un ( Oln lUlx «. It un,ai« to , tttn furit..! —his; .-liTII    h. * tivc'ih W..S Bin i;t I •• '•lit* s    tlon    *1 li,** (..,1—ii *U n i .. t il*-i.d a o.r    li-^ •«nil tel i.ii ii d Itj p. Oi <« J    _    11    . II ;    o .rtbJr III    ki '.¡.I    h*i •—'!* v ... dii.'ly    pji eii    »i:li capt. Uj.n»    .    ^ ihi n.aiii pary, (ton .i ,u    a; t.: . i •    a.    y o'< 1    t k » n    M ■.nda} 11*.. V .    no    y inOf o: . l,t    1 ‘it a d p: >    I    - drr* a tlui -.L.’Lok J - .ou J .. ail J w r. hill * ' w • ;t 1 ;» i; 0.1 .•ei itsvn* 5.» »< :1 huU ,! I ' •! I • II** I e ..j Í4 ^    .1    w4    I    V    a I I b ,, I'.i 1 y *aa ■'I'r/-'.f ' -    a,.—Ou    the    B'h I .»■ . •!    !'    I».'    Ü*-    a    int'a    (III 1 0 :Ii’t li S,. a, • I -I a -o ^ o.    . a ! -V .. ’    ,t< t, ' III;, i J I;-*** aiX'    ‘ »l L..'i> ti.o.;p- |.L. t -    >    r .    .    I    .    .    .    •    >    ,1- p. nv -    .. i m;*    L -    r    *    -    ' llivad'    I.    0    I-    J ari.'in * li,!    wr,.-i    '.*,    ai.d w . *, t •. d ly *,    i    -    t o t, i«f ♦ , *;.. t ' nl.I .- t ‘ite rtf' t»e»i*n« ft»    •    tv •!    *    .    !-    '    - J **;ou. . ' In* h "S'"    1    !.> V I. 0 I,-. ,    rh' »"■• At a or ■' go.' ' *■« i. • o Jr¡- -U - • ' . ;j 4 5.1.. .. >I.. ■    '    *    rJ in /'    ii •    V 1. - .    . . *•    . .V W . l.»i I Ul m V p. .    .    *1    i    ' 1 I I ‘ Í . i»a' .U ;    ..    t i " I    t    f,. •    ‘    (,    .    , ; j***-s o'    h *1- It. .: I lia * t 1 »ii i ; ! . ( f li lit* , .    >■ t i a p.l ,    ,1    ,    .    ;.    l*    ' U I    I..    .1    .'I li    I*    * t.’s If.» * ».    / Í 1..JI i . j l...    ,    ,    I    .. J ".I -• » ' B. *.| Ml-    •    J    .. I. . , W a :    k    1 ' u- ?• .    •    P'..... .    .. t í e    »i.    < jspi    Ml '■ r.1    'li,-    ■.    ,    ■ I' 111    .    '    ■    i I i'.'-r.    .. ;    o' ■    »,    .. h - '    I    *1 i- . '    -    _ ■|    3'    »    *    '    * VC •    '    <    •    u, 1    VI    ‘    If
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