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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - September 30, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTim** i    -    9 I Twenty Thousand Eyes S I See the Standard g j Every Week of the Year. I i    % VOL ALBERT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 30, I SOO. j Standard Advertising I Is Not Lowest in Price, I But Is Highest in Value. NO. 40 | 0 Ounces of Wool To "| Pound of Cloth, Is the Ratio, In ar Suits.” They must be seen to make one forget the hardships of present times. “Mill Agents,” We are Nit; but we have got tile Underwear. J ast opened a case of N ATI ii AL WOOL, which for a dyer we sell for................ 25 cts. rI lio\ Beat any 50(» Garment iii Town. • <*.T YOURS ALWAYS, IP. S. A beautiful Bronze Alarm Cock given free with a 820 cash sale. Get your coupon and see that every sale is punched.    H.    STR    A    lr    SSK. BUSINESS CARDS. W. E. TODD. ■ A WYER. OFFICE IN THE NEW OPERA _J house biocK. Albert Lea, Minn. I A. U. MAYLAND. A WYER. ROOM 2. FAIR STOKE BUILD-_J jug, Albert Lea, Minn.    24tf HENRY A. MORGAN, Attorney at law. county attor- nev. Ottice In Gulbrandsou Block, Broadway. Albert Lea, Minn. R. S. FARNSWORTH. Attorney at law. practices in all the courts. Careful attention given to commercial an»t other collections. ORice In Wedge & Barlow Co., Block. Rooms I and 2. Albert I>ea, Minn.    39-91. EDW. A. CHURCH. (Successor to Buet & Church.) •DEAL ESTATE, LAW, INSURANCE, I i Loans and Collections. Houses for Sale and Rent. Cilice in opera Block, Albert I^ea, Minn    8mC J. M. TODD, M. D. I PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE I In rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; hospital on Fountain street, Albert Lea. W. C. MERRILL. Dentist, office in new opera house block, rooms 3 aud 4 Albert Lea Minn. FREE SILVER HEXICO. THEY ARE FOR BRYAN. H. A. PAINE, Architect and builder, plans drawn and contracts taken for all classes of work In city aud country. Albert I^ea, Minn.    15yl DOCTOR NISSEN. ( 1 R ACUATE FROM NORWAY. OFFICE VT over lion Drug Store, Broadway, Alb ert Lea, Mint). MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. / 1HINCOPIN CAMP NO 835 HOLDS REGULA tar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first aud third Wednesday evenings of each mouth.    J.    D. CLARK. V. C. J. K. HALVORSEN, Clerk. C. L. COLEMAN. M urn f ac lurer and Dealer in Lute, rn Slagles —And AU Kinds of— Building Material. Yard at the old stand neai Milwaukee depot. A. J. STADHEM, Agent. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. THE FARMERS’ INDEPENDENT LUMBER YARD. Hest quality of Lumber, Lath, {Shingles, Sash, Doors, Building Paper, and Builders’ Supplies always on hand and sold at Lowest Market Rates. Yard on Broadway, South of Court House. C. G. JOHNSRUD. - Manager. Matson & Pederson, I* low Works Anil General Blacksmithing. WE Manufacture, Sharpen and Repair Plows of all kinds, and do General Blacksmithing at Most Reasonable Rates. Horseshoeing a Specialty. MATSON & PEDERSON. Cor. Waihin ton and William Streets- What Free Coinage of Silver Does For Our Neighbors--No Strikes, No Syndicates, No Foreclosures, No Vacant Houses, No Trusts, No Panics, Plenty of Work For AII--flexico is Prosperous. Nashville American, Aug. 11,1898: The following interesting letter, by a man who knows whereof he writes, tells of the effects of free silver in Mexico. It was written by Gen. .lilies A. Bandle, a citizen of Texas, residing in Monterey, Mexico, to J. W. Gaines: J. IU. Gaines, Esq., X ash Ville, Tenn.— Dear Sir:    You desire to know the effect of free coinage of silver in Mexico. I have been doing business in Mexico since ISCH, and since 1880 have lived in Mexico; consequently, have had a good opportunity to know the country and its conditions. I operated, bought and sold property there from 1866 to date. I have known the eagle dollar of Mexico—I mean the present silver dollar of Mexico—when it was sold all over New York at 81.06 and 81.12 in greenbacks. Then Mexico was m»t in a nourishing condition. A few men controlled the finances, and the country was in a constant revolution. The poor and middle classes had but few rights and privileges, and hence naturally arose dissensions. Today we have a liberal, progressive government, paying its debts, and its alTairs managed for the benefit of Mexico and its people. In Hie past few years we have built thousands of miles of railroad, and with but two exceptions, none of them have been in the hands of a receiver, and no reason on God’s earth for one of these, save from a sharp financiering standpoint often adopted by American speculators. The Mexican government has given large subsidies, and notwithstanding the Lombard and Wall street brokers, who seem to run the great American government, they have signally failed to cripple and demoralize Mexico. We have free and unlimited coinage of silver, and being full legal tender, it buys everything we want in Mexico, without inquiring what London and its sister city, New York, is paying for silver. Mexico is prosperous tinder free coinage. We have no strike?, no corners on money or merchandise. No trusts or syndicates controlling the people or government. The panic of 1893 in the United States was unknown in Mexico, except through American visitors, and the wages, products and landed interests have in no way been affected by American panic or the low’ price of siver. I here is not a vacant lot in my city, (Monterey), nor have we had business failure for years. Monterey has 60,000 population. I live in the city of Monterey, state of X uevo Leon, and since 1880 we have doubled our population, and have increased our business a thousand fold. High tai iii in United States and speculators in silver, backed by the American government, have made Monterey in particular and Mexico generally the most prosperous section of the North American continent. The wealth of the United States is rapidly falling into the hands of a favored lew, and if these things go on for twenty-live years more, lords and dukes will be as plentiful as they are in Europe. I am an American, have retained my citizenship, and have always felt proud to say that I wras an American, but now I see my country drifting into such an aristocratic’government, controlled by trusts anti the money controlled largely by foreigners, that I tremble for the future. JULES A. Bandle. Corn for Fuel. Fairmont Sentinel: We have heard a number of good farmers express a determination to burn corn this year to a large extent. At present prices corn is as cheap, or cheaper, than coal, besides being much cleaner about the house than soft coal. At 15 cents a bushel, which is more than corn will bring at present, a ton would come to 84.15. A ton of medium grade soft coal costs 84.75. So there is not much difference in the cost. It seems almost wicked to burn corn but under present conditions the farmer is not to be censured for dome so.    * European Agriculturalists Indorse Him--International Congress Now in Session at Buda Pest Sends Greetings. New York, Sept.20.—The “World” tomorrow will print a special cablegram from Buda Pest, Hungary, which follows: “The following cable message, signed by delegates to the international congress called at Buda Pest by the Hungarian minister of agriculture, has been sent to the democratic candidate for president of Hie United States: “ William J* linings Bryan, Headquarters Democratic Party, Chicago, 111.—We, the undersigned members of the national agricultural congress convened at Buda Pest, wish you success in your struggle against the domination of the creditor class, which during the past twenty-three years has secured, both in America and in Europe, monetary legislation destructive of the prosperity of your farmers and others. Should you be victorious in November we pledge ourselves to spare no effort to bring immediate pressure upon our respective governments to cooperate with the government of your great nation in restoring silver to the world’s currency. We believe that, failing such restoration, the gold premium throughout all Asia and South America will continue to rob the fanner equally of America and Europe of all rewards for his toil and that your election may avert from Europe serious agrarian and social troubles now pending. Count Alexander Karolvi, president Hungarian chamber of commerce. D. Bauduin, president society of agriculture in Holland. Alphonse Allard, administrator central chamber of agriculture in Belgium. N on Kardorff, member German reich-stag. George Boutmv, Imperial society agriculture. Russia. William Field, member parliament and president Irish Cattle Traders’ association. Count Kolorawat, Australia. Otto Arendt, member Prussian diet. Yon Ploetz Dollingen. member German realising. Myer Bottmansdorff, member German reichstag. Henry Segnier, France. Yan Sydow’ Dobberphail, Prussia. Emil Aschendorff, Prussia. Leon Kaffalovitch, president Azof!' bank of Bussia. F. Baeder, Denmark. An Unreliable Adviser. Editor of the Standard: There is an old story of New England politics that runs like this: One of the candidates while canvassing a back town asked a voter how his town was going ak the coming election and received this reply: “Don’t know, the man that tells us how to vote hasn’t been around yet.” Well, the man that tells us how to vote was here, and the managers realizing the great effort necessary to whitewash either of the old parties have sent here their biggest “gun.” If there is a man in the state that can convince you that black is white, or that robbery is a virtue when perpetrated bv your own party, that man is C. K. Davis. If there is a man thaCcan convince you that if Benedict Arnold did not deserve to have been hung, and that John Sherman is an angel, that man is C. K. I). If there is a man that can convince you that ’tis your duty to forget your own interest and the interest of the farmers and down-trodden laboring men around you, and cast your vote for Wall street and British-Amencan barons because they own the republican party, that man is C. Iv. Davis. Ile was here to tell us liovy to vote. Six years ago he was for free silver; today he wants your vote against it. What is the advice of such a man worth ? Old Soldier. Albert Lea Sept. 23. Tourist Car Service to California Resumed. The celebrated Phillips personally conducted California tours commences Its lath year of successful operation with a through car for California, leaving St. Paul Thursday evening, Sept. 3, over the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad and connections, via Denver and Ogden, and will run every Thursday thereafter during the season. The usual care and attention will be given to our patrons that has contributed to Hie popularity of these excursions in the past. For further particulars and rates, address. A. B. Cutis, G. P. & T. A., Minneapolis, Mina. expDec3i Tlieit Ovir Fur Coats at $29.00 Are better than any sold last season at 835.00. Ma Erg’s Dvrtiit Blin. Our Season's Announcement! ■ilTfinc'uZ1 *Uf U,at n6Ver in °Ur hi8,ory of Merchandising have we been va L .r .    .*    *"?    °f 9ea90nable at such low prices for good , •'"* ,i9 *he prese,lt sea8on- have been selecting and buying from the leading manufacturers of the world to meet the wants of our critical and growing Dozens and Dozens of Gloves and Mittens Tlxeit We Sell All Vool Bearer Overcoats at $8.00, That you can travel a long way to match and not get the equal of. That Our Great Window of OUR Cloak Leave our well-stocked counters every day. 75c Fleeced Underwear The Cloak Up. Has brought us many new customers. If we trade we will trade so we can deal again. Bight Begets Bight; same as Like Begets Like. That the Condition Is to do your heirs justice, our clothing should lie examined, then will you appreciate the FACT that our statements are FACTS. Cage, Hayden & Co Business starts off in good shape. Our show rooms are not rn it ho ut their full complement of customers. We have the most complete line in the city, the best service and most fashionable designs. BISMARCK Declares Himself a Firm Believer in Bimetallism---Thinks Uncle Sam Alone Could Accomplish It---An Independent Action Would Force Europe into Line. Dallas, Texas, Sept. IL—In a speech here tonight Gov. Culberson read the following significant correspondence between himself and Brince Bismark on the money question: Brince Bismarck—Sir: The great question of iiuance is now of supreme interest to the people of the United States. It is presented in various forms, but in a general way it may be said to be, first, whether the United States shall adopt Ute single gold standard, or, second whether they shall adopt bimetallism with both gold and silver as the standard, or primary money. The argument in favor of each is well known to you, but it is particularly insisted that we should adopt the policy of bimetallism because the supply of gold in the world for coinage is insufficient to meet the demand, or because such a standard will still further depress the values of all property. □Which iii your judgment, is the best policy to adopt, the gold standard or bimetallism, giving your reasons? What effect, in your judgment, will the immediate adoption of bimetallism by the United States have on the cause of bimetallism in Germany and other great commercial nations. C. A. CULBERSON, Governor of Texas. in reply, Prince Bismarck said: Friedrichsruhe, Aug. 24, 1896.— Honored Sir: Your esteemed favor has been duly received. I hold that this is the very hour that would be advisable to bring about between the nations chielly engaged in the world’s commerce a mutual agreement in favor of the establishment of bimetallism. The United States are freer by far in their movements than any nation of Europe and hence if the people of the United States should find it 1 compatible with the interests to take independent action in the direction of bimetallism, I cannot but believe that such action would exert a most salu-tory influence upon the consummation of international agreement. Bismarck. -.♦»>. - . Homeseekers Excursion Over the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad will be run on Aug. 18, Sept. I, lo, 29, Oct. 6 and 20. From all points to Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Arkansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Kentucky/Tennessee, Mississippi and other territory. The rate one fare for the round trip, plus $2 00 Tickets good for twenty days. For full particulars call on or write any agent of the Minneapolis A St. Louis Railroad company, or address A. IL Cutts, Gen. Pass. A Ticket Agt., Minneapolis, Minn. >♦>.  . Farm Land for Sale. SKX) acres farm land for sale at very low price and on easy terms. Every foot tillable. This the best bargain in land yet offered. T. V. Knatvold. For Ocean Steamship Tickets Via any steamship line crossing the Atlantic, at lowest rates for first cabin, second cabin and steerage, both outward aud prepaid, apply to E. A. Bliss, agent Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Faui railway at Albert Lea. The Ruin the Gold Standard Has Wrought in Europe. (Mr Moreton Frewen Is a distinguished bimetallist and writer of Loudon, Koglaud.] To the Editor of the Chicago Ite<-or I —Sir: The inclosed letter to the minister of the United States at Brussels reaches me from YI. Allard, the distinguished Belgian publicist. Coming from a source free from political bias, it is likely to interest equally the supporters of Mr. McKinley and those of Mr. Bryan; each party being, as we are assured, equally in earnest to restore silver to the world’s currency, the methods only being different. “To His Excellency the Hon. James Currie. United States Minister, Brussels: I feel it my duty to answer without delay the letter w hich you kindly addressed to me yesterday, hilt I beg your forgiveness if here in the country, far from my office and my references, I am less explicit than I should wish to be. I follow in my answers the same sequence which you have adopted in your questions. 1. The law' of Belgium gives to every debtor the unquestioned right to pay, at his option, in gold or silver, whether this debtor be the bank, the government or a privatecitizen, native or foreign. 2. No official estimate exists of the quantity of money actually in circulation in Belgium, but this much can be affirmed, that practically no gold is met with; so that the National bank, which alone issues bank notes in Belgium, never pays gold when these notes are presented, but always pays silver. 3. At its birth (in 1831) Belgium adopted Hie French monetary system, based on the two metals, gold and silver—!. e., bimetallism. But about 1851, when the gold mines of California and Australia produced gold in large quantities, Belgium demonetized gold and became silver monometallic. About 1865, however, business became so depressed in Belgium that the people forced the minister, M. Frere-Orban, to retire, and obliged the government to become again bimetallic. About 1873 France prevailed upon the Latin states—France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland—to suspend Hie coinage of silver, which suspension established here a kind of limping monometallism—for, though silver can no longer be coined, the then existing silver coins continue to circulate within the Latin union, which union dates from 1865. Since 1873 a crisis, consisting in a fall in all prices; exists continually, nor does it appear possible to arrest its progress. This fall in prices, reacting on wages, is now evolving a social and industrial crisis. You ask me why we returned, in 1873, to monometallism, limping though it be? I can conceive no other reason, unless that it was to please a certain class of financiers which profited thereby—a class supported by theories, invented and defended at that time by some political economists, notably by members of Hie Institute of France. 4. You ask what inlluence these monetary measures have had in Belgium on industry and wages. Money, which was already scarce in 1873, has become still scarcer, and that fall in prices which was predicted has taken place. Tile average fall in the price of all the products of labor is 50 per cent since 1873; that of cereals over 65 per cent. Industry is no longer remunerative agriculture is ruined and everybody is clamoring for protection by It ta import duties, while our ruined citizens think of wars—such is the sad condition of Europe. 5. For Hie last twenty years no new gold or silver has been coined iii Belgium. 6. The mint pays for gold 3,437 francs per kilo, and for silver 28X55 francs per kilo, without any change since 1865; but since 1871 it no longer buys silver. There is thus a mint price for gold only; hut gold if a1 wavs I dearer in the open market than the purchase price of the mint. Accept, M. Ie Minister, the assur-| ances, etc., A LF MONSE A LL A RD. (Translated from the French.) At my request M. Allard has J tained permission from Mr. Ewing ! publish the letter. Yours faithfully, Moreton Frewen. Y. W. C. A. The convention of Minnesota young women’s christian associations, to be held in this city Ort. 2—4, promises to be of interest to all, and th** young j women of the college association are rapidly perfecting plans. The pro-j gram committee, with Miss .Fernery. J of Minneapolis as chairman, are glad j to announce that president George A. I Gates, of Iowa college, Grinnell, Iowa, J will give the convention sermon on Friday evening. He is a speaker of I note and will he worth hearing. Miss M. II. Taylor of Chicago, will be another interesting speaker. Being a traveling secretary for the international young women’s christian association, she will bring interesting facts from the entire field. Among other speakers will be Miss Elizabeth Jones, state secretary of low’a; Miss M. Belle Jeffery, general I secretary of Minneapolis and Mrs. M. J. C. Wilkin of the state university.  - Jos. Barlow’s Neighbors Highly Praise Him. To the I otcrs af Fret born County: At the earnest request of his friends, Jot. Barlow of Bancroft, has been induced to accept the nomination for the office of sheriff of Freeborn county, and we heartily indorse his nomination, knowing him to he a man of irreproachable character and sterling worth having been born and raised in this county. We earnestly recommend bim to the support of the people. We are confident that he possesses the necessary qualifications, and that if elected, he will use his utmost efforts to discharge faithfully and conscientiously the duties of the office. Citizens of Bancroft. —- — •~ To the Citizens of Hartland Township and Vicinity. I have opened a branch harness shop at Hartland uuder the management of Sidney Fritz, who has been with me the past few years, lie will treat you right; sell you goods right. Will keep a full line of goods at all times, and be prepared to do all kinds of repairing on Harness and Buggy Tops. 38t3 Yours for business, live and let live, our motto, L. II. ROSENCRANS.  _ .. For Ocean Steamship Tickets Via the Beaver Line from Mon treat-Que bec to Liverpool, or via any steamship line crossing the Atlantic, at lowest rates for first cabin, second cabin and steerage, both outward and prepaid, apply to E. A. Bliss, agent, Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Paul Ky , at Albert Lea. or address C. F. Wenham. Gen. Steamship Agent, 48 Adams St.,Chicago, III. Dress Goods. Underwear. We have all the new weaves, all the A timely suggestion is, get seas new colors and all the new eombina- able undergarments and save doefc Hons. We have what you want. Don’t charges. The Underwear departs^ go elsewhere am! get inferior goods. is one of the first places in the st which should interest you. Hi fin s DmIhi Sim. We have, anti none will deny it, the most stylish, *    if    v I lei lect fitting and best made line of Fall and Winter (Clothing Ever offered in this Inca Ii tv. Call and we will prove our assertions. ii \i Yours for Square Dealing, lf. lf. JobnsoQ & Co. Bicycles At Wholesale Prices ISTote til© Following: Monthly Payments. Cash.Ss;,.im) 8*0.7560.04) 57.004S.00 45.6045.00 42.7532.00 30.00- 32.04) 30.00KAM BLE KS, TELEGRAMS, GENEVAS, -PAT EES,    - Ll MISA VS, (a few rented few’ times) TRIB! N E, second hand, (cost 8100) recommend them. UNFI KE his haek-alley “Dukeship” we are not endowed with immortality and therefore do not expect to “he here when all others are gone ” but in view ut Hie fact that we handle many times more wheels than al! outer dealers here combined, we can sell you a wheel at Ute same price a retail dealer can buy it at wholesale. Wheels to Rent at Very Reasonable Rates. MINNESOTA BICYCLE CO. General Agents .Minnesota & Iowa, Telegram Bicycles Betail Salesroom, Yellow Front Bepair Shop, W«st Clark Street.

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